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Will Life Ever Get Better? Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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July 8, 2020 9:00 am

Will Life Ever Get Better? Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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July 8, 2020 9:00 am

What does it mean to have faith through trials? Does it mean that we just put on a smile and act like everything’s fine, even when we’re hurting inside? Or is it okay to tell God how we really feel, to express our anger, hurt, and confusion? Pastor J.D. answers that question as he continues our study in Psalms called, Question Everything.

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Today on Summit life with Jamie Greer. Jesus did not abandon me in the dark hours of the cross we ever leave me now Christ has defeated every sin so I can test all my burdens upon him and he suffer the full penalty for my sin in my place anything in my life now be considered judgment in the Bible teaching ministry pastor Jeannie. I'm your host Molly that events your joy in a study of Psalms called question everything. They were diving into an important issue that a lot of Christians are afraid to address how to talk to God were feeling abandoned, overwhelmed or even angry is okay to tell and is it okay to even feel that or are we supposed to put on a happy face and recite how good he is, even if that's how you feel to answer that question here is Pastor JD teaching from Psalm 88 and 89 better will life get any better about your question for this week.

Week three of a series called question everything.

Looking at questions that we asked today that were answered by a book of songs written nearly 3000 years ago. I will ever get better.

Maybe for like that this weekend in your life. Maybe you're wondering how is the start chopper demand, maybe you're just bored and you like him to save his life ever to get better for me is ever to be different.

Or maybe you're on the other end of the spectrum.

Maybe life is really good for you now but there's this fear in your heart that this can't last. And I know that things are going to fall apart want to get the phone call something bad happen. Psalm 88 verse one, Psalm 88 is our solemn Lord you are the God who saves me day and night I cry out to you.

Verse three. I am overwhelmed the troubles in my life draws near to death. I am counted among those who go down to the pit. I am like one without strength time set apart with the dead. Like the slain who lie in the grave.

You remember no more who are cut off from your care. You have put me in the lowest pit God in the darkest depths. Your wrath lies heavily on me.

You have overwhelmed me with all your ways you have taken me from my closest friends and it made me repulsive to them. I am confined and cannot escape my eyes are dim with grief. I call you Lord every day. Every day I spread out my hands to you why, Lord, why do you reject me and hide your face from me from my youth I have suffered and been close to death.

I have borne your terror and I am in despair. Your wrath has swept over me.

Your tears have destroyed me.

Call day long. They surround me like a flood. They have completely engulfed me. You've taken me from friend and neighbor Mrs., my closest friend. The end and all God's people said what the heck right that's the last verse just ends right there. God chose to include the Psalm in his Bible. Why what because sometimes our lives feel like that and I somehow underlie silica, we don't know the specific condition. The psalmist is in. We can tell that it involves personal betrayal. Verse 18. Friend and neighbor of desert may have become repulsive. My close friends of you ever experience that kind of thing and then there's the loneliness is not taught the people have gone through intense sustain times of pain for some of the worst things of the loneliness because even people that love you just can't understand what you're going through, if they'd not gone through it themselves. The psalmist feels like God even cannot understand if I could, if anything, it seems like God is against him. He keeps saying got a solemn Lord you did this to make our number one struggle that I was there more I prayed and prayed and prayed and folic acid. Lord, I'm not trying about this anymore.

Seems like everything I do, you do the opposite. Verse 15 summarizes the psalmist feeling I'm in despair. Despair means not only am I am paying now despair means I have no hope it will ever get any better this guy's way past the questionable life ever get better is resolved that it will not admit he ends the song he puts it. And we all sit here looking at it say what in the world but then look at how Psalm 89 opens Psalm 89 verse one. I will sing of the steadfast love of the Lord forever with my mouth. I will make known your faithfulness to all generations. Verse eight. You are entirely faithful. Lord, you will the oceans you subdue their storm tossed ways for Jewish people. At the time the ocean was the great unknown and a hurricane at the ocean was like the uncontrolled power you God control the uncontrollable over sin you crossed the great sea monster scholar say this was a reference to Egypt, Israel's great enemy from across the sea, you scatter your enemies with your mighty arm. Everything in the world is yours. You created all you created North and South Mount Tabora which marked the western boundary of Israel, and Mount Herman on which marked the eastern boundary of Israel. Verse 21 the Lord says I will study him with my hand with my powerful arm. I will make him strong.

The enemy shall not outwit him, the wicked shall not humble him. I will crush his foes before him and strike down those who hate him, I will extend his rule over the sea's dominion over the rivers will call out to me you are my father, my God, and the rock of my salvation. No I will not break my covenant with you, I will not take back a single word that I have said how are these two songs placed side-by-side jeers will Psalm 89 assures you encourage you to jot these things down Psalm 89 assures you number one. The God steadfast love rules over everything in your life. Rules the raging sea verse nine, which represent life's most chaotic elements this for you would be the cancer cell. The unexpected job loss. The sudden departure of your spouse.

The random accidents number two God steadfast love is not always immediately apparent to us is the psalmist of Psalm 88.

Cannot see any evidence of God, steadfast love, even Psalm 89. He would say this for 40 60 Lord, how long will this go on, you hide yourself forever to you can always see it. Sometimes you may never see it in this life and if your faith depends on seeing the resolution of your faith in this life you never to make it.

You are a crisis of faith walking around waiting to happen. Number three God steadfast love shapes the glorious conclusion of his plan. Think about you could already most of you if you been a believer for the amount of time you could already look at some of the chapters in your life that were the most painful, in which you could not understand what was going on. You could already look at those and see how God was working something good in your life get you the divorce taught you to depend on God, the struggle of the addiction taught you how much you were in need of grace. The death refocused your faith, the lost job woke you up out of a life of materialism. Here's the question if now with only a very limited perspective and limited wisdom. If already you can see a reason for some of the pain in your life.

Don't you think that given enough perspective and God's wisdom, you will see a reason for all of it all. Psalm 88 prayed long enough eventually turn into someone 50s in order for you to experience the joy of Psalm 150. Sometimes you gotta go through a Psalm 88 number four we behold God steadfast love for us in the rejection of his anointed one. You see around here we say that you can summarize the gospel in four words Jesus in my place. It's not just that Jesus died for the sins of the world he died for my sins.

I was on his mind and he died on the cross. It was my transgressions. My rebellion my pride my impurity to put the nails in his hands and his feet that gladly. He went to the cross for we could suffer the penalty in my place. He was rejected in my place you went to Psalm 88 in my place that I would never have to be rejected and go through that. So when I feel like God has forsaken me I'm wrong I have to be Jesus did not abandon me in the dark hours of the cross we ever leave me now Christ has defeated every sin so I can cancel my burdens upon him and he suffer the full penalty for my sin in my place anything in my life now be considered judgment because it see if I've received Jesus, there's no more Ralph left for me. There's no more payment. There's no more penalty. There's no more anger there is no condemnation to those of us that are in Christ Jesus. Therefore suffering now is not God's judgment or anger on me because I was poured out on Jesus suffering is part of God's listen good salvation processes in my life. Tim Keller says it this way suffering is at the heart of the Christian story suffering is the result of our turn away from God and therefore it was the way through which God himself and Jesus Christ came and rescued us for himself, and now it is how we suffer that comprises one of the main ways that we become great and Christlike holy and happy in a crucial way that we show the world the love and the glory of our Savior. You see, even suffering in the hands of an ever loving omnipotent father becomes a surgical tool for God's good purposes in our lives. Which leads me to number five in the midst of pain in the midst of pain we experience God steadfast love for us in his steadfast presence with us.

The psalmist would say this for 15 happy are those there's that word again the third week with it Hebrew ashtray happy happy are those who walk in the light of your presence, oh Lord of the psalmist has that can never be taken away. That gives him joy is the presence of God. I love how David will talk about this in Psalm three David Psalm three opens a Psalm by talking about his problems. Lord, how many are my foes me arising against me with this but you will Lord you are a shield about me.

It's one thing around me. It's one thing that shield in front of you, which is where you typically keep a shield, but I'm to give a shield in front of you into my taxi from the behind right so we have shield around you. That means they can take you from the front to back the left or right be out the down because you're covered everywhere. In other words, God, you protect me from the north to south east of the West is on a single direction that anything the enemy can bring me that will separate me from your love because you have covered me and you are a shield about me you are. He says my glory. Notice he didn't say God is giving him glory. But the God is his glory.

Knowing him, possessing him that is glory. Here's a question for you is glory something you want God to give to you or is glory something that God is to you. When you think about God giving you glory or you talk about him giving you a better marriage a new job, personal vindication, or is glory simply knowing God that he is your glory. Christ in us.

Paul would say that's the hope of glory. So in my outward man perishes I can rejoice because my inward man is renewed day by day and I can know Christ to the sufferings so that I think that is not worthy to compare what suffering is happening to the outward man for the inward man is coming to know Christ because that is my glory, and that he says you are the lifter of my head though my head is bowed down with suffering the presence of God. God reaches down he lifts it up and he says to me do not be afraid when you pass the water receipt I will be with you and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you when you walk to the fire. You will not be burned because I am with you and nothing ever happened to you, but I will not turn into the miraculous through you like a father he says in Psalm 89 looks with compassion on his struggling heartbroken child reaches down and gently lifts his head still be afraid Michael anything happen to you and never leaving your side and make everything okay that is what gives us the assurance that all these things working together for good in our lives spread Hambrick our pastoral counselor here were great article on roadway called the dilemma of Romans 828 Romans 828 if you're not familiar with.

It is a versa. Christian total outward says all things work together for good limit is, is that sometimes in the midst of suffering that verse almost sounds trite at all things working together for good.

It's all to be happy and something to me. Find it and feel like that. He said what happens is you don't read the two verses before that which is what makes it felt right for the two verses before that say that God has given us his Spirit, who has united himself to our spirit listen who searches our hearts and makes groanings on our behalf, which cannot be uttered.

Searches of the word for explore what it means is that the spirit of God is in your heart searching the deep caverns of your pain and expressing them on your behalf to God with words that you don't even know how to otter. In other words, he can put things in the words that you do not even know how to articulate this is no distant God who promises us that one day I thought I worked out this is a God who has united himself to us in our pain and feels that pain with us in his presence in us.

Paul says assures us of his good plan for us because you can be sure that he will never leave you or forsake you.

And if you know that he will never leave you or forsake you. Then he will assure you are sure that he will accomplish the good purposes he is determine for you is present in me assures me of his good purposes for me and so when I cannot grasp his plan.

I can cling to his presence and when I do not understand what he is doing the spirit inside of me reaches up and says father in the spirit of God lifts my head and says put your head up because this that I have worked in, you will lead to exactly what I have said it will lead to. Not a word will falter. Number six, in the midst of pain. We are right to pray for the in breaking of God. Steadfast love in the midst of our pain, the right to pray for the in breaking of God. Steadfast love, the psalmist in Psalm 89 calls out on God act and he expects Kodak is a God change the situation. Help me now you see some Christians act like suffering has no place in a believer's life, but other Christians act like it's wrong to ask God to release you from suffering.

Almost like you should delight in an rejoice in and wanted both are completely wrong. I know the suffering can be part of God's good plan for me, but I want to see God's goodness break into my family.

Why, because I'm a dad and as love to see goodness report on to their kids. God is a dad. I want to see goodness break into this church, I want to see goodness break into your lives. I want to see it break into your families into this community. You see, as believers, we are commissioned not only to endure suffering we are commissioned to bring blessing which means we look at broken places in the world. We say it's not like there's people live in poverty is not like those before captive is not like those girls are still trapped in the sex slave trade. It's not right that these children don't have homes is not right that these families are broken.

God wants you to do something and we lay hold of the goodness of God, and we believe in it, and we yearn for it and we pray for it and we work for the in breaking of that love everywhere we can, beginning with our families in our church. This whole community in every nation we get to on earth. Sometimes we live in Psalm 88, but we do so with the hope of Psalm 89 we know they say that a picture for the thousand words and numbers like a story, nor the thousand sermons we share with you a letter from a woman who is going to what I consider to be her own. Psalm 88 which you listen to how she walk through this if you she says, and asked me what I was thankful for before September of last year I would've said that I'm thankful for my family, my home, my job, and for the love of God for a husband who loves and cares for me for four children age 14, 11, nine and five were all healthy and happy for a home. I never dreamed I could have ever had for a career that not only fulfills me but allows me to work from home, but in October, my Christian husband completely out of the blue, left me and our children for somebody else who left her husband as well.

This other family were friends of ours.

We had vacation with them on three separate occasions.

I thought she was my closest friend. She goes on to talk about the disputes with her husband, the court battles the devastation your kids. Now your later my husband is still gone still with his new family and he's told me that they will be a part of my kids lives and that I need to just get used to that and not hate her.

My kids are still dealing with the impact that their daddy left.

They are depressed, angry, confused and frustrated. My oldest has started questioning his faith is rebelling against all authority is lashing out at his family. My house is now up for sale.

A short sale which will likely turn into a foreclosure and when and if that happens we have no idea where we will move and yet in the midst of all this, I've come to know God on a different level to see him work in a way that not only heard about. You see, had never really had a big tragedy in my life never really had to depend on God.

I made sure I prayed about our problems and also got word but never like this. I never had the need to really rely on God to just fall into him and rest on him when I needed God's comfort before the image in my head was me clinging to Jesus and him hugging me. My image now is me just completely collapsed and him carrying me, and it is awesome in the midst of this horrible situation where my whole identity where my family has been attacked. I see glimpses of what God is doing and how our lives will be changed and I get excited to see who I get to be at the end of all this. She uses the metaphor been a race like you're running a race all the sudden rain begins to fall a torrential rain and then it creates this huge mud puddle is mud pit between you and the finish line can go around it. You gotta go through it, she says, and every step becomes painful and you don't know how you can go on. She says you want to give up then you look up and you can see the finish line and she said it's like the finish line. There's like up like the end of a carwash, a rinse that you go through the just cleanses you from all the mud judges in light beyond that is the glorious sun and she says that's what I'm excited to be able to get to because the person I will be there will be stronger with more understanding of how to run this race with more knowledge of God and the satisfaction of these yes I am tired. But I'm also energized by the experience. I can't wait to learn more from the heavenly father. I cannot wait to use what God has taught me.

I've explained it to my children like this and every fairytale there's always a tragedy in the protagonist faces that adversity overcomes that adversity and thrives because of it. God is giving each of us our fairytale. What you see at the end of your life, what you do what you do when you feel like life is never to get better. What you doing for like life never to get better.these down. Pray Psalm 88 to God. Pray Psalm 88 to God. It's okay to pray Psalm 88.

It's okay that you want to jumpstart a boring prayer life. Once you write some your own songs to God do not think that he is going to be afraid of your anger, your tears, your doubts, he welcomes those things you want to know how I know could you put somebody in the Bible want you to be brutally honest with God.

For the first time in your life. Pray Psalm 88 right elements. This has to be an act of faith by the way, because in writing a lament you're saying God. Some how I think your love is deeper than all this. Pray Psalm 88, the God preached Psalm 89 the yourself preached Psalm 89, yourself, your three statements on what you learn to make in the midst of Psalm 88 I choose not fear because God is with me.

I choose not to doubt because God is in control. I choose not to despair because God is good. Notice say I choose means it's what I how you feel. I feel fear I feel doubt I feel despair but I should use. Not the fear not to doubt not to despair because God is with me.

God is in control and God is good to see people say where's the faith in Psalm 88.

It's in the fact that the Psalm is put it where he put it, as he put it right before Psalm 89 showing that even in our darkest hours.

God is transforming the story of our lives in the total price to pray. Honestly, Psalm 88 and three Psalm 89.

By the way during Psalm 88. Don't rush to Psalm 89 to not discuss it in Psalm 88 for a while until you're ready for the hope is in Psalm 80 not. And if you're with a friend is in the midst of Psalm 80 and 88. Do not start beating them over. They have a Psalm 89. The non-Jews have to sit with him.

In Psalm 88 for a long time but you do so you do so with the hope with the anchor Psalm for real help her. Thankfully, his word is wisdom and direction in times of struggle.

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