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September 13, 2022 9:00 am


Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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September 13, 2022 9:00 am

Many believers think ministry is a job for pastors and missionaries, not the work of “ordinary Christians.” But there’s no such thing as an “ordinary Christian!”

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Today on Summit life with Jeannie Greer.

First reason for God's appointed pastors and leaders and teachers, for the equipping right the equipping of the site for the work of ministry. According to verse does ministry the states. That's right you're the saints are you seeing God speaks through you to others. That is what God has put on you to do it. If you are not living with the plan. Life after their religion. Jeannie Greer. I'm your host Molly that a batch pastor JD addresses a common misunderstanding. Many believers think that ministry is a paid job for pastors and missionaries, not the work of ordinary Christian but the truth is there's no such thing as an ordinary Christian answer transformed by the gospel, you're empowered to do amazing things for God and whether he's called you to go across the ocean or across the streets.

Every one of us has a mission and every one of us is a minister. Be sure to stay tuned to the and to learn more about our latest resource the curriculum to go along with this current teaching series here on the program.

Now here's pastor JD continuing our study. In John chapter 15 the revolutionary idea of the gospel is that we don't change. By focusing on a list of what we are to go would do differently from God. We change by dwelling on the news of what God has done for us. Gospel changes also a fundamentally different way because it changes our hearts. It changes our desires, we begin to do righteously and act righteously because we love righteousness and we crave righteousness we seek God because we desire God, the secret of growth in Christ shall record them the secret to growth in Christ is that we grow more when we focus less on what we are to do for God and more on what he has done for us. The secret to growth in Christ is "more focus less on what we are to do for God more than what he has done for us to use a lot of analogies in the series one the most important ones is the one Jesus himself uses your job.

50 bit out your spiritual fruit.

He says if you abide in me. Verse five. If you rested my love verse nine, you will produce abundant fruits you think about that analogy of of of fruit fruit are not produced on a plant because the plant focuses on fruit production. Fruit happens because the plant is alive. This is the byproduct of being alive or I told you think about it the way that our physical fruit human beings how a child is produced by this earthly example. But when a man or woman conceive a child there not thinking about mechanics of making a child, but I think this chromosome goes here in the fertilized egg implants. Here they do not thinking about all that boy God designed it was they come together.

They're not thinking about the science of biology or producing a child there swept up in a moment of loving intimacy with one another, and the fruit of that is a child the same way we don't produce spiritual fruit by focusing on spiritual fruit we become intimate with the doctrines of the gospel as a result of spiritual fruit, according to Jesus, right believing producers right behaving. So whereas most of us always herbicides was to behave Jesus and believe rightly behave rightly not one objection will quick you got over the last several weeks you like what you will know people who say they believe the gospel, but don't bear fruit right right you know somebody that believes gospel you are this person that you believe gospel junipers and spiritual fruit.

That's because in the Bible are two different kinds of belief there is mental acknowledgment McIvor you give mental assent. The something which the Bible says in James to even the demons have. There's one God & Jesus rose from the dead, that he is more that he died on the cross percent right, but they believe that so much that shrimp one kind of believer.

Then there's another kind of belief in the heart of the kind of belief that Jesus is speaking about here in John 15, it's an intimate knowledge of and abiding in the truth of the gospel at the holder got a belief and when Jesus and the gospel have become a part of your heart.

Then spiritual fruit comes naturally to you is roses on rosebush today were to look at how abiding in the gospel produces a fervency and boldness and mission. Those who believe the gospel become fervent in their commitment to take it to others.

Review this analogy here of the wheel at the center of the wheel is the gospel and when the gospel is at work in our heart. It produces various things it produces.

John 15 a desire for prayer and study the word produces godly character. It produces this desire to live in a loving body of Christ the community. This we will look at how it produces a passion for mission in our lives. Belief in the gospel produces a fervency in mission. I got inspiration for this message. Brand-new inspiration from the strangest place my daughter my daughter this happened recently that this we gotten a little while ago I become friends with one of the local Muslim leaders here getting Abdullah and our families got to know one another. I've had them over for dinner and he and his family so personally came over for dinner. I put my family as much as you can.

Your prep, seven-year-old five-year-old three-year-old one-year-old about what Muslims are and what they believe. I prep them, but they they come.

This guy has a wife and he has two kids one is 11 19 so we can know all on the dining room and suddenly this is like I said Abdullah you when you and I could get up for lunch. I pray in Ukrainian and then we eat together is like you were cold out a survey to hear I'm in front your family is it bother you if I pray and thank daughter Gladys and couple my family decide to do that it would not of the presence your family is always a stonework race. I see what is, why don't my daughter wanted she pray for our family and your daughter.

Pray for yours. My daughter seven okay, we had no prep time and I was like that's a great idea and so so is daughter launches we will bow our heads.

She launches into. I kid you not. 45 second at least prayer that was all in Arabic.

I have no idea what she was saying how effective you cross that line of awkwardness to the point I was like if you recycle Garon you just kept going on.

I was like wow this 45 second thing that she prays and then there's kind of a quiet moments and open it. When you look at my seven-year-old Jim had no prep time with them like this. You know that it's her turn her head is bowed and all the sudden she looks up and she says dear Lord, thank you for sending your son Jesus to come to this earth to Diana cross for our sins so that we could be saved and thank you for leaving out your holy Bible so we can all know about. In Jesus name, amen.

It's one of those moments where I was like proud of her and I was, like playing leather play.

But Jesus you know she understands right just like this is the gospel.

They need to know it not just too chicken to tell it to pray. I'm just going to bring it really is that simple. It really is that simple.

There is a fervency in mission that comes from just believing what the gospel says what the gospel says really John 1516 and show to show you how real believe in the gospel produces this is reimbursed 60 actual backup server 13 deliver the context and then as I have explained you. John 15 is the summary passage for a larger passage which is John 13 to 17, one unit of Scripture. So we find Jesus talk a little more depth in some other place The 70 starter John 15 and I will take you a couple of the places in will go a little deeper will start in verse 13 Jesus has greater love has no one than this, and someone laid down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you were 16 you did not choose me, but I chose you and I appointed you that you should go and bear fruit that so that your fruit should abide so that whatever you ask the father in my name he may give it to you.

There are three things that Jesus teaches us in this verse that if you really believe that if they intimately captivate your hearts will produce emergency admission. I do not want you to leave your the guilt complex because it is very simple to understand that if you are not fervent in mission goes back to something that you don't believe let's keep our focus not on how much we stink in our behavior, but let's keep our focus on how belief in the gospel produces these dates. Three things that I see the front of Walter, one of the.number one God's plan number two God's promise number three God's love. God's plan. God's promise. God's love will start with number one God's plan. Verse 16 says he chose us for a purpose. He had a plan for us and this was a big part of admission that we were to go and bear fruit in the world. This is not something for a few of us. This is all if you are chosen in the way, did you know that you are chosen by the ways your follower of Jesus according to the Bible, you would never have sought God on your own to the fact that you love Jesus and know Jesus more Jesus is the sign that you have been chosen. If you are chosen. Then one of his major purposes was that you would go and bear fruit, and that that fruit would take root in others and that you would be successful in mission. We are God's plan for accomplishing his mission of reconciling others to himself. We are God's plan.

A. There is no plan B.

We are how God said he was going to bring about the completion of his mission on her. So let's leave their one-shot John 14 sure you were Jesus goes a little more depth here say the same thing he saying here, 15, 16 Rigo a little more in depth and show you a truly astounding statement we hear lots of thoughts on how to be more holy. Learning to be holy doesn't necessarily come from just working on various aspects of your character instead on Christ, the true source of holy it's time to develop a better understanding of the gospel message and its implications for your life and even more time to replace empty religious practice with gospel centered transformation. We like to send you an eight session Bible study including DVD video teaching and study guides comes in our thanks for your generous gift to the ministry today preserve it right now by calling 866-335-5220 or visit us Thanks for being with us today. Now let's get back to the final moment of today's message.

John 1412 truly, truly, I say to you by the way, when Jesus has to practice what he says.

A truly truly you should know is that why because he's the son of God really says what a truly, truly, just you know Mel, I am exaggerating because this is really hard to believe. Truly, truly, I say to you whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do and works than these will he do because I'm going to the father. Whatever you ask in my name. This will I do, but the father may be glorified in the sign verse 14. If you ask me anything in my name be honest for a minute and admit that this sounds like a completely absurd statement. Does it not, we will do greater works than Jesus seriously raise the dead anybody to fishing for 15,000 people anybody done anything that comes close to that.

How can we possibly do greater works than Jesus is greater than raise the dead. How can you preach with greater clarity to Jesus. How can you reach with more anointing you have better fellowship with the father.

How can you receive more and better answers to prayer than Jesus had.

How could we do greater works than Jesus did. What see me greater is not greater in their quality is greater in their quantity is interested in the context that Jesus is about a good father. When Jesus was on earth, the Holy Spirit resided on him and what Jesus is saying is that we go to the father the spirit to come resided all of his followers listen and the net effect of all of the followers ministering in the power of the spirit would be greater. Jesus himself remained on earth which I think about that for a minute. What if Jesus had stuck around were he preached every weekend and healed people. I think it probably pretty effective but even that even Jesus personally staying and pastoring his own church would not have as much potential as 6000 members of the summa church full of the Holy Spirit ministry is about astounding. Even Jesus himself would not be as powerful as all of us in the power of the spirit taking the power of spirit triggers places I think is a question in that for our church is a question in that for you as an individual. Here's a question for our church on what you behind the scenes is a question we as a staff ask the question, are we structuring our church in a way that recognizes the reality here in John 1412. Like a lot of churches are set up as if the spirit of God resides in a few gifted leaders and the rest of you were supposed to come and sit in the audience and just all bask in the anointing of the use gifted anointed you now you guys know that I don't want take away from the fact that God has specially gifted a few of us in the church to bless you Paul says in Ephesians 4 that God would do that.

He appointed apostles and pastors and teachers. But that said okay even after recognizing that the whole point of John 1412 is not the spirit of God would reside only or even primarily in a handful of leaders that he would reside in every belief that means if we really believe this verse we are going to structure our church so that the focus is on equipping you for ministry not just gathering you in here to listen to me minister. Our greatest effectiveness is not what I do in here if what you do out there. I've often pointed out to you to Paul. Ephesians 411 says that God gave pastors and teachers, for the first reason for 11 God's appointed pastors and leaders and teachers for the for what equipping right the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry.

According to members who does the ministry, the saints, that's right, six you are. That's right, you are the same time not thanks I'm not the saints you're the saints you the ministry, which is why often tell people that when I became a pastor. I left the ministry always. I will talk exactly the opposite.

I left the ministry because I became equipped for equipped you for the work of the ministry. It happens through you because God's spirit is in you, but usually credible consideration on this.

You know the people who start searching for God today don't usually start a church utilize that right. Most people today are seeking spirituality outside the church, so the place where the power of Jesus first intersects with them is not through me in here but through you out there, they are likely never to come in here me in here until you have intersected with them in the power of the spirit out there. There is a question for you. How much do you see this verse being played out in your life are you seeing God speaks through you to others. Had you seen him answer huge prayers for you. This is why God shows you what it says it shows you to do this is I covered spiritual tornado season get sucked into a tornado you know one thing it's coming back out with almost equal velocity. What he got sucked it if you get sucked into the vortex of God's power. His whole point is to send you back out what God does is he enters and blesses so that he uses.

You can ministry. That is what God has put on you to do and if you are not living that you are living the plan of God sets out a few upsets all of us, but it is not about what happens through me. And here is what happens through you out there. I want to summa church to raise you up its members to be filled with the spirit to change your world where God has placed you because that's what Jesus promised shows us God's plan number two gives us God's promise to God's promise when Jesus says I chose your bring forth fruit. That's an implicit promise.

Admit. I will bring forth fruit in you. I love that because that gives me such confidence. John 17 if you live over there for a minute, you'll see even praise for that. John 17 verse 18 Jesus says as you sent me in the world. Jesus talking about is you sent me into the world so I have sent David to the world many goes on to pray for you understand that Jesus is praying for you about this that you would be fruitful in the context in which he is placed you that gets me fired up because right before I got a breach. Jesus kicked off in heaven pray the father that I will be successful. How can I fail because Jesus is praying for me. Boldness admission come from believing the promise that Jesus attached to it is this question Christian talk a lot about the great commission. What word begins the great commission war begins. The recognition will want to say go because recognition of the great commission begins in Matthew 2818 and it goes like this. All authority has been given to me in heaven and earth. Therefore, an important word.

Therefore, you've heard this before the times you were therefore scriptures always look and see what it's there for.

And it's always pointing you backwards to the previous verse, all authority is given therefore go to great commission begins with the great promise in the great commission will only have boldness in it when you actually believe that profits. The reason is because we Jesus says all authority has been given to me.

And when Jesus says I will build my church of every tribe and tongue and nation on earth. We believe in because he's got that kind of authority is asymmetric about the chapter 15 verse 16 argon anchor verse Jesus, I chose you. This gets me super fired up.

I chose you to do whatever you asked the father, my name is amazing God has appointed you to be in places where you will ask great things, impossible things in his name in response to your faith. He will give it put you there asked me to write stuff and response that I'm in a poor concept with each of our church with intercessory face. Intercessory faith is basically this we understand you study the New Testament that God's power is poured out in response to faith. Study the Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John. You'll see how many times Jesus is going somewhere minding his own business. Somebody comes up to him with the need and Jesus will do something almost rude to them.

A great example my favorite stories. Luke chapter 9 Gentile woman sorry Phoenician woman comes up to him, Jesus, and you I don't.

Jesus looked at her and says woman is not right to take bread. It was intended for children and give it to the dogs water same is not right for me to take the bread which was intended for the Jews and give it to Gentile dogs.

How rude could you possibly get right the commentators to try to point out that the word that Jesus used for dog that little puppy.

Maybe so, but it still means dog is never a complement that they limit your unclean woman is totally undaunted right, just like Jesus and she says yeah that's right but you know what a rich person's house. Even the dogs get to eat what falls off the master tape translation.

There is so much grace and mercy in your heart there so much bread of grace that it overflows off your table that there's enough even for a dog like me and Jesus is I've never seen faith like that you have your miracle because she understood how gracious God was. Intercessory faith is us being in a place where we understand God's compassion and we stand between God's infinite compassion and somebody's impotent deep and we bridge the gap. She got only pours out his power in response to faith and where there is not babies, not upright his power so he puts us places asked on their behalf. Intercessory faith people talk about intercession of prayer. Sometimes like they think God's tattletale telling God some stuff that you know what you got CNN news. The real retail got the call had not. It was one thank you tell me now go fix it. That God knows what's going on got put this in places to believe in his compassion and by believing two releases, compassion into a situation that is intercessory faith. So what if the reason here's the question what the reason that God is not working in your contacts is because there's nobody there to believe him and his willingness to do so. 1358 and he did not Jesus did not do many mighty works there.

There is Nazareth because of their unbelief with the reason God is not working in your family in your workplace in your suite in your dorm on your campuses because there's nobody there to believe him and thereby release his compassion empowered into situation see God's command for us to go was shrouded and on family your workplace in your neighborhood. These are important questions to think about because the mission field isn't just overseas anywhere that we meet people who don't know Jesus you're listening to some it like with JD Greer and excited to tell you about the incredible resources we have made available for you this month. The first is based on something we call the gospel prayer this prayer is all about our identity in Christ and to help these truths think and we have a simple book of the gospel, prayer, catechism and catechism is a summary of Christian principles in the form of questions and answers used for instruction, we're sending a copy to all of our gospel partners this month to thank them for their ongoing monthly support. We would love to have you join that team of regular givers.

We are also featuring Pastor JD's gospel video curriculum that goes along with our current teaching series. Each of the eight sessions begins with video from Pastor JD. The videos are 10 to 20 minutes long and then based on that teaching will open your study guide and Bible and work through questions and players together for against the $50 this not send you the DVDs and five study guides to get you started: 866335 T-20 866-335-5224. Give JD G.

R. I'm only benefits leave you with this question today.

Do you consider yourself a missionary.

I'm sure you know how Pastor Katie would question based on today's teaching. So join us tomorrow as he shares more in our series title got right here on some it might. Katie clear

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