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Betrayed for Me, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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April 5, 2022 9:00 am

Betrayed for Me, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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April 5, 2022 9:00 am

Judas betrayed Jesus for only 30 pieces of silver, but Jesus told the disciples that they would all fall away, sending a message that all of us, even at our very best, still fall short and need a Savior.

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Life with Judy Greer floating face down water you will put you in the life route and brought you back to life is by grace but God not of works, but nobody can boast.

They were not saved because of how committed we were to Jesus. Note all of us were Judas per se because of how committed. Jesus was to us like I'm your host Molly, but it's you question what is your most prized possession car signed baseball, maybe a piece of jewelry. It's well-known that Judas betrayed Jesus for only 30 pieces of silver that Jesus actually told the disciples that they would all have a price tag and fall away, sending a message that all of even at our very best still fall short and need a savior. Be sure to tune into the and to learn more about House-Senate life is getting 50% of all donations this week to meet the needs that are emerging from the war in Ukraine. Give us a call at 866-335-5224 visit for more information, but now let's rejoin Pastor Judy Greer as he teaches on the free gift.

Rabobank bank stop by another friend's house and the friends to let you do that grab you by the shirt. Your friend wiggles for you… Shirt goes off and robs the bank but you remain held by your friend.

You will let you go where you want Fred goes in Las Vegas arrested. Did you really boast later about not having committed the crime know what was in his heart was in your heart. It was your friends restraining grace that kept you from doing it. That's what God has done for us what grace is that The sin of my heart from growing into fruition and destroying me. Even with all of these graces even with all those I still had a price whereby I sold Jesus betrayal and a willingness to sell him out for a price was in my heart just like it was in Genesis. This may have been more spectacular.

But like the Puritan John Owen says the seed of every sin is in every heart. At the end of the day our salvation. The Bible teaches us is solely by grace. Paul says, by grace, which means unmerited favor nothing about you goodness in God's heart not goodness in your even safety faith. Faith means trust in what God has done to accomplish your salvation, not on what you will do not even that is from yourself on the way.

In Greek the word that right there is written way that points to the entire phrase which means that even the safe to trust in Jesus is a gift of God is something that God puts in your heart is the gift of God not of works, works, so that nobody any reason to boast at all your salvation from start to finish belong to God. Sometimes you get this idea of salvation like you know, were drowning NRC of sin and death and will go off in the distance and there's Jesus in a lifeboat and we think that's my Savior there so we swim over to women were like Jesus save me and he throws us a life raft and the poles in the boat and hallelujah Jesus. What a safe that's not the right picture salvation the better picture salvation as you were floating face down already dead in the water. And Jesus picked you up put you in the life route and brought you back to life. That's what Paul said in Ephesians 2 is entirely by grace every single bit of it was a gift of God not of works, but nobody can boast. You see, were not saved because of how committed we were to Jesus. Nope all of us were Judas were saved because of how committed.

Jesus was to us. Hallelujah, thank God okay at your first question, Judas is us. Number two. Why did Judas betrayed Jesus. Why did he betray Jesus. Short answer. He was disappointed when Judas had expectations about the Messiah, Jesus did make not get what you see, Judas is not alone in this. All the disciples had problems with Jesus. They all doubted him in this way, Peter. Peter got angry with Jesus like Jesus or confusion.

I don't know what you know Jesus want you doing this and back got so virulent. It is arguing with Jesus and Jesus finally told him Satan in Jesus list of insults that's got to be one of the highest ones write you because you're Satan that's like is better to get Peter John the Baptist and Jesus thought of the greatest preacher ever to live by John the Baptist Luke chapter 7 goes to a time after he baptizes Jesus where he says Jesus was really the Messiah because all these expectations I had about what you knew you're not doing, saying, obviously, was like that we hear one my favorite examples of this research all the disciples were in this category, not 28 after Jesus had resurrected from the dead and spent 40 days with the disciples eating talkie walkie's woman is males and no stars in his hands and his feet as he brings about the amount reason SN he stands on the mountain and he begins to ascend. This is Matthew 2860 begins to ascend. Matthew 2817 when I saw I'm sending some worship, but others doubted my guys, he's floating in the air on us all the David Blaine special. I'm not really sure this is like a generator, how could you out at that moment when he's floating in the air. Your it is because what Jesus was leaving on done on earth was so confusing to them, they still couldn't get their minds around.

Why were the Roman still in charge. Why was evil. Roman still oppressing the Jew. Why was there still injustice. Usually the Messiah is the world such a mess. You see, those questions are legitimate questions and or questions that all of the disciples of Jesus had like most Jews, Judas and assumed a couple of things about the Messiah number one Judas wanted a Messiah who would punish evil and reward the righteous Jewish people were waiting for a Messiah that would deliver them from the oppression of Rome and punish the wicked, and there's nothing wrong with that. We are right to cry out to God for deliverance from oppression and injustice. But Jesus shows up with a different agenda the first time. Jesus announces his Messiah ship unit is Luke chapter 4 look to before Jesus is 30 years old. These and is and I will see church circles what the synagogue service of his local synagogue and there was a point in the service at which they allow people intercept dumping on their heart to come up and talk everybody. And so Jesus stands up and walks forward and says I got a word in like okay you know walks up and he takes the Isaiah scroll, and he opens it up to Isaiah 61 he resists the spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he is anointed to proclaim good news of 40 semi, to proclaim liberty to the captives is at liberty those who are oppressed and proclaim the year of the Lord's favor in all that you said amen that's us where the oppressed were discriminated against when they Messiah to come and is going out with honey or whatever they all spoke well of hell patted him on the back are like me and you make a great preacher one day and we really love to hear you preach. Could you make us feel good and uplifted. I Safar said it then he goes on in the sermon sermon. Luke says goes on like this in the days of Elijah, when the heavens were shut up three years and six months in a great famine came over all the land.

Elijah was sent to. None of them. The Israelites… Arafat, the land of Sidon to a woman who was a widow.

In other words, there were lots of people who are hungry during that time.

But God only sent Elijah to do a miracle in the home of a Gentile woman who is not even a Jew.

He goes on there many lepers in Israel Matata the prophet Elisha, and none of them was Klansmen only name in this area. Lots of people had leprosy during the time of Elisha but allots only a one of them and it was the head of the enemy army.

It would be like today if there was a nationwide plague and all of our children were dying and God chooses the only person that he feels is the grandson of Osama bin Laden, well they were expecting this turn in Jesus a sermon so all of a sudden Jesus starts making the point that instead of showing up to punish evil and reward the insiders. Jesus came preaching grace to outsiders and that made everybody mad because when you think you're a rule follower, not that makes you matter then we God rewards those who don't follow the rules as well as you think you do so. The crowd listening to the sermon that morning went from having Jesus on the back to they rose up and drove them out of the town brought under the brow of the hill on which their town was built so that they could throw him down off of the cliff. Now I've gotten some bad reactions from sermons on average before. I've never had that happen. I've got a few nasty emails but nobody's ever tried to throw me off a cliff because not that I have not able to do is first restarted the passing through the midst he went away on you know that means I may sell your Jedi mind trick he was like I'm not the droids you're looking for. I don't know what it means, but also their midst and said this is not a time for me to die. Jesus message was that all of us at our very best fall far short of need a Savior we are all alike wicked before God.

Both oppressor and oppressed both of them have simple hearts that need to be redeemed for all outsiders who need to be rescued. Thank God he extends grace outsiders because that's the only kind of people that there are. Thank God he saves really bad people because there are no other kind of people Judas did want to see this about himself. Judas preferred to see himself as somebody who was better than other people. Somebody worthy of respect somebody who was in the upper crust of morality and worthy to be rewarded. So he missed the message of a crucified Messiah altogether.

You who did get this did understand it, the woman who came in to anoint Jesus.

She was so overwhelmed with love and gratefulness to him that she washed his feet with her tears in a similar situation with another woman. Jesus explained the reason the people like her love me so much is that they realize how much they been forgiven of what he what he meant was not that she actually had been forgiven of more than the disciples, but she realized she had been forgiven of a lot, and that made her love Jesus, you know what that means. The reason some of you are so are so apathetic when it comes to love for Jesus. The reason your love for Jesus is so weak is you have such little awareness of how desperate your condition wise we Jesus saved you one. Judas wanted a Messiah who would punish evil and reward the righteous woman understood the Messiah came to bestow grace because there were none righteous, number two, Judas wanted a Messiah who would bestow power and riches.

He was looking for the Messiah to give him the good life. The woman understood that knowing Jesus was the good life. Judas's reaction to the woman anointing Jesus is very revealing. He thinks of the perfume poured out on Jesus was wasted in one since all in one sense he was right. Puritan theologian Jonathan Edwards said that the thing that is so shocking about Mary's act was its total uselessness, and I mean think about it.

It was useless to Jesus. He did need that expensive of an anointing. It smelled good. What for a few hours and it was totally gone $10,000 down the drain for just a smell for a while. It was useless to Jesus. It was useless. The merit Mary did not need need to earn favor from Jesus. Now we know that Mary was the sister of Lazarus or Jesus raising the dead in John 11 makes very clear that Jesus love that family was very committed to them and had promised them that he would be with them forever and they with him forever in heaven with him today. We got that promise. So it's not like she's been doing message that she can get in better with Jesus. She sorta got his favorite know that at only serve one purpose, and that was for her to declare her love for Jesus and the point is worth to her on display so that she could say as loudly as she could do all men are worth 10 billion bottles of these kinds of review to a message titled trade for me Senate light with Judy Greer. Let me remind you that for this week only, we are giving away 50% of all gifts given to Summit life in order to help provide shelter, food, clothing, medicine, transportation, pastoral care and other assistance for displaced people in the Levee of Ukraine. Simply go to Judy or give us a call at 866-335-5222 make a donation. This is a tangible way to get involved with a trusted partner in the gospel to join with us today by generously supporting this effort to glass. Now let's return to today's message with pastor Judas. Jesus was just a means to an end. He's thinking if I follow Jesus, then he will give me power and riches, but for Mary, Jesus was the hand knowing him was the riches Judas serve Jesus to get things Mary gave up anything in order to know more of Jesus. Jesus says you know what it Jesus is not to get me riches and power in health and wealth and what good is he Mary says were the whole realm of nature mine, that were present far too small. Love so amazing, so divine, demands my little soul, my life, my all. Jesus paid it all to him. I/O Synod left a crimson stain. He watched the white as snow. She Judas thought of Jesus as useful.

Mary thought of him as beautiful, something that is useful you use is a helpful tool to obtain some else you really want. So Jesus is useful to you than is useful as means to heaven a good marriage health career success something that's beautiful to you, you love in and for itself right tire iron is useful to me what you want to my car at all times, it's useful to me because of what it can do for me in a moment that I need right and if it breaks a thought away. My wife and my children are beautiful to me. I don't keep them alive because of what they can do for me.

I'm not looking around as old as you hold out the promise that one day you'll be able to earn the several million dollars. I keep them around because they are beautiful to me. Judas is fine Jesus to be useful. Mary's find him beautiful. That means that you can tell whether you are a Judas or a Mary by how you respond when life disappoints you. We might disappoint you. If you say God. This may not be my preference and this hurts like crazy. I don't want this, but God if you can use this to help me know you more and if you can use this for your glory to help others know you more. Another senior worth. I'll gladly take it because knowing you was a better treasure than an easy life if that's what you say in the midst of suffering and you are a Mary that many write it down this way. How you respond to suffering and pain is the measure of your understanding and your embrace of the gospel. You see, if you get angry with God.

When you get to a timer life disappoints you and you say God you're not keeping up your end of the deal.if you don't start giving you what I want. Help a boyfriend, arrays, whatever. Jesus maybe you're not really worth following. If that's the attitude of your heart.

You probably Judas. Jesus is only a means to an end for you. Jeff got a feeling that there's a number of you listening to me right now that you're at a crossroads in your life. Lots of things going wrong in your life and times are hard and you ask God to help you out but things are not resolving getting your life you like God or you even they are so confused you even fill and create God. God why is this happening to my parents got wises happening to me and you're asking Jesus. Are you even really worth following and I want to tell you with Mary. He is, but not because of the things he can do for you tomorrow.

These were the because of who he is, that you will possess for all of eternity. I have a letter from Summit member who was tell me that this year she was unexpectedly diagnosed with a very serious type of cancer that caused her whole life to change and jetted with the number of chemo treatments.

She said for us to struggle with anger at Dobbins. Why was he letting this happen and have so many things I wanted to accomplish should be know what happened. Just I realize I got answer a lot of prayers I been praying over the years for him to give me joy, because when he finally rattled some of my foundations. He let me learn to have joy in him.

Having prayed for. A lot of people my life to come to know Jesus and I wouldn't get anywhere with them at all the sudden this cancer. I've had a chance to talk to a bunch of them in a whole different level about who Jesus is. Jesus, I even let one of them the Christ on my porch just the other day and she concluded her note to me by saying this. She says part does not equal bad part is hard. I wouldn't choose hard for anything, but it was a good thing because it changed my heart in good ways and knowing Jesus is worth going through all these hard things in the world. That is the heart of a Mary knowing Jesus is worth all window, all these hard things and I would take him over everything all in summation, Judas represents a religious approach to God I serve God to get things from God, and I expect to be rewarded for my behavior.

Mary is the person who understands the gospel. I deserve nothing but God has given me everything in Christ, and Christ is a treasure worth losing everything else for all the praise Jesus gives to Mary is incredible by her sacrifice meant so much to him that he said that her story is good to be a permanent fixture in the gospel story that shows us what ought gospel response actually looks like that I like to think of when Jesus left that dinner and went to the garden of Gethsemane and then went on into the trial that night and then was beaten and ultimately crucified. That is a symptom that perfume from his hair and his feet will still probably fill in his nostrils read this sweet smell still bringing joy to his heart, but I wonder if that's what the writer of Hebrews is referring to when he says that for the joy set before him. He endured the cross, the joy of redeeming Mary the joy of being in love with people like Mary was what brought joy to his heart. It was so meaningful to him that his praise for was the highest against anybody in the Bible the praise for her is incredible but the verdict on Judas is devastating.

All it still sends a chill to my body been better for him and he not even been born yet. The only way that statement is true. As a result much it is going to hell forever. Judas was just annihilated that he does cease to exist events that would make your the end of our lives were not Christians with start stop existing and say well each other to bring to light one time she got some good things in life, from surgery to sense and good things in the experience but go with that statement is true, is it Judas went to hell forever and he still there. What a terrible thing for the Lord Jesus Christ say about your life. Yet, that is God's verdict on every Judas. That is every person who does not surrender fully to Jesus without condition. That is his verdict on those who do not consider him the ultimate treasure on those you will not give up everything to follow him like Puritan Jeremy Taylor always said he sent you know God threatens terrible things for those who refuse to be insanely happy and him this issue. What a terrible thing to say about you be better for you. You never knew if even the Judas Loveday to the Lord's table and I will show you that the Lord's table actually represented the last offer that Jesus gave Judas to turn from what he was doing and she embraced Jesus and to receive him. Listen what's interesting about this is it. Judas was not present for this part. Jesus waited laughter Judas laughter.

One of things that shows us is that this is a celebration only, for believers is what Paul says in first Corinthians. Only believers should take the bread macabre. But here's what's amazing Jesus did offer to Judas was so I a portion of the Passover bread before Judas lasts there at a point in the past. Cervical the correct correct was when they took this piece of bread and they did that in the bitter herbs which represented captivity to sin.

And you wouldn't dip it in represented like most things in the Passover God's deliverance from the bitterness of sin.

Listen the Jewish tradition was that the host of the Passover would offer this piece of bread that a big dent in the bitter herb he would offer it to somebody was very close to him very special to him. Usually a child, and what you were saying to them when you offered this one piece of bread a minute. You are very special to me.

You're very special to me and God.

Salvation is for you, Jesus. Of all the disciples could've given it to you offered that piece of bread said your special loving offer that Judas what he was saying is you she will have to do this Judas your special to me Judas I'm a die for you if you will receive me, Judas stood up rejected Jesus as offer Wanda to see if you're not a believer. Jesus is actually often the same thing.

The is offering the same thing to you.

He is holding out offer of salvation is receiving help others do the same this week. We have the privilege of raising money for relief effort in Ukraine 50% every dollar given between April 4 and April 8 will be used to meet humanitarian needs through the Ukrainian Baptist theological seminary is a trusted partner of Summit life recently. Pastor JD had the opportunity to talk with Jaroslav piece the president of the seminary in Levee of Ukraine just a piece of their conversation onto jealousy or that you were three ways that you would want your American brothers and sisters praying every day for you all there in Ukraine is simple. Thank you? The first thing please join us in prayer for medical and will take God to end this war, not us.

The second thing we need to resources and promised to do what we do.

So now we have left is, then we need to help them was humanitarian aid and stuff like that so that's bonds who can help us with about very they needed in this sort of thing. Please pray for us.

The war will be over and I really hope you will remain humane because one word comes to become angry.

I don't want us to become better.

We need spiritual help meet spiritual strength to face all the uncertainties you can give today, 866-335-5220 is your gift copy after Chinese new resource interventions from the parables of Jesus, thank you Molly that eventually you'll join us tomorrow when you teaching. My join us Wednesday percent of my

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