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Antichrists Far, Near, and Right in Front of You, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 22, 2022 9:00 am

Antichrists Far, Near, and Right in Front of You, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 22, 2022 9:00 am

As Pastor J.D. moves into the prophetic portion of the book of Daniel, he shows us how it’s Daniel’s prophecy about the future that makes the difference an outlook between peace and stress.

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Today on Summit Lane with Jeannie Greer God calling us today just to recognize their circumstances, as difficult as they may be as hard as they may be to understand.

They do not counteract the eternal truth that our God sits upon the throne and does what he intends to do same God is doing the same thing in your life life with pastor here. I'm your host Molly motivates you ever thought about your future when you describe your attitude toward the future is an attitude filled with peace, or is it full of overwhelming stress and uncertainty at what might happen as pastor Judy moves into the prophetic portion of the book of Daniel. He shows us how. It's Daniel's prophecy about the future that makes the difference between those two attitudes you want to be full of hope or full of fear as you contemplate the future. I know that the message that we can all use today so grab your Bible, as we conclude our message titled antichrist far near and right in front of you in every age, including especially ours the spirit of the antichrist that his spirit is at work which you notice how the apostle John talks about the antichrist. To miss this prophecy. First John 218 children children. It is the last hour/hour and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, even though many antichrist have already come, even though in other words, the ultimate antichrist is still coming, the spirit of antichrist is already here, which means that we can learn from what we see in these chapters we can learn what to expect in our age. One example of this in Scripture Jesus Mark 14 Jesus told the prophecies of Daniel seven and eight and he applied them to his trial, right before he was crucified.

Even though Jesus lived hundreds of years after Antiochus and thousands of years before the antichrist would come. Jesus said to the Pharisees of the Sanhedrin you guys are playing the role of the beast and Antichrist in Daniel seven and eight and I'm playing the role of God's people and he said that again even though he was hundreds of years separated from either Antiochus or antichrist which means that you and I can take the principles of Daniel seven and eight and we can learn about what our enemy is doing in Rh that make sense. What would those things be. I see at least three things you shall teach you about what antichrist is up to chapter 7 verse five jobs in verse five says that he aims to devour much flesh. The aims to devour much flesh. They all is not hard to believe right the last hundred years. Last hundred. How do you look at things like the Holocaust and just talk all about up to merely human evil or political maneuvering.

Adolf Hitler flunked out of art school and develop some nationalistic leanings and coupled with his insecurity. Next think is more than 6 million Jews started guesting there something in that more than human cruelty more than political posturing has the eyes of a man behind it is something demonic you say.that's nave out that your nights if you think that what is behind that is just just people that don't quite know how to to live with others. That's not what's going on that kind of savage is something that I something behind the 20th century soul soul so much moral and technological advancement did not. It was still the bloodiest century in history, but nice, even ones you don't know about like 1915 the Turks in the region of Turkey came to believe that Armenians were also living in that region right clicking to believe that they were a problem and they said April 24 as Armenian liquidation date and on that day, murdered 600,000 Armenians in one day in cold blood. The Japanese declared a black Friday during World War II when Japanese troops went through Alexandra Hospital in Singapore bayoneted all the patients call the doctors over nurses call the kids. Everybody 1932 Joseph Stalin executes over 10 million of his own countrymen in and starve to death another 7 million to enforce grain quotas when you got mouse Tom pull pot Kim Jong-Il the Hutus into season in Rwanda.

All this is within the last hundred years. We go to see this is the eyes of a man, but it is so much more to and we not see Satan at work today in our own country in the abortion industry or the slave trade that still goes on to the myriad places around the world and some in our own country where oppression is celebrated and religious liberty in basic human dignity are denied. I'm telling you the spirit of antichrist which has the eyes of a man but is much worse, has as its aim to devour the flesh in data age. In this age and every age to come.

The first thing is easily destroyed much flesh and I would say that's true today. The government second Cabaret verse 25 he will cause deceit to prosper through his cunning and by his influence is really super good at it, and in his own mind you will exalt himself. He questions God's word.

That's deceit and he exalt managers of the two agendas that are much flesh. So deceit exalt man that means he is at work everywhere trying to get you to question God's work using university classrooms using entertainments and entertainment studios using newspaper offices and boardrooms and magazine offices and social media platforms making people question God's word and pumping up our obsession with ourselves. I love social media to Mike about exalting yourself.

That's his like that I am nothing invented it understand that he is 11. I'm not saying you should go try to cast the demon out of your professor your boss or your phone I don't think any of those things. I'm just saying that there is a supernatural power at work in the world trying to deceive people against God, and you've got to recognize that these are not.

I'm just questioning what the Bible says about sexuality and I'm trying to buy myself know you're not dabbling with help your exalting yourself you are putting your thoughts above God's thoughts.

Your there are two paths there is the path of truth that comes from Jesus and there is the other path would you do what is right in your own eyes. This is God's word that he gave it comes down from heaven and exalt God humbled yourself before it, because the only other path is the path of the antichrist where you decide what's right for you and you exalt yourself.

So in our age we can expect to encounter the spirit of antichrist and those are the three things I'm telling you that he's going to doing it always has been doing and will do ultimate fulfillment and Antichrist himself that this you can expect those things until the end of history is not getting better. If anything is worse is a less depressing source I looking at this church that we for this awesome sermon is really good news is okay. Number three never even in the age of antichrist. The ancient of days still rules even in the age of antichrist. The ancient days still rules me take you back. Daniel seven and so you what Daniel says in the midst of all these prophecies always prophecies of darkness and chaos and judgment live verse nine chapter 7 is not Watching the thrones were set in place in the ancient of days took his seat. His clothing was white like snow in the hair of his head like why this rule's throne was flaming fire, its wheels were blazing fire, a river of fire was flowing, coming out from his presence. Thousands upon thousands served 10,00010,000 stood before him.

The court was convened and the books were opened.

Here is God in the midst of all this chaos and darkness calmly coming to take his place and just as judge by the way, I love that name the ancient of days first thing in here a minute how it reminds me of a phrase that we we parents use on our kids when they try to pull something over on us parents know what I'm talking about. I want my teenage girls comes up to me and says that that's it just for illustration purposes. Is there a way to get yet out of the front fender of the car and I say what you do and they said I never said I wreck the car and I say kid. What I say parents.

I wasn't born yesterday and what I mean by that I mean I've been around the block for a while and I know how these things go, and I can see through your roots. We tell our kids. I wasn't born yesterday, God leans into the backseat of human history is that the Daniel I one morning all, nothing gets by him. Nothing surprises him. He never learns anything. He never misunderstands anything. Nothing ever catches him off guard rights never dawned on you that nothing is ever dawned on God.

There's never been a time that he was not fully in charge. His hair is white, like snow, which means he carries the authority and the wisdom of the ages is closer white like wool, purest wool, which means that he and his heart is pure, he is wise and righteous altogether without the slightest lot of imperfection is thrown blazes in fire which means it consumes all before it.

He alone is worthy to judge the nations, and that's what he's about to do some sitdown little horns greatness is in the room. There's a great game of thrones going on here right by the way God's throne has wheels and there on fire you. How cool is that I'm a big trick out monster truck looking sort of thing. Maybe, maybe, but what what that's communicating. Listen, is that the ancient of days is not stationary is not on involved in things on earth separated from us by a great distance know his throne has wheels. He goes to where his people are not to leave his throne or authority to get there. It is interesting to look at how all the events that Daniel predicted here in Daniel seven and eight which again seems so dark and so chaotic at the time how we can see now how they all worked out perfectly for the advancement of God's purposes to imagine how dark it was to live the beast chapters is the king of Concord and all the things receive and you had to look up if you're initialing to say God have you forgotten us forever.what is going on, can be extinguished, but Job and Persia took over Babylon you know Persia actually rebuild Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple paid for entirely something that that all Jews of the time but would never happen again. Cyrus paid for Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.

The temple would be crucial for Jesus's ministry. Then God raised up Grace and Greece united the world under one trade language coin, a Greek, which made it easier for the gospel to spread rapidly throughout the world to the writings of the apostles because now you had one common language for the first time in history that connected people.

Then God raised up the Romans, who would build a system of roads that made it possible to transport the gospel from place to place. Paul summarized all of this in Galatians 4, but by saying when the fullness of time had come when the fullness of time, then God brought forth his son.

In other words, in all this mess. God was creating a situation. Perfect for the coming of the Messiah and perfect for the spread of salvation around the world.

The point is God dies everything everything everything for his purposes and mortgages.

That's true of your life to what he does in the big picture he does in the small, the good, the bad, it's all for his glory. He is at work in every disaster. Every dark chapter of your life moving his church forward and moving the gospel forward in your life you heard a story this week on the heart is a register this week that reminded me so much of that. It's a story of how I got in Dawson Trotman started a ministry called the navigators not much. Y'all haven't heard about the navigators but it had a big impact on me and had a big impact in this church in the in the in the late 1930s, Dawson Trotman was working at a Texaco gas station in Lomita, California. You just escape going to jail and in the process he gotten saved. He knew almost nothing about the Bible, but he just wanted to start studying.

And so we started ministering to young sailors who were stationed nearby who frequented his gas station. He explained that in his testimony and he told them that he was convinced that if they would trust God like he did, God could save them just like you saved him with those two sailors called two more sailors and they begin to do this little Bible study in the service station garage at one point, Dawson said he told them that he believed God believe in his heart God wanted to use the five then the change the world's biographies and units, silly really just for sailors and me and two of them were there more for the free food than they were for the Bible study anyway and I'll talk about how God is going to use them to change the world will eventually beat the other to get saved and bees for sale or say Dawson Dawson if you will quit your job at the gas station.

We will donate each donate part of our salaries to make you a missionary to our ship courses are sailors. They didn't have any money either. But but but come on our ship.

They said because we talk to our Capt. and he said that you can start a Bible study on our ship.

What he does that in six months later there's been 100 conversions on that ship and twice that many. Meeting regularly on the deck of the ship for a Bible study that they called the navigators the name of that ship was the USS West Virginia and just a few months after the Bible study really got going. The USS West Virginia was redeployed to a place called Pearl harbor where it was sunk on December 7, 1941, with all the sailors now that sounds like an unbelievable unspeakable tragedy right and was but all those sailors in the navigators Bible study you survived that attack got redeployed. On the other ships because their ship was sunk in by the end of the war there were 800 ships that had Bible studies led by the navigators within those young men come back to the United States and under the G.I. Bill. They were spread out into universities all across the nation and they began leaving Bible studies on campus that were similar to the ones they learn Dawson Trotman, the navigators and not resulted in the formation of groups like inter-varsity and campus Crusade in a presentation. Years later, Dawson Trotman was talking to an audience about his so-called ministry success and he said the need of the hour is just a believe that God is God and just to believe that he's the ancient of days that he sits upon the throne and he will be true to his purposes in all times and all places and he'll be true to where Trudy was well God's calling to us today. He told his audience wasn't God calling to us today just to recognize that our circumstances, their circumstances, as difficult as they may be as hard as they may be to understand. They do not counteract the eternal truth that our God sits upon the throne and does what he intends to do. St. God is doing the same thing in your life and read the book right now. By the by getting John Piper called Providence and Dr. Piper demonstrates throughout the Bible.

He shows that that God in all these situations is up to hundreds and hundreds of things in the lives of the people in the Bible and at any given point.

They are only aware of one or two of them, but is working in all of them is working all ventured to his purposes.

He's the ancient of days and even better, even better.

Daniel tells us before last one. One day he says one day the God who rules over the world to come. Rule in the world because I've heard it said verse 11.

I watched I watched then because of the sound of the arrogant words the horn was speaking as I continued watching and suddenly one like the Son of Man was coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the ancient of days and was escorted before him. He was given vivid given dominion and glory and a kingdom, so that those of every people, nation, and language should serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away in his kingdom is one that can never be destroyed when one day the God who was working in history invisibly will come to assume the throne. Personally and in that moment the power of the Antichrist will literally evaporate in front of him.

Paul says in second Thessalonians. We read earlier that Jesus on that day will destroy the Antichrist with just the breath of his mouth.

John in the book of Revelation says he does it with just a word, just a word.

All Daniel says about the defeat of the Antichrist that it happens not by human hands number that is broken but not by human hands for Antiochus. It was an invisible stomach virus that killed him.

What what what what what mighty armies could not do God accomplished through a microscopic virus. The defeat of the ultimate Antichrist that happened to a stomach bug. Of course it happens through a dead man walking out of a grave, because God spoke down from heaven and says you're dead and all human ingenuity in all of human technology can change that back in change in one word arrives and it happened not by human hands and have been entirely by God. Jesus was the Messiah who came to the lion and the bear and the ram and the goat of the world's kingdoms with their mighty horns of power not here's the irony herein, the horn of his own, every wanted to write, the largest Dragon but instead he came is what a lamb land that have a horn came into the ring and he didn't come with a horn power. Note he allowed himself to be gored by those vicious animals that would happen because he was weak he was doing because he was voluntarily choosing to die for our sin is to be wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities did this have to defeat Satan had to meet San and Austin had to die to forgive us so that we could be redeemed and saves on the Winnie overcame Satan's power we would be destroyed along with them to see through that death and resurrection. He broke Satan's power so that the word of the gospel now is mightier than all the horns of oppression.

All the chains of captivity. They try to put on to let me let me close with two applications, one for the church, one for for those you who may still not know who Jesus is really should not surrender fully to him for the church seen the secret behind history of art. It said may not keep me from pain, but it will keep me from panic I Mike I might I might experience fear from time to time but I never need to fill. Frantic, why because the ancient of days is on the throne in the God who rules over history promises a one-day common rule in history.

He is moving everything in the world and everything in your life and in my life is moving everything to that answer be encourage friend encourage St. every setback is ultimately going to be used for the advancement of his flooring cancer broken marriage. The wandering child. The chronic pain.

The frustrating lack of promotion in your job God's good hand is in all my love got to you might feel like you been abandoned, but it is all flowing by the gracious hand of God. And when the fullness of time has come in your life you will see that God has brought forth from it. His son Jesus church we have something to do in the in the meantime in between Antiochus and Antichrist that is we preach the word of the gospel.on this great timeline. We live in an age of mercy and light. When God he says desires all men everywhere to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth when he promises us that he's given us his Spirit and told us that greater is he that is in Austin even is in the world that no weapon formed against us will prosper and all those who rise against us will fall that all authority has been given to him in heaven and on earth. Therefore, we should go and make disciples of all the nations. This is the age of the church is our moment between Antiochus and Antichrist. It is our moment to spread the gospel is what were supposed to be knowing is how our success will be judged. Were we doing the one thing we were supposed to do and that is letting all nations hear the gospel. That's the application for the church.

Here's one for you still don't know Jesus personally, maybe not submit a fully to him. The goal of our enemy through the Antichrist. Although Antichrist is to devour flesh and destroy things.

That's what is been doing some of you be honest with yourself.

You've chosen a path because you thought of bring you happiness but instead asserted to devour you exactly what he wanted and it looks so good, there's just no just what you want. That God says and this is where it's at. Devour you management deceiving you what you marking down the spirit of the antichrist to make it progressively harder for you to be a Christian. The world is going to get a lot worse before it gets better and the liens and the bearers of the world with all their cunning and all their deceit are going to oppose you. If you are looking for the affirmation of the world would never find. I'm not saying there's not good people in all these different things, but not to get it from the Academy did not get to get it from entertainment. You're not good. Get it from the New York Times or CNN. Again, I'm not citizen of the people to work for those things. I'm just saying that the spirit of antichrist is taking the world away from God and if you're trying to get the affirmation of the world that is a fools errand is never to come. There is a reckoning that is coming, that is to separate false Christians have committed Christians from true Christians. Questions were reasonably as the world becomes increasingly more difficult when we have to realize more and more that we can't save ourselves.

Jesus is the only one who can you're listening to Summit life with pastor, author and theologian Jeannie Greer wearing a new teaching series through the book of Daniel called shining in Babylon and if you happen to join us late today or if you'd like to catch up on previous messages you can find them all free of our newest resource where offering is a study that aligns with this teaching series and is what we call an inductive Bible study. Jeannie, what exactly is an inductive Bible study.

In general, Molly. The word inductive means that you're starting with observations and then pulling out principles and so an inductive Bible study is recently investigating observing different things in the text that in trying to discern what are the principles that are being taught in a vacuum on the things we've encourage people to do in around here. The summa church in reading the Bible is the here method that's basically inductive here stands for highlight observe things the exam impression what's really being said, apply figure out how to bridge bridge the context to your life and then ours respond to what we got is provided you a Bible study to go along with their study of Daniel that will teach you these inductive principles as your studying Daniel along with me and we want to send you this, just as a way of saying thank you for participation with us. Ask for your copy when you donate today at the suggested level of $35 or more title in the book of Daniel shining in Babylon inductive Bible study thing 335-5228 six 550 T-20. Forget study I Molly benefits.

So glad to have you with us today and be sure to join us Wednesday when will that make for effective prayer we pray Wednesday.

On Sunday night. Jeannie and sponsored by Jeannie Greer ministry

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