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We Send Every Member

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November 23, 2021 9:00 am

We Send Every Member

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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November 23, 2021 9:00 am

Because Jesus sent his Spirit to us, the question is no longer if we are called to join in his mission. It’s only a matter of where and how. Living “sent” isn’t a special calling for our church planters and missionaries. It’s a calling for you.

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Life with Jeannie Greer and Jesus's plan, reaching the world is not gathering large groups of people to bask in the anointing of one gifted teacher, his plan for reaching the world's plan for transforming the world for the gospel is raising up ordinary people in the power of the spirit. Ordinary people and sending them out the Bible teaching ministry of pastor, teacher and religion Jeannie Greer.

I'm your host Molly Witte bench and were jumping into God's word today with you you doing today near the end of our new teaching series called B the movement one final question because Jesus sent his Spirit to ask the question is no longer if we are called to join his mission is only a matter of where and how today pastor JD teaches on the fourth and final core value. We send every member you living sent a special calling for our church planters and missionaries coming for you. So grab your Bible and a pen and let's join pastor JD as he opens God's word the week of a series about: the movement be the movement. These are four primary values that we have tried to build our church are the last almost 2 decades. The articulations of these things are are new but the concepts are not. We think these are embodied in the life of Jesus we think they were exemplified by the apostles.

They are values that I would say that you would not only build a church on like we try to do, but also built values that you should build your life on as well like they were never wanted to run virtually gospel, above all, I will do a pocket quiz with you, but I gospel level I, number two is we do whatever it takes to reach all people value number three was we did last week. We make disciples not just converts and then our fourth value this week. Our last one is that we send every member there is a myth that a lot of people in the church believe and that is that calling you talk about people here.

But I'm called by God into something that that's like this special mystical moment that a select few of super saints in the body of Christ experience sometimes will whether college students refer to it as the Cheerios method of discerning the will of God. You know where you you steering your Cheerios expecting it to just one day spell out what God wants you to do to be a pastor did missionary in Afghanistan or be a doctor or something like that happen you just are supposed to assume that God expects you to go to church should be a good person and pay your tires and then don't cheat on your spouse and that's kind of his is stated for you, but I tried to explain that that's not true I reversible.

I stared at my Cheerios for years. All he ever spell out was over and over and over again is word that I could discern, but even more important with the real truth in the Bible is, is that the call to leverage your life or the great commission was included in the call to follow Jesus before 19 Jesus and follow me and I will make you a fisher of men. Which means that if you're actually following him. What is he doing is turning you into a fisher of men at short way of saying that is that when you accepted the call to follow Jesus, you accepted the call to be sent to the missions we always say to the question now is no longer if you were called. The question now is, is simply where and how for years this is been a huge part of this church. A core part of our DNA and NRC is probably what we are most known for the church nationally by God's grace we have sent out get this 1258 people from our church over the last decade to go on I'm domestic or international church planting teams. These are people that have uprooted their lives here in the Triangle and and moved in a full-time way to be a part of the church plant 597 of those have gone full time with international, as international missionaries.

If I give you just take a minute and just think about that. That's almost 600 people. I say this and begin is by God's grace, his patent anybody on the back, but most churches. Most churches get to experience the two or three people on their number going out over the course of of three or four decades, we had nearly 600 at the international mission board the way that we work with to send a lot of these people tells us that we have seven times more members on the field from our church. Then the next closest church out of you know, about 50,000 churches in the other convention were part of these people that we have sent out by the way, that's something we just we even sit back there some things that happen that are so big that you got shake their heads. I got done that they meant and it was amazing what we have sent out a plan to get this 376 new churches, 76, about 60 or here in the United States about 320 or overseas. That makes us right at one third of our goal of planting thousand churches by the way, that is, the results of your generosity is a result of your faith is a result of your of your commitment to the great commission summa churches by God's grace is really done that here so so again it's what we as a church are known for nationally. But here's the question I want to ask you today at me.

Is that true of you. This idea that you are sent. Is that true of you every weekend every weekend weather where it were a large group or groups like this weekend.

Our services of the little phrase you know that phrase is sent out loudly say you know it be in every service. Three words you are sent exactly when we say that were not talking only about the church planters or future church planters or international missionaries were cemented every one of you every member is sent to listen the more that I study the book of acts. The more I become convinced that Jesus's plan for reaching the world is not gathering large groups of people to bask in the anointing of one gifted teacher, his plan for reaching the world is his plan for transforming the world for the gospel is raising up ordinary people in the power of the spirit. Ordinary people and sending them out to do that and what I want to do for this fourth value is about walking to the story of one such ordinary guy made it in the book of acts who literally change the world and I don't even say that lightly. We always say James will actually change the world. Christian history shifted because of this guys life. What I want to do is want to show you for convictions that shape the life of this ordinary member of the early church for convictions that should also shape your life.

This man's name is Stephen story begins in acts chapter 6 of the gotcha Bible I love you take it out and opened it up, turn it on whatever you got there and walk you through that that the two chapters that that form that that the basic gist of his life. As you turning their accents on the context.

Even as regular people always you can use a messenger your Bible trivia thing here. Okay Stephen was not an apostle is not one of the 12 disciples.

Stephen was just a so-called ordinary guy. I sometimes you hear them referred to as leg alert you a layperson, but Stephen story is going to mark what I would argue is the turning point in the book of acts is he up until this moment. In acts six. As far as we know the gospel had yet to leave the borders of Jerusalem even though even though Jesus had clearly said, clearly said in acts 18 that he wanted that the apostles to carry the gospel from Jerusalem to Judea Samaria to the uttermost parts of the earth. I it's still about atomic attack. Chapter 6 it had done that you now, it's been an exciting ride with 3000 people get saved in a day and then you get miracles and you got people to instruct in the offering. And so there's a lot of things have been happening.

But the point is, by the time you get to accept 60 apostles in the early church still huddled together in Jerusalem holding hands and one big small group thing and you know Kumbaya that all is going to change with the story of Stephen in chapter 6.

Stephen gets selected to help deliver food to widows so that the apostles can devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the word.

What you should hear from Matt by the way is that Stephen's job in one sense was currently that important. Stephen was elected teacher.

He would like to group president annuity in writing the book sitting get asked to speak at any conferences. He was not considered to be one of the of the theological or mission leaders of the early church these at the table waiter believes the Meals on Wheels of the early church. Acts six, seven tells you that this servant Stephen did his job so well in his is his witness was so full of the spirit is so compelling that I got the attention of a lot of people in the community including a lot of Jewish priest to begin to turn in large numbers come to faith in Christ will not of course got that got the attention of the Sanhedrin. That was the group like the ruling group of Jews in and they didn't like that that a lot of people come to faith in Christ so they begin to try to discredit Stephen. I love this verse asked asked him yet. Yet they could not withstand all these train guys I got more degrees on the walls and thermometers they could withstand the wisdom and the spirit with which this ordinary untrained layman who never been to seminary the wisdom and power with which he was speaking in acts seven a Dragon for the Jewish Council were Stephen proceeds to get the longest recorded and released. Seeker friendly sermon. I might add in the entire Bible. The basic point of the sermon in acts seven that Stephen delivers there before the Sanhedrin is you Jews killed all the other prophets and that's why you kill Jesus to the message reaches a crescendo at the end of chapter 7 that's right you start reading this is that the end of Stephen's message now when they heard these things, they were enraged in the ground their teeth at him. I've had some bad reactions to sermons of mine but I'm happy to say that that is never happened to me right there. Whatever it is a sound terrifying.

Verse 25.

Yet Stephen full, the Holy Spirit gazed in the heavens, all the glory of God and Jesus standing at the right hand of God and said, behold, I see this heavens open. I see the Son of Man, Jesus standing right there at the right hand of God, but they cried out with a loud voice, and they stopped their ears and they rush together him the may cast Stephen out of the city and Estonian witnesses laid on the garments of the feet of a young man named Saul by the way, if you read the book of action under this young man is going to change his name a few years to the colonies and become the greatest possible list of all of her mother's missionary would ever know you at this point he still hates Jesus he still killing Christians is going by the name of Saul as they were stoning Stephen he called out, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit and in Stephen falling to his knees, cried out with a loud voice, Lord, do not hold this sin against them when he said this, he fell asleep. Now watch this in your Bible, but there's a chapter break whether the chapter 7 right. I would suggest you that's an unfortunate place for chapter break. By the way, and the original writing the Bible. The Holy Spirit not inspire chapter break so I'm not like correcting Holy Spirit.

When I say that we editors later on, but I would say that's not a good place for one is Stephen story doesn't end there. At the end of chapter 7 Stephen story continues on a jet into chapter 8 watch this. There are rose on that day when Daisy talking about some of the day of Stephen's martyrdom a great persecution against the church in Jerusalem. What's this, and they were all scattered throughout the regions of these two words Judea and Samaria. I remember acts 18 that's what the Gospels was to go these next three words so important except the apostles. The apostles were not included in those who were scattered and those who were scattered went about preaching the word you listen. First there is first time the gospel leaves the borders of Jerusalem and I want you to let this sink in.

First time the gospel goes outside of the borders. Not a single apostle is involved even indirectly Stephen service that provokes the trial, Stephen's testimony that provokes the riot, although usually preaching the word right, but lunacy preaching the word out to me what I do like professionally I mean just like telling others about Jesus of all those who left preaching the word.

Luke writer about screwed out of his way to point out that not a single one of the apostles was included. See, I believe Stephen story is given to us as an example of how the gospel expands globally is a Stephen story comes at this pivotal moment in the book of acts like scholars say acts 18 is your key verse in the book of acts. It lays out the outline for the book the Gospels earlier from Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and was part of the earth right and so by the time we get back say that hadn't happened then and ended this pivotal moment where it does what you have, the sooner that stories on apostle you got a late minute.

His name is Stephen. Stephen is a picture of the so-called ordinary Christian in the church. What they should look like you she shows you what they should look like and what will happen in the world when they do.

Stephen is a picture of every member showing you all every member not just the spiritual ones right. How every member is sent right, not just the ones you been to seminary, not just the ones you know a ton about the Bible, not just the ones who have squeaky clean pass all Christians are to live sent you been a Christian for 10 minutes you got saved or warships that previously you were sent you all of you are sent so here is the first of those four convictions.

I told you that shape Stephen's life four convictions I would save those who transform the world number one God wants to use me as a reason not deep or profound. Every simple God wants to use me summit church and our guest here. I hope I've said this enough to you that it is drilled into your subconscious. You God wants to use you. Historically, ordinary believers like Stephen have always been the tip of the gospel spirit. He's got an intention to use you in the life of somebody to bring them from darkness to light. If you go back and you study if you study Christian history. What you see is that the gospel is always traveled around the world faster on the wings of business that has to apostolic effort. I want my just theaters up writer Stephen Neal.

He's a church historian. You are a classic book on the history of Christian missions said the only thing that was more remarkable than the rapidity of the spread of the gospel in the first century was its anonymity is some of the time you get to the end of the first century 99 A.D. he said you got three major church planting centers.

Antioch, Alexandria, and wrote his will have in common is that we have no idea who founded the churches in Antioch, Alexandria wrote no idea, no famous apostle found in any other churches either the founding of the church in Antioch is that she recorded for us in X11.

You can read it later. All it says I give you little it will spoil your all it says is some brothers, some brothers moved Antioch in the hand of the Lord was with them may plant a church in Antioch them thereby save them them, write them means a bunch of guys who use the credits at the end of the movie like by saving another bunch of guys whose names are not to mention because you never heard of them in your body will hear about it again.

Anyway just ordinary guys that these ordinary men and women plant a church would one day send out the apostle Paul become the greatest missions in the church in the first century ordinary people say them.

I good news were all part of the family had not been to seminary on the professional ministry job at your part of them.

That means your gods plan a friend back in the world that would tell you the same thing is true today so make sure you look at were Christianity spreading fastest in the world you will Bobby let me if I be like you read this recently that you add up all the evangelical missionaries. I mean just in churches similar, somewhat similar to ours. I'm all evangelical missionaries from every denomination in the world that are working what we call the 1040 window units and 40 window between the 12th and 40th parallel were all the unreached people groups are in place like China, India, Afghanistan, Indonesia.

Places like that all the missionaries from all denominations.

The total numbers 40,000 bottle. I praise God for that would be 10 times that many I 40,000 if you added to this the number of Americans just US citizens that are working in so-called secular employment in their doctors or whatever.

You know their educators. That number right now as I stand here before you number is 2 million, now US citizens 30 some percent identifies born-again is a look at each other. Knowledge that's not really true by two thirds of them are not serious about their faith or just take two thirds off Take 1/3 of that number that was cut that in half just to be on the conservative side. You understand that if it is just 70% of those people that were there. Understood why because they identifies born-again Christians. They understood that their primary role in life where God sends them is to be a disciple making disciple. They saw themselves as sent even in a secular job.

You understand cc listen that I would take the number of missionaries about 1040 window from 40,000 to 240,000 and would call the church another time. Right. Actually it's it is up close and I'm sure of the store before with my my my dad. My dad never been paid a dime for ministries like never full-time ministry was the plant manager textile factory. When he retired the date literally the day that he retired his company called him back in that afternoon, say congratulations in retirement would like to rehire you to not go overseas and set up a plan for us it's right Middleton 40 window that exalted him 40 window but that's where it was and so my mom and me for about 18 months go over there and I'm telling you they rub shoulders with East Asian businessman that I could never get close to on a short-term mission trip and water bottles are doing, you know, Internet caf, while he was there he was able to leave a couple these men to Christ to be a part of an early you know kind about an early church plant over there right you want to total cost or church was for that zero dollars and back. We made money on the deal because he kept either in old town that he was over there like that's the future of how the great commission is going to go forward. I can tell you about the about the parkers who moved to North Africa recently from our church to run across that gym over there and I could tell you about Craig is the head of an engineering firm in South Asia or Kevin, a former firefighter who now build wells in central Asia I could say about Samantha is a woman that's working in the red light district of central Asia whose doing wellness and hygiene training for young women there, I can say about Rachel is a counselor who works forth with abuse victims, but is just choosing to do it in a place outside the United States as a part of whatever church planting teams are Cameron runs a textile manufacturing shop overseas or Jessica is an elementary Ed major who teaches missionary kids. I also tell you about countless people who go with one of our domestic church plants and and and pursue their careers that it in Indiana city were doing something strategic where places like Denver, Orlando, Atlanta, Miami or or even the Dominican Republic and it's not really part of the United States, but you're still at work with people that we have mobilized it to do their job in a place where they could use as a part of a church plant.

Let me give you a vision for following Jesus. I whether you feel called to ministry or not, here's your vision vision following Jesus. Whatever God made you good at and make all of you good at being preachers, public speakers or worship leaders or writers whatever he made you good at. You should do that.

Well, to the glory of God. But why not also do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God. All the factors are going to where you pursue your career. Why would the kingdom of God and the largest of those factors I that's living said here's the second conviction that we see from Stephen's life go hand-in-hand.

The first number two. The Holy Spirit fills me.

What makes even remarkable is his confidence. Confidence the stairs down the Sanhedrin confidence that he apparently came from an awareness of the fullness of the spirit within them. The most common characteristic that is repeated about Stephen was that he was filled with the spirit gives ordinary people such extraordinary confidence and effectiveness is the knowledge of the power of the spirit within them.

All believers of course have the Holy Spirit right so you have that but what gives you confidence like Stephen is your awareness, your knowledge of the spirit. Whenever it is the heating you've chosen to do strategic delete for the glory of God. You're listening to Summit life with pastor author in the religion Jeannie Greer missed any of the previous messages in our teaching series called Beta movements.

You can find them GDR new study guide follows this current teaching series, but it's a little bit different in that it's not really about the sit down to read but it's also not working through just one passage or book of the Bible. It's a bit of a hybrid. Can you tell us a bit about it.

Yeah it is a little different. Molly, this is sort of like here and now book that's got a study guide about joining God and what he's doing right now with us. Yet the summa church.

Our mission statement is that we want to follow the Holy Spirit to create movement disciple making disciples is an optional brush over that following Holy Spirit IRA because you dislike. Oh well. Christianity is, I'm going out to do a bunch of things for God.

I can tell you that is an exhausting way to live.

Partnering with the Holy Spirit in our children set a uniform so anyway, all that essays I think that this will actually help people to to join the Holy Spirit in the central mission that he has not you have some most people listen to us in the live I could never do what you do Molly and addressing. I can never do what you do JD and teaching, but it it's it's there is a disciple making capacity that God calls each of us to this will show you how you can have a role in how you can live that out reach, disciple's and that's what God is called the earliest disciples to do. It's what is called you and I to do, and that's what this study is all about. It's about God's movement in you move along with him. You're invited to request this resource when you donate today to support this ministry our way of thinking.

Thanks for your partnership. So while we can't necessarily be a movement alone. We can join God's movement and you are part and it all happens within the context of the local church.

We can prioritize the gospel. Above all, in her individual lines and we can do what ever it takes to reach people around. This is definitely a resource when you get to Summit life lining anyone's pocket every penny you give goes to covering the cost of producing and distributing these messages so that more people can dive into the gospel with that and grow as disciples while we're not a local church here at Summit my mission for me to share the love and make disciples and help spread the gospel message on the radio, TV and went to people around the world join that mission. When you get today and ask for your copy of our newest resource title 520-335-1524 given request online Molly benefits even as you and Wednesday for some it might clear ministry

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