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Jesus’ Final Wishes

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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October 8, 2021 9:00 am

Jesus’ Final Wishes

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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October 8, 2021 9:00 am

Pastor J.D. reminds us of the ultimate purpose of prayer and why it matters. And when we catch sight of this vision, it’ll give us a fresh excitement for prayer like never before!

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Today on Senate life. Pastor Judy Greer talks about priorities in prayer the church you see is God's plan a working in the world. Therefore, it is the main thing that Jesus prayed for on the last night of his life. When we pray for world. The main thing we all pray for is the spiritual vitality believers in the Bible teaching ministry of Proctor author and theologian JD Greer. As always, I'm your host Molly, but events of course. As Christians we all know that prayer is important and sometimes it feels like just another item to check off on our to do list or maybe we want to pray more, but we're sure what to say about today.

Pastor Jenny is reminding us of the ultimate purpose of prayer and why it matters, and trust me when we catch sight of this vision. It'll give us a fresh excitement for prayer like never before. After Jenny originally preached this message shortly before the 2016 presidential election, but the principles apply to any time.

He titled today's message Jesus final wishes, John chapter 17.

If you have your Bibles.

This is the last recorded prayer that Jesus prayed, he prayed it on the night right before he died. Not personally never been with somebody in the last night of their life and they knew it was the last night of their life and I would imagine that if you knew that somebody were about to die, whatever you pray would have a great amount of clarity to just ask yourself if you knew that you were going to die you a chance for one prayer, would you break this is what Jesus prayed in the last prayer he made publicly before he died. If what he asked for you, me to say this as we get into it. There are some things that Jesus prays in this prayer that belonged uniquely to him. He was the son of God.

He was the second member of the Trinity and so not everything he says in his prayers going to apply to us but a pastor than Louis Giglio down in Atlanta points out that there are three major things that Jesus prays for in this prayer that ought to serve as a pattern for how we should break these are the things that Jesus prayed on the last night of his life, which means we ought to pray them on every night of our lives.

I've lamented to some of you before how trite the average Christians prayers usually sell with all of our prayers with clichs and platitudes, and spent most of our time asking God for things of the Lord promised to give us what I always your old God be with us and God says I promise you I would never leave you or forsake you. The resulting five read your Bible, asked me for something else.

We spent the whole time asking God for things that are okay but things are really not supposed to be our main focus. Lord help me do well on this test and the Holy Spirit, so that you study hi Davis traveling mercies. What the heck are those I have a PhD in theology on the foggiest idea how the gods probably like put on your seatbelt and drive the speed limit, stop texting when you drive your traveling mercy, I'm not saying that there's never a place to ask for any of those things, but hope you understand my point. What is supposed to be the core of our prayer. What's her prayer supposed to sound like this passage can show you how you can pray like Jesus. How you can pray what Jesus prays our prayers so Mike is there we go.

The first thing that he prays for the three number one in his final prayer, Jesus prays for himself. But in verse one father the hours, glorify your son that your son may glorify you know it might strike you as strange that Jesus opens up this prayer praying for himself, but the key is in understanding why Jesus is asking God to glorify him. You see this glorify me so that I can glorify you.

We often have a wrong view of Christian humility within Christian humility means that you don't seek prosperity, but clearly hear Jesus ask God to bless them and glorify him and raise him up, let me introduce you to a phrase that Pastor Louis uses the phrase is me, for you.I'm asking you to bless me so that I can glorify you.

I'm not saying me for me and save me, for you. Humility is not not seeking prosperity. Humility is using whatever prosperity that God sends you to direct people's attention back toward God.

I pray all the time for God to raise up the summit church but not for the sake of the summit church.

I asked that he raise up the summit church for his glory. You can ask that same thing about your own life you say.

Well, that sounds convenient. You and God were getting glory. How can you know that when you say that it's not really all about you that's a great question. Here are a couple of ways you can know when you're asking us whether this about you it's about God Way, #1 when God gets glory for himself by exalting somebody else beside you, you can tell by the jealousy in your heart. Whether you're more concerned about God's glory than your own told you were God revealed this to me as pastor of the church many years ago I was praying for God raise this church up lesser ministries like God. Would you do something in the Triangle area that will transform the area. The kind of thing will write about in history books. 100 years from now of the great gospel waking in the dry was one of those times where God the Holy Spirit spoke to me, not audibly but in a voice that was every bit as clear as if it had been audible. The Holy Spirit said okay what if I say yes to this prayer. What if I just transform the Triangle for the gospel boys. I don't use your church. What if I don't use summit church to do what if I use the church down the street near the one that gets famous metal ones are my thoughts about your church stays the same meadow. I knew I knew the right answer.

You must increase in honest decrease I knew that was the right answer and I made in the right answer. But when the real answer.

I was not okay with God bringing glory to himself if it didn't involve me in our church and that you showed me that all this time I been saying, thy kingdom come.

What I really meant is my kingdom come. So yes you can see by the jealousy in your heart when God chooses to exalt somebody else when you're in this for you or for him years is a second way you can know it's about God's glory is what you do when he sent suffering to you like he did Jesus we see sometimes God brings glory to himself by how joyously a believer suffers by help copy that you remain in pain how happy you remain in poverty. It is true. Yes, that God gets glory when sick Christians miraculously get well.

But it's also true that he gets glory when sick Christians died well also.

When you and I are able to say even in the midst of great pain.

I got a treasurer that's greater than health. I got a treasurer that's sweeter than earthly benefits. When you and I are able to say in the midst of confusion and disappointment. I trust God even in the midst of this confusion for his loving purposes of my life and people say why. Why would you why would you say that because your life is clearly falling apart and you say because he proved it up across that brings glory to God in his final prayer, Jesus prays first for himself, but his prayer was need for you, glorify me so that I can glorify you and when you send the cross.

I'm a glorify you through that also no listen most of us pray as if the pointer prayer was to get God on our side will God bless me, oh God, you dictate.

Newsflash purity is on your side.

That's what the gospel tells you you are his child.

He is for you.

These promise to prosper you.

The question is no longer whether he is for you that's been settled. The question is whether you are for him. There's number two in his final prayer, Jesus prays for his disciples. Verse six. I revealed to you to those whom you gave me out of the world they were yours.

You gave been the me and they've obeyed your word holy father protect them by the power of your name. The bulk of Jesus's prayer. He spends right here he is thinking specifically about the 12 disciples of his minus Judas you can see in verse 12 that he excludes Judas because he knows that Judas is about to betray him the best correspondence to this group. Jesus prays for I think is probably your small group. Let's say there's 4 to 6 people in your life that you pray intimately and daily for 40 pray for these guys.

Verse 11 holy father protect them by the power of your name. Verse 1350.

My prayer is not that you take them out of the world. My prayer is that you protect them from the evil one in the world. He prays not that we would be taken out of the world, but that they would be By the power of God in the world. I point this out because there is a warped version of Christianity that seeks to remove itself from the world because it believes that isolation is only only way to avoid corruption in high school I went to a private Christian school whose sole goal seem to be to keep us is isolated from the world as humanly possible. So we were supposed to go see movies at the theater because you might why you there actually see an R-rated movie.

And even if you don't see an R-rated movie maybe were there to see fireproof something rated G. Others might not know that you were there to see that and they would think you were there to see an R-rated movie and then they would be imposing an R-rated movie and you will be responsible, we weren't allowed to dance because dance will make you want to know so will I listen to rock music because rock music had a bead in it and make you want to even Christian music you should listen to that because that might make you want to dance the point the way the high school is going to. Their goal was a good one goal was to keep us from being corrupted by the world but it's not Jesus's vision of how you stay uncorrupted true discipleship is not isolation from the world. True discipleship is living like Jesus within the world is what happens when you remove yourself from the world. You lose your evangelistic witness, which is the very reason that God leads you in the world do you know people outside the church. Are you actively engaged in their lives.

Could you plot your phone right now and import the numbers of three people who are not believers and text any of them. The sales go get coffee after this and it wouldn't be where can you speak the language of culture because a holiness that is disconnected from the world is no holiness at all, which Lisa verse 17 sanctified instinct by means make Holick set them apart to think about and how by removing them think about. And by the truth. Your word is truth. Jesus wanted us in the world, but he didn't want us to be shaped by the world. So how do we develop a holy heart and holy life within the world.

Short answer really simple answer by knowing God's word because the greatest way to avoid a lie is to know the truth. Your success in the world spiritually in the success of your kids is not going to be based on how well you isolate them from the lies it's going to be based on how much they know the truth. My kids love sports. My kids love extracurricular stuff we as of the family have made a decision that we just will not do things that negatively impact their opportunity to learn God's word here is why it is unlikely that my kids will ever play a professional sport or dance for a living.

It is 100% likely that they're going to go to heaven or hell right and so I'm to make sure that they're prepared for that. I'm also 100% sure that God has a plan for their lives.

So we are going to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, which was making sure they know Scripture and let extracurricular be added in on the margins might not notice. Specifically, he's concerned about two things in regard to the truth.

The first thing is that they recognize that these words have divine origin to verse seven. Now they know that everything you've given me comes from you I want you, according to the prayer of Jesus I want you to have the confidence that this book that we learn from every week is from God. This is not practical life lessons from uncle JD and this concept is always under attack in the culture and sadly even in the church's second concern was that they internalize these words verse eight dry gave them the words that you gave me and they accepted them.

I can teach these things to you. You see, Jesus could teach them but you're the only one that can actually take them into your heart.

That's why were always pushing you here to do what we call quiet time, quiet time to swing the time every day when I open up God's word. I read it, and I begin to see the lid to the lens of the gospel of things are going on in my life. I apply the promises of Scripture to my problems. Why because I need to internalize God's word, and so do you is why we also push you to be a part of a small group because we realize that there are certain dimensions of God's word that you can learn better when you're seated in circles talking about God's word and when you're seated in rows just listening to God's word. You need to internalize it. Here's number three in Jesus's final prayer.

He prays for his church. Look at verse 20. My prayer is not for them alone. I pray for those who will believe in me through their message about the way that was me and you he was praying for right there as well as people all over the world who have yet to hear. I pray that all of them may be one, father justice during me and I'm in you that may they also be in, so the world may believe that you sent me couple observations here. First, notice that Jesus does not pray for the world.

Not one time in John 17 this Jesus pray for the lost world, what he prays for listen are believers in the world that he says quite plainly verse nine, I'm not praying for the world is that because Jesus didn't care about the world, hardly it's because he knew that the hope for the world the hope for any community is found in the believers in that community. What that means is that if you really want to pray for some group you want to pray for a nation, a city, a group of people you want to pray for a school campus. The best strategy is to pray for God to raise up and strengthen the believers within that group. What Jesus tells them is the hope for people in your community is for believers to be healthy and vibrant so that they can testify to the salvation that's in Jesus. The church you see is God's plan.

A working in the world. Therefore, it is the main thing that Jesus prayed for on the last night of his life.

When we pray for our world. The main thing we are pray for is the spiritual vitality believers in the world now. Second observation. The one dominant thing from the section that Jesus prays for is that we would internalize God's love verse 26 I pray the beloved what you have love me may be in them, and I am them. Please praying this is pray first that we would love Jesus the way that God loves Jesus love that you love me may also be in them and that we would also love others why Jesus loves us and that I would be in them. Also, because when we do that he says listen this people will know that he's real. See verse 23 I am him and you and me, that they may become perfectly one, because then then the world will know that you sent me out of the world know that God is real is about how will I preach is at the cogent and watertight arguments that I make to the existence of God is.

Is that how they know his real is it by how loudly worship all that's got to be how loudly worship they can to see that God is real how loudly worship about miraculous answers to prayer is that how they know his real by how we although it will look the same wave in the know that Israel now he says very clearly for how you love each other in the church. Here's how I see it, you number that the show on the invisible man this one superhero. They haven't brought back at Marblehead will back out as the invisible man I'm kind of excited when they do that was my favorite one is a kid.

I love superheroes. All of the dress up like superheroes should be told, I still do but increase the neighbors out when I do run on the flex monument, but I so the one in superhero whose costume. I could never really quite master was the invisible man there enough best I could do was seek in my sisters room and nestle herself up and said invisible bandit, but I never could master this constant. So if you number the show the way, if you were near the invisible man. The only way that to make invisible was to do what you think dust on their dust on poor pain on top of them and then you could see the outline of the invisible man with a local church love in the local church is supposed to be like the paint that makes the invisible Christ visible not love shows itself in primarily two ways. In this chapter. It shows first of all, how we serve people on the outside. The love that Jesus has fries just spilled out like a waterfall when he gushes in Austin and through us into the streets several years ago, our archers have very convicted about that. We just weren't loving our community so we just said right. How is it that we can bless the broken places in our community.

In the first place. The Holy Spirit led us to was a string of underprivileged schools. One particular school get really involved then then we renovated the classrooms and we adopted non-teachers there is in a whatever your supplies you need lust for the first line of defense dozens of our people.

Scores are people I tutor kids there, in fact we had. I was a refugee family in the school that I have lost their house to a fire and we had an engaged couple said hey we got a wedding shower instead of given all the stuff to us for our house when we redirect this to this refugee family. What a breakfast that we put on for the teachers before the school year.

The next year.

One of the teacher stood up and she said she said you're not a Christian. I'm not a Christian, but I've always known that you Christians believe you were supposed to love your neighbor never do it look like until now. What happened is you made the invisible Jesus visible to the way that you love those on the outside that can't necessarily pay you back because that looks like Jesus love the world. Most people love them back.

Jesus love people who couldn't pay them back.

And that's how you make the invisible Jesus visible is when we take in foster children and love prisoners and serve refugees and befriend political enemies. That's when we make the invisible Jesus visible here is the second way his love inside of us shows itself through unity in Jesus stronger than anything that could divide us. Watch this verse 23 I am them and you and me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me.

When we lose our unity in the church is because something has become more important to us. Then Jesus pointed this out to you before when when when when the Gospels list out the names of Jesus and his 12 disciples includes a couple little interesting and seemingly irrelevant details with them. One of them is described as Simon the zealot now so it was a political platform. Batman. They believe that Rome is coming in and stole all the properties they wanted to run out.

There was a political movement in Israel. The first century church shortly after him, you have Matthew the tax collector.

Matthew is political position was the best thing is to work with the room. You could not get more opposite politically than these two guys, one like tea party ones like a Bernie Sanders supporter and yet there here in the same group of disciples. You know they had to have some incendiary discussions around the campfire right and I was gonna get bemused thinking about Jesus listening to them back and forth on what's the best strategy.

Yet somehow they found in Jesus, something that unified them.

That was greater than the things politically that divided interstate it what was in Jesus was greater the disunity and politics. I listen some of you by the tone of what you put on your Facebook wall demonstrate that you care more about politics and you do about Jesus.

I know Christians are no Christians go to pure hearted Christians who cannot fathom how a believer could ever vote for trunk because of the terrible and repulsive character.

He displays in the inlet amounts of idiotic things that he says and there's some aspects of Clinton's platform that they like to learn about her. There are others who say yeah, but how could you vote for Clinton in light of her position on abortion and we know, shall appoint the Supreme Court and the disastrous implication that that's can have a religious liberty. Maybe the best way to stop hers. Hold my nose and vote for drop and then there are others who cannot fathom how a true Christian would vote for either 12 there in about third party and others alike can write down my ballot Lord Jesus please come back soon.

Right which made us the best option. My point is to tell you that when we do discuss them, we do so with the spirit of love and unity that declares that what we have in Jesus is greater then any opinions we have about secondary or tertiary matters, which is of the highest politics can ever get that we give space to show grace because of what we had together in Christ and even our home and how we talk communicates that some in church as best I can as best I can. I refuse to let secondary opinion that any opinion on a secondary issue separate me from those who love Jesus, or to let something like that inhibit my ability to talk about the gospel. This unity in the church happens not because we care about politics too much. It happens because we care about Jesus and his church to let some of you understand we live this way, you know, when you're talking to somebody for another, politically aligned with you that sensible like relax you, suddenly feel you just met the milk out.

They run say that we are filled at times 100 with Jesus and wages outweighed anything that we disagree with in a secondary matter. Some church if we live this way and loving unity with the spirit of Jesus are evangelism efforts to get a whole are more effective to see what Jesus said if they do this if they do this, then the world is him and know that you sent me write this down love on display in the church is the church's most powerful apologetic apologetic means how we defend our faith love on display in the church is the church's most powerful defense of its faith is not me trying to be cute as John 1335 were Jesus says it in the in his explanation before this prayer. He tells that he says. By this all men know that you are my disciples, how well the price by how you pray, is about how you preach no know that you're my disciples, but how you love each other love and forgive them for bear with and serve each other and how you refuse to be divided from each other. Summit if we did this we would not have to invite people to come to our church, they would be meeting down the doors to come and see what is going on. Who is this powerful, invisible superhero that fills and empowers your church and then we would say were talking about Jesus and we tell him about him. It's always interesting to me in church surveys that we do the number one answer people get asked why do you coming back to a church after having visited is not the music is always number three is not reaching that's number two, it's whether or not they felt this message was preached shortly.

The 2016 presidential election. The pastor Judy Greer's points about unity in the church are definitely still relevant today related turbulent times and some churches are tempted to turn to a political party for security. Jesus promised to build his church form on the gospel you're listening to Senate. We spend a couple of months surveying the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation that we partnered with Crossway publishers to create an lifecycle that includes an intent into full year reading the translation English Nino version of the Bible. The main goal of providing a Bible with the reading plan is to grow in your daily interaction with God and his word if you learn 10 books of the Bible better than you needed before after working for the plant that's a huge win and will send you this custom blue letter Bible as an expression of thanks when you donate today to support this ministry. Senate light is funded by listeners like you see your custom Senate life Bible begins by calling six 335-5220 866-335-5220.

Forgive online dating find a way if you check out past again. Anything sticking tricky question can find it Molly benefits inviting you to join us next turn our attention to how it changed the history.

Have a great weekend and join us again Monday here on Senate life

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