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God’s Laboratories, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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July 26, 2021 9:00 am

God’s Laboratories, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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July 26, 2021 9:00 am

For many people, our views on love and relationships are shaped by the songs we listen to and the movies we watch. But there’s only one relationship model we should care about, and it doesn’t come from Hollywood!

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Today on Summit life with Jeannie Greer. Men and women were created differently to reveal complementary aspects of the image of God, though it's not that men are superior. Neither is superior to all for so that when two are doing the different roles we could more accurately see and learn about as always, I'm your host Molly minutes you for a lot of our views on life and relationships were shaped in part by the songs that we listen to growing up with a movie that we watched as a teen, I mean think about it, that's kinda true right we all got those lyrics stuck in her head that scene that we wanted to re-create in real life. But the reality is there's only one relationship model. The patient care about. Thankfully it doesn't come from Hollywood today we are discovering the biblical design for marriage and family pastor. Janie continues our study of Ephesians chapter 5. Let's join him now.

Ephesians 5 all is good to get you another very important principle for spiritual growth and that is what is that thing that he is used to teach us about God. That is our relationships and he explains that these relationships are like laboratories that God has set up to make you like himself. Three examples working to spend most of our time on the first one.

More important than the actual examples that are going to give you is the principal behind these examples in the principal again is that God is using our relationships to teach us about himself and to make us like himself okay women enough intro. Let's get into the first one met which now it's right. Verse 22 wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church's body and is himself.

It's Savior.

Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit everything to their husbands. Verse 25 husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for in the same way, husbands should love their wives as their own bodies is he who loves his wife is really loving himself for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church because we are members of his body. Therefore, verse 31 a man shall leave his father and mother. This is a quote from Genesis to verse 25.

Father and mother and hold fast to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.

This mystery is profound. Paul says, because I am saying that this actually refers to Christ and the church. In other words, God gave marriage, get this, God gave marriage to teach us about his love for us to have at least three ways number one number one in the delights of marriage we get a taste of the beauty of God is the love of God that is pictured in marriage that makes marriage so beautiful. It's watched most so many people cry in weddings and I know we got people here that you like a little interested in God but yet us up about marriage that moves you. That's why it is whispering in your heart and calling out you for a love that you were created for. There is number two, number two in the roles of marriage we had a picture of the image of God.

What we learn from Genesis is that man and woman are both created in the image of God but differently. And this is what Paul is reminding them of in this passage that they are different on purpose to reveal different aspects of the image of God. Verse 23. Look at that says the husband plays the role of the head of the wife like Christ is the head of the church and is himself its Savior, which means he is to leave her like God leads his people and in leading her.

She gets to experience God's leadership is like like a ray of the sun. She gets to experience something of God in his leadership and you the man get to experience what it's like to love and to lead like God when you study Genesis, you find that there are at least four ways that man was clearly designated to be the leader in our relationship. I got the jet you determined just to make us walk back through Genesis to the person you see is that he was to be a leader and provision before woman was ever created man has a job in the garden.

Number two really spiritually delete spiritually when a woman is created. The man already has a relationship to God and she is brought into its number three we see the lead in romance lead in romance.

The first human words recorded in the Bible were that of the man composing a love poem about his wife. Genesis 226, number four in sacrifice and start right here in Ephesians, you see that he is a lover like Christ loves the church the kind of leadership that comes not to be served but to serve point is in these four ways husband. This is what you should hear your wife learns about God from you and you were supposed to learn to be like God is you love her and leave her wife wife. What is your role, your to play the role of the church. How is the woman like the church. Wife is like the charts in that she's submits you're like no he didn't.

Yes he did okay. That's economic to the podium is bulletproof. She's submits which means a she surrenders her ambitions to is that means she ceases to build her own kingdom and yields herself to building her husband and her family's kingdom mimic the squares on overspeed the Bible is not against women in careers, but it is against those who do so at the expense of their families. This submission be means that she surrenders her will to hits many of your live well at submit to grow up.

My husband is such an idiot not someone to my sister's house people sold our house for some magic beans. I can submit that he drive us into the ground through thoughts have time to thoughts number one you only submit to your husband when you agree with him.

That's not submission. That's agreement right submission implies that you don't agree otherwise is not submission don't agree need you think is making a wrong decision that's going to apply this verse number two. The reason some of you don't have a husband who will take leadership is because you've always done it. The passerby don't somebody, nobody will challenge some of you. You let that create a leadership vacuum and watch what that does to your husband is when that mantle of leadership falls on its on his shoulders. Sometimes the weight of that changes. Many of you have passive husbands because you've always stepped in and taken leadership. The man I just remind you for us that leadership is never to dominate. I'm the lead like Christ. I want to leave her at such a sacrificial way that submitting to me is a delight for her and not a burden to my wife. I want her submission to me to be like her submission to the temptation to chocolate to let go right. This is the most enjoyable submission that you ever encounter. I want to leave my lot by wife in a way that independence for me would be a burden. Here is the point men and women were created differently to reveal complementary aspects of the image of God, no, it's not that men are superior pictures of the roles we play are different. It's not that women are superior. Neither is superior just the walls that are given are different, so that when the two are doing the different roles we can more accurately see and learn about God going when you tear down that distinction as a culture is done, you remove something so very important that God intended to use to teach us about himself. Which is why as our society has thrown this off. It has produced unparalleled harm in our homes and in our children.

You can trace you can trace the increase of crime and bottle am I even using preachers with the satiric. I realize you can trace you can trace the increase of crime dropout rates, teen pregnancy, suicide rate, homosexuality in a number of other things to when our society formally rejected the biblical understanding of family.

I'm not speaking politically or okay I understand that when this idea of what the Bible had called the mandible to when we lost that when the radical feminist revolution really begin to take over me also make this clipart a revolution was awesome and needed. I wanted to tore down some of these the DVDs. These prejudices are stereotyped and that was good. Women recognize me quality of women that was good but it went too far and that it tore down any distinctions and said the only differences we men and women were the plumbing and that is not true. Lots of parts of you are different to reveal different dimensions of the image of God, we ignore that and we dismiss that at our prayer stats prove that pretty abundantly. There's number three in the forgiveness required in marriage in the forgiveness required in marriage we get a taste of the grace of God and the forgiveness required of him. As we have taste of the grace of God's biggest learning curve in marriage.

I fell is how much you disappoint each other in that first year of marriage. Here's what the problem is you think you're marrying somebody perfect. You get married. How did they keep that hidden while we were dating. How did I not see that a lot of people get really disappointed in the divorce meaningful justify because her like hey you were supposed to make me happy. You didn't keep up your end of the contract, so I'll need to keep up my end.

Either you many happy and so I'm leaving but here's the question.

What if God's main intention in marriage was not to make you happy by giving you a perfect mate for life that had been God's intention, he would've had us Mary angels some newlywed some newlywed guy says I did marry an angel shut up okay. No you didn't. You married a sinner unless they are burgeoned born.

Chances are, they got some deep dysfunction and if you don't know that yet. Have a good next year.

Okay enjoy what is God's intention in marriage is what Paul says it is and that is to make you like Jesus and what if in marriage. He gives you a chance to be up close to the center to see all their faults so you can learn how Jesus loves you, and learn to love others. That way, and then this is the primary place that you were supposed to leave you know what your crown is where this is the one verse 25, love your wives like Christ loved the church as you stop and think about what that really means to love your wife like Christ loves the church. Usually we just think that that means were sensitive and thoughtful and bring home flowers from time to time. That really got so Christ loved the church. It was thoughtful to quote CS Lewis quote the husband who embodies this verse is the one whose marriage most feels like a crucifixion is a husband whose wife receives most, and gives the least. It is the one whose wife is most unworthy of him who is in her own mirror nature. The least lovable for the church has no beauty but what the bridegroom gives to her. Jesus does not find but makes the church lovely others that moment in every wedding when the wife almost at storms in the SLM translate sheet enters into the place storms I returned looking hours in the moment at wedding.

Get a lump in my throat and it's usually not because of how beautiful the woman is about the wedding offense: my regular season I did a wedding recently. It's usually not because of how beautiful she is, though she is indeed beautiful as they come through the that door.

Suddenly I remember usually in that moment that here is a woman that is beautifully dressed purity just what an incredible what incredible beauty which is coming through. And I remember that in the wedding that this was first a picture when I came into that ceremony. I was not perfect and spotless and beautiful.

I was deformed and start use and had sold and given myself to sin. So many times that I came through as if I were the worst possible woman alive. Jesus stood there as the perfect bridegroom. He did not find me lovely made lovely you picture that in marriage you help your spouse become lovely. How did Jesus do that I Jesus make me lovely to look at one verse 25 shows you Christ love the church gave himself up for her, that he might sanctify her, but he might present the church to himself holy and without blemish. How did he sanctify her by absorbing her sin. When we wronged him. You help your spouse become holy, not by punishing them for their sin or paying them back by giving them radical grace when our spouses have a problem with my wife has a blemish in marriage our way to correct that is usually to try and fix them will pay them back. Despite my entire first year marriage to confront my wife and argue her back into godliness is clearly what you along and I'm here to be God's tools, vision. I will pay you back and teach you love God. They wronged you, so you will yell at them and will correct them but that's how Jesus change you is using change you by paying you back for your sin he changed you by absorbing the effects of your sin into himself and seeing his grace awoke in me a love for him to completely change my heart.

God uses marriage to a sinner to put me in a relationship where I can give that kind of brace to my spouse and I can experience that kind of grace that means whenever my wife disappoints me or hurts me I can latch out.

I can pay her back or I can experience God's greater purposes in my life, even in her unfairness.

Her rudeness was sovereignly appointed by God part of all things of Ephesians 111. It was sovereignly appointed by God to teach me what I like to God to teach me how much he's forgiven me up and give me a chance to learn to love like him doesn't excuse them for what they're doing and is not like you have a good answer to God for their actions but have no idea I'm on the road because God was maybe a fool of your segregation know the answer to God for that. But I'm saying I can understand that even in that God has a purpose for me. I'm also not saying that when you're being wronged you stand there and you take it rhyming and you correct them.

One of the best examples of this will.

But when you correct it is not a pay them back is because you love them and you know what their behavior is doing the demo was doing your relationship and so in love now try to pay them back.

You correct the best pictures ever given to us of this was Jesus in the sermon on the Mount talk about turning the other cheek explain this to you before, but just in case you missed it here. Here is when Jesus talked about turning the other cheek. A lot of times we miss what he was saying as we think it means to stand up as you keep taking it and are you know you know when you're a bit of snow if he had meant that you said turn the same cheek to them. The person you get this.

The person who is attacking you in Jesus is little different have that you think is not trying to actually kill you. If so, you don't go for some ice cheek by martial arts. We will never tell you how you want bring some real damage the cheek know the per the cheek in the Jewish understanding was the symbol of relationship with face some semi-smacked her cheek made insult of the relationship for the this as you turn the relationship back to them and you offer to restore the relationship.

You may have to confront the wrong but you do so without going after their cheek. You do so by re-establishing re-offering this relationship.

What that means is that when I'm wronged and marriage were ever yes sometimes I confront us in this destructive hurting you but I don't do it away get their cheek back and not give them the silent treatment yelling at them and say yes this is destructive for you, we offer you grace. This is exactly what Jesus did when he got across, he confronted the sin he called for repentance, but he offered is not judgment. He offered his grace as you love like that but I can hear your thoughts about how do you live this JD sometimes specially during those weeks that I'm preaching on marriage that's really great things. My wife this week and she was like your preaching PC in these three ways. Marriage is given to us to be God's laboratory for teaching us about himself in this okay all your relationships are given to you to teach about God. Christian growth takes place when the beauty and glory of this one God, that you have come to know so captures your heart that it transforms all your relationships everything you do, so that even the most mundane becomes a way to serve him and to be like him, and to know him. It gives you purpose in everything. Christians are used to what we call the sacred and secular split sacred. What happens in here secular is what happens out there that's where God lives is where we live. What Paul shows you is there is no sacred and secular split everything spiritual, how you act and respond to an unjust boss at work.

How you respond your parents how you respond your children how you respond to your spouse how you respond everywhere. Ultimately his response. First and foremost, God. So, even Jesus Christ when he stands before Pilate, the most unjust judge of all doesn't respond him the response to God because God is sovereign and every situation and not responding to my spouse respond to my boss not respond. My parents, I am responding to God. That's what you got here from its always respond to God when the boss treats me unfairly on my K on the work of your book of the guys I will do a good job but you deserve that my parents when I was a kid I obey my parents because I'm submitting to God. It's all a response to God. And when you get that when you get that it gives you purpose to every part of your life.

The pressing question is do you know this guy that is created in use such a passion for change, a God that is better than any other earthly reality of ever found a guy that gets purpose to every part of your life, a God that is always been there in your life is the real answer all the questions that you've been asking if not you can know him today about receiving Jesus Christ is as Lord and Savior Christianity is simply believing that God is payment for all your sins and Jesus perceiving that surrendering to him. God never done that you can do it for me encourage you to visit us You can learn more about our relationship with Jesus and pinelands and free resources to help you get started in your knee.

So JD for the beatings in the program you've been teaching from Ephesians chapter 5. One of the most cherished part of the spec has so much to say about relationships right every time a priest with ease and specifically chapter 5. What a realize it's that our vertical relationship with God. When that is an order or horizontal relationships with each other begin to make a lot more sense.

That's why we keep returning to this passage of Scripture as an anchor.

It's a foundation, a pattern for all of her other relationships and back. I would tell you. Chances are if you got horizontal disruption, whether it's with your spouse, or whether it's with friends or anybody in your life, chances are you're going to find the antidote, the answer that embedded in Ephesians 4 Ephesians 5 when we seek from relationships what we can only find God, you end up disappointed unfulfilled God is that is the missing piece.

He's the one that will never fail you. This is just one of the topics that you can dive deeper into with a new Bible study that will help you slow down and work of the book of Ephesians and and let it's true saturate your soul. This is a nine part study this now available to anybody who makes a donation of $25 or it's easy you can go there.

JD and I would love to connect with you and would love to be able to put this this Bible study dear aunt well read like to get you a copy of that new Senate like study titled the mystery and clearly the book of Ephesians. Be sure to call right away because this is the final week to reserve your copy the nine part Bible study is yours with our thanks when you donate today. The suggested level and $25 or more to her gifts helps us expand even more people centered, Bible teaching, just like today's program were grateful to have you and just reminded at least 10% of what you did tonight mission one step further to start new churches around the country and around the world for member to ask for your copy mystery and clearing three 358-6521. Give online. I'm only inviting you to join us Tuesday as pastor Katie says that the spirit world is very real and affects our lives probably tomorrow right here on my rear ministry

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