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Failed Reboot, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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August 10, 2021 9:00 am

Failed Reboot, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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August 10, 2021 9:00 am

As we continue our series called, The Whole Story, Pastor J.D. explains what Noah’s story reveals about our sin, God’s wrath, and the plan of redemption.

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Pastor Jimmy you know in the last scene, we have no is getting stone cold drunk and wandering around the village make. Here's a question you're supposed to ask yourself always read that this crazy front. No, this is the father of the new creation. This is the remote. The virus is still there God in the story points to the need for completely new kind of selfish right after Judy Greer of the church in Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina.

I'm your host Molly benefits anyone on the street to name a Bible story.

Chances are a high percentage of them would say the story of Noah's Ark and it's an especially big hit with kids.

In fact, you've probably seen the cute little picture books and nursery decor with animals going up 2 x 2 into the boat. When you look at the actual story is told in the Bible really not. She rated today. Pastor did explain what Noah story reveals about our sin and redemption title. This message failed.

So I think summarize what happened in the story and hope that you will remember these.

Here's the first word believed grieved verse five. Chapter 6 the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the Lord regretted verse six that he had made man on earth and it grieved him to his heart, so the Lord said, I will blot out man whom I've created from the face of the land man and animals and creeping things and birds of the heavens, for I am sorry that I have made them all. Believe it or not, listen to this.

Believe it or not, there is something on earth that God loves me more than individuals in the human race on their comfort nothing, but he loves more is his glory in the universe and the justice that undergirds his throne and that is the foundation of the universe.

God loves his creation too much to let it persist in wickedness and he loves glory and justice too much to let the wicked go unpunished. Here's your second word favor favor. Chapter 6 verse eight but Noah found favor or grace is how some of the English translations will translate that grace in the eyes of the Lord may say why what was special about Noah. Hebrews 11 is to give us the answer to that question 11 seven says very clearly that he was righteous because he responded to God's offer of salvation Hebrews 11 seven by faith Noah been warned by God concerning events as yet unseen and reverent fear. Noah construction ark for the saving of his household. By this he watch became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith. Noah's righteousness was the righteousness that comes by faith righteousness. Noah became righteous because he received God's offer of salvation. That's always the way that people become righteous weathering that day or this one God grants righteousness as a gift to all who believe and respond to his offer of salvation in faith and surrender. Does what Noah does, he sets out in faith and obedience and surrender to build filing today, for God said okay no mouth of John Tate animals and go in many says the mountains above and below the earth were opened often by the time it was over the flood waters cover the highest amount at the time of more than 30 more than 45 feet. See eventually the floodwaters receded and the art comes to rest on Mount Ararat.

Noah emerges out of the ark with his three sons, Jim Hammond Jacobson, their wives, Noah built an altar to the Lord and took some of every clean animal on some of every clean bird and offered burnt offerings on the altar when the Lord smelled the pleasing aroma on the Lord said in his heart. I will never again curse the ground because of man for the intention of man's heart is evil from his youth.

Verse 12 and then God said this is the sign of the covenant that I made between me and you and every living creature that is with you for all future generations.

I set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth when I bring clouds over the earth and the boat was seen in those clouds, I will remember my covenant that is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh is 1/3 word it reboots reboot with these eight people know what his wife are sons and their wives. God starts over to agendas seem to define this reboot. Here's the first agenda in the reboot. One. God's care for the whole creation. Did you notice that the covenant is not just made with Noah and his sons is made with all creation.

Did you catch that, furthermore, is one theologian I was reading points out, God never calls anyone into a covenant relationship in Scripture, unless it is a saving relationship that begs the question what is God saving the animals and the earth from all great questions operate verse 20 tells you human sin. Never again will I curse the earth because of human sin. Psalm 19 tells us that that God gave the creation of purpose. Its purpose was to declare and display his glory boy. Psalm 19 says it is this the heavens declare the glory of God do listen to a waterfall to music or to the seer look at a mountain or the sunset days about the stars. They will speak to you and they will say, a god of beauty and infinite power and boundless creativity stands behind all of this when you are created in the image of that God cannot, God loves you and you could know him and you can sense that in the heavens above you can sense out of the ocean. You can pick it up in the forest when you walk through it as little as rebellious as the missionary to Ecuador. Parkland glorifies God more than we do, because it was being the claimant was created to be ladies and gentlemen, the clams are irritated with you and me because I like would you please cut out the sentence we get back to be and what God made us to be human sin Mars all of that. What that means for us now believe or listen to one of our jobs as stewards of creation is to help creation. He speaking clearly to make the creation reflect the glory of God using the Christian worldview gives us a vision of the world that urges us to love and care for creation ways to go totally beyond other worldviews. Another face doesn't teach us of the world is trash to be discarded. One day when we go to heaven and got to burn the earth. That's what Islam teaches, teaches that this world is unimportant or evil source of our troubled nothing but temptation. It ought to be shined like Hinduism or Buddhism teaches. It teaches us that creation is an expression of God's goodness and creation can't wait until we quit sin until Jesus returns.

We can be will. It was created to be our job as stewards is to develop the creation for the glory of God and the benefit of other humans. Which leads me to number two. The second agendas the extraordinary value that God put on human life that is this in verse five. Chapter 9 for your that is man's like what I will require a reckoning from every beast I will require it in for man from his fellow man. I will require reckoning for the life member.

Six whoever sheds the blood of man by man shall his blood be shed for God made man in his own image always heard of the value you place on something as shown by the price that you pay for God here tells us that human life is so valuable that there is literally nothing else on earth. I can equally, the only thing equal to human life on earth is over human life. I am not attempting to get into all the questions about the death penalty. Clearly some form of it is advocated here, but I'm not attempting here to get into the practice of the death penalty as we pursuant today to determine if it is just are not all I want you to see here is the extreme value above all other things on earth that God puts on human life, which means that those who know him and love him and follow him. Protect innocent life at every possible level because every human being of whatever race, whatever color whatever age, whatever economic status whatever level of intelligence or level of development, all of them bear his image and thus are precious in his sight.

And that means that when there is someone we see being mistreated or abused, or being deprived of new processes of wall. We know that it grieves God and therefore it grieves us.

That means if we see someone being treated unequally in the eyes of the wall because of their race, or because of their economic status. It should grieve us as if it were happening to us because they are made in the image of God. Just like we are and it should move us to action on their behalf is why Christians care about and advocate for the unborn unborn babies bear the image of God, and ought therefore to be treated as such, we see the question that we have to consider in a question like abortion is. It is actually pretty simple. Just two questions. The question that Christians ask, is this is the baby inside the womb, human life made in the image of God, and if so is it ever right to willfully take innocent human life's demise is what my rights, my body, the unborn child is not part of your body.

The baby has room DNA her own brain waves prone blood type scientifically is not part of your body. It was and what about cases of rape and an incest and listeners are horrendously tragic situation or renting situation is in the baby's fault. How he or she got there is an innocent human being know that's that. The real question what people when they bring that up with a usually mean is this baby came to me through one of the most painful and tragic events of my life. Why should I be forced to bear the burden of something metal reminds me of that pain again. It's a heartrending situation but is what we have to ask, how does a civil and just society treat innocent human beings that remind us of painful events by killing them should we do that with a two-year-old.

That reminds us of the painful event. Again, the question is whether this is a human being made in the image of God is and what about cases of babies. We know that will be mentally disabled or have some kind of significant deformity, are they not still made in the image of God, and if so do they not deserve our love and protection, should they not be welcome in the world of safety that declares a God loves them, the elderly, the angle of the emigrant all people we believe are made in the image of God who deserve our love and protection of the greatest atrocities in history have always come when some group is been regarded as less than human. How could a sophisticated, educated society like Germany have participated in the Holocaust, yet you have to really, really easy simple. They began to regard the Jews as less than human and therefore excused it. How could. How could the founding fathers of the United States who spoke such incredible principle of beauty and justice in all people be greatly how could they turn around and be the same people who help propagate slavery. The answer is they regarded those that they enslaved to be less than human. And it makes us want to ask this question. Who is there in our society today that we don't regard as fully human to the unborn is in the refugee, that's why. By the way, we get involved at this church with things like compassion, we devote energies to ministries of the home was for the prisoner number mother.

The high school dropout. It's not because these people that we minister to somehow become a part of our church for contributing the offering.

And that's how we grow is because we believe they are individuals just like you and me, each made in the image of God just like you and me have the same emotions they feel the same fear they could do the same kind of pain for the same yearning for love that we experience.

We can never forget that ever the world, poverty and world events as not a statistic.

We want to just tree lights yet you having a part of this before Joseph Stalin who I typically don't hold during sermons.

But Joseph Stalin that listened the death of one is a tragedy, the death of a million. It's just a statistic. That's a chilling statement coming from him right what he meant was this when you look into the eyes of one you see a reflection of yourself didn't say image of God. But that's what he meant. You see the image of God is in you and them and then you reduce it to a number and you can just excuse it because it is nothing but a statistic cemetery cannot tell you that in the last seven days 100,000 children around the world died of preventable hunger related diseases. That's not a success at the God that's 100,000 individual children who are precious to God who is as precious as your children are to you who God felt every pain as they went into starvation and as they die when I say there 2.2 billion people in the world who have little to no access to the gospel. That's not a statistic that is a number of individuals created in the image of God.

But Jesus loves and that he cares for and that if we know him and follow him.

We will extend our lives to seeing them brought in the love and the protection of the heavenly father to my mother Theresa, 1994 issue speak of the national prayer breakfast special prayer breakfast this year. Just last week. 1984. Some years ago. You know she stays of the podium with University picture machine and she's tiny she was only 5 foot something she could barely see over the podium and the microphone completely covers up her face against her face. She turns around to then-President Bill Clinton she's talking about abortion and she looks at Bill Clinton and she says don't kill unwanted children you send them to me. That should be the posture of every church and every Christian about every supposedly unwanted human weather is the unpopular kid in the lunch room or whether it is on unborn baby, or whether it is the refugee know. I realize that the state has its own questions, it needs to wrestle with on the best policy toward immigration, refugees, I get that there are important questions, they need to wrestle through that and I want pray for them as they do that I'm a responsibility to keep her safe.

Understand that but I know that as the people of God. I got another set of questions I have to answer. Also not set a questions is what is a God centered gospel rich view of people who show up in my neighborhood regardless of how they got there. What are my responsibilities to them and I understand that regardless of how they got there. The state got a deal with that regardless of how they got there, there may be image of God like I am, and that means that I want to treat them the way that somebody would treat me if I were in a situation where I needed love and protection. These are the agendas that God is given us in this remote to care for and develop the creation to his glory, and to put extreme value on human life, several thousand years ago. Since this reboot mass you guys question how we doing house human race doing with those two things right. Not real good which leads to the fourth word failure failure. God already knows this is not a work you now you know. He knows how to work with verse 21. I will never again curse the ground because a man is the intention of man's heart is evil from his youth, expecting and say I'm expecting to say I'm not going to destroy here the gym because I know the man's would be much better this time around. He learned his lesson.

One of the flood know what he says is on no man is still evil so I will destroy the earth again. I'm going to have to pursue a different solution.

Plus destroy the wicked is asking me up about three to be in your see that Noah, the father of the new creation it's coming in really badly. At the end of the no story last scene we have of Noah is him getting stone cold drunk and wandering around the village naked. Here's a question. Your first ask yourself those you read that on purpose, not just to humiliate no lights in there to make you ask this question. This crazy drug know this is the father of the new creation.

This is the remote.

The virus is still there.

So God in the story points to the need for a completely new kind of salvation new answer to human wickedness gives us a clue. In verse 13 set my bow in the cloud will be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth Bourbeau. They are obviously refers to a rainbow but is essentially in Hebrew the word for rainbow work. The boat was now the word for rainbow the word bow is cast said, which means all Bourbeau a battle bow like a bow and arrow rainbow. Of course, is shaped like a war bow what God says is that the rainbow shows us that God has laid down his Bourbeau in the heavens. In other words, God will accomplish ultimate salvation by shooting the arrows of his wrath into men.

In fact, Charles Spurgeon pointed out, if you think of the rainbow like a bow you'll see that it is pointed back the fiery end of it is pointing back toward heaven. In other words, God will one day wipe out evil from the earth by firing the arrows of his own wrath not of the earth. He will fire them back into that's where you start to see hints about Jesus alter the story you start to see that Jesus will come one day like no just a lot better like no I Jesus is going to obey God. Even though nobody understands them, and nobody believes them and through Jesus's obedience easier to provide an arc of salvation, but unlike know what you see. He's gonna succeed all the way to the end Jesus's life is not going to end in a drunken stupor.

In fact on the cross, Jesus is going to turn down an intoxicant and say no, not my will, father, but yours be done. Like no was our Jesus is going to shield us from the storm of God's wrath is you lift us up above the waters of judgment.

But unlike know what the art that shields us from the wrath of God is not to be made on a gopher wood. It can be made out of his own torn flesh. We are going to be lifted up above the waters of judgment, because Jesus is going to be submerged underneath them like no I Jesus is going to emerge from the storms of God's judgment in a resurrection and that resurrection is to begin a new creation.

But unlike know what this new race will not have hearts of people whose thoughts are only evil continually. He's going to make us new creation to put his Spirit in the eyes.

He's going to say if any man is in Christ is really a new creation holdings go pass away all things are become new hunger remake you in my image to restore you in my likeness to begin to reflect my glorious love to the question of the Noah story presents you with that you entered into the real art because it was all there to point you to Jesus there's only one door. That's what Peter picks up on there's only one door.

God shut Peter says don't. Don't delay, use of the story of Noah to tell you not to delay repenting and surrendering to God. Second Peter three he reminds you that that that everybody thought Noah was crazy about 100 years you lost your mind. Noah 100 years like dear 15 5099. The thing always just a crazy aluminum is one crazy reason got to the hundred years Peter said want people to wait one more day one more day and in the development just waiting Way to get waiting until finally said shut the door. Peter said this was doing today the Lord is not slow concerning his promise. Some people count slowness is not his long-suffering toward us is patient views that want people to perish was you come to repentance tree left alive to this day it killed you long time ago they could come back a long time ago you got this one. He thought maybe maybe today maybe today maybe I get the summit certainly did he get here and maybe when they come in. Maybe this time the finally you'll know that this is not some crazy alone and is not a bunch of Jesus freaks you lost their minds.

This is true.

I know you think it's been 2000 years a never coming back and anything that's what crazy people believe that's what they thought about Noah is coming back. He's coming back to Winnetka to be when the last person enters into that are God's us adorning that opportunity will be over. Do not confuse what God intends to be a space for you to repent with his absence.

It's all about you when you finally come in and you're here today is the day that you have got to respond you ever responded to Jesus and receive you entered into the ark, were you when I'm the position of Noah were doing what Noah did telling everybody that we know about, even though they think were crazily lost her mind, telling them there's an arc of safety and you gotta get into it. Join me in here and flee the wrath to come. They will think you're crazy they will think you're crazy but we know something I don't know when we got to speak. We got into her like Noah because this is our mission returns today from Pastor Jamie Greer summit right if you like teaching want to hear it and others like it in their entirety find us or find us in your favorite podcasting app. We have an announcement to make.

Pastor JD's newest book is hot off the presses and we want to get you a copy today.

The notion that God is sovereign over all things. Do I really have to pray the mystery of God's sovereignty. Having tea helps us understand why events have happened the way things have gives us confidence that God's purposes will win out in the end, but interestingly, never in Scripture do we see God's sovereignty living people away from prayer anything.

God's sovereignty as a motivation for prayer because we know what God wants to do know that prayer is the way that John Wesley said it best. God doesn't thing on earth except in response to believing prayer Pastor JD's new book is called just the goal of this book is to give a specific, practical tips for growing in prayer everyday life. We hope it leaves you wanting to praying rather than just hearing the request just by Pastor Jamie give a donation today at $25 or more for the book. When you join our team monthly gospel partners. It's quick and easy to sign at just call 866-335-5220 866-335-5224. You can get and request the book if you'd rather mail your donation address is Katie Greer ministry, PO Box 12293, Carolina two 7790. Make sure you include a note if you need to send in life and you like to get to know her email and will receive devotional plan as well as the popular wisdom for you right now. Katie and Molly that event I needed to anything in the story of the Tower of Babel. Katie explained usually satisfying way.

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