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Extraordinary Ordinary

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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July 15, 2020 9:00 am

Extraordinary Ordinary

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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July 15, 2020 9:00 am

When most people think of theology, they usually picture a seminary professor lecturing about obscure terms like dispensationalism, hypostatic union, or substitutionary atonement. It doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that “normal” Christians need to know. But as he continues our study in Titus, Pastor J.D. explains that good theology is essential in our everyday lives. It’s not about knowing fancy terminology; it’s about knowing the gospel.

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Today on some Atlanta pastor Jeannie Greer continues our study and Titus called everyday theology and Christian find their fulfillment in serving God and others in the place of displacement. They find their fulfillment and faithfulness, not in accomplishments not in self-actualization and that often, if not all reasonable sacrifice. Jesus found the film and washing feet because that was what the father is old seminary professor and a dusty library theory behind that box with titles you can't theology seems like the kind of stuff that quote unquote normal Christians need to know that today pastor Jeannie explains that theology is essential for everyday lives is not about knowing fancy terminology. Actually, not knowing the gospel ultimately knowing God. So let's dive right in pastor Jeannie titled this message extraordinary ordinary Bible right now to separate you where in the second week of a short series that were doing. Titus called everyday theology. You missed the first week. It's not like the serial podcast where you will be lost if you didn't hear the first week, but you could go back and you can listen to it online for free over messages of their resources are there for free so you should check that out if you want to is returning there, I will tell you that last season I had the opportunity to coach a four and five-year-old soccer team. I said why did you coach a four and five euros auditing because God in his sovereignty wanted to teach me more patience and that is the means he did that, plus I wanted to get to know some justice. I want to spend more time my son that was the main reason but also want to be able to interact with people outside of the church. The summit church savagely sick. To be sure the gospel with them. And so the new people. Anyway, if you have ever been to a three, four, five-year-old soccer game and I put that in air quotes. It is a mess I made an absolute mess. Essentially, you have got a dozen kids swarming around the ball all kicking frantically like a blender made out of legs or something, there's always the odd kid that is standing in the field somewhere zoning out counting the clouds are tracking the movements of an app that is usually my kid, but on the holder much a Labrador retriever's happily running around the pack bulbar team and excited about nothing.

When you coach. Four-year-olds. One of things to do that, you got it resolved itself to your document to become an up with plays that they're going to run you basically got three things that you're trying to teach them for the whole season other than don't bite each other. Why now it is not obvious.

I don't know but somebody has to hear that you're the three things you trying to teach them number one go the right direction so the start of each game I have and 1/2 time had been point what go to the store and they all point somebody always hit the wrong and it usually my kid going to be other. The other goal, and inevitably, this happened three times/season where one of our kids scored in oral goal and there's this dilemma of what you do in that moment because they look at you, so hopefully after the ball is going to go would like you what we all cheered way to go, but you're just go the right direction. That's number one number two don't walk off the field by the games going on I see more than one to just get to be in the field see something interesting just keep going like Forrest Gump or there's my kid who thinks of the greatest thing in his life is that unlike his sisters, he could be anywhere at anytime someone wears on the field and I noticed every national woods is a bare bottoms that Mitchell was just relieving himself, don't walk off the bill of the games going on number three you're trying to teach them that there is such a thing as positions they don't get that.

They just want to swarm but you're trying to explain to the little guys and girls of the game is actually more fun if they play their positions.

Plus, there's a beauty to the game, not the book and get about five years old, but there's a beauty to the game you play your position and you just might actually win three of us here that is because that is essentially what Paul is up to here in Titus chapter 2 Paul is like the coach in Titus two he gives a list of specialized instructions to various groups in the church ranging from retired people to young men from homemakers to business leaders basically try to get them to do the same three things they all go the same direction, the direction laid out by the gospel be to not leave the field early and see the play their positions and to not bite each other to see that in there as well. Before we go through these instructions. However, I want you to notice how he frames these instructions. The actual specialized instructions are in verses two through 10 in verses 111. The book ends them with something that is really important in verse one.

He says you Titus. However, must teach what is appropriate or you could read that a fitting response to sound doctrine.

Now, in this context when he says sound doctrine. What you referring to the gospel. That's what we talked about last week when he says do these things as an appropriate response to the gospel.

We talked last week about how the gospel teaches us to look three directions upward at the glory of the God who saved us.

We look backwards at the price that he paid for our sin forward in the where he's taking us and what he is making us. He said you do these things as a response to those three visions then at the end of this last verse 11, he says, for the grace of God has appeared, that offer salvation to all people that work for you could read that because do all of these things because the grace of God has appeared, do these things in response to the grace of God. So on the front and on the back again. He makes this crystal clear everything in our lives is to be reshaped by our experience in the gospel don't that point cannot be emphasized enough.

Christianity is not a to do list of things you need to work harder on it is not a set of morals that you need to master. It is not a bunch of rituals you need to adopt a bunch of things you need to put in your calendar Christianity from start to finish is essentially a response to God's grace fueled upper backward and forward vision is, like you've ever seen the scenes from vide victory day back in the be in a World War II you have total strangers dancing together in the streets. People from different cultures. Sometimes different nationalities hugging and kissing each other because this new victory has given their lives.

All new meaning. In reality they're rejoicing because of a victory one on their behalf.

That is the way that Paul says the gospel should function in our lives. We are united in celebration of a great victory and because of that all life is going to look different. Okay, so how does that translate into every day living.

What start reading here in verse 10, teach the older man.

Paul says to be temperate worthy of respect, self-control and sound in faith and love and in endurance now give a quick caveat here. Please understand that in giving the specific instructions. I'm not trying to stereotype or as if to say for example that older men struggle with the temptation falls identifying here hunch is that each group brings each age group brings particular temptations and that's what Paul is going after you say is, it will who counsels an old man in Paul's book in the rabbinic literature young man was classified as anyone between the ages of 18 to 42. And yes, I just made that up. And yes, I'm 41 years old so you decide which one do that, what is he say exactly to the older men well. A lot of what he says to them he's gonna repeat to the other groups. But there's one instruction that he gives uniquely to the older man and it's there the end of verse two it is to indoor some of your translations say be steadfast to keep going to not give up any saying that because the temptation for older men in his day and hours is to get to the last third of their lives and start the ghost. Many of them feel like they got enough there tired. Maybe they have made all the money they feel like they need. Or maybe they just given up at this point think I'm never gonna make a lot more money anyway and so they start to think only about themselves pursuing their hobbies and their interest. They weary of giving themselves to service because they feel like they they burned and so they start to get grumpy and cynical, which always happens when you focus on yourself. Paul tells this group to indoor to stay in the gay. He says be self-control. In other words, don't think about your needs. Second, your desire for the needs of the church in the next generation. Your accomplishment in life should not be a pile of money you leave in a bank account, your accomplishment should be seeing the kingdom of God thrive in the next generation. So don't give the last years of your life. The fish or play golf or collect toys give into the kingdom of God, be sound in faith, he said. In other words, don't get cynical. I also understand all the young people don't that it is so messed up in a given away our country and world all going to hell: God's promises have not ceased to be true God resurrected Jesus from the dead. That means God has a plan he is pursuing in the world. And just as he resurrected Jesus from the dead.

He is not going to let his plan falter and it is a lot as alive in this generation and the next generation as it was in the 1950s be temperate. He says be temperate. Don't give yourself excessively to numbing things like alcohol abusing alcohol is for people who feel no purpose in life but you you got something to keep living for. Even if you are lying in a rest home. You are still part of the greatest mission on earth, and of nothing else on your hospital bed can be a prayer warrior for that. Don't ever stop, he says, don't ever let because the mission goes on. Look forward great example of this is Caleb.

Caleb is an old man in the Bible who was one of the original 12 spies that during the Exodus. They sent out this file the promised land. Tinnitus five scumbags I glanced to beg.

Who cares what God says warriors are to our two mighty will never conquer it to spies. Joshua and Caleb, who said no under the back giants are made. But God is able scope let's go in the land. Unfortunately, televisual is in the 10 spies. They wander the wilderness for 40 years.

During that 40 years, every single person in Israel, including Moses dies, the only two people out of that generation that make it are Joshua and Caleb to Joshua is a big Caleb are the oldest men in Israel, they cross the Jordan River and the first thing they encounter after Jericho is this huge mountain. This huge mountain that has all these mighty warriors living in it an 86-year-old Caleb says that's my mountain right there and he takes his walker and he gets his army and he goes up and he conquers that mountain what you're seeing is a picture of a guy who understands the promises of God have not expired and they are his real 86 years old they were when I was 25 and what God is saying to many of us. Many of you listen is that we have even more reason to understand and the steadfastness of God's promise, and Caleb did, because the resurrection of Jesus ensures us that nothing we do for his kingdom will ever be wasted. We are building a kingdom that is destined to win and one that will last forever. So Jesus said every cup of cold water given in my name, will have its effect. I will tell you some a church lesson we need more older men playing that role in this church, spent Shelton, who is implanting out of our church told me about a man who is joined his team who is 83 years old. The man says. I've been a part of three church plants in my life and I think I got time for a couple more that is a modern day Caleb or I think of Sam James who preached at our church. Sam James is 82 years old. He planted this church in 1962 was the Homestead Heights madness mission which later become the Summit search Sam James after plan, the church went to Vietnam for 40 years were he served as a missionary. The first time that they preset the church that when I was pastor was last fall and so we have five services. It looks different then what he did in 1962. So I called him up and said hey man, understand, appreciate you being here prison five services is hard.

I'm take.

By the time I get the back that forth in for service, I pretty much hate everybody and I was trying to get through it so want you fridge once on Saturday. Once on Sunday and the will to show videos of the rest. He said to me, young man. I will be original five services yes are you will and so he get that it's a modern day Caleb and God give us more men that are going to endure and not give up Judges 523.

Let me give a special verse to you older men.

This verse is hidden in the book of Judges, hardly anybody knows about it, but it is so so haunting to me. Judges 523 Kerr said the family of arose because they did not come out to help the people of God in battle there was a family clan that when the battle is going on around them.

They said you know what it's just really need to be involved are little estate is fine and they stayed on the sidelines and God curse them and their family. Older man, do not be in the curse of arose because you sit on the sidelines while the people surged forward you the lead in serving community to mentor younger men need to go on mission trips.

It's like Henry Ward Beecher says it is not the going out of port.

It is the coming in, that determines the success of the voyage to finish strong older man verse three. Likewise teach the older women to be reverence recovery that were respectful in the way that they live not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine but to teach what is good. Dr. Keith Eitel, who was one of my seminary professors and he was the interim pastor here before I became the pastor actually taught in the book of Titus on right before and I became pastor my wife and I were in a sermon where he taught this. Titus chapter 2 and we have never forgotten something that he said about that word reference more respectful. He said this and I quote older women can sometimes quit caring what people think, so they lose their filters about speaking their mind or talking badly about people you know anybody like this by the way, he said. You see, when you're young, I get an amen on that when you are young when you are young. He said you have two things that you lose over age is in one you have a natural physical beauty and natural charm and you have filters if you care about what other people think about you is that when those things are gone and your older age. If you have an ugly spirit. There's nothing to mask it anymore is in truth, the ugly spirit was always there. It was just covered up by your physical beauty and charm and the filters you had with a sense of propriety. He said, by contrast, there are older women who are so sweet that they seem more beautiful in their overage than the didn't when they were young because her beautiful character shines through character.

You see is always more beautiful than physical charms, and so we asked the question, what would it look like if all we could see was your spirit unmasked by your physical beauty unmasked by your charm and unfiltered so we saw the real spear that is inside of you. My wife and I want to be really sweet and gracious old people. I think Roger is actually pretty good shape on this, but I'm in trouble because no one ever describes me a sweet but that kind of study that just happen. It comes by cultivating character in the gospel and so he tells his older women keep looking up keep looking back at the price he paid people to forward and let those look create sweetness and you you're not slanderers verse four. Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children to be self-controlled and pure to be busy at home to be kind and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God. Can anyone pick out any controversial phrases in that verse seriously whenever someone suggest the Bible is like one version of the go to get my wife. He says busy at home and severe yet it's the idea that that the Bible teaches male dominance but is that what Paul means here. Teach them to be busy at home does not mean that young women are not to work outside the home because there are multiple places in Scripture where we see examples of women working outside the home and they recommended probably the clearest one is Proverbs 31 where the ideal woman works outside the home right so it didn't mean that they're not forced to work outside the home ever.

It just means that listen. There is a tendency for young women like young men to be lured away from God-given responsibilities by the promise of fulfillment elsewhere. You see, there is no denying that God is given the mother a particular responsibility to hold that only she can play, and this often requires that she sacrifice other things she could do in order to fulfill that often. She cannot give as much time to her career. Maybe she has to give it up altogether.

And whenever you do that there will be a sense of loss. But God says to these younger women in the gospel.

Your primary goal should not be to fulfill yourself, your primary goal should be to faithfully serve me in word that entails sacrifice, embrace it joyfully.

Find your fulfillment not in self-actualization. Find your fulfillment in serving me look up words and forwards.

You see, this is one of those areas were the values of the world and the values of the kingdom of God stand in absolute and total contrast couple years ago Linda Hirschman was on good morning America were she said that homemakers are quote living lesser lives. The talkshow host responded well, but many of these homemakers find the word valuable. Hirschman responded well. I would like to see a description of their daily lives, that substantiate that it didn't sound particularly interesting for a complicated educated person like me now get behind that for a minute because she's saying it in a way that she believes leads to empowerment blood sex to get behind the interview. Happiness only comes from self actualization be all you can be.

But just ask yourself this.

Do you know where that mentality leads if life and happiness and fulfillment is about self-actualization than people who stand in the way of you becoming all you think you can be become annoyances that needed to be minimized or managed.

You start to, for example, think of kids as accessories to your life rather than people that you laid on your life for, and if you get pregnant and is not convenient for your career than you shouldest abort the baby and if you have kids and they're messing up your career than you should you should you should shirk your responsibilities as a mother or father and you should just know this. Don't pay attention on just gonna manage if your parents and their overage become a hindrance to your career supplemental home and forget about you never really end up being a very good friend because you are constantly sizing up how much this person or that person help you toward your goal and as soon as they could help you toward your goal, you drop that friend Hirschman's mentality does not lead to empowerment. It leads to using people rather than loving them.

Christians, however, find their fulfillment in serving God and others in the place to displace them. They find their fulfillment and faithfulness, not in accomplishments not in self-actualization and that often if not always a ball sacrifice. You want to model in this Jesus found the film and washing feet because that was what the father told him to do. Jesus fulfillment never came from the importance of the task because washing feet is not that important.

Jesus found a fulfillment in the approval of of the father. So if for a time in your life. God has assigned you to care for children and establish a home find your fulfillment in knowing you have been a faithful servant not in praise of the world or how high you climb some water or you might say this way.

Jesus found fulfillment and washing feet. You can find fulfillment in wiping butts for a season to put it down on the bottom shelf because our fulfillment at whatever stage we are is only in hearing well done good and faithful servant, not what he says this of the young women. It applies to dad's to.

There are a lot of things that I can't do because of some role that God has assigned to me by Peter Craig, one of my favorite authors was once asked what's your favorite book that you have ever written. Christ responded the one I didn't write when my kids were young. Now I am able to write a good bit, but Veronica and I are very clear that that only gets fitted into the margins of my calling his father and pastor and there are a lot of things that would be good for my career that we just don't do right now because of some role that God has given me to serve. I don't want a lot of guys trips I don't go golfing every Saturday why because I get one season with my children, you say well I'm a dad and I do all these things you might be a better dad release. You should ask your wife that I did today, I found myself comparing in great detail to somebody. The plot qualities between frozen entangled arguing for the superiority of the plot line entangled over frozen and I had the realization that my entertainment died is not what it used to be. See, that is okay because one day I want to hear.

By God's grace well done good and faithful servant. And so it's okay for a season. I'm not a film about movie choices because faithfulness is my goal is to be revealed. The gospel in the way we live and work to people cementing you the fitting challenge for us today on Summit life with pastor Jeannie Greer passage 81 of her favorite things to hear from our listeners is when they let us know that they've made a personal decision to follow Christ. We literally have a party and are often so can you help us out when someone trusts Christ for the first time where's the next steps for them and their new journey.

Think yeah Molly. There's nothing quite as exciting as a the birth of a new believer that we found is that it really is important to do three things almost immediately when you become a new believer. The first is you gotta learn to spend time with God it is that that the living word of God that actually brings life to you in salvation is not just deal that you met God at the beginning of a relationship and that relationship is not one that consists of learning facts and doctrines, and new ways of behavior, much as it is communion with the person with the should do that is through hearing his voice in his inspired in air above the word of God and to document prayers. That's the first thing the second thing is what is will we see you gotta plug into a gospel centered church a lot of the best part of Christianity are caught not taught you in the been shaped by that community that you make yourself a part of the third thing. Gotta get into small and that church, unless your church is house church and is exceptionally small, you probably can't know everybody that's in their best ministry happens in circles not in rows. I preached people every week and rose sitting around in a circle is what people can apply the word of God to your your heart and lives. That's always, we encourage new believers add to doing what we want to be able to help encourage them in that direction decision today to follow. We would love to know and celebrate that give us a call or drop us an email and will rejoice with you helpful new study guide we just released called start the foundations of Christian faith.

It's designed, you know that growing closer to God Myers transformation and not simply information, which is why this curriculum takes different learning styles to help us processing the most pain after learning you're invited to request a copy when you donate today. Suggested level of $25 and for this study guide title start when he found a I think I request the identity online and knowing that it is inviting Thursday the 19th

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