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Separating the True Gospel from False Ones

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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July 13, 2020 9:00 am

Separating the True Gospel from False Ones

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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July 13, 2020 9:00 am

Theology isn’t just about learning a lot of impressive terminology. Good, biblical theology is practical, and changes the way we interact with the world. In our new study of Titus called, Everyday Theology, we’re discovering how to develop a theology for everyday life.

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Today on Summit life with Jeannie Greer, how do you live out of a really difficult moral place.

How do you handle it when you're what you believe is is despised and belittled constantly for most people find what you believe at best irrelevant, at worst, they find it just downright silly. Paul writes the book of Titus to answer those questions in Bible teaching ministry of everyday theology studying the book of Titus how the gospel changes and shapes our everyday life elegy just about learning a bunch of fancy words. Biblical theology is practical and it changes the way we interact with the world. So let's get started. Pastor JD with the message titled separating the true gospel from false one. Bible and Micah to get out an open Titus, which is about halfway through the New Testament. It is what we call a pastoral social which means a letter that Paul wrote to another pastor.

This is one from Paul to Titus, who was a church planter in Creek. Incidentally, by the way, the book of Titus is the only book written specifically to a church planter. Now, if you know your Bible you like what about Timothy what the church planter actually know Timothy worked in already established churches.

Titus is a church planter on the gates of hell.Crete which is where Titus was assigned was one of the most immoral places in the ancient world was like nothing of it as the Las Vegas of the Mediterranean. Except it was an island in the Mediterranean and also the hub for piracy in the Mediterranean, which was actually a pretty bad problem to think of it like the first century, Tortuga, or maybe basically Titus is trying to plant churches among the cast of the Pirates of the Caribbean. That's his assignment.

Historians say that the people there stayed drunk all the time lying was a celebrated artform.

In fact, in the Greek language. Crete was slang for lying. So if you said you created or what her yours and you live your who created stop reading.

That's that you were lying that's that's how synonymous it was a culture there. The historian Polybius said that nowhere in the ancient world were politicians more corrupt and was even public policy and the laws bent toward the protection of the rich and the powerful men in Crete, even the apostle Paul would say the Titus look in your Bible. Chapter 1 verse 12 Paul says even one of their own prophets, is said Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons miss testimony is true to say what's rude Paul what happened all that on the Chico Center's golf balls like a there guy said I'm just saying he was onto something. Some of your like liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons, I thought you're describing my fraternity like you're describing my workplace. Some of you, having just gotten back from a holiday say like you're describing my family, which makes the book of Titus incredibly relevant.

How do you live out the faith in a really difficult moral place like Crete hi honey.

How do you handle it when you're what you believe is is despised and belittled constantly were most people find what you believe at best irrelevant, at worst, they find it just downright silly. Paul writes the book of Titus to answer those questions.

Paul has one concern for Titus in this book and it is and I quote the truth that leads to godliness. The truth always to godliness in the very first verse of chapter 1 verse one.

Paul says that Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ for the faith of God's elect and the knowledge of the everybody together truth that leads us everybody together be like everybody right this is the audience participation part of the program so was that again for the faith of God's elect and the knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness that phrase.

Truthfully, to godliness, or at least that concept is going to come up over and over throughout this book, you see God's purpose in the gospel was to create for himself a God loving and godlike people. That's what godliness means. That was the point in what he did when God saved us he saved us for himself saw the new Exodus movie. Recently God's and teens with your Christian Bale all that and I don't hate on it was actually pretty good. It's just that it took a lot of liberties, meaning that a lot of things are one in the story they put in a lot of things that were in the store they left out.

For example, you mows this is more of a gladiator style general who is doing hand-to-hand combat with Pharaoh in the base of the Red Sea. When that that whole incident goes down and that didn't happen in the actual account, one of things that they left out that I was most disappointed they left out is Moses has one line that is famous for right one line he's famous for. Down through history, what is it let my people go. Not one time in the movie did Moses say that but but what people always leave out even the accounts that are more biblically faithful and I've never seen a movie that included the second part of what Moses said and that's the most important part of what he said. Moses said let my people go, God says that they might serve me. That's the more important part of what Moses said because the Exodus listen was not about what God was delivering them from. It was about what God was delivering them to what God Lewis delivering them to was to himself. He was calling out for himself a people that would worship him and know him. That's his point in the gospel we Christians talk a lot about what we are saved from sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. But what were saved from is not nearly as important as what we say to say to his godliness, and what godliness is the love of God, and it is learning to love the things that God loves should therefore Paul says one of the ways you can authenticate true religion from false religion is by how well it cultivates godliness in your heart that make sense if that's been the whole point. Then you want to be able to tell the one of the characteristics of the true gospel is that it actually cultivates godliness in your heart, not busyness. By the way, in religion, that's different that religions every religion will make you insanely busy religions, the list of things to add to your calendar a list of things you should do would not do say and not say drink or not drink not smoke not do this Is all kind of things that will make you crazy busy pulses. Godliness is different. Godliness is something that goes down to the passions of your heart. It affects what you love.

It affects the it affects that the attitudes of your heart.

There are all kinds of false teachers in Crete just like there are all kinds of false teachers today and he says these false religions are to get you busy but they're not actually going to cultivate godliness.

So what I want to do today show you how the apostle Paul explains why the gospel produces godliness in a way that nothing else can then want to show you why I every other religious approach will work and then I want to have you asked some evaluation questions about your church and about your faith, namely this is your faith producing godliness is your faith producing godliness.

Incidentally, for those of you who made a New Year's resolution. I think you'll find out here in this very first chapter of Titus one.

Most of them do not work while they never make it out of the month of January so let's get started. There's number one. How the gospel produces godliness how the gospel produces godliness. Paul introduces this in the first verse, but he really unpacks it in chapter 2 chapter 2 verse 11, Paul says, for the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.

It teaches us to say no. Here's a question unanswered aloud. What is it referred to that is most important question in the whole book.

What is the it it teaches us to say no to ungodliness and worldly passions go self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age. What produces the ability to say no to ungodliness to live self-controlled and upright what is it that creates it. If we had just read that text and I were to say to you explain to me how you can become more self-controlled, more upright live a better godly life.

What would you say most of you would be well adding greater willpower.

Some of you would say I need greater knowledge I need to learn the Bible better. Some of you and Sandy an accountability partner.

I need to get in a small group because they're going to be able to help me me finish strong. I need to start a quiet top. Maybe if judgment felt more real to me of hell was more real. Maybe I would not write more. Paul's answer, not a one of those things Paul said. Listen look at it the grace of God teaches us to say no to ungodliness and worldly passions to live self-controlled the grace of God. According to this text focuses our attention in three different directions. This is really important. The first place. The grace of God directs her attention is upward. He says you'll see in their verse 13 we wait for the blessed hope, the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ upward look upward to the glorious God that has called us to himself. Verse 14, who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness that we look backwards to the price he paid to save us and then he continues on, that he might purify for himself a people that are his very own.

Looking forward to.

In other words, we look upward to the God who has saved this. We look backward to the price that he paid to redeem us. We look forward into the beautiful thing that he is making us into and those three looks upward, backward and forward is what produces godly passion in your heart. Now here's the question why why does this produce godliness and arts. Let's take these apart one at a time upward upward. The gospel redirects our worship. It redirects our worship same problems as I've often explained to you start as worship problems in the original sin. Paul says in Romans chapter 1 pulses. There are two components to the original sin. Follow this component number one is false worship. Romans 123. We gave the glory of God to created things. Glory in Hebrew the word cut bowed and means literally weight or importance. We gave the weight or the importance that we were supposed to give the God alone.

We gave that weight something else. By the way the New Testament word for glory is the word brilliance or beauty. If you put those two concepts together you'll come up with a good understanding of what the Bible means what it means glory minutes of glory glory is whenever you give something incredible weight in your life. Incredible importance and when you find great beauty in it that's giving it glory the original sin was we took the glory, the importance and the beauty that we ought to have given to God and we begin to assign it to lesser things. Not bad things. Sometimes things like monies like romance, like family, like status to me.

Good things, but they become so important eyes that we just could not imagine life being good without them because they represent ultimate beauty to us. Matt Poppel, one of our worship leader, some in his book looking lives says that sin is simply worship misdirected. We never begin to worship he said were born worshipers.

We don't start worship any any more than we start breathing is that we just misdirect our worship and that's where sin begins. As we assign weight and beauty to something more than we give it to God on their some list of things that you have in your heart because you are not dollars or the center that you give more weight and more beauty to than you give the guy what is that for you. The reputation of others is that achieving something as a sexual pleasure. I don't know what it is for you, but that's what it means to begin to sin, to change sin of the heart level. Therefore, which is where God wants to change it. He's got a change which worship because until that happens every change you make is superficial, like the guy who dutifully serves his wife what is actually in love with another woman. His actions externally may be correct, but his heart belongs to someone else. God doesn't want people who act one way on the outside but whose heart belongs somewhere else God wants us to love him and to pursue him because we desire him. So Paul Tripp says it this way if we worshiped our way into sin and we gotta worship our way out and so how do we change what we worship the gospel. The gospel alone does that the gospel redirects our worship because it shows us the use Paul's word the glorious God. Verse 13 to saved us a God that is more glorious, more beautiful, more weighty, more important than our idols.

And until the gospel does that every change you make in religion is a superficial it's it's what I've asked when he was what Martin Luther called the dilemma of the great commandment the great commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.

Here's the dilemma of that commandment.

If you love something you don't need to be commanded to love it right, you never have to command me to eat a steak kiss my wife or take a nap.

I love this thing so this is naturally understood, but on the flipside, if you don't love something that cannot be fixed by command. I hate Brussels sprouts you commandment all day long so I Brussels sprouts him a bright note, maybe rabbit bacon pork chocolate maybe, but otherwise hate Brussels sprouts. Luther said this is the dilemma. The dilemma is that God is commanding us to do something that we can never actually be commanded to do if we don't love that we can be commanded to love and if we do love we don't need to be commanded to love noise that it was this what the law requires a freedom from all the great commandment is asking something of you that you can never be produced. If you don't already do it like your parent your parents see you when you were in high school said love this person we want you to marry this person you can't be commanded to love you as love or you don't match the dilemma so the gospel actually redirects it re-ignites our worship is the second thing the backward look.

The gospel restores gratefulness that passes at a surgeon, Romans, Paul identifies a second component of the original sin, one that most people would never guess in the thousand years like if I were to say what are the original components of the original sin you maybe would come up with full source, you would never come up with his next and all pride are lost or read 50 shades of gray earth of like that as the original corruption now Paul Salinas. Romans 121, they neither glorified God, there's your worship what's this, nor gave thanks, how many of you would put thankless mess as the core sin. I'm big and nobody why would thankless as be the core sin will think about when you're thankless.

Not only are you robbing somebody else of the credit belongs to them when you're thankless you convince yourself that you could've gotten on fine without whatever that person gave you are really desperate for what they gave you which is why you don't feel incredibly thankful because you thought what unit they had given it to me.

I would've been fine. Think of it, one author said.

Think of it like plagiarism.

Plagiarism we take somebody else's ideas be put in your mouth or your vitamins your own. There really is two problems with plagiarism. Number one, you rob somebody else of the credit that they are due for their words never to be you delude yourself and others in the thinking that you can come up with that level of ideas all the time. Some excerpts may think of it like like that had a relative eliminating when I went over to visit them and remedy to their attic and as a remedy to their attic. Lo and behold, I find a manuscript by Jane Austen who wrote pride and prejudice manuscript for a new book. She never published and nobody knew about this is called malice and misery are blessed and loneliness, anger and anal-retentive notes or something like that you not do that all day but can't. So here is malice and misery. Nobody no but nobody in the world knows about this for me. I discovered so I dusted off take off her name put my name on it to get a publisher and say here's my new novel, but was a reason says this is fantastic, publishes it, and he goes crazy.

I got two problems.

One national credit from Jane Austen when I should've given it to her. Number two publisher think that I can come up with this kind of stuff all the time so he comes back to me and says I need a second book and then I am in deep water. When we are thankless toward God.

We have two problems. Number one, we rob God the glory belonging to him. Number two, we delude ourselves in the thinking of or self-sufficient. We forget that every single breath we take come from God.

Every blessing on earth we have is a gift from him. That's what I tell my kids a thankful spirit is not just about politeness. I thankful spirit is life-giving because anyway you understand that you are dependent on God, like the moon any like that I have that shines off of me as a borrowed light a reflected light that come from the sun. You remove the sun and I will go dark. That lack of gratefulness that self-sufficiency leads independence which leads to more sand will how does the gospel transform us.

It points us backwards to the gospel to our complete inability to save ourselves.

We were hopeless. Jesus had to do it all. We receive it as a gift and that posture gratefulness is the fountain from which godliness springs forward. Here's your third book the gospel raises expectations the regular expectations of the gospel we get a glimpse of what God is making us. We get a glimpse of the future he has for us. He puts into us a taste or a hunger for that future and it begins to shape what we love and what we pursue that John Piper was speaking recently the conference of my wife was attending and she said that at least about 70 years old now and he's not in poor health or anything but he says you're just me and 70 think a lot more about my death and I used to.

He said in any small I said he just made this offhand comment just to the side.

He said he said he said soon I will be in eternity. And then he said, sinlessness is that I can almost taste. Here's the question.

When you look forward to eternity is that what you most long for that. What you're looking forward sinlessness when I no longer am I under the bondage of this lust and jealousy in private just eats away my heart it there. I'm going to be like God.

If you've experienced the gospel. That's down in their because what you are looking forward here's all John said in verse John chapter 3 we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we will see him as he is all those who had this hope in them, purify themselves, just like he is pure. Missing these three looks the upper look to the glory of God the backward look at the price you pay the four look to what is making us deliver us from sin. At the heart level and then you become verse 14 a person that is eager zealous for you to translate that excited to do good works. It's not that you have to do the works of God going to punish you excited about doing and you get to do good works will, by contrast, Paul says religion. False religion can do none of those things go back to chapter 1 and chapter in verses 10 to 6 even chapter 1 pausing to go out for some false teachers are working great now. They considers the particulars of what these Jewish teachers believed is not the same as what false teachers and rallied around each.

I don't know anybody run around the same thing. We got the.PhD's taught that with every sick, the point what let us the point is all false religion has a couple of characteristics and any false religion in any generation in any time is going to have these characteristics that define treatment of the particulars are not the same. The essence behind it is right verse 10 slips limit to their many rebellious people, mere talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision group that was that the false teachers use whenever they must be silenced because they are ruining whole household.

By teaching things out not to teach in that the sake of dishonest gain. Rebuke them sharply so that they will be sound in the faith and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of those who reject the truth. They claim to know God by their actions. They denied him they are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good tell us how you really feel. All I number two why religion cannot produce godliness. Why cannot produce godliness to be a couple things here. It emphasizes adherence to rules rather than internal transformation that you see that verse 10 mere words verse 13 Jewish rituals and commands. It's it is concerned with what you say and how you act, not what you are not. Here's the other thing it uses God uses God's yellow phrase in verse 11. For the sake of dishonest gain God for these people and godliness becomes a means to another in these the means to houses or cars or a better life now, or even eternity in heaven. They're not always bad things that you're using him forces that God is not ultimately the point ultimately God is a useful means to this other in religion.

In fact, Paul explains leads to wasn't the opposite of godliness. Religion acts like it's promoting godliness, but the effect it has is it produces ungodliness. She will mean they cannot shut us down instead of gratefulness. Religion produces pride instead of gratefulness. It produces pride. Those who excel religion say, well, look at all that I've accomplished. I'm better than other people. I displease them or send Mike his pride is that even the mother of a lot of sense.

So if I ask you right now why Dodge and let you into heaven, why he accept you and you tell me anything about you LOL United church and numbed a person or kill anybody and I'm a good dad on been even it seems innocuous but what you're basically saying to yourself is because I am better than this group of people over here. That's why God accepts me, and that leads to pride which leads the looking down on people with a still conscious and or the flipside, if you don't do well in religion leads to despair.

The gospel leave this to true repentance because it's not just advice.

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