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I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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June 25, 2020 9:00 am

I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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June 25, 2020 9:00 am

When many of us picture Satan, we think of a cartoon character with little red horns and a pitchfork. But is he really just a figment of Hollywood’s imagination, or is Satan alive and active in our world today? Pastor J.D. dives into Scripture to answer that question as he continues our series, The Difficult Sayings of Jesus.

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Greer Newman try to share Christ with somebody just the most bizarre things start happening to them.

Distractions, things that make them doubt you like why is because Satan is putting we used to target people when they begin to be exposed to the gospel is why some of our church planters overseas would opposition never experienced before. Because he is putting obstacles in the way I Molly that acted in our world today and sell what you actually do today. Pastor Jamie dives into scripture to answer those questions continues our study of some of the most challenging statements Jesus ever made get started things that Jesus said that don't readily make sense to us things that may challenge us and shatter some of our preconceptions that we have about Jesus, you see many people I have found come to Jesus with a very specific role that they want Jesus to play at eight usually want him to be some kind of divine snotty that they can just get close to it makes them feel warm. But then Jesus says these things about the Gospels.

Well, I got I don't know say that Jesus please have but it confronts you with with with whether or not you're willing to let Jesus simply be who he is listening to going to come to Jesus. You gotta have the integrity to at least just let Jesus be who we is we don't get to edit out the parts of him that we don't like we have to just sit him and receive him as he is will reject them altogether. Thomas Jefferson had that famous Bible I think it's in a museum somewhere where you actually cut out the parts of Jesus's life and ministry to even like you may not have actually done that to your Bible, but all of us tend to have kind of a virgin Jesus that would gravitate toward that is an edited version. What I like what he says over here and I like what he does. This right here. You can do that you cannot block out parts of Jesus presentation of himself and what the statements do with it puts the real Jesus on display. These difficult statements really confronts you with New Year's to ask you how you really feel about him and whether or not you will for him to be who he is. There is a difficult statement for today. If you have a Bible in jeopardy by Judah, take it out and opened it up or turn it on to Luke chapter 10 how to be in verse 17 is where this one is found in verse 17, the 72 returned with joy out really quick. You like or the 72 the second ring of disciples you have the 12 and then you have beyond then we find out a group. A larger group that included the 1272. Many scholars point out that the number of families listed. When God scatter the earth in Genesis 11, the different cultures are 72 different nations and plans mentioned so many ways this is God sending out people to really bring in all those various tribes and cultures, but at this point in the Gospels at 72 going around Jerusalem, Israel, preaching the gospel, saying they come back very excited Seymour not to believe this. Even the demons are subject to us in your name.

So he says to them I saw Satan like fall like lightning from heaven.

Behold, I've given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you nevertheless do not rejoice in that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice that your names are written in heaven. Now why would this would be a difficult statement will first what is it mean that we have the authority to tread on serpents and scorpions resist when our church gets really weird right maybe first Beatrice would come forward in each of our campuses and pass on the bucket for the snakes and I'm working to see who has real faith had no understanding.

Of course I the only time I've ever really handled snake I was 12 years old, parents are just given me a bow and arrow and I've spent every day for the last three months practicing then and I went to Little Creek down behind by quarter mile back out to the back of my house and there, curled up on the on the that the bank was some kind of snake was probably about 20 yards away.

I took that bow and arrow. I pulled it back shot at that that snake through some freak accident I had snake right in the head on the back of the neck could never do it a second Donald make it on my Know some version of that. I just in the snake to the ground.

I thought that was awesome.

So I did what any 12-year-old boy would do whatever that snake.

I took its head.

I took the arrow and ran it all the way down you know it stomach and carried it home like a trophy to show my mom, I took it out, so they arrow out and it was still alive, it slithered off and him and went back and into the grass.

I have no desire at any point ever even see a snake again.

So that is not what where church were about even if you know that Jesus did really mean that, when he said this give us the benefit of the doubt. There were not that weird, you might say well maybe it is Jesus actually saying that Satan is real I mean really the real devil without horns and a tail and a pitchfork is the actually believe that maybe not with pitchfork and horns which you can see from this verse that Jesus most definitely believed that Satan and the demons were real. In fact, Jesus seems to spend his entire ministry engaging with the devil and demonic forces nearly every chapter.

Satan is mentioned 250 separate times in the New Testament, which means almost once in every single chapter of the New Testament. Here Jesus is giving them very clear instructions about how they are to engage with the demonic realm. So if you think Jesus in the New Testament. Seriously. Listen, you gotta take this seriously is a major theme that runs through Jesus life and appear ignorant of this or you just ignore it are missing a big part of what God has for us as disciples of Jesus. Well, who is he and what exactly does he do this verse gives you a clue as to where he came from. I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Satan was one of the highest archangels that rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven.

As a result of his rebellion when he did the book of Revelation tells us, he took 1/3 of the angels with him, who became what we refer to as the demons now Scripture never gives us a detailed account of that event yet to have a piece it together from several different places in the Bible but Isaiah 14 gives you a glimpse into what happened in that moment, Isaiah 14. This verse is actually, by the way, about another rebellious king a human king. What Isaiah dies. If you look through that human king, and he sees, the ultimate rebellious king Satan behind that King influencing what he does and so Isaiah looks through this human king, and he starts talking about making behind him and he says this. How are you fallen from heaven Lucifer which is not the earthly king's name. That's what we know if we are behind, Lucifer, son Dawn, how are you cut down to the ground. You have said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven, I will set my throne on high. I will make myself like the most high nobody here repeated in those verses, I will II will this can be five times and that Isaiah 14 passage because that's the heart of the satanic rebellion I will.

I'm to do what I want to do, not what God wants to do because I will be my own boss. I will choose my way. I will be the point. I will get the glory that is the heart of sin. I will instead of God's will. My will be done instead of thy will be done.

What ever since the fallen angels and Satan were cast down to earth. They been trying to coerce anything and everything to join in that rebellion of I will be theme song in hell is Frank Sinatra's I did it my way. That is what we are are doing when we choose sin. We as a race have joined Satan in his rebellion, and so now the Bible tells listen. He has a certain authority over us.

Jesus said he now dwells on earth as one of the rulers serve the ruler of the human race is here to kill still and to destroy. I told you he was mentioned over 250 times in the New Testament. Let me show you a few things of what he's doing is what you get a sense of where he is and what he's doing so that you can see how many places the New Testament says this is actually him. Jesus in John 844 call Satan, the father of lies. In first Timothy 41 says that he corrupts faith and concocts false doctrines. Second Corinthians 11 says that he gives false teachers not only the ability to speak persuasively and when suddenly he gives false teachers the ability to imitate divine signs and wonders. First Corinthians 7 tells us that he tempts the saints specifically with illicit sex.

Second Corinthians 211 tells us that he turns unresolved anger into bitterness in the hearts of God's people never feel that they that kind of thing come up against somebody else. You are in and in the Christian community. You understand that is your enemy at work in your heart. Trying to turn the second gradient says talk Paul said all the sun go down on your route because your given opportunity for Satan to actually work on your heart.

First Thessalonians 218 tells us he puts obstacles in the way of people trying to tell other people about Jesus. Newman trying to share Christ with somebody and just the most bizarre things start happening to them. Distractions, things that make them doubt you like why is because Satan is putting we used to target people when they begin to be exposed to the gospel is why some of our church planters overseas. It would opposition never experienced before. Because he is putting obstacles in the way. Revelation 1210 calls and the accuser of the brethren, which means he loves to what accuse you and remind you which means that voice in the heart.

Point out your sin is not always the Holy Spirit. A lot of times it is your enemy trying to remind you of the mistakes you have made the failure that you have become so that he can paint for you a very bleak outlook about your future from 16 verse 17 says that he sows discord and division among God's people, and he moves in God's people to rebel against their leaders never notice how critical people are Christian leaders that God has put over them.

There is a reason that that is one of the biggest targets for everybody and that is because Satan loves to do that.

First John 310 call Satan, the father of hatred and murder that is at work in the rulers of the world that when Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness, Satan makes a statement to him that when you listen to is really astounding. Satan says to Jesus, I can give you all authority and on the earth, and the glory of the nations because that's been delivered to me and I can give it to whomever I will not Satan talking and here's what's what's amazing Jesus concedes the point he never says that's not true. Think about that. That means that Satan is moving in the highest levels of earthly power.

The highest financial, the highest military he's moving in those returning them to kill to steal and to destroy. First Timothy 36, Paul says that he puffs up Christian leaders with pride, so that that they will fall and then a second Timothy 224 that he brings to the minds of unbelievers, the pride in the faults of Christian leaders so that they will not take the gospel seriously. Paul tells us in second Corinthians 44 that he blinds the mind of unbelievers and in first Thessalonians 3 530 attached faith wherever he finds it.

Ephesians says that Satan ensnares both unbelievers in their sin so that they become addicted to their sin with this feeling that they'll never be able to get out of it. Throughout the New Testament we see Satan causing sickness and sometimes insanity. In the Old Testament we see how Satan directly is involved in Job's misfortunes in his sickness.

Many passages in the New Testament relate physical maladies or spiritual clauses.

Matthew 12 for example, a demon makes a man both blind and mute. Second Corinthians 12, Paul would call his physical affliction had a thorn in the flesh that afflicted him physically, and Paul called it a messenger of Satan to afflict me so is he real is the active Jesus knew what he was talking about. The answer has to be yes by the way, are you skeptical of this. Can you not look at this world and see something more than flesh and blood at work you look at certain chapters in human history.

You say how good that happens to things like the Rwandan genocide happened.

World War I ever studied anything about that war you look at it. You say, what was the point of that just needless bloodbath. How do you get that how you get to the levels of cruelty you see today in the Sudan of the Taliban.

How did slavery happen in our country. How is the abortion epidemic still happening in our country.

How does child pornography.

The sex slave trade.

How these things gain traction and these are not things. By the way, the just take place in remote parts of the world about education, you know that the that the hub of the sex slave trade is Atlanta, Georgia is the largest one. The famous historian from Yale Marlowe Unger said history is littered with the story of powerful men and women whose infliction of destruction and death could only be described by two words insane or diabolical kits you see that his receipt of something greater at work in the world and just human dysfunction, bad decisions or poor parenting gender three times in the Bible only three where someone is said to be directly filled by Satan and all three times they are completely same. They did not roll her eyes in the back of her head slightly to mother and like the actresses all three times a single semi they are completely same, but they are murderous and they are out to destroy Christian faith. To quote Tony can follow Satan is the one appearing in movies telling us that romantic love and sexual pleasure are the keys to fulfillment. He is the one behind an economic system that teaches us that money is the key to success and happiness. He works in and through governments that coddle people into thinking that government help is the answer. He is the one who sits in the psychologist chair offering ultimate hope in life apart from God. He is the one standing as a professor in our universities touting that science and education have all the answers.

He is the one teaching from our pulpits that life is about you that God wants to make you rich. That hell is not for real and that the standards of the Bible are for a different time and place, so is he real you better believe it is simple. Lightning is not more obvious. I read the Gospels, it seems like demons and Satan are a lot more visible back then than they are today was of this is really important.

Satan is not after your recognition. He is after your destruction.

And that means he's happy if he can destroy you even if you never know that it's him doing it.

In fact, in many ways that's advantageous. Brim is think of them like a hunter hunter is not concerned that the prey know that the hunter is there a hunter is only concerned with destroying the prey. Since I guard my youth pastor is to explain the Satan works like the way they kill them they killed Wolf up and be the northern parts of Canada wolves you know RRR but I don't do that when you rhythm to the kill seals and household pets and I kind of saying so when they want to kill the wolf they take a very sharp knife. They will dip it in seals blood because a wolf loves you know a seals board. They do it enough times so that it freezes around it so that you can no longer see the blade I'm bayberry it up to the handles of the just legs sticking out of the ground. Wolf comes along smells the seals blood begins to lick.

Essentially, the hymn of the blood popsicle stick as he licks through, he gets down to where the blade is but by this point, his tongue is numb, so is he licks into this blade. He doesn't feel that this blade is not slicing his tongue into ribbons and of the blood now fallen on the ground is no longer the melted seals what it is blood and many wanders off and die without knowing anything that happened that is what Satan does in sin. That's what we call him the angel of light. He doesn't come to you think I'm Satan I want to possess you to make you float overtop your bed because she was an angel of light saying. Following this, this is what you want. This is how I am going to destroy you. First Peter 58. Be alert and of sober minds, you keep your eyes open at all times is your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

First notice that Peter call Satan a lion, which means that he's in the cat family. I told you demons are Cats or demons. That's not the main point. This passage but I think it's an important observation right. The main point is that he's a hunter that he seeks prey and what happens Peter said to be go through life without being even. I remember immersing the movie the ghost of the darkness. Val Kilmer 515 20 years old now, who basically insists you know lion that's attacks. This settlement in Africa and it's you stalks around them for a while. Nobody really believes that it's happening, but people just keep disappearing and the Velcro motors are there and saves the day I made the mistake of watching RFR went on a mission trip to Africa was a dumb dumb decision is everywhere I went in Africa must seem to go to the darkness. It was a gimmick dominance to be dragged off into the woods in the never to find me again, that may not been the wisest choice that I may watch it before I went but it's probably better to be paranoid about stuff like that than it is to go through time without ever even realizing that there is an enemy that is that is there to destroy you. What if he was at work in your life right now what he was at work in your life right now what he was in the temptations. What if he was the one Sir was hovering above your computer at night, beckoning you to just enjoy yourself for a few minutes before you go to bed. Once he was the one that was providing you with those really easy opportunities for you to get ahead in business by just cheating a little bit of your notice that some temptation seems so perfect, so perfectly timed. I remember once we on a mission trip. There was one night that I was by myself. I just been through something very emotionally difficult. I was very stressed trains all by myself and checking into this hotel overseas. There was this girl that started to come onto me and I'm looking there because it's just all perfectly timed and it was like in this moment, the Holy Spirit gave me this inside nothing. You know weirder cookie, but it was like I was able to see through her and see that behind this beautiful face was an enemy that was raging and warring wanting to destroy me when destroy my family. 20 destroy our church what he was the one that was behind us temptations. What if he were the one that were trying to make divorce so appealing and reasonable to you right now because there is nothing that destroys family and church and tarnishes the name of Jesus more than a nonbiblical divorce, dads, what if he was after your kids you want to even engage with him or them.

He is excited that you're kinda on autopilot with your kids. He's excited that you have been involved in all kinds of sports and in all kinds of extracurricular end of the one thing that you neglect is having an anchored into the people of God and growing up. He loves that because you're not even protecting them. Just let them is open prey. What if he were the one trying to get you into debt, making it seem like you just gotta have that carcass all your friends got it.

You could have one like them to move into that house that you really can't afford. You gotta be PE that you have this just put on your credit card. What if he were the one that was doing that because that makes you a slave and he loves slavery to what he put you in the back had a debt since is not vilified in our country and then he can get you to do whatever you want you to do when you're in debt, your options serving God become severely limited for those you who are investigating Christianity right now he were the one behind some of the doubts that are popping in your mind what he was the one that was suggesting to you things that give you reasons to not believe what if all that was happening and you were completely unaware of your cards yet. Your courage is good news looking for.

Verse 19 I saw Satan fall I've given you authority now to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power the enemy and nothing starts you that's an amazing promise I've given you authority to tread on serpents. We could you think of doing that physically serpents and scorpions you walking across a barefoot all the same intended for evil and instead make it for your good or talking about the power we have in Jesus to thwart the devil's plans here on earth, and you're listening to Pastor Janie Greer and Senate life. Recently I sat down and talked to Pastor Janie about the series tells a little bit more about some of Jesus's statements that seem to be well quite shocking, yet you and Molly for honest all of us have moments that you just find the status of Jesus.

Members are confusing sometimes just offensive.

What I want to do in the series to show you how some of those most confusing statements are where Jesus reveals some of the most profound truth in it might rub us the wrong way.

At first, but he sees trying to show us something that's wrong in our hearts role in our understanding of the world and I just found such immense depth in some of the most confusing statements of Jesus. Things like judge not lest you be judged or you last will be first, that there's kind statements. What is it mean that Jesus doesn't know the day or the hour that he's gonna your return that only the father knows that I'll commit the Trinity of Jesus be God and not noticeable like that, along with the series wretch provide a resource to that that takes us even a step further. It's called honest questions quick answers what we've done is we've taken about 20 really tough, theological, ethical leadership questions we answer them in pretty short order with the genesis of this I DF to put together this resource came from a podcast that you can ask me anything which is were we to say questions that we get from listeners. So we took some of the best of those would put them together in a volume, just honest questions, quick answers, we would love to get you a copy, and when you partner with us to be a resource we put in your hands. It's a first of its kind on pretty excited about it and open it and she turns in several of these but reach out some of them to give you this resource as a thank you for partnering with us answers to difficult question into a bucket. You can reference for years to come. When you get today to witness ministry at the suggested level of $25 or more will send you a copy right away request, honest questions, quick answers, but when you call 866-335-5228 6520 or go online to Jenny before we close. Let me remind you that if you signed up for email want to go online and that's way to stay any other news from Senate. Also make sure you resource or series quick and easy to find.

Janie I'm only inviting you to join us again tomorrow.

Given authority to overrule all intended size that answers that question.

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