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The Beginning of Life - Genesis Part 3

So What? / Lon Solomon
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December 8, 2021 12:00 pm

The Beginning of Life - Genesis Part 3

So What? / Lon Solomon

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December 8, 2021 12:00 pm

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Several years ago I received a letter from a young man was at Lehigh University and I want to read just a little part of it to you, and here's what he said. He said when I was a high school student. My parents brought me to McLean Bible church nearly every Sunday.

However, since then I have discovered that I am erecting violently at all with Christian theology.

You and McLean Bible church. He says seem to support very strongly. The creation story found in the book of Genesis. He said the idea that a supernatural being that is omnipresent, yes man's outside the universe and interacts with the universe is an absurdity. I must remind you. He says that the theory of evolution is a scientific one, and is as much a fact as gravity." Now the reason I share this letter with you today is because it reinforces what I said to you last week, namely that for many Americans, especially under the age of 40. What the Bible says about how the world came into being represents a major coal in their coming to faith in Jesus Christ. And because of this we as followers of Christ must be able to show that the explanation the Bible deals of how the world and how life came into being that that explanation is at least possible that it is at least a plausible and last week we demonstrated that what the Bible says about the origin of the universe and the cosmos is not as crazy as your science teacher told you it was, but that in fact the Bible's account in Genesis chapter 1 actually may be the most intelligent of all the theories that are out there or not you missed last week, I urge you to pick up a copy of the CD in our bookstore or to go online McLean and download it or listen to it today. What we want to do is move on to look at what the Bible says not about the creation of the cosmos in the universe, but rather what the Bible says about the origin of life here on this planet, so I got us get a stuff to give you a scared and it's all good, so buckle your seatbelt and here we go. Genesis chapter 1 verse 21 so God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teams after their time and every bird after its kind. And God said, let the earth bring forth living creatures after their guy cattle and creeping things, and wild animals. Each after it signed and it was so. God made the beast of the earth after their kind in the cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after it time now.

In these verses. I'm sure you picked up that there is a phrase repeated seven times what is that phrase after its kind.

That's right. And the Bible is telling us something absolutely key here because the whole foundation of Darwinian evolution is based on the fact that there were transitions between the species and penises and families of animals here on earth. I mean amoebas became fish and fish became reptiles and reptiles became mammals and mammals became monkeys and monkeys became our. But the Bible says absolutely no. The Bible says that God created each creature after it time that God placed absolute and insurmountable boundaries around every genus of plan and animal here on earth, and that no amount of lightning and no amount of cosmic radiation and no amount of gene mutation has ever will ever or 10 ever success fully cross these boundaries. Dogs produce dogs and cats produce Cats can't turn in alligators and dogs can't turn into.

She and Yogi bear did not come from the Geico gecko. This did not happen now. That's the explanation for how plant and animal life. God hear from the Bible but how did men get here well Bible answers that forced chapter 1 verse 26 of Genesis. Then God said, let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, and I'm sure you picked up the first person plural in here on our many commentators have said well this is God talking to the Angels and order the Seraphim or to the cherubim.

Well friends is a problem with that.

The Bible doesn't say were made in the image of angels or cherubim or Seraphim.

The Bible says uniquely and for Kimberly.

We are made in the image of Almighty God himself to what we have here in Genesis 126 is actually the three persons of the Godhead. God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit, talking among themselves amazing. Verse 27 so God created man in his own image in the image of God he created him male and female he created them. Genesis chapter 2 verse seven.

The Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils rolls the breath of life and man became a living being. Once again the Bible presents a very different explanation for how we got here as human beings. Then we get from the Darwinian evolutionary model. The Bible tells us we did not come from monkeys or from chimpanzees or from orangutans or anything like that. The Bible tells us were not just because some highly evolved form of lower life, but rather the Bible tells us that we are the unique apex of God's creative work different from every other creature, God made in that God created us in his very image listen to much cosmic radiation money hit some monkey way back there in time for friends that did not make that monkey your great-great-grandfather. Sorry, it probably killed them or gave them a bad sunburn but it did not make him your great-grandfather in the Bible goes on to tell us that in fact when God created human life. He created two kinds of human life.

Listen Genesis chapter 2 verse 21 so the Lord God caused a deep leap to fall upon the man, and while he was sleeping. God took one of the man's ribs and closed up the flesh at that place. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken from the man and brought her to the man. Verse 23 and the man said job… Do I don't know for sure if he said that I have the feeling he did what the Bible records he said is this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh shall be called woman, for she was taken out of man and it's critical for us to notice here that the Bible clearly says God did not create woman in a separate act of creation from man that would've given us two different gene pools here on the earth that would've given us two different races of human beings here on the earth.

The Bible says God created the woman out of the man flesh of his flask and bone of his bone so that there is only one gene pool here on earth. There is only one race of human beings here on earth and this is central to what were going to see in Genesis chapter 3. When we get there so important. Saul pointed out to you now will come back to it later by let's summarize what exactly is Genesis chapter 1 calling on you and me to believe what is calling on us to believe that life on this planet is not the result of evolution or mutation or natural selection or random chance but rather personally and directly and Almighty life possessing life-giving omnipotent God created all the life we see on this planet, culminating with his creation of mankind in his own personal image that is there are long. I see that but I got some questions just like I did last week.

I got somewhat about that. I'd like the air. Let's do it beside my first what about is this what about the fossil record. I mean we look at the fossil record. There are all kinds of species there that on around anymore. I mean, don't some of them asked Wayne how life on this planet evolved up the way, Darwin said, and got to us what you right there a lot of animals present in the fossil record going on around anymore. Everything from woolly mammoth to sabertooth tigers to our friends at Jurassic Park, but that doesn't mean a thing that doesn't prove anything because friends the issue is not whether we can find some animals in the fossil record going on around anymore. The issue is, can we find in the fossil record any transitional animals. Can we find any animals in between amoebas and fish in between worms and alligators. Animals that are like part bird and part reptile, part amphibian and part mammal. Well, the answer is no. Darwin himself said and I quote, if my theory be true number less intermediate varieties must assuredly have existed." Now when he said this 150 years ago there were a lot of fossils around today. We have got so much fossil record beyond anything Darwin probably ever conceived and he said as we find more numberless of these intermediate varieties are to be in the fossil record. We don't have even one Dr. Luther Sutherland paleontologist went to the five greatest fossil museums in the world and ask if they could show him one transitional animal anyone and then he wrote a book called Darwin's enigma, in which he says and I quote, none of the museum officials from the five greatest fossil museums that I visited could offer a single example look at this over transitional series of fossilized organisms that would document the transformation of even one different type of animal to another."

Dr. Mark Czarnecki, a young evolutionary paleontologist wrote an article in Maclean's magazine and here's what he said and I quote he said a major problem in proving the theory of evolution has been the fossil record.

This record has never revealed traces of Darwin's hypothetical intermediate variance.

Instead, he said as species appear and disappear abruptly and this has fueled the creationist argument that each VCs was created by God Dr. Carlton Brett Prof. of geology at the University of Cincinnati said and I quote good life on earth change heavily and gradually through time. The fossil record emphatically says no. And finally, Dr. Stephen Jay Gould.

I think many of you have heard of this gentleman. He is a professor of geology and paleoanthropology at Harvard. Okay. And here's what he says and I quote he said from such scrappy data. It is hard to see how anyone could derive with confidence the gradual listed interpretation of Darwin unless one were predisposed to it from the start." We get what he saying here right. He says the only way you can look at the data and end up with Darwinian evolution. If you is if you were already convinced of Darwinian evolution before you ever started, and worked it in such a way that you knew you had to end up there.

Just look at the data. Nobody ends up there.

Naturally from the data folks. These people are telling us that we could establish evolution as a fact like gravity. If we could prove from the fossil record that even one category of life transition into another category of life, but we can't, and the amazing thing is the Darwin himself said given the billions and billions of years over which evolution was supposed to happen. He said that the fossil record, there shouldn't just be one or two of them in the fossil record.

The fossil record should be evening with these intermediate animals and yet scientists are telling us they can't even find one. And hey, no transitional animals no Darwinian evolution. Sorry this is what led Dr. Edmund Ambrose have to take a deep breath before I tell you, here's Prof. emeritus of the University of London and head of the Department of cell biology at the Chester Beatty research Institute at the University of London who and he said and I quote, we have to admit that there is nothing in the geological record that runs contrary to the views of creationists" starlight got another one about what about DNA and all that were learning about the cell and everything. I mean, it seems like all of this information should tell us something about how life evolved up the chain right. Well, if indeed we learned an enormous amount about the human cell. Since Watson and crick discovered the DNA helix in 1953 and they received the Nobel Prize for this 19 the two, but what we've learned is that the genetic makeup of human life is so complex that it defies all mathematical odds of happening by evolutionary chance. Listen to Dr. Gunther Wagner Prof. of evolutionary biology at Yale.

He said and I quote the sets of genetic instructions for humans is roughly 3 billion letters long." In other words, if you wanted to spell human being using the genetic code using genes it would take you 3 billion letters, 3 billion genes to do it.

What's the likelihood that that happened by chance.

Well, Dr. George Howell, biologist and botanist at Westmont College said and I quote the chance that one useful DNA molecule could develop without a designer is approximately zero while it is approximately zero. That means zero and I love what Sir Fred Hoyle. This is this gentleman was a late Prof. of astronomy and mathematics at Cambridge University in England. He's got more honors than you can shake a stick at Google him an incredibly brilliant man, not a believer in Jesus arrived. He wrote a book entitled evolution from space and in this book Hoyle calculated his mathematician by the process of evolution. The chance of obtaining the required enzymes for even the simplest living cell was one in Dan to look 40,000 power, which is why he went on to say that all of this. I quote he said to suppose that the first cell originated by chance is like believing that a tornado could sweep through a junkyard filled with airplane parts and form a Boeing 747" he went on to say, if one perceives straightforwardly in this matter without being deflected by fear of incurring the wrath of scientific opinion. Stop with the say the same if you just look at the data and you don't worry about the retribution that scientists are going to take on you if you come out in public and you say, evolution, and right you forget that just look at the data, watch what he says one arrives at the conclusion that biomaterials with their amazing complexity in order must be the outcome of intelligent design" and finally mathematician Dr. Isle: who wrote a book entitled, Darwin was wrong. These words and I quote he said at the moment when the DNA RNA system became understood the debate between evolutionists and creationists out of come to a screeching halt mathematically seeking and he's a mathematician based on probability concepts. There is no possibility that evolution was the mechanism that created the approximately 6 million species of plants and animals.

We recognize the day." New member Dr. Francis crick member him showed your picture. One of the two discoverers of the DNA helix back in 1953, won the Nobel Prize 96 to member the sky okay. You will love this hero book entitled life itself, and in this book he says that he believes there is absolutely no possibility at all the life on earth could a calm from the random processes of evolution but he refuses to believe in the God of the Bible and so instead his explanation in his book for how life got here to earth is that the first living cells were brought to earth by us. They ship from outside our solar system to the sky, won the Nobel prize. Yes he did but wait a minute. Here's his logic.

His logic is hey give there's no way life on earth could happen by itself and is the God of the Bible didn't do it then it has to be the Klingons. That's his logic. Okay the boy my friends is that yes everything we've learned about DNA has helped us figure out how life began here on earth is made us realize that life is so complex that only a masterful God could've possibly created and is studying for this message.

I came across a mammoth discovery that recently come from DNA studies. This kind of little side but I want to share with you comes at a National Geographic magazine and here's what National Geographic said and I quote genetic analysis has traced all modern males back to a common why chromosome ancestor nickname Adam, whose descendents read from their all around the world." Well I have the book of Genesis hell would not exactly what the book of Genesis says this is great to see National Geographic catching up now, you still I got one more objection.

That's it. And my, oh my last objection is will on. I mean never say never. You know I mean alright so the mathematical probabilities are real good odds on real great but I mean anything can happen. Riley will there's a problem with this is, hope against hope approach to evolution and that is the second law of thermodynamics is the that well let me give you the layman's definition of the second law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics says that things always get more disorderly unless you put directive energy again to keep them organized.

If you've ever had a teenager.

Just look at their room and you understand the second law of thermodynamics. I like the way Isaac Asimov anti-creationist evolutionist science fiction writer put it, he said and I quote, we have to work hard to straighten the room but left to itself. It becomes a mess again very quickly the same truth applies, he says to our workplaces, our yards and our bodies. All we have to do is do nothing and everything deteriorates collapses breaks down and wears out by itself. This is what the second law of thermodynamics is all about to see my friends.

The problem is that Darwinian evolution demands the exact opposite of the second law of thermodynamics. The man that a random system here on earth left to itself with no input of directive energy by God or anybody else didn't get less organized and actually got more and more organized until it reached a level of orderliness that defies all mathematical probability is that well so maybe evolution is an exception to the second law of thermodynamics on the maybe the second law of thermodynamics didn't apply to evolution. Well, physicist Dr. G and hospitalist said and I quote there is no recorded experiment in the history of science that has ever contradicted the second law of thermodynamics or its corollaries." In other words, if Darwinian evolution were true, it would be the only example in the history of the world for the second law of thermodynamics was ever contradicted.

That's what people who believe Darwinian evolution are asking you and me to believe now I said last week. It takes faith to believe either model of how the universe and life came into being takes faith to believe the Bible tells us the model of the Bible. It takes just as much faith to believe the model that the Darwinian evolutionists want us to believe, but friends, as I said last week. I'm sorry I don't have enough faith to be an atheist have that much faith, but just think what that means. I don't have enough faith to believe number one that the second law of thermodynamics completely went out the window somehow only once in the history of the universe and that was for Darwinian evolution. I will have that much faith I don't have enough faith to believe. Second of all the people who really understand DNA and say evolution could never have produced it that they're all wrong and finally number three I don't have enough faith to believe that transitional animals existed when the fossil record is utterly devoid of even one single example of them. I'm sorry this is not faith to believe Darwinian evolution is this thoughtlessness, this is foolishness. So let me close with two quote Dr. Michael B. Biochemist, Lehigh University and author of the book Darwin's Black box and he said in that book, and I quote life on earth is the product of intelligent activity. This conclusion he says of intelligent design flows naturally from the data itself not for many sacred books, or any sectarian believes. He says the result of investigating the human cell and he's a biochemist is a loud, clear, piercing cry of the sign and finally our mathematician, astronomer Fran Sir Fred Hoyle he said and I quote once we see that the probability of life originating at random is so utterly minuscule as to make it up for it become sensible to think that the favorable properties of physics upon which life depends are deliberate and must reflect a higher intelligence at work." Friends, scientists are quoted you today are not marginal scientists. These people teach at Harvard and Cambridge, and Yale.

These are brilliant minds. These are the most brilliant scientists, some of them on the face of your for me to tell you that evolution won't hold Warner's one thing for Stephen Gould to tell you that is something completely different and what all these scientists are saying today is that mathematically, biochemically, physically. Haley ontologically and genetically.

Darwin's evolution simply makes no sense. Now can we prove that the account in Genesis chapter 1 of how the world came into being, and how life came to me.

Can we prove in a test tube scientifically, empirically, that it's right no to the people who preach Darwinian evolution proven a test tube scientifically that their right. No, no, but friends what I believe we have proven here today is that the account in Genesis chapter 1 and two of how life came into being on this planet is not as crazy.

It is not as impossible, and it is not as unscientific as your biology teacher told you that it was as a matter of fact, it may actually be the most intelligent explanation of all pay at least it's better than the Klingons right from Ichabod now. I thank you now let's in science class. Y'all still there. Okay, I know more.

Science class. Now it's time for us to ask our most important question so it's time to go. Good, deep breath and all of you out there on the Internet and all of us here are we ready come on now, here we go want to pray yeah you say log. What say you know I appreciate everything you said. And even if I believe the God created the world. I mean, how in the world is not help me tomorrow morning on the beltway. I know we just don't make a difference. Well, yes, does this does listen if the Bible is right and I believe it is. We were created in the image of God, like the Bible says, then then friends. This means that as human beings we were designed to be creatures of personal relationship God is a personal God, and God builds and carries on personal relationships, even within the Godhead. Remember we saw that the three persons of the Godhead related to one another.

They talk to one another and if we are created in the image of God. We were created to be people of relationships as well. And the most important relationship any of us has as a human being is our relationship to our creator Almighty God. Genesis chapter 3 verse eight says then the man and his wife Adam and Eve heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day and the Hebrew here makes it clear that this was a repetitive action, the God came to the garden every day in the cool of the day. No one why did God come and walk around the guard to be, well, the answer is simple. He came to Seattle many became the talk with Adam and Eve and to relate with Adam and even though their relationship together. Adam and Eve were connected with God on a daily basis that an intimate friendship with God when they send the they wreck this for the entire human race. But, praise the Lord when we come to Jesus Christ the Lord Jesus restores that relationship with Almighty God, that we were created from the beginning to have. However, that's not where we stop we will put our hands together and go wow this is great. I'm back in relationship with God and of story. No known no presents were we start did you ever wonder why God came to the garden every day I come.

God didn't come once with a comedian come once a month a comedian come quarterly.

Well, the answer is very simple. He was cultivating a relationship with Adam and Eve. You can't cultivate a relationship in each other once 1/4 once a month became daily because it takes that to cultivate a relationship and so he wanted that close, intimate relationship. And I want to tell you the three things that the Bible says and then were done about how you and I can cultivate our relationship with God. That's what God wants us to do to keep going deeper and deeper in relationship with them. How do we do it number one with honest and intimate communication. Take good friends. They talk honestly to each other. Good marriage partners where they do they talk honestly and intimately about personal things to one another as followers of Christ is the one praying is all about its honest communication us to God.

God to us on the most intimate level. We can't build good friendships or good marriages without lots of honest communication and we can't build a strong relationship with God without us serious prayer life number two discovery.

How do we cultivate a relationship by discovering who the other person is when you get in a relationship. A big part of that is discovering how this other person thinks what makes them tick how they see the world how they feel about things to the point that you can almost anticipate how this other person is going to react to any given situation. Your good friends can do that if you got a really really good friend, you can almost tell ahead of time what he or she is going to do given to get a certain Jewish good marriage partner spouses. They do this they can anticipate one another well you know what we can get to the point where we can almost predict what God might do in a situation because we got to know him so well.

And how do we get to know him right here in the book friends. The reason God gave us the Bible was to tell us what makes them tick and the tell us how we think and to tell us how he feels on every single pay. This is why the Bible says, hundred and three verse seven, the God made known his ways to Moses and is willing to make known his ways to us. God is and try to hide who is in the Bible. He's telling us who we use and I've met people in my 40 years walking with Christ who have been such students of God in the Bible, they can almost predict what God's going to do in a given situation, but she got to read the Bible right we don't read the theology and we don't read it to pick up facts for Trivial Pursuit. We read it in on every page.

We say God help me discover on this page you are. That's how we read the Bible number three and finally dedicated time want to cultivate a relationship, friends, two ships passing in the night. This is not how you build a good relationship. This explains why David said Psalm 63 verse six he said I meditate on the in the night watches David so I get up in the middle of the night.

Nobody else is around any kingly responsibilities. I don't have any decisions of date to make you know there's no email there's no fax machine is no tweeting going on and I just spend time with me. Well, every believer folks needs their night watches you have in the day, the matter but that dedicated time just us and the Lord is critical to building and cultivating nurturing relationship so I want to close today with a question and here's my question.

As we closed how satisfying really is your relationship with God. Many of you has a rate that the satisfaction of your relationship with God 1 to 10. What would you give and you know like the answer to the first question I got a second question that is how much effort. Then you put in cultivating your relationship with God folks is not rocket science prayer plus Bible study were we seek God out on the pages of the Bible plus dedicated time with God equals intimacy and depth of relationship with him. This is simple but the first half of the equation is ours prayer, Bible study, dedicated time for us. We do our part. Hey, I promise you, God will do his poor fuel reveal himself to you, but we gotta do our part.

So my challenge to you today.

My challenge to me his friends. God created us above everything else not to work, not to make money not to produce children. He created us above everything else to have a relationship with him, the living God semi-challenges we need to be passionate about this, we need to treat it as the highest priority in our life and then we need to take steps passionately to cultivate that relationship spread for Jesus, thank you so much for the tremendous information you've given us today reminding us that we been told an explanation for how life God here. That's not nearly as airtight as we've been led to believe that I want to pray father that you will bring us to the place where perhaps we would not be as willing to just swallow that evolutionary model we've been taught to where we would be willing to look at the Bible's explanation and to say while you know maybe that makes a lot more sense than I thought it did.

When I walked in here today and father for those of us who know you and accept the Bible's explanation for how we got here make us people who are passionate about cultivating the relationship with you that you created us have God help us to see that relationship is the absolute number one priority in life more important than anything else, because it is the very basis for which you made us in your image so that we could be in vital connection. So Lord they what we learn here today change our lives change our perspective, they changed our daily use of time and may drive us deep into you and we pray these things in Jesus name. What is God's people say amen

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