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"The Authority of Jesus Christ"

So What? / Lon Solomon
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July 18, 2021 5:00 am

"The Authority of Jesus Christ"

So What? / Lon Solomon

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Hi there, this is long Solomon and I like to welcome you to our program today. You know it's a tremendous honor to God's given us to be on stations all around the nation bringing the truths of God's word as it is uncompromising and straightforward and I'm so glad you tuned in to listen and be part of them.

Thanks again for your support and your generosity that keeps us on the radio and now let's get to the word of God talking this morning about the issue of authority is they'll boy, no listen I really want to talk to you about that talk you got the authority to Jesus Christ as and how that impacts your life in my life because that's really what our passage this morning is all about Luke chapter 7 verse one when Jesus had finished saying all of these things in the hearing of the people he entered Capernaum. If you follow the gospel according to Luke you know Jesus is just finished the sermon on the mount, and he's come down off that gorgeous mountain right overlooking the sea of Galilee. He's begun little to 1/2 mile walk up the quiet short of the city of Capernaum. If you've ever been to Israel you know exactly what I'm talking about it is beautiful and right as he gets to the edge of the city. He has a situation that confronts in verse two there a centurion's servant, whom his master valued highly was sick and about to die that we have two new people that appear here, a centurion's servant was a centurion, a centurion was a Roman officer.

He was a member of the Roman military occupation forces that were in Israel. He was the commander usually of a garrison of man and what that means is that today in our army we would basically say that he was equivalent roughly to a major or to a Lieut. Col. He was obviously the commander of the garrison that was there at Capernaum we find out. Also from this verse that this man was not just a Roman soldier who was tossed but he was also a man of compassion that you know that well.

I know that because of the way he responded to a servant that he had was sick. We learn from Matthew chapter 8 that the servant was a little boy, not a grown man and that this little boy that he had was not only about ready to die. As it says here, but that he was paralyzed.

Most people think this little boy had polio, which seems to me to be a very likely possibility now in the Roman world. Slaves were property. They were bought. They were sold they were killed, but it didn't matter. You can kill your slaves and nobody even bat an eye about it. Nobody valued slaves, but this Roman centurion did so much so that his slave who was very dear to him is what the Bible says he wanted to get help for this little boy. He was a man of compassion, not just a tall full soldier but a man of compassion is a look what he did. Verse three the centurion heard about Jesus and he sent some elders of the Jews to Jesus asking him to come and heal his servant.

This man knew being a Roman that he really didn't belong going to a rabbi mean there was no love lost between rabbis and Jewish leaders and the Romans they hated each other.

So being a Gentile and the Roman soldier to boot. Rather than go to Jesus himself. He got these Jewish leaders to go on his behalf, and when they came to Jesus verse four. They pleaded earnestly with Jesus on the man's behalf, you know, I think this is the only place in the Bible and certainly the only one that I could think of where Jewish leaders ever have anything good to say about a Roman and these Jewish leaders not only have something good to say about ink but they actually going to plead his case for Jesus. Now why would they do that. Why would they do that watch and they said this man deserves for you to do this, Jesus. He deserves it. Verse five because he loves our nation and he is built our synagogue in those verses we learn one more thing about the centurion. Not only was he a man of compassion, but he was a man of faith.

Here was a soldier would been stationed at what they considered. In those times the end of the world Palestine, but he had become impressed with the God of Israel, you become impressed with their faith in the one true God and because of this, he developed a love for the Jewish people. He may have been the only Roman soldier in that old country love the Jewish people but not only do you love the Jewish people, but he put his money where his mouth is and he built them. They say a synagogue right there in that city. If you go to Capernaum today and I hope that you never been Israel go some time to be a life-changing trip for you to go to Capernaum.

There's an actual synagogue in Capernaum that the archaeologists have uncovered and the synagogue that they've uncovered comes from the second of the third century A.D. now obviously that was not the synagogue.

This guy built. This is all happening 200 years before that. However, underneath that synagogue archaeologists have confirmed that there are the ruins of an earlier synagogue built on the same side that was built around the time of Jesus Christ and it is very likely and I'm personally convinced it is the synagogue that this man built for these people out of his own funds right in that and because of that the Jewish leaders come on his behalf and say Jesus is not many good Romans out there, but this is one of he deserves for you to heal this trial for him. You need to do this for 60. Jesus went with them and he wasn't far from the man's house.

When the centurion sent friends to him, saying, Lord, don't trouble yourself, for I do not deserve to have you come under my roof.

That's why I didn't even come to you myself descends a group of people access to Jesus. Jesus, you don't need a company father, don't come to my house. I'm not worthy for you to come to my house.

He was a humble man as well as a compassionate man as well as a man of faith, but there was another reason why this man said Jesus you don't need to come to my house. Look, he said, but verse seven. You just say the word and my servant will be healed. Jesus, you don't need to come to my house. You don't need to come here and lay your hands on this child.

You wanted to come here and touch this child.

You don't need to come here and see this child going to tell me or do anything to this child. All you need to do. Jesus is the word and I know this little child will be healed, look at Jesus's response which you verse nine when Jesus heard this, he was a maze. When Jesus heard this, he marveled at this man. The Greek word here means to be astonished or to stand in all or amazement of something. Interestingly enough, this is the only time anywhere in the New Testament that the Bible ever says that Jesus was amazed at somebody's faith.

Mark chapter 6 says that Jesus was amazed same Greek word and Israel's lack of faith. He was amazed at their unbelief, but this is the only time the Bible ever says Jesus was amazed at somebody's faith and it wasn't even a Jewish person. It was a Gentile Roman, no less.

What he was amazed at is the grasp. This man had on who Jesus was the grasp.

He had only authority that was a Jesus's command, the grasp that he had on the prowl for the Jesus that and then his willingness to trust Jesus to do through that power. And through that authority. What he needed.

The Bible says. When Jesus heard this, he was amazed and turning to the crowd that followed him. He said I tell you I haven't found this kind of faith, not in all Israel.

I found one shoe anywhere, not even you, Peter, who know how to believe in me like this. He was maze Matthew chapter 8 says that he said to the people going back home.

I'm not coming.

When you get back to find servant will and it says here in verse 10, then the men would been sent return to the house and they found the servant well the Jesus that is going to the house. No. Did he simply speak the word and it happened yes and the important thing is not that he did that but what he proved by doing that he prove this ensuring was right. He probably had the kind of authority, this ensuring believe that he had did in some angel or some seraph horse on heavenly creature went to that house and heal that kid in direct response to the orders of Jesus Christ as he had authority. I love decorations is a gorgeous plan here right front of us with, if I were to lean over and say this plant will warning yourself in this plant were to suddenly, levitate by Gov. Lila doors were open out and then 30 seconds later you see that plant burned a little coming right back down water dripping out the bottom income background and down.

The plan itself right here. All that I would have your full attention for the rest of the message you would get hungry. In fact, that we sell more tapes as well, but I can't do that watch go warning yourself.all the people in the second service. Don't dare put a string format and pull it and have anything who want faith right here on state I can't do that I can do that. I don't have that kind of authority, but Jesus Christ, right here in Luke chapter 7 demonstrated he does have that kind of authority he demonstrated in every miracle he were in the greatest demonstration of all was in his resurrection. Remember what Jesus said in John chapter 10. He said in verse 18.

I have the authority to lay my life down now so you you can step in front of the bus. You can take a revolver and blow your brains out. You have the authority to lay your life down. But Jesus went on to say, and I have the authority to take my life back up again. Now world that a different story.

You have the kind of authority need to do when Jesus Christ laid his life down and then rose from the dead by his own power and authority he demonstrated was he was telling us the truth.

He has a kind of authority that nobody on this earth has and that's why Jesus said after the resurrection to his disciples, all authority is given to me in heaven and in earth.

I got it all and if you don't believe me just check out the resurrection guys don't believe me check out the resurrection is what this passage is trying to teach us not try to teachers who Jesus healed the centurion's servant, he did but the way he did it. Based on the understanding that centurion had of him proves to us that the kind of authority that centurion believed Jesus had these really got all that leads us to ask the question, so what so what if Jesus has all that authority. What timbers does it make for my life here in the 20 century are three suggestions I like to give you to answer the question. So what if he has all authority in heaven and in earth. Suggestion number one.

If Jesus has all authority in heaven and earth and what that means is Jesus has authority over who gets to go to heaven and who doesn't.

In fact even said that he said John chapter 17, that the Son of Man, meaning himself, the Son of Man has authority over all/listen that he, Jesus should give eternal life to whom ever he wishes to say what does it say it, saying that Jesus gives eternal life to whomever he wants to do the one has authority over eternal life. He's the one who has authority over heaven and he gives it to every pleasing friend of Jesus tells you that you're going to heaven you're going to have and if Jesus tells you you're not going to heaven, you're not going to heaven and it doesn't matter what your priest says what your pastor says what your mother says what your teacher says what your friend says what your husband or wife, or coworkers said because they are not the ones who have authority over heaven. It matters what Jesus Christ is the lawn he gives to whomever he wants. To me that's pretty fickle and no because he didn't hide who he gives it to.

He made it very clear in the Bible. Listen Jesus said in the Bible. I am the way the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the father except through me, Jesus and the Bible John chapter 3 unless you are born-again you will not see the kingdom of God. Jesus said in the Bible John chapter 3Q believes on me. He will relies on me has eternal life and he will does not rely on me will not be eternal life is in hiding the basis on which he decides to give eternal life out is making it very clear. People who are willing to trust him and rely on him and what he did for them on the cross, not rely on their own effort on their own work on their own good personage and character, but rely on the death of Christ in their behalf. They're the ones get eternal life, Jesus, to the high that for God so loved the world that he sent his only son, that whoever would rely upon him believing him would have eternal life and not perish naughty people every day in this world who are determined to try to go to heaven their own way or determined to try to get eternal life, their own way sailor try to get into their good works in there to try to get it to their church membership. Are they better try to get it to the fact they were baptized for the fact they sang in the choir. They took the sacraments are thereafter doing their best. So they gave some money to the church really worked out. The church parking lot of a planet some grass for the church and folks all those nice things. Nothing on the only problem is the person who's running. Heaven didn't say that's how you get. That's a problem. He said you get in not trusting yourself or anything you do.

By relying on what he did for you on the cross. That's a good so maybe you're here this morning and maybe you spend your whole life trying to figure out how you work your way and I'm here to tell you you can't. You try and you bought a ticket on the Titanic is not a work the one who runs heaven says you don't work your way and you trust your way and what you trust is what I did for you on the cross as payment for sin.

Not anything you do for yourself, and I'll let you get a chance.

A little later. If you've never done that to do it this morning. I hope you think about it.

If you here and you've never trusted Christ in a real and personal way like that. But there's a second.

So what that is for those of us who've already trusted Christ as our Savior. Those of us who already Christians is a big so what. Here Jesus really has all the authority says he has and that is that Jesus is authority demands an obedient lifestyle from Allison if Jesus has no authority in this world. If Jesus really isn't going to evaluate us when we get to heaven if there really is no judgment seat of Christ way the Bible tells us about it. If there really is no performance review for Christians when we get to heaven. If Jesus does not have authority over our lives and over the rewards we get when we get to heaven, then we ought to go live any way we want and everything's hunky-dory box.

If all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Jesus Christ and if there really is a judgment seat of Christ. The way he tells us, and if everyone of us as Christians really is going to stand in front of that judgment seat of Christ to give an account of the things we've done in our body, whether good or bad. If all that's real. Remember our premise.

A wise person figures out who has authority brings themselves in line with that person and submit right stupid people say I will Carrows got the authority on the do it my way. That's stupid and I don't want you to be a stupid Christian. I want to be a wise folks. Jesus Christ has the authority he proved to miracle after miracle and it was resurrection. If you're Christian and you're on your way to heaven. There is going to be your performance review when we get there. A smart person says Jesus is the one is got the authority if he says there's a performance review.

There's a performance review and if I'm smart I'll live now in light of the fact on that I have that performance and also live in a way that makes them happy because he's the one that has authority in this world. If you're here, you're Christian and maybe you've taken control of some areas of your life and you been living in the way you want to live on. I want to challenge. It's time to come back under the authority Jesus you have to be real smart to read the Bible and figure out the way God wants you live, you don't have to be a rocket scientist doesn't take a whole lot to read the Bible and figure out the way God wants you to run your sex life is pretty simple. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to read the Bible and figure out the way God wants you to run your business ethics is pretty simple. Want to be that smart to figure out the way God wants you to handle your money or the way God wants you to talk the way he want you to work in the way he wants you to act and the priorities he wanted out of life and the attitudes that he wants you to portray a life attitudes of love and forgiveness and compassion instead of bitterness and malice and revenge. You have to be that figure that out. The issue is not whether you can figure it out. The issue is whether or not you and I are going to submit to his authority with his help with try to live that way. Or the women to decide where the authority for our lives and what what we want. That's the relation all authority belongs to me. Jesus in heaven and earth. Even though the authority to conduct your performance review. Jesus says not be smart and live in light of that, and I believe there's probably some of us here this morning who who need to make some changes in our lifestyle because we've taken over the authority and were way out from under the umbrella were Jesus third and finally, if Jesus really has all authority in this world and what that means is that we have to. As Christians, except his plan for our lives, then we as Christians have to be willing to let him be the one who runs the show. If he has all the authority and he loves us, then were wise to let him run the show.

I walk in the churches all the time we saying you know he is Lord he is Lord and people often have their hands. No singing.

He is Lord he is Lord he is risen from the dead, and he is Lord by raising your hands, what are you trying to say you trying to say I that I accept that I submit to that, I want you to be Lord but then as soon as God takes them all what they're singing.

The hands go from being like is something like this. True true review than a singing talent to be Lord.

He's been to California and he is Lord and is Lord.

He reserves the right, if you're Christian to run your life. His way. I believe that Jesus Christ has authority over every virus and every bacteria do you believe I believe Jesus Christ has authority over every cancer cell in the universe.

Do you believe that I do. I believe Jesus Christ has control and authority over every bosses heart over the stock market over every contract you're involved in, and over every twist and turn your career has taken and will take you believe it.

I believe that Jesus Christ has authority over every pregnancy, and I believe that he has authority over every child that results.

I believe he has authority over everyone you got whether their mellow whether they have a stogie in her mouth. He had control of and you got the right one trust your messed up just perfect. I believe Jesus Christ has control over every event in every life and that everything that touches your life. He has authority over you. Believe it that folks listen there so many Christians were mad at God and bitter with God and angry with God because they got the little applecart.

They had little applecart just laid out they had little future laid out made a plan for years and God comes along their little applecart and their man and their angry little like it. They said I was happy to see the Lord as long as only thing I like, but units are a lot alike will I tell you something. People with authority often do things we know, like don't think. But you know what God knows what he's doing God is made any mistakes in your life sure God sometimes bring heartaches and he sometimes brings, reverses, and he sometimes brings losses pain.

But God's. In the process of molding character, and character doesn't get molded just from success. I mean, you don't get to grow up and be a big strong person just for me to snickers and Three Musketeers. I mean I wish it were that way, don't you, I love to eat nothing but snickers and Three Musketeers, but you can grow to be big, strong person like that you need some hard stuff that your body is going to work on in your characters the same way it would be good for God to send you nothing but little successes that fit in your little applecart. God knows what he's doing and he has all authority in heaven and in earth, and he loves you folks.

We need to let him run our lives is one entrusted.

We need to drop the bitterness and drop the anchor because the person we hurt the worst desirous we feel angry God like that the joy in our Christian life dries up our relationship with God shrivels up where the loser God.

We are God doesn't want you live that way and she should even live that way if you could stand on the shores of heaven and see everything God sees you to agree with everything he's doing with you say, but I can't great. That's where you got a trust if you got all authority loves you.

You can trust God wants you lay your rifle down wave the white flag in the surrender what we learned this morning.

What we learn in Luke chapter 7 the Jesus prove he has authority and that from his resurrection he prove he has ultimate authority and if you and I are wise people remember my premise. If were wise people, we will submit to his authority and obey it will submit to his authority over how we get into heaven. We will try to go our way will be happy to go his way will submit to his authority over the way we live our lives as Christians, we will take our lives under our own authority will leave the money is authority do what he tells with his help, and finally will submit to his authority when it comes to how he chooses to orchestrate our lives.

We won't accuse him of wrongdoing will trust and follow and bless his name.

This is what God is looking for from you and me and if you and I really understand his authority. The way this century and did than these responses make all the sense in the world. They got help you do the maintenance I went with Dr. Lon Solomon plan is and how arrangement lines found in ministering to listen to today's message, or for more information visit our website.

Lon Solomon Thank you for your support.

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