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The Wait is Over: Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 12, 2020 1:00 pm

The Wait is Over: Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 12, 2020 1:00 pm

The Wait is Over: Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris. We discuss this and more on today's show.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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Circular today on the show in the least surprising move by PICs, Harris, VP my Jay Sekulow right now. One 800 flag-waving God praise and grazing radio show reprogram takeover Jay Sekulow luck for the rest of the week to step away will what it was good news time. Absolutely quiet time and I got your voicemail, but headphones are going. Good idea to breaking news everyone who is only get the news from us. If you do what you know this already, Harris has been picked by Joe Biden as a vice Presidential running mate and we're going to dive deep into this talk about some of her past exactly where she lines up on the issues.

Is she a moderate issue you left associate somewhere in between. I think we are pretty definitive answer. For a lot of these questions, we know you know a lot already, so give us a call. I want to hear your thoughts and opinions keep it clean.

Keep it nice while we got a phone screen or it's his birthday. By the way, so if you want to get on the air telling happy birthday that's at 1-800-684-3110. You can't just say happy birthday You Have To Add to the Conversation.

You Could Tell Me If You Want to Dispel the Lines of Happy Birthday Greetings to Our Phones Greater. God Bless You Do That 1-800-684-3110 Gives a Call Only Hear Your Point. You Obviously Will Somebody Who Is Very Hard to Look Back a Year Ago When They Were in the Debates of the Person Who Hit Joe Biden. The Hardest and Not like Just Policy Essentially Was Calling Him out for Racist Tendencies. That's Right, You Will Play Clips from That Are Coming up but Did Sort of the Hypocrisy of Politics in General That I Absolutely Have a Strong Disdain for Which Is This Idea That I Get within Your Own Primary You Can Have Disagreements with Your Own within Your outside Disagreements on How Issue Should Be Treated the Personal Attack Side of This to Then All Of A Sudden Be like and I'm Going to Take the Job As a Vice President Just Feels so Hypocritical and Disturbing to A Lot Of Americans Is Nothing to Do with Her Background Even Just the Fact You Look at What She Said about Joe Biden in the Primaries and in the Depression Era Glassware. Here Is My Medicare and Way in the past They've Mended Their Relationship Politically. These Are Things That Have Happened in the Current Times in the Current Political Cycle Right and and Really That Is Going to Be the Big Question Going Forward Is If You Looked at the Other People That Were on the Short List for This Running Mate Position. None of Them Had This Issue of of of Public and That This Pic Does. And, Harris. She Was Very Aggressive in the Primary against the Front Right.

She Saw Her Little Bit.

She Had a Spike for a Motion Was Credited with Doing the Most Damage to Joe Biden in the Primary Season, so Much so That for a Little Bit of Time She Became the Front Runner in People Look to Her Is Is This Going to Be the Person That Emerges That That Actually Runs Away with It.

It Didn't End up That Way, but Will Will Dive into That Relationship a Little Bit.

The Relationship Also Got to Get into the Issues. I Think That's Was Important to for A Lot Of Our Listeners. Whether She's Gonna Line up with You on the Issues We Know She's Not Going to Put Issue Joe Biden Issue Bernie Sanders Ratio, Even to a More Extreme Than That I Think You're Going to Be Surprised with How A Lot Of These Organizations Have Ranked Her. I Think Also for Those of You Were Calling against It out. The Police Are Calling It.

She Is a Weird Pick for You Because This Is Someone Who's Brought A Lot Of People in Jail Getting That A Lot More Phone Lines Are Completely Full. I Assume You've All Called Just to Tell Our Phones Greater Happy Birthday, but Hopefully You Have Some Great Comments and Questions Commented on Facebook As Well Share This with Your Friend, Give Us Their Logan Sekulow Reprogram.

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It Also Watches on YouTube a Little Bit More Rock 'n' Roll Is the Way We See It. I Love Rock 'n' Roll Sekulow Reprogram for the Show There Again. Each Everyday Today Shows It in the Rest the Week Really Is Good to Be or or Doubling down so It's like to Be Doing a Separate Show Special Shows a Go Together Is Hopefully like We Got You You You Have Great Guest by Values.

Take a Listen to Some They Were Doing Every Day. Again Logan Sekulow Reprogram. Let's Get Back to This, Let Harris the I Saw Tucker Carlson Last Night He Got Yelled at for Saying the Name Wrong so I'm Doing My Best Here That's I Wanted to Ask You about That Is One with with Your Last Name Secondary Low, Your Name Has Been Missed, Said by People in the Media from Time to Time. Not As Much Recently, but I Feel like You Are over the Years.

Sometimes People Have Said the Name Not Precisely Correct. Did You Ever Have a Member of the Media Come to Your Defense to the Secular Name like It's Very Disrespectful You Not Taking the Time to Learn Learn the Name Probably. Usually We Just Ignore Running Fine Now.

I Have To Say I Think It's Not Unimportant. If This Person to Be the VP Shall Dominate Life and Potentially If They Win the Vice President You Know If I Should Know How to Say the Person's Name Correctly. IBM a Problem with That, Then You May Understand the Kind of Out Of Nowhere with after Tucker As like I Got Your Moment Right That Stupid. I'm Not Afraid of That but I Understand like Yes in General Good Right Get Your Kids Know the Name Properly and All of That Kind of Stuff.

Well II Want Us to Go Back in Time to Just over a Year Ago.

No Yes, I Can Tell This Wasn't over a Year Ago. The Date on Their I Believe Is Wrong so July Think It Was of 2019 Is the Choice I Guess the Messiah Let's Say Somewhere around a Year. Sorry Guys Read My Notes Here Is Member. This Exchange Is in between, Let Harris Joe Biden That's How This Relationship Again, Maybe a Little Rockier Than Normal.

Let's Take a Listen List Will Throwback to the Debates on Believe You Are Racist. I Agree with You When You Commit Yourself to the Importance of Finding Common Ground, but I Also Believe, and It Is Personal and It Was Hurtful to Hear You Talk about the Reputation of Two United States Senators Who Their Reputation and Career under Segregation of Race in This Country and Was Not Only That but Sam Is Nothing and There Was a Little Girl in California). The Second Class to Integrate Her Public Schools and She Was Blessed to School Every Day Was Me Powerful Words We All Kinda Remember It Is a Big Moment Replayed over and over and over Again. I Was Even Parodied Even on SNL so Just Such a Moment the People I Remember and Call Back to Even Hearing It Now. It's Still Kind of Powerful in the Moment but to Have That Same Person Say Yeah I'll Be Your Second-In-Command Will Be Your Right-Hand Man Are They Can Address This after Publicly They Do Because That's a It like You Said It's a Very Powerful Statement. Also, This Was before Now the Country Has Been Reckoning with Racial Tensions. For A While, but This Was before the Real Recent Ramp-Up of What's Going on in This Cultural Moment That Were Seeing with Protest around the Country with Calls to Defund the Police Will Get into That with Molly Harris As Well, but It's It's an Interesting Thing That When You Take This Moment from a Year Ago in June 2019 and Fast Forward to Now. If She Said This Now I Feel like It Could Completely Derail You Is Campaign It Almost Did. Then the Clip Replying out Opposition.

It's Good to Me That Clip Showing That This Person Feels a Bit to Face in That Situation Feels a Bit like a Politician like a Politician's Politician.

This Is the Same Person.

Remember That You Got Away after Buyer A Lot Of People for Imprisoning A Lot Of People Putting A Lot Of People in Jail Specifically for Minor Drug Crimes for Marijuana Offenses and Now She Is for Legalization or Pro At Least Well in Her State Yeah Now It Is Late People Were Jailed for over 1500 People Would Have Been Jailed for Now Because the Offenses Would Necessarily Be Now We Don't Know the Details of Everyone Else Course Course about It When You Look at That and Back to the Statement That We Just Played but Then When You Contrast That with Also. This Very Specific Political Moment, Especially for the Left Calls to Defund the Police Calls for Reform of the Entire Justice System Saying That the Deck Is Stacked against Minority Communities and and Her Entire Career As a Prosecutor Was Prosecuting Some of These Very Crimes Aggressively That the Left Is Now Saying Were Stacked against the Communities That She Is Now Going to Go on and Represent As the Leader of the Democratic VP Pick for the Democratic Nomination for President. Yet If You're Worrying or Wondering If You Pick Someone Who Is Maybe a Bit More Moderate. That Certainly Isn't the Case.

All the Headlines Would Tell You That Generalized yet at Times, Everywhere Moderate to Be Honest I Think That's Just Because She's Very Professional in the Way That She Is When You Think of Bernie Sanders When You Think of Someone Who Is a Radical Far Left Socialist but You Know That's Just Because He Had No Where Is It on the outside so We Just Got America Cookie Dude, She's Very Professional, Very Slick, but If You Look at Her Actual Policies and the Organizations That Back Her up Hundred Percent Body. This Is a a Very Very Far Left Person Glove Track Which Is an Organization That Goes through Members of Congress and Different Politicians and They They Rank Their Positions Based off of You Look at Our like How Conservative or How Liberal Are You, It's Not Necessarily like Leaning One Way, It's Just Kind of a Raw Score They Take As Given Your Position Right.

Although the Laws Your Password You Done Your Whole Career. I Think I Have the Number Two of You Should Read. Yes Is the Score Essentially Goes from like a One Is Is Conservative and a Zero Is Liberal so It's like It a Point to Point to the Right Going out to Seek and Extrapolate That to Be 100 Blade Is Women Way easier. I don't know why this is the necessary white ones and twos zeros. The ones so on this scale, Bernie Sanders. He's he's ranked very liberal. He's .02. So on 100 point scale, he'd be a two right so that's that is almost perfectly liberal and I guess you could say close. There is someone who, according to this tracking based on the legislation they've sponsored it and signed onto that beets Bernie Sanders for that that top prize of top liberal in the Senate and that is, let Harris if he is eight Jesus zero not.

That's not inferring if your hero being negative, it's just the scale but she is the every vote. They tracked everything they scored lined up with the liberal ideology that means you are actively picking someone who is going to give a position of power to someone who is on the extremes of these.

This is not some of the middle and it shows that the Democratic Party are embracing this far far left movement and look even CNN said in a really weird tweet yesterday and on the fence. We have a habit that's my screenshot said that Joe Biden made the pic that maximizes transit continue to make the race straight referendum on Trump while selecting someone whose resume suggests being ready to step in. This is the part that's crazy. And when Biden decides to step aside so not even the idea that he would make it through. First, her now we we talked about on the reprogram and also on Jay Sekulow why the other day when Brian Stelter on CNN was going on at Raven when he was he was going after the fact that there are these these media outlets at their sole purpose is to tear down Joe Biden, and there is no there's no analog on the left of that. Well, what I find ironic about that is the fact that headline would say if and when that's not saying that's not very biased statement and saying basically we expect him not to. He's an old man you want. I don't feel like that's a very fair it's really rough. It means you're fully expecting the person that you're electing as President to not make it through their first term weather that they decide oxidase at step aside, but the reality of that is you know they're saying he passes away or just decide I can't do this. I can't do this anymore because you know we've seen how he is in the speeches of things that missing calls about that order.

Take severe calls coming up the next segment is at 1-800-684-3110 to get River to tell your phones. Happy birthday on put you on the 1-800-684-3110. Thank you all for watching on Facebook if you like the way we roll here.

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This is the Logan Sekulow reprogram today around Barbarossa talking about, let Harris being picked as a VPA is pretty pretty good port well right now for those who are listening specifically a lot of relevant Christian talk station.

You may wonder how to she line up on the issues that matter to you how she line up for pro-life causes, how to she line up with Second Amendment causes how she line up with other situations like that. Here are some organizations that have given her some ratings can tell you what they are. The ACLU heard of them.

The scale of 100 or lifetime rating of 93% sure you dig that I like the percentage-based rating is better than the .102.

It's much simpler turn humans to enter and percentage let's stick with that right exactly 93% for the ACLU, the AFL-CIO, 100% to get to the top ones here. Let's find here to think it would when he wrote an interesting around the way around a lot the L Planned Parenthood what you want the 100% does scale zero hundred and scale will anything to us. Oh, I mean she's moderate right so for getting to be 80% maybe everything but the partial-birth abortion though you have is not enough 100% 100. It's hard to get that score. I don't think that's easy.

She's more time to get this hundred percent pro-choice score not to see the NRA 100 rocketed at 7% for secondment rights obviously so 7% on their educators what that 7% as what was she cool with you. Small yeah that's is probably right that something to that effect because there is a lot of sportsmen in the survey. The league of conservation voters has 91%. I would assume maybe that her some cross. I like that 7% and that missing 8% right. I bet is somewhere in there, wish your use an interesting one.

No credit for this present day in a inch for a member of the left of the running mate to Joe Biden for the presidency. National Association of police organization. So that's a conceal is what what you think her score is being the vice President right now dry 20 is a vice President running mate with her score on how Halla support of police you think, pretty low, well using this piece, it wouldn't come in and you know they were trying to make a politically shattered and then say 60% maybe 60% supporting the police. That's like a good around the more than average, but not more than middle ground. What was that hundred percent 100.

I think there more pro-police that she more pro-police that I am well about that that lets let's pump the brakes that said that's a lot hundred percent right because he that you know they have to be very specific issues that we don't even probably understand about law enforcement that that get you to this writing of 100% right. Because once you you look at some of the bills and things that they're tracking or the some of the things that a a specifically organization like this that there one thing they look at the ACLJ we will get a lot of issues so if we were to do a ranking scale of people based off our issues you know it, be supportive Israel pro-life Pro free speech things like that.

We have a lot of different things.

If you're a law enforcement, the national org Association of police organizations. You have very specific criteria that has to be met for you to get 100% that that's a pretty impressive score to be able to pull that off, but it's a very curious one. When you look at the vetting process of of picking a running mate in 2020 with everything that's going on around the country and I wonder if they would still give her this score today because I know that she was came out favorably for the Los Angeles mayor chopping $150 million out of the police budget with that so this is in Tunis. This is somebody who's just goes with the with the times and and and and to bolster their own political campaigns are on political careers as this is an interesting one. I think for those who care about climate change, or don't care about climate change in the way I think support rights – but environmental stuff climate change during a Presidential campaign. You could take this as you want your pro elegance and care. This is just the fact Harris introduced a $10 trillion plan to address climate change. The gold have a net zero emissions by 2045 and hundred percent carbon neutral electricity by 2030 and so that's that. Something that she did go to phone call. I let's go to Danielle calling from New York I'm IL-6 Danielle you're on Jay Sekulow live and the reprogram welcome to the shelf housing on good good. Harry I'm calling everything. I think it to be acquainted like you know I'm from Brooklyn New York with his very liberal quickly.

I'm also black and a multielement okay my thought on Pam come out that Comella Harry think like that. The running mate. I get felt like when I heard yesterday that it would look like strongly pandering and I personally didn't like it because it like it was just like okay we need to get the quote, let's get like optically would bring in about bringing a woman okay that check that box ring and a black person that check that box not like okay with ongoing issues that not like anything important optically and people. I like what Natalie and I know it's gonna work done on the black community. A lot of people attended the out that the black person they wouldn't even know the issue because even like you know one Obama was article Presidential. I remember having, but basically people know what hit issues like you know when you stand on any issue with only the black person and they will about firm and that I personally don't like that I like and like at least make it a challenge like that don't make it obvious what you pandering. I think that goes to the point that we were making about if you dial into some of these organizations that are are giving her 100% rating that it may not line up with what the community that is optically maybe they're trying to go for, but not necessary as your same Danielle issue-based. It may not line up with their goal. Even that's why it's important for Danielle.

Freddie would free guys who are listening to really look into the facts. I don't think this was this maybe the most obvious person for him to pick because people knew who she was. She was potentially a number two and number three. A lot of the polls and they love it when we're doing the primaries. I get that but really of that top five.

They kept throwing out there.

I think like we said, comes with the most baggage.

If someone is 100 present pro-choice while also being 100% got ratings for the police while also you know get through the 1500 people or so in prison for charges of on marijuana charges. It doesn't exactly line up with the person you think she's a very well spoken his tablets and smart woman.

This is not you name for herself and a lot of the confirmation hearings as a senator in California going after Jeff sessions, Brett Cavanaugh, Bill Barr. Yet those clips got played by me very well nonstop because she and she's a prosecutor, was how to you know click are there totally get it. I totally get picking her from that point of view, but when you look at the facts. Look at the records. It's not great but certainly not someone who really lines up with a lot of people to I just think this was an odd choice if the actual facts can get out there and that's what's important shows like ours in the work of the ACLJ to break stuff down for you. Also, we like to hear from you. The person the voters give us a call. I want to know your thoughts on this one, 800-684-3110 again.

Often this support the work of the ACLJCL and subscribe to my YouTube channel. American Center for Law and justice will engage in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate, it will be now $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you and your family. Give a gift today online okay I see Jay Sekulow and secular secular reprogram a takeover weekly appreciative of you don't look regular reprogram is one of only flag-waving God praise and trailblazing tech raisin daily radio show/podcast/YouTube series. You can find all sorts of social media about your podcast app and you find it on YouTube and just type in Logan Sekulow will pop right up. Subscribe though I appreciate the call and then want to hear about what you have to say about the pic of combo I Harris will really dive into her 100% pro-choice rating hundred percent for Planned Parenthood hundred percent for NARAL and what that means. What to do to get to 100% but in the meantime it's our phone screener's birthday so you I want to do is give me a call.

That's at 1-800-684-3110. That's 164 30 what to watch on Facebook the numbers right there heart pick up your phone call screenshot. It then call and I will get you on the year so you give our birthday boy time to skip those calls your system force will tell me what it takes for this vice Presidential nominee, Harris to be 100% pro-choice.

Well that's what we're wondering like how far does that go when when they give you 100% rating. Well maybe has something to do with things like this, so if you been listening to Jay Sekulow live for any amount of time you've heard us talk about things like specifically the FACT act. In California, which was a law that went no effect in California that that mandated that pro-life pregnancy centers had to post an 8.5 x 11 signed their facility that advertised where people could call to get an abortion and it had been anymore LOL alas, then 14 point font. It was very it's very specific I'm looking at the law and it had to be unnoticed stated that California's public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family-planning services and abortion for eligible women to determine whether you qualify call this number. So if you're pro-life pregnancy center you have to you had to until some organization got involved like the ACLJ you had to post this so what did we do the ACLJ when this law went into effect. We represented living will medical clinic, and we filed a lawsuit on hold it right here in my hand.

Redacted stuff on their will and one of the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs are one of the defendants, rather was, what Harris Atty. Gen. of the state of California. She was a cosponsor of this bill of this signage rule and we sued in California in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. This went all the way up to the Supreme Court was we got a GVR. Granted, vacated and remanded.

So it was another case that was with the Health and Human Services Dir. Becerra and of California that when that came out of the Supreme Court. It gave us a victory.

In our case that basically said you can't force abortion clinics are not due until you cannot do this.

You can't force pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise where to get free abortions in California that the violation of free speech and this isn't going here in the United States of America that's just incited I did was directly against, layer CSEA value listed defendant and she also put out a statement when it passed and was signed by the governor that I'm proud to have cosponsored the reproductive FACT act, which ensures that all women have equal access to comprehensive reproductive health care services. It's also nice when they say it that way though.

Well yeah that's what I got really look just one step deeper. That's we do here Jay Sekulow life Logan Sekulow reprogram and work the ACLJ we a lot of great stuff coming up. Don't worry, not all this week is to be about, let Harris what it does show well let stuff I haven't really dive way deeper into other work of the ACLJ some new stuff we have coming out that really excited about. Hope you will be to tease as we are working hard specifically for your kids and this time with the new school choice initiative and a lot of other related projects to make sure your kids have the education needs met for Dorothy ACLJ right now like you to do the right now taking phone calls, the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those faith uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that. We are grateful.

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They keep those bumper stickers on well for long time, but eventually it just becomes like a solid panel of color because it's like yeah it's like a blue background. Everything is faded, that it's just the blue left it tightly used to be Obama's running around before you know there's a Hilary H.

Moving forward, all that stuff. Let's take some phone calls. That's not to go after people bumper sticker right but you leave them on for a long time as well how difficult it is to get that the razor blade out trying to get this all the savanna. If I don't even own a razor blade.

Clearly, we got a guy that's got is listening on radio and has appeared to so help every dime.

Let's go to that if you're reprogram Leslie get the joke. Let's go to Jordan my brother in Texas during their morning guard, things are hold men I really appreciate it. I don't know if we can send you something, but if we can will send you something, but jointly free dinner even over long time on the problem early so thanks. My question is do you think with Joe Biden.

Mental or continually questionable medical site. If you think that placing Kemal Harris was intentional just absolutely work for you, not his mental status.

I will say I don't know the click club serve write you a little luck let's put together as someone who has a hard time getting is that it's out, that's for sure.

That's it. That's an undeniable fact. Well, at this point but were Georgia singer believe is she is a great person when it comes to the debates. She's a great communicator care when she has her but I guarantee you her D&C speech that will be coming up in the next what week next week and we will be the highlight of the evening Fervor. Everyone Look I Would Say That for Obama As Well.

For Barack Obama It We May Not Agree with Him on Anything but You Can't Take Away the Guy Was a Gifted Communicator and Still Is a Gifted Communicator. She Can Do That As Well. But You Have To Be Able to See through That and Realize This Is a Politician Much like All Politicians, They Likely Are Lying to You.

So I Think That's What's Important Is to Make Sure You Keep Looking but Back to What Jordan Was Asking That That Kind of Plays into What That CNN Tweet and Headline That You Are Not Earlier If We Put That Back on the Screen for People Where It Says That Joe Biden Made the Pic That Maximize His Chances of Continuing to Make the Race a Straight Referendum on Trump While Also Selecting Someone Whose Resume Suggests Being Ready to Step in If and When Biden Decides to Step Aside so It's Not Just People in Conservative World, That We May Be Questioning Our Thinking Is That Why Someone Who's a Good Communicator, Telegenic, Has a Record of of Both Being a Prosecutor and Then a Senator, Absolutely. I Think That Yes, I Think That Was One of the Criteria Probably on the Short List of Who Could Be an Effective Person As President, Even If It's Just Four Years from Now, Even If He Joe Biden's like You Know What I It in a Hypothetical World of Joe Biden Wins in Than Four Years from Now.

He's like I'm Not Running Again. I Was President I Was Vice President. I Was a Sen. I'm I'm Done Then It Would Set the Stage for the Person to Move the Party Forward, They Would Already Have Someone That Is Innocent but Is for Prime Time yet We Still Yeah I Let Such a Horrible Call Date Is Not As Warm or Cold Feel of a Question or Comment Don't Hear from You Is Limited to Actually Come up after This Place, and Clips Gameplay Live Sound Bites and Enjoys a Sale Directly from VP Nominee Kemal Harris Also Here for People Who Were in the Debates with Her. Let's Talk about the Specific Issues at Hand.

Let's Go First to Curtis Curtis in New Mexico. You're a Buddy in Place on the so Happy Birthday That Started Was a Man Which I Was a Question or Comment. Well I Thought on Clearly upon the Democratic Party Actually Believe That While He Close to the End or Whatever about Some Which You and Mikey America. A Perfect State Fair and Just at That God, Country and See What You're Saying and I Think This Is Something I Think This Election More Than Any Your Vice Presidential Candidate Is the Most Important. You Have Someone Who Would Be the Oldest President Right Close to It, and Almost 80 Years Old Already. 678 Years Old Live. You Have That Is Your Thing, You Have To Be Thinking about This and What Your VP. Here's What I Told You Will and Joe Biden Wins. I Think There's A Lot Of Conservatives Will Go Well. He's an Old-School Washington Politician. We've Lived through the Obama Years Is Not Great but You Know We Can Limit.

This Is Actually the Opposite of That. This Is Coming Someone Who Is a Little More Radical on the Issues That You Care about. Again We Talked about Life.

Let's Hit Some of the Others Go to Some These Specific Let's Go Even Taken McCain on the View on Immigration. I Think This Is Just a Again at an Interesting Point of View by Five Crossover the Water and Illegally Legal, and Criminal. I Would Not Make It a Crime Punishable by Jail. Okay, so That They Can Crime Punishable Joe Does What That Means but A Lot Of Other Crimes That Were Punishable by Jail the Prosecutor in Jail for Practically Nothing and in Any of You Go You Will Go to Jail Because You Cross of the Boarding Illegally.

This Essay, I Advocate for That to Be Something That Happens but Think You Should Hear from the Person Who Saying It.

Let's Just Try to Find Another One Here. Actually, You Know What You Brought It up Well What Guns One Will Do One on the Second Amendment. Let's Go to Molly Harris on Night Nine. I Will Get the United States Congress, 100 Day to Get Together the Current Capacities about Gun Safety Laws and If They Fail to Do Then I Will Take Executive Action. Go to Executive Action on Gun Rights Look Again Not Tell You One Way or the Other.

The Tell You How I Even Believe of the Situation. I'm Telling You What I Think You Should Hear.

You Should Hear from the Person Themselves. This Could Likely Not Just Be Your VP Could Likely As Our Colleges Said and I Think the Concern of A Lot Of People Via Present Will.

Well, You Know, You Also Have To Look at You, You Were Mentioning That You You Know What Eight Years of the Obama Administration Was like and You Had Joe Biden As the Vice President There.

One of the Other Interesting Angles to All This Is A Lot Of People Were Thinking That That, Harris May Decline to Take This Role and and Take a Role like Atty. Gen. and That Way Sometimes. Historically, the Vice President Hasn't Been Set up for the Position to Be the President If You Look at Modern History You Think of This Would Be a Big Step. If Joe Biden Kinda Reclaim That Youth. Al Gore Didn't Violate His Brother George W Bush W Bush One Term President Lost so Now I Biden I Was a Biden Wins You Could Theoretically Put Them in That Category Right That's Running This Is a This Is a Kind of a Weird Election in and of Itself, Yeah. It's Also Music in a Set up That Precedent Where the VP It If They Were to Win These Is Back in That That Steering Wheel Position of Maybe Becoming President.

I Think That's What the Goal Here and Say I Think the Goal Is to Set up Also More Years Maybe of the Obama Family and Their like I Was in Rice Was Was Probably Number Two on a Short List and I Another Alumni of the Obama Administration.

I Am Personally Very Anti-Dynasty. I Don't Love the Idea That Joe Biden, Who Was Eight Years As VP Is Now Getting the Chance to Become the President. I Don't like That. I Don't like That If Hillary Clinton Had Won the Last Election in My Lifetime.

It Would've Gone Briefly Reagan Which I Could Barely Remember Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton. That Doesn't Sound like America to Me.

Okay A Lot Of People out There A Lot Of People in Our Country. Tell Me Three Families Not Interested in Them. Not Saying That I'm Not Interested like These Very Smart Man, Joe Biden As a Person Could Could Could Be a Good President I'm Saying Is You Had Your Time up There. You Are the VP for Eight Years in the Consolidation of Now, This Is Not a Monarchy. This Is We We Don't Live in a Monarchy for a Reason and Let's Not Pretend, for Some Reason That's Just Convenient for Us Because You Could Recognize a Last Name. Do Some Research Okay Will We Come Back Fired up Dive into a Statement That Was Made during the during the Debates Altogether. Thank Actual Moderate Those Again Ever Had Some Things to Say during the Debates That May Be Causing Controversy Make Some Controversy This Talk about Was Really Going on Man to Do That We Get Back. Phone Lines Are Open since Our Last Segment Coming up Well It Is Yes One More Segment. If You Want Your Voice Call 1-800-684-3110 Telephone Screener.

Happy Birthday. Your Gear and Make Bad One 800-6843 110B] More Logan Sekulow Reprogram Jay Sekulow Only One. A Society Can Agree Most Vulnerable.

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Only Very Few People Can Well That's Why the Pros Do It. You Can Play the Piano. I Can't Tell You Why You Think You Can Just Wail. I Didn't Think of That I Could Not Even Shredding like Shredding of the Keys Yeah like Many Style That Lets Let's Hear from Not Only Consider Harris. Let's Hear from Tulsa Gever. This Is Back in the Debates Back Just a Year Ago. Let's Start with Was That Was When You Start with Let's Start with Bite.

This Was Likely This Is Just Tulsa. This Is When Sen. Harris Was Kind of Was Rising to the Top of the Pack at the Time so That Some Context for It. So All Of A Sudden, Instead of Everyone Going after Biden or Warren at the Time the. The Attack Started to Turn a Little Bit Because Sen. Harris Is for You Libertarians out There and She Had.

She Started to Rise Because She'd She'd Landed Some Some Good Attacks in the Political Debate World. So Here's What This Is Congresswoman Tulsa Gabbard Had to Say When She Decided I'm Not Gonna Let the Sender Harris Get Away with Some of These These Political Speak As You Might Say, Was Played by Three Sen. Harris Says She's Proud of Her Record As a Prosecutor and That She'll Be a Prosecutor Pres. I'm Deeply Concerned about This Record There Too Many Examples to Cite.

She Put over 1500 People in Jail for Marijuana Violations, Then Laughed about It When She Was Asked If She Ever Smoked Marijuana Is Sen. Harris When You Are in a Position to Make a Difference in Impact in These People's Lives.

You Did Not, and Worse yet, in the Case of Those Who Were on Death Row. Innocent People You Actually Block Evidence from Being Revealed. That Would Have Freed Them until You Are Forced to Just Play That on a Loop Very Powerful Statement.

Hopefully It Jogs a Memory for A Lot Of People Because This Is Someone Who Has Put Some People Away for Very Little, Little Problems, Look, I Don't Know How You Stand on the Legalization of Marijuana. Regardless of That Stage of the Debate 1500 People Went to Jail under Kemal Harris Because of Membrane Is Prosecutor Is What Tulsa Gabbard Called That You Talked about the Chills in Kind of That. The Powerful Statement That Came along with, Will Harris's Statement Towards Joe Biden in the Beginning You Kinda Get a Similar Millionaire. She Didn't.

She Was Very Effective Communicator As Well in the Debates and That Was That Was Pretty Impressive but You You Mentioned the 1500 People. When That's a Little over That Then That the Death Row, She Blocked Evidence That Would Have Freed an Innocent Man from Death Row until Courts Forced Her to Do It.

That's a Big Deal.

This Doesn't Sound like Your 2020 Vice Presidential Nominee Is Specific to a Liberal Dog Is Not Okay Is Not so Do Your Research, Listen to People Look through the Facts and the Evidence and See If It Somebody. Unlike Her to Drive All Blocked Evidence, but the Real Evidence and See What Can Be Done If You Really Support If You're a Liberal Leaning Person You Thinking about This Year Because I Again Just like Our Caller Said It's a Little Concerned Because of Unlike Any Other Year. The Likelihood of That Because of If Joe Biden Wins of Consider Harris Becoming President Is Very Likely, Very Likely I Would Say Some Phone Calls to Wrap up the Show Was Going to Wait on Line 1 Wayne from California on Line 1. Welcome to Jay Sekulow Will Live and the Reprogram Your on Their Thank You for Taking My Call. I'm Wondering If We Could Have the Jay Sekulow Clearly Check on and Investigate the Fact and Announced to the People of Our Country That What Camilla Harris Is Already Done and Not Putting Legislation in California to Stop Any Semi Auto Handguns or Rifles Suffer Being Sold in California. We Do Way Is Typically A Lot Of Election Cycles Will Put out Kind of a, Here's Where They Stand on the Facts Document the Project Were Not Part As We Get to Vote for the ACLJ. That's Not Part of Our Will We Do Here but What We Say Is Here. The Issues We Know That As a Christian. Love You Guys Care about and Will Tell You How Held This Person for the Show Is Chosen to Endorse or Not Endorse Look I Think A Lot Of People Come Out Of This with Comments about What You Talking about Here.

Sadly This Person Is the Right Pick Even for the Democratic Nominee. Republican or Democrat. If You're a Democrat, I Would Not Be Thrilled with This Being Mutual It Goes Back to What the Caller Danielle Said Earlier That It Almost Seems like the Obvious Choice for Optics Yes but When You Do Start to Look at It. Is It Politically the Correct Choice for Joe Biden, and What A Lot Of This Is Telling Us That the Information That We've Dug through Today Is That It Doesn't Necessarily Seem Politically like the Right Choice. It Will Be Very Interesting to See How She and Mike Pence Debate. If There Is a Debate but It Mike Peyser Will Be Did He Did a Very Good Job against Tim Kane in 2016 and up but You Also Have, Let Harris Who Is the Prosecutor Career Path Prosecutor and Then Sen. so She's Very Good at That Style of Speaking of Crafting an Argument. So I Think That It Will Be Interesting to See but the Flipside of That Is Going to Be. I Feel like That the People Prepping Mike Pence VP Pence to Debate Her Would Just Have To Look at Some of These Issues and Be like Okay You Were for Medicare for All and Signed on to Bernie's Bill but Now You Say You're Not Reconciled That for Us. You You Were for Forcing Crisis Pregnancy Centers Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers in California to Advertise Free Abortions Tell Me How That's Protecting a Free Speech As Someone Who Was an Atty. Gen. of the State. I Feel like That It Almost Makes the Job of the Prep Team for Her Using Opponent Very Easy and That's Why, Politically, Was It a Wise Choice for the Lightning Campaign Will Find out Soon. Let's Take One Final Calls Go to Don Scott from Nebraska in the Brisk Going on Their First I'd like Very Very Poignant and Bad about the President's Executive Order at the Other on the Virus Release but Yes I Understand That but That Did Not Have Biden Elected All the Time. There Say Oh Yes, I Caught You and He Cannot Be in the Office and Perform As the President That the United States at Work with Time and I Hate That Give You Call Again Tomorrow. I Don't Think It'll Go That Way I Wants to Be President. I Don't Think This Is a Way to Select Just to Get Sen. Harris As the President, but I but There Are Those Questions That People Wonder Is Is He Even Planning on Going beyond Four Years. If He Were to Be Elected At Least a Couple Years. This Is a Guy Who Who Is Writing This Entire Campaign to Just Pull a Fast One on Us but You Know You Never Know. Thanks for Watching Today Logan Sekulow Reprogram Jay Sekulow Live Chat, I Appreciate Reprogram Support the Work of the ACLJ ACLJ Will Be Back Tomorrow. The American Center for Law and Justice Were Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Matching Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate, It Will Be Now $10 Gift Becomes 20 Oh $50 Gift Becomes 100 Could Make a Difference in Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms Most to You and Your Family. Give a Gift Today Online Okay

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