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Salem Baptist Church / Pastor Kivett Hicks
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November 14, 2021 5:00 am

Family Member

Salem Baptist Church / Pastor Kivett Hicks

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You think Bill what you want to hear when you get to have. We talk about that what you want to hear when you get to heaven you want to hear. Well done Mike, good and faithful servant. All that's what we want here you thought about first thing you want to say when you get to have the first thing you want to say to heaven when you get to heaven. I must love solving. I just can't wait for the day to fall on my knees and say worthy is the Lamb you just heard a song that gave you a message in your place.

He died for you. That's the message of the gospel and that we started with pastor.

As we started this series on groundwork sent and ended the essentials. If the keys would have to be built on. If we don't have this right. The building will collapse in the first most important is that you become part of the family of God, that you accept the gospel toward a song that leads us into the day's message this morning. It is a privilege to be able to share with you have to give it welcome back. We trust you had a wonderful week with your son. I love everybody knows that Colton got to go with you to be able to minister in Honduras is getting off to a great start this morning as we talk about this component of Grail works. What is crucial last week, Pastor Rick talked about worship today we talk about. We are family members. A few of you, they just thought about the 79 Pirates. We are family was there theme and they sing that song as they would defeat the Baltimore Orioles in the World Series, I'm sorry sorry I brought up a painful memory. We are family and yelled the moment you become a Christian, you become part of the family of God you been adopted. You have been a dog. You are an alien and mail you been adopted and you have a heavenly father. Romans 815. The last part of it you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out Abba father. Talk about a change in relationship. You go from an enemy to a son.

You been adopting your part of the family of God, and not only that, if you think about how much he loved you he calls you is child his child and that as we are part of the family got you not only have a father in heaven you've got brothers and sisters are holding you said brothers and sisters interesting term brothers and sisters. I know that love became a Christian and someone walked up and said hello brother Duane what's that mean oh you poor family got were now brothers Jesus use this term one day is he's teaching in his parent. His mom and his brothers sisters want to see you. They had gotten word Jesus was teaching some things and they even fought. He started to lose it. So mom and brothers and sisters come to check on him while he knows that they're starting to waiver on who he is and he just makes a statement. He says I'll tell you, whoever does the will of God is my brother and my sister and my mother in view of the will of God, which is accept Jesus as your Savior. That is the will of God, you would get saved.

He wants all of us to be safe. Well, you're a member of the family. You are a brother, your sister, we greet one another brother Kevin brother Rick brother Al will brothers in the face. You know when you think about us being a family. I just saw this.

Maybe a month ago the Lord's prayer teaches this thing about that, given the Bible does not say when Jesus teaches us how to pray that we start out with my father in heaven right off the bat. He wants to remind everyone I was worst part of something that's bigger than ourselves. He uses the word, our father the next time you start the Lord's prayer started with the remind your part of a huge family were not just individuals, we are to gather part of his body. Part of his family. Our father mail when it comes to being part of a family being a part of family family members.

Hey have responsibilities in this morning.

I want to talk to us about our responsibilities to one another in the in the methodology that I will use today is, like a plaque that has on it in this house we you seen these before. Right in the in this house that I missed one for our house and I think I bought this one. Oh I didn't appreciate my wife helping me out there keeping me on the straight and narrow. In this house we do second chances. We do real wages of grace. We do mistakes we knew. I'm sorry we do now really well. I thought I thought I bought it because those in our house layout Jimmy did you call long last like to help make it by get quiet. You could talk.

Our kids would tell their friends, like a mobile mom. My mom is not made she just layout so we knew the layout really well.

We do this we do family. We do love so this morning I will talk to you about in this house.

What do we do where members of the family of God in this house Salem Baptist Church. What do we do it. If you have your notes. I hope you do a place right nowI will lay out some one another's throats this morning because the Bible really is clear about how were supposed to treat one another how we relate to one another and it's good be challenging. Quite frankly goes there some things were supposed to be doing for one another since were brothers and sisters I will start us off this morning with in this house we support one another.

We support one another.

You know from the physical standpoint of brothers and sisters. There's this component that you know brothers and sisters may fight with each other but they will fight together against others. You will pick only Chuck but someone else starts messing with the will come together to support each other with have each other's back. Will the family of God is to have each other's back in verse I want to give you is Romans 1215 Romans 1215 says rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. We celebrate with those who are celebrating. We also comfort those who are hurting the family of God is going to celebrate Wake Forest and it's going to comfort North Carolina State Wolfpack.

See, I saw this morning. Some people getting picked on those barks lab away North Carolina State last night. Well I got beat by Jennings Wake Forest Demon deacons will again demon deacons. I must've thought about the Baptist deacons meeting on the night here.

Of course you celebrate.

Alright alright alright congratulations Brady's friends got hurt I was harsh, but I didn't have the Bible says rejoice with those who rejoice, I rejoice with you that you're in the club with the Dodgers winning the World Series. We want to let you you want to share more with the next year coming up so so we rejoice, but we also comfort we we know their days how it is for you, but their days for me where there's one moment high-fiving a student they just scored 100 on the test they are thrilled high-fiving a student. The just got accepted into a college in two minutes later meeting with the student whose grandparents just died.

One moment you're celebrating the next moment you're weeping that is part of the Christian journey as brothers and sisters.

You could have times when you go to be right there celebrating rejoicing. You're happy with them next moment you're over your weeping in you quieting your console leaving you comforting. That's how we support one another. I do want to ask you this morning. I do want to ask you, do you have the ability to celebrate another believer's victory. I was at a conference and the speaker asked that question of pastors when a pastor tells you that things are going well at his charge, you get excited or you get envious.

While I… What I don't know if I'd ever been hit with such a hard statement of really checking on my own motives to my celebrate what someone else does well I was the one are you able to not just simple five have empathy for someone who is hurting to understand what they just went through a very difficult and I want to not only say I'm sorry.

I want to be right that feel the pain Christians as brothers and sisters, we are to support one another first Corinthians 1226 is if one member suffers, all members suffer with it or one member is honored. All members rejoice with it so we start off with number one, we support one another. Number two week care for one another. We care for one another first Corinthians 1225 but that the members should care for one another.

What I'm teaching leadership also make the statement but folks, this has nothing to do would be just a leader.

This is for every one of us. People don't care what you until they know how much you care.

Do you care about people is there in your heart ache care for others.

Okay, caring is shown by tenderness, caring for others is shown with tenderness to people that were not a look at all the windows but would try to weave a number of the amendment in one of those one another's is that we are to be tenderhearted. Ephesians 432 says be tenderhearted first Peter 386 be tenderhearted to have a tender heart toward other people to recognize what they're going through. That is difficult and they need someone who will help them someone who will step in and understand their dealing with pain. They need some help. John Maxwell makes this statement. We should handle ourselves with her head and handle others with our heart. How many times those that reverse when it comes to me you need to understand. I have a difficult day and I want you to handle me with your heart, but when my thinking of myself.

I look, there's no problem I can solve this.

I know I made a mistake. We are not hard on ourselves but were hauled another's medical confluence is the discovery below. A rail you should be very hard on yourself but very gentle and kind with others heavy handle of the people, how you handle your brothers and your sisters around you when you walked in this morning when you look at people you see written across their chest. Three words handle with care, handle with care there. People walked in this morning and as fast as you laid out there about what he was welcome dear you come in with pain, but you got a smile on inside you are in agony you're looking for someone today to just say word of kindness of encouragement just to say I care about you. You look at people with three words written on them to be the family of God that needs to be put into action handle with care air read person here today is a child of God handle them with care number three this morning.

If were going to be the family of God and do what's right each other.

We will respect one another. We will respect one another first Peter chapter 2 verse 17 says I will give you three different versions here. One says show proper respect to everyone one version just said that respect everyone number two says train everyone you meet with dignity training everyone you meet with dignity how you treat people, how do you view people's every person you will look at you through the lands of John 316 for God so love that person. For God so loved the world folks we we have a lot of unrest. We have a lot of disharmony because we look at different people and we see things about them that were there to say I don't want have anything to do with. I don't want to be around. If I don't want to have any association with and we disrespect them.

Maybe because of a race. Maybe because of another nation. Maybe because of some differences with their gender. We got all these different things that divide us.

When Jesus when God says I sent my son die on a cross for them. For God so loved the world if he loved every person that much, why would we ever devalue any person, every person is to be treated with dignity and respect and I am waiting for a mineral that one. Every person is to be treated with dignity and respect. How is that respect, to be shown well.

Romans chapter 12 verse 10 says there one another giving preference to one another.

Philippians chapter 32 verse three says that nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. You know the Christian life gets challenging you don't get to be the center of attention. You don't get me the center of the world. Instead of being self centered.

You have to start thinking about others and I'm telling you what it comes to showing respect to others it always be others first, others first.

People respect it when you put others above yourself while they said that they think a more significant that's that's what that word really means. In Philippians chapter 2 verse three the more so for kids I'm looking out for them.

I'm looking out for their best interest if where the family of God. Others come first, then number four we serve one another. This moves into action if were going to do for others. Galatians chapter 5 verse 13 you, my brothers serve one another in love. Want to be serving one another.

How does that play out. It's not difficult. How can I help you.

How can I help you, just take a quick sucking here, a Marengo pastor is one of his best questions that he asked me going. How can I help you would have been to help you serve it right there. How can I help you when the last time you have somebody that was last time you looked at so and how can I help you.

How may I help you, serving one another. You know when it comes to serving one another, it doesn't mean you make a decision that you will step into the world and help bear their burdens. Galatians 62 says that that we are to bear one another's burdens.

I want to step into your world. Find out what they're doing when you're dealing with. And I want to Carry the load, try to help carry the load that's serving one another. You will be like Jesus, you will be a server you know Jesus comes along these is that income to be served. I came to serve and he told a principal in John 13 last hours of his life.

The Lord of lords and King of Kings that we saying about that came from heaven came down on this earth picks up a towel, picks up a towel and washes his disciples dirty feet each year for our senior gift. My wife and I give to the graduating seniors towel because Jesus teaches in John 13 when he watched those disciples feet. It's not about titles. It's about how you picking up a towel for you.

Helping others you serving others. Five. In this house. We reviewed and restore not put that one together they should be separate but I don't want to make a mistake here because some will jump on the bandwagon of rebuking others, and some will jump on the bandwagon of restoring others. It's both. Folks were going to have to step in people's lives at times and speak words of truth in love, and then when we speak of the lives they need to change something we need to have the mindset of restoring them in this house. Let's just get honest, we make a mess like I make a mess. That's real honest and we make mistakes I make mistakes. We do stupid things I do stupid things.

Yes is a member of the family of God. We do simple things I do simple things. The Bible says that we are to admonish one another.

We are to admonish one another, admonish one another. Review one another with all wisdom, why distributors wanted to be heard help bring about the change to admonish us to speak in the one's mind to place into their mind.

Your thinking wrong, you're going the wrong direction.

I want to help you go go the wrong way.

3514 warned the unruly. We just had Veterans Day this week and you veterans know that in the military you are to march in formation in life. The word unruly means to step out of line. Now when you step out of line. Somebody might not be as gentle as I think they should be with you, but you get back in line. They don't want you going in the wrong direction. They don't want you going to look wrong place yet in life. At first as of 514 says, be patient, be patient. People just don't automatically get back in line.

Be patient, help them along to step into that world and were going to help them understand you're making a bad decision you make a better choice. This is not how we should be living. It's not me and speaking the truth to speak the truth with law. We want them to stop what they're doing and then we restore them. Galatians 61 Galatians 6 once his brothers, if a man is overtaken in any sin. You who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you be tempted. We step out of line. We need somebody that loves us enough to step in and say don't keep going that way in love.

We speak to them and then we come alongside him. One of the reasons Rick is at our school is not only to be teaching apologetics reteaching church history, but to be a campus pastor so that when students mess up. They come to him and we go to work on gameplaying so they can be restored because you just don't put somebody back here to say things okay it's not okay.

You gotta support the weight they messed up they need some help. They need Scripture give… That will help them now make the right decision. That's restoration now it works both ways. You got have both of theirs. Gotta be the rebuke brings repentance when repentance takes place. There's got to be restoration or else will come across: mean you have a mindset that when someone messes up they need to hear word from you. But not only a word from you that rebukes them, admonishes them.

There's also the heart. This is how do you restore how you back into the game. How I get you back restored.

So you're useful to the Lord.

That's our responsibilities, family members, it should not be known by the world Christians shoot their wounded should be known by the world.

It seems like Christians are constantly trying to help people get back up. We restore one another that will lead me to another very heavy point. If this is going to work, his family members to be what God wants us to be of brothers and sisters in this house we forgive one another.

You just let them.

Gotta use let them get away with it when you forgive really Jesus. Let us get away with something when he forgave us. Ephesians 432 if we had two hours today to talk through all the one another's impact each one of these I would spend much time on this one verse. I will tell you, parents, grandparents, your children and grandchildren need to be getting to know this verse of the top 10 one another's. Ephesians 432 says because what I look be compassionate, tenderhearted to one another, forgiving one another, all called know something you will have a problem with that statement. So he drops this one in just as in Christ God forgave you know my tell me to send Jesus to forgive you of justice. He forgave you of your wickedness, run godliness, your unrighteousness as he for gives you any cleansers you are supposed to have the same mindset to another believer when they mess up when they sin were you able to forgive. I'm telling friends. I'm telling you this morning as clear as I can tell you.

Forgiveness is the glue that holds all relationship together. Forgiveness is the glue that holds all relationship together. It holds church members relationship.

It holds marriages together. It holds their organizations to get past the mindset of I can and will forgive a person not lead to them that restoration we talked about what you picture with me for a moment.

Some review threes because you've already experienced it yourself. I want you to go to our anniversary party 50th anniversary Granny and granddaddy were celebrating 50 years of marriage. Grandkids are kinda set roundtable chatting with each other with what I'm says you know of never really understood how in the world it Granny put up with granddaddy 50 years.

I know how horny he is mean know-how. It is how the world did she put up with him all these years also asked us a little over picture Granny talked of smoke have to put up granddaddy coming with same. Some days she said yeah yeah we get we will get rid get married and I got to thinking. You know I am not mirroring a perfectly I will have to forgive that sucker so she takes a sheet of paper. She writes down 30 things that she's forgive her husband grandkids 30 things lately.

Granny spilled goods. What was on the sheet of paper.

She said you know really interesting thing happened kinda funny thing. We've been married about six months and he did something so I want to get that sheet of paper and I couldn't find it. I don't know where that sheet of paper with so that I just bought what he just did. Must've been on the sheet of paper and I for gave Lucky for granddaddy do you have on your sheet of paper that you will forgive another person the way Christ forgave you.

The only person who does not have to forgive is one who is perfect and the one who was perfect is the one for gay his name is Jesus Christ. You forgive her in this house we must move in this house. We encourage one another. We encourage one another. First Thessalonians 512 says encourage one another and build one another where to step into a person's life and build them. By the way, is there school thing this year we build one another up we don't turn them down.

We don't seek to harm them and destroy the we want to help the we wanted to get better. We are to look at a brother, sister, and build them up window they need to be built up.

The most Ephesians 4 starts on 514. Again, it says that now we exhort you, brother and brother warn those who are unruly, courage, the fainthearted of all the week. Be patient with all. Encourage the fainthearted. It looks like this. Folks it's taken someone who is doing well but all of a sudden they're not doing well. The Greek word literally means to lose so it has the idea of losing altitude and have the idea of a balloon that has been punctured with a small puncture and now it's starting to send its losing altitude need someone to come in and blow it back up puppet backup you have the ability to put a person back into the race who wants to quit. He wants to give up things. This is no longer working.

You can say words of encouragement to put into the to be courageous football coaches understand the axes in those but they understand most of all what every player needs is to be receiving encouragement you watch basketball players when they miss a free-throw what's the first thing that happened their teammates go over and scream at them, no they missed the freedom to come over little pet you do this you can do this you can do this. That's the work of a brother and a sister with one another. Keep them in the race. Keep them going. And then I would say to you this morning in this house we do hospitality be hospitable to one another readily hospitable to one another. First Peter 49 without grumbling, you open up your home, you open up your wife without grumbling you let others you want to make them feel welcome. You want to receive them. This is where now you're able to do life with them. I tried to find ways to convey so it will stick. Years ago at liberty Hillary we came up with the phrase be hospitable, not hostile. Some of you may visit liberty will be a part of a college for a weekend and I had students coming from all over the country sometime around the world and I would stay with their students and not get a nasty letter for email that I thought get nasty emails because of how our students treated them.

They got that room now and will follow, so we can hear stay out of my way we had come up with this verse: for weekend be hospitable, not hostile, don't do it, grumbling.

Yet you know this fits not only with the college like liberty have a college we could fits in the church doesn't sometimes become the church in what what what what what what are some of sit in my seat. When did you become your seat. Glad have visitors.

I'm always good to have visitors either visited they were so thrilled you're here today welcoming costs.

Oh listen, listen. One of the best ways to send the lost person all to keep going on the road to hell. To be rude to just be rude to you almost guarantee that I come to church for your brutal be hospitable not just to say but to the lost be hospitable and then number nine pray for one another. Pray for one another that we can spend a whole lot, listen to one how to pray for one another love you folks in here come up is the best way to pray for you.

Pray for you. I'm telling you there is no greater statement can be made to me to know that I've got you talking to God for me faster pivot.

They may hand you a check for thousand dollars hundred thousand million dollars.

I got a believe in our conversation that money is not as important for you to hear those words pastor praying for you for another person. When I when I lift up a person I'm allowing God to take over that situation we pray for one another but have brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters. I forget who taught me this. Someone said you know it's hard to keep your brother when you're on your knees by your brother call you will let them see Kendo rush right now going to take a second.

That's a bit within got hard when you downhill your knees to kick your brother, you know there's a lot of one another so not supposed to do to speak evil were written were not supposed to be better not supposed to be angry about with one of them says you're not supposed to yell one another and directed anyone okay, heart yelling, criticizing, and backbiting speaking evil when your knees set somebody you talk to God in such wonderful words and meanness and cruelty toward someone beside what you folks brothers and sisters praying together will have incredible unity and harmony, praying with others. Are you praying for others and then number 10.

We love one another in this house in this house we love one another Jesus again his wash their feet. That was talking to one and he says guys a new commandment I give you a new commandment I give you that you love one another.

Why is this a new commandment that's in the Old Testament love your neighbor was a Steve because he says, as I have loved you, that you also love one another broken down on the screen there so you can ponder is not just a quick statement.

He tells them to love one another as I have loved you, that you also love one another. All of a sudden get how do I forgive the way he forgets how I love the way he lives his love was sacked for official his love was JV not living a life of getting how do I give to you how don't I help and then he gave this statement by this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have the right haircut. If you wear the white clothes. No, all men will know you. My disciples was to attend church on Sunday.

No people know that you are disciple of Jesus Christ by your love one another. There it is again from Ephesians chapter 5, 430 2541 therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and a sacrifice to God. Listen to listen to when Jesus love you worst fears like I'm almost done. Here's my next big statement the time people love from you the most is when they deserve it the least brother sister, Monique love from you the time I deserve it the least time brother sister love for me is when you deserve it the least because that's what Jesus did.

He didn't start loving you when you became lovable. Aren't you glad you love you when you were a filthy center gave himself for you. So I conclude with a prayer to make all this work because let everything be done with love all the things I've given you this morning has to be done in a spirit of love one another, done by love and Paul pray this for the Thessalonians. May the Lord make you increase and abound in your love to one another and to all the complements and just as you've been doing. You been doing the same. Keep doing it.

You gotta keep doing one another's. You gotta keep on loving one another.

We are family we are family. We got responsibilities to one another are you doing your responsibilities to fill brother beautiful sister I would ask this morning.

Are you a part of the family of God. If you've never accepted Jesus as your Savior. Today's the day he died for you. He rose again.

If you're watching today's the day. Don't miss we have for you.

Don't miss what he has for you.

There's no greater love than Jesus Christ died on the cross, shedding his blood buried and then risen from the dead and offered you the gift of salvation are you a member of the family of God by adoption than the day. If you are a member of the family of God. Are you doing the one another's list price.

Christianity changes us, changes our relationship with the father above, but it also changes our relationship with their brothers and sisters on earth, how you doing with others. Maybe that you need to review the list say Lord help me to do my prayer right now is that you would pray Lord make my love for one another. Increase to pray that right now from your heart to his heart. Lord, make my love. Help my love increase toward others that Salem Baptist Church, my love for others who are not even saved in Winston-Salem help me to love people know the love of Christ for the thank you for loving us. Thank you for giving us a family that supports us courage is us bills us, helps us cares for us. Thank you for the members of this body of this church.

This family comes around each other help us become better helps us become what we should be for you. Pray this in Christ name, amen

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