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Help for Your Longest Day

Salem Baptist Church / Pastor Kivett Hicks
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June 6, 2021 6:00 am

Help for Your Longest Day

Salem Baptist Church / Pastor Kivett Hicks

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Good morning Geordie be with you today to share God's word with you today were going to be talking about help for handling your longest day and I'll come back that just a moment. I do want to take just a quick second. As the head of school, to say the Salem Baptist Church how much we appreciate you this year. The most difference.

And in many ways the most difficult school year ever. But we may need it because of folks like you who encouraged who prayed, who gave support and many of you pastor Rick asked if he would be adopt errors you adopted our teachers and you gave to them and you at the just the right moment brought different gifts to them and kept them in the race it a few weeks ago we graduated seven students and mail at this point we are head of enrollment for next year.

That makes it look like will be well over 500 new 500 students per hardcover self as a representative. Thank you for all you did help us this past year. Get across the finish line. I also want to say to you. We do hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to go with us to Israel. I have flyers in the floor. Your that's the empty tomb.

I think you can see up there. Jim Newsom headed up there anyway I just want you to know we would love for you to go with us in and you will find it to be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have. That's January 17 through the 26th and we do invite you to go with us the next slide. This coming up is not a picture from Israel.

As you look at this line I am looking over the beaches. It's a beautiful day, 77 years ago. It wasn't a beautiful day it was a beautiful location for what I am looking at is the beaches of Normandy, the beaches of the day, 2016, 2017, I had the opportunity to walk that sacred ground. We drove in the point. The hawk where many of our soldiers would give their lives so that we could have freedom in Europe could have freedom again as we drove where we begin to walk around to see these steep cliffs to see a beach, but again today has memorials on it 77 years ago this would be a scene. This would be a scene as they would come off of those landing crafts to charge into the face of bullets because they had to fight for freedom. Many of them. This would be their last day after standing there looking at the beach looking at that beautiful water.

We would then turn around and walk through the normative cemetery where thousands of our young men buried where they sacrificed their lives. The day June 6, 1944 became known as the longest day, a movie would be made about this epic battle in World War II the longest day which your longest day, regardless of how old you are in this room at some point you're going to have your longest day you may have already handed some of you going you could mask it would've been your longest days because they've not been just one day like the D-Day, there been many days that have been incredibly intense full of battle site not known if you would survive in your longest day, my wife, my children to worry and hear one in the nursery working there, but she understood that my wife will tell you without question for me.

May 14, 1989 was my longest day was Mother's Day began about 6 AM with the dreaded phone call your mom has died. That's how I started Mother's Day 1989 I thought, without question, so you know exactly what I'm talking about right now. I bought a plate painful longing.

You remember getting that phone call the person that was so dearly he was no longer here. August 17, 2016 onset in the doctor's office. Your test results are back you have prostate cancer. I'm sitting there all alone. The doctor walks out and like I just heard I've got what is this real for many of you know that that word that dreaded word. It's not a word that is become a longest day it would be from May the longest month, the longest two years. Two years in your longest day puts it hard, hard, difficult, discouraging day. Some of you right now like I hope I never have a day like that you know along as they can come in many ways it can come in the ways of the relationship. The fails young folks over here will be those times where you think you have it figured out who you may spend the rest of your life with all Senate ends. I had a lady make a huge mistake. She broke up with me after we were engaged in a like to say it that way to feel better about myself but thank the Lord.

She broke up with me because if she didn't, I would be married to the most wonderful woman in the world and I had a friend, a family member on the day that I was so defeated because of a broken engagement. He looked at me and he said everybody's feeling sorry for you and your feeling sorry for you, but I'm not. I'm happy for you. I think guide to seeing you right square between the eyes with the blessing and I look back and ago Batman was right along day because of a broken relationship of firing from a job made. Maybe the loss of a dear load with a physical challenge may be a spiritual failure where you been trying trying trying trying to be victorious over some temptation, but all of a sudden, you failed, and now you feel defeated or reminder this morning. We think about the longest day were going to have to deal with the enemy and were going to have long days because we are in a spiritual battle.

Ladies and gentlemen, you and I have an adversary who was worse than the Nazis who is worse than any enemy you could ever imagine. The Bible describes them in first Peter as a roaring lion, seeking to devour you get that word picture in your mind all IN that wants to double our story you take, you completely now Peter says me so Bayeux because your adversary the devil walks about like a war lion, seeking him whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith you're sitting here going, I'm overwhelmed with the fact that I got a a a enemy that wants to destroy me and then that will say because all resistant ligament, how my supposed resist such a fierce, ferocious enemy will that's what we're here for today.

Help for handling your longest day you have your Bibles. We got the help Ephesians chapter 6 if you got your Bibles notice Ephesians chapter 6 what a look at today versus 10 through third team Ephesians 6 verse 10 starts. That's why filing my brother, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. There's your enemy put on the whole armor of God, and then he says that this therefore we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rollers of the darkness of the age, against the spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places. We've got all kind of enemies that the devil will be throwing at us and then he says she wouldn't have known there ago therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day in the longest day, and having done all, to stand as Christians this morning.

The book of Ephesians gives us this incredible way are his sons.

We are called to be his sons. We are adopted with part of the family of God. This is an incredible book. We been studying. It tells us what we have in Christ. But as we do have in Christ. This great title sons children of God becomes the conclusion he says I need you to take on a different image. It still your son but you are a soldier you need to see your self as a soldier.

Paul uses phrase several times what he thought about his companions, he said this is my fellow soldier my fellow soldier.

We know this by the way, as church members right that were soldiers we sing the song.

All were Christian soldiers you sung that song before were soldiers vacation Bible school. If you know where the vacation Bible school, you know that your soldier why: Jeff tell us why we may ever I hear someone thinking to do better kept up with the motions. Come on, I usually slip and fall right there. Help me out here. My wife wants me to learn the song. Since it was vacation Bible made the origin and then put 3BA. I may but I'm in the Lord's army. Another the time in the Lord's army day three live in the Calgary city raised, I may but I'm in the Lord's army. Yes, thank you. Jeff is also good vacation Bible school that we know that's where soldiers you soldier here something you got to hand in the number of you in here observe the soldiers you know what I'm get ready to tell you is the truth. You gotta be strong and can be a weakling in love or in the stanza soldier you got a new push up after push-up pull-up after pull-up when I was in high school we had a guy and he was Daniel that I was. I mean he was skinny as a rail peers all over like toothpicks and mixer now for one day. I going into the Army and we looked at him safe but you will get killed by your old friends.

I mean, you're not been pasted.

That's what I'm going to say okay he came back six weeks later from boot camp he had good times I will and he said I was doing 100 push-ups three, four times a day look at these guns. Maybe now let somebody mess with me. You gotta being strong and less than that is what Paul said right as he goes under this portion of teaching to Ephesians about how they're going to handle life pay says filing my brother first. David B. Strong because of the knee.

By the way, with the possible exhibitors over in first Corinthians 1613 why steadfast in the faith, being braying, being strong that's up as a military term being braying. Being strong for you and I to stand to stand were going to have to be strong and some of you that observed the soldiers of heard this phrase that I have to soldier on. You're going to have to soldier on.

Which means there can't me to quit. They can't be any retreat you can't back up Face the enemy and you and I as Christians have the face enemy was more let's talk about what is it take to be strong. What is it take to become a strong soldier for Christ. Now I think we ought to practice with. The preacher preaches and Harper last Sunday. Harper, are you practicing what you bring to look at their bears the notebook and where's the pen there is the pan said when you hear a sermon using this job you should have paid paper and pencil ready today. So, here come the notes number one become a strong soldier will mean this, you will need to saturate your heart with Scripture.

If you have a strong soldier in the Army of God, you're going to need to saturate. Fill your heart with the word of God. Why would I say this.

John writes in first John, these young men and he says I write a young man because you are strong and the word of God abides in you and you live overcome the wicket. How does a young man overcome the wicked want the word of God abides in him.

You're never going to be able to defeat your enemy without Scripture doubted Jesus handle the archenemy in the valley of temptation and Satan through temptation. He came back at him with Scripture saturate your heart with Scripture verse, Psalms 1 1911 your word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against you.

You hiding God's word are you putting that word in this verse does this is verse Proverbs 44 lad your heart retain my words keep my commands and live that's that's got the idea being that a battle someone trying to destroy you. So was trying to kill you.

So I want you to meet a bad word.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. If you keep my word.

If you put my word in your heart and you will obey it. You'll defeat your enemy. So number one saturate your heart with Scripture. Number two have high relationships with others were talking about middle soldier you don't soldier by yourself have high relationships with others. You must be a part of a band of brothers. If you made a successful strong soldier know that I need the help of others because this enemy is so powerful you can take them all by yourself.

Listen to this subjectivity. Chapter 2 verse 22 flee also youthful lust will fullness has been the problem. I can't seem to get away from it magic, that's only saying flee youthful lust away from it all gets strong. Paul said it would not know.

I know I know were telling him tell you to get away from the youthful lust I'm telling you to get away from it. But wait a minute, I'll give you some help but pursue righteousness say please two words with close call on the board of a pure heart goes you with close closing you have beside you that are helping you fight the battles you have the comes alongside you has your back okay some of the folks it's dangerous to be taken on life and it's far dangerous to take on the devil by yourself. Proverbs 18 one says a man who isolates himself seeks his own desires. He rages against wise judgment you get there by yourself.

You start thinking everything about yourself you don't think about others in caring for others and now it's all about you and when someone says something to you about how you ought to be living there for not listening to that on my own God. You not to win.

We are trying to live by yourself. We know this from Ecclesiastes, we throw this out quite often when we think about marriage. When we look at Ecclesiastes to about a little more because they have a good reward for their labor for the more if they fall one will lift up his companion. But woe to him as a lonely fault, for he has no one to help him. Here we are dealing with temptation. Sometimes we do fall.

Proverbs chapter 27 verse six says a faithful are the wounds of a friend I rather have the wounds of a friend than the wounds of the devil about you.

I will have someone speak into my life that cause me to stay away from getting too close to the fire keeping me from getting home. You know the power of friendship right the friendship you guys will make this year the friendships are students making what about the friendship we have in Sunday school in small groups.

It says I as iron sharpens iron so man's countenance sharpens that we make each other better. You don't want to be taking on the enemy of your enemy with out friends have high relationships with others. I'm telling you you want to have people in your life that will help keep your back.

I made the statement this morning in my own preparation of center going through this and also to just hit me and I added this to my notes you think about the one another's in the Bible. The newest one that was in the Bible are actions and or have each other's back. God says all you do this for others in a way you're doing this so that you have the other back. You know what we were in a battle you need somebody to pay your back number three this morning live to the Lord as well as laying daily burdens on the Lord, if I were to be strong as a soldier I got understand something I can't fight the battle by myself without his help lift up to Lord I can't go. Lord, I need your help we study a while back.

The book of Nehemiah and Nehemiah. We have a man who was the cupbearer to become the wall bear who is also going to miss this is a soldier is a soldier there there now go to the wall but they've got a meal so they got be rectified at any time, and Nehemiah. Since nine it says this they all were trying to make us afraid the enemy was trying to make them afraid, so they would quit doing what God called him to do. They were saying their hands will be weakened in the work at it will not be done. Nehemiah says before I speak of them speak to God. Now therefore God strengthen my hands. You folks sometimes people think your prayer wall prayer to get hold of God's no mail. You need to learn the short prayers written that we assume a series of short prayers. You'll grant was sinking. Abby stepped out of the boat walking on trying to walk on water.

He didn't walk a little bit and then you start singing cadence of criminal law breakers that help law. Nehemiah is getting enemy strengthen my hand. I Will Cir., Nehemiah 69. You will need it more strength in my head as I do with these kids. Someone would sing like the game possessed. I know some of the complex old viewing God as he gives you strength to give you the power you will never be stronger when you're on your knees when Laura Thomas Road 04 will he would say over and over about how incredible prayer is you don't when it comes to prayer Zuck four will would say that you had to be on your knees before God. Nothing more than what you are on your knees, he would call us to pray and seek God to do those things would only be able to be done by him to be a strong soldier you going to be a personal prayer.

Number four. Determine to be disciplined.

I got quiet about the snow gets real real serious. You know these young people from time to get bent out of shape at home to get better shape the school and I will stay if that's a little more, I don't know where you going to join the Army so you think you can be a rebel in the Army.

Her you guys ladies have been in bouquet house that I was at work when you want to do your own thing you want to be a strong soldier, you have to determine to be disciplined, listen to the apostle Paul, but I discipline my body. I bring it into subjection less when I preach to others, I myself should be disqualified. I discipline myself. The first person you leaders yourself. You discipline yourself why you have to discipline yourself because you do not want to be this qualified you do not want to be disqualified. We know this about soldiers. You can be dishonorably discharged.

There can be conduct unbecoming to your branch is one of the saddest moments to have a person that was disqualifying discharged this honorably discharged the lesson, Paul says, I would discipline myself so that I will become disqualified is not talking about losing your salvation, but he is thought about losing his opportunities.

I have wept way too many tears for way too many good people who didn't practice this at some point they got careless, undisciplined, and all of a sudden we talk about what they used to do no longer talk about what they are doing or will be doing because they became disqualified that you gotta discipline yourself you disciplines up so you don't become disqualified witnessing we can have enough physical Army Benedict Arnold say that name in the resonates you will we get what else we can have in the spiritual army we can have Akins we can have Akins to Mary Ward. All it takes is one Aiken Judges chapter 7 Joshua says let's go, let's go get up I get by on it.

Enemy just like God he goes about it.

You got sit in the camp. Joshua chapter 6, Aiken took the purse thing.

Now God has to point him out there can be Akins at Salem Baptist Church for us to be strong in moving forward. We gotta get the sin out of the camp. You gotta get the sin out of your life.

Discipline see this part of being.

Discipline means you live with integrity when it comes integrity about this quote will fit well for the day's lessons because June 6, 1944 was be led by Gen. Eisenhower is the supreme commander, and he makes this statement, the supreme quality for leadership is on point with integrity. Without it, no real success is possible no matter whether it's on a second gate, a football field in an army or in an office. It's got to be integrity folks you have to discipline yourself to do that which is right. Gotta discipline yourself. You won't be distracted possible. Talk to Timothy to say this to him.

Timothy, you therefore must endure hardship to the good soldier of Jesus Christ.

No more engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier, a this strike that a distracted soldier assume would be defeated so you cannot serve two masters.

Some of us are wavering with a love for the world. What happens when you start loving the world you moved to a place where Jean James says you've committed spiritual adultery strong soldier when your heart when you're playing around with fire and falling more in love with the world. You've got to be disciplined so that you're not distracted and then that you may not be devoured.

This is where it gets real serious folks. The reason you going through boot camp can be a train when you're being trained as a soldier, so you'll stay by. It was in Ephesians. We've Artie read it. Ephesians 427 Says Do Not Give Pl. to the devil. Don't give him an opening to give him an opening. It's not that serious that I am desperate for myself I could play around the below fire low temptation know you can.

That liberty I got up I had numerous work studies for me one name Josh Brown came to me one day and said when he read the door a Bible study and the I think you might like this one and he tells me about first Kings 2234 first Kings 2234 not even recognize that right off the bat, but I went there with him and I read this verse but a certain man drew his bow at random. Instruct the king of Israel that's Ahab between the scale armor and the breastplate that he said to the driver. The chair turn around and carry me out of the battle cry wounded would later die without notice something on the scores between the scale armor and the breastplate, he didn't put the kite heat input is over on tight laugh that Laurel crack in the cost of his life, I'm talking about. You make a decision.

I'm not giving the devil and in which I'm not to play with any temptation on the beach on myself.

That's the idea of being discipline determine to be discipline number five you got number five must be informed and be intelligent about the enemy you must be informed and be intelligent about the enemy now have time to go into it.

All the things that took place with the day of what they knew about the enemy and and and all the ways that would work for them to be able to win that battle with there has to be great intelligence and here's what we gotta know when were facing the devil he has all kind of. It says while CSD's Lee says that put all the oh hello. Regrettably, you may be able to withstand stand against the schemes of the devil. And here's what Paul told the Corinthians. Last Satan should take advantage of us, for we are not even of his devices. Are you ignorant of Satan that we study and learn all we can about garbage and also study a little bit about your enemy and your enemy is a saver which means you have to pay close attention to what is being brought before you were living in a world right now.

Where right is wrong and wrong is right where where they will say good is bad and bad is good you not be able to discern as a good soldier like he is telling you. You will hear lies from the devil. He is a liar. He is the father of lies. They discourage her. He brings about doubt. You gotta know when he is a out one of the verses that I use in my daily devotions is first Karen first Chronicles 1232 first Chronicles 1232, says the sons of this car had understanding of the time to know what is a lot to do. By the way, when the residual income said about Christian schools but we have a class entitled understanding the times we want our students to know about the times at which they live in. Here's why this verse as part of my devotions when I was being when I was just can start a ministry. I was with a man by the name of Dr. Jerry vines.devising the presence of the convention. He was chairman of our school board. I'm riding with them one day it just says about how do you do you devotions Howdy do ministry and he sizzled by little things I do with when I get up in the morning. I want to know what got up to it so I read my Bible and then I will with the devils up to so I read my newspaper folks sometimes reading a newspaper listening to the news is absolutely discouraging. There's no question about Bob go back to Jerry vines work if I'm not listening and finding that with the devils up to how I know where I'm supposed to be fighting and so for me, I give this is a tip to you guys read your Bible, but also reap and use know where you're supposed to be standing for God number six equipped one of the strong. You gotta be equipped with the right equipment and equipped to use the equipment against enemy. Now I don't know if I can give a better tagline for Beth to give it for next Sunday because this is what is going to do is go to tell us about the armor of God, the equipment, the God has forced his good tell us how it can be used if you don't want to miss what's coming in the Mukerjee you want to learn how every day you put these pieces of the armor on so that you can defeat your enemy. Our commander has put at our fingertips, the very things we needed tells us to put them on his says I want you to be ready not let not just to be defensive and I want you to engage the enemy. I will you take on the enemy and then number seven watching the clock guys number seven will be strong. You will be strong means you gotta become responsible to prepare daily for the battle personal responsibility. I went back and I did just a little bit of a doctrine if you will doctoring to the word. It's implying but I put it there for you. Look at Ephesians 611 put on the long forgotten of you. You you put on the armor.

The whole armor of God that you you gotta do this I can't do it for you.

Pastor Kevin can do it for you. Terry can do it for you. Rick can't be going to Fred teachers and for student each person has to take personal responsible ability. That's why when you see that with it with the Army be inspected yet still expect a group but it's individual inspection. Are you ready for the battle you take responsibility for bonuses. Therefore, you take up the whole armor of God is more concerned that there many of us that still want to blame somebody else from the states. Did you get up this morning address with armor of God. If you got dressed with the armor of God, when Satan throws his fiery darts and you you got a shield of faith, afraid to go to war with you to get dressed and leave yourself wide open. Then you wonder why his experience defeat this morning if you want to be strong enough. Put these to put these actions into practice. I put before you one more time. This is the reality. This is the reality you have an enemy we thought Hitler with me that even come close to Lucifer who wants to destroy you.

He wants to devour you.

He comes to steal, kill and destroy decision to take on the whole armor of God to be strong is your decision. His brown eyes closed hits valid, eyes closed, or you playing with temptation. Are you leaving yourself wide open for the enemy to devour our new a spiritual pushover this morning.

We try to give you some spiritual push-ups for you to be strong. Maybe this morning you need to say Lord I'm recognizing I'm not a strong soldier, but in this month of June. I want to learn.

I want to learn how to put on the armor of God so that every day every minute I am ready for the battle if he gets no victories this morning.

If you don't know the Lord is your savior. There's nothing more we can do for you. He is sent his son to dollar cross, he rose again.

He did everything that is needed for salvation in the day. If you don't know him. He issues the invitation of invitations.

Call me most important decision you'll ever make is asking Jesus Christ to be your savior become his son become his child become part of the family of God and then from that become a strong soldier in the Army of God. Bob, thank you for your word that helps us equips us for spiritual warfare.

May we apply it so that we might be victorious for your glory reproducing pricing

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