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Palm Sunday

Salem Baptist Church / Pastor Kivett Hicks
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March 28, 2021 6:00 am

Palm Sunday

Salem Baptist Church / Pastor Kivett Hicks

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You take your Bibles and turn to Matthew chapter 21 Matthew 21. This is the passage that was read for us a little bit earlier, read the whole passage again.

But I do want to read versus specifically versus nine through 11. The starter time off here and in God's word. Matthew 21 starting in verse 11 in the crowds that went before him, and they followed him were shouting hosanna to the son of David. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest and when he entered Jerusalem the whole city was stirred up saying who is this in the crowd said this is the prophet Jesus from Nazareth of Galilee, who is this, they said who is this Wednesday is what is known as Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday. It is the Sunday when Jesus enters into Jerusalem is coming in to Jerusalem with one purpose, and that one purpose is for him to die.

That's the whole reason these come and in Jerusalem fact his whole life is lived with one purpose, and that is to die. They say will assess not very different because every single one of us die right.

We all live in, and we know that one day we are going to die and you're right we do die is not much difference except in this this death. The death of Jesus was not deserved in any way none whatsoever. We die you and I will die one day. Because of the curse of sin that this this world is is cursed, and it leads to death. Our bodies are to deteriorate and that deterioration leads to death. Jesus was not sustained by CNN in any way whatsoever. He was sustained by the curse of sin Sweden deserved to die. If Jesus died, it would only happen through a conscious decision that he made to die the anointed have to miss only he is the only human being that is ever applied to Palm Sunday is that day were we will remember Jesus entering into his place of death, even though his his death is still five days away. Jesus entering into Jerusalem on purpose to put himself in a position to be killed right will talk more about this moment. Okay, but here's a question I want to ask you and him and maybe you think creatively here for just a moment, but has there ever been an event that you and someone else interpreted differently, completely differently, and if you're married right now you put your hand up say yes I've seen that happen. I pretty much happens for all of us again that something happens and I interpreted one way is somebody else interpreted this other way. It is an example. I heard a story once about four people who were riding in the same scum small stall owner on a train. There's 201 side to only other facing each other on one side of the basketball player and his coach on the other side is a college-age girl who is who is very attractive, and her grandmother riding along and ended the basketball player in the college-age girls are making these looked at each other. There flirting with each other and then really talk much at all at this point, but all of a sudden everything goes dark.

The riding through a tunnel and several seconds of darkness. Not that you can't see anything ago and in that time you hereto sounds right here the distinct smack of a kiss followed immediately by somebody's face being slapped, the girl thinks this, she thinks, mastering glad he kissed me.

That was great was my grandmother would've slapped him grandmother sitting next to her she says I cannot believe the audacity of that boy to kiss her while ride through this tunnel and I'm glad she slapped you the coaches that there is Corona's face.

He's thinking my goodness I don't blame the guy for kissing this girl but she didn't have to slap me. I think she slapped the wrong guy with his basketball player sit back little smile on his face. You think admin has lost my got to kiss that girl and slap my coach same time for different perspectives of one reality is only one thing that really truly happen right but there's four different perspectives on what that was. That just happened and you probably haven't had that experience before, but you probably had some experience where you and somebody else interpreted something in a very different way. Now some people when they hear about the death of Jesus. They don't see it as any different than the death of any other good teacher who was killed for the things that they had to say. Some people think that Jesus was a lunatic who died because of his crazy claims that in no way can be substantiated. There's other people who think that Jesus was nothing more than a liar who played only emotions in the pocketbooks of some really gullible and weak people who need religion to prop them up in life.

Gandhi was the was a symbol of the great civil rights leader in India back to the 1800s and he led India in an opposition to British rule, but he wrote in his autobiography in the year 1894 he said this, he said I can accept Jesus as a martyr's death on the cross was certainly a good example, but that there was anything else to his suffering, like dying as a substitute for sinners. This, my heart can never accept some people like Gandhi absolutely refused to believe that Jesus truly is who he says he can't tell you that I know without a doubt that Jesus dies not a liar or lunatic or just a good teacher.

Jesus died, the son of the living God, and his death came in my place so I wouldn't have to die the death that I deserve to die and spend eternity apart from God. If you get this wrong. All of eternity hangs in the balance. If you get who Jesus is wrong. All of eternity hangs in the balance. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and nobody comes to the father except through me said what Jesus is going to Jerusalem to do is not to die a martyr's death for a good calls he's going to be the sacrificial Lamb of God who dies in my place and who's gonna take away my sin so I can have a relationship with God. He died for you in the same way so you can have a relationship with God. The journey to the cross is one that is not accidental. It's not a charade. The journey to the cross was intentional.

It was a self imposed a death sentence by the son of God to save us from our sin and listen. I hope that you will take what I have to say today and that you will listen because it is eternally important if you're Christian already than that is also listen, we all need the fresh reminder of the links that God went to to save us. If you're not a Christian. There's never been a time in your life in which he repented of your sin and you gave your life to Jesus you turned your life around to follow Jesus than what I have to share with you today is vitally important to you as you have a decision to make. Are you going to believe that God loves you and that he wants a relationship with you, through Jesus, or even reject Jesus and the free gift of salvation that he offers you listen that is the single most important decision that you will ever make. We are entering into passion week is the week leading up to and including the death and resurrection of Jesus, and in today this morning and on Friday night will come together for the Good Friday service will take a look at the journey to the cross.

The journey to the cross. Look at the events that led to the death of Jesus well under this morning's focus for just a few moments on why Jesus had to die and then on Friday night really take a closer look at the actual events of Jesus death. Now, in order to really understand this journey to the cross we can go back to the very beginning okay to creation Genesis 11 the very first verse in the Bible says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth are very beginning God created the heavens of the earth relive it later in Genesis chapter 1 that God looked at all of his creation. After he created and he said that is very good. There's no sin there's no death. There's no cancer there's no car wreck. There's no there's nothing that we can look to to say this is a bad thing. None of that existed at that point there was only one requirement.

The Godhead and that was that he told Adam and Eve to not eat the fruit of one specific tree at some ice only once on this that well if God didn't want sin entered the world. He's the one that messed up because he gave man a choice whether they would obey him or not. But listen, God doesn't create robots. The Bible says that we are made in the image of God and a part of the image of God says that we have a will and intellect that allows us to make decisions about whether what really right to do wrong.

God wants a relationship with us that goes deeper than a relationship that your kid has with a stuffed bear stuffed bear is in essence a robotic can't do anything for itself some somebody else thinks for wages, little arms around somebody else moves it around. It can't do any of that stuff.

We are not robots. God created us with a will and intellect. But then we see the fall come about.

The problem here is that Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and they ate that fruit as soon as they did sin entered into the world and before it was a perfect sinless world. Now, it is stated by sin it is cursed by sin. Romans chapter 5 verse 12 says that just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, so death spread to all men because all sin, we are all a part of this, none of us is asked exempt.

We are all cursed by sin. The penalty for sin is death is God's holiness is been defined when we sin we are telling God what we want is more important to us than who he is and what he wants and is simply not true at all. We are not more important than God. The creation is never more important than the creator is the penalty for sin is death went when not when Adam and Eve sinned their bodies started on their way to death. But this death is not just physical. This death is spiritual if something doesn't happen to bridge the gap between God and man. While we live here on earth and we are going to spend eternity separated from God in the Old Testament before Jesus came to earth, God set up a temporary way for people to have their sins forgiven. They can sacrifice a perfect spotless lamb and that land would pay the price for the person sin with its life. This is only temporary. He saw that the land was on the screen earlier know about humans on think about that Lamb of think about that is what in the Old Testament paid the price for man's sin. But then we read later that Jesus becomes the land. The sacrificial lamb for us in the Old Testament the blood that Lamb could not completely take away the sin of the person is not long before the person stands again and they have to go and sacrifice another animal to cover up their sin, but all along God has a plan for the ultimate forgiveness of our sin.

Genesis chapter 3 we see God tells Satan he says a somebody. Jesus is going to come and he is going to crush you your ass. I can't wait for that right you are going to crush Satan for what you have done to all of humanity.

We read in first Peter chapter 1 and again in Ephesians chapter 3 that God had a plan since the foundation of the world for the redemption of mankind before you were even born, God had a plan for your redemption for you to have a relationship with him how that relationship come about. Well first of all, in this journey to the cross. It comes through a birth birth Michael card has written a book entitled of violent grace in which he writes this is the sounds of the first Christmas. The clip clop of the donkey, and as Mary and Joseph enter the quiet streets of Bethlehem. The rustling of straws they make their bed for the night. The music of angels over those lonely hills and the cooling of a baby. The sounds of that night are full of joy. Even the Angels announcement of Jesus arrival rollout like humans of grace Emmanuelle Savior, a light for the Gentiles, the son of the most high glory.

The notion of violence is nowhere to be found. You and I would like to keep it that way.

Who was to rule in a story of such a beauty and hope with even a hint of pain. Certainly Mary and Joseph did. But when the proud parents took their newborn to the temple for his dedication. It was there a hint of scarlet thread after Simeon and Elder develop temple attendance. Bless the child he turned to Mary and said a sword will pierce your own soul. His words were unexpected. How could Mary have understood them after she had she not have been frightened. Simeon's words were the first faint whisper that the grace baby Jesus had come to lavish on a fallen world would be bought at a terrible price.

Jesus was born to die. He was born to die. Continue on in this journey to the cross. We then have Jesus earthly ministry. Mark chapter 1 verse 14 Jesus has been baptized is come out of the wilderness, where he is been tempted in the first thing we find is Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of God and saying the time has fulfilled in the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe the gospel of Jesus ministry here on earth was relatively short, it was only three of the almost 3 years long but in those years Jesus pack them full of events that let us know his heart and why he was here on the thing about that that the miracles of Jesus we see him heal sick people. He raised that people life. He cast out demons helped some fishermen catch a whole bunch of fish is a pretty awesome miracle in it right all the times is that there anything at all. And Jesus says I just organism the other side and all of a sudden there's fish everywhere he turned water into wine.

He cleanses lepers who weren't even fit to be near other people because their sickness become storms to give sight to the blind men defeats thousands of people would just two fish and five loaves of bread and and and and to top it all off, he sticks the ear back on a person after Peter had cut it off as just some of the miracles that Jesus performed. There's many many more than you think about his teachings. The greatest sermon ever preached, was preached by Jesus on the side of a mountain with a bunch of people sitting around the grounds listening to. He taught things such as whoever would be first will be last. He taught the importance of loving God and loving other people talk of the kingdom of heaven was at hand that he was the fulfillment of the Old Testament law. He taught that your faith has to be like that of a child in order to enter heaven. Jesus at all of these teachings that were nothing short of incredible. But in those teachings and in those miracles we see the heart of Jesus. And it shows us why he came. You were my favorite teachings of Jesus comes in Matthew chapter 11 and you have to Turner's computer screen for you but here's what he says come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light retired today, tired of life started getting beat down over and over and over again, tired of the toil just to make ends meet. Retired was Jesus a Khmer Khmer come to me, come to me.

He says I'm gentle and lowly in heart, I will give you rest for your soul, Dane Orlan wrote a book recently this based on these verses and here's one of the things he says and talk about Jesus. He says his yoke is kind, and his burden is light.

That is, his yoke is a non-yoke. His burden is a non-burden what helium does to a balloon Jesus yoke does to his followers. We are buoyed along in life by his endless gentleness and supremely accessible lowliness doesn't simply meet us at our place of need. He lives in our place of need.

He never tires of sweeping us in his tender embrace as is very hearts to Jesus ministry.

He shows us that he loves us and that he has a plan, even for the things in life that weigh us down that terrace up that make us feel defeated.

He's got a plan for that. He's there to walk with us and to give us his non-yoke and his non-burden here is take my yoke take my burden is the heart of Jesus.

That's what is ministry here on earth was was about as great as his ministry was there came a point during his ministry in which Jesus turned his attention to going to Jerusalem to die. Luke chapter 9 verse 51 tells us that Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem when you set your face toward something you are going in that direction. That is where you are headed. You were going with purpose and Jesus is going with purpose to Jerusalem to die. That's what brings us to the triumphal entry read about this earlier in in Matthew chapter 1G is entering into Jerusalem.

Paul David Tripp says that there are six wars that unpack this moment of Jesus entrance into Jerusalem and only given for you here briefly and quickly. You can write these things down as we go through the first of all we think of the word fulfillment fulfillment.

Jesus is coming into Jerusalem to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets. Please also coming to fulfill the plan of God. You see, it is God's will that Jesus go to Jerusalem to die Jesus motivation here is not popularity because that popularity is the end very very soon with just a few days later, the people were screaming hosanna one day are screaming crucify him just a few days later that popularity is not in the last. His motivation is to fulfill the will of God. And secondly, we see the word humility.

Humility is what Paul Tripp writes about this he says Jesus riding on the coat of a donkey is not playing to the crowd. He is the King of Kings, the Lord of lords.

He has come to the throne of David to set up a kingdom that will have no in this moment is not about him is not about how much the crowd loves him is not about how big the crowd is or how exuberant the celebration is this moment is about one thing, the redemptive mission that was the reason for his birth, his righteous life. Everything he taught every miraculous act is final trip to Jerusalem is trial his suffering, his death and his resurrection he did not come to collect followers to head who who had delivered fame and power to him. He came to seek and to save the lost, and to do that he had to be willing to humble himself suffer the greatest man who ever lived, was also the humblest man who ever lived together word humility, but then you got the word Majesty on Jesus, is he's coming in. Humility is also coming in Majesty these two things are not at odds with each other. The site simultaneously important here ever since sin entered into the world creation itself has been begging for this moment when Jesus would come is riding in as a conquering king. He's making his presence as the King of Kings known the people crying out.

Hosanna was the cry of save us is a cry of praise. We believe you could say this is what they're saying we believe you can save us. There are praising God or there's there's adoration is coming to him Majesty, but with that Majesty also comes the word misunderstanding the people thought Jesus was there to overthrow the Roman government. They thought that he was about to go and lead an uprising as the Roman said that the captivity in the bondage that they been in for hundreds of years would now and they misunderstood Jesus purpose in entering Jerusalem in this way, you see, in reality, Jesus is simply following his father's will just go along with what God is calling you to do. This brings in the next word servant hood servant hood so the account of the triumphal entries in Matthew chapter 21 to go back to just one chapter Matthew chapter 20. Here's what Jesus said. He says the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. Jesus knew that his mission was to die. He could've chosen to resist God. He could've chosen to not go through all the suffering that he's about to experience, but he didn't. He chose to take on the heart of a servant and submission to his master servant hood and there's the word eternity six word last words. The word eternity. If you were to take a poll of all the people who were there ushering Jesus into the city of Jerusalem and you asked a simple question you asked this question right here. Are you thinking about the present or you thinking about eternity. What you think. Their response would now think about right now is also to be a part of this moment I get to see this this new king ushered in. I think they would've been thinking exclusively about the present. But Jesus wasn't Jesus had eternity in mind and this ride on this donkey was one that while it was leading him to his death.

It was also leading to our eternal salvation right now. This is a journey that that that has led us right up to the cusp of the cross would come back together offer on Friday night for the Good Friday service Riverwalk to the events of of passion. We can see what Jesus went through for his death is a journey of God's amazing plan for our salvation backup for just a moment to the passage that we read of the beginning. Matthew 2130 verse 10 says this and when he entered Jerusalem the whole city was stirred up overly saying who is this who is this system riding on his donkey into the city. Advise praising God and saying hosanna who is this what the general consensus of the crowd is that is a prophet Jesus from Nazareth of Galilee ask you something based on what you know right now of Jesus, who would you say would you say that that he is a lunatic just say that these this crazy man who is nothing short of bizarre. And that's all he is that to put your trust in this crazy man would make you crazy yourself would you say that he's a liar claiming that he was somebody that there's no way that he could actually be that person.

You can't trust him because he is a liar. You can't trust him because he said something this you can't believe is true. There's 1/3 option and I believe that there's only one of three options that all of us are choosing. You can choose the he's a lunatic. You can choose that he's a liar, but you can also choose no he is Lord, is the third option which one is he to you messages, value had to close your eyes. A worship team stay where you're at for just a moment. Everybody just with their heads down your eyes closed.

I can imagine that in a room this size and with those who are watching online right now that that there are people watching who there's never been a time in which you definitively said I believe that Jesus is liar, lunatic, Lord, but there's no other option I told you before that eternity hangs in the balance of you been able to answer the question of who is this Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and say I am a way a truth I life know I am the way, no one comes the father except through me. I can imagine that for some in this room there's there's never been a time in which you just definitively said I believe Jesus is Lord you've never repented of your sin. That means turn away from your sin and you've never surrendered your life to Jesus to say I want you to be Lord of my life. I'm tired of trying to do it myself.

I want you to be Lord of my life. You can't answer anything except one of those three options. So what's he going to be if you decide you know what I want Jesus to be Lord of my life. I believe in Jesus is the only way to God. I believe that he did everything necessary to pay for my sin.

I believe if there's never been a time in your life and what you did that but you want to raise your hand up and look at me. Keep it up so I can see no opportunity for every single one of us to just simply remind ourselves that we have proclaimed Jesus as Lord you've done in the past.

That's awesome is fantastic powerfully remind yourself that he really is Lord, to spend one maybe 10/22 in prayer and say Lord show me what it looks like for you truly the Lord of my life will father thank you for this journey to the cross. There's so much of it that little relook at and we realize all our God is so great that he would put this plan in place we were the ones who made the decision not to follow God to to disobey God and yeah were not Adam and Eve were Adam and Eve's descendents and sin passed down a sin cursed world is passed down since them, but Lord, thank you for the opportunity to come to you and just simply proclaim you as Lord. Father I pray that you will draw us close to you that this week as we look ahead to the death, the resurrection of Jesus, Lord, that you will open our eyes to see things that may we have understood before to draw close to you in ways that we haven't in the past and Lord, I pray that you are magnified. Who is this the King of glory, the son of the living God, the Redeemer, the one who provides life for us in Jesus name, amen

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