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Do Good to Israel

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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September 1, 2022 12:00 am

Do Good to Israel

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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This is the Truth Network welcome to running with horses just to inspire you as a relationship with Almighty God that empowers others things you never thought possible. Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode before we get into our society today I want to tell you he's that we have put together a blog that contains the transcribed prayer from our earlier episode titled prayer for our children and their schools prayer for our children and their schools so we can make this blog available it's contained in on our website. That website is a clear trumpet all one and also on the Shirley Weaver ministries app which you can download in your's using your smart phone at either one of these locations, you'll find this blog and the prayer written out and I believe if I'm not mistaken we also posted the prayer across all of our social media so you should be able to access it is a thorough prayer is sort of covers the gamut of everything that we can be praying to use the parental authority that we have either his parents or grandparents to take authority for the well-being of the welfare the purity, the innocence of our children so we want to facilitate that.

Anyway that we can as the family of God in the earth and its individual families. When we join together the forces stronger when were saying the same thing.

It just resonates more powerfully so I hope you can do that. Go to the website. We just give you a little instruction a clear top of the page Choose the Option Resources and Once They Are Choose Blog and the Most Recent Blog Is That Title Prayer for Our Children and Their Schools Where That Prayer Is Transcribed, You Are Going to Find It a Powerful Tool to Help You Do That and Again Will Include That Information in the Show Notes so That You Have at Your Fingertips Also One More Thing before We Get into Today's Topic. I Believe That There Is Blessing in Connection I Believe That There Is Blessing and Our Connection and I Want to Call Forth That Blessing for You so That It Is a Corporate Experience We Have Here, Because Any Time We Come Together like This.

Something Is Said on One and There Is the Hearer.

On the Other and and Sometimes and I Hope You Will Do This Then You Turn That around and Have Something to Say Back to Us so That You Can Comment Share Whatever That You Let Us Hear Back from You How You What You're Receiving from What Were Saying When That Happens, Something No Money and Something Said on Money and Something Heard on the Other and Introduces a Strong Corporate Anointing a Corporate Anointing Is Stronger Than Individual Anointing's Jesus Said Any Time Two or Three of You Gather in My Name and They Here He Is Pointing Us to What We Are Describing Here a Strong or Stronger Anointing Because Were Corporate Someone Will Recognize the Value of That As We Focus in God's Word.

We Declare His Word, We Hear What He Is Saying There Is Value, We Want to Call Forth That Value More and More and More for Your Benefit. My Benefit.

The Benefit of God's People Worldwide. The Benefit of His Church As We Gather As His People, so Don't Forget That the Blessing of Connection and Expected to Happen. Expect to Benefit from That to Sense It, and to Feel It. So a Man Today's Topic Were Talking about Israel and Specifically, You Know, This Time of Year I Really Start to Think about the Fall Feast of the Lord. We Read about Those in Both the Old and the New Testament Primarily in the Old Testament.

These Are Ancient Feast That God Gave to Israel to His Chosen People. Remember, He Says That Israel Is the Apple of His and We Celebrate Israel As a Result, Because God Sees Israel As the Apple of His Eye, and These Feast Days Demonstrate Something of That out.

The Lord Something about Our God That He Gave a Revelation to about Himself to the Nation of Israel, and He Did It by Demonstrating His Character, His Nature Prophetic Things to Come through These Fall Feast and Therefore through the Feast Days, Excuse Me, Not Just the Fall Feast, but All of the Feast Days of the Lord, Their Major Feast Days, but These Fall Feast. There Are Three of Them. They Are Just so Powerful This Time of the Year to Cause Us to Paul's and Think about the Lord. Number One, but Also What He Is Teaching through These Feast Days. Usually They Occur, They Are Contained in the Months of September and October. From Time to Time Because of the Jewish Calendar.

They Will Become Part of the Month of Our Month of November but Think I'm Usually Thinking September and October. This Is God's Calendar the Jewish Calendar Is God's Calendar That Contains These Important Feast Days. Think about That Considered the Meaning That Is Here That Is a Part of These Feast Days the Meaning for Us. We Have a Devotion That We've Entitled, Do Good to Israel, Do Good to Israel and We've Placed It at the Beginning of September. On September 1 for This Very Reason, We Are Turning Our Hearts and Our Minds toward This Season of the Lord Were Turning toward the Season and Were Torn and Turning toward What God Says about the Season and so Our Book Running with Horses Has This Devotion on September 1. I Think I Think I Just like to Read It. I Don't Want to Try to Teach from It, but I Would like to Read It in the Sense of Just Sharing This Information with You Because It's like Second Introduction Maybe to How We Can Look at This Time and These Feast Days What They Mean for Us on That I Read This Here We Go Each Year. I Look Forward to the Jewish High Holidays Also Known As the Fall Feast of the Lord. I Appreciate Them As Special Times of Remembrance, Not Only for the Jewish People, but As a Season of Revelation for the Church of Our Lord concerning What He Has Appointed the Hebrew Word Mo Ed Meaning Set Apart Time. The Hebrew Word Mo Ed M0 ED Meaning Set Apart Time. These Are Times Established by God and Kept by His People Israel. In This Jewish Holiday Season. God Remembers You. He Remembers Your Goodness to His People Israel. He Remembers Your Prayers for Her and the Kindness That You Have Shown to Her. He Remembers That You Share in His Longing and His Desire to. The Bible Says Again, Do Good to Israel. He Remembers That You Have Stood with Her. He Remembers, and His Heart, Therefore, Is to Reward You to Reward Your Righteousness. According to Some 35 He Reward She Because You Favor His Righteous Cause.

His Righteous Cause. Israel and the Jewish People, Drawing from History. Looking at Zechariah 8.

Specifically, Verses 12 through 15 Zechariah Prophesied Something That the Lord Is Determined to Repeat in the Future of Israel.

God Promised to Show His Goodness to Israel and He Promised to Repeat That Goodness to Again Show His Goodness to Her. Therefore, Because of Your Goodness to Israel. You Are a Demonstration and a Fulfillment of Zechariah's Prophecy. To That End concerning the Lord and His Word for Israel and for the Church. Every Remembrance Is Important. That's Why the Bible Says Frequently Remember the Lord Remember His Goodness. Remember the Times of His Visitation Every Remembrance Is Treasured There. Also There Are of Course Days of Difficulty, We Have Those When God's Love Actually Disciplined Us but As Always, His Love Results in Our Good, so in That Case Even His Discipline Is Good. And Then of Course We Remember Times of Divine Favor and Great Reward. Great Joy and Celebration so That Both Days of Difficulty and Days of Joy. These Things Are Treasured Memories Because God Is Always in the Center When He Is Lord. Any Time That I Purposefully Call to Remembrance Get This.

The Lord's Hand in My Life. The Lord's Hand All My Life His Profound Goodness Washes Me Covers Me and Lifts Me Even Higher. The Jewish Feast Days This Year Are like That.

They Remind Us As Christians to Invite the Goodness of the Lord and His Eternal Seasons Where He Visits His People, the Hebrew Word Mo Ed Where We Invite His Goodness to Enter into Our Hearts We Hallow the Lord in Our Home in This Season This Is How We Remember Him. This Is How We Call to Remembrance His Goodness and Culture Remembrance Things That He Has Done in the past What We Expect in the Future. We Hallow Him in the Home Where We Make Room for Him.

We Celebrate Him. We Celebrate His Goodness.

We Celebrate His Plan, Which Is Eternal and so We Say in This Amazing Remarkable Season.

You Know Our Amen Might Be If He Is for You Who Can Be against You. What Does It Matter If Someone Is against You in This Celebration Season, As We Acknowledge the Presence of the Lord and We Remember to Do Good to Israel.

Not Only That We Have Done Good to Her, but We Bring It to Mine. We Stir Ourselves up to Do Good to Israel to the Jewish People Anyway That We Can Anyway That He Shows Us and Therefore See We Really Celebrating Him. We Are Hallowing Him. We Are Celebrating His Goodness and His Eternal Plan.

So Good to Be Alive at This Day and to Know That God's Family around the World Is Thinking about the Same Thing. Celebrating These Feast at the Same Time Learning More about Them. Listen Every Year, Every Year throughout the Year There's Passover and There's Firstfruits in Yom Kippur. There's All of These Wonderful Feast Days, I Learned More and More about Them. You Never Stop Learning Right God's Rich Word Is Just Richer Than Anything You Can Imagine, You Just You Never Get Enough. So This Year As We Enter into These Feast Father We Pray in Agreement with You, the Longing of Your Heart That You Long and Want Very Much to Again Savor and Bless Israel You Want to Daily Favor and Bless Each One of Us, Our Families, Our Children, Our Posterity Would We Thank You for Your Presence in Our Lives in Our Home in This Really Important Season. The High Holidays of Israel, Lord, We Thank You for Increased Revelation and Understanding of These Times in the Mighty Name of Jesus We Pray, We Thank You Amen and Amen We Are so Thankful. Listen We Have the Mind of Christ. That Means the Thought Life of the King.

God Bless You Explicitly If You Enjoy This Purpose. You like to Help Support This Podcast We Share It with Others. Post about Authorities Immediately Leaving Leaving and Review Moves toward You Can Subscribe to Shirley's Email List Three and Producing Very Own Copy of 365 Day Devotional Horses. Thanks Again and We Will See You

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