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1948—Israel’s Birth & the Beginning the End Times

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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August 8, 2022 1:09 pm

1948—Israel’s Birth & the Beginning the End Times

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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Visit and explore Vanguard advice on the things up at risk from shareholders on the hospital Vanguard services provided by Vanguard advisors, Inc., registered investment. This is the Truth Network welcome to running with horses broadcast to inspire you as a relationship with all that empowers things you never thought possible. Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode speaking of the miraculous topic of today's podcast is the year 1948, and the rebirth of the Jewish state literally in a single day and that was foretell thousands of years prior by the prophet Isaiah. In Isaiah 66 verse eight.

Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion once said yes and I plugged anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist." The Prime Minister could speak to the miraculous.

Because of the example of his nations reemergence to the world scene and this event, humanly speaking, it was impossible, but instead this was a sovereign move of Almighty God, beginning May 15, 1948 civilization entered the period referred to as the end times. This is not the end of the world as some think it's actually the end of the age and end of this current age, which biblically is the church age that you need understanding of this time and my understanding is, not as a theologian or scholar. It's really is a student of God's word and as a student of his word. It is clear to me that May 15, 1948 is a pivotal point in the Bible because after hip 2000 years in exile, something that had been prophesied multiple multiple multiple times and well in advance that being this historical and official reemergence of the nation of Israel as the state it was the fulfillment of prophecy and the fulfillment of this one prophecy is understood by most Bible scholars to be the most important prophecy because it sets the stage for all of the prophecies about the end times. The Jewish state was born in a single day just as the prophet Isaiah foretold in Isaiah 66 verse eight to repeat that reference and if you're taking notes. There are several others there are quite a few but just to name a few. Amos non-verses 14 and 15 Jeremiah 30 verse 18, Isaiah 1111 through 12 says this event that occurred approximately 70 years ago from where we presently are in time has been prophesied clearly pointed to in God's word and my reference to Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion concerning this statement about the miraculous is important because in declaring the Jewish independence something else miraculous happened within minutes and that was this by the way, is an American I'm completely thankful for this fact, the president of the United States of America at that time Harry S Truman within minutes of the Declaration of Independence by the Prime Minister for the Jewish state took the international lead with his announcement that the United States of America went online in support of the new Jewish state. His action believers and historians have associated with the fact that Pres. Truman had a very deeply haloed Christian faith. In Matthew, I think of second Peter chapter 1 verse 21 which states no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. I believe Pres. Truman was carried along by the Holy Spirit, prompted by the father prompted in his spirit confirming to him God's sovereign hand in the reestablishment of the Jewish state owned the world scene coming into agreement offering support and taking an international lead in subduing. I believe the proclamation of the independence of Israel was God's sovereign hand, I believe the agreement within minutes from the head from the president of the nation, the United States of America, also a sovereign event and concerning this idea of God's hand in events is sovereign moving in the lives of men see this is what we want. First Peter 121 we want to hear from God and then follow the leading of his spirit. The wording here to be carried along by the Holy Spirit because as we do were free of being fearful or thinking that this is something extra biblical because we've heard him we heard him clearly we do here what other men say we do read what they write. But bottom line most important element here is that you hear here and we respond according to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. That's really the best part, there's nothing to fear. As a result and you know God's plan is always perfect in every way because it always includes abundant life protection for his people and another great thing about God's plan and we read this to be true of his in town plan. He has Satan in his crosshairs and every attempt of the enemy, Satan, the liar Lucifer multiple names in the Bible for this fallen angel. His name is Satan. He is in the crosshairs of Almighty God and his plans have already been judged and are being broken apart and are being removed even as we speak. Ultimately, for sure. His efforts to break and to harm individuals, nations, literally everything. This is taken into consideration in the end time events which is the reason for rejoicing on the part of all believers, especially those who are students of God's word so our emphasis today because I believe it's so important is to be reminded and to discuss and to learn the specifics concerning this event in history and how it affects us what it means.

Eschatology is the study of the end times. Big word simple simple process. Not hard, but you need to be attentive and you need to be paying attention is not something that is just whimsical are that we refer to once in a while. It is important for you to have a grasp of this time and put God's word says concerning this time. So first question most obvious question, are we living in the end times obvious answer yes second question, what until we know more about this time, simple, short answer ignorance. Ignorance, not an insult at all, but just really give this some some consideration. The definition of ignorance is the absence of knowledge. It is the absence of correct instruction. It means the absence of informed facts and I think everyone can agree that that is the case. Generally speaking God's people do not know enough do not have enough knowledge, enough instruction have the facts down in a way that they understand what is happening and also in understanding you personally are able to fit the things that you hear proof which is what is true compared to God's word.

I may sound like a broken record on this point and I'm unapologetic about that for it's so important that you understand God's word concerning end time events and we are just isolating May 1948 today in this podcast, but they are so much good news that is covered the last 70 years, and you need to the N on that you need to realize where we are in the process of time that is unfolding. So let's go there.

Let's just kick around their little bit studying this personally for me as a student of the word.

I really don't see another Bible of that that has to happen before the rapture are the catching away of the church.

So if we're going to understand where we are, we can say that there's been a fulfillment of the things prophesied beginning with the reemergence of the nationstate of Israel and coming up to a point where the next event that I see is the catching away of the church. So let's look at that a little more understanding for us and I'm going to look specifically at two prophecies. First of all, Ezekiel 37 and then Revelation chapters 3 and four so first of all, Ezekiel 37, which contains the valley of dry bones. We understand that the dry bones in the reference they are refers to the nation of Israel to the Jewish people and the final restoration of this people that to their land right before the end times begin to unfold. It's a written Ezekiel is in exile in Babylon and in chapter 37. He is specifically looking to a distant future, to the ultimate restoration of the Jewish people to their God given homeland.

Today we are witnessing a progressive fulfillment of this chapter. It's the most important prophecy because it sets the stage for all other prophecy regarding the end times. The next two chapters following Ezekiel 37, which would be chapters 38 and 39 are even more futuristic.

They point to a military invasion of Israel by players on the world scene like Russia is not part of our topic today we're looking at Ezekiel 37 the valley of dry bones that that is a reference to the Jewish people and the nation of Israel and that God intended for the Jewish people to be return from exile and from being scattered across the whole face of the earth and restored to their homeland.

Something that Took Pl. in May of 1948. So that is our first understanding.

Secondly, we can look at Revelation and you know just a little setting here Revelation 2 and three. Those chapters refer to the church age we live in the church age. Now we are talking about the closing out are the end of this age, the church age.

Again, not the end of the world the end of the age and in Revelation 4 is the vision John is on Patmos.

The island of Patmos. He's in exile for his witness and he is caught up in the spirit in hears the words come up here come up here.

Revelation 4. This refers is a type of I believe the catching away of the church so Revelation 2 and three again refers to the church age. Revelation 4 the catching away of the church and then beginning in Revelation 6.

For many chapters.

Following, we see the description of the tribulation that will occur once the church is removed from the earth.

So to answer where we are today. Looking back to May 1948 until now, there is not another Bible unfit that I can see that has to happen before the rapture are the catching away of the church as we see it and study it in Revelation chapter 4 and other places throughout the word. When believers will be called up to meet the Lord in the air. This is a set of that, but it's not the second coming is actually the first part of the second coming. It is the rapture of the church C church, which includes believers who are alive on the earth and believers whose lives have already ended. That would be those who are already dead from an earthly perspective. They are in the grave, whether that grave is one of ashes on earth and grave a watery grave. Whatever the case may be.

This whole doctrine of the rapture is an important doctrine of the church. Again, it's a part of our eschatology, our study of the end times and they rapture is so important to understand and to realize God's plan for. Although the word rapture doesn't appear in the Bible. Actually, the Latin rep to the Greek are pot so our pets so and the English word called up our catching away are the words that we see. We more commonly use the word rapture again. It just doesn't appear in the word that in the will of God. That way it is either the Latin retro. The Greek are pot, so are the English caught up our catching away his Revelation are reference to Revelation 4, when the spirit of God and his encounter with the apostle John said, peer, peer said that is the voice that he heard to seize hastily to snatch away, and another reference would be again for your note taking. First Thessalonians 413 through 18, so let's keep going here. What should our posture be and this is again simple but it's so important. Don't miss this. What should our posture be second Timothy 48 we are to love his appearing. Appearing means manifestation, especially the past or future advent of Christ. We love that we love the coming of the Lord. We love his first appearing. We love his first coming.

We also look for and love his second coming, or his second appearing, the second Timothy 48 and another verse. Second Timothy 312 looking for and hasting, the coming day of God looking for and hasting, the coming day of God and just breaking that verse down hasting study that word.

Check the definition means to speed our study. Joan diligently are earnestly implies a weight eagerly so were looking for. And hasting, the coming day of the Lord. We want to await eagerly speed diligently earnestly urge. We want to study that word hasting you want to spend some time right there thinking study that word and then the next important word. I think coming day of God. The word day look at that with me. It means literally or figuratively, a day of.

Defined also by the context in which it appears so.

In this context, the references to heaven's own fire and elements melting so very appropriately in the King James the rendering of this English word day is a are and judgment. Age and judgment, so it fits completely and our understanding and our study of the end times the end of the age. So we are going to position ourselves were looking for his opinion. His appearing were not ignorant concerning his appearing were not nonchalant are unaware, but rather we love his appearing were looking for it and we even want to participate in bringing about this thing that is on his heart in a major way. We participate in praying for the sick, because we love his promise of healing.

We participate and give ourselves to bringing about deliverance own as many levels as we encounter to bring God's compassion for deliverance because we know that is his heart.

He loves that we love that he loves.

We love this is the same. It is the same. That's how we approach this study. This approach to eschatology and with this understanding we replace ignorance concerning 1948 that we can learn about look for and hasten the Lord's plan which pleases him again the prophecies in Amos Jeremiah, Isaiah confirm that is his heart and second Peter 314, one more thing looking we are diligent that we are found in him. Verse 14 a second Peter three as were doing this. Looking we are also diligent that we are found in him, and that we are in peace that we are blameless, so where are you in this time.

What is your posture. After all that said, you are in the Lord and we say frequently, you have the mind of Christ have the mind of Christ, seek your in him thinking like him, seeing as he sees hearing from him and then moved along by his Holy Spirit so biblically, what is the next in time of event that we cannot expect from where we began in 1948 until today present. We look at Revelation 4, verse one again. The previous two chapters in Revelation have laid out the seven phases of the church, probably overlapping timewise and for example the evangelism in the church of Philadelphia is unfolding right now there's an increase of evangelism on increase in the numbers of those coming to faith in Jesus coming to a knowledge of him as Lord and Savior and then also the church at Laodicea, known for its apostasy that there is an increase now even in our day. This is an increasing apostasy of falling away. I think this interesting a falling away from the church at a time when God's plan is for the catching up of the church up.

You know the church is going up in the apostate person is falling down falling away not know if you ever thought about it that way. So the last church mentioned in Revelation 3 is the Leo decision. The lukewarm church.

So then the next thing that happens in Revelation 4 is this famous verse, verse one, peer otherwise rapture, weigh the catching away so as we lay out our understanding here of these in time of events we want to pray we want every believer to be knowledgeable.

We want to have an understanding of the times and what we ought to do. We ought to be wise as serpents and gentle as Dobbs. The rendering of the use of Sir serpent, there would be that a serpent is knowing when to be still and knowing when an opportunity is before him, and he does both will he both is very still. When that is needed and he knows when the opportunity is prom and therefore should strike the creature mentioned here is the serpent but then also the dove you know is so peaceful, so confident of God's care and the grace of God. So let's close out the podcast today with this prayer and it's so important to seal what we believe about what we've heard pray with me.

Father we pray today because of the setting in which we find ourselves. Things are tough on the world scene. Over the years. They always have been.

But there is an increase of wars and rumors of wars, the lawless one. These things produce severe conditions bad things happening, but we respond. Instead of being bogged down or pulled down into this low place to Jesus words lift up your head for your redemption draws nigh lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh and as is the case of everything that you do your mercy endures forever. We just seal our understanding of what we are hearing concerning this time in Bible history that no matter what or where your mercy endures forever. We know from first and second Chronicles and the book of Ezra and the book of Psalms and the book of Jeremiah the mercy of the Lord endures forever that you are merciful and second Peter 39 not willing that any should perish, you are not willing that any should perish without the saving knowledge and relationship of the Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you father, we express our confidence in you. We thank you for your outpouring in our day for the supernatural things that we are privileged to witness and we give you glory in Jesus name, amen and amen.

Listen here it is again we have the mind of Christ.

This is the supernatural element that means we have the thought life of the key of the King and his Prime Minister Ben-Gurion stated anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist. In that same way you and I are not ignorant or fearful of future events.

We love this outpouring of the miraculous. And because we followed Philippians 23 through five.

We let the mind of Christ be in us, we allow it a habit and we allow it recite God for it. We have the mind of Christ by explicitly if you enjoy this purpose you'd like to help support this podcast we share it with others. Post about social media, leaving leaving filaments you can subscribe to Shirley's email list donated ministry is very own copy of Shirley's 365 day devotional running with horses.

Thanks again and we will see you next ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade. Or maybe it was the wrong dimension altogether.

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