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Critical Mass

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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June 27, 2022 3:23 pm

Critical Mass

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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June 27, 2022 3:23 pm

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This is the Truth Network welcomes horses just to inspire you relationship with Almighty God that empowers you things you never thought possible.

Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode just noticing a notification from our social media and the headliner. It looks really interesting to read this to you. This is good opposition is spiritual, not a flesh and blood struggle. You have God's authority to pray for your family and because you have his authority. You can expect the outcome God desires the same is true for your nation you have authority to pray against corruption and for righteous governance and then it goes on. This is good.

We're gonna put the link to our social media in the show notes so you can take a look at that.

You know the reminder is imported.

That's an important reminder that we had this authority and when utilized. It changes everything. It changes families changes communities and nations are in great need of those of us who have this authority to step up. Pray according to God's word and his leading his spirit leading and change the governance.

This is not only the gift God gives. But clearly a responsibility and the joy that comes the benefit is to see the outworking of God's answer when we respond the way that he intends to pray against the opposition in the authority that has given us. He has given us that authority is so powerful.

Don't forget that. I'm glad SL that notification is were starting today. Not our topic, not our title but always always so important to remember, actually, today we're looking at the thing up the process where we come to when you arrive in a situation and is happening in your thought is how did this happen suddenly are another thought might be you overnight. This happened will note, usually that's not the case. Usually, things occur along a progressive path more than likely an accurate way of describing what's taking place are has taken place is that we were not paying attention are noticing and so you arrive at a point where suddenly it's completely in front of you and yes you do see you do see an error. Your your your main concern is what to do next. So I'm talking a little bit hypothetically here let me be a little bit more specific. The word definition. If you're talking about something that's come to critical mass critical means something analyzed its rep actually referring to a turning point. Our being on the verge of a crisis. And so the term critical mass can have many applications. For example, basically it's borrowed from nuclear physics, where it refers to the smallest mass that can sustain a nuclear reaction at a constant level that is imported at a constant level. So when a chain reaction is self-sustaining. The mass is said to be critical.

Critical. So critical mass is when that chain reaction is self-sustaining when a chain reaction is self sustaining critical means analyzed turning point on the verge of an critical mass manger at the point of the appointment you've arrived at being self-sustaining. For example in sociology we could be talking about a group of people who make a drastic change their behavior is altered. Opinions, actions, their performance, a drastic change if year speaking in a business setting we could say a company's critical mass is determined by the size of its staff may be like its resources, revenues, market share, so once these elements reach the size that a company can operate efficiently. It is said that that company has reached its critical mass critical mass is the point where a company is then profitable.

So critical mass can refer to something positive in good it can refer to something that has occurred along a path toward an ultimate tipping point that it is not good can be negative. So critical mass can apply to you and me in areas of science and medicine to enterprise and we are referring to an outcome that has the ability to remain that way. So from God's word take of Jeremiah 29 starting in verse 10, I'll read it.

For thus says the Lord, after 70 years are completed at Babylon I will visit you and perform my good word toward you and because she to return to this place for I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace, not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and go and pray to me and I will listen to you. Amen.

Were at a tipping point we have reached critical mass in this case. This exile of 70 years in Babylon has is about to end and God is announcing that at that point things that have progressed to that point he is going to intervene. There will be a divine intervention here divine intervention.

Intervention is like when Jesus turned the water into wine is because the character of God has power over the elements and our response to that is determines which way is critical because it determines which way we will move and become fixed in a place that cannot be altered for good or not so good. So this is the tipping point. This is the critical mass. This is the point that Jeremiah prophesied for the people they are in Babylon and exile. It was a 70 year. So if I look for mass is a chain reaction in these verses, I find a couple of keywords I find that the Lord's word is revealed and not only his word, but his thoughts actually are described and the chain reaction picks up these words he says he intends for you. Peace a future and a hope, and his thoughts are along those lines, and his plan to bring you to a conclusion is that you will call upon him, you will pray and then you will listen to him, he will listen to you and will answer you. So now you are at the tipping point for good. So if I am at a tipping point. Personally, where something like a situation or condition is critical. It's being it's judged it's analyzed and possibly on the verge of a crisis in my core in my core. Remember, this is been occurring along the period of time unnoticed by me either through negligence or something else and now suddenly I'm aware that the Lord is visiting me to gain my attention and to establish once and for all that his thoughts toward me or for a future hope including peace. This becomes a possibility. A tipping and a turning point for me. So evaluating it takes the same amount of time and energy to believe God at this point for his plan in the matter takes the same amount of energy as it would be for me to agree with Satan. What looks like the negative side, this might apply to like a medical diagnosis. It might apply to what's going on in a relationship. It might refer to a plan or project that looks like it has failed all these things you can see how life how we can apply this whole thing to life in general.

So my focus on worst case scenario is not where I want to go. Whether that realm ever how real that realm is you do not want to block the flow of what God is doing to bring you out of the the exile.

Out of the difficult place and into the plan that he has for you. As Jeremiah says he knows the thoughts that he has concerning you, and therefore peace and hope and a future. This is interesting. Did you know that a relatively small percentage I'm reading this. This is interesting. A relatively small percentage of the nervous system involved with perceiving and processing pain is less than 5 to 10% of all the nerves that are involved think I left out a word there to get the point. That percentage is likely true in reference to peripheral nerves in the spinal cord, but when it comes to the brain, which is the most important when it comes to the brain itself is significantly less than 5 to 10%. So once we feel pain, its source calls problem is at least 90% established so here again you have critical mass. The pain is here were at the tipping point something to do about the pain.

What we can do about that. Well, a good thing to do is to look back back up, look over the time. The recent time period to where this has been developing because the pain did not come out of nowhere.

It did not happen overnight. It has been coming to a place where it could manifest. I'm not speaking of course and something that is instantaneous, like a cut. You know are a blow are an immediate injury but something within something internally. The pain does not register when the source first occurs. So hence medically and practically speaking, that this is the reason why we need to be proactive in a disease prevented lifestyle.

So in the context of critical mass and its tipping point or overload you want to have consistent stewardship over that which God has entrusted to you, whatever it is your physical body your own life, your family, your citizenship and whatever nation to which you belong. You have a stewardship you want to speak consistent stewardship there.

So while at the same time by faith while you are maintaining. You might say, and planning for the future. You also want to use your faith to reach for even more of God's provision that divine infusion that divine intervention that where we spoke of.

This is where God has power over the elements and he has that power all you know it's ready it's ready for you.

You do not have to hunker down under symptoms, under a diagnosis or under a prediction or even even the family line to which you identify. This is this is God's plan, that there be peace and a future and a hope. Most importantly, and you or someone you know may be at this point, though very godly.

You are someone you know, there may be the situation where Satan is like piling on. There's an enemy on every side. It seems every day in the family in in the life of the children and the grandchildren in business and relationships. Suddenly, it seems that the enemy has invaded on every side. So the question here.

How do we gain the rescue again, either for ourselves are for someone we know the answer drawl from your stored spiritual storehouse. Your spiritual chutzpah. Huntsville is a Yiddish word. It describes an action are something this audacious or gutsy you know is a responsive action. This gutsy, audacious, and this again.

You can click] Jeremiah 29 he saying listen at that point you will call on me, you will come to me and you will pray and I will listen to you and of course that denotes a favorable response a deliverance. I will listen to you. So, as in the case of that passage at a point after 70 years you need to prophesy and declare the Lord's critical mass his word and his thoughts concerning you the same way. He said I'm going to visit and perform a good word toward you and cause you to return. You need to prophesy that way you need to declare that way you need to stay focused and what the direction is this coming from the Lord, don't go that negative way. Don't fixate on the on Satan's scenario, his desired outcome, and also prophesy declare a chain reaction that will come to the point that it is set self-sustaining in your chain reaction. In this case would be peace, a future hope.

You see, for I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace, not available I will give you a future and a hope leading you.

Here's the chain reaction to call upon me and go and pray to me and I will listen to you, but critical mass sustain reaction at that exact point. Nothing spectacular has to happen. There doesn't need to be fireworks are all you know something that you would point to.

It could be totally could be and I experience those by the way, we talked about those on this podcast but it doesn't have to be because it takes place in the spirit it it takes place in your heart. The pattern of choosing to believe God and to believe his prophecy and his declaration to you locks in to your heart into your understanding and you Lockean to continue self-sustaining in that way you have reached a what I call a prophetic merger, you have come to this place in the book of Esther. The words are you are born for a time such as this are in day to day events.

These things take place for your good and for the outcome that God intended.

That means that when the storehouse of God's purpose that is inside of you is released things actually happen suddenly, including simple things that you really probably wouldn't think of you haven't thought of before. And because movement is then sustained because say it's drop-down in your heart. You no longer in your head. You know off.

I learned back in the day when I was a student and athlete my coaches would remind me if you're in your head. Your dead because the enemy occupies the thought life and thoughts of failure and thoughts of weakness incubate they are waiting to be tapped into to be pulled into a time when you would then succumb to failure into weakness. At the same time operating right alongside of that kind of thing is the Lord leading you toward thoughts of the future and a hope and an outcome that is favorable in the case of the asked athlete a lien of tree may be a breakthrough may be setting a record. So in your head.

You want to sustain you want to lock and to the right outcome. This critical mass needs to produce a sustainable outcome you want to bump the negative and lay hold to what God is saying. Find chain with his spirit so that you don't lose our Miss any aspect of this's really supernatural unveiling he is unveiling he is revealing and he showing it to you, and you may be seeing it for the very first time, you may be saying clearly because it's no longer in your head where you have the potential to be dead, as it were, that now is in your heart and no lien and nothing can take it from me. It sealed so in prayer father.

We see this reality as the possibility right before us, and because we have arrived at critical mass at a tipping point in many respects on many levels. We no longer assume that the enemy has snared us and that we have no options available to us, but rather, we realize that you were there all along, watching over the buildup. The process and that you are there waiting for us to choose the right thought the right intention and to believe you and to see all of this the entire setting that we are in, under your jurisdiction and become like you I favorable when the outcome that leads to victory in our hearts are purified actually receive truth we receive no God. We are something that this word get into your heart go to the show notes that some great information there. It'll help you. God bless you and will see you next time. But explicitly, if you enjoy this episode and you'd like to help support this podcast we shared with others post about media leaving leaving and review. Don't forget to roads or you can subscribe to Shirley's email list you and produce your very own copy of Shirley's 365 horses.

Thanks again and we will see you next

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