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Divine Intervention for Healing

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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February 28, 2022 12:00 pm

Divine Intervention for Healing

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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February 28, 2022 12:00 pm

Some say, “people get the government they deserve.” 

Not always. Tyrants overpower, even in places where freedom is greater. We experience the influence of those in charge, in control, until one day we realize there is no one—not really—holding the line. We we realize we are the only ones, that it’s up to us.

We know the coming year is pivotal, a strategic time for Christian ministries to lead with passion and vision. Which is why we can and should speak concerning government, governments and governmental anointings.

Join your faith with me as we believe the Lord for this important year of declaring the Word he gives.

HIS government will never end.

Key Scripture:

  • Matthew 28:18
  • Isaiah 60:1-3
  • Proverbs 28:2
  • Isaiah 9:7
  • Colossians 4:3


On Running With Horses, we take a spiritual look at the culture and world, as we see it, and the Believer’s leadership role as catalysts for Biblical outcomes that impact with God’s love.

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Horses just to inspire you zoom in a relationship with God that empowers things you never Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode hey am glad you are here.

This is running with horses it's our new weekly podcast know on this podcast sadden out. I'm so excited about this that we are looking at the divine interventions that are occurring in our culture and world and also at the role of believers as they are catalyst for biblical outcomes. That's the unusual, the unexpected that impacts our culture and world with God's love and power, my name is Shirley Weaver and I have got so much to tell you tonight.

Because of this whole coming together of what we're laying out the case. As I said I would like to make for the outlay of God's love and power and an experience we had in our ministry experience with God's power in the spoken word of authority really describes our point perfectly.

So here just as we start, let me just tell you the story as briefly as I can. Although I suspect a great is a great story sounded my best to make it as brief as possible.

We got a call from a nurse practitioner. I believe in the state of Michigan and she personally was experiencing an immune compromised problem something like that. She had medications from her physician and she was beginning to think that perhaps those meds were actually backfiring because she was experiencing in a whelps and splotches all over her body including her face and the ordeal which was over a period of time was actually accelerating, so she said. On this particular day that she was.

She had been able to work under these conditions, but that this particular day she was really crying out to the Lord and crying physically because of just the weighing down and the burden of the problem that there was anxiety and involved and you know where that's the case we are also fear is beginning to make its entrance right and sort of speculate how this is never going to be any different. And it's going to get worse so she was experiencing all of that and she she especially said you know the splotches on my face are just so unpleasant and so on and so remarkable, so she called the ministry number and left a message. We called back. She explained the situation and we prayed and this is the report we received that she was immediately healed her family really, you know, back, set up her husband, I believe, was standing nearby and was a witness to what took place.

This is her description that was like an eraser erased all of the splotches and the whelps all over.

It wasn't like a few left and a few stayed they all went immediately and she said she even went to Amira to check her face. They the splotches they were gone, legs, arms everywhere. She said God erased them.

He erased them away and those manifestations those symptoms have not returned, she is off the meds and this is like a dramatic memory for her and a tremendous mile marker in her life in her walk with the Lord in the way that she pursues God and I just want to tell you what I remember about that prayer was the the authority that was taken not only in the natural but in the spirit realm. Because let's face it. Fear begins in the spirit realm right and taking authority. They are to break the power in this case of infirmity but to break the power in any area of the enemies devices of the way that he works this is this is the this is the message of this podcast running with horses that we are looking for supernatural outcomes. The intervention of the Lord and we believe that believers are catalyst that they are filled with the authority of Almighty God, because Jesus said all authority has been given to me both in heaven and earth and I give it to you. And so the authority that God has given causes us to. These are my words causes us to govern and rule and take authority in the areas that concern us. The area where we live. The area of our family life. All of that and so this is the point and this is not just the point.

It is the case that I'm laying out here to persuade you to this power must not be left on the table and the church must not sit out this time in not only your nation's history, but my nation's history where the believer has the word of authority has the anointing to govern and to rule in the realms of the spirit were going to talk about that as often as I get an opportunity. Is it when I have an open door, and we want so much for this podcast to inspire you this way and so to that point, I think I would be remiss if I didn't just remind us again.

The podcast name running with horses actually comes from our new book by the same title and I'm looking at the back cover of the book's gonna read just the section.

This book is a volume of 365 daily writings exhorting every individual to have bold confidence in God confidence to expect impossible outcomes, even supernatural interventions and inspired this way when the pace phase of in the sphere to which you are called. You run ahead of anything that you might have believed possible. You run ahead of anything you might have believed possible that connects to our key Scripture out of first Kings 1846 and I love it this way. I share it on every podcast where we are told the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah and he ran ahead of the king's chariots. In other words, Elijah the prophet a human being outran a horse are in this case probably several are many horses see that's what happened the day that we prayed for the for this condition that had come upon a physical body. We believe that the hand of the Lord was stronger the hand of the Lord is stronger and we declare that the hand of the Lord. We govern and we rule and we announce this truth that the hand of the Lord is upon you, and we expect supernatural outcomes divine interventions unusual things taking place and selling. Speaking of the hand of the Lord upon an individual's life. I include what I call what I've learned about these are governmental are you might say, ruler, anointing's.

I'm not speaking just of those that we found in places of natural governments. Of course, but especially the government that God places.

For example in my life and in the lives of every individual. This is a deposit that God gives. He expects us to govern our own lives and that is like the basic prototype of how we govern beyond our own personal life to include, for example, our home, the family, the congregation, the judge, the community, we take authority in the spirit realm in the name of Jesus to advance the kingdom of the Almighty God.

That's that's the gist of it and I can know that the hand of the Lord is upon me in this way because Jesus said all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me and I give it to you and we can also know that this is the case because we have the mind of Christ right so you could you could really say then that what were speaking of here is the thought life of the king.

I have the mind of Christ, so actually have the thought life of the king. If I know to expect that if I understand if I have right teaching if I have the understanding that that is the case, and I'm not diminished in any way by something that distracts from that message, so joining the idea that God intentionally intervenes supernaturally in my life with the fact that I am to actually work with him as he does this intervention that I recognize his authority.

This authority that he is given that I've received it from him and I understand then that I am to govern the government is upon his shoulders and is increasing. That is all government is upon his shoulders and is increasing but I am to understand that I am makes an extension of that government and to the extent that I believe that because I have the mind of Christ that I can rule argue LE rule in the areas that concern me insisting upon the will of God in those places and just for example, as I travel and meet other believers and go to other geographical locations other nations. I find varying degrees of understanding of this principle and I and I and I get that.

I mean I understand that but for me I feel like a mandate how important this is to spin and poured it in my life and the life of my family certainly was important to the life of this caller that I just describe for you and really and truly is important for all of us.

For each of us. I don't know if I made the point clearly.

Let me say this again because it's really important that as we pray that day concerning the invasion of of this dear ladies body with these whelps and splotches and this horrible invasion of her skin see it was I don't necessarily say that that was a healing anointing, although it resulted in healing. We just took authority over it because that is the revelation that I cherish so much, just that announcement that God wins sickness loses. I get the benefit and all of those who agree with the mind of Christ and the will of God are beneficiaries of this truth. That's that's just basic. Okay. I'm so looking a little further and the believers. Governmental role probably one of my favorite passages in the Bible Isaiah 61 through three. I love it I love it in every translation, but this is how it goes.

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you for behold, the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness.

The people but the Lord will arise over you and his glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles shall come to your light, and Kings to the brightness of your rising and kings to the brightness of your rising. When you know a king is a ruler that's a governmental role kings will come to the brightness of your rising. Think of that there is glory being seen upon you. The Lord is arising over you. Darkness is over the earth. Deep darkness over the people.

But look at this, look at this arrangement that Isaiah describes, you are to arise. You arise and you shone. It's your light that makes the difference because she should know your light is come. It's past tense. It's there's a there's another tense that goes with that, but it's it has already occurred and is continuing and will continue into the future. Don't tell my English teacher. I didn't remember than the tents. Okay, so it does begin with the individual. And that basically means to self self govern. The Lord gave me a message back in 2017 about the importance of self-governing and it was really sort of in an environment where you know your told people get the government that they deserve. But I'm telling you that's not always because a tyrant can overpower and even in places where freedom is great, we experience the influence of those in charge who are in control and then one day we realize that no one, not really anyone is really holding the line for truth and righteousness and we realize we are the only ones holding the line that is up to us and that message on self-governing means that we are trained at the basic individual level where I choose to receive God's governing anointing his ruling anointing for my own life.

I take authority there and then I began to reach out and affect for the kingdom of God for good God's influence in the lives of those around me. I love it I love the NLT in four Proverbs 28 to the new living translation. Proverbs 28 to when there is moral rot within a nation it's government topples easily, but wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability. So if there is moral rot in my life, then the government of my life will topples easily, but if I am wise and knowledgeable in the lead in my life that way that I become stable I become stable and you know once you've proven it. My dad used to say that if you can prove that you can rise to the occasion, then you probably won't ever have to demonstrate it. In other words, if you will step up with the authority and with the goods to demonstrate that you are not someone that anyone wants to have to contend with. Then you'll probably never have to move into that level and I think it was such a thickets of true love seen it more than once in my life and the lives of the people around me. The Lord gave us the word several years ago that governmental positioning and movement was taken place within governments. Now the word now applied to that time that word and that this positioning and movement reflected a future overall change. Basically an awakening mainly just read Proverbs 28 to so basically and awaking an awakening and that in this word, he went on to say instruments of righteousness are being positioned for good and those of another persuasion so those that are opposite of righteousness are swept and contained, it isn't enough. The Lord said to be right.

We must also be righteous and are just decisions become absolutes that must speak loudly and clearly now, loudly, clearly now and you think of it mean that was 2017 and in basically the for five years since then we have seen this actually play out in every nation out in the open.

I would say that the Lord is drawing out into the open. The government leaders. The leaders of every government to reveal exactly who they are, what they stand for and what they're up to what they're up to. Because if the goal is righteousness, not just to be right, but righteousness, with just decisions that speak loudly, clearly now than we are hearing everything thrown out into the open so that would've been a prophetic word then it's being released now actually has been released is an ongoing way, in my opinion, Isaiah 97 says the government of Almighty God will never end that the increase of his government has no end and as I said some people would say that we get the government we deserve that sort of an unbalanced assessment. I think, but if we apply that to our lives right now.

We could say that the Lord has opened the door for us to govern and to rule with an anointing from him and a mandate from him to do so every individual believer. I believe that by the way, with all my heart and that if we will govern personally on a basic individual level that we will then be able to mobilize governmental anointing's in layers and I say I believe this is the way God works that he overlaps anointing's I think healing anointing's overlap. I think deliverance anointing's overlap.

My mother had both. She had a healing anointing very distinctive.

She had a deliverance anointing and the two together were a powerhouse that affected her family, her extended family or neighborhood community. The entire County. You know impacted by this overlay of anointing's coming forth. Just from this one individual sort of in an uneventful way, except if you look in the realms of the spirit.

It was it was a powerhouse, a man that presence of God in my mother's home is still there. We love to talk about that so we know that the coming year is pivotal is a strategic time for Christian ministries to lead with passion and vision. This is not a time for the church to sit out this move. This historical time to be on the side lines in any way or fashion.

But to step up to speak the truth with boldness, unashamed. Just don't worry about the fallout because believe me the spirit of God is speaking and as I align as you Aladdin as pastors and church leaders Aladdin, then the passion that God gives them the vision that he gives it actually just accelerates its enhanced because were aligned with him. Remember, from our first two podcast we said you must find the presence of God. You must align with him in his presence.

And you must step into the future that he is speaking so this is why I speak concerning government and governments.

Thus, the plural of government with a southern eight exit so government and governments, governmental anointing's speak about it as often as I have opportunity and I just ask you.

I invite you join your faith with me as we believe the Lord for this important year 2022 declaring the look the word that he gifts were emphasizing bold confidence in God and our overview is simple, we need right teaching. We need an authorized message observable authority, disciplined lifestyle, word knowledge, and we need to pray big prayers. We need big prayers you know when you spent any time focusing on the authority of Almighty God and the kingship of his son. The thought life of the king, you will automatically shift over into big prayers just a message before I leave this point.

This authorized message. Nepal prayed for an entrance and an utterance in Colossians 43 he said with with all praying with all praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in bonds.

That's the King James and the message said it this way. Pray that every time I open my mouth. I will be able to make Christ plain as day to them and the voice and I just love the voice it says. And while you are at it, add us to your prayers. Pray that God would open doors and windows and Monsen eyes and hearts for the word so that we can go on telling the mystery of the anointing for this is exactly why I am Kurt currently imprisoned. So Paul, pray give me an entrance and an utterance, and I pray that the message that God has authorized through this podcast running with horses that it will influence you and persuade you and convict and convince you concerning these unusual outcomes. The supernatural interventions of Almighty God, in healing, yes, but in every area of our life in deliverance and breakthrough in success and in the provision for our family should know the enemy has attacked families like he's pulled all the stops. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So as we close out episode three of running with horses. I just want to encourage you that were living in a transition time we've wrapped up the year. We called 2021 and we stepped over into a new season we've got visionary juices stirring on the inside of us.

We have decided to govern and rule with the mind of the Lord.

So we have the thought life of a king and people everywhere will experience the blessing as a result, we have the go ye message down on art in our DNA.

When we tell we teach we preach and we impart this eternal plan that everyone will spend eternity somewhere and we are advancing the kingdom of God and his message that he's not willing that any would perish but that all would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and enter into the kingdom of God were all rule and all authority rest because again, the kingdom and its authority is on his shoulders and the increase thereof, has no I'm so glad you're here. I'm so glad to know you and we will see you next time. So don't miss you next time running with courses explicitly if you enjoyed this episode and you like to help support this project, please share it with others post on social media, leaving reading and review notes you can subscribe to Shirley's email list ministry and produce your very own copy of Shirley's 365. Emotional running with horses. Thanks again and we will see you next

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