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Healing and Deliverance From Fear

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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April 18, 2022 12:00 pm

Healing and Deliverance From Fear

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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April 18, 2022 12:00 pm

This is the resurrection message: It is well! The message of the resurrection of the Son of God from the dead. Of His defeat of death and hell, and rose again, and is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. And those who believe in Him are seated WITH Him, at the right hand of the Father. The message of resurrection is a deliverance message. It is a healing message. With rescue from death, hell, fear, terror, torment, trauma, disaster and overwhelming assaults from every side. The resurrected Lord lives within you. 

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This is good Truth Network horses just to inspire you as a relationship that empowers things you never thought possible. Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode hello and welcome you know where just in this season of resurrection and you cannot escape the factor of deliverance that is so apparent really. Everywhere that you turn everywhere I turn it is not that resurrection day. Some say Easter Sunday that we just celebrate a day are the passion week. This whole season of time every year is an annual event that because we are connected with Almighty God, we sense the resurrection life that was made available on the cross of Calvary, the resurrection, and resurrection life made available to all of humanity. You know, to all those who receive him, he does become resurrection life. This is the running with horses, podcast and my name is Shirley Weaver I'm glad you're here. Listen this season manus undeniable. You begin to think of the times that God has touched your life even for the person who doesn't consider themselves to be like a huge believer are huge theologian. They know the times that God intervened, one way or the other and they remember the impact on their life. As a result so when you have that in your memory and you draw from that place. It it's like reliving the emphasis and what took place reoccurs in your thinking. It reoccurs really you might even say in the cellular life of your body definitely in the brain because that's what a memory is as we recall things.

Certainly we recall many negative things we know that's not profitable, but this kind of memory, the memory of God's intervention in our lives and the way that he moves supernaturally and the outcome is beyond anything that we expected it here every day from people who have experienced divine interventions and supernatural rescues and just the relief you know if it's personal orifice, a family member are a grandchild, a great-grandchild who ever you know when you know that you've been delivered. You are marked forever and yes there is gratitude and yes you recount the details over and over, and on some occasions but you know your impacted and it's undeniable and you really can't get away from that I think of it is God's way of visiting man, while men are trying to tell him they don't need him and I can say that because I'm confident I did that and I feel often if the thing I experienced is so obvious to me. I'm probably not the only one you know people around the world are pretty much the same in that respect. I was a part of a house church. Our family was a part of the house church and one of the things that was probably the favorite time in the Sunday morning service because well we actually did me Saturday evenings sometimes. But we also met Sunday mornings so either way, whenever we met our probably most popular time was testimony time.

We called it testimony time, your time to talk about what God is done what he's done for you. Maybe what he's done for someone else. It's a testimony whether it's in a small thing a big thing a momentary thing a lifesaving thing. This is your time to testify and what it produced is pretty remarkable. We still talk about those days when that group of people gets together. We talk about testimony time and how it impacted us reliving those stories does occasions those interventions that element of God that just comes and it it's not because I deserve it or you deserve it. It's because he's God and his love is that big.

That big over the last 2 to 3 years there has been sort of a struggle for me personally with my vision actually is a lifelong struggle, but thanks to medical science and wonderful doctors I've always been blessed to be able to see clearly and continue my business are my schooling or whatever life in general. But the last two or three years that started to change and no matter what was attempted, no matter the approach that was taken.

It was SNF was as though there wasn't a solution. This time, and the vision was decreasing the acuity was decreasing.

So for me personally, I'm in a dilemma and what I normally would seek out as son away to be tenant to solve the issue. It's not performing an is not.

Not only is not performing, but things are declining sort of exponentially and so I wouldn't say there was panic or fear. However, you and I both know that both of those elements are associated with anything that affects our physical physical life, but just the reality just the reality was a strong message and you know it's ever with you and so as we went through the process of about six surgeries in an eight month period of time at the end of the final surgery. There was supposed to be.

We were expecting the solution that we were hoping for. And that just didn't happen. It didn't happen. The vision was not restored and not only that, but there was the dimness like an absence of light over what I could see and so you know, that brings into brings to bear every aspect of your life so my my thought at that time.

As I sat with the doctor and realize that everything that could be done had been done and that we still were in a place that was not healed and that particular day on that particular day I was scheduled to do a regular teaching which at that time we were doing through videoconference calling, so they were probably in a 15 to 20 people scheduled to attend and it was my responsibility to bring the message and basically to minister and as I got closer to that time I realized what a crossroads head you know now existed, and so much decision was at my fingertips so that I could decide whether to to proceed with the teaching are not I could decide whether to just really collapse in total despair are not I could decide or choose our work my way through what was ahead taking it a day at a time are not in of these things are at my fingertips. They are mind to choose and the closer we came to the appointed time to gather on needs at that first decision needed to be to continue and to speak and to share and to be completely transparent and needless to say it was a videoconference and all of the wear and tear of the day to me was apparent in my appearance so it was, not something to be hidden in my parents are in my voice really are any in any way. It wasn't hidden. I was exposed. Always think of that word's meaning vulnerable, but I don't want to overstate that because the group of people scheduled together are huge huge in their faith huge in every way in my heart and in my thinking. So as I started to speak, I realized just how important it was to speak and to say exactly what my heart was saying since the word says, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks so clearly my heart was about to say exactly what was happening and as that meeting opened just maybe mom minutes before.

Shortly before I heard one thing from what I believe is the spirit of God because of the way it affected me and he said we just back up here. It wasn't minutes before it was that afternoon. I'm remembering now that afternoon I remembered the text where the woman whose son had died, told the prophets messenger that all is well. The inquiry, how are you how is your husband.

How is the boy. The mother answered all is well and I realize that was the word of the Lord to me so now back to where we were in the afternoon going to get into the session. I shared that I explained, no matter what no matter what faith is in place intact. Hope is not lost trust is complete. All is well and you know something really happened when all of that happened. Something happened in me really deep down, the psalmist said. David said in Psalm 51 my bowels, my bowels, and he was referring to the place of truth that comes forth when you are before the Lord.

When you are being honest with him from such a deep hidden private interior place, we reveal our true selves to the one who already knows our true selves because he made us knew these moments before they ever happened. Actually, before the foundation of the world's before anything was Almighty God, who is my father knew that moment he knew that time.

He knew that interworking and whether I would hear that message from him that all is well and believe it and take it as my own.

A story related in the Bible becomes personal to me and is now my testimony is now who I am and God's word to me and because I think back on that time and remember how it affected my psyche and just my emotions because I was completely almost physically spent there were other things going on in my life for one my mother was experiencing decline because of age, we were caring for her other family did not dynamics. You know, everybody has them and so we receive God's word for each day for each step. But the truth was I was physically exhausted, emotionally affected and really my spirit, though strong, was really pulling all of that and so that would've been the fall of the year we went through the holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, nothing changed the beginning of a new year. Nothing changed and in the second month of the year in February there was an appointment for a final and if I remember this correctly like a laser procedure that was actually just a healing process. It was a finishing touch and thank God for lasers you know they are blast of light right so I wasn't thinking that it was going to make any difference.

I really wasn't think I was thinking it was just another procedure, but that day and about a 2 to 3 second blast from that laser vision and one was restored and that opening of that the removal of the darkness of the dimness are whatever you call it the shadow and the opening up so that vision was restored they got, you know, I not only respond if you know with my voice and my body but not all, but you know hug the doctor having that was something, and then the doctor realized and he joined with me in that celebration.

And you know I think I've been walking a little above the earth like not quite touching down since that time.

So what ever columns and I'm still talking personally, feel free to apply this to yourself personally to your situation are those around you personally, but since that day. Confidence like never before. Is a position like I have it I own it and I think have sought in the past that my faith was strong.

I learned think early in my walk with the Lord.

Thank God. Thank God there were faith teachers around me in the early days of my walk with the Lord. So I understand the fate of the son of God, but also a confidence in a settling in my heart that only these kinds of things can affect thick coming make happen. There are some things that only God can do, despite our best intentions and greatest efforts and just when we think we know what we need and how to obtain what we need. We realize how short we fall so will the Scripture just came to me all have sinned and fallen short of the glory. I'm not really talking about sin.

I'm really saying that there is a glory line in a glory level that God has for for each person for you and his plan to cause you to rise to that level of his glory to walk in it, and to know it is beyond anything you can think, imagine plan our work out. God is at work in you to will and to do of his good pleasure it gives him pleasure to give you the kingdom. And while he will give you material things. Thank God he will give you health as he has done for me but it is his pleasure to give you the kingdom. The whole thing. The whole thing to walk with him to hear his voice and to know him and like me, you can say that you realize that is your in the place of prayer seeking the Lord inquiring of him petitioning him, you realize that what you are saying as you are praying is being answered as you pray it. For example, as you are praying through a situation and you have believed God, your kingdom come, your will be done, you realize that in the situation.

What he is doing is causing his kingdom to come, and his will to be done but it's a little bit bumpy and it's taking some effort here.

It's not the way we wanted to be.

It's a difficult time challenge a test, a bumpy road but listen. Many times the answer to your prayer is in the place where then you would turn and pray another prayer to be delivered out of that place that you're in because you prayed an earlier prayer.

He prayed that kingdom come that will be done and God is working it out to will and to do of his good pleasure. And so now submit submit to his spirit to what he's doing, how he's doing it. Those that he is including and maybe using you know because that can be shocking really. The word says he prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies. A banquet a feast for me in the presence you might say face-to-face with my enemies. And that word is not there for no reason. It's true, the very banquet that God has for you can be misinterpreted, because your enemy is present so one of the things we say in our family, you know, when you come into a room and there are others present. Read the room said that's what's going on with the people they are. You're not the most important person entering the room you're probably the least important actually because we've come to such a time as this for higher purposes than our own level. We've come to see the fulfillment of God's kingdom and his will in other people. So as I said read the room and as you read the room you realize and you sense the concerns, needs, issues of others as you encounter them, and it's it's really not hard to do. You don't have to be spiritual. You have to be a spiritual giant. Just think about it, and the Lord will show you and you may not be able to say a thing. But maybe you will are can or somehow affect, so I digress just a little here, but that's good information. By the way, when you're in the place of prayer and your experiencing are coming through crisis and everything around you is shaking fear is that the door panic in a panic becomes Terra quickly it metastasize is it goes to other places and begins to grow so in that place.

Enlarge your heart expand your hope lift up your as to the hills. That's where your help comes from.

And here clearly and Matt, my thought is actually my prayer and I believe this is the Lord will say to you what he said to me, it is well it is. It is well no matter what. So today let us pray. What is this message. This is a message about resurrection. The resurrection of the son of God from the dead, who defeated death and hell rose again and is seated at the right hand of God the father Almighty, and those who believe in him, who have asked him to be Lord and Savior are seated with him at the right hand of God the father God Almighty. I'm just hearing so many verses right now.

This message of resurrection is a deliverance message. It is a healing message. It's risky death, hell, fear Terra torment trauma disaster and overwhelming burying assaults from every side have no power. Nine. Where resurrection is present. The resurrected Lord on the inside of you.

So we pray that right now. Father in Jesus name we hear the voice of the Lord. Thundering Lord you call us the mountains to shake with your voice you calls the deer to give birth with your voice and that voice today to us funders through our being breaks through the exterior penetrates to the interior goes to the deepest part where secrets are held and kept where we haven't open to anyone or anything ever. And yet from that deep deep place. As David prayed in Psalm 51 I desire truth in the most inward parts is our prayer and we have truth we have resurrection life and everything that that means and all that goes with it.

Father, we declare that yours is the kingdom is the power and is the glory for ever and ever. Throughout eternity.

Now and throughout eternity. And we say all is well in the name of Jesus. The issue of our Lord. Amen. Listen, God bless you in the season. I just look out right now is speaking and I feel as if I see so many people in so many places and how is the hymn says the song says, may the Circle be unbroken Circle be unbroken made this connection be really strong will see you next time. Until then, all is explicitly if you enjoy this purpose. You like to help support this project, we should post about if you believe in leading don't forget to fill rooms or You can subscribe to Shirley's email list and produce your very own copy. Emotional courses. Thanks again and we will see you

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