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Concerning Ukraine

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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May 9, 2022 12:00 pm

Concerning Ukraine

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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May 9, 2022 12:00 pm

Not every voice represents the Lord, and not every voice or report is True. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit reveals truth in what we hear—by the Holy Spirit we discern it. Godly standards result when individuals discern their part in the mission, then do as the Lord directs in the highest and best way possible. As the church, we oppose negative influences AND God has decreed – darkness can never overtake the light.


On Running With Horses, we take a spiritual look at the culture and world, as we see it, and the Believer’s leadership role as catalysts for Biblical outcomes that impact with God’s love. Learn more at

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This is good Truth Network horses just to inspire you zoom in a relationship with God that empowers others things you never Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode everyone and welcome to this episode of mining with horses in our podcast, especially intentionally focuses and on the way that God intervenes in the lives of his people. The life of his church. The last of his people, but you know because we live in the world.

When that happens, God's involvement in my life affects all of those around me, whether they are part of the church are not an that's a good thing. That's a good thing because God moves through his people to accomplish the outcome the effect that he wants. It's his plan, his design and you know this. This concept of believing God for something out of the ordinary for supernatural things for unusual miracles that may sound like a luxury are exaggerated. Somehow it's not for many people in the world. It is a life and death matter that they face on a daily basis, and God's hand in their life is critical. Literally, to save their.their lives to live to live another day to stay on their feet and to sustain their families so today we want to title our time together concerning Ukraine concerning Ukraine.

We need to take a look at what God is doing in that nation, and to see what he would say to us, speak to those of us in another part of the world.

What is our responsibility to be involved with what he is doing so initially. What we need is the ability to discern because you know not every voice represents the Lord not every voice, our report is true. Thankfully the Holy Spirit is the revealer of truth, and he does reveal truth and what we hear because by the Holy Spirit, we do discern truth godly standards result when we do that when individuals discern their part, their role in any mission whether us to find our it's just lifestyle we do is the Lord directs in the highest and the best way possible and the outcome is the manifestation of the standard that he is after. So, as the church we intentionally oppose negative influences and God has already decreed and we can say this boldly darkness can never overtake the light the darkness can never overtake the light God's wisdom flowing in the earth accomplishes that very thing and so concerning Ukraine much is out there that we we don't know you don't know what's true, what's not for us though our concern is basic and the absolutes of our concern would include light, the welfare of the church, the body of Christ in Ukraine.

The innocents who live in that land, and to know to discern what is the will of God. So we don't know everything, but we do know these three things that our concern is for the welfare of the church in Ukraine. The innocents the vulnerable. Those who are most vulnerable in that geographical area and what is the will of God. So our role is to appeal to the Lord and we say to him, we don't know Lord, but you do because he knows every detail obviously and we thank God that he leads us from a position in his word and by the counsel of his spirit because we have a responsibility to pray and we have a spot responsibility to respond and to act in ways that the leading of the Spirit speaks to us individually.

We have the mind of Christ individually and a strong corporate anointing to pray, don't ever forget that individually you are a powerhouse corporately as you pray with those who are like-minded.

This becomes strength.

This this anointing is a multiplication of the individual affect so with the mind of Christ as the individual and with the strong corporate anointing as we gather in groups of two or more we pray concerning Ukraine for the people for the church for the innocent who are they are those caught in this conflict, and even for the Russian people, many of the Russian people are innocent as well. They are vulnerable in this conflict. So we pray against anything that releases propaganda arm misinformation that of course is intended to manipulate and control the heart and mind of the people and to bring havoc really to create confusion and to break the spirit of the people who are being oppressed so we ask God, we appeal to him to close off all of those outlets of misinformation and propaganda literally to shut those down and we believe God for accurate information to come to the whole world that there will be an understanding and unknowing of what's really taking place.

What's what and who is the oppressor and who is the victim so that those who have a righteous mindset around the world can stand can take a stand and can pray fervently, effectively so in every place in every place there is not any place where this is not true.

God establishes men and women who have wise counsel.

In other words, his counsel those who champion truth and justice and in a sense, these are the voices of the prophets. These are prophetic voices, the wise counsel of the Lord flowing through them and they become a dependable source of what is taking place so that we are knowledgeable and we are able with our discernment and with the knowledge of those we trust with the words of those we trust to put together a clear picture accurate account of what is really going on, and so we say before the Lord our role.

We are determined. Lord we are determined to hear you for Ukraine concerning Ukraine. We are determined to pray.

We are determined to stand and taking it a step further. I think we should prophesy. This is what I think we should prophesy we should prophesy that the world can expect to see corrupt influences in Ukraine and that surrounding region fall by their own counsel that in that part of the world for Ukraine for Russia. We prophesy corrupt influences will fall by their own devices by their own counsel literally because God is the one in charge.

He is executing righteousness and justice against oppression and the oppressors and ultimately all who take advantage of those who cannot fight back.

Given their situation will be impaled on their own counsel. Thus, the word of God. They will be impaled on their own counsel so we prophesy that way, and further, we say that soon the oppressor and the oppressors will reap the same kind of harm that they have advanced illegally and improperly because the principal and God's word is this that everything reproduces after its own kind.

So we say this prophetically, we release our faith this way and we appeal to Almighty God, we do not know every detail, and we don't know where corruption is and where it isn't, but the Lord sees it, he sees it, and he knows who the culprits are. He knows where evil is being launched from.

He knows the source and so we affirm and we encourage and we strengthen the Christians and that land in Ukraine and really that surrounding region, but especially for the believers in Ukraine. We encourage you that Satan is behind anything that comes to steal, to kill or destroy and you can resist him.

James 47 gives you that authority James 47 submit yourselves to God.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Use your words do it aloud not in your mind or in your thinking are in silence allowed every time you encounter him. Resist him, resist him and expect him to flee. Every time it's not the expressions you know it's not a one and done. It's not one time you resist him. The enemy is intentional about destruction about killing and about stealing. He is intentional and it comes again and again and again resist him with the name of Jesus with the blood of Jesus resist him in the power of the Lord and use God's word use God's word to resist him. The blood of Jesus is against this force.

This a tannic force that steals kills and destroys as often will repeat it as often and as many times as necessary.

You stop what you're doing and resist him is true anywhere is true any time is true in my life. But even more so for those who are in the battle that is raging the blood of Jesus is against Satan. You could even say the blood of Jesus is against you, Satan, and he chases you out of our land. We use that name, and we remind the enemy about the blood of Jesus that delivered that victory at Calvary so release your faith. This is God's plan.

Do it his way.

I encourage you do it his way. Resist the enemy, resist the enemy and stand and know that all around the world.

Believers are standing with you and we won't stop. We won't give up and we won't forget you. So many many around the world suffering for their faith suffering in their faith. We stand and we do not forget we are not negligent to pray you know this, this force of oppression. It's a part of the world that we live in an it's a very real, as we said at the beginning of the of this podcast. For some it's a daily life and death struggle, but for everyone. Keep this in mind, oppression is the result of tumult from the dark side is just one side of the big picture. It's actually the inferior side the other side. The superior, the greater side is the Lord's side, and he has a prophet of his in every house literally in every place in every location where ever you can name a place where God does not have a prophet of his. He demonstrates his word in the lives of those who are his people. Those on the side of righteousness.

And they speak forth boldly. They are his heat.

They are the mouth of his profit. They are speaking as his profit when they declare his word and don't forget this principle, the prophet Jesus lives on the inside of every believer. Everyone, because Jesus indwells us by the spirit by his Holy Spirit, and certainly chases is a prophet so the prophet Jesus lives on the inside of you on the inside of me and you have the mind of Christ. Therefore, you have the thought life of the king, and he anoints you he authorizes you and he empowers you to govern govern in the spirit realm govern in prayer govern with your words govern with your actions govern with the way that you lean and to God's instruction and his leading.

As you pray, the government of God comes into the earth and manifest through his people who realize that they had that calling they have that authority.

That anointing and it's very true.

Every believer everyone. This is not a select small group at all. Every believer has that authority. Oppression seeks to build a case accusing the Lord and accusing that he has not performed his word.

So that's where we take our stand like we stand up against that oppression and the building up of oppression and against the accusation against the Lord, you know, like for example where is the Lord in all this will how can he let this happen. Why would he let this happen. Listen evil men are going to do evil things. The church is called to stand for righteousness and to be that expression which again is the greater force we just have to do our part and trust God to do what we cannot do which is to deal with this advance of evil which is why earlier we prophesied against it. We say it will fall. We say that it will be impaled on its own counsel, the things that have been sown by the oppressor will come back upon the head of the oppressor, having done everything, to stand. Keep standing no matter what. Keep standing in your situation. Personally in prayer for Ukraine and other places because ultimately ultimately oppression is silenced by the voice of the Lord and his divine rule our podcast running with horses is about this kind of divine lifestyle.

This divine intervention will's invention supernatural things happening in our lives, not rare.

This is the way God intends for us to live and the way that he designed us to defeat the enemy and to advance the kingdom of God because you know the voice of the Lord is for ever. It's never ending never less.

It's announced even more loudly today than yesterday.

His promises are more pronounced today than yesterday. The day before on the day before that he is forever. His voice is forever. His promises are forever, and it creates this contest with oppression creates basically like a test. It's a call in a metal test.

You know how you can examine the strength of a metal to see if it will support the tasks that you intend and this test that is coming to us because of God's power in our lives basically is completely what's the word is sort of like that the engine this driving it is the peace of God, the absolute opposite of oppression into molten confusion, and all torment for the believer. It has been said that peace and that word in Hebrew is shalom. It has been said that peace will be the single greatest distinguishing mark upon the life of the believer in the end times and you know I believe were there. I believe were living in those times because of the. The.

The exaltation and the advance of, and the increase of the sinister, the despicable did the base disloyal unfaithful off the wall, out of nowhere, bizarre in credible cruelty. These things are our daily reality so those influences really come from many sources.

All it wants to challenge our senses and see if we really do walk in shalom. If we trust God sufficiently and that his shalom is the fruit of our lives amid it. In the midst of everything and you can see it in our love that Scripture that says our lives are epistles that are read and known by all men, so those around me can read my life.

Tell the story of what I believe and what I trust in just by watching just by observing.

I just submit to you that this piece this shalom is our absolute staple. It's our planting.

It's our establishing feature because the one with peace of heart and mind has literally come to this hour for this time we are born for this time. I believe that an the peace of God in the heart and mind marks you that way.

As one who is appointed for born into and and have you have come like the Bible description of Esther. You were born for such a time as this. So much depends upon God's peace.

His shalom being resident like ready light. Not something you have to work come up, but is there it's like an umpire and umpire skews me an umpire, and it sure authority to govern, to resist the enemy and not only expect him to flee. Insist that he he flee you take the upper hand governor with govern with the name and the word of God. So much is resting on that piece being resident within visionaries, visionary leaders probably trained in a less troubled time in a calmer time are really being tested right now at the very core. Did you know that leaders who really are gifted by God is visionaries are are being so surrounded by these things that are hard to discern that there there need their need to become more discerning to receive from God what he is seeing rather than judging by the natural are going with the whim of the culture we are desperate for right now for that very thing because again visionary leaders are being tested at their very core and the enemy is a deceiver.

He is a trickster. So for all of you.

Hurry in the test don't back off. Don't give up. Don't let up.

God is giving you an Eagles say to you, and I prophesied to you that your discernment is sharp. You want to pull close to you. Every spiritual sharpshooter you know me say that again pull close to you. Every spiritual sharpshooter that you know that you've trusted and that you've proven over the years and hear the word of the Lord from them and receive wise counsel from them because you can't afford to not discern accurately right now your vision is so important to God's people.

Your leadership is critical is pivotal so ask Losman for counsel. Stay humble.

Remember, the precursor of failure is pride right you want to increase your expectation and God's power and his delivering power in the middle of the test like as the test increases and you are provoked in your senses more believe God more. Expect him for even greater displays of his intervention of the power of his hand and always continue to make more room for quality time with him. Tall forget that to not forget that your lifeline time in the presence of God, because see your the strategic company.

You're the strategic company that God has called and brought forth for this time.

With every step. The test measures you and it shows. Hey, you have it you have it you are strategically called, you can step into it. You you can believe God, and know that shalom shalom all is well. Isaiah said, who has believed our report and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed who has believed our report and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed. So I say running with horses should not be the exception. The concept of God's supernatural power in our lives, and his strong anointing coming on us for exploits that should not be occasional. It's the lifestyle. The Lord has for you. For me, for his people have so much to do. There is so much at stake for the people of Ukraine for them to know that we are with them and that we have the mind of the Lord and that we will not give up or give in.

Is this just divine intervention right there. Think I repeat myself with that expression, but unapologetically it is so available and we can relate the Lord exactly that way.

Believe his report. Allow the arm of the Lord to be revealed to me by explicitly if you enjoy this episode and you'd like to help support this project, please share it with others articles media leaving leading review notes you can subscribe to Shirley's email list and produce your very own copy of Shirley's 365 horses. Thanks again and we will see you

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