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Your Race: Beyond Anything You Thought Possible

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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May 16, 2022 3:42 pm

Your Race: Beyond Anything You Thought Possible

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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May 16, 2022 3:42 pm

In the 2022 Kentucky Derby, Rich Strike's odds of winning were 80:1. During the race, announcers didn't even pay attention to him moving up for the win, until the 2-minute mark. Five seconds later, Rich Strike won.

When God intervenes, expect impossible outcomes...
even supernatural interventions...
and inspired this way… run ahead of anything believed possible.


On Running With Horses, we take a spiritual look at the culture and world, as we see it, and the Believer’s leadership role as catalysts for Biblical outcomes that impact with God’s love. Learn more at

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This is good Truth Network welcome to running with horses just to inspire you relationship with Almighty God that empowers usually comes with strings you never thought possible.

Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode everybody we feel really connected to what's going on in our world, our title of the podcast running with horses which by the way, shares the name of our book with the same title. Just reading from that back cover. I love it I love the whole thing, humanly speaking, we are no match for a horses strength our speed, but the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah and the prophet was able to outrun the kings chariots. The horses on the long street from Mount Carmel back to the city which was just real and he goes on to say here in the same way a personal relationship with Almighty God inspires, empowers us to accomplish great exploits that get this we never thought possible. And like Elijah to deliver something of a prophetic value to the culture and the world running with horses is our daily as our volume of daily writings and this is the important part, exhorting every individual. This way, to expect and possible outcomes, even supernatural interventions inspired this way, you might say because inspired this way when the pace speeds up in the sphere to which you are called Iran ahead of anything believed possible. In this last thought like all of creation. You were born with a specific design and purpose. Yours I'm convinced is for this no holds barred day for this prophetic time weather and days of peace or trouble you were born for this time. So that's the attitude and the premise and the whole thrust of the book in everything that's written for each day.

When you read that copy skews me that from the back cover. You understand it's really important for the believer not to be confused about what the will of the Lord is not to be confused about God's will because confusion in any setting. Certainly in a spiritual context, results in delay.

This is really a distraction. Your thoughts, don't focus your thinking is scattered when you're not sure what it is that God wants. So Paul said to Timothy do all the will of God will if he said to all the will of God that implies that Timothy could know the will of God that he could perceive and understand, from an understanding of the covenant that he had with the Lord what his mission was what his calling, what is purpose, and then the daily details of life. Listen we are excited about what has just taken place, and for those of you who are not in the United States we have a really important racing event thoroughbred racing. These are magnificent horses. God's creation and the Kentucky Derby is the first race of what we call the triple Crown so is the first race and we go on from there for two more races to basically choose the winner of the Triple Crown is not something that happens very often. But the Kentucky Derby winner is always the one that sorta seizes the attention sorta sets the pace for the rest of the racing season leading up several weeks later to the Triple Crown so I want to get off of the weeds about that but just a kind to set the pace here, let you know where we are this week this past weekend was the running of the Kentucky Derby and in the span of about two minutes. This magnificent horse named Rich strike Rich is in wealthy strike is into hit so wealthy hit which even in calling the race. The announcer seemingly did not even like you even acknowledge.

I think about halfway through the rice race.

They did mention the name Rich strike wants so the announcers did not see did not realize that this horse could move up for the win, possibly because they could not say listen, the odds on this animal to win this race was 82 182 one. I'm not sure of this. I think it was. He was the least likely the very least likely. So conventional wisdom would say for this horse.

Rich strike to win. That was not even a possibility, but when you get into watching the videos and will try to put those videos in the show notes here because I believe there is spiritual there is a spiritual message here. I don't think we I don't think we should miss this. I don't think we can afford to miss this because God is speaking to us through his creation. So when you think of supernatural. We said from the from the back cover of our book. You want suit you want on unusual, unexpected outcomes, you won't supernatural interventions in your life and in the mission God called you to and let me just tell you about a minute and 49 seconds into the race. The jockey let's say the one driving was really boxed in like the horses were running so tightly together. There was no room to move forward but if you check the video and you look at about one minute 49 seconds you will see that a tiny opening appeared to his right and literally like you would steer a bicycle are in automobile. The jockey literally steered the horse with a hard right and then back left to straighten out and sees that opening and from there, this horse looked like he had been shot from a cannon. I think of him.

I think of that scripture all creation groans this horse appeared to have been shot from a cannon and this was all occurring at the final turn another four quarters in this track.

This is the final quarter of the final turn actually in the final stretch 10 seconds later once the jockey made this move at the two minute mark Rich strike takes the lead and it is the first acknowledgment by the announcer.

I called the announcer the one calling the race. Think of who that would be in life. The one calling the race and five seconds after that, he wins Rich strike take comes from the back least favored all odds against him no opening in the pack. Final quarter final turn in the stretch and he moves in a matter of seconds from back in the pack to take the lead for the win. You know, if you love horses you love the animal kingdom, and most people do have at least one member of the Henneman kingdom that they really love.

But you know the horses majestic he really is and Job speaks to this in chapter 39 beginning in verse 19.

This is a powerful passage I'm I think this is the NIV yes the NIV. Speaking of the them what God is speaking, he speaking of his creation is animals he's giving a portrayal to Job of his character and his power God's character and power.

He's laying out for Joe. He says this in verse 19. Did you give the horse it's strength are close its neck with the flowing mane. Did you make it leap like a locust striking Tara with its proud snorting it. Paul is fiercely rejoicing in its strength and charges into the fray. It laughs at fear afraid of nothing. It does not shy away from the sword. The quiver rattles against it side along with the flashing spear and Lance and frenzied excitement.

It eats up the ground, it cannot stand still. When the trumpet sounds it cannot stand still. When the trumpet sounds such a powerful passage this verse 19 through 24. Actually, 25 fits in thereto at the blast of the trumpet it snorts and it catches the scent of battle so obviously were talking about all expressions of the way that mankind has used horses there. Many of those right there but notice now the Lord's presence and his involvement because in Job 38 and 39.

God is laying it out there for Job they're having a conversation and you know you can hear God saying his desire is to move sovereignly in our lives, even supernaturally, and I say because this is what SC actually he already is moving that way. And the reason he is moving that way is to get the attention of man, what is he saying what is God saying in all this, I believe he is saying look, pay attention to pay attention. I am here I am present. I'm here to heal this thing.

I'm here to turn this thing around number one on present but I'm here for a purpose.

I am here to advance my will advance my kingdom so see it's important to not be confused about what the will of the Lord is if God is advancing his will, advancing his kingdom. We are co-laborers with him. We are joint heirs, then it behooves us to know what that is so that we know what were doing were not walking through this blindfolded although you know I know there are theologies out there sort of that point in that direction. But just think about that. Think about that.

Paul said to Timothy do all the will of God implied that you know what the will of God is so that you can do it no more were not puppets. God is speaking to his people.

He is moving through us and we as a joint co-labor joint air we understand what the will of the Lord is like is the cars race in the Old Testament among the tribes of Israel. We understand what the will of the Lord is what to do, what not to do we discern the time so Genesis to Revelation. Lays out a clear pattern of God's people, grasping God's plan and then doing it so the first example that I'm laying out for you today is this display in the Kentucky Derby in the state of Kentucky in the United States you can see that for yourself online. A second example, one of my favorites from the Old Testament comes out of second Kings chapter 6 beginning verse 15 I just read to three verses here when the servant of the man of God, got up and went out early the next morning and army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city. Oh no, my Lord, what shall we do, the servant asked. Don't be afraid. The prophet answered those who are with us are more than those who are with them.

And Elisha the prophet prayed open his eyes, Lord, the servant size said that he may see. Then the Lord opened the servant size and he looked and saw all the hills full of chariots and horses and the fire all around Elisha, the servant of the Lord. Once his eyes were open. He looked install the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. In other words initially before he could see as the Lord sees the servant of Elisha the prophet could only see the enemy and that there were far more of the enemy than there what they and their were with Elisha in the servant so the opposition was greater was more populated but the prophet said don't be afraid, those who are with us are more than those who are against us. In other words, Elisha spoke to the unseen realm. He spoke to his site.

According to fate, according to what God had revealed to him according to what he knew was possible. According to that belief for a supernatural outcome and expectation for divine intervention. I mean it's right here. This is this is clear Isabel and Elisha prayed you Lord opened the eyes of the servant, open the eyes of my servant. Think of the announcer in the race. He couldn't see the winning horse because the winning horse was so outnumbered and could it possibly come through to win. It wasn't possible. The odds were too great.

He was outnumbered. Same scenario. Basically when you think about it once the Lord opened the servant size, he could see the multitudes and the expanse of horses and chariots of fire chariots of fire. You know there's a movie by that name.

Chariots of fire all around the prophet Elisha said this is what God is saying he is saying I want to open your eyes so that you can see that all around you. The hills and the hillsides and all of your surroundings.

Everything in your sphere is charged with is supernaturally infused with my supply my provision for you. In the case of the Kentucky Derby and the winning horse. It was the strategy of the Jockey and the speed and the strength capacity and the destiny of that horse listened. These are examples for us all of creation gives us an example. You know the galaxies of the mountains the hills the rivers the oceans they speak to us of the magnificence and the omnipotence of Almighty God. We don't miss what he is saying what is he saying he is saying I am present.

Look little clips I want to do this not only for you but through you with you and calling you up to a higher place to be charged with the confidence of what the will of the Lord is so what is the opposition here. What would be the detriment. What would be the reason we wouldn't see one word it's concealed it's hidden in so many ways were blinded and the blinding of course, is orchestrated by God's enemy, who is Satan. We are God's people. So the enemy of God moves among God's people to blind them to what it is.

God wants to do justice in the suit that example of the servant of Elisha concerning the enemy army around them. How are we blended where blinded by the chaos in the world around us.

This produces confusion, distortion of truth we say that again distortion of truth. Actually, the inevitable consequence of selling the women, the more sewing the wind, the more reaping the wind until we realize that you know is sort of like the outrage that we should have against the distortion of truth against confusion that steals kills and destroys. That's What the enemy comes to do. Where is the outrage against that where where are the voices that would speak up who would say you may not steal this victory from us, you may not steal this race from us, you may not steal this city from us, as in the case of Elisha and his servant you may not take what God has given to us.

Where is the outrage think there is something written about the death of outrage like it seems to be dead like it's silent. So a decision has been made to accept and tolerate things that we say we firmly don't agree with don't believe in, not our values, but there is no outrage when something comes to take that away. When we are challenged. The tendency is to shrink back which brings into question, wouldn't you say at the very base. At the very root the integrity of our words, what we say we believe instead there's a visceral art, a deep inner feeling you know this is not even know rational, intellectually a visceral fear of change, holding onto the way things are, no matter what because we so fear the challenge of change and we get separated from our worldview. The one that is a Bible based and we get separated from our prophetic nature by virtue of the fact that the prophet Jesus lives on the inside of us that prophetic nature causes us to see ahead and to anticipate what is coming and to respond with the word of God. The heart of God the mind of God we have the mind of Christ. Therefore, we have the thought life of the king. So we think in terms of governing.

We think in terms of saying no. God says the government is on his shoulders, you may not take that government away from his church away from his people and away from the environment where God has placed us has sent us to occupy until he comes.

So what is God saying what is God saying he saying don't be blinded. He saying, where is your moral high ground. Where is it you are built to run to win. You are built to see clearly beyond what is natural and into a spiritual perception.

Where is your moral high ground find it. You gotta find it.

You gotta find your moral high ground, and other aspects of your calling and destiny because they're all there together.

It's his group together. If you leave your moral high ground. Then it becomes distorted what you're calling. Your destiny is you lose your outrage against the things that threaten or come to steal, and you really, really cannot affect the world around you with the word of the Lord because it become so muddied become so unclear. My question is where is your true North. Where is your true North. What is your true North. What's what is it based on you cannot circumvent the word of the Lord to you not to me not to you when you know your true North.

Of course, that is the Lord who is the one calling our race the Godhead. God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit, their voices in the earth. Their voices is in the earth, and they speak this destiny.

Clearly this calling clearly and they convey to us the reality every minute of every day you were born for this time you are wired to win. You are geared to Ron you are empowered to take that moral high ground press into your calling press into your destiny and do not be deceived. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked what we so we reap. Gotta stay with that moral high ground. Gotta plug into that true North and to do that you must know what Paul said to Timothy, you must know the will of God and then do it there so much here. There's so much. There's so much that you can't miss it. God is speaking in the earth through the animal kingdom.

I once heard the expression. If you remove God from the equation, you're left with the animal kingdom. In other words, this massive majestic creature.

This thoroughbred race horse.

He he he is not like man man is created in God's image, but this horse is an example to us of the goodness of God poured out in his creation when he intends to do. Do something when he when God intends to do something it cannot be stopped, not the odds described Batman, not the inclination are the conventional wisdom of men, not the fear of the one running the race.

The jockey, the horse certainly was not afraid. Well, God said that in Job heat is not afraid he doesn't fear the sound of battle actually is inspired by that sound.

He rises to the sound of the trumpet rises to the sound of starting the race so think about this, and don't let it escape your thinking that God is speaking to you right now and he speaking through events like this, not just this one, but throughout his word in our life through situations in our nation, our community certainly in our congregations in our churches. The Lord is saying, where is your moral high ground. What are you willing to not be outraged about where is your true North father, today we pray concerning your kingdom come, and your will being done so that that is just not a scripture passage is not just something we recite from time to time we really believe it.

We pray concerning that that in every aspect of what you're doing where you are present your present to heal this thing you are present. To fix this thing.

You are here to change lives so that destinies are ascribed.

Eternity is seized and our eternal future is made possible through salvation. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We pray today and believe you this way and receive all of this we receive it into our lives by faith because of your word because of the unction in the quickening of your spirit right now telling us to do that very thing that we do not miss what you're doing, but we see it clearly, and we understand what the mind of the Lord is know what the mind of the Lord is we do we understand it and we know it and we move accordingly.

We thank God we thank God. Thank you father chief equipped us this way and that, whether we are in days of peace or trouble we are born for this time we put that garment on and believing with all our heart, all of our soul and all of our strength in the mighty name of Jesus we pray a and a man. God bless you today God bless the nation are She your household and his kingdom comes to you today in his will is revealed to listen English we'll see you next explicitly if you enjoyed this episode and you'd like to help this project, please share it with others. Maybe you believe in leading and review the films is a clear profit you can subscribe to Shirley's email list is for you very own copy of Shirley's 365 day devotional horses. Thanks again and we will see you next

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