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Tip Of The Spear

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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May 23, 2022 12:00 pm

Tip Of The Spear

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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May 23, 2022 12:00 pm

Traditionally, the term "tip of the spear" is used by military strategists, tacticians, and historians to describe the
sudden and overwhelming use of combat force to pierce an enemy's first line of defense. It's the first and most meaningful action in an offensive. In the business world, executives use it to
describe trailblazing businesses and new endeavors.

God’s people are the tip of the spear: to advance the message of the Kingdom, of His love in anything and specifically, the culture.

"He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them that hated me: for they were too strong for me." (2 Samuel 22:18)


On Running With Horses, we take a spiritual look at the culture and world, as we see it, and the Believer’s leadership role as catalysts for Biblical outcomes that impact with God’s love. Learn more at

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This is good Truth Network horses just to inspire you zoom in a relationship with God that empowers things you never thought possible.

Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode lies on the ground.

I an overwhelming sense of weakness all by myself felt there was no one but me insight literally no one in all to help me.

I want you to think about that that description when it comes to your family, your family, this is your family. Is there anyone else who can or will step up actually that primary role belongs to you as a mother as a father. This is God's plan for the protection of your family in this podcast we talk about God's supernatural outcomes, divine interventions, the way God moves in our lives for the miraculous and the out of the ordinary and the experience that I'm describing to you, actually occurred in a place that is really known historically or a sense of oppression and its unusual poverty.

The people struggle in all kinds of ways. And we know just from studying's the history of such areas that it usually connects to the choices that have been made by the people occupying that area.

Literally, the culture, you might say, as the choices are made, and there is a choice made to choose sin. It affects the way that the enemy has access to that area really to wreak havoc.

So in many ways. Again, the door is open to the oppressor through the choices that have been made by the people and that area are title today is the tip of the spear, and specifically this context. I'm referring to is the spiritual impact that Satan attempts to have two accomplish his plan to stop you or discourage her athwart you in any way. Certainly, through your family and for me. Listen this experience that I'm describing to you.

I was unprepared, completely unsuspecting at never known anything like this and actually that is a description of grade description of the way.

Demonic oppression occurs, really, on any level and you know I just think of this experience that I had years ago when I was just really learning about spiritual warfare, and the things that the enemy does to trip up into discourage God's people and as I was in that environment I experienced something that was physical and it was debilitating not only not only was I lightheaded, but I was really completely incapacitated. So since I was unsuspecting, untrained, unaware, not even thinking well because I've never experienced anything like that before. I was completely vulnerable. I think that would be an accurate word, and so unsuspecting, unprepared, just nothing ever like this before and so what happens is, and there is rid so much Scripture to support this. This thought basically the spirits are too strong for you the spirits that are entrenched in that area are in that situation are in that project. They're just too strong for you. One verse that comes to mind is second Samuel 22 verse 18, but there are many, there is a there is a consistent thread of this kind of the Lord leading his people know that this is something from the enemy. And it's not from him.

Therefore, we are to resist it. So back to what I was saying about this experience, it completely completely laid me out, IMing figuratively, literally in every way. I couldn't function and so I just laid down on the ground straight out) was and in my mind just basically waited for someone to come help you know, hoping it would be someone friendly obviously but you know as time went by, it was so obvious to me that I was in a war. I was in a battle and whether anyone came to help me or not was really up to me to discern what was happening to recognize it for what it was and that it was not of God are from God, it was not a natural thing.

Not really even a medical thing. This was a contest that the enemy was attempting to wage against me physically will we know that our our contest in our opposition is not with flesh and blood right so we know that this is something coming from the spirit realm, something engineered by Satan, and so as you as I realized what was happening. And really, you know, it's sort of like anything else in life. The first time you encounter it. You may not know what to do, but the spirit of God will tell you he will instruct you and he did that day he came to me before any human being, came and basically laid out for me what was happening what was going on in my physical body and in response to what was taking place from the outside, and that being from a spiritual, opposition standpoint, so listen, the Lord just really walk me through that thing and he told me things like how to breeze and he told me to resist the fear of that vulnerable place that I was in literally completely helpless.

That is not an exaggeration and in the it in the setting.

It was an extremely warm day.

The sun was high overhead so that discomfort did not help and everything that went with that. God told me he instructed me he inspired me exactly what to say aloud to resist the enemy and as I followed his lead and did as he said, I began to come out. Of that experience and slowly but surely. And over the period of about probably 20 to 30 minute minutes, I made my way pulled myself back up on my feet and struggled to get to the inside of the nearest building and to sit on the nearest and most available chair just to continue resisting that force. Once I knew what it was and that it was not something natural that it was something that the enemy is set on you to trust God and I knew that he would walk me through it. That doesn't mean that I didn't have to resist fear. I did, I did have to resist, fear, probably more than anything else. Probably the strongest symptom.

Anytime the enemy comes to steal from you in any way to diminish you in any way is a certain amount of fear and so in that process I learned firsthand. Not only how to trust God through that experience, but I came to realize that he open my understanding that when you are. Keep in mind our topic today is the tip of the spear when you are endeavoring to do anything for the Lord whenever you have decided to submit your life to him and whenever you are aggressively intentionally going that way you're gonna encounter opposition not always something this dramatic or traumatic, but then we can always be prepared that is the greatest lesson. I came away with not only the how to understand who your enemy is is a is a lion is prowling about seeking for someone to destroy someone to hurt someone to steal from, so he is prowling about okay our posture must be to be alert and to be aware that yes we are protected by our Lord and Savior, and by the blood that he shed at Calvary, but that does not mean that we will not encounter the enemy head own. Sometimes in more demonstrative expressive ways than others. So me just say this a natural I think real real natural and logical sort of a rational response would be, will this was a medical situation in a fainting kind of experience and so there is a diagnosis I guess that you could pull out of the air.

There may be some times that would be involved in this case, that was not the case. There was nothing leading up to this experience.

When it was over. There was nothing after there was a period at the end and I submit to you that the reason the period came the period at the end of this experience like that. At the end of the sentence was the resistance, the, the deliberate, very conscious, very Scripture scriptural response to the enemies attempt to steal from me and to Harmon anyway so were looking at this expression in the context of God's people being this expression, the tip of the spear and in anything specifically the culture know this way is God's people. We are literally the tip of the spear, just to give you some background and some context here or what that actually means where this expression comes from. I have an acquaintance who specializes in military history. And this is his response to my question. What does the tip of the spear mean to you is response. This is a slogan Armato that is used by a unit deemed to be the sharpest part of a larger unit.

The whole spear.

He goes on to say, including the shaft represents the total unit.

The sharpest part of the spear. This unit is at the top and thus leads the way for the rest the point are the tip of the spear is sharp so that it can pierce the target and open the way for the rest of the spear. So the best trained elite unit tasked with leading the way is called the tip of the spear is also a morale building slogan in private industry. So there you have like an a generic expression and there you have something that we might use to encourage a group of people on any level. The tip of the spear represents the sharpest part of the unit. The part that is best trained, most likely to penetrate and to accomplish the mission of piercing the target and opening the way for the rest of the unit. Those who are to follow.

I think of the ministry of the forerunner so I think of also the ministry of the fivefold gifts to the church. Apostles and prophets, pastors and teachers evangelist. These are the tip of the spear, but I'm suggesting to you that you need to be prepared to be part of that elite unit to be at the tip of the spear because if God calls you. If you have a mission. If you are believing God to use you, whether it's at the family level at your at the level of your congregation to do something as an accomplish exploits for him. They prepared to do the floor running work because somebody has to another example.

Actually another definition. I found what is the tip of the spear. Traditionally, the term is used by military strategists, tacticians and historians to describe the sudden and overwhelming use of combat force to pierce an enemy's first line of defense is the first and most meaningful action in an offensive in the business world.

Executives use it to describe trailblazing businesses and new endeavors. So if you look at the experience I describe to you my experience that day as I lay incapacitated on the ground there was a sudden need an overwhelming need to come that the enemy, and that day, I was not just the first line of defense. I was the only line of defense. In other words, if the spirit of God did not rise up on the inside of me. I don't know when someone would've come in. So there you could say that the enemy could really add fear to fear and really fun away to further address some kind of physical debilitation. Whatever. At the very least, basically saying to you and to me, listen, this is gonna happen every time you launch out to suffer for the Lord.

So you just better not do that okay well I didn't fall for that.

I'm telling you don't fall for that because we all are called of God in that sense were sort of a volunteer. As you know we step up. The Lord said he looked for someone to stand in the gap and make up the way, there's actually a quote from Col. Jimmy Doolittle from the World War II era. He made this statement. Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer. Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer so concerning the culture today which listen, it's horrendous on every level, and increasing that way, increasing that way. Some nations more than others. Some communities more than others. What is God saying he saying I am present to heal this thing I want to heal this thing I want to penetrate this attack and I want my people to be willing to be the agent of healing to be the tip of the spear, after all, if he sends us out to represent him this way and to make known the truth about his love which that is our number one mission right what he not train us as to the wiles of the enemy would he not warn us. Would he not prepare and protect us for what is ahead. Of course, and he always does, just like he did for the that day so consider your role in this capacity as the tip of the spear God is saying to the culture and to the world. I am present to heal this thing no matter how far south it's gone. No matter how horrendous, no matter how much human trafficking. No matter how many children are being tormented beyond anything any thing we could ever have thought possible. Beyond the tolerance swift move to harass and to torment the people under the jurisdiction of his rule, his or her role God is saying I want to heal this thing I want to recover. All I need all my people, ready to be the volunteers with a heart that says yes choose me, choose me Lord and we we look and we realize how do we know God wants to heal this thing because he's doing everything in his path for to get our attention. He showing us signs on every side.

For example, in our last episode we looked at the sign that we see in the running of the Kentucky derby a race where a horse unlikely to win not only one but one against all odds.

There's so much to that story.

If you haven't checked that yet, go to the show notes of our last episode you'll find plenty of information they are.

That's just one side.

There are others in God is speaking to hearts, what better son than that to say listen, I'm ready.

I'm ready to shake the heavens to shake the earth that I intend to move by my spirit and I need you to be ready and willing to move with me right here. I can just make a serious point about the failure in some places of the church to equip the people with this information. Honestly, sometimes the message is more watered-down than we can ever consider something like a healthy diet to equip us for what God is saying at this point in the end times. We are bumping up against the very end of the last days the last of the last days, therefore we know that the battle is intense but also the light is getting brighter and brighter.

So in the church you want to stay away from the mentality that says well no one told me well I didn't know. Listen, you got the Holy Ghost right you got the Holy Spirit leading and guiding, directing, and giving you the benefit of all truth, but you have to be willing to hear you have to have ears to hear, and you have to have an eager heart have to have the heart of the volunteer you have to be bored here Maassen me. You have to be the one that answers that call to stand in the gap and make up the hedge, because another word, another term that you want to think about is the word vortex. The Lord spoke this to me in my prayer time the other day and I looked to see the meaning of the word. This is it something that resembles a whirlwind and in a sense, when a whirlwind begins to blow it has a drawl has a sucking capacity so it can light reach out and bring whatever is on the periphery and and in a negative way.

Definitely that is happening because evil begets evil and things that are vulnerable, that make themselves vulnerable to evil, who opened the door to that they can be a subject to be drawn in to the vortex of evil, but I'm saying this from the standpoint of the spirit of God and the moving of the spirit of God like a vortex that that whirlwind of God's goodness. The message of his love the experience of the of those of us sharing this message telling our story and making testimony of what God has done in our life. The supernatural powerful interventions of God and that is the more powerful whirlwind. The more powerful Whirlpool drawling us in more and more to God's love and his goodness recently during a prayer time in our ministry we set apart a day a week just to intercede for families, and without question the families that are a part of the partnership and the friends and those who have been joined to our ministry without a doubt this time. This attack on families is unprecedented.

It is cruel. It is deceptive. It is so agreed, just as you can't even imagine the things that are happening to families who are the express image of God's get goodness in their community and have laid down their lives in so many ways the enemy has just come to attack those families is our family are yet. Will the family of our ministry stands to intercede for these families. So what we do there. We resist the enemy and we insist that he leave. We break the hold of the enemy against those family members. We break off the influence that the enemy Satan has been able to engineer remembering now he has a hellish vortex a hellish vortex pulling things in sucking things then for destruction. While we take authority over that and I'll bet if you have any experience pressing into the kingdom of God. You know exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to these elements affecting your family is to listen you.

Be bold and you be strong and don't you hesitate and one more thing, I'll just throw this in have to get out in front of a thing like this. You can't lag back and wait a day or two or three or four or a month or year, you cannot wait once the enemy finds an entrance you have to resisting. You have to resist them steadfast in the faith. Resist him by the word of the Lord use God's word. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Let him tell you what to say he is faithful to the faithful man he shows himself thankful he will give you the words when you need but you have to be. You have to reverse engineer this thing sometime look at the where it got you last time when you just let it go look at where it got you okay backup from how that situation turned up, turned out, go back to the way that it began and resolve in every situation, going forth no matter how strong you feel are don't feel you get words and you say as I did that day. In the example, when the enemy came to just lay me out flat. You still have words you have words and you say no.

No Satan. I resisting and Iren cyst take your hand off of me off my life off of my body. You flee.

This scene right now I resisting you and the Lord rebuke.

She you see how you're talking like that when you're saying things lightly. You can see how boldness begets more boldness right you are the tip of the spear you are qualified you are engineered this way from Genesis to Revelation, we read about God's people and how he made us to be over comers. He made us to win in this contest against the enemy. And so, in every case get out ahead of the enemy. Don't wait.

Don't wait another second stop right then and speak to the enemy. Use your words, use God's word. Use your faith father. We're looking at this right now and the understanding that we have from the way that you are pouring out your spirit, and all of the earth. It is time for the greatest visitation of Almighty God ever known or seen or recorded in our history. Therefore, we's volunteer, please say yes Lord send us we are not afraid we have power over the enemy and that power is the name and the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary and he has purchased the victory.

Therefore, we follow the commander in chief.

We volunteered to be your tip of the spear. We thank you God, we thank you God. We say that your kingdom comes and your will is done in the earth, just like it is a man so in closing today. Remember how in the same way that I was the only one there was no one coming to help me and the dependence on the war was completely absent. Prepare that same example to your family and the reality. You are the only one.

If you are the if no one else comes you in the Lord are enough.

You are the tip of the spear in this atmosphere. In this environment on your the Lord will instruct showing that you can trust him. I know that he will lead out of that dark and away from the enemy's devices explicitly if you enjoyed this so you like to help support this project, we should post about seizing media leaving leading review resumes you can subscribe to Shirley's email list donated ministry and purchase your very own copy of Shirley's 365. Emotional courses.

Thanks again and we will see you next

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