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Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Renewing Your Mind / R.C. Sproul
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April 13, 2021 12:01 am

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Renewing Your Mind / R.C. Sproul

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April 13, 2021 12:01 am

What do Muslims believe about Jesus? Today, R.C. Sproul continues his conversation with Abdul Saleeb to reveal one of the most striking contrasts between the teachings of Christianity and Islam: the identity of God Himself.

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Christians and Muslims basically serve the same God wasn't theologians are very emphatic that we cannot know God. We only know his commands.

We only know his will, his commands have been given to us in the Koran, but we don't know what God is like. So these are some fundamental issues that differentiate the portrait of the God that me encountering the Bible as opposed to the one that we encounter in the Koran Tuesday initiative Renewing Your Mind and that we return to an interview with Dr. RC Sproul conducted several years ago with former Muslim Abdul Celine Abdul is now a Christian missionary and while some of the world events they mention will some data. The information about the Islamic religion remains valid and useful to us today. It is to be emphasized that although the vast majority of Muslims want to pursue peace and did not want wars in trouble. Nevertheless, the minority who are engaged in violence have justification for what they do based on the Koran and the actions of 100. I understand that and again in your homeland. Was there any price tag for converting to Christianity. It's yes we have had pastors killed and assassinated.

We have had Christians tortured and killed many people who have left our country and other countries in the Middle East because of their Christian faith. Because of the persecution that writing on the Old Testament, we speak of Israel's being a theocracy where there is no separation of church and state, and that when Christianity emerges in the first century there was no Christian government domain flourished under the tyranny of an oppressive government by the Roman Empire and so Christianity spread to all different nations where it was a religion not a political structure, and that's been true for the most part even though we have seen attempts to create theocracies mixing the Crusades, and so on. But that's different in Islamic countries.

That is the agenda is right that it is to be an Islamic state, no pluralism, that's correct is not the idea, yes, there is no separation of church and state that politics and faith.

Politics and religion and the economic system and the educational system in the military system in the family system.

They are all part of a comprehensive whole, the Islamic worldview goal is to dominate the world with this one particular world while in the United States we make so much out of pluralism and about the First Amendment that gives every religion the right of free exercise of that religion and that in the American democratic system or the Republican system really that all religions have equal rights under the law. However, in American civil religion that concept of every religion. Having equal rights under the law has come to mean all the religions are equally valid. So I think you know anything about will so that that is obviously goes against what the Bible says about Jesus being the way the truth and the life. So that's obviously the American civil religion cannot swear itself with the teachings of Christ and the exclusive claims that Christ makes but nevertheless the concept that we have freedom in this country that people are bidding fates can be equal and be safe in the practice of the faith is a concept that is absolutely RC nonexistent in Islamic history and in the Muslim world today as a man. What I would see the Christian duty in the United States, which is resisted by other religions is that it is our duty to try to evangelize people from other religions, but never never never never to persecute them. That's right. However, Islam does not make much of a distinction between their version of evangelism and against using force and violence for promoting Islam. Do you think there's a difference in F told there's like 6 million Muslims in America is an accurate that's what I fertile Seifert anywhere from 5 1/2 to 7 million. The most subtle of success is the proximate and do you see any great distinction between the Muslims in the United States. American Muslims and Muslims in the Middle East. Yes, let me say, for example, the nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, just like we say Christian science is neither Christian nor scientific. The Nation of Islam is an absolute blasphemy. According to orthodox Islam, the teachings of the Nation of Islam are in alignment when we say 6 million Muslims in America that does that include the black Muslim movement desk or it just okay and know what your submissive understand you're saying that the black Muslim movement is not recognized by mid Eastern Muslims as being authentic branch of Islam, etc. will not exactly that many Blacks were Muslims, but the Nation of Islam is just a small minority in the black community. So there are many Blacks were Muslims.

But I'm talking about the nation of Islam specific pockets. That's only one branch of the black margin that's correct discredited doctrines of the nation of Islam are absolute anathema to orthodox Islam. However RC because Islam is very much a political religion, for example, in Farrakhan several years ago he went to visit Libya. He went to visit Iraqi went to visit Iran. It was warmly received. Why not because of his theology, but because the Muslim world wanted to use his political power and the PR that he provided for Islam to promote Islam in America, so that Muslims can be very accommodating as long as you can use the board, Islam, and you read the Koran. Islam can kind of accommodate you in order to spread his political agenda getting back I answer a wrap up to the essence of the religion of Islam. Islam has is my understanding from my limited study, six basic articles of faith.

You likely have the muscles.

They have their six articles. Is that accurate that the Senate will the six article being jihad is a controversial one, but that the five major pillars of five major articles are yes and the confession of faith that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. So that's the first first pillar no God but Allah, that's Karen Mohammed is his prophet. That means he uses supreme profit than and so on. Right.

That's correct, and the RCB never got to the issue of the differences between the Islamic portrait of God and the biblical portraits that may use this time to the kind of client names.

Please do that yes will give you a bigger picture. That way I contrast Islam and Christianity, Islam opposes the Christian faith regarding the doctrine of God regarding the doctrine of man regarding the doctrine of Christ and locking the Scriptures, Islam denies the Trinity and Islam denies the fatherhood of God.

The only relationship that God has to his people is as master to his servants. Islam denies the original sin. Islam denies that salvation can be gained by grace through faith in the cross, Islam denies the deity of Christ. Islam denies the resurrection of Christ and the death of Christ. Islam denies that the Bible is an authoritative word from God, but that it has been the corrupted has been corrupted. All of this to say will back your previous questions about all religions basically being the same thing. Islam has set itself up as assist them opposing Christianity on every issue.

Our consciously anti-Christian is exactly.

I have been told that there are imams going to Christian churches and basically everybody's embracing everyone saying we all believe the same thing but Islam denies every fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith, and I want the things I've noticed about all the other world religions are from Christian and one that I say to my friends who are adherents of other religions. Send them what you do with your guilt because you don't have an atonement.

There's no atonement anywhere else is there, that's correct, and Islam. Effective pride themselves that we don't need atonement. We will just do not do enough good works and hope in God's mercy and the Islamic doctrine of God to some of the major contrast beside the dock in the Trinity, which is the heart of the Christian faith. There is no sense of divine intimacy with this people God is a very distant and transcendent God and he cannot have a personal relationship with his slaves to human beings who are his creatures.

There is no sense of divine compassion, the kind of compassion that one sees in the God of even the Old Testament, the portrait of the wounded husband of a father with a broken heart. There was no hints that the God of the Koran in any sense feel so sorry for the sin of his creatures.

There was no sense of the holiness that we see in the Bible that is completely absent from the moral qualities of the God of the Koran, the God of the Koran does not love their wayward children unconditionally. The love of God in the Koran is very much based on your works performance. If you obey God and do the things and obey his apostle, then God will love you and there is no sense that this God can be known that this God you can intimately know this God and have a personal relationship with God. God remains very much and unknowable God the Muslims. In fact, wasn't theologians are very emphatic that we cannot know God. We only know his commands. We only know his will is commands have been given to us in the Koran, but we don't know what God is like. So this are some fundamental issues that differentiate the portrait of the God that we encounter in the Bible as opposed to the one that we encounter in the Koran absorbing. I know that Islam just like the Christian churches all different groups and denominations and sex and everything and we have debates among ourselves. We try to settle it by appeals to Scripture.

I'd like to hear I'd like to have you tell us if you could. Some of the most important passages from the Koran that address the question of the identity of Jesus.

Okay RC, let me first read from Koran chapter 4 verses 157 and 158 passages that explicitly deny that Jesus ever died on the cross that they said we killed Christ.

This is on reading that from the Koran that they said we killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the apostle of God but they killed him not know crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no knowledge for own, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not made God raised him up onto himself and God is exalted in power and wives so the Koran explicit denies that Jesus was ever crucified. And if there's no crucifixion, then there is no atonement in the Christian faith.

05 versus 75 and following. They do blaspheme say God is Christ, the son of Mary, but said Christ's own children of Israel worship God, my Lord and your Lord whoever joins other gods with God. God will forbid him the garden and the fire will be his abode, they do blaspheme say God is one of three in a Trinity for there is no God except one God. If they do this, not from the award of blasphemy verity agreed. This penalty will befall the blasphemers among them Christ, the son of Mary was no more than an apostle. Many were the apostles that passed away before him.

His mother was a woman of truth. They had both to beat their daily food. See how God does make his signs clear to them yet see in what ways they are deluded away from the troops.

So basically RC the Koran. Although the Koran and Muslims believe that they give complementary titles to Christ. Jesus was the Messiah. Muslims say Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, Jesus did great miracles, raising people from the dead.

Jesus was a work from God's spirit from God is all complementary things that they believe the Koran says about Jesus. But fundamentally, Islam says that Jesus never died on the cross and fundamentally, Islam says anybody who says Jesus is the son of God or God incarnates commits the unpardonable sin of attributing a partner to God and that Jesus was no more than a prophet like other prophets, no more than a human being like everyone else. So the Koran denies fundamentally the deity of Christ and the cross of Christ. And so we do not all believe the same things about Jesus as many people think we do in a recently there was a program on national TV. I things on Larry King live on.

Not sure, but they had the representatives from Islam and from Judaism and from Christianity, including Nedra MacArthur was on the program and Rabbi Kushner in who will enter yesterday for my with Emily.

Why do bad things happen to good people and I did not see the program button was quoted to me that he said that as a Jew. He recognizes that Jesus was a prophet and so to the muscle and yet if you explore the prophecies of Jesus. Almost all of them are about Jesus and about his identity son about his mission and all the rest this and how do these people say that he is a prophet without the same time adding a by the way he was a false prophet as if they credit him as a prophet you think they would think that he was telling the truth will know how Islam gets around this issue. RC is to say what Jesus did and say these things in your Bible, the sayings of Jesus have been corrupted and Jesus was just a prophet who claimed to in order to teach people to wallow all the teaching ascribed to Jesus like in the sermon on the Mount know that he never really said is right there with you. Either that, yes or they would they would say yes that that he has been greatly corrupted. I have passages in the Koran. For example, sewer at chapter 5 of the Koran verses 119 through the end RC. It depicts the scene in that final judgment and God turns to Jesus and says Jesus son of Mary, did you say to people that people should worship you and Jesus is no God. I didn't say this if you want to punish this people.

It's up to you if you want to forgive them. It's up to you but I didn't say any such thing to them. I just told him to worship you and obey you. So supposedly God is confronting Jesus in the Koran and telling us that what the Christians believe was not things that taught by Jesus.

What was a corruption of the true message of Jesus. There's one last question asked about Islam before I go somewhere else and that is this Abdul. I have heard them in the same so bizarre to me that I have to check it with you.

I've heard that when people were asking questions about how the terrorists recruit young men in the prime of their life to become human bombs, suicide pilots and I was told that the one of the incentives for that is that they are promised that through their martyrdom. Not only will I go to heaven but that in heaven they will enjoy incredible sexual pleasure with the provision of some 50 or 60 virgins to them yes will know it is not a bizarre thing that is effective promise in Islam that when you

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