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Irresistible Call: A New Heart

Renewing Your Mind / R.C. Sproul
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April 7, 2021 12:01 am

Irresistible Call: A New Heart

Renewing Your Mind / R.C. Sproul

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April 7, 2021 12:01 am

How were you converted? Was the decision to accept Jesus Christ yours and yours alone? Today, Steven Lawson explains why we can take no credit for our conversion.

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Today on Renewing Your Mind. Jesus said all that the father gives me will come to me question how is it that they are made to come to Christ because we are like sheep have gone astray, each one of us has gone his own way. There is none who seeks for God no not one. So how will anyone come to Christ. Well, if we think usually the answer might be. The gospel was presented to me since I accepted Jesus, but upon closer examination, we see the Bible explain salvation different today on Renewing Your Mind get her teaching fellow Dr. Steven Morrison explains that if anyone is to be saved. The Holy Spirit must first grant life here to talk about in the session were going to continue to focus on the irresistible call of God, and here's why this is so important to remember when we looked at total depravity, radical corruption.

We talked about how man is bound in sin and bound by Satan, how he spiritually blind and cannot see the spiritually deaf and cannot hear it. He spiritually dead in his trespasses and sins. The obvious question for all of us to ask is if that is true, which it is.

If man's will is bound in bondage house anyone site has anyone ever believe has anyone ever repent of their sins. The answer to that is what were you look at in the session, the answer to that is the irresistible call of God that what we cannot do.

God does in us and through us and God graciously and lovingly enables us to believe upon Christ effect even gives us the gift of faith and repentance and draws us to Christ. That's where were going in this session we got a lot of verses to cover so I hope your fingers are licked and you're ready to turn the pages of your Bible and you're ready to go with me. So here we go we want to look in John one and John three.

I want you to come to John chapter 5 verse 25 I love hearing the pages of your Bible. Turning to someone a citizen like a flutter of angels wings just to hear those Bibles being turned but there is something about seeing it in your own Bible and having a real ownership of these trees in our heart talk about spiritual resurrection that the new birth is like a spiritual resurrection fact it is a spiritual resurrection. In John five verse 24 Jesus said, truly, truly, I say to you, and hours coming in now is when the dead will hear the voice of the son of God and those who hear will live.

This is what it is to come to faith in Christ. It is when we were dead in trespasses and sin to be raised out of the grave of sin and to the resurrected to be given life to be enabled to believe upon Jesus Christ. Now need understand the order. It's not believe, and then be born again. It is be born again and then belief. I want to ask you this question in John chapter 11 you remember when Jesus went to Bethany and he stood before the tomb of Lazarus and Jesus said Lazarus come forth. Did not Jesus have to raise Lazarus before he could come forth.

Did not Jesus have to impart life to the dead corpse of Lazarus before he could come out of that tune Mansour that is yes and so it is for those who are spiritually dead when the gospel goes out to them. Dead men cannot hear it is only those who are made alive. Only those whose ears are opened and the new birth is represented here from the lips of our Lord as a spiritual resurrection when we tell you it is the greatest miracle in all of human history whenever someone believes upon Jesus Christ. The spiritual is always greater than the physical and when God spoke everything into being out of nothing in the physical creation as great as that was, I think the new creation is even greater when God raises men from the grave of sin to believe upon Jesus Christ.

What a powerful work of God. It is course the rest of Scripture confirms this Ephesians to verse one, you were dead in your trespasses and sins but God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with Christ. Colossians 213 when you were dead in your transgression.

In the end circumcision of your flesh, he made you alive together with him. This is what it is to come to Christ is to be resurrected from spiritual death to spiritual life and when he does so he gives the gift of repentance and faith. We just give you a couple verses on this.

Acts 1118 God granted to the Gentiles the repentance that leads to life, repentance does not self originate. We don't work. Repentance. Repentance must be granted to us given to us as a gift by God and he gives it to all his elect Ephesians to verse eight for by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God. What is the gift of God. Both the grace and the faith to believe in Christ. Philippians 1 2940 you.

It is been granted for Christ's sake. To believe in him.

It has to be granted to you to believe in him. Hebrews 12 verse two fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith who authored saving faith within you.

Jesus is the author of saving faith and we can turn to many more verses but the new birth is a spiritual resurrection and we could not resurrect ourselves to life. God had to in order to enable us to respond with saving faith now want you to come in John chapter 6 John chapter 6 and this force main heading is sovereign drawing in John chapter 6, verse 37 and this is one of the passages we've looked at several times, but there is a key element that I want you to say that with not yet addressed in John 637 Jesus said all that the father gives me will come to me question how is it that they are made to come to Christ because we are like sheep have gone astray to one of us has gone his own way.

There is none who seeks for God no not one. So how will anyone come to Christ. The answers in verse 44 there's one word in verse 44 that is rich in theological truth that I want you to see Jesus said again now. This is our Lord speaking, he had more to say on the sovereignty of God in salvation than anyone else.

No one can consummate we've already talked about that moral spiritual inability of the center to common believe upon Christ. Now watch the rest of the senates unless the father who sent me draws him. That is the the drawing power of God the Holy Spirit to grow worrying to Christ.

Those who are chosen by the father. Now that were draw critically important were draw a circle around that word in your Bible because that means much more than to attract.

It means much more than to urge her to woo. Now this word means literally the idea of dragging by force word was used of hauling bricks or towing a heavy load only give you some verses for this very same Greek word is used elsewhere in the New Testament in each one of these will paint a picture on the canvas of your mind of what it is to be drawn.

Acts 16 verse 19 it was used when they physically drug.

Paul into the marketplace. They literally apprehended him laid hands upon him and just drawing him into the marketplace right before they put them into prison in acts 21 verse 30.

It was used of dragging Paul out of the temple to apprehend him and to powerfully track him out about this one John 21 verse six member after the resurrection, Jesus tells his disciples to go to Galilee.

There, wait for me. They get in the boat to go back to their fishing Jesus on the seashore and is cooking breakfast. You remember that and Peter looks up and is pulling in his nets before he goes running to the Lord when he was drawing that net that John is careful to tell us there were hundred and 53 fish in that net not a small catch 153 Peter pulled that heavy load with his strong arms. He drug that net ashore. The very same word that is used unless the father draws people to Christ. You see, God must overcome their resistance to the gospel and of course in the miracle of the new birth is also giving them a new heart as well were not drug, kicking and screaming into the kingdom because he's giving us a new heart as well. At the same time, but we are being powerfully drawn into a saving relationship with Christ. This word is used in acts 18 verse 10 of Peter drawing a sword. I think I think is John 18 verse 10. Excuse me of Peter drawing a sword. James 26 of those used of physically dragging the poor before a judge. Here's the point.

I think it should be obvious to you that in the work of the Holy Spirit.

It's not just a little love tap he gives is not just a little tickling of the year or massaging of the heart is not just an attraction. It is a powerful sovereign supernatural irresistible drawing of those out of the world whose hearts have been married to the loss of their flash and they are drawn into saving relationship with Christ. The saving power of God and we must continue to proceed. I want you to note also in John chapter 10 the sovereign calling. We've Artie look at John 10 as a relates to the death of Christ. I want you to see it as a relates to the call of the spirit.

In John chapter 10 verse one Jesus is truly, truly, I say to you, he who does not enter by the door into the fold of the Sheba climbs up some other way.

He is a thief and a robbery socket. All the false shepherds in Israel. The Pharisees that were not appointed by God that did not speak the truth. Later there identified in this same chapter as thieves and robbers. Infection is very verse thieves and robbers are not the true owner of the sheep verse two, but he referring to the true shepherd, but he who enters by the door is a shepherd of the sheep that refers to the Lord Jesus Christ. Now notice verse three.

Here is the thunder of this to him. The doorkeeper opens things referring to John the Baptist recognizing the Lord Jesus Christ and his ministry as a forerunner, but continue to read and the sheep hear his voice referring to the good shepherd the Lord Jesus Christ and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. Verse four he puts forth all his own, he goes ahead of them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice. This is the powerful call of the Holy Spirit is the voice of the shepherd and I told you earlier in the series about the community sheepfold and all of the sheep who are in that sheepfold eating and the good Shepherd comes to the sheepfold and the doorkeeper lets him in the thieves and robbers are trying to climb in unlawfully, from the backside and there being kept out in Christ now appears and he calls his own sheep by name and as he calls them by name. That individual. She pops his head up is my shepherd is calling me and he stops what he's doing begins to separate himself from the other sheep that were mixed in with this community.

Sheepfold and is drawn to the voice of his shepherd.

That is my shepherd who is calling me.

That is my name that is being called out, and then he calls another sheep and that sheep… Head and he is drawn to the voice of the shepherd and he calls all of his sheep out. Not one is left behind in the community.

Sheepfold and they come because he calls there is power in that call and so it is with you and me. You may been in your bedroom as a young person when that call came in. They been sitting in church and it just suddenly, you heard it you saw it you came to see that your great center and he's a great Savior and God gave you ears to hear what you been hearing all along, but now it comes home to the heart and while you just continue to sit on that pew inside your heart. You were being drawn to Christ in your eyes were being opened your ears were being opened and it was brighter than 10,000 signs you you at last saw him for who he is in the offer that is being made. You saw yourself for who you are, how much you need him in your heart you came to Christ and when you left church that day you left totally different than the person who walked in. That was the work of the Holy Spirit in your heart and it is the sheep being called out by name into glorious fellowship with him. Romans 829 and 30, for whom he foreknew these he predestined, and whom he predestined he called and whom he called he justified, in whom he justified, he glorified God's golden chain of salvation. Those five links and salvation. Those whom he began with an eternity past is whom he concludes with an eternity future.

There are no dropouts along the way. There are no additions along the way he starts with the sheep. He ends with a sheet he foreknew them he predestined them he called them, drew them to himself and justified them at that moment of conversion and their glorification is so certain is put in the past tense, as though it's already happened. They are glorified, though they're not even yet in heaven it speaks to the certainty of all the she, being before the throne of God above, but look at verse five in John chapter 10 verse five, a stranger, they simply will not follow but will flee from him, because I do not know the voice of strangers. Frederick good day is a noted French commentator in his commentary on the Gospel of John.

He tells a story of a Scottish traveler who came to the Middle East who came to Jerusalem back many many years ago I saw shepherd leading his flock than a little dusty trail, and he noticed how the sheep followed the shepherd and so he walked into the shepherd he said let's just try to experiment. We put on your clothes and you put on my clothes and went to collect the sheep so shepherd knew what was going to happen that the sheep would not follow anyone else they can exchange close and so he put on the garments of the shepherd and the Scottish traveler then began to call those she not a wonder they weren't buying it is not a one would lift its head, not a one would come to him.

In fact, they remain loyal to their own shepherd. That's what Jesus is saying in verse five here stranger.

They simply will not follow listen to the voice of Brigham Young.

They're not follow the voice of Mohammed. They do not know the voice of a stranger, the voice of the Pope. They will not follow the voice of a false prophet. They will not, they will not, they will not follow the sheep will only follow their good shepherd I Debbie pink rides let a man of the world here to preachers, one giving out the truth and the other giving error and he can discern no difference between them, but it is far otherwise with a child of God. He may be but a babe in Christ unskilled and theological controversies but instinctively he will detect vital heresy. As soon as he hears it and why is this he says because he is indwelt by the Holy Spirit and a stranger. He will not follow.

This is the work of God within us. He draws us he births us. He gives the gift of repentance and faith and we began a binding personal eternal relationship and he will transport all of his sheep safely home. Well, these are glorious truths, are they not that the Lord will secure the salvation of all of his sheep. Not only did he die for us that he calls us out and he calls us by name, but a glorious thing it is to be one of his sheet to be the object of his love to be the object of his care. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. There was once a lady who was somewhat distraught and little mentally challenged. She came to her pastor one day and she said there two men following me wherever I go I get on a bus.

Those men are there. I go home to my apartment.

They're following me, and he could tell that she was not necessarily connecting all the dots in her mind, but to put her at ease. He said all those are two of David's men. She said, explaining what the good shepherd he will lead us in the green pastures and restore our souls and surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. He said that's goodness and mercy is following you wherever you go.

Or she was so comforted to know that those are two of David's boys who were following her and would to God we could all be that mentally deranged to be content to just trust that are good shepherd will follow us every step of the journey he loses.

Not a one of a sheet not a one of us will ever perish. And he will safely transport us home to glory. He who has begun a good work in us shall perfected until the day of Christ Jesus O to hear the voice of the shepherd you said you hear the audible voice of no it's much louder than that. It is so strong and it is so powerful when it calls out to us and we are made to apprehend that that is my shepherd who was calling me and when were called out of the world. We are joined to Christ. He puts the new life within us. He takes out the heart of stone he puts in us a heart of flesh. He writes his word upon our hearts and he causes us to walk in his statutes.

He puts his spirit within us.

This is all of God. That is why when we get to heaven were given crowns. We don't wear them and parade them around and go look at my crowns, we cast them back at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because we understand he's the one who chose me. He's the one who predestined me. He is the one who bought me at the cross.

He is the one who has called me he's the one who drew me. He's the one who regenerated me. He's the one who brought me into saving relationship with himself. The only thing I've brought to the table is my sin for which Christ died upon Calvary's cross and we will take our crowns and cast them back at his feet and will be symbolic that from him and threw him into him are all things and we will understand even more clearly how it is that we have come to find our place before the throne of God that it was all orchestrated eternity past, carried out by the father the son and the Holy Spirit. Only then can we truly say God be the glory for ever. Amen today and over the next couple of days here on Renewing Your Mind.

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Once we have received eternal life. It is hours both through time and eternity. Still, there are many who believe you can lose your salvation will join us tomorrow. Stucco walls in which the Scripture to defend God's preserving grace next Thursday. On my

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