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Salvation Guaranteed

Renewing Your Mind / R.C. Sproul
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March 8, 2020 12:01 am

Salvation Guaranteed

Renewing Your Mind / R.C. Sproul

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March 8, 2020 12:01 am

It is impossible for God to break a promise. Today, R.C. Sproul explains what the Lord’s covenant with Abraham teaches us about the absolute trustworthiness of God.

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Variables from the illusion of Renewing Your Mind. Abraham should believe God because God is eminently believable.

But Abraham believed God, and God wanted him he reckoned him as righteous, not on the basis of any works that Abraham but before on the basis of his faith, and of his faith alone in the promise of God's famous focus.

The Bible of someone and that faith saved Abraham but what about us is that how people are saved today is Dr. RC Sproul message titled salvation guaranteed. I've often said that if I cast into prison and was only allowed to have one book at my disposal while I was incarcerated. The book that I would obviously request would be the Bible. I could spend the rest of my life in solitary confinement studying with all my might and all of my mind that particular book and I would begin to exhaust the depths and the riches that are in that, but if I were told that I could not have the whole Bible, but only one book of the Bible have always said that the one book of the Bible I want would be the book of Hebrews because in a sense, it's a synopsis of the whole Bible. All of the Old Testament messages contained in summary in the book of Hebrews.

Plus this New Testament fulfillment of a thought if I could only have one chapter of the Bible as I languished in prison. That chapter would be the 15th chapter of the book of Genesis 1 have said that in the past people have looked at me somewhat askance to say what in the world is so great about the 15th chapter of Genesis that you would want that if that were the only chapter that you could have well to answer that question. I'd like to direct your attention to a brief summary of Genesis 15 Genesis 15 begins with these words.

After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, do not fear Abram. I am a shield to you, and I am your reward and your reward shall be great, and if ever Abraham were a bit cynical in his old age. He was at this point for responded to God by saying all the Lord God. What will you give me since I am childless and my error the error of my house is Ely Azor of Damascus because no matter what you give me God. The greatest ache and pain in my soul. Is it with all the material goods. Your providence is bestowed upon me.

I have no children. My wife is barren were childless. I can't take it with me and I can't believe it to my family, my air is Ely Azor of Damascus, a servant in my house. So what reward are you going to give me then, behold, the word of the Lord came to him, saying, this man shall not be your heir, but one who shall come forth from your own body, he shall be your Abraham. You have it wrong. Your inheritance is not going to your hired hands your inheritance. Abraham is going to your son somebody who's going to come forth from your own body flush of your flesh and bone of your bone blood of your blood then we read God took him outside the city. Abraham looked towards the heavens count the stars if you are able to count them for ever been to Palestine. One of the most striking dimensions of the geography and of the situation there in Palestine is the clarity of the atmosphere, you look up and really you see a star spangled heaven. The Milky Way would look like almost a solid sheet of white myriads upon myriads of stars are visible to the naked eye.

Abraham could've stood outside of his tent and counted without counting the same start twice to this day and not have been able to number the stars of the sky. They said to him, so shall your descendents be.

Abraham as many as there are stars in that sky so shall your descendents be not just going to have one child to live after you. I said I was going to make you the father of a great nation and your descendents will be as plenteous as the stars in the sky. Verse six is one of the reasons why I'd like to have Genesis chapter 15 in my prison cell. Then he believed in the Lord and he that is God reckoned it to him as righteousness. Here is the gospel.

Ladies and gentlemen here in the 15th chapter of Genesis is the most succinct summation of the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Abraham believed God, and there is no merit in that Abraham should believe God because God is eminently believable. Abraham should trust God because God is altogether trustworthy, but Abraham believed God, and God counted him he reckoned him as righteous, not on the basis of any works that Abraham but before on the basis of his faith, and of his faith alone in the promise of God. Abraham believed God, and I think it's important we understand that what it was.

The please God, was not that Abraham believed in God.

The demons believe that there is a God and they tremble, they at least have the sense to be afraid of God. But if you're sure that there's a God and if you're scared of God.

All that does is qualify you to be a demon they don't trust God. They don't believe God. Abraham said I will put my life on the line by trusting. I believe then God said to him, I am the Lord brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans, to give you this land to possess it.

Abraham says to God, O Lord God, how may I know that I shall possess it. He just got done say I believe that is like in the New Testament. I believe Lord help about my unbelief. Now it seems that Abraham's belief is more hope it's more wishful thinking that it is confidence delivered by doesn't, he said, Lord.

It's like I believe you. I think but it's awfully hard for me to believe that I'm to be the father of a great nation absolute time for me to believe that my descendents are going to be more numerous than the stars in the sky and this granules of sand along the sea because I'm an old man and have you seen my wife. My wife has no hope of conceiving a baby so Lord, how can I know it not just hope it just pray for and hang on by my fingernails.

How can I know for sure. And Abraham said it before God. How can I know is again is because of God's answer to that question that I want this book with me in jail is incredible. This is one of the most exciting passages in all, but I will not. I know that as soon as you hear it you know you're good at the breaking out in hives. You're going to have goosebumps up and down your spine very subsided. If I had near this what he says. God said to him, bring me a three-year-old heifer and a three-year-old female goat and a three-year-old ram and a turtledove and a young pigeon that incredible what it is, is the former in the Bell file the Dario here are the heifers in the turtledoves and all this stuff is not one and have her daughters had to be heifer but as we three years old. I want three-year-old heifer three-year-old female goat bailed out female goat three-year-old ram turtledove young pigeon got I didn't want to start a farm paramedic injury.

I just want to know how can I know for sure I'm going to have a son.

But that's what you want me to do all go collect these in so we read that Abraham brought all of these animals to God and he cut them into and they laid each half opposite the other, but he didn't cut the bird and the birds of prey came down upon the carcasses and Abram drove them away. But when we read this a sophisticated 20th century people we say what kind of primitive bazaar obscene type of animistic religion is recorded in this text.

It sounds like savagery where these animals are brought forth and then Abraham asked them to pieces cutting them asunder, tearing them in half and then this macabre scene offsetting the pieces opposite each other, sort of a pathway in between one half of the ego and the other half of the he goat one half of a three-year-old heifer and the other half of the three-year-old heifer does not sound almost like witches and goblins mixing up batch brains and lizard got some so on the Kind of Magical Potion. Let's Look What's Going on before More Significant Than That, Birds of Prey Were Attracted to This Holy Liturgy to Disturb It to the File It to Destroy It and Abraham All He Was Able to Do Was to Shoo Away the Vultures, the Buzzards Coming in Verse 12 Said When the Sun Was Going down a Deep Sleep Fell upon Abraham and Behold Terror and Great Darkness Fell upon They Don't Give This Narration in Terms of Modern Clinical Psychology but Is Anybody Who's Ever Experienced What Physicians Call an Acute Anxiety Attack Where This Sense of Terror Descends upon You, Making You Sick in the Pit of Your Stomach, Afraid to Take Another Step. What the Saints Called Experience of the Dark Night of the Soul. So What the Scriptures Are Describing Here in Abraham's Life Is As the Sun Goes down and He's Left with This Scene of Carnage around Him Is Suddenly Overcome and Virtually Thank Wished by Terror That the Sentence upon in His Sleep While He Was Asleep in This Terror.

God Spoke to Him, Saying Abram Know for Certain That Your Descendents Will Be Strangers in a Land That Is Not Theirs, Where They Will Be Enslaved and Oppressed for 400 Years, Then Will I Also Judge the Nation Whom They Will Serve and Afterward They Will Come out with Many Possessions. And As for You Shall Go to Your Fathers in Peace and You Shall Be Buried at a Good Old Age and Then in the Fourth Generation They Shall Return Here for the Iniquity of the Amorite Is Not yet Complete. Now I Have Saved the Best for Last Firearm in Prison.

Remember the One Book Is the Bible. The One Book of the Bible Is Hebrews the One Chapter the Bible Is Genesis 15. If I'm Only Allowed One Verse Okay and You Bring It to Me Paste up in Block Letters so That I Can Hang on the Ceiling or on the Wall so I Have in Front of Me Every Waking Moment in My Cell by Can Only Have One Verse of the Bible. This Is It.

Genesis 1517. Don't Look at It Let Me Surprise You. Sit Back and Enjoy It. Feast upon It. This Is Delicious, and It Came about That When the Sun Had Set, That It Was Very Dark, and Behold, There Appeared a Smoking Oven and a Flaming Torch Which Passed between These Pieces and You Believe in the Midst of Terror in the Midst of Fear and Uncertainty. Suddenly in His Vision of the Night. Abraham Sees Smoking Oven a Flaming Torch Rise and This Porch That No Human Being Was Carrying Moved and Came near and Came to This Correlator of Carnage of These Animals That Had Been Torn Asunder, and in That Path between the Bodies That Were Mangled on the Ground. This Flaming Torch. This Burning Oven Moved down the Middle of the Southwest Right so Is a Sprawl of Your Lot, Your Mind, You Know It's a Big Deal. Here's the Big Deal in the into When Truth Was at Stake and When the Promise Was to Be Made That Was to Be Absolutely Binding Sacrosanct, That Promise Was Made and Sealed in the Form of a Covenant.

And in Those Days You Didn't Write a Covenant so Much As You Cut a Covenant, Because When the Terms of the Covenant Were Made Beloved and Promises Were Uttered and Declare Those Promises Were Not Absolutely Binding on the Persons Involved in This Agreement until Those Promises Were Ratified by a Cutting Right but Today Brim, Abraham, I Will Be Your God. You Will Be My People. I Will Make a Covenant with You and You're Going to Make the Mark of That Covenant in Your Body and in Your Son's Body. I'm Going to Cut off the Foreskin of Your Flesh, so That in Your Very Manhood You Will Become and the Symbol of That Cut.

The Purpose of the Knife Will Be to Remind You That I Have Cut You off from the Rest of This World That Is Perishing. I Have Set You Apart. I Have Consecrated. I Have Made You Holy and That's the Blessing of Which I Spoke in the Sign of That Blessing Will Be Seen in This Cutting Rite of Circumcision but the Sanctions of This Covenant, Abraham Are Two Full That Side Will Also Be a Sign of the Curse to Anyone Who Breaks the Terms of This Covenant and the Sign of Circumcision Will Mean to You Abraham and to Your Seed Forever That If You Ever Violates This Agreement, That You Were Saying in Your Own Body.

May I Be Cut off from All of the Blessings of God. If I Fail to Obey. So Every Jew Who Entered in the Covenant with God Was Forced to Go through This Liturgy of Cutting to Ratify the Problem but the Point Beloved Is That God Did Not Ask His People to Ratify Their Oath without Being Willing to Do It Himself.

What Happened, How Did God Swear an Oath.

Meredith Klein the Old Testament Theologian That's Contributed so Much to Modern Scholarship, Once Wrote a Book Called by Oath Can Sign Calling Attention to the Fact That at the Heart of Our Relationship to God Is, the Oath Is the Bow Is the Promise on Both Sides of the Equation. My Promise to God. God's Promise to Me Now Is God Swear an Oath. How Does God Make a Promise. What Does God Say, Do We so to God, but a Bible. It Is an Essay Raise Your Right Hand God and Say It to Me. I Swear to Tell the Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth so Help Me Me Will Do. How Does God Take and How Does God Swear Via What We've Read Here with This Strange Description of the Furnace and the Smoke Passing through These Body Pieces Is a Theophany, a Theophany Is One of These Technical Theological Terms, the Way the Record That Lost for God and for Which Means to Manifest the Word Theophany Means a Visible Manifestation of the Invisible God. And When God Appears Visibly in the Bible. His Favorite Way of Doing It Is in Some Form of Fire the Bush That Burns but Is Not Consumed. The Pillar of Smoke That Leads the People of Israel through the Wilderness, DC in Hebrew Terms What Is Happening in This Nightvision Is That Abraham Sees That Flaming Torch Moving through Those Pieces That Flaming Torch Represents the Very Presence in Here God Is Stooping to Human Level. God Is Condescending to Swear a Sacred Eternal File to Speak and the Meaning of That Vow When God Passes between Those Pieces of the Animal What God Is Saying to Abraham Is Abraham. Do You Want to Know If I'm Going to Keep My Word You Want to Know If I Were to Keep My Promise to You.

Let Me Tell You What I'm Going to Put on the Law. I Am Swearing by Myself. There's Nothing Higher Than Myself.

I Can't Swear by the Heavens. I Made the Heavens, I Can't Swear by the Earth. I Made the Earth. The Only Thing I Can Swear by, Not the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin.

The Only Thing I Can Swear by Abraham Is My Eternal Character. My Immutable Being and What I Am Dramatizing to You in This Action. Abraham Is This, If I Ever Fail to Keep Promise to You. I Am Saying May I the Immutable Eternal Self Existent Being Suffer a Mutation, May I Who Am Immortal Become Mortal Man Who Cannot Die Parish.

I'm Swearing by My Deity. I'm Saying That, Just As You Have These Animals in Half If I Ever Lie to You If I Ever Break a Promise to You Because It's Impossible for God to Lie, and It Is Impossible for God to Break the Promise He Has Taken an Oath and He Has Sworn by Salvation Is Guaranteed by the Promise of God Himself. You're Listening to Renewing Your Mind Ugly Wet Thanks for Joining Us on This Lords. The Addition of Our Program. Last Sunday We Wrapped up Dr. RC Sproles Verse by Verse Series from the Book of Romans, and This Week We Have Begun What We Call the Classic Collection, a Compilation of 10 of Dr. Sproles Most Beloved Messages. We Hope You'll Join Us Each Sunday. Over the Next Several Weeks As We Make Our Way through This Collection, You're Also Welcome to Reach out and Request the Full Series for Your Home Library Will Be Happy to Send You the 10 CD Set When You Contact Us with a Donation of Any Amount to Leader Ministries or Web Address Is Renewing Your Mind.War. This Classic Collection Includes Messages Such As What Is Truth. If God Is Good.

Why Do I Suffer and All Christians Believe in Predestination. These Messages Are about an Hour Long so There Contained on 10 CDs Are Not in the Office on This Lords Day but That You Can Still Make Your Donation and Request the Series Online by Going to Renewing Your Mind.War. Thank You for Your Generosity. People around the World Have Access to Faithful Biblical Teaching Because of Your Gifts Next Sunday. Dr. Sproles Messages Titled If There's a God, Why Are There Atheists Great Question.

Then We'll Answer Next Week Here on

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