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Sermon: Talk Is Cheap (Ecclesiastes 5:1-7)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood
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April 12, 2021 12:40 pm

Sermon: Talk Is Cheap (Ecclesiastes 5:1-7)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood

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Good morning.

Welcome to redemption church friends body would the teaching pastor here was was a welcome.

This is your first time here we have a guest card on the back table love for you fill it out prayer requests or questions for us. But what we do begin. We got a redemption. We love to answer any of those questions that you have. We are continuing our series in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 5 that's will be at today were talking today about talk being cheap talk is cheap. Ask a couple questions here. Never thought about us like why are you here today… Like very thorough question, why did you come to church today. Why do we grab opener Bible sometimes and we open it up and and we read it. Some really deep questions why we pray these are getting at the core of some of his questions which you find very quickly is, it probably reveals a lot about what you think about God what you think about yourself while we're hopefully trying to do.

Maybe it's just I want to communicate with the God of heaven, and I want to find a way to to do that to communicate with him. Maybe it's God I I feel like this week's been rough and terrible hard. I'm just coming. Some try to figure out why what to do with that maybe are coming here because you're trying to fix a mistake. Got I've I've I've lived this life, and I've done all these things not done these good things that I've done all these bad things in so I gotta come to church today so that I can try to fix that up a little bit.

You know like any to shore up this part of my life and maybe if I can bring to the table some good things you'll be happy with what I'm bringing in you be happy with me or what you're doing in that sense is your coming to God with the performance-based mentality we talked today about worship. What is it mean to worship the God of the universe was that look like why we do it and I think sometimes we come to God. We want to impress God with what we can, but we brought our morality or goodness, how spiritual we sound before God and God would be impressed with us think the word great and then in turn go okay there good there good is obviously they've they've they've met the bar the performance bar. They jumped over it and now we can we can work with them. That's entirely the false way to see. Gotta creation. There's a great line in the movie called Top Gun and is said so maverick goes before he does this like crazy fly. Everything gets in trouble and he goes before this commanders manner comes in. He says son, your ego is making checks your body can't cash you is making checks your body to cast nothing about this for second for some guys may not know this is but a check is a little piece of paper right and on a piece of paper you write out the check is written to an April little amount. There and you sign it and you give it to somebody but it's a promise that that money is going to be in the account when you have the check clears, and what happens if you got the money in the account that the checks for it bounces right was no money there so you can't do that. You can't just write like oh I got this blank is very right you put any amount of money on that check know you have snapped out the money in the account when you make the check in the same way we come before God. A lot of us try to write checks that our body can't cash and we are God, here's what I can do. I got this I got this I got this look at this blank number you and I'm still doing it with all this great stuff here you go God I got. I want to get something back in return from you. God's like when I second that check just balance you got nothing in your tank, there's nothing you can give to me that I'm just like wow that's really awesome know God knows who we really are is and we talk about worship our postures not God hears all these great things are coming to the table with two impress you with its got I'm coming to you as a broken center desperately dependent upon your grace and without your grace. I've got nothing. The posture goes from God when we show you what I got to God I got nothing I need everything you have two different posture right to different place of understanding is when we talk about this chapter in Ecclesiastes 7 versus I think it's about worship and it set the foundations of worship or this humble heart and a listening ear before you can come move on, move forward and understand who God is in this relationship with him. We have to start with a humble heart and a listening ear humility says is what I like everything :-) Spurgeon. He said this is the right estimation of oneself weave a proper estimation of who we actually are and until you get to that point as a human being. You can't realize that you need help until you realize that you broken.

We think we have something to offer God. He'll be impressed with that he can't work with us to we the plural I got. I realize I'm broken.

I need you look Ecclesiastes chapter 5 members, one guard your steps when you go to the house of God to draw near to listen is better than to offer the sacrifice of fools, for they do not know that they are doing evil be not rash with your mouth, nor let your heart be hasty to utter a word before God for God is in heaven and you are on earth. Therefore let your words be few. For a dream comes with much business in a fools voice with many words, when you valid out to God. Do not delay paying it for he has no pleasure in fools paying what you Val. It is better that you should not bow, then, that you should Val not pay.

Let not your mouth, lead you into sin and do not say before the messenger that it was a mistake.

Why should God be angry at your voice and destroy the work of your hands brewing dreams increase in words grow many there is vanity, but God is the one you must fear three starts out with this idea of worship. Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. Verse one. Now we talk about worship worshiping God. Romans we understand that our bodies are living sacrifice that the God does not dwell in temples made with hands, but he dwells within us as people. We are his people talk about us being like living stones you know are people and in that right is that the dwelling of God is with his people.

People who believe in him who repent of your sins are followed after himself we could be here in this building worshiping God. We can also be underneath the tree way across the park and we can worship God, we can worship God in someone's house. We can worship God in the grocery store is not dependent upon location, but in the Old Testament what they would do is they would. They had a temple in Jerusalem. This was to be a reminder to the people to show them hate this is were worshiping God. Here so Solomon says. Guard your steps when you go to the house of God.

Why is that important because there in Jerusalem. The temple sits on amount and there's actually steps to go up see you ascend in the songs they have songs of Ascent's where they would ascend to the top of the temple to worship God.

So when you see that ascending language. That's what it's talking about. So guard your steps when you go to the house of God and saying be careful when you go to worship God.

Now this is given to starting the foundation of worship. We understand who were worshiping.

This is the God of heaven created heaven and earth by speaking into existence. We have nothing to bring to the table, which is why last week we talked of Easter we need Jesus to save us. There is only through his atoning work on the cross. Can we be saved and we need his finished work on the cross. There's nothing you can add to it. There's nothing you can bring to the table in order for God to say okay you did part and I depart, no week. He did 100%. And when you believe that, except that you can have forgiveness and eternal life. He if you forgive your if you confess your sins he is faithful and just to forgive you of your sins and cleanse you of all unrighteousness. It starts with the confession.

This is who I am humble heart.

Then he says this to draw near to listen is better than to offer the sacrifice of fools, for they do not know that they are doing evil so he starts out by having this conversation about listening listening and that in the first point we have here is listen before you speak, listen before you speak. We talk about worship. It starts off on a humble heart and a listening ear.

Do you come to God, wondering hey God, what would you think about my life. What do you think about my theology. What do you think about the way that I see my priorities in life or do we come together like this.

Got a got the always great plans in all these things are going to do and in here you want to rubberstamp this let me go on my merry way.

Most people when they come to God.

They treat God is just a random buffet of things take a little bit over here. I take a little bit over here that religion got this and that's great I'll absorb this or that religions got this over your own absorb this were not listening to what the God of heaven is saying words taking what we want is for us. Listen before you speak to be a little transparent with you now to see you. This is transparency.

Our but sometimes in the middle the day and I'll be lunch time and not you know working from home or whatever space is so last year and my wife is having a conversation with me and I am on my phone answering emails or text while my wife is talking and she asked me a question.

What I just say, and like I remember like a phrase she said in that conversation and José repeated Dr. know you're talking about this is like no you weren't listening to a single thing I was saying were you know Mike okay. Yeah, I was not listening to anything you're saying I was focus somewhere else. It was a one-way conversation.

She was talking, I was not listening and I was trying to listen just enough so I could reply, but that's not really listening anything about why someone who actually listens to you ever had somebody your toughness conversation and their listening so intently. They pick up on things in the conversation it weren't even like you were leaving sinks explicitly, but they were listening so intently that they could even hear things in your life that you were in this part is conversations you know like that's like really listening, but most of us were terrible terrible listeners.

We listen in order to reply not listening in order to hear and I think sometimes with God.

It's the exact same way we listen in order to reply. We don't listen to hear it was. It was amazing that the God of heaven created heaven and he created you and he created me.

This is a God who still wants to share with you his truth is given us his word right, but how much a company of us like pick up his wording of God. This is your word and I know that you have put your truth in your message here in Iraq we read the Bible as if it's God's truth that he wants to share with you the God created heaven and earth actually has a message. He wants to give to you and share with you. Do we listen in that way you like daily by a Bible reading plan, but sometimes getting those good daily Bible reading plan's you can get into the habit of just checking off the box like okay I checked it did that read the Bible read that text.

I did my duty for the day on time but are not listening in order to hear God what you have for me today what truth do you want me to know that I don't know that I can shrink change my life and transform my life around you.

I'm listening in order to reply not listening in order to hear listen before we speak. Ernest Hemingway says this about listening when people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen GK Chesterton says there's a lot of difference between listening and hearing, we would actually hear listen to the voice of God, and know God.

What do you have for me. We come to worship God.

That should be her posture.

Whether were listening to a sermon here. Wherever reading the Bible that we would actually listen to God. Meditation, Jim. If you do that, I got sick like you know what a mistake is verse of Scripture under memorize it, and I'm the think about it all day long put on a note card and sky. Think about the truth. Let his marinade over my life and how does it affect the way the raise my kids. How does it affect the way that I respond to people around me. Most of us don't take the time to do that because were busy. We've a lot of things going on in the truth is other things are more important in listening to the God of heaven, that's really were at work coming to the table.

Think I will hear it here to worship you, God, here's what I got going on now want you to bless this approve it, make a good and I can go on my merry way. Listen before you speak. The second thing we see your numbers three University uses this beat be not rash with your mouth or let your heart be hasty to utter a word before God for God is in heaven and you are on earth. Therefore let your words be few. For a dream comes with much business in a fools voice with many words, and I think we talk about dreams is not saying that it's wrong to have ambition in dream and think through what could be in the possibilities is nothing wrong with that but the problem comes when we bring this to the table. Got it was a got a want to bless this and he says here too many words, man is like a fools voice talking too much as a sign of foolishness homeopathic for minute.

This doesn't mean if you're a talker and you enjoy talking to people that that makes you foolish. That's not what this is saying I realize in a room like groups of different personalities and some of us enjoy talking some of you don't like talking your like now this sounds great I love it.

I don't want to talk to anybody in this sounds awesome. Some of you love talking to people and you enjoy it it it it can is your thing and you that's the part that's not what he's talking about we talk about is when we come to before God in worship and we try to tell him make us sound smart by many words River seminary so you have like these professors who the PhD's and and then we did these like big the column forums were.

They have like some big philosopher Christian philosopher apologist committed teaching talking and you have a debate and they have open Q&A and what happens sometimes you get legitimate questions from students who really want to know. But then you inevitably get the guy who comes up to the mic and he's got like something written down like with. If you have a question you probably need to write this down but he's, some written down and he starts talking and he keeps talking and he keeps talking and then the guys like do you have a question for me. And finally he found gets out a question but it's not really a question at all.

The guy at that might just want to sound smart, in front of the other smart guy, so the smart guy think he sound smart and a lot of times we come to God like that guy looking spiritual. I am like a great I am, listen to this prayer. God, I'm going to impress you, talking too much as a sign of foolishness. Think God sees right through that so we can like hide that from him like oh God yes I can see this one coming know he knows exactly who we really are.

Like with your kids and you ask what happened in the story and the story goes on a really long story because are trying to like printed confusion a little bit become a thing like oh I don't really know what happened but you can see right through that is apparent like no I can tell exactly what happened same thing we do the same thing with God talking too much as a sign of foolishness. We don't have to come to God impress him. Sometimes this is you with some of the darkest times in life. I don't know what to say.I got I don't really know what I even should pray right now I don't know how to get this out.

I don't know if this makes sense to you. I just need you as needed. I think sometimes in those moments there's more communication happening there when you set to get a thrill but your words out on the wall and hopefully think I'm impressed out of this one now the Bible says the Holy Spirit empathize with us and speaks on behalf of us words it really know what to say. The thing about when you became a follower of Christ, you're so broken or the weight of your sin and realizing man I am just a sinner at me Jesus. Jesus save me just the heart of that prayer. The humility of that prayer before God. What is Isaiah say because he forgot he sees magnificence of God.

What was me, for I am a man of unclean lips is like that's all he can see his likeness blow on me, for I am a man of unclean lips, sometimes it's all the prayer we utter and I think there's something in that that it hits at the heart of what God wants us to have posture before him.

Humility the foundations of worship or a humble heart and a listening ear. The third thing we see here in verse five.

Verse four. When you vow without God. Do not delay paying it for he has no pleasure in fools. Okay, so we don't vowel most was from gnomic valves to God like this is something only Old Testament did a lot to make these vows before God, some as we make promises to God I got.

I will do this for you if you do this for me Sir making his bargaining agreement with God as funny as I got to saying okay that sounds great. What sign on the dotted line, you're at your kind and having this fictitious conversation with yourself about telling God what you're going to do what he's got to do in return we turn got into a cosmic vending machine is know what that is. Still have that vending machines these days, right, put your quarters in a website for Cardin Prince. I want a seven get my potato chips okay got. I put in my good works swipe his quarters got. I want this in return giving us back that's bowing the idea of going for about before God and he says this pay what you vow it is better that you should not bow, then, that you should bow and not pay you ever had like a one of those companies. Comcast or whoever makes it I got a great deal six months. This is what you pay and this is what you get in return we got Internet we got this. This and what happens on your bill round that fit their six-month sourcing all these random charges pop up on the bill I would say it.

You said that deal that was so good to be true that I wasn't at the pay. This announcement I see you know my bill there over promising and under delivering or will be people who we do what we say do what you say be people who under promise and over deliver.

Make your word be good if we live in a world where word is meaningless or doesn't mean anything. You can say what you want say what I want is just words but her words do have meaning if you're not sure about that say things to your kids about things that are going to happen in the future there listening and they're paying attention.

If you make promises they know it and they hear it and they're waiting on it. My son was like to and Lindsay had a similar encounter with my son the different occasion he was sitting there one night and he was at the point where he just wouldn't he know vegetables would need is whatever he is really really picky so if I said like okay, don't be. Get dessert and then he looks at the mangoes. It's okay, you got to remember I was like I know if it is okay. On one hand and what he saying is right.

This is true, I probably will forget that I probably have forgotten the task is like you know is busy playing okay. What is okay here you like. I probably done that numerous times in the past. So one hand on like I'm pretty impressed of this to your little guy like remember that the other hand like you should talk your dad that way. Like you say here you know it's funny like but kids remember and they remember when we don't do what we say is her children right. God knows we'll do what we say yes he knows when you'll do what you say when you make promises you make statements in God's life, yet not doing what you said again he knows that he's not surprised by that same moment. Say something to this.

What were going to do this is who were going to be people of your word and on the flipside of that, don't make promises to God that you know your not cheap you know you have to do that is the beauty of God. Again, he knows when Jesus died on the cross. Persons, he knew who you were. He knew who you were inside and out. Not only just your past sins, but he saw your future sense because this is the God of eternity to God.

Time is not surprised by who we are.

So we say God I never do this again and we do it again, never do that again. Got to do this for you. We don't do it. Don't get in the habit of making this promises he was a got want a humble heart, you want you to come before Missy I'm a sinner.

I desperately need you and not only do I need you to save me but I need your grace every day is your Holy Spirit to empower me every day. I need your work because I am this human being over here that has been terrible and I need you I need your righteousness and your grace and need you to empower me today. It's humility except to have an essay like God I need you where people don't like to say that I need you, like God, here's what I have here is what I can do this with her to give you gifts and you play the whole game. Are you. You gave the gift and the like. No, I will take you know I don't want to do that than the furniture we hauled on that like no feel bad about it. You can get that wave grace is a guy I just took this to good of the gifts. No you to embrace that route, Peter says what is when is there at the table and Jesus is washing his feet was Peter said no Lord don't wash my feet is a Peter disliking her to do. I came here to cleanse you from sin legs are coming to doing okay. I get wash all me that I need all of it right. It's it's not like God.

I don't want you, you're too good for that say no.

We need him to cleanse us and that is a say humiliating.

I don't mean humiliating in the sense that it is should be embarrassing for us it's humiliating in the sense that it brings us to our lowest point and that's what we have to be with God realizing who we actually are of a holy, righteous and just got at St. Jesus I need you Jesus I need you do what you say within verse six. Let not your mouth, lead you into sin and do not say before the messenger that it was a mistake. So again, you gotta think in these times, and they would worship in the temple they would make public confession so they would share out loud, they would confess their sins and they would make promises and make valves publicly and at the temple and so your these people making public declarations of their vows before God and only think of his messengers probably at Temple messenger to be someone is working at the temple he's hearing these declarations being made. So here's a person going the temple worshiping God and he makes his public declaration of his bow for God and then he doesn't do the bow because it was public. Everybody knows he didn't complete his bow as he goes to the Temple messenger says oh by the way, the promise I made I didn't.

That was a mistake.

I didn't mean to say that is making an excuse making excuse.

Don't make excuses is pretty simple.

Don't make excuses River when I was playing baseball in high school baseball coach and again word word.

It's much teenage boys right in high school and what we where we good outward good at making excuses really good at making excuses. So you miss a grounder about throw strike out to play whenever and when you say well the reason why is and they come with the excuse he is so tired of it is like one day before practice started.

Ms. could take her hats off through saw sharpie and set I was right is in your hat. No excuses, and from then on out. Anytime we started on the road well so this will happen when I don't hear it, own up to it, say it was a mistake you made the mistake and that's it. So when it comes to worshiping God and understand who we are that were sinners were really good at coming up with reasons why we made the mistakes will God. This is why I made the mistake. This is what happened.

This is what's going on this and this and this and before you realize we got all these different excuses given necklace back to not being humble because we're kind were trying to justify the reason for sin rather than saying God I am a sinner. Don't make the excuse just own up to it, but we are terrible at owning up to who we are terrible at owning up for our own sin. We are terrible at owning up to all the failures and mistakes that we made in the past. Those things should not shame you.

Those things are all examples of how the grace of God has saved you from it saved you out of that his grace is sufficient for you.

What we do in those moments as we try to act as though we don't need that grace in December making a shame of that gift is rather St. got I'm racing this, I need your grace. Don't make excuses, embrace the grace of Jesus in last season. Verse seven he says for when dreams increase in words grow many there is vanity, but God is the one you must fear when you're sharing all these words before God and you're trying to impress God, what are you doing in the process you are building up your own ego.

On the other hand, we come before God realizing that only heeds you can save us. We are understanding our posture before him. You can't impress God, but you can be impressed by him, you can't impress them, which can be impressed by him. There's nothing that you can do to God and you like okay got I got something for you. You never seen before but watch this right God created you he created you from the dust of the ground. I like to see you try that Riley guys I okay listen. I did marry Dr. Joe Joe's like St. got Joe where were you when I made lightning and I'm I'm creating the earth and I'm making all the things the stars in the sky. Where were you Job you want around you and see all that is like okay that's pretty hard hitting rank is Job's like man nothing impress God with just a hate let me show you what I can do. Let me show you how powerful I am the likes of these really amazing place. We live in. 1 Was Beautiful Pl. in the world just north of us. We got Yosemite grand Teton's and Yellowstone down south your Bryce Canyon and Zion national Park too far as the Grand Canyon on this part of the world. We have a lot of amazing amazing places and few benefits before and you see this this magnitude and beauty is not God made you to to think and see beautiful things and to absorb those things that your mind why because he wants you to see what he has done and so you glorify him in the process I got that is cool. You did some amazing things. He wants us to appreciate what he's done. He wants us to see those things we read fear.

So says talk about fear of God that may be of a phrase that you read in the Bible before descending were supposed to be afraid of God silently means are supposed to be afraid of God when he is his understanding of who God really is read to the Old Testament and New Testament. This is a God who has poured out his wrath. Scouts create a universe from nothing, got his raise dead people back from dead people. Minimal live in the blind people see me to paralyze walk that's who this God is right, this what he's done nothing about you never shot like a firearm before and you never like to say a 12gauge shotgun or something and you shot it's like you feeling shoulder things got some power.

It's got some kick to it and you realize now it will. This is not a toy. This is something with a lot of power and I need to respect that I need to be careful of that. I need to understand what I am doing and what this thing is in the same when we talk about God were respecting and in all of who this God really is and yet here's a beautiful thing like obviously on the other side of Jesus yes is not a place we want to be right because we are dead in our trespasses and sins. So we understand the mind of God and that but as a follower of Jesus. He calls a son he calls us daughter he calls us friend. We should not be afraid of God because he is justified us and made us righteous, but we also need to understand God were worshiping no this is that God created the universe from nothing. This is the same God who has saved us from our sins and made us once we're dead and and and now we are alive and this is not God.

Do we treat God with that same understanding of worship of God.

I am pointing my like to you.

I'm not worried about these other things in life, so worship really is the posture most of the time and is in religion.

This is what we do when we act as though we are trying to impress other people are fear is not in God or fears in man because those are the people that mean the most to you and God's the one is like I see right through you. I see all of you. I see the good the bad and the ugly. I came to die for sinners and to make them righteous, came to redeem loss people and bring them to miss myself. He came in at her worst, and in so for us to understand that the changer posture the foundations of worship is pretty simple. God wants us to have a humble heart a listening ear were not coming to the table showing got all these great things that we have got.

I need you. God I need you when we sing songs to God, seeing them without posture. We pray to God. We pray with that posture we listen to God were listening without posture. God I need you and what truth do you have for me when you hear a sermon when you read the Bible when you pray when you meditate on Scripture, God, what do you have for me listening to you change my heart, is that how you come to God, do you come up come to God with a humble heart a listening year was a God. Here's what I got money. We fix it when I make this is what I got to invest in you and then give me some stuff back in return or whatever we see we got all the messed up ways of you got how to view God in the way you should worship him spring got a thank you so much for your word Ecclesiastes. Here, we thank you God for challenging a convicting word got a pray that we would have humble heart. Listen that when we realize in the gospel. Or we can't save ourselves need you Jesus everyday. We need you yet. Many times we come with just our talk, or spiritual talk. Make yourself sound spiritual and righteous Lord all you want is your hearts be humble before you learn any of the God of heaven and care about us and you know was intimately and yet you have redeemed us in in spite of all her mistakes and failings of problems and you want to use us for your kingdom got I just it's a hard truth wrap her mind around got a pray that we would have that posture before you change your lives redeem them.

Lord were afraid your your spirit would empower us every day

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