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Sermon: Great Expectations (Ecclesiastes 3:9-15)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood
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February 23, 2021 2:19 pm

Sermon: Great Expectations (Ecclesiastes 3:9-15)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood

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Ayrshire leadership passenger redemption church. We are just thankful to be able to praise the name of Jesus together this morning, I hope you all have been enjoying what I don't know. I went there but I do have y'all been enjoying your morning swim say if you're new today or in the last of which you not where were going through the book of Ecclesiastes.

During the middle of chapter 3.

Right now, and not honestly up to this point, Solomon has kinda given us his picture that was accurate, go okay like he tells us about knowledge and how your analysis and sustain unit suggest in the wind and having wealth and building up your life in such a way that you acquire things is to satisfy sustain you and to talk about last week how this can be seasons of both good and bad things that happen in your life and kinda finding that seizing that Raven is hard to do sometimes for us and today were to talk though little bit more positive that he's going try to bring out that the lucky dropping it would be little positive for yesterday and Ecclesiastes and soloist. It can remind us of where our joy comes from right into we all have this expectation. We all have this worldview that we would kind of put in perspective force that shapes the way we make decisions, and so sometimes I can be positive. Sometimes they can be negative. Melanie give you a historical example of a negative one right so Henry VIII was ill.

Not the greatest guy on the planet really desired a male son, and often times when that didn't work out in his favor, he would have his wife killed in these seven killed for other reasons to love a lot of things going on in that house. It was apposite the reason why that happened is because Henry VIII worldview was based on himself and the circumstances not only think about that that makes you wonder's obviously science was an up-to-date form.

At that time because he would not know that he is a part of the equation for the mail you having a male son. But when your worldview is shaped around your understanding it creates this really toxic situation because when things will happen the way you need them to annoy you choose them to an adult you don't understand, and it often falls apart like the things that of this earth are going to fade away of time and so we see that cannot happen in the way that would even shape in our lives is often times when we're in difficult circumstances that come our way. We we react sometimes in ways that we wish we could take back whether we are negative towards the people we love her would pull away and maybe hide because were ashamed of the decisions that we made regardless of that scenario, our expectations and our worldview shapes how we respond to things. So Solomon is painting a picture for us of these like you know these things aren't necessarily what sustains you, you know, is again a healthy but there is something that you can do the control center you and bring you joy in life is here to truth right godly expectations lead to a life of contentment. I think often times we struggle because were not content with what we have, whether that be our actual physical belongings are the where life is played out and we are always longing for that need to be content. And so were struggling because we don't understand what our expectations are self-centered. It's really difficult to find contentment because we don't have the ability on her own to two.

Change the circumstances right it's God's glory that were searching for. So we have godly expectations were looking at the Lindsley goddess given us and asked us to look at. We can see and overcome so much more than we ever even understood her so were looking today at at shaping the way we see and view things in heaven, godly expectations of you have your Bible want to jointly and Ecclesiastes chapter 2 literally the first couple verses verse nine on our chapter 3, I lied to you on chapter 3 verse nine what game has a worker from his toil. I've seen the business that God is given to the children demand to be business to be busy with and he has made everything beautiful in its time also is put in put eternity to man's heart yet so that he cannot find out what God is done from beginning to the end. So when we at the beginning of time. When man disobeyed God and created in the first sin came in the play. We call that the fall and that one of the punishments that fell upon us is that were going to have to work from here on out toil to get the things that we need in and it's something that man's plagued with from the rest of existence, because that's the punishment that fell upon us, and so he stopped already like you think I know what game little has worker from his toil was the point in it and on uneven standard of living were to die, and I've seen the business that God is given to the children demand to be busy with so just make a statement here, but the next part here is category want to start if you have godly expectations that lead to contentment. The first thing we got recognizes this beauty can be found in the worst circumstances beauty to be found in the worst circumstances. We all have seen, experienced personally firsthand or through people from afar extremely difficult things that are played out.

But God has a way of showing himself in those moments and bring glory when we don't even see it as a possibility and beauty to be seen these things right and so he says he has made everything beautiful in its time now and it's time is it may not be as visible to us at the moment going God chooses to reveal it to become such a beautiful thing, everything is beautiful in its time. Also, he is putting the heart eternity into mansard yet so that you cannot find out what God is done from the beginning to the end.

So while we know we have security in our eternal father in Jesus, we know that our sick salvation is secure.

As a reveal to us the beginnings of and he has given us all the comings and goings. We don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. We don't know what's gonna happen the week from now. We do know where attorney lies that's all that he's given us his opportunity know that so beauty is among the worst circumstances in the sense that we don't see the comings and goings, or go around this verse only things that happen in our lives that lead to things later on that we didn't even see coming that were great and we could've expected scenario in my life that has happened that I look back on Anna Mike okay I see what God is doing is not very first mission was a part of some and made some horrendous accusations about me that were false, could've ended my career could've ended my family. Some horrible things are said and at that time which the church is working in the passion I we liked each other.

I would say we were close, partly because we have completely opposite just views on how to do ministry in his very opposite views and the way we we understand our tasks as pastors and so I loved him and respected and we didn't really have a close connection but in that season so I remember the day that the news came out this was happening I went to his house and talking to them.

I came in this.

I don't even know what to do. I was at the end of my rope. Angus Haney cares why don't you don't pray when you go home. I got the center. Now he's a country boy I did not think it makes life as possibility that I could even want me to know what he was about to do so I can be indicated in all that unless an event would let you know and think it's possible I wake up the next morning, ahead of office in overnight that man got on the phone and track down every single conversation that led to the acquisition tracked down but every person demanded until what was going on and when he calls you answer, guide to the point where the person even made the X days accusation. They did not even saying it like an iPod like teeth.

He found that he went on record. He had them go on record to say that wasn't true, and in that season of darkness, I really thought this was the end of what was going to happen. I didn't even know what was going happen next. God create a relationship in us that I didn't even anticipate happening. I don't think this guy in our everyday close, but from that moment on we actually grew closer together.

It was beautiful's mentor facts I've ever circumstances later in life that were difficult. He came late again this guy was there for me. I even know we didn't have the same philosophy of ministry. There is beautiful scenarios and that that God created in the situation that was going to be ugly in the situation that when I was looking at it through my lens. This is the end of what I'm to do a guess, and that the go get a job somewhere else outside ministries never happen again for me, but God created this beautiful thing out of the worst circumstance as Solomon is looking at this is all things are beautiful in its time.

I know personal friends in this room that have gone through some really horrendous things but also I've seen them hang onto and cling to the promises that God is made and is in shape the way that they engage the situations and if in a positive relatedness and encouragement to me. I've seen that happen a lot as I've also ministry since only situations where people who can't look at things the way they need to without doubt expectations implode on themselves and their own their own worst enemies because they don't know what to do and so oftentimes that comes from even just pushing people away when you need someone to comfort you and in the running away from the support systems that you have but I've seen those things happen. Beauty is found in the worst circumstances receiving this in Scripture of you will remember Joseph loves his dad loved his brothers and they ended up breeding and selling him in the slavery. The only rentals that fully what happened. The easel as far as his dad knows he's gone, he's dead that this young man then goes through a journey of life, for he thought, every circumstance honestly will talk about worst circumstances. This guy had the worst circumstances that happen and is just faithful to trusting God in this and we see throughout that story right that at the end. Joseph is the second highest leader in all of Egypt and the famine it hits affects his family and who do they need to go to to get support their brother. They didn't know that's the case right God made something beautiful out of something horrendously ugly and silver to find contentment will have to have a God expectation. We have to recognize that there is beauty, even in those times we don't think it's even possible to set our sights on recognizing the jobs doing things that we can't see it so hard sometimes because we I like the pretty getting really doing all that was me I need you to feel better for me to please you. I feel like if we all feel bad for me will all be better for it. And in this totally not true right because it doesn't help anything other than we stay in that state of despair instead of recognizing hey this might be a hard thing were doing right now. But God is going to do. Think bigger than this and so yard to put in my heart I turn it I've already got that so I can lock into what is doing in that changes the lens with which we see life in our circumstances, you know, I have sunglasses that are prescription and have sunglasses that are not prescription and I it affects the way I see things when I'm driving this larger concern. I'm always willing to prescription ones and driving an image changes the lens with which I say right and so when were looking through that gospel lens monthly. God has given us. It changes the way we have expectations. It really encourages us because we see the bigger picture.

What he's doing outside of the little world that were in all the things that happened to me in my life really don't amount to anything. When you look at the big picture of God's glory.

Like I just us on a big deal. Matter fact I can remember those scenarios without any concern or pain doesn't hurt me anymore because an scheme of things is okay or not there anymore.

I'm in this place and got it done these things, so there beauty can be found in the worst circumstances we really need to seek that is where engaging us then we see this immunity can be found in the worst circumstances. We also know that joy to be found in the ordinary verse 12. I perceived that there is nothing better for them to be joyful and to do good, as long as they live. Also, that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil of this is God's gift to man man it's really hard to be content in the ordinary it's really difficult to recognize that the things I got of forgiveness is absolutely what we need were always looking for something else, or a different doesn't have to be things that you be just the way we see life or the way people view us, we have to find joy in the ordinary here he's told him what nothing I perceive there's nothing better for them thing to be joyful that's important this right joyful energy good as long as they live that everyone should eat and drink and toil and take pleasure in your toil is like that needs to be our focus right there were enjoying the process that God is given us in finding joy in it, finding joy in ordinaries a hard thing. One of the things I remember in South Carolina. Jenny was teaching then as well and she would go to school really early and so I had to take the kids ahead of one point the oldest was to but even as they got older he or she is like 462 all those ages right on the same time to little girls and a boy I would get them ready for school. I would do hair ponytails of the close on the I'm colorblind off.

I would shut the school in the doing of Jenny didn't pick up the close today.

No it was me and and I would remember this journey every day of getting my kids to school, and end up in one of the most precious times I had that I get to be as a dad watching my kids get ready for school would have those phone conversations, I would take them to the classrooms. It was a blessing. The funny thing is, though, I got comments all the time from people about the other dent not doing those kind of things so much like it was beneath them, due to enjoy taking the kids to school and I don't I don't know their scenarios, but is one of those moments that I was like, man, this is just a really cool thing that I get to do is be in their lives like this is also the seasons allies were running all over the place, but they remember some of those moments I release. I remember those moments of just having a precious time with my kids.

I have the joy of also being the chaperone dad because my job was more fluid than Jenny's but it would end up being me in all the mom's which is not an awesome experience. I love the most that you are on this. And in it was it was a you is difficult, but I remember though my kids.

I got Ryan would always be like to have you go to my field trip or Emma W. Google my field trip they wanted me there knows ordinary things in life.

They don't seem to matter matters a lot in the scheme of how I'm raising my kids to see God in his glory right and so finding joy in the ordinary in your jobs in the way that you interact. I remember we had a half-acre lot of in our house in South Carolina and I pushed know that half-acre and soft and I loved it because it was cathartic he was. It was a opportunity for me to be with the Lord is such an ordinary test. I'm grateful that we live in a condo now and want to touch the grass but in this season, finding joy and that was a blessing and we ate we could find joy in the most ordinary things right. Joy in helping others. We forget the beauty of allowing ourselves to be God's vessels and just encouraging other people.

It's so fun to be a blessing to others in week, we kindly miss these things and in the ordinary is absolutely okay when I say ordinary.

I don't this really mean like we can't strive for success in the be good. It will. God has given us to do. I'm not saying that, but we have to learn to be content with what we have because if were not content with the life God has given us were never actually going to be content drawers to be looking for the next thing and so the task that we been given is gotta be something we find joy and I love this Charles Spurgeon said this right leaning into joy. There's a marvelous medicinal power. Enjoy it. Ceiling, most medicines are distasteful. This which is the best of all medicines is sweet to the tastes and comforting to the heart and that that is absolute truth. This blessed joy is very contagious. I can think of others in my life that just makes me enjoy life because of the way they enjoy life.

One negative spirit can bring a kind of playing in the house one person who is wretched seems to stop all the birds from singing wherever he goes with the grace of joy is contagious. The holy joy will oil the wheels of your life's machinery. Holy joy will strengthen you for your daily labor. Holy joy will beautify you and give you an influence over the lives of others. This joy it is contagious. It overflows onto other people in our day and age people are unnerved when you're content with what you've been given.

They don't know to do with that. They don't know what to do when you find joy in which you have the got is given you in front of you. Your test your responsibilities, your family, you not looking always to have the next thing they don't know what to do with people and that's a positive thing because you get to be infectious and contagious to them.

There are certain people in this room that I love seeing everyday because I don't see everything when I do get to see them though because immediately there smile there energy is so contagious. I just feel like I'm like that joy is in my life like a man I didn't. I need to really recognize the joy in the ordinary and the everyday things of life, things that we take for granted all the time winners or children whether slow things we been tasked to do our jobs. When I think the most difficult jobs probably on the planet would be someone that works in like a supermarket or Walmart kind of place for a lot of reasons, but people tend to leave joy at the door when walking. That building it's difficult when you see people love their job will manage changes your day does that when you going going to grocery store and they just have this ability to love the fact that they just select all your groceries and they have to do is done it. It changes things in the ordinary manifests itself to be contagious joy in the bigger things to people of love and it's an infectious thing that they want to be a part of.

So we have to find joy in the ordinary Psalm is like listening is beauty in all of this, but eat and drink and work for God's glory for the things that he is giving you don't take it for granted and so there's opportunities for us always to find beauty in difficult circumstances, and we can find joy in the ordinary. We also have to do this right, we have to recognize his trust in God's plan can be found in the biggest surprises. Let me read this for you. I perceived whatever God does endures forever. Nothing to be added to nor anything taken from it.

God is done it so that people fear before him that which is already has been that which is to be already has been in God seeks what has been driven away. Often times we we strive to try to understand God's plan. We can't see it but many many times it's found when we hit the biggest surprises and circumstances in our lives when we can start recognizing trusting in God plan because it manifests itself that we didn't even see it coming. And here's the beauty of this right after see that whatever God does endures forever.

God's plans don't fade his work doesn't end. It's like building a wall right I love this idea of ancient architecture that will we see similes also stood hundreds of years and are still standing they got them well where is like my wife and I went and bought some Walmart cabinets for abasement and I put these cabinets together.

Enjoy what is happening probably once a month since these cabinets have been put together the door's falloff.

Every single time in a part of that is probably user error but rightly we are not doing something that's lasting. It's not something that's going to be forever. These things don't give us a hope of anything right. If anything, our hope is that the man we might want to hang it up, but building something that's in the last is something we need to set her sights on we see right here God's. God does endure forever. Everything that he does endures forever. So we should put our site in her mind to things that are going to glorify him because that's what will last in our lives.

Those of things are no less, we want to build this wall that's going to sustain itself forever. We don't want to put together something haphazardly. We want to do it in a way that's just kind of hokey. We want to engage something. It's been a lesson he says there's nothing to be added to it enough, nor anything taken from it. So we already know this is going endure forever and no one outside of God can add or remove anything from this plan and so we can find trust in this because when the biggest surprises of life happen. We already know that he is working this out for his glory and for the betterment of us right so let's go back to the original story shared with you about my first ministry. Ugly season of life. Wish I could never have done it. However, there's something beautiful. The guy did in the decisive net write a surprise that I didn't see that at now looking at it.

I did what I need to trust his plan. Probably about a year later by Mrs. couple weeks ago that he did an internship in burly Idaho that next summer. A young guy came up to me and said hey can I do an internship with you, but your body come on over and our connection was the start of something that I didn't even knows what happened that led me here today in Utah where I watched my family blossom and grow in God do things that that negative circumstances that surprise I didn't see coming, manifests itself that I should trust God's plans.

I don't know them. I don't understand and I didn't give me the itinerary for my life.

You didn't say this is what's going to happen, but we find joy in that McMahon is so beautiful know that even the worst things in the cool thing is that God has given me the ability to heal from all that I don't look back on those things is negative the blessings in my life. Some of you endured things much darker, deeper and harder than anything I've even experienced sometimes even harder to understand, but when we have a gospel expectation it can transform us to where we can overcome those things and even see the beauty in it. When we don't want to see the beauty in it.

There's only things I look back I wish hadn't happened, but now that I'm on this side of it. I might know I did. Why that happened even if it was a glorious, even if it was my own mistakes. God used it for my betterment and shape this we trust his plan to be found in the biggest surprises that we don't even see coming. We have some of you in this room that is experienced diagnosis of health things you didn't anticipate situations with your children things you didn't anticipate situations with your relationships, things you didn't even know coming but then you see God use those in huge ways. One of the things I have always been encouraged by my note. Must this church that has known the story is to when Bobby and Lizzie were first going to the situation with Carolyn went one my favorite things that I heard him saying Lindsay say is that how while it's scary that is using that for them in the lives of the nurses that they were talking to their sharing the gospel in God is doing this work for his glory. And that's infectious that, joy comes from trusting in the plan that they don't even know the full layout hops going to shake out that come from trusting in God in ways that we can even begin to understand it so nothing can be taken away is enough that is done it so that the people fear him is not that they fear him in a trembling like more of a reference in all of his glory and his sovereignty got is over all these things, so there's beauty in that and we can trust in his plan. Even when we don't want to them that even though all of these things. Solomon says to us are, like a that's not to sustain you. It doesn't mean that God doesn't have a claim is beautiful. May we get to rest in his glory, knowing that his plane is so much bigger is much more beautiful than anything we can imagine, and it encourages me as I walk through life.

The other things we get hit with on a daily basis. I have sent you that it seemed like every week it's a new thing every week.

It's more difficult thing and he keeps adding up and adding up. But if were sustaining ourselves and putting up the right thing in investing in eternity which is in God's glory and his big picture whenever we can do is going to last. Right because we have to have godly expectations with our lives.

We have to have that framework, we have to look through those eyes to see what is really important. Some of things away and do our our beautiful sure I'm good at fill you from time to time, there can be things that were going to do is humans that are to leave us wishing and wanting to understand what is happening, but the beauty of God's glory is always the thing that we can rest in its always the encouragement piece and so we notice that we trust in God's plan. We know that we can do it because we've seen it happen over and over and over again. I also find freedom in this because when I when I see this verse I see Scripture like this helps me understand that even when I dropped the ball in a major way. Even when I come up short. I still can't change the plane that he's put in place. He never gave me the power, the authority or the task of altering his plan. I don't have the ability to change regattas put in motion. Now I want to be used by God, no one to see when he is doing, but I have little right love the fact there is freedom in me and the fact that I don't have to be God I get to serve and love God, but I don't have to be God and I find so much encouragement that because his work is in place, the things that he's doing is in place to move us forward with such a glorious opportunity for us to recognize that godly expectations lead to contentment. I think content is such a difficult thing for us because we put our hearts and minds on everything else. Sometimes we fall short and restless because those things don't satisfy insisting the don't you would Solomon even said in chapter 2. Write all these things that we have didn't sustain my heart. It didn't. I tried it didn't work because those are not what God has given us.

He wants us to rest in his strength and his plan and his wisdom. Godly expectations lead to a life of contentment and that what's our hearts need to be set on its own encourage you to look at the things in your life. Even the ordinary look of the difficult circumstances you had. Find the beauty in its recognize that we can have joy in the simplest of things must be content with the claimant has given us such an encouragement to us as we move forward to find joy in his work and own encourage us today to keep her. I said what God has done on falling ever so thankful for the way that you have encouraged us Lord I pray this morning's were looking at godly expectations or that we put our heart or hearts or minds, our sites on what it is that you've called us to be Lord we can recognize and be happy with the things that you've given us for the things to put in their paths or the jobs that you've given us the family that were engaging with the friendships that we have or that we can find contentment in that Lord I pray this morning as we continue to move forward or that you just encourages with a defroster doing Lawrence in your name we pray. Amen

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