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Sermon: Living Your Best Life (Ecclesiastes 2:1-11)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood
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January 25, 2021 3:50 pm

Sermon: Living Your Best Life (Ecclesiastes 2:1-11)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood

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January 25, 2021 3:50 pm

Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

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Is good for everyone.

Today, what were doing well and that were excited to be able to worship together this morning if you're new with us working through the book of Ecclesiastes today and today were beginning chapter 2, not to this point. Ecclesiastes is been a little bit of a buzz kill right because he's like basically took everything is, worthless and appointing anything in blob level is like road building us up right were feeling really good with the good news is he keeps up with that today. And so as long as you walk into some more of this, but I want to think about something for second, as were about to dive into this book this morning know when you have a long day of work or school, you're in your way home you just thinking of just whatever riddled with. You can find it out make you feel okay like you would be satisfied. You want come home and maybe just sit on the couch and do nothing or whatever and we we try to pursue life that we were.

We just want to feel okay.

We would be satisfied. So we make all of our plans and actions based around that goal. We want to feel good. We like we like feeling good right now we want to be known as respectable in our communities.

We want to art our kids to be well-liked.

We want to have things that make us happy, like you know of noticeably different things that exist out there. Matter fact when I was a little kid.

There's a company that's no longer in existence. I don't think I called Sears and JCPenney. There still around. They would send home a catalog of this things like this that and had two purposes.

One was for my mom to use the second purpose was every year around October whenever we got it we would get the catalog out and we would circle every possible thing we could want for Christmas ninja turtle he-man G.I. Joe. It doesn't matter what it is like forever girls ensure their stuff are you doing there, but we would look for every possible thing we could want in the list was huge right of our parents actually got a serving. We circled we would never want for anything designing that marker was working and when we thought at that time that that's what would make us happy right we have all the things we would be really satisfied, we would be sustained. Manny would be so good if we could have all these things are thankfully our parents are are wise and also financially knowns in the biosphere to catalog.

We didn't get everything we want to, but we pursue this in life that we desire to be satisfied. But here's the truth you will live and die searching for things to sustain you outside of Christ will always come up short. You will live and die searching for these things you're going to pursue this is like, but when Christ is not the ultimate end you're going to come up short, everything the time Solomon gives us a very distant clear descriptive picture this today. He's talking about this news going on pretty hard.

If you have your Bibles organ Ecclesiastes chapter 213 12 I said in my heart, now I will test with pleasure. Enjoy yourself.

But behold, this was also vanity. I said of laughter. It is maddening the pleasure. What uses in the search of my heart how to cheer my body with warring. My heart still guiding me with wisdom and how to lay hold on folly to I might see what good what was good for the children of men to do under heaven during the few days of their life. I made great works about houses and pointed vineyards for myself. I made myself gardens and parks and planted them all kinds of truth in them all kinds of fruit trees. I made myself pools from which the water, the force of growing trees. I bought male and female slaves and that slaves were born in my house. I also great possessions of herds and flocks more than any who had been before me in Jerusalem. I also gathered for myself silver and gold and the treasure kings and provinces. I got singers, both men and women in many concubines the delights of the sons of man, so I became great surpassed all who were before me in Jerusalem, also my wisdom remained with me and whenever my eyes desired I did not keep from them. I kept my heart from no pleasure for my heart from pleasure in all my toilets and this is my reward for all my toil. Then I considered all the hands had done in the toilet expanded in doing it, and behold, all is vanity and a striving after wind, and there is nothing to be gained under the sun go thing about this for second Solomon is the wealthiest man to have ever existed had every possible thing he could want, and yet all of it is just dust in the wind and the indigent sustain him.

He makes his point was very queries that look I've tried all the things this is where and we look at it right.

Come back to text with a look that he talks about what we look for fulfillment in wheat we will pursue the things of the first thing we do and look for fulfillment in his pleasure. He says this I will test you pleasure. Enjoy yourself right in the very first section there. Solomon's were these guys.

I think it wanted two things I think both he was, playing out a little snare to see if it was true and also really enjoying himself and he was testing it and also Matt, I'm little of my best life now. That's how I titled it back. Our sermons is live your best life now. Now as you hear that were not going the direction maybe you might know that to go but that's the idea that his deal we want to live our best life now. That's the goal right American dream do it all now.

Live it up while you can enjoy everything you got this tomorrow. Who knows, right we want to deliver best like noun songs like I would talk about this pleasure. Think about this when I was a distant pleasures.

This idea that we want to the highest goal for all this is that be happy to have everything that we can fulfill us in this life now. That's what pleasure that's was talking about, like if you're on Instagram.

The ideal like traveling everywhere and having a really cool photo that everyone like allow the world travelers when my wife, my kids that we went out to the salt jetty spiral jetty salt flats.

There's a cool photo I took, which I deliver to cool photo so proud of this there out walking on the water meters reflection for the elect black and white. I did know how to do that until that day like this wreckage and then you put that picture up and you do, like a look at the cool things we do right, but we want to think well of us out where to indulge in travel organ indulge in the best places to eat, like maybe for some of us in this room. It might be a choice, right or might to hire in the lower doesn't matter, but were to look for things to make us happy working adult makes us feel good when the newest gadgets I love my gadgets as a matter fact I have this thing up half of his from his neck notices. It was a call to blackberry and before an iPhone and it was way cool. I thought I was pretty big deal affecting before that I had a PalmPilot I thought I was way cool this thing only did like three things at a calendar, notes like a solitary game.

That's all you can do on the PalmPilot, but I live for the gadget I thought it was great and I have all this stuff we do this but you know now that sounds nice. It's like this that you have in the middle your back that you can't reach in every corners rounded like you can't change it to it right but it's just does it. I need to get relief from that. And you can't find a really cerise pursue these things. Thinking that it's going to give us relief and it would fall short every time because it never does it still there.

The itch is growing and we can't find a way to get rid of them. If you know about it like you finally event from the ground like I'm gonna get rid of this thing, but in life that is happening in and sounds like, look it doesn't matter what happens with pleasure. You're not going to be able to be satisfied knocking to happen at a friend of mine works at a car dealership use work in a cargo ship and he was the finance guy so his job was when you're going to buy a car.

He was the last person you would talk to because he'd sit in the room he'd find out what lender could lend you the money how much you going to need also accomplish all the different programs that have on you. You try to buy more than the car in lien I would talk arms every week I go to his office and sit down and we just we are good friends and we were just talking I'm likely why every time I watch these families leave with these amazing tacos and finales didn't like brand-new GMC Sierra trucks and they were like that just 60 $70,000 vehicles and like all these people before Nissley is about that none of them afforded their leasing. These vehicles these families are going in debt above their eyeball so that they can have this to feel better.

At almost all of them. There are few old-school farmers that can afford. Outside of that, though everyone is pursuing these things and that the dangers we do that a lot right. We want to look so good in our communities. We want to be looked upon. Well, there were no go into debt above her eyeballs, just so that we could feel okay pursuing pleasure and so Solomon's talking like eight. This isn't going to work in the rights of any moves on from pleasure. Look for fulfillment and laughter.

He says this right but behold this also is vanity. I said of laughter is mad and a pleasure.

I love laughing it is such a relief to me, but I mentally minutes not really actually one of my favorite movies of all time and you can think what you will of me is not a libre. I I love it I laugh at it every single time I can quote it right now to you. We pursue things like that. Why because we want to relieve ourselves from the world that were in and find a place that makes us happy were satisfied listening to this world is falling.

I like this will my pursue laughter over what's actually happening and maybe even over Jesus because I feel better about it. We do it all the time of really good friend of mine go back and forth every week was in each other videos from online that we see their hilarious my wife.

Sometimes we left and I know she's knocking plaintiff on his ever telling it like it the video that so insistent she's like okay she was nice. We have different sense of humor but what we look pursue laughter thinking that's going to scratch the itch it's going to relieve it. All this is going to be great were to go to the movies which I love movies my family were movie people were to go there and I like movies because I get to leave my reality. That's not a bad thing if it's you understand what you're doing.

It's not going to sustain or satisfy you either and sounds like I'm trying laughter and its dust in the wind as well.

Nothing is working here week we can quote the funniest movie lines. I remember probably one of the most quoted movies when I was growing up, suggesting it's a good movie or not a good movie one dumb and dumber came out life think it what you will. My friends and I I mean for decades to quote that movie that I don't find it as funny as I used to, but we love relieving ourselves from this world so we can find something else that satisfies and sustains us. We do know laughter a lot. Honestly we do way more than we probably won't admit to. If I find fulfillment and laughter and then he says this what use is it I search with my heart how to cheer my body with wine. My heart still guiding me with wisdom and heartily holding folly, so might see was good for the children. Amanda due under heaven during the few days of a life is like. I even pursued consuming as much as I could know why it was all different and because they didn't have all the things that we have two is like water if it was clean and healthy or wine, but you saying this is my point. This is what I consuming. I even try to do as best I could really go few days left on this planet, we might as well enjoy it right. Do the best we can with this we do it all the time like I will not love you again. I won't worry about you shouldn't use that right so one of my biggest pet peeves. My Achilles' heel of my life. My kryptonite is soda I I love it so much so the earlier on when we were married. Maybe you have is enough money, I would like search couch cushions first change. So I go to the gas station on the way to work so I can maybe swing it.

I wanted I was to make me feel better daughter stressing like your you're frustrated and just want to feel okay with obsessed again ago get Mick whatever or go to Chick-fil-A. No disrespect to Clay. You can add pursue these things because you feel better about your life, because these things make you feel good temporarily right and so we pursue consuming things and whether it's alcohol that a moderate level aura which strain or it's been one of things I should you're frustrated with his guys who would be like.

I don't think it's right for you to consume alcohol as a drunken arm to eat as much garbage as I possibly can. I think it's just as okay, all extremes lead you to nothing right. We have to be satisfied in Christ, not in fulfilling ourselves with all the things I've a good friend in this room… Sugar and candy right if it would be okay for them to do it every day and I did it right. It makes us feel good King being consumed by these things we we pass our feelings away with it. You'll find fresher and have a long day.

That's what I want to do. I want to go find a Coca-Cola maybe seven of them and I want to sit down on the couch on left alone. I want to do that and I am ignoring the reality around me that Jesus sustains me in and in he's talking about here is that you're not going to be sustained by these things. The itch is still there.

You can't reach it because it's not going to relieve that weight will look for consumption. Thinking of that's going to help us. We do it on every level. Sometimes it's even like our recreation activities were going to do this to such a degree that we ignore everything else around us that maybe a husband that's in the golf no matter what regards, what his family needs. Maybe it's the wife can go to friends, no matter how often it's not healthy for her or whatever it doesn't matter what the scenario is we want to use consumption to satisfy our needs. And that's never going to work. We look for fulfillment in her possessions. He says this I made great works. I built houses and pointed vineyards for myself and made myself gardens and parks and planted them in all kinds of fruit trees. I made myself pools from which the water to water the force of growing trees about male and female slaves and have slaves were born in my house. I also great possessions of herds and flocks more than any who had been before me in Jerusalem. I also gather for myself silver and gold and the treasure Kings and provinces. I got singers, both men and women that you get everything right. He had possessions beyond the magic sound was the wealthiest man that existed. He built homes for himself a video like this we go build another one.

Probably just hang onto that was just for good measure. He had gardens and vineyards if he wanted one, he made himself any put the people in there to do the warm form what you have to do a thing.

Yet every possible thing right.

He was pursuing whatever he could on this earth pursuing the American dream. I would have everything I possibly can. Oftentimes, like you, you've maybe been there. Maybe you haven't you have a home you like your home but for some reason he's like there's a better home over here that you need next or maybe you want build your real estate portfolio. None of these things are bad, but when they are what you're looking for to sustain you and satisfy your gonna leave yourself short. He had flocks and herds. It basically he had the whole Sears catalog everything he could possibly want and possessions he had and it didn't scratch that itch are you hearing that all the things we pursue outside of Christ, don't relieve its possessions, relieving him with wanting. I feel oftentimes is a husband like I want to provide for my family, even sometimes to the point where it's maybe beyond what's necessary. What I mean by that is like. I would like to give my kids everything they ever wanted to manifest. Oftentimes I'm the parent that will give them whatever they want. My wife is going is like no like her first response is now my first response is this yes or when it would your mom say that that's usually that's usually the balance, but don't come to me because I want them to be happy but I forget sometimes that limb having whatever they want is actually providing that like I want. It is not even about them liking me.

I just I love them.

My son, I can argue and be at odds and the next minute he asked me if you want to be okay and I love them. I want to provide for them. I want them to have a nice house and want them to have nice things. If I can pay for college you want to do that.

I want all those things.

But if there pursuing things because I'm pursuing things in there missing the mark of Jesus I missing leaving them as a father because it's not about what they have. It's about who he is and what he is done for them, and often times there to follow our elites if they see me wanting a boat or a house or all the possessions are all things more than Jesus in there to follow suit. Possibly ever leading them down a path of destruction away from Jesus away from eternity with the Lord. It's a dangerous thing sounds like none of that sustained me. We should take heed right he is wealthier than ER must Jeff Jesus most jokers got some cash right like real all right now have Jeff Jesus's position he's in because of us write week that the Amazon guys you know we all like the Amazon prime Van circles my neighborhood every day for five times and even though I didn't order anything.

I sometimes wonder if he's coming for me. Like all I do in order anything of mine but I agree we do that in announcing thinking early right while my kids don't have Sears catalog. They do have Amazon right don't go on their to look for the things they want to build up their desires and make wish lists and things like that. We do that because were teaching them that that's what makes you happy is having stuff it sustains you this year's been a hard year and the year before that seen a lot of people pass away because of: other illnesses manifest. We have a good friend of ours that was in a major car accident this week he came out okay but he could've just as easily gone the other direction, left this earth. And I guarantee you he wasn't thinking about all the stuff it's about one of his being sustained in Jesus and about an eternity of as a father, but I can point them to him more than the things I have one I can point them to Christ more than what they obtained in life whether they have great jobs in them to be healthy. I want them to do well. I want them to succeed in this life. I want them to do for the glory of Jesus. It's okay that they succeed so disappointing to him and we we look for fulfillment and possessions. We also look for fulfillment and sexual gratification with this city. I got singers, both men and women in many concubines delight the delight of the sons of men like he had women on women on women. Besides his wife said to have multiple wives for the sure purpose of helping him find gratification physically. That's what he was doing. That's what therefore for him and you know he already had an issue with multiple wives anyway and the like. He was pursuing this and he's telling you none of that made me satisfied. It was all vanity. One of the greatest of services in our world right now in the danger is that our need to find sexual gratification outside of marriage is destroying homes and families in rigid.

This step from American family Council that the report says this pornography is a contributor which backup pornography is one of the major dangers and phosphorus finding self gratification. Why because it's silent. No one has to know what I'm doing. I can do this on my phone I can do this. My computer not my friend, is a map note exists plundering the step two.

Pornography is a contributor to separation and divorce in the best study to date study reports by divorce lawyers and the most common factors present in the divorce cases. They handled 68% of divorce cases involved one party meeting a new person over the Internet's 56% involved one party having the session in an obsessive interest in pornographic material 47% involved spending excessive time on the computer. 33% involved spending excessive time in chat rooms, which often leads to cybersex which takes place in chat rooms.

That was a major factor in separation and divorce and over 22% of the couples observed the spouses no longer living with the person and in many of the other cases, spouses are seriously considering leaving the marriage relationship. So we think for a second. It's kind of okay impassive it is destroying homes and lives rapidly at a place that we can't even comprehend. In Solomon's proof to you. Why does Ortiz tell you I tried it and it didn't satisfy me or sustain me their homes being torn apart children sitting in thinking that's the way we should live like we have young people now who think that it's absolutely appropriate to explore every sexual option they can before they get married thinking that's the best way to do it. Scripture clearly says that's not the Best Way, Solomon's pleading with us recognize that's not the best way but we love it in such a way that we think it's to satisfy the itching UI happens, it's gross and we leave ourselves in such dark capacity walking down dark venues and it doesn't have to be or not be, sometimes it's emotional connection to some is not your wife or your husband.

Sometimes it's it's relationships outside of evidence for they can also be in person.

It doesn't matter, but Solomon's telling you that doesn't fulfill you manually try. We we seem to think that we can overcome when he couldn't overcome Manning to give it a go, but makes me feel good. It makes you feel good for a moment just to left empty.

Mr. left short and it doesn't satisfy and sustain you but as a culture we try so hard look at the horse, though, that have come from our sin. Children being trafficked people ripped from their homes because grown men and women think it's okay to have this relationship outside of her house. It's dangerous Solomon's telling us this is going to sustain you. Not just because of that horror because for your sanctity for the what God is doing in your life it doesn't fulfill you it doesn't sustain you. You're not okay quit trying to pursuing everything other than him. It's always good to leave you short, you will live and die searching for things to sustain you outside of Christ and you will always come up short. These people in these divorce is the reason why they can't fix them is because they're not okay, and are not happy. Make trying to figure out why I can tell you why because Jesus is intrepid now I know the struggle and that I understand that it's not an easy thing to just say when you move away.

That's why we also lean into the body of Christ.

That's also why we hang and cling to the word of God, because on her own. We can on her own.

We can overcome it is such a huge thing I I love my wife with everything in the be Jesus has to be more important to me than her, that I can love her well and I can avoid these traps and temptations, but we try to find fulfillment in all these things and sounds like I more than anybody in proof that all of this leads to nothing.

So if all this is leading to nothing.

What hope do we have because that's our world. Things in consumption. I miss you we we live that life that we want to find satisfaction in everything we think it's good in it is good to appreciate what God has given us, but not ultimately here's the thing. Orlando Jesus is the only one that will fulfill us at the end of the day you will look around every corner and you will try to find in every crevice covered cabinet. Whatever something it's going to make you happy and okay and you will come up short because the only thing that will give you sustenance in this life is the hope of Jesus Christ when he is done for us is what we know we are all wretched sinful people lost and Jesus went to the cross and gave his life so that we can have hope in him that when we believe in him only recognize what he done for us on the cross he pays the price for us and we get to have hope in eternity with Christ that surpasses everything on this earth and in Scripture. I talked about that peace that passes understanding that peace comes from Christ. We can't wrap your head around because it doesn't make sense because our world looks like this in Jesus is like what I have you.

So much better. I love this John 635 Jesus said to them, I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst very been so hungry that nothing like you. You feel like you could consume three pizzas, but you're so hungry Jesus like you will never hunger again with me now. He doesn't talk about physical, hungry, talking about desire to be satisfying the itch is that you will never hunger again. You thirsty. We know it's like to be thirsty is that you will never thirst again because what I have to give you will sustain you for an eternity is so sweet and so enriching. You will never have wants again and ultimately you will be living your best life in him, not now.

You can't do it on your own, apart from Christ. We will fall short. But because of Christ and his glory because of his grace on the cross we can be saved in our hope rests in Christ. Our hope rests in what he is for us. We rejoice in that. And that gives us the ability to wake up and recognize what we do. Life and while we still desire to be satisfied, we will ultimately find it in him in the while we may still have the temptation to want these other things and is not to go away. We find relief in Christ Jesus because he is our everything because at the end of the day all things will fall and fade away and you are either a child of Christ, God's, or your an enemy of God was the only two options that exist so my prayer for you and for me is that we recognize one if you don't know Christ. If you've never received salvation in Jesus. You know the site.

We want to show you Jesus and the minute we pray in the van comes up, Bobby, Tim and I will Damien and Debbie will be in the lobby. We want to have an opportunity to pray with you and share with you this love that we know and is been so enriching to us that has changed our lives.

We want to show you that we want to live a life that exemplifies out for you as well who want have an opportunity to ask you to think about it, come talk to us pray with us but if you already know Jesus as your Savior and your Lord I'm asking you to pray and think about what is your pursuing to satisfy you. And if it's not Jesus seek the needs of your recalibration. We need to really pursue our lives in such a way that our hope rests in him, not on this. My prayer for all of us is that we live that life.

My prayer for all this is that we recognize that apart from him. We will never be satisfied with in him will have everything private. Anybody we think you so much for just the way that you love and pursue us or pray this morning that you will allow us to understand what it means to know you in such a way more that we can be satisfied with what you provide and not will we want and desire. Lord I pray that you reveal that in our hearts, without the temptations are that we pursuing above you, Lord, I pray that you just continue to work in us Lord are so thankful for your word that you reveal to us so we can see the truth that we just asked for you today to guide directly. Love you in Christ name, amen

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