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048 - Consider Jesus

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin
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June 26, 2021 1:00 pm

048 - Consider Jesus

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin

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June 26, 2021 1:00 pm

Episode 048 - Consider Jesus (26 June 2021) by A Production of Main Street Church of Brigham City


You pick up your Bible and wonder, is there more here than meets the is there something here for me. I mean it's just words printed on paper right it may look like just print on the page but it's more than a join us for the next half hour, as we explore God's word together as we learn how to explore it on our own. As we ask God to meet us there in its pages welcome to more than what they call Jesus an apostle like the 12 apostles and apostles.

He was as he's an apostle.

I think we need to get to the bottom of the study and see what this is all about Jesus's possible today. My morning good morning we are so glad you were this is a lovely summer morning. I'm Jim Dorothy and as we set our dining room table here. We really, really do have our coffee cups front of this Bible. That's right, as I hope you have yours.

Very glad you joining with us. We are here attempting a least were enjoying it to sit down, have nice leisurely but deep looks into God's word into you don't have to do because you're forced to her because it's a school assignment or because because because because you can do it just because you want to understand God's heart because Jesus said the words that I speak to you are spirit so here so everything that's kind of burning right now. Just relax and let's look at just as the best context ever to sit down look.

As were touring the Hebrews right now, and in Hebrews again is one of those one of the books that people are Christians many times just gets shorter freaked out about you not like it's too big it's too fat is to Hebrew-ish, how much must ever understand it well. A student dances very tightly reasoned not only think that hard my little spiritual vitamin for the day and I want to just go away. Think about my refrigerator magnet, something is a little bit of work a little bit not much, but the truths that are here are are so extraordinary and on any of there is one. Unfortunately, many people just dive in Hebrews. They don't really understand Jewish culture very much and that helps a lot. In fact, you have to be a little conversion what's going on in the Old Testament culture, Old Testament history and the stories that God is recorded for us yet, so hopefully will fill in some of those gaps. We go along, especially next week that'll be a gigantic issue is will look at historical event in the nation of Israel, but we lead up to that today is coming to chapter 3. Remember when we left out of chapter 2 couple weeks ago he says looks a lot, you know we have to pay much closer attention to what we've heard, and I thought about that for years and the issue is talking about is the fact that you and I you may have heard about Jesus say like you were taken to church and Sunday school or something like that and you might culture lives and also I'm a Christian because my parents brought me to try because I went to Sunday school and I live in the United States. Yes, you hear the facts but you know you may not have really come into position of real fellowship with God in a real a real beneficiary of God's love for you in that sense, so you could be you could be like Israel at this time, which is a they heard the truth but never really quite sunk in what was going on I think to some degree the right-of-way was a sense of look you guys, we gotta consider this more carefully. You might've missed my glanced away from it, but we just need to consider clearly and that that consideration is in considering who Jesus is require so thinking you consider something you're rolling it around in your mind thinking, actively thinking about it and so that you know this whole beginning of this chapter, three papers is a call to consider yet. She said for me it's almost beginning of the book chapters 1 and two. He's made a case for the fact of who Jesus is bigger than angels.

You know maybe don't completely understand who he is, but we made enough of a case that this is such a serious salvation, how we escape if we neglect a week. We need to sit down and just very seriously consider back that's I start off in chapter 1, I just read the first person you okay Restasis. So therefore, holy brothers, you who share in a whole heavenly calling, consider Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our concession confession so that's already working were going to consider Jesus because it seemed as though that issue about who Jesus is, is central to you benefiting from God's plans well and as we start to consider him. Let's remember what we were told about him. In chapter 1, right, he's that he is the living word of God.

Gotta spoken to him spoken to us in his son. He's the creator. He is the sustainer of everything he is. He's the outshining of God's glory. He's the one who purified our sin and then sat down at the right hand of God he reigns. Overall, everything will be subject to him. See chapter 1 was dance in knowing you. It was like his conclusion of the right.

Ms. claim and so he's now going to begin to say let's begin at the beginning to consider Jesus to think about him right off that get going. Verse one. He says that the apostle and high priest of our confession, so will apostle Ella circle back to that after how far you let me read a little bit okay so therefore, holy brothers, you share in a heavenly calling, consider Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our confession who is faithful to him who appointed him just as Moses was faithful in all God's house for Jesus has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses is much more glorious the builder of the house has more honor than the house itself for every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God. Let's stop there. Okay, that's a good place to stop. Okay already and you know in the first chapter the writer was primarily comparing Jesus to angels by now he's going to open this says you know so you think Moses is great because that's that.

That was always the thing that was under discussion. In Jesus's ministry was the religious authorities were always saying while we are sons of Moses we have the law, and so they and elevated Moses that he was the top right right so is God is Jesus greater than Moses. So that's kind of where he's going to see you dying to hear Jewish Hall of Fame you got Abraham, Moses, and it's all done well and it's a really good stuff. It's a good way of looking at it to say, you know, there's a house and there's a builder of the house which one is worthy of more honor and you know I did notice because I was paying attention right word does repeat yes this word house. In fact, just out of curiosity counted up and we only go the first six verses take a look, but is mentioned five times the only verse that does not use the word house.

The opening verse 60 house is an issue so we sort have to get our heads around what the ancient thinking of this house is not just a building built out of two by fours and stuff like that is.

It's a broader kind of thing. And when I when I begin to talk about this with people I say what when you see the word house think more household.

Okay, yeah. And, like for instance a family lives in a house will win. When the Jews are the instruments they talk about house you're really talking about a house about family-run extended family.

It's the people that make so much the structure well and also the idea of a heritage yes your children in the next generations like we hear the reference to the house of David were talking about, not just David and his immediate family, but everyone who was born of him yet. In fact, when not when Jesus is born. Mary and Joseph. It says Joseph is from the house of David so do you see is actually the legacy of the family right process on so when you think house get bigger than just general bricks and mortar large case of is the repeated word and we can read all the way to verse six which is Pfizer going today but in these first six verses the word faithful shows that over 42 times in reference to Jesus and two times in reference to Moses. So were actually making a very active comparison. So this is an important study skill.

Make note of the repeated words. It's important, and if you don't know what the words mean or how they intend to be meant little side story really is just a side story site study and find what they are. You know when I see the word faithfully. I think of someone who just follows through with what I say do what they say they don't use any common lingo that section pretty close connection to the ancient usage of it, you know, when God promises to do something and he doesn't. He's faithful follows. When I asked someone to watch our dog while were gone on vacation and I come back and they've done it. I say they been faithful so the promise and carry through so so both Jesus and both Moses have been faithfully carried through with something and they've done it faithfully. Okay, so we need to go back to verse one and because we jumped right over the apostle and high priest. These two things that that the writer of Hebrews calls US for you.

Surprisingly, set apostle. Well, you know, maybe a long time ago.

I was not anymore because it shows up a couple of the terms in the book of Hebrews, so clearly he's using it in a term that's not just about the office of apostle 12. Well, that's the way we usually only use it but a different meaning in that right literally the word means to be a central and set forth a representative who speaks in the authority of the one who sent you right so yes that applied to the 12, but here the writer of Hebrews is applying a more general to set apostle he's this one well listen. The sent one so is not only in fact the words he sent from Wally's sent from God.

You know that is the outline got so right. So you see Jesus being called an apostle you're seeing Jesus being sent into the world that's that's his mission statement he comes into the world and does something and is faithful and caring through with what that was on last week we saw it was the fact that he had to die was necessary and fitting from the die which is a completely new idea for Jews well and last week at the end of chapter 2, he opened the idea of the high priest yes it is again becomes like ass and hold onto your seat. This is going to keep going back.

So yeah, he's just beginning to open the door on this high priest right Alyssa, I one who holds the office through which sacrifices and prayers are offered and gifts are given, he as we said last week he represents God for the people and he represents the people he lifts up their prayers and their sacrifices to God. So you think he's a mediator, Lisa bridge between God and the people so this is this is just so consider carefully sorties into the ethic considered a bad thought about this that Jesus is the sent out one who is the mediator for mankind and he sent from God from God, that's right that says there's one God and one mediator between God and man. The man Christ Jesus. Titus I forget that I look at the mediator, trainer, concordance, and you can find that verse, but I think it's interesting said we need to consider Jesus in what way in the way that he's actually an apostle. He's a sent out when he was sent here for a purpose and he really drilled on that last chapter and he's doing something in mediator role to mediate between us and God.

So we need to consider those roles. He has no steps will run considered and he was faithful in everything. He was appointed care just like Moses was faithful in all God's house.

Now Moses was faithful. What was he faithful in he led the people out of Egypt, he gave them God's law. When God said here tell him I said this, he felt the tabernacle he interceded for the people right.

Moses stood between God and his people. At that point in their history when they became a nation announced a family anymore so Moses was was faithful in all God's house and one God was building in his people and the writer says here you this Jesus was is faithful just like most Moses carried through with his assignment from God for the benefit of the people of God, the Jews at the time to be reacquainted with God.

So he did that and Jesus in the same way. But in a superior way does the same thing for us. He's kind of like Moses and remember the last chapter. He talked about the fact that he's depending on the version read is the author of our faith were like the word Capt. He's the one who leads the way, will that was Moses come out of Egypt, he sees out front says follow me, God's leading me. This is where were going so that same sense Jesus is like him in terms of bringing us out of the captivity, bringing us into a new place of God's promises, and that that's Jesus rose also his connection with Moses is really quite it's it's a good one because for Julie.

They know what most indeed, we would say in the Scripture says this is another place that Moses was actually a type Titus) imprint a pattern kinda like that, something that picture that shows you what something is like yeah but if you think Moses was hot stuff how much we are looking senses that's what we have to consider carefully Jesus is much, much more in the same with us, go back to the house. The house of the household that usually household impact to talk about late in the later life of the history of Israel talk about the house of Judah and the house of Israel to split kingdoms, I mean that their larger family. No extended family come from a single father in the same sense what here's God's house is God's house where people are the children of God pleasing God builds and so now we have God's house and you have Moses and says what's Moses role in God's house and his household God's family what his role Jesus surveys a servant in the family that's okay that's totally fine. He's a servant for the for the benefit of those who work and occupy the house with them is a servant in that but think about this. He says he says that that Moses you know is a servant. He's counted worthy. Yeah, he was faithful.

Okay for any Moses is a worthy surveys were the butt, but Jesus has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses.

Verse three as much for glory as the builder of the house has more honor than the house itself, the builder of the house is Jesus.

Yes, God himself. This house is household.

This extended family, which is what the house stands for Jesus is the one who actually house and if you remember back in chapter 1 Chapter 28 said that he was would say to his brothers right that's us and he sanctifying them, and so that we may be like him were all from one source that writers already said all that wears a household if the household will come from the same patriarch as it were in the household is the house of God. So identity does not come from Moses's identity comes from the builder of the house builder the house himself or you known some parables Jesus talked about in these parables, servants of the house versus the sun of grantor the house of a much different that is. He's using exactly the same. So that's the contrast we need to read.

Maybe verses five and six. Get the rest of the passage in front of us know Moses was faithful in all God's house as a servant to testify to the things that were to be spoken later.

But Christ is faithful over God's house as a son, and we are his house, if indeed we hold fast our confidence and are boasting in her hope we are his house, that the whole thrust felt that I said that house if indeed we do something right and we hold fast fast our confidence and are boasting this is hosting us know the contents of okay so that be an interesting word study take your concordance and look up post.

There's a lot of places where you find it best, and most of the most interesting ones is in Jeremiah 9 he says no don't be boasting in your wealth are in your status. Let him who boasts boast of this that he knows me the passage in the Bible yeah and then Paul refers to the same thing at first Corinthians 1.

So look at passages up and read about boasting as we think of boasting is bad thing.

But God says no. If you boast which is to speak boldly about something then make sure that it's real. It's all it's only bad when you falsely elevate rice elevate yourself as a whole different kind of selfish but it's interesting to hear we have is house it's extended family of God, the household of God. It's a house that Jesus created will to start with.

He's the son in the house with the special status that none of the servants like Moses they say is the owner of the house owner.

The house you and and we are participants in that house if if if we hold fast our confidence in boasting.

I hope so it should, it turns out that the residence in this house in the family of God. Are there. I by virtue of them putting their confidence in their hope in God. That's what it has nothing to do with bloodlines or anything else or name or accomplishments or worthiness because of family good works. I do this, we are even what building you find yourself in on something more exactly come back to how I started this is. It could very well be that you and I you growing up in the church thought we were Christians because we heard the true right but we never really we never reacted in a way in which we put our confidence in God or hope in God, and that's what actually that's what puts you in the family of God into his household whole different thing and then will show up as it will bring up an awesome example next week about how that that failure happens you think you're part of the family, but you're not why because of a lack of confidence and hope it's it's right it's a real thing.

So this is sort of a wake-up call.

So let's consider who Jesus is the one who was sent out by God for a purpose, and the one who is the high priest to use mediating on our behalf mediating for what so that we can participate participate in the house of God and his household. He's actually creating that such as the mediator is creating that house so that eventually can sound part of the house of God and he's the one we hold fast to so what I came to this word hold fast and I I looked it up and it's it's the same word they would use and they were talking about bringing a ship into shore will yeah you cast your wrote and somebody grab begins to draw that ship in will.

That's a picture that's going to come up again and again in Hebrews, but that set me thinking when we were talking in chapter 2, where the writer says no don't drift drift act is that right. That's if you are not going that's right that's right. Are you are you being drawn toward holding fast to somebody holding the end of the rope right and that is Jesus, and are we holding our friend said he can draw ICN. I love that picture hold fast our confidence, my confidence is not in the rope.

My confidence is in the one who's holding the end of the rope, which is what you have to consider Jesus because if you don't squarely have it on your head. Who Jesus is what you holding fast will yeah hold fast to something that Saul and that's Jesus himself so he says here, look, you may have heard his name, but we need to really consider him and then hold fast with confidence to them as he is the immovable rock, one whom God has placed Jesus the all of this is the center of all of this. I like it too. I was thinking back to Peter and Peter's first letter in chapter 2 we talked about being living stones being built into a spiritual house and that's right if he talks about the fact that watches the mystery talks about Jesus being the cornerstone so you go back to the metaphor. Building a house. Okay, we know the house here is actually the household is extended family of God is that kind of thing. But Peterson yeah exactly. But this house is being built in Jesus himself as the cornerstone is the beginning of that building is kind of parallel to this is the builder of the house and the first stone that goes down her back to the 90s, the leading stone human and then we are other stones that build the house so when you walk up and look at the structure you will say here's the house of God was the building materials the house of God.

The believers are holding felting orders in the Comcast so that's that's the house idea to little agent but we can get it where were were good thinkers.

So what are we holding fast to Jesus, and our confidence in who he is, will the writer of Hebrews has given us so much information about whom he is. So here's another study skill. I would encourage you to take up if you haven't started it already or only in the beginning of chapter 3. So get a notebook and pen and go back to chapter 1 and just put into your own words short statements of all the things you have been told about who Jesus is and begin that list and just keep adding to it as we go through and see how you are understanding as you consider him how your understanding is Jesus. Think about the implications of all those things.

How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation, and that neglect comes from forgetting Jesus is maybe not even know. So let's drill down into who is this Jesus consider Jesus, the one who was sent out by God to be a mediator for us. It reminds me to. There was a spot where am I think it's Matthew 15 the lost sheep where he says I was. I was sent out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and so there you seem being sent out and sent out for the benefit of those who consider themselves in the house of God, they think they're in the house. Yeah, and this conflict south of the New Testament with the Pharisees think they are in the house because they have Jewish blood, but they actually know the they don't they're not there when we said this before that that Paul says in Galatians and also in Romans you know that that not everybody who is genetically descended from Abraham is right is Israel true Israel are those who have the faith of father Abraham believed God was reckoned as righteousness sake. This is characteristic that's that's the DNA that you have. That's right. It makes you in common with Abraham, not the DNA of your blood is to remarkably different thing and that that DNA that Abraham had his faith he had. He held fast was confidence in who God was and what he was promising and his hope was and what got so that that's a hold of. That's how you make yourself when not make yourself at the you find yourself a son of Abraham and hence in the house of God, household God, what we are running short on time really did six versus because that's about all we can take what we can. Well, that's enough. And as we as we press on in this chapter were going to spend a lot more time actually looking at the Old Testament stories the Old Testament accounts that the writer references, not so. But this is important foundational information about Moses and comparing and contrasting are two really valuable means of studying something you know Jesus did when he tells the parables he said the kingdom of God is like in a gable picture so you know the writer so far has compared and contrasted.

Jesus the son with angels and now he's begun to compare him with Moses right and so that that trajectory is going to go on yeah next few chapter, and I might add is going on here that for Jesus that's an easy kind of comparison because they been schooled.

Moses is from what I was Christians, unless you spend long time. The Old Testament we watch the 10 Commandments on to your understanding who Moses is, that the whole parallel may not be as sharp as it could be is if you spent some time looking at it so so take a look at Moses correctly. For most you can find Mexico talk more about where he can do that. But Moses is such a good comparison. A good type to give us easy insights into the role and nature of who Jesus is. But Jesus is clearly superior to Moses as much as the builder of the house is more superior than the server that you served. So that's what he saying let's consider Jesus it's about time we do that we don't want to neglect to use so we need to pay much closer attention so don't drift, don't.

Don't forget who this woman is who we are as we cling to him. So if you're as excited as we are about considering Jesus more deeply we love to have you be with us next week as we continue to run and jump in verse seven. In chapter 3, she can read ahead and you can see in actual an actual case in which those who thought they were in the house of God, were not because he did not hold fast to their confidence and source didn't do them and I gotta tell you, did not turn out well. They presume make a presumption to make a mistake. That's what happens in the section So some Jim and I'm Dorothy glad you're with us.

We hope that your diving in with us as well. Understanding and considering Jesus is probably the most important thing is practicing holding fast holding to Shasta that not being allowed, not allowing herself to draft so keep doing that read ahead with this.

We love the second half, three, and this is only think

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