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045 - The Scepter

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin
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June 5, 2021 1:00 pm

045 - The Scepter

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin

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You pick up your Bible and one is there more here than meets the is there something here for me. I mean it's just words printed on paper right it may look like just print on the page but it's more than a join us for the next half hour, as we explore God's word together as we learn how to explore it on our own. As we ask God to meet us there in its pages welcome to more than right coolly do interesting things in the Bible and make sure that everything greeting cards, refrigerator magnets right so today were to look at Angel's neighbors right well yes, but really look at Angel's in comparison to much better study, not angels today by Jesus on more than eight I'm Dorothy about the Scriptures and we we are so excited about entering this adventure into Hebrews and we just barely scratch the surface level action Delete this is gonna be a fun exploration.

This writer wastes no time getting the right into God's I've who is this Jesus is at the end of that argument at verses 1 to 4.

Why does he know he is name is more superior than any name ever given to Joe himself is superior to angels, so this saying that rim talk about today really is all about that comparison yeah I we we think the people is ready to work on hung up on Angel right that would be a natural thing to do because it goes his reputation for doing miracles bring people back to Deming doing big things rice from a science perspective would still be something during the time it's a wall you angels can do that clearly from your customer so maybe some kind of Angel so we think that that was probably you know we talked about last time how we make the idea of Jesus two small maybes in Angel 00 no well and we know that there were particular Jewish parties in the first century who were so enamored with angels that they had created a whole can of a hierarchy of angels and understanding and so the writer here is saying you know that real or just put the angels in their place. Is there another order of being entirely within the sun, so pick up in chapter 1 starting in verse five, and what he's going to do is is paraded in front of us a list of what we call uncontested passages about them. Yeah, you can drop these people going. So this is how we as a Hebrew Jewish audience is conversant on the Old Testament. He just drops he things out and shows us the comparison between angels and Jesus to prove the point he's bigger Jewish audience also really implicitly understood the distinction of the sun as opposed to a servant, and so that's kind of is what he's going to drive out here to very big deal to talk to even more as we go on a hike on that idea of God's only son has a lot of cultural stuff that will ensure today so that's actually where the writer started reading in verse five when you think we got enough to do on for minute 55 okay so verse 54 to which the Angels did God ever say you are my son, today I have begotten you. Or, again, I will be a father to him and he shall be to me a son, angels and God ever say that you talk about father and son. We get all messed up about trying to interpret that to literally or too strangely, but the book from a Jewish idea and animal has an offspring of the same kind and so this kind idea comes up so the first place. You can start with the father-son thing is that when you talk about fathers and sons.

The sun is of the same kind as the father that some pets are really common old Hebrew idea so so here we understand that in some level, and will go on this much more deeply in some level. The sun isn't really that separate from the father. He is the same kind is the father. That's a really strong idea.

But there's more than that. We talk about the sun. So yeah, I'm just still thinking about that I think about John calling him the only begotten that term is going to come up here he is at some point John uses a lot in fact remember the Nicodemus meeting. He mentioned that there he mentioned in John 316. Later John 318, the only son, the only begotten so and, in fact, you can only have one firstborn son after that right so so the idea is the uniqueness of Julio so you put together the idea that here's here's someone who is of the same kind as the father and a unique one. In that sense as well. So we jumped into this so suddenly we probably need to remember that at the end of verse four writer Hebrews had said he has become as much better than the Angels that he's inherited a more excellent name than they said the main question here is son right as opposed to messenger or serve rice and is a lot tied up with that as well because in the first century, and even before that firstborn sons had the name of the father and they've they could actually legally transact business for the far right in his name. It was understood that everything that belonged to a father would come to that firstborn son Ryan so he if you saw the sun dealt with the sun you are dealing with the fire and he not only inherited the name of father he actually represented the name of the father as though he were the father okay so the writer Hebrews is here is saying and he's referencing Old Testament Psalms and his promise to David when he says he never said to anyone other than the sun year. My son said that to an angel. That's a huge deal and practicums of Psalm two and if you're keeping a listers there some very prominent ice ice column uncontested passages about the Messiah man Psalm two is a huge one right it's huge. It is from its legendary in Jewish story one understand messiahs go to Psalm to go back and read Psalm two. Every time you come in this passage today to an Old Testament quotation once you understood what the where it fits in the New Testament writers thought and go back and look at is the writer here is just using fragments out of these Psalms are the prophets assuming that his readers understood what the whole song was about and so he's just referencing the part that's wants to pique their attention, then he's assuming that the two together and they'll know the what the rest of the Psalm said.

So we need to practice that because we are not as steeped in this Old Testament literature.

They were so here we have this unique relationship.

Jesus son to the father and that's that's not really unusual. I do this in the New Testament idea.

You know, the son of God right in so so that's just the start about how we were talking something about Jesus is this far superior than the Angels. God never called them his son okay and then he goes on in verse six it says that again when he brings the firstborn into the world will vary as the son he says let all God's angels worship him worship. But Chelsea says he makes his angels winds and his ministers a flame of fire. Well, there's a pretty big difference in kind right for Frank is a worshiping him them. Yeah, firstborn is worshiped by the others. The Angels the message & God is quite adamant in the Old Testament that you shall worship no one but himself. So, are we seeing here to God. If you have an angel worship of Pinoy a false God know they're still worshiping God himself when they worship the sun is a huge point that is making a huge so Jesus is indeed preeminent to superior overall creation all beings that God is created.

In fact, they worship him just in the same way as they worship God. In fact, not in place so but these were the worst begotten Angels to wind and fire messengers. They do my bidding. They carry my intentions, but they do not represent my personhood right right and when he calls them ministers always manifested by this with us in his word ministers here means literally people and workers their people work as executor of his or her servants or servants for the benefit of the people that they go to make it more clear.

Second, that's much different than Jesus is the son is the creator. The Angels are our people, workers, and they have a message you know angel in industry means messenger messaging so messengers they have a message and winds. It's the word Newman it's exactly the same thing going around then you can't see them like the air. So there. There are a broadcast presence of passengers to people for their benefit. So that's so much different than Jesus himself is so that he just starts right there will have a go to verse eight well, but of the son he says now listen to that is talking the sun your throne. Oh God is forever and ever, the scepter of uprightness is the sector. If you are a kingdom so the sun apparently has a kingdom yeah about the scepter.

He ran as though you have the permission to rain this out forever and ever. So those are those are characteristics that to a Jewish reader, they would only like to God himself exactly God is the only one who can rule over Israel or over mankind exactly and what's interesting is that this is a very good King in verse nine. You have loved righteousness and wickedness. Therefore God, your God is anointed you with the will of Gladys beyond your companion so you know we all we are we pine away for rulers and leaders and kings who are all about good and against bad, you know, we complain about corruption in government stuff like that.

Here's a king who is so pure that he loves righteousness and hates wickedness and you know you should stand up and turn to yellow. Finally, finally someone who is all about good and not about doing bad and takes rule about that anointed by God to do that said, the anointed one picture is being decimated by God's Holy Spirit planned bursa given in identifying this this identifying fragrance, carrying out the work of God and so you know when when the Psalmist says God your God has in anointed you. Well, that actually is that references picked up in Isaiah 61 when Isaiah says the Lord God has anointed me while Jesus read that passage allow does he read in Luke 4.the spirit of the Lord is upon me, it's verbatim from Isaiah 61 and Luke tells us he was reading from the Isaiah scroll the spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. He sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are downtrodden to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord now. He closed the book and gave it back to the attendant, and sat down in the eyes of all in the synagogue were fixed on him and he began to say to them, looking in their eyeballs. Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing, so he read this passage and then looked in the eyeball and said you're looking at the guy. I'm the guy very clear what was astonishing about that is what you people say he never claimed to be God or God's anointed. Well yes he do that response was that they hustled him out of the synagogue out to the edge of the cliff from over for you to go down well, but the proclamation right to be here's the writer of Hebrews quoting that see passage Jesus is the guy I've always liked the picture to the oil of gladness and you think about anointing the process when someone was chosen to do something likely chose little David to become the king right on right you pour oil in their head. That was the smells good, it smells the other that with this. That was a ritual right-handed and is that oil can on your head.

You are anointed that you chose that way you know but you if you're chosen is a bad king you would be the oil of oppression. If you're chosen as a good king it would be it would be oil of gladness you're glad that this person has been chosen to rule over you. So that's were like the oil of gladness because as a go to the anointing thing.

So that's the effect of the anointing on the people who witnessed this ministry are the servers this one. This designated one. We are glad he's been chosen to be king because he's all about righteousness and he hates hates hates hates wickedness, yes finally slip thank you very good news so much that he's done something about it exactly.

Yeah, this is the kind of thing that you want and and and Isaiah says, you know, this is the king that we been waiting for you was push on what is written off your verse still comparing assignments with Angel so verse 10 says and he's quoting here another Psalm you Lord laid the foundation of the earth in the beginning and the heavens are the work of your hands.

They will perish, but you remain, they will all wear out like a garment like a rope, you'll roll them up like a garment that he changed but you are the same in your years will have no sore back to the creation thing press on to finish the thought about the Angels. Which of the angels has he ever said sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation.

Rain over the serve this is our King. She's the one that we that we worship. Angels are servants. They worship him to that's exactly right. So here in a compressed form here. He mentioned this in the previous verses you got tightly connected here. His role as creator and the one together is his role as as the ruler the right-hand man in that sense you know that all the enemies will be for him and the fact that that is so far superior to the effective Angels. Although we like them really are just people workers for the benefit of those who are going to write so quiet quite a huge distinction huge distinction and so he he quotes right here it's it's it's good to know about Psalm 102. Some want to know okay because he mentions it a couple times right here, but I like the fact that this king, this one came made the place he will always exist even though the natural world he created an idea shows up in a number of time was coming planned and right just it's wearing down through use and it will come to a planned and but his rule and reign, webmaster, and that on changing. Indeed, the writer of Hebrews is going to come back to that idea. At the very end of the letter, fragment of a verse that you all know he says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. That's right so so we have we have Jesus here who doesn't just creator will that's not greater but he's a creator who preceded the natural creation and he will come after the natural creation and he will reign and rule on both sides of the doesn't stop in nature. And there's something hinted in this what you call more explicitly about the fact that we have life expectations outside of this universe ring out like a garment. He will continue to be king and ruler in our hearts as well. So something goes far beyond what we can see and touch that he's made preserves the fact that he indeed is our King and we are his subjects so he sits at the right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet. That was about that comes also from other famous all comes from Psalm 110, so an NDA that Psalm of David. Jesus used in an argument 10 is very famous messianic Psalm, and they were still talking about it greatly and time of Jesus because it starts you know the Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand will.

The question was who is David talking about. The Lord says to my lord the Lord Yahweh says to my master will was the master Lord of David wrote God was. Oh well.

So Jesus even turned on its head and turned around to the crowd in both both Matthew and Luke record what he says to the crowd.

So when you say because the Psalm says this, let's talk about the Scriptures. I have a great debate with them right there because they're stuck in. The logic is is just it's can escape, so you can find that conversation in Luke 2040 4144 and Matthew 2241 to 46 out.

You look those up ticket take a look at it is that you Psalm 110 is a debate about who is the real Messiah, Jesus opens the question and says let's let's read this Psalm together and talk of who is David talking about is Dave David the king the type of the Christ. He was to come.

Who was he talking about and I think it's instructive at this point that here when he's finishing in verse 13. His list of you know, think about this. Think about this. You know these passages are uncontested. He's is that one which is just such a zinger when Jesus is talking to the Pharisee is such a paradigm shifter for the Pharisees that this is what the author of Hebrews finishes with his like okay get all that stuff now. Psalm 110 what he has to say about that and that is closing, Salvo in this entire thing continue to come talk about the word that came through angels in the coming chapter. But this is the kind of the end of the big comparison tween assignment and ministering spirits and a smattering of these very important, very well-known passages and you not I would really encourage you go check out someone tend to get figures in the top five of the best known messianic passages in the Old Testament talking about who this Messiah is because the prophets throughout the entire Old Testament talked a lot about this one who is coming who would be king in a way that everyone wanted, so he really was an oil of gladness we really want this guy to be there but it but it's it's not hints but it's comments that would collect them altogether.

Eagle who is this guy and when is he coming and there's a couple role hotspots in Psalm 110 is one of those times thought to do and some tent 110 side-by-side, exact, and and just begin to make a list for yourself what you know. How might these Psalms be talking about Jesus was the anointed one.

Jesus brings up Isaiah 61 right. I mean really read all arises as to what is on my blog I read this verse four versus weekly Doing this is who is right is astonishing and for those who would want righteousness and someone would hate wickedness you want this guy that's mentioned in Isaiah 61 Jesus as well here I am so looking at another one I might point out it was referenced or I think once or twice was Psalm 45 Psalm 45 is really really great because it talks about the mighty one so it implies so much about his rule and his justice and the fact that he will actually rule in righteousness he rules for the purposes of good right not just right. No, not this naked power. But for good it so so because it's not good is not good news for us if he is this sovereign eternal King, but he's not good right I mean right that bad but that's not that's not a key you want the oil of gladness is yet we want this guy. He is actually pro-goodness and anti-wickedness. Yay. Finally justice suggests is strongly implied in all that and Psalm 45 is one about the mighty one who will bring justice. His rule is all about righteousness, which is a really pretty good deal. So as you are studying this on your own.

Make a list. Compare what kind of statements are made about the sun and one can treatments are made about angels and what is the difference how season. To the Angels, the firstborn, as opposed to a ministering messenger or servant to be worshiped as opposed to being a worshiper to be king. A righteous king as opposed to just a wind that does some say servant for the past so that's helpful. What is the writer saying about the sun and begin to put those things in your own words and then always asked the question so what are the implications of that for me. Where is this son in my understanding, my love, my heart and I recognize these things about him and I think I think, to the degree we mentioned this before, that we diminish the size of businesses that we tend to diminish conveniently for us, our need for response to the site but come on. If he's actually if he started this whole ball rolling. He created everything if he's holding the thing together, which means God is a purpose and story are Emmett at the end of it.

It's all going to be wrapped up wear out like a garment and there's something after that. I mean, there's a there's a large purposeful plan going forward in creation that he is at the center. He's the one who did it and heat since he harasses all it's all going back to him. That's a gigantic thing because you and I are all creatures in that creation so it begs the question if he did this for a purpose. If there's if there's something he has in mind this is not accidental and were part of that we need to ask ourselves in relation to that creator himself as active holdings together. I wonder what my response has to be to them because I can't avoid Jesus's conceit, he made the whole place and there is a day coming when all that we can see, touch and feel is going to be rolled up like a garment to know Revelation gives us that picture when this guy is rolled up in the stars fall in all the picture of like the scenery being cleared from the stage and suddenly went all the scenery is rolled up and taken away.

We are standing face-to-face with the one who created it and holds it all together.

It's not a place where there's nothing disappointed, everything is God himself, so that it will be interesting yeah this is this is how you make Jesus big when you realize that he's before and after all creation. But there's a purpose throughout the middle of it to. That's where we are right and actually know.

It occurs to me now. Later on in the book the writer of Hebrews going to say was appointed to men to die comes judgment after the went out when for you. The earth is rolled up and cast away like a garment with her body is rolled up and cast away like a garment, then your eyeball to eyeball with the one who judges righteously so let Jesus be as big as the writers telling you you don't let your own self, voice you are you yourself done Jesus more than usually don't really have to. You don't not make any decisions about. You can even actually use this passage that we talked about today and especially the one from last week in your personal worship.

Take these phrases one at a time and linger on them and speak them back to the Lord in prayer and see where how the spirit works in you as you are meditating on who is this son you and can he be far away when in fact he's actively holding everything together is holding not just the macro things together.

He's holding micro things that the things in me heart my lungs my blood centers and this of this create in us whose like Paul said, but nothing is easy.

See, he made us so that we micro brown dark and find, but is not far from any of us. And that's exactly what you say in so many ways. Here I give you one actually homework assignment. If you want to do. Jesus told a parable in Matthew 21 about a vineyard owner so that sent his messages back and finally citizen might take a look at that because that whole parable is mentioned in so many ways years in Matthew 21 so just take a look and see if you see parallels there are closing, well I was just thinking about how Paul in the letter Klassen says it. Don't let anybody defraud you by delighting in the worship of angels exact because we have one who is so much better than any we have the only begotten firstborn son of God himself the King of Kings names above all names worship and the only thing he has become of angels is there supernatural, but after that is there. His creation worship so were glad you were there to join us next week and will keep pushing for this is so

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