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034 - Watch Where You Stand

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin
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March 20, 2021 12:29 pm

034 - Watch Where You Stand

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin

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March 20, 2021 12:29 pm

Episode 034 - Watch Where You Stand (20 Mar 2021) by A Production of Main Street Church of Brigham City


You pick up your Bible and wonder, is there more here than meets the is there something here for me. I mean it's just words printed on paper right it may look like just print on the page but it's more than a join us for the next half hour, as we explore God's word together as we learn how to explore it on our own. As we ask God to meet us there in its pages welcome to more than with stupid, stupid.

Well, they're making a comment about who they're with that important step in way and maybe step away and so today in John 18 who you stand with is important right right as Peter and Judas in the garden, exactly. So today on more than Inc. will welcome to fund today was fun for us.

I mean, it gives us another excuse to go with the gospel of John and it's just awesome will need an excuse but were glad you're with us and we hope that your rediscovering stuff with us because that's our intent is not really to tell you what to think.

But like to organize to point out at the scenery and say, did you notice this is that we have made our way through the great prayer of Jesus in John 17 and we are now back to an active narrative. In fact, a very detailed narrative in 18 were Jesus gets arrested and starts the procession toward the cross so that's where were at today well and when were reading and narrative we approach a little bit differently than we we do some other kinds of Scripture. But when I was reading this just yesterday. Again, I thought, well, how can I approach this differently and what going into that with that attitude was really interesting to me because I did. I was drawn to some things I really hadn't thought about from a different perspective before, as we talk about it but you know when you're reading and narrative you want to be looking for repeated details. Repeated phrases. What is the writer included, that maybe the other gospel writers don't and how does that fit his purpose because John includes lots of details that the other gospels don't write just in case you don't know which is a good thing to do. The other gospel to cover the section are Matthew 26 chapter 26 Mark chapter 14 and Luke 22 so it's good to go. Compare and see what the differences are yes very good because there's other gospels include that prayer when Jesus prayed in the garden father, not my will, but thine. John doesn't include that. But he does include a reference to the cop at which figures prominently in prayer so we'll talk about that we can do so with narratives we often are lulled into kind of a sleep because just reading a story to go well, you know. Story is missing is a story things happen but you need to interact with the story when trying to do that for you as a look at the socialist just dive in what you say okay you want to start reading force sure I read from verses 1 to 9 Jeffrey five chapter 18 John begins now when Jesus had spoken these words, he went out with his disciples across the brook Kedron where there was a garden which he and his disciples had entered.

Just remember that the words he had spoken just previously were that amazing prayer that we talked about the last couple weeks.

In John 17 and in all of the conversation of the whole evening about him going away and the coming of the Holy Spirit love one another and God's purpose for the sun. The E emphasizes the oneness of the father and son and Holy Spirit.

All of that is Swirling around their heads so John says all that was in their heads Jesus and just spoken it when they go out to head for the garden.

Okay, pick it up in verse two. Now Judas who betrayed him also knew the place for Jesus often had met there with his disciples and remember Judas had left earlier in the evening very early in the evening with my cell verse 37.

Judas, having procured a band of the soldiers and officers from the chief priests and the Pharisees went there with lanterns and torches and weapons then Jesus knowing all that would happen to him came forward and said to them you seek and they answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said to them, I am he, Judas who betrayed him was standing with them. And when Jesus said to them, I am he. They drew back and fell to the ground so he asked him again. Whom do you seek and they said, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus answered, I told you that I am he. So if you seek me, let these men go.

This was to fulfill the word that he'd spoken of those whom you gave me I've lost not one that's a quotation from the prayer that he had x-rayed just in the first 17 so that's a is fulfillment right here also going back to the top earrings easily leave town across the brook Kedron, which by the way, if your Bible study person. It's kind interesting to find a hubba how this will create the Kedron figures a lot of narrative, especially the Old Testament and the one that jumps to my mind is when David King David is driven out town by son Absalom. There's it's really a significant event when he crosses the Kedron. No river so there's some of the boundary is a boundary and it's it's it's an interesting parallel I don't know how far you want to go was interesting parallel that David, who was the prototype is the type of Jesus was pushed out of his rule and Jesus in the way and drove across the country so you can draw any conclusions want from that. But if you are starting to use Bible software.

You can actually look up words. Look up the Kedron River. The word and sewer figures, and you might find some parallels that are kind of intriguing so just just a little for you extra credit well and just along the same lines. Like I said I approach this narrative a little differently so I asked people what what really attracts my attention this time through menopause on those things and think about those things and so the kitten was not one of those things, but but the fact that John says in verse four that Jesus knowing all what happened to him, held out forward in a normal narrative. If you know what was going to happen to you to avoid it.

Well, in this case he might have but but forgot for us. We would, but Jesus knowing what's going to happen steps into it said that about him early in the evening. Ranking beginning of chapter 13 is in Jesus, knowing who he was and where he had come from and why he had come.

He loved his disciples to the end. So this is a little excellent that he knows to go. This is the hour. This is the thing that I came for yeah and he's he's boldly leading them from the upper room across town, across the Kedron River Creek and then over into the garden and he sees taking a leading saying we got an appointment you dramatic and appoint with destiny. This has to happen. So were going to the garden.

He does avoid knowing full effect. It makes me think of going back in John 201 Jesus Federalist people promised see if they like the food so much that they wanted to take him by force and make them knew that. So he withdrew away from them bro is interesting in that case, he knew they wanted to make him king and they withdrew in this case, they knew they wanted to arrest him and not make him king but he stayed that's kind interesting or interesting contrast so you seek an answer. Well, Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus said yeah because the he is not actually nodding is not an I am right, which if you remember from Exodus 3 somewhere in the middle there that someone will assess what your name God got to tell him that I am sent you.

So this is one of those things that really attracted my attention on this fresh reading.

Jesus says John tells us it three times I am and then he repeats that Jesus said when he said this I am right fell back and then Jesus is against whom you think I am I am I am him. How many times in the Gospel of John, does John record Jesus saying I am a significant connection to real test those massive statements. I am the bread. I am the resurrection, I am the living water. I am light I am the door. I am the good shepherd write all that is rolled into this. I I am well. So many IMs that the Pharisees considered a blessing right will bit too close to be got so why did these guys fall back good questions.

These are soldiers right right right and there's a ton of speculation about this, but since since the bulk of them Roman soldiers Gentiles they would know what I am means, but the bunch of them were people who came from a Jewish background.

No servants of the big big two leaders in town, stuff like that so I've always wondered where the nut they recognize that phrase, and since Jesus could speak with authority member this and this man speaks with the morning.

I wonder if when he said that something's inside of them stir. They went well. Well maybe maybe they're bristling with weapons and they were not expecting him to step forward. They were expecting him to be hiding in on the run. Well, yeah, he steps forward, there may have been a surprise factor. They all can go. Yet there are very practical and I've always thought of you at the moment that they all fell over. That would be the time to run away, but he stands and yes you wait for them to get back up and he says them again selling for yeah I think that's just almost hilarious, but we make affect us as a Judas was standing with them because I think there's more than just the fact that he was present you now, John told us earlier in the evening that when Judas went out Satan had already put it into his heart to follow through on the betrayal. Judas went out and John says and it was night right so here we are in the garden in the dark and Judas is standing not with Jesus and the 12, but with the men who come to arrest yet.

So if you change emphasis on the sentence and say and he was standing with that you understand that he's being identified right families. I used to stand with Jesus. Now he standing with them right yeah I think it's it's really indicative and that's what John's trying to tell us so they fall back to the ground. Yes again. Who do seek and they said, Jesus of Nazareth and in Jesus. As I told him he so if you seek me, let these men go, and I've always yeah I never read quite this way before voices let these men go. It doesn't look like he's bargaining like like he's not saying like you see in cop drama say, you know, take me and let it out. If I give myself to let those people go.

I subleasing a sexy, sexy, commanding them, he saying you know you want me let them go. It's not a contract.

It's a command. Oh that sounds like Exodus doesn't it does not mean it really does okay, that's a totally let my people go totally lightbulb moment right here so we have to dig into that another time. You know, it just occurred to me this is more like a command is not make a contract is not making a deal you send take me and you let them go. While this is one of the things also. That strikes me here. He is in better control of the situation that something can become even more. The minute he knows when he came to do. He knows that this is the moment and he is essentially making it happen. Yeah right. He has opportunity. All through this to run away and with the situation. He takes initiative to go to a place that he know that Judas would bring them good before he doesn't avoid the place he does like writing in town.

He doesn't run away when they fall down. I mean, Jesus is actually taking the the what you want to call the initiative initiative that you can think of that I work yet to do to do the very thing and so he is in control and he's determined to do this in the next scene that comes up. You see really how determined when Peter does read Isaiah were in verse 10 then Simon Peter having a sword having a sword drew it inch the high priest servant, and cut off his right ear. The service name is Malka's. So Jesus said to Peter, put your sword into its sheath. Shall I not drink the cup that the father has given me. There's a determination sentence. So Simon Simon Peter has a sword, as I recall back summer in Lucca gets tween the 20s. Remember when Jesus talks to send them out. He says you might want take some swords and they say will go to this is that enough is enough, enough to get in trouble well right here and already I've always wondered where that what with the other sword was going on with someone, or neurosurgery to pull it up but they have to swords one objective. You know you probably heard a lot about this incident, but Peter even for the guys head and winds up getting his ear. I email about that but John is the only one who gives us the name of the server that's true. Who is know as the others and he doesn't tell us here, but Luke tells us that Jesus healed it right.

He healed his ear while you still absolutely intent on arresting him.

It's kind of you wonder did they not see it happen faster. Not sure it happened you know what really is, or if I was a captain of the guard who's got all the swords and stuff to rest Jesus and then they see this healing happen, I put my intimacy nevermind you ears. Maybe he can't be arrested, but that they don't put too into them. They don't do that. Some of them had witnessed him doing miraculous closures.

Lots of stuff like that in Jerusalem, so something nobody knew his potential and not to recently raised letters from the dead, they know he's all about. So how so the cup because that's that's where I really paused here when he tells Peter. You know, put your sword away. Shall I not drink the cup that the father has given me well. John did not include in his narrative here that intimate account of the prayer of submission that Jesus prayed in the garden somewhere before this time, it must've happened somewhere between verses one and after the crime work they had really gotten onto the garden. The other three Gospels will include it and they all say essentially the same thing that Jesus said to Peter, and couple of the others to stay awake and watch with me.

Essentially, while I have this wrestling match with my will and he prays father if there's any way let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but thine Peter had snoozed through that right right and I I was thinking yesterday how it's possible that part of this detail in Peter here is because John is highly impressed that Peter just did not yet understand that the Messiah must suffer.

He must drink this cup yeah yeah this assigned thing that the father has given to him that you know when he was praying in the garden earlier. This is the first time and all eternity that the sun maybe wanted something other than what the father wanted because he actually says let's can we do it any other way. Nevertheless, not my will, but dying and so he had invited Peter and James and John to to observe that wrestling of the will, when he actively submits himself to the father so that prayer in the garden. He has received that cup says that you can this cup pass from me in the enters will know so he's it. He's right.

He's accepted some of cup as a metaphor for what's claim of rights assigned to you. What is given to you to internalize and earlier in his ministry. James and John had come to them actually hit their mommy had come to us and said my Alliance to set one on your right hand and one on your left and he turns to the to the brothers and says can you drink the cup that I will drink and they say Yep Yep we can we can and he says well you will drink my cup. It's not for me to sign and we know that James was the first of the 12 who was martyred. Acts record set for us. And then John lived longer than any of the others, but he also was exiled for his belief in Jesus and his refusal to shut up so interestingly enough, although eventually they will drink the same time the sufferer Jesus knows that at this point they can't handle and in fact it would be it would work against the plant in real cents right here, Peter is in the way yes and he was in the way before and she's a set get the behind me Satan you know so he's actually in the way because Jesus accepted the cup. He's ready to go and Peter saying will not on my watch.

Right is actually in the way good intentions, but in the end they will all drink this cup, but now is not the time was push-up okay so the band of soldiers is verse 12 and the Capt. and the officers of the Jews arrested Jesus and bound him first thing led him to Ennis for he was the father in law. Caiaphas who is high priest that year it was Caiaphas who had advised the Jews that it would be expedient that one man should die for the people.

So Simon Peter also follow Jesus and so did another disciple since that disciple was noted the high priest. He entered with Jesus into the courtyard of the high priest, but Peter stood outside the door so the other disciple, who was known to the high priest went out and spoke to the servant girl who kept watch at the door and brought Peter in the servant girl at the door said to Peter that one of his disciples. Also, are you and he said I am not now. The servants of the officers had made a charcoal fire because it was cold and they were standing and warming themselves. Peter also was with them standing and warming himself. So it's going back to innocent Caiaphas, so I'm verse 12 is just short of an entry into what's going to happen in unfold in the rest of you who are these guys so Ennis is the father of Caiaphas. They're both big toots in the religious authority structure Caiaphas that here's the high priest.

In fact, coincidentally, since this is happening at the same time is Passover you know if the priests were doing.

They were checking out all the lambs being brought in town for sacrifices Passover. Ironically, here is the high priest checking out the limo. I never thought that I didn't either. That's just kind of bizarre and direct you going to examine their going to examine the second half of chapter while oh so anyway he's brought before the religious got, thus reinforcing the fact that with you.

Jesus wasn't in trouble for civil matters with Rome. Trouble with religious guys.

Yeah so that let me know if that's the real deal that's going on here and by the way, this is Caiaphas is the one back in chapter 11, who said, look, you know, don't worry about this Jesus guides expedient that someone would die almost as though you say it's expedient the don't it doesn't matter if they're guilty or innocent. If someone doesn't die it will be good for the little calm things down right and it said back that was John Leva said back there that John comments that he didn't really quite know what he was saying he was I surprised because he was a high priest is prophesying this very thing. Just fascinating that is fascinating. So he's in he's in deep do do with the religious leaders and so they're going to take charge of this thing and make it happen. I might also point out that this occurred to me as I was looking at this. They rested Jesus and they bound him know he was going peacefully so that you could bind him. What an interesting parallel to the sacrifice Lane the Passover lamb is bound well it's interesting so there's out there Hunt of parallels going on in this entire thing and we say no to circle back to this and talk about the approach Good Friday resurrection day you will listen to Peter denied Jesus last time this time. Yeah this is this is the first of time but yet he's out there, he's out to his credit, he's trying to follow Jesus in this this bad thing going down when you look like the rest of the apostles scattered but Peter is trying to stay up with what's going on. He's on the edges of the courtyard to meeting the courtyard with the high priest and he can't get inside, but then somebody the mysterious person. We do not know some people say John.

Some people say Nicodemus. Some people say Joseph or there's a lot of theories about this, but someone who is known to the high priest who has credibility is allowed to bring Peter insights we can see what's going on and witnessed an effective, there might've been a thought that if he's here you can speak as a witness for Jesus. Could such a trial going on the courtyard.

We don't really know but he's brought in and he's very he's there at the door, and cervical challenges and says you're in charge of one of his guys, you know, it really struck me here is that Peter's answer is I am not where we had been seeing earlier in the passage, Jesus saying I am I am I and here's Peter the guy who had said will Lord where else shall we go. You have the words of eternal life saying I am not. He's stepping away from Jesus not not it's interesting to there's a good reason for Peter to be a little bit fearful here because after all, he cut off the year of the high priest servant and it says right here that he standing with the surprise of a high price that I could could Malka speeders possible could summon those mountains be there possible. In fact, the second of this chapter will see that very thing happen. So the Malka's connection is is a real threat to him being there inside this courtyard. So you gotta keep that in mind, but I want to make .1. Lastly, as you get there says he was standing and standing woman was himself or told to three times that he's warming himself, yet in this chapter, but remember how I said earlier that it said that that that Judas was standing with them. Here's Peter, standing with them trying to blend in with the crowd who actually were the same one to kindergarten the rest Jesus is trying to blend in with them act like he's, you know like one of them in this being one of them.

This deceit leads to even more denials and it's kind, bad feedback loop for him.

So when it says that he's standing there warming himself.

He's trying to fit in with the people who were purposed against Jesus and that's probably worse than than the actual world he's with them. He's with them so I think were enough to stop there and pick up the rest the chapter 18.

Next we have that's fine because we can we can review but this is only the first time. This is the first of three when Peter says I'm not I'm not right.

Not right in here. You know he's he's denying Jesus based on the force of a little servant girl, so she's not really pressuring him. It's not like you know there's no evidence but the next time he does this, there's evidence brought forth and so it gets even worse in their particulars. Well, if we're supposing here. If he was brought in as a potential witness. Well, he's just perjured himself right yeah oh yeah yeah so you know it's an interesting it's an interesting study and affected what you begin to deceive. It gets worse and worse and worse and and circumstance gets worse well and the self protection that kicks in, where Jesus said you know I want to drink this cup, this is what the father has assigned to me and this is why I came. This is going according to schedule right and I think you know when you look at just this first half of this. It's really apparent that Jesus voluntarily put himself into this.

There were so many places he could've exited the whole scene he could've interrupted the scene just tons ways you could do that going to a different place can up and talk to him but he he marches out upper room across town in March is right to the place were nosy and he's coming he's on top of this, and he's even tell me apostles to back off all the way through it so you know if you think that the crucifixion was just a tragic accident, then you're not really reading Johnny team because the whole. Clearly it's a voluntary action.

According to the purpose of God.

This is the cup is been given, and he follows through with it faithfully.

That's what you see when you read Johnny team and we see very clearly that Peter didn't get it did not stand that and that's why went earlier in the book when he had said now but you are the guy. Messiah Jesus immediately tells the mall not telling funny telling, but why because they didn't yet fully grasp that Messiah had to suffer and die right exactly yeah so there's talk about that next. So there still learning about this as well and will come back and pick it up will pick it up after the end of were after you 10 verse 19 will take that. So read the rest of chapter 18 and read this in your narrative with your eyes and your heart open and asked the Lord, you know what is what is the story that you are saying to me where I standing in this my standing with Jesus around my standing with them, who do I find that and what is standing of the situation and you might be surprised at what the Lord draws your attention to so and I was actually and I'm very well.

I know a lot of things fresh this time so we were out of time mom Jim Dorothy and we are delighted you with the hope that you're taking a look at this and getting a close with this Jesus the Messiah is in the fact that he voluntarily willfully step forward for your benefit for my benefit might finally, that's fine. So come join us next week on more than so stuck

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