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030 - It Is To Your Advantage

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin
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February 27, 2021 12:40 pm

030 - It Is To Your Advantage

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin

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February 27, 2021 12:40 pm

Episode 030 - It Is To Your Advantage (20 Feb 2021) by A Production of Main Street Church of Brigham City

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You pick up your Bible and one is more here than meets the is there something here for me. I mean it's just words printed on paper right it may look like just print on the page but it's more than eight. Join us for the next half hour, as we explore God's word together as we learn how to explore it on our own. As we ask God to meet us there in its pages welcome to more than one better every week. I don't know what will you have to paint a word picture of the word pictures are sitting at a table. Good. What were doing. I I should say we have our cups of coffee but we don't. This time, but if you do that's okay. So what is in the interest of the fact of doing is trying to to assure you I can just informally sit down and look at the word diet for a lot of people who do devotions. You know, bring up the Bible in the morning, sit down, work up a copy to lot like this but you know you doing dialogue with someone else's awful fund. Well, some people say they do their devotions. They depending on a little devotional book so yeah right. They're not actually processing the word for themselves and and I'm not speaking down about the books I read them and enjoy them myself, but but if that is your primary means of cracking open the bread of God, then maybe you need to explore and I think a lot of people think they can't do that right hand must have an expert on the page.

Tell them what what the reading is to it's just really I'm you guys made a successful I will see the second is right up to that that he says this is actually possible and this is the way this is the plan.

The Holy Spirit will get you guidance into the truth just to look at the more he talked about the Holy Spirit in the last chapter that were in 15 so the case so you can indeed sit down with the Bible in your lap and start reading and God can speak to your heart and that's just what were doing here today so were glad that you were this not because were any experts in any sense, but we just love exploring the Bible just like you. So here we go, so we been going through John.

We finished chapter 15 the find the branches chapter last week he he's been talking about the Holy Spirit and today wow big time Holy Spirit stuff in the so this'll change your whole view. I think the Holy Spirit if you don't know much about this. Well the reason he's been talking about the Holy Spirit because he's been saying to them, and he said it a number of ways. Up to this point, I'm going away but I'm to send you somebody send you helper. Yeah, so physically I'm leaving but I'm not abandoning you write off something with you.

He's trying to introduce them to the fact that their relationship, their personal relation of the Jesus is not coming to an end. Even though physically he won't be around but it'll actually be better so that's the brand-new news and that's what he's trying to get across the muscles try to think that this fact that they feel like they're being abandoned and they're not but is just a radical transformation relationship. So let's just see what he's talking about summer job were jumping in the front and John 16 today and you want to read that these first few verses actually can wrap up the thoughts that he had he had been talking about the end of for perhaps well now the numbers are assigned by almost randomly contrasting being in the world meaning of the world and the opposition they're going to encounter in the world. So let's just read the first three or four verses ice as I've said all these things to you to keep you from falling away. They'll put you out of the synagogues. Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he's offering service to God and they will do these things because they have not known the father, nor me, but I've said these things to you that when hour comes. You may remember that I told them to you.

There so he's prefiguring this persecution is going to come up to them and give them some reasons for things that he's telling him right as I'm telling you these things to keep you from stumbling to keep you from falling roadway effect. I want to circle back that a minute and he says I'm telling these things before it happens so you'll remember that I told you right right which always reassures the fact that this is not an accident right is foreseen by God. So don't freak out because in the chaos of the garden and our son from now maybe two hours they are going to forget everything he said until I was there and that happens to all of us in a panic and in the flash of the chaotic event we forget yeah yeah and it I think it's fascinating to that in this persecution, there can be think they're doing it for righteous religious reasons and that's that's really disturbing.

I mean it's easy. It's easy when you suffer when someone just jerking away. But when they think you're actually achieving something for God.

That's really disturbing they're doing what God wants him to do right and I clearly when you look at history the church at this point that's clearly what they think they're doing and and even the apostle Paul member for his Damascus Road experience think he's actually cleansing the Jew right right. I thought about that. Jesus said they're going to do these things because they have not known me right because if they knew who God why they would recognize him in Jesus and that knowing is an experiential knowing that's really up fundamentally from walking with and living with and being with Jesus as God in the flesh, they haven't known that kind of relationship with the father, but they been introduced to the rest of the father for Jesus right well he's going to amplify on that but I want to back up a minute to where he says all these things I've set out the CC to keep you from falling away as well. The ESV says on the numeric and standard says to keep you from stumbling. And that's because of an interesting word.

It means to be to step into ruin right right to bring racked to be seen because things are going to happen to you that are going to be so unexpected and so horrific that they are, maybe because you even to lose faith. Question what you believe right and Peter actually when he was writing his first epistle he said they stumble because they are disobedient to the word unbelieving to the word. That's when we step into ruin. When we forget what Jesus had said and we stopped evening and you and you let the realities of your present over speak what you spoken to your that's what I like to remind people is that you might be forgetting something in your circumstance and circumstances scream really loud. They push they put really important things out of our view. So, so we have to do like Jeremiah did and Lamentations 3 of this summer so I called to mind right and so I have hopes ontology is doing right here she's telling them what's coming, so it won't torpedo them and that's that's conical in a general sense. If you brought this to life application God's word in our life is that thing that shouts against the tyranny number circumstances and reassures us that things are actually not a surprise to God they're going according to God's word tells us what reality really is.

Yeah, what real thing is here not barraged, not the illusion, not the deception God tells us the truth so we need to cling to that and it's it's really a discipline to cling to that problem is for the apostle John, thinking their thinking right now to his will.

Jesus, if you're going away how we remember everything how we have what will bring this all to mind because, by the way they're not carrion you know little pocket Bibles so they were just doing life is exactly. So Jesus is Jesus really telling you you need to need to realize I'm telling you this, he will fall away in my words will will gotta be a prescription against circumstances will tempt you to think is going on is something that's really important principle right there that if we are finding ourselves, not believing what Jesus had said that sets us up for stepping into error.

Stepping into trouble and as you make those kinds of step one step this way one step this way one step this way will the harder it gets to retrace your steps and to come all the way back to what Jesus had Jesus actually said yeah.

So if you happen to have a red letter Bible highlights the words of Jesus in red. It's not a bad deal. It's not a bad for summer.

This I thought this is counseling but is not a bad deal it when you're in the midst of an emerging crisis and emergency stance finally got is is just to say okay I need to remind myself where can I find it the rep the regular December redware is generally the red actually have a friend who said that's all she did. That's all. Just read the red words. That's totally fine. It's really totally my so so again the issue in your chart.

We talk about crises that are emerging life since they do speak so clearly and they talk in your head while your head on the pillow to try to go to sleep at night and they always amplify how bad it could become immune, it's a very loud voice in your head.

You need to give equal time to the word of God's okay God what you tell me what what have you told me, and that'll kinda set not only a sense of reality, but to remind you that there's hope, because God foresaw this coming and that's all he's doing it with the apostles, but it's a big all it's it's a joy telling you had a time sale now the roles and were number so again, moving forward, then the role the word is super important and super important in this relationship is Jesus physically goes away is the role the Holy Spirit even when it comes to the words was interesting if you listen to what's coming up next as he talks about the role the Holy Spirit. This new transformed kind of relationship with God to come to the Holy Spirit and you'll see how much of the word is involved in this as well. So you start reading and let's okay so where were picking it up here a kind of in the middle of verse four. So Jesus is I did not say these things to you from the beginning because I was with you but now I'm going to him who sent me, and none of you asked me were you going, but because I have said these things to you, sorrow has filled your heart, nevertheless I tell you the truth it is to your advantage that I go away for I do not go away.

I do not. For if I do not go away, the helper will not come to you, but I go, but if I got but if I go, I will send them to let you suffer there for a second so is tiered and they wanted to see you existed. It's to your weight better than having Jesus himself in the flat I love how how straight up and clear Jesus talking this is actually a good deal for you for me to go because the relationship will change and you'll have the helper and be actually much better. Better if I go away and I didn't tell you these things beginning because I was with you now am physically not and this is the new plan. And this is good for you well solicit about that for minute what are the advantages of having the Holy Spirit as opposed to the physical body of Jesus. Yeah, and physically. I mean they're going to split up and start going over the world and holistically. So Jesus go with them everywhere they go.

But it's even more than that in any place they are intimately the relation okay because when they were with Jesus in the flesh, following him around all over, all over the country. He had to sleep. He got tired truth. You had to eat physical and had to have a bath, he had to excuse himself now things he was completely subject to the physical body right and so he says that about the day is coming when I went to be with you in such a way that those disadvantages.

You're not going to have to fight for my attention in the crowd.

Yeah right as I am available to all of you all the time in the most intimate way you talk about fighting for attention with the crown I think about the guy who was the paralytic was let down through crowding on Jesus, right, and everyone was looking for time, which is spent time which is I think a possible words. Well, you know you're here, you're kind of rubbing shoulders with 11 other guys all the time and many many more people who fall around so so this is a great deal this is. This is intimate nearness that follows them wherever they go. Inescapable. So this is to your advantage that I go away, but if I don't go away. I can't send them right. Oh well, that's a big thought, yeah, and we don't yell you as well. Probably the short short version that is Jesus, and I I am physically with you, but I'm going to go away by means of the cross which will accomplish for you the opened holy of holies in the availability of that intimate approach intimate access to God if I don't go from here to the cross into the resurrection.

I will be able to send you that lease.

Yeah, exactly. And I think is juicy if they think back to the Old Testament narratives we know about the know him and go back to Moses. Moses has had this distinction basically of having these face-to-face no relations with God in all and and that was really distinction permit. It's as though God's I'll talk to you and then you need to talk to the people and so in a way what what he's saying to them, as you can be a position like Moses was, where you will write a friend of God and not this intimate one to one relationship through the helper through the Holy Spirit. Next he's got to say that actually later in the chapter I the father in regards you as his friends exactly. So this this is this is the so this is why it's an advantage that I go away because I'm going to deal with the problem of your sin which will remove the barrier tween the father in you and this is all possible now.

New covenant that's that's the opening the new covenant is the is the dealing with sin, for real, and then opening up this intimate relationship to the Holy Spirit. So now he's gonna move on to the next person talk about exactly the role the Holy Spirit's gonna be engageable fuzzy about it so want you to come close, but first of all, let's say, but if I go, I will send him know you you will earlier in the evening just a few minutes before he said will send him in my name and then he had said we'll send him and will all come and make our boating you now he says I will send him so. So see the Bible is inconsistent and wrong. It doesn't agree with what it does well isn't it possible what we have is Jesus speaking as the son of his father that one of the intimate oneness that they shared what she's going to open a little window for us in chapter 17. Right. This is a peek at the Trinity. It's a peek at the Trinity. Even though that term doesn't show up. Right. So it's not a grammatical error that someone improved text well enough when they were the Bible is actually there.

All true simultaneously that's that's the beginning of the wonderful Mr. the training okay verse eight she says and when he comes.

Notice he says when he comes not when it comes when he comes, he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment concerning sin, because they do not believe me concerning righteousness, because I go to the father and you'll see me no more concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged. I have many things to Sadie still but you cannot bear them now.

When the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth.

For he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify me, for he will take what's mine and declare it to you all that the father has is mine. Therefore I said that he will take what's mine and declare to you, well that's teacher teacher. My brain is all okay backup backup backup never said when he comes, he will convict the world you about that will convict the world concerning sin, while those who sin, righteousness, judgment explains those three happily talk about what is conviction because sometimes in Christian circles think conviction is of this terrible feeling that I have like God is convicting me of something that really the word means to be profoundly persuaded Ruth something when we are convicted of our sin were suddenly persuaded of the truth of our sin right right you are very famous evangelist says if you live in your life. Yes, I have what that means your liar right. While that's true and that's the truth and that's the truth. That's the convicting of sin.

The Holy Spirit does is with sin because for some reason we are not truthful with ourselves about the nature versus how you think and so the Holy Spirit to common sort of, sort of, you know, rub your nose in it anyway and he says specific right. He will he will put his finger directly on the thing. This is said Jesus said that's one of the things that he will do, he will convict the world concerning sin yeah and we talked about this before, but the first step in the process of coming to the Lord being a follower of Jesus is to agree with God is his assessment of your sinful condition right you can't be saved if you don't think you need to be safe. So you gotta get past that first time do I need to be saved is my condition sinful in the Holy Spirit himself brings it in the Scripture says it's her sin that separates you from God. So what the Spirit does as he points out, you are separated from God by this thing would you like it done away with. Yet you want to have it dealt with as you realize the problem is there. Then you start searching for a solution.

At that point you asked God and God's as I'm glad you asked. I do have this illusion, but you have to start with, that's okay, but the primary sin in view here. He says of the world concerning sin is because they don't believe us that that is actually capital S sin right now believing and everything that comes out of behavior really is the little lessons that result from is you, not willing to say that I I made a note here to go if you go back to John five verse 40. He says no. He says that the Pharisees search the Scriptures right as you think. And there's there is eternal life in those right, but actually says you refuse to come to me and and now you going to die so so really the issue is is them understanding what is yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life right so the issue is who Jesus is the essence of the fundamental sin is that the authoritative representative of the father. If you don't believe that you die in your sin, and with Nicodemus what was issue believe right and then you and then you'll escape that destruction. It's coming.

It is not disbelieving any old thing is, believe what God has said that's what was that was reckoned to Abraham's righteousness. He simply believed what God had told him and it's connected to your confession of need is your Samba center is there solution. Here's a solution I'll embrace that. So it's not disbelieving it's there, it's actually taking part in the sink yelling at him and then he goes on in verse 10 concerning righteousness, because I go to the father and you'll see me anymore. That's interesting, because as long as Jesus walked around the earth. His righteousness was a testimony to who he was and who God was and that testimony is not going to be there physically visit right anymore. So now he's saying you know the Holy Spirit will do that. He'll kill concerning righteousness to let you know what that's all about. So in fact I think it was I think was John E. This been many weeks ago with. But Jesus is okay guys around member really contentious discussion who can fix mucin anyway.

Anyone so really he could he could walk around.

It was his righteousness that convicted people of their own sin so the Holy Spirit Nelson pickup the slack on that because physically Jesus and is going convict the world concerning judgment. Yes, there's going to be rendered. So regardless of whether you agree with the assessment of your sin right doesn't matter right judgment is coming right judgment is indeed coming because the ruler of the world, check out the tents of this verse has been changed has been judged he's judged is best done deal yet he's done with so that's been judged. Yes, so that the trial has taken place in the sentence has been passed. It just hasn't been executed yet right right and you brought.

Gotta be careful if you consider yourself a citizen of this world and you consider yourself a citizen of the ruler of this world. Jesus was very clear when you talk to Pharisee again back in John eight and he said to them, he says you know you are of your father the battle yeah I'm from above your from below so so when you talk about judgment right here.

If you make yourself a citizen of this world you're a citizen of ruler who is the devil himself, and it's already that's it – and also back in chapter 5 Jesus had said.

Now if you believe in me, you've entered into eternal life, and you've passed out judgment judgment so you know, sometimes the weight of that verse doesn't sink in.

If we believe in Jesus, we I passed out the judgment that will fall on the world exactly exactly what we just have a couple minutes is it verse 12 and go on. I'm going you read it, but let me just highlight really, really, he says, I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into the truth and he will not speak his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak and declare to you the things that are to come to our wonderful thing that is there's there's stuff to Jesus, and you deliberately can't handle right now and I'd love to tell you, but if the timing ball. Don't worry about it. Holy Spirit he'll take up the slack in terms of giving you understanding the things I withheld telling you know. But you will you will hear them for the first time through the Holy Spirit uses this word that the new American Standard says disclose implies it's a secret. It's a near thing.

Hill whispered in your ear. But the word here in the in the SVS Hill declarant Hill declaring of the clearances at times he's gonna take the lid off and reveal it to you.

Yeah what he hears he will speak to clarity the things that are to come here, glorify me take what's mine and declare it to you. Yeah so what a wonderful kind of revelatory experiences is in store for pulsing for us. When the Holy Spirit is there proclaiming this truth all the time. You know, a lot of us would say what would be a lot easier Jesus guy just came in the front door the house except on the living room and we talked for couple hours or so would not be a lot easier than this Holy Spirit thing and it sounds like it would be. But this is actually whole dimension better and some actually have better say conversation with God himself and got God can get the message to you across even better than if you physically set in the room with you with a with a vocal voice.

This is not a broker but this is not just a feeling this is not easy to go astray here so now he's saying is that the word right.

He says he's going to lead you into the true spirit is going to speak to you what he hears from the father, so you know, for if we think we are hearing from the Holy Spirit. Then we have the written word of God against which we can test what we think (that should be considered that should it should be absolutely consistent but for those people who are frustrated if you assert I'm frustrated trying to hear from God and trying to sort of second-guess what is trying to save you don't have to. You don't have to bear that responsibility gotten extraordinarily good good communicator with the Holy Spirit if it's beyond what you could ever imagine.

I mean, just ever met doesn't even have the problems of translation into physical focal words I mean God can commit. He's just he's just fine at this and by the way, it could very well be that if he's not communicating to you right now the things that you want to understand it could be like verse 12, you can't burn right now. So many times God holds the conversation based on your ability to absorb it so that's articles I think will make one more quick point and this isn't it interesting that like Jesus himself, the Holy Spirit doesn't speak for himself how his feet and Jesus himself says I don't speak for myself and I don't do things I don't see father doing.

Here's this here's this Trinity against her poking out unity of message and action okay and what is the spirit saying he's speaking the truth and he is glorify Jesus. He's shining a light on who is this one. The father sent the only begotten, full of grace and truth. As John had said the beginning of his gospel has explained him, the spirit speaks that exactly and unity in verse 15, all the father has is mine well of the Trinity is in the Trinity.

That's blasphemous, which is yeah sure. So anyway, we were running again so really come back to the second half of John 16 starting in verse 16. Next time and and will see Jesus. Basically the entire discussion about his leaving before he enters into chapter 17. In this wonderfully precious prayer that he prays for them at a loss for us so that's coming after the next week he rounds out this whole discussion about hey guys I'm leaving in the just got you pulls all given a gigantic some joy, peace, and asking marvelous stuff.

So between now and read the rest of chapter yeah we hope you do that, and I'm glad that you're with the summer gloves are sitting down to what we just mentioned about sitting down quietly the word opening up late in your lap saying God speak to me.

What's here in this is Tommy and he will meet you there because you have so were glad you're with us. I'm Jim Dorothy and will see you next week on

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