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Let God Redeem Your Story Part 3

Moody Church Hour / Erwin Lutzer
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October 3, 2021 1:00 am

Let God Redeem Your Story Part 3

Moody Church Hour / Erwin Lutzer

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October 3, 2021 1:00 am

The breakdown in society correlates with the breakdown of the family as well as the increase in sexual and other forms of abuse we see. Our enemy Satan seeks to attack the family and our souls in any way he can. Demonic lies and influences leave behind a trail of destructive choices and actions. Families and victims are then left broken in sin and dysfunction. But God can turn victims into victors.

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There is little doubt that evil is on the rise as our culture descends into darkness. There is more and more evidence of satanic influence mass murders, corruption in high places and violence in the streets a breakdown in society goes with the breakdown of the family and the increase in sexual and other forms of abuse we see nowadays on this broadcast a teaching from the word of God that can help all who listen find release from any influence.

Satan may try to have in their lives from Chicago.

This is The Moody Church. Our weekly service of worship and teaching under the ministry of Dr. Erwin Lutzer today will hear the last of three messages on let God redeem your story later in our program.

Erwin Blitzer will turn to Mark chapter 5, to tell the story of a man bound by demons but freed by Jesus Christ. Pastor looks or comes now to open today's surface were glad that you have joined us here for the worship service, we recognize that as soon as we stepped into the sanctuary.

We are in effect leaving the world with all of its pressures and we are here to focus on the Lord, and he has given us tongues, all for a thousand tongues to sing my great Redeemer's praise when you join with me as we bow our heads recognizing that were entering into the Lord's presence that we might be able to worship him acceptably through Jesus Christ our Lord. Would you join me please our father we ask in Jesus name that you might draw near to us even as we draw near to you.

We pray that whatever burdens and distractions. We have brought to this service that they might all be taken away in your blessed name so that we all might be free to worship you in spirit and in truth. We love you Lord. We long for a thousand tongues to sing your praise and asked that you will help us to use the one that you gave us to do that in Jesus name, amen, amen. Scripture reading this morning that is taken from the book of Hebrews chapter 10 that 19 through 25. Please follow along with me in your bulletin and join me in the blog. The this is the will of the living God. Therefore, brothers, since you we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus by then you and living way that he opened the photo booth that curtain that is through his finesse and since we have agreed, please over the house of God, let us throw in the way that through influence. As soon as with Rankin being from an even and I want you will hold the fair completion of whole without with riveting food. He who promised is faithful, and have one another love and will not me and that had some bunting and one another and will will as you see a way you need. May the Lord's will for us in a a and in let God redeem your story. Part three last two messages I have given have been on sexual abuse and letting God redeem your story. You didn't hear the messages they can be. Of course, listen to in various ways CDs and what have you. But even as I was thinking about this series of messages I realized that maybe we should go get deeper because those who have all kinds of internal struggles sometimes discovered that deep with in them. There is some other power that keeps them bound and held under the sway of their sin and that of course is Satan and his demons.

In a few moments. I'm going to ask you to turn to a passage of Scripture in which we meet a man with an unclean spirit, or more accurately, with hundreds of unclean spirits and I know that it is an extreme case, many of you listening might say to yourself, well, this can't refer to me because I'm not inhabited by evil spirits. What you need to understand is that there are people who are still struggling though with Satan. In fact, all of us do. Even though he doesn't indwell us. He tempts us. He (us and he does as much damage as he possibly can to ruin our faith.

So in one sense, were all involved.

Now, if you ask me the question will why did this man have so many unclean spirits. The Bible doesn't tell us there are ways of course, that we know that these kinds of things happen.

First of all, possibly because of something he had done if he and his family were involved in occultism and there was a lot of evil and his family in which he participated. That might've given entry to this multitude of evil spirits.

That's a possibility.

Another possibility is that it was because of something that was done to him. You see, sometimes when people do evil to us there is almost like a transfer of their powers. However evil. Those powers may be Pastor Steve Mason and I counseled a woman. I was actually teaching and giving some instructions about 20 people had come forward some time ago when I spoke on the occult, and I was amazed at the number of people who are involved in the occult, and they don't even know it.

Ouija boards, horoscopes, witchcraft of various kinds their least 30 or 40 different ways to be in the occult. There was a woman who left the room and I pointed her out and I said don't you leave, you come and sit right at the front. She wanted to leave just like some of you when you're listening to this message you're going to feel very uncomfortable.

I encourage you to not leave but to stay and to listen and pastor Steve and I as we prayed for her discovered that she had been sexually assaulted and as a result of that trouble with relationships. The whole the whole gamut in God and very wonderfully delivered her from an alien power and to see her the next Sunday full of joy and she wrote both of us a letter of appreciation is to remind ourselves that we are in spiritual warfare. No matter what the level may be.

Perhaps it's only temptation. Perhaps it is some kind of a stronghold. We sometimes don't know the level and the good news is we don't need to know in order to seek the Lord's deliverance and understand deliverance. So that's where this message is going. Thanks for being with me on the journey and I hope that we end at the same time. What I'd like to do is to pray one more time a message like this is taken very seriously because I can assure you it is known in the spirit world. So let us pray father I ask in the name of Jesus, that the only spirit that is present here today may be your holy spirit and I pray against all those powers that would want to disrupt that would want to distract that would want to give people rationalizations. I pray that nothing that I say may be harmful but rather that everything might be edifying and enlightening, and above all a means of deliverance, but Lord you have to do it all II bring nothing to this except my need. Our expectation comes from you alone because we're in situations where only you can help are no other places to turn in Jesus name, amen. Well, with that introduction. I want you to take your Bibles and turn to the fifth chapter of the book of Mark Mark chapter 5 where we have a very interesting story developed, Jesus went across the sea of Galilee. And he ends up.

The Bible says in Mark chapter 5 verse one in the area of the Dara zines. It's a Gentile country. If you have a map in your mind. It's on the other side of the Sea of Galilee and encompasses basically the areas today up north. If you go north you have Syria and then the kingdom of Jordan and Jesus is there and you'll notice that when he had stepped out of the boat, immediately there met him a man out of the tombs a man with an on clean spirit will understand uncleanness. Don't wait. We've all known what uncleanness is like. If you are in a sexual relationship. Today with someone who is not your wife or your husband in a one man one woman committed relationship in marriage if if you have any relationships outside of that, you know what uncleanness is. Don't do it ever been into pornography. You know what uncleanness is. If you been into the occult.

We know then what uncleanness is. This is an unclean spirit, and I met him out of the tombs and he lived among the tombs and no one could bind him anymore, not even with a chain.

For he had often been bound with shackles and chains but he rents the chains of party broke the shackles and pieces. No one had the strength to send to him just that far. For now, but answer several questions very quickly about this man until we begin to talk about our own understanding of deliverance. First of all, we may ask the question is seven. Where did he live.

He lived among the tombs.

He lived in isolation possibly it's because the townspeople wanted him there.

They didn't know what to do with him. They bound him with chains that he broke and so they had him driven off. That's part of the reason the other part of the reason is that when you are really in this kind of depression and this is a unique kind with evil spirits. You don't want to be with other people, especially if you're joyful you want to be isolated.

You know it's interesting that when they do an analysis regarding the shooters in some of our high school rampages such as the Columbine shooting, they discovered that the shooters were always what does the news media say they were alone or brooding over their own grief and over their own problems and, as we shall see over their own self perception. So here we have families living among the tombs and possibly also. This was his preference. Because when you are that closely associated with unclean spirits. You basically take Jeff with you wherever you go. And so we might imagine that he felt as if I I'm living in this depressed desolate state of mind. I deserve a depressed, desolate place to live and so he lives among the tombs picking up on the very mood of his heart in his environment. Another question that we might ask is that how did he act well he acted. Of course, obsessed, demented notice that the text says they tried to bind him with chains and they couldn't. He was like a wild man. Now if you think that this is bizarre. Rebecca and I know a woman who went to a meeting and that there were some false prophets there always beware of false prophets, because they may have the wrong spirit and as she went forward, and she was pray for they laid hands on her, and afterwords it took policeman to take this small little woman and dad to be able to subdue her and to take her in for help and you want to resolve the strength coming from so it can happen today as well, and watch as to who you have lay hands on you. That's the great lesson there.

So, physical strength, night and day he is crying, shouting people wanted to stay away from him. Understandably not knowing what to do and not trusting him. Let me ask you this question if you were to go to him and try to show him love you receive it course not say to himself, I'm unworthy of love. You don't understand. I'm in my own world and I'm doing here. My very own thing a person like that today would be in a padded cell. And of course subdued by drugs. I need to say that I don't believe that all people who are mentally ill are demon possessed, some of you have disorders for which you are taking medication which may have a physical based physical and chemical basin.

I encourage you to take that medication and I'm not one to judge you.

I'm not one to judge you.

I just know that in some cases and this is of course exhibit a.

There may be a lot of demonic activity involved and so what we have here is a man who acted actually out of control totally next.

What did he feel what did he feel well. I think I read it but it says in verse five, night and day among the tombs and on the mountains. He was always crying out and bruising himself with stone what's going on there. Bottom line is self-hatred, self-hatred. He wants to do himself harm and their people today who/they risk their people today who put themselves through unbelievable torture what's going on there.

Why flagellation I saw on television one time work where people put needles into their bodies and some of them even our crucified, though they are taken down from the cross before they die. Why all of this.

It's it's a desire to even the score they feel so bad about themselves. They feel so bad about what they have done that they think to themselves. I am so evil I'm not worthy to live, but at least if I suffer a little bit and inflict my suffering upon myself.

I feel better for a short period of time, because now I feel that somehow I have paid for the fact that I'm such a terrible person and for all the terrible things I've done and therefore I feel a little better about it. But of course it doesn't last.

And people who do that need to have the gospel explained to them because clearly they don't know the gospel.

Satan's great weapon against us is self-condemnation. Nobody loves you. God doesn't love you. Your parents don't love you. The church doesn't love you. Nobody cares about you. You're totally worthless and all you deserve to be is condemn and so the depression of self-condemnation settles on the soul like a cloud on a foggy morning and there they are, and the devil loves it. Now this is a parenthesis, but you can imagine, a child who is abused how he's going to feel about himself.

Imagine verbal abuse where he is called names or physical abuse. Also, they usually go hand-in-hand, where he is slapped or kicked around her made to feel completely worthless parents who bring up their children. That way are aiding and abetting the message of the devil who loves to strike at the foundation of our self-worth.

He loves to say you're unforgivable your unworthy. Don't you dare believe that God loves you no matter what the Bible says you are condemned and you deserve to be condemned and you don't deserve to live. That's a message from the devil to human beings. And so this man, this man felt a great deal of self-condemnation. Well, look at how far we've come. Where did he live.

He lived among the tombs. How did he act he was obsessed. How did he feel self-hatred. But now the story really shifts, and now it really gets good because notice who he encounters were still in Mark chapter 5, even though my Bible has flipped over to the next chapter and it says this and when he saw Jesus from afar. This is verse six. He ran and fell before him and crying out with a loud voice said, what you do with me, Jesus, son of the most high God, I jury or by God. Do not torment me. When you look at the text. You have to realize something Jesus is speaking to the man and Jesus always is speaking to the man but the man is inhabited by spirits and there's a lead spirit is actually taken over his vocal cords and is speaking for him and so wide that that explains why it is that this lead spirit actually is saying what he is now. This gets fascinating is that him phasing I read this and I have to smile because it's clear that this evil spirit who is speaking on behalf of the hundreds of evil spirits and this man, this evil spirit is actually more theologically accurate than many preachers who are occupying our pulpits today who disbelieve the fact that Jesus Christ is God and disbelieve that he is the son of the most I've the holy one, and that amazing. Yesterday I took time to read Mark chapter 1 and I discovered there that there was another demonic story you have to understand that the gospel of Mark is written to prove that Jesus is the son of God in the very opening lines it says Jesus the son of God, and that it goes on and it begins to discuss what happened in his life than we have the book all the way through the gospel of Mark. The demons are confessing that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and you get to near the end of the book and it's a century and who confesses when Jesus dies surely this is the son of God. So these demons know exactly who Jesus is and to just be in the vicinity of Jesus for them is torment and read the first chapter. The demon says there we know who you are, the holy one, of God, quintessential evil comes up against with quintessential holiness and the evil is tormented and so the spirits acknowledge Jesus Christ to be Lord.

They acknowledge him to be the son of the most high, under something else though spirits know they have to bow to Jesus Christ's authority.

Demons habitually lose and they always lose in the presence of Jesus always so here we have this interesting story of the demonic, who is actually speaking and he is speaking the truth, another parenthesis the demons and another text you remember reading it. They don't want to be sent into the abyss ahead of time what's going on there. We need to take out a moment here and talk about the devil. The devil is very clever, but he is not wise is not wise is if you were really wise he would cease-and-desist all of fighting against God. He stopped his railing he stop his accusations about us right away because then he knows that his eternal judgment in hell is going to be a little bit better but no disease do that now.

He plunges headlong because he so evil can't resist doing evil that you know some people like that.

By the way, you little drop of Satan's rebellion is fallen, all of our hearts hesitant and so there people you know who will just continue to plunge toward evil you can warn them.

You can tell them the consequences. It means nothing. They just keep doing it over and over again because they are compelled to do evil will the good news is Jesus does deliver such people.

We need to continue on in the story so the demons say to him. Jesus was saying come out of the man, and Jesus asked him, what is your name, he replied, my name is Legion for we are many Legion means 10,000 or more and then he says my name is Legion for we are many, and he that is still the man speaking, but the lead spirit has his vocal cords. He begged him earnestly to not send them out of the country. Don't send us out of the area. I think that the spirit said we would prefer to just stay here among the tombs and among this desolate area here because we want to choose a place that we are familiar with. Don't send us out of the country and then it says verse 11. Now a great herd of pigs was feeding there on the hillside and they begged him, saying, send us into the pigs last. Let us enter them. So I gave them permission. The unclean spirits came out entered into the pigs and the herd numbering about 2000 rushed down that steep bank into the sea and they were drowned in the sea.

The demonic spirits prefer a warm body, a living body, and that Jesus actually gives them permission to go into the swine and the swine all drowned because they become angry and mad. They are demon possessed her so what happened to the demons afterwards. Well after the swine drowned and the bodies were dead. Then they went looking elsewhere to get some new orders undoubtedly from Satan himself to figure out what their next tactic is going to be is a pastor loser. This is so bizarre. Do you really believe this. Yes I believe it because it's in God's word but you know it may even happen today, bizarre though it is 20 years ago a woman here at The Moody Church told me an interesting story. Her father was deeply into the occult. He was a truly evil man basically had given himself to Satan, and they had lived in the house and then he was taken to the hospital after he died she came home from the hospital and her cat absolutely was bizarre.

The cat was trying to climb up the curtains.

The cap was foaming at the mouth.

They had to put the cat out. Maybe Jesus gave permission for one of those demons to actually enter into an animal as he did back here so the story is then that Ted Jesus Christ gives them permission and how does the man and well I'm going to be saying more about that in just a few moments, but he ends with dignity. We have to read this, the herdsman fled verse 14 and told in the city and in the country. They told what happened and the people came to see what was done and that they came to Jesus and saw the demon possessed man, the one who had the Legion sitting there, clothed in his right mind, and they were afraid they do not want the world to do at this, he was healed, clothed in his right mind, and then they asked Jesus to leave because obviously they lost a lot of pigs and furthermore it was a great deal of confusion as to how a man could have that kind of power to heal a man who was that demented. In a few moments here at The Moody Church. I'm going to be getting an invitation and during the next few moments.

I want you to be thinking about whether or not you should come forward I'll explain it in detail so that there are no surprises.

But I want you to be thinking about whether or not you need special prayer today and so as I begin to close in on how this applies to us. You be thinking about that and asking the Lord.

Is this something that I should do. Do I desire special prayer today because of what I'm going through. Think about that. Let me give you some very important lessons that grow out of this interesting story. First of all I want you to grasp once and for all. The absolute total authority of Jesus. The absolute total authority of Jesus never question it noticed that Jesus was able to do what the chains couldn't do the text says that they bound him with chains to subdue him, but it didn't work. But Jesus comes along and the man ends being clothed is right mind. Jesus has awesome infinite power.

Jesus is Lord, I marvel at the fact I mean do you think about this.

The demons even need the permission of Jesus to enter into pigs. They can wiggle unless Jesus said okay I'll give you permission to wiggle wiggle now but don't wiggle them that's that's the kind of authority that Jesus has over the Dean never doubted and when Jesus Christ died on the cross. The Bible says that he disarmed all principalities and all powers and made a show of them openly triumphing over them in it. Listen.

Satan wants you to be scared of him. Truth is, he is scared of you and he is scared of God and he's scared of your relationship with God. He scared out of his wits, but he wants us to be the fearful ones he has been conquered. Jesus is Lord. I just absolutely love 20th chapter of the book of Revelation. It's time for God to wind up history and will be talking about that history and that it's time for Satan to be bound in the pit for thousand years and this is what the text says. It says, and an angel came out of heaven with the key to the bottomless pit, and he bound to Satan and threw them into the pit and closed off the pit for thousand years.

An angel getting this wasn't Michael unit wasn't Gabriel.

It was just an angel just a random ordinary angel, but God had said to that Angel Angel whatever his name was.

I think God's probably named all the angels. He names the stars I think he probably named the Angels to what he says to him buying Satan under my command and under my authority go buying him now and throw them into the bottomless pit and one Angel under the command of God commands Satan to enter into the pit and whimpering. He has to do it. The love that that's how much authority Jesus Christ as you see it's possible in spiritual warfare to fall into two errors.

One is to discount the devil i.e. can't be involved in anything. Truth is he's involved in an awful lot of things he's involved in our deceptions. He's involved in our sins, to varying degrees, doesn't mean that we are inhabited simply means that he's there to tempt us truth is he's involved in a lot of things but we can discount all that but then on the other side we can make him so strong that we think to ourselves. There is no way that we are going to win this all my friend, Jesus has a way for you to win this. He really does. The authority of Jesus. So that's what we're doing today when I ask you to come forward in a few moments we don't have any counselors here.

We only have prayer partners want to listen to your story and encourage you with their prayers and to point you to Jesus because we don't know we don't know the answer but were convinced that Jesus does. Second, the cleansing of Jesus. So what's going on here in the text.

Here's a man who is cutting himself with stones. Here's a man who feels that sense of unworthiness. God doesn't love me. Nobody else loves me. There's no hope for me. I'm bound here by these evil spirits and I'm gonna die this way.

How does Jesus get people out of the pit like that.

The answer of course is that Ted Jesus Christ death on the cross, he shed blood is the answer to your sense of self-condemnation and your overwhelming feeling of guilt and sin. Revelation chapter 12 it says that there was war in heaven and God through Satan to the earth. I think that happens during the middle of the great tribulation. There is evidence that that's the time that it happened you say will does Satan have access to God today.

Yes I think so. Just like you did in the book of Job, and after he's thrown to the earth.

We hear the words out of heaven. The accuser of the brethren has been thrown down to the earth the one who accuses believers day and night before the throne of God to realize my friend that is secret sin on earth is an open scandal in heaven. Do you realize that you sin and Satan's there thing okay God, look at what is done. He's a Christian right, look at what is are you telling me that you can continue to love this person and ends not impugn your justice and by the way, don't you think that this has stretched your grace more than it ought to be stretched look at what that believer is doing so 24 seven and we are feeding him ammunition and he is standing before the throne and he's even saying things about us that are true and he's accusing us 24 seven and he accuses us 24 seven.

Not just with words but with feelings. So the question is how do you handle it. Text says they overcame him by the word of their testimony by the blood of the Lamb blood of the Lamb is so what does the blood of the Lamb have to do with the victory. The blood of the Lamb has an awful lot to do with the victory, my friend, because you see, Satan comes to us and says judge him judge him judge him condemn him, condemn him, and Jesus is there before the throne, reminding the father who really doesn't need to be reminded. They've already been job attached. Their forgiveness has already been secured. There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect.

It is God who justifies.

Who is he that condemns its Christ said ADA rather that is raised again and is even now in the right and throne of God, who makes intercession this morning we saying these lovely words when Satan tempts me to despair and tells me of the guilt within upward.

I look and see him there, who made Anand to all my sin. They overcame him by the word of the testimony, and by the blood of the Lamb.

A man now there's something else I have to share with you and that is the restoration of Jesus and this leads me back into the text. Notice how the story ends. Yes, the man is clothed and in his right mind, and that Jesus gets into the boat to go to the other side.

By the way, Jesus did that because he actually came for this man.

He came across the sea because he knew that man was there. You know Jesus comes to you to.

You may be here today and not realizing it. But Jesus is approaching you right now he's coming for you to deliver you but notice it says that Jesus gets into the boat and goes verse 19.

Well let's begin at verse 17 and they began to beg Jesus to depart from their region and he Jesus was getting into the boat, the man who had been possessed with demons begged him that he might be with him. The same Jesus, let me come with you.

Let me come with you.

Let me come with. But Jesus did not permit him but said to him, go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has mercy on you and he went away and began to proclaim in the Decapolis how much Jesus had done for him and everyone marveled Jesus that I have an assignment for you.

The Decapolis are the 10 cities which were in the Transjordan area and he's beginning to go up to tell everybody about his deliverance. You know, when Jesus begins to bring you into freedom you stop asking the question, why if you just stay there asking the question why you will always be stuck on. Why did this happen to me. But when Jesus begins to bring deliverance. What happens is, he has another question now and it is the question of what what can I do with my past so that God can redeem it completely and how can God use me to bless the lives of others. That's an important question for you to ask because obviously God intends for this to bless you and to make something out of what otherwise is a huge tragedy and this man understood that and I can see him going from being a victim to being a victor and saying to himself I cannot.

I cannot stay in my past I can find out how God is going to use me in my future God loves to restore it. He loves to use people he loves to redeem their histories and their stories and God can do that to and he can use you in ways despite your past. He can use you in ways that you never dreamed possible. Now you may say will Pastor Lutzer why is it that some stories are never redeemed. I don't have all the answers to that question but I know that there are some Christians who story is not redeemed and I think I can speak to that. It's because they keep giving Satan authority in their lives. He doesn't have authority but people are handing it to and the way we handed to them is by retaining a love for sin and hanging on to our sins and saying I will not give these that enable Satan to continue to do his business. All of course even after we confess our sins were still intact.

We as elders today pray for a couple that seem to be under attack just in every way, but we are not thereby defeated because we know what to believe and we go on believing with endurance and we resist them is either many people. I'm convinced you don't want God to redeem their story, what they want is vengeance.

That's what they really want vengeance against those who hurt them. Vengeance against their mates against their parents, against all the people that done them in and they want vengeance was and if you want vengeance you've closed off your life to God redeeming your story will simply be stuck in your past, but if you're willing to say God redeem my story in what ever way you wish to redeem it and use me in whatever way you wish to use me for your glory. I think then the grace of God begins to move in and begins to bring a sense of cleansing and hopefulness and usefulness to God and so I have to ask you today.

Are you willing to let God really redeem your story. I'm not talking about being inhabited by demons, though that's not beyond the realm of possibility, either.

I'm talking about those deep seated feelings that you have lived with that do not honor God that denied that he loves you that deny that you are forgiven that deny that you are God's precious child. All of those things intended by the devil to cut us off from God's love to make us think that God hates us he doesn't love us. And when you believe those lies you're stuck in your past is the way were going to do it in a moment I'm going to pray and then I'm going to stand here like I did a couple of weeks ago right at the end here of this file. If God is talk to you. I want you to do, and then were going to gather in a room again.

I'm going to give you a little bit of instruction about rebuking Satan from the book of James, and then what were going to do is to have you pray on your own and then before you leave you pray with a prayer partner, the prayer partners won't come forward until I asked them to accept members of the pastoral staff and Mary if you'd be here just guiding the people, because I don't know whether or not anyone will come. We don't know whether we need the prayer partners are not. This is all in God's hands. But if you do we want someone to pray with you before you leave today, and to give you hope and as I say they are not counselors, they are only prayer partners convinced that if they can help you get to Jesus in prayer. You'll be helped on your journey, although maybe not totally delivered, but the path will have been laid out for you. We don't know much about these things but we do believe in Jesus and we think that he really does help people father I pray that you might during these moments help all of us to know how we should respond to grant your grace to us. Lord I I have no idea what people are bringing to the service today. I've no idea what the people who are listening on the Internet have going on in their lives.

But Jesus you know us thoroughly and we only ask that you'll make us obedient to do your will. In Jesus name, amen on today's media church over Dr. Erwin Lutzer spoke for a final time on let God redeem your stirring the last of three messages overcoming the pain of sexual abuse you may know someone who could benefit from this life-changing series of messages all three parts of what God redeem your story can be yours on CD for a gift of any amount to The Moody Church. Our goal 100 to 155801. Let us know you'd like to support Dr. Luther's ministry.

Our thank you CD album with three messages might shed light into the life of someone you know who is hurting, call 1-800-215-5881 or you can write to us at The Moody Church 1635 N. LaSalle Boulevard Chicago, IL 60614 online to that's Moody offer one join us next week for another Moody Church. Our with Dr. Erwin Lutzer in the congregation of historic Moody Church in Chicago

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