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Happy Job Hunting!

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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August 26, 2022 5:30 pm

Happy Job Hunting!

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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August 26, 2022 5:30 pm

If you’re ready to look for a job, you’ll need to keep in mind that some of the ways of finding work are timeless, but there are also new methods employers may be expecting you to utilize. On today's MoneyWise Live, Rob West will share some things you need to consider that will help make your job hunt a happy experience. Then he’ll answer your questions on various financial topics. 

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The only thing that's constant is change. And boy is that ever true when it comes to job hunting. I am Rob West. If you're ready to look for a job there's some things you need to consider to make your job hunt is a happy experience some you know some you may not talk about them today limits on your calls at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial journey are timeless, but others are definitely new. For example, there was a time when you just polished up your resume send it out and then waited for a phone call or email from a hiring manager that's definitely no longer the case.

But let's talk first about the rules that haven't changed and will start with one that gives many jobseekers a queasy feeling and that's networking by some estimates about 85% of jobs are filled without ever being advertised with networking who you know can be on par with what you know so make a plan to contact at least one person you know in your line of work every day and let them know that you're looking in the kind of job you're seeking.

Keep a list of people you've talked to, and notes about the conversation that's not so hard is it.

But this is how you really overcome the fear of networking always ask the other person if they are also looking offer to be on the lookout for opportunities for them as well. If you make a good part of the conversation about the other person. You won't feel like you're being a burden. Another thing that hasn't changed is that you must always be looking for ways to improve your job skills and that's if you're actively seeking a new job or not. It's easier than ever these days to find online classes for additional training. Concentrate on skills the transfer to other types of businesses or industries. For example, things like customer service, HR and bookkeeping, then update your resume on LinkedIn profile to show those skills or certifications and specify how they've increased revenue or cut expenses in your current or previous jobs.

Now we've talked in the past about how important it is when interviewing to never say anything bad about your current or previous employers or on social media, odds are it won't affect your old boss much, but it certainly can hurt you. Hiring managers routinely screen a prospects social media postings, and if they see you bad mouthing someone will assume you'll do it to them to. And while were added. Do I have to say never post any kind of objectionable material on social media in a career builder survey, 57% of employers said they found content on social media that made them eliminate an otherwise promising candidate. So never put anything up.

You wouldn't want your grandmother to see in these days, she probably would answer all of that still holds true. But what has changed is that you have to take social media to a new level. It's not just about avoiding bad content you want to use those platforms to highlight your favorable attributes that same career builder survey found that 70% of employers use social media to check up on candidates and this should drive the point home, 43% said that an applicant social media content contributed to their decision to extend a job offer. That's how important social media has become so you want to use Facebook, twitter and Instagram to highlight your career -related skills. Not just to post recipes or brag about your Cancn vacation. Now if you haven't been in the job hunt for the past couple of years. There's an entirely new thing you have to adapt to and that's making a good impression in a video interview because one survey has revealed that a whopping 86% of companies are now using video platforms for interviews and they plan to keep using them. So if you've never done a video interview before it's a good idea to set up a practice session with a family member or friend so you can get comfortable with the process. Position your computer so there's a professional looking background or at least nothing that appears untidy. Adjust your camera so your eye to eye with the interviewer dress. Much like you would for an in person interview alert others in the house, not to disturb you during the interview and close the door to keep out noise impacts from the room you don't want your cat walking across your keyboard. During the interview.

Also have a copy of your resume and other related paperwork handy in case the interviewer refers to, and finally follow-up the online interview with an email no later than the next day. Do those things and you're far more likely to have a happy job hunting experience are your calls annex 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000 will be back before you know stick around along with us today.

I moneywise live on Rob West euros take your calls and questions today on a Friday as we apply God's wisdom to your agile decisions and choices.

We'd love to hear from you. We have some lines open.

Here's we just get started with our phone calls 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000.

Let's head right to the phone's Illinois John you'll be our first color today to redheads are all I'm going to end it all about. Rather, over $20,000 to my brother in Arizona. All from an inheritance going to send it in $5000. Aside from a wire transfer, what would be your first, second and third choice and Kurt spending that money out in terms of safety. I appreciate that John will why the second and third option because a wire transfer would be my preferred choice. It's considered extremely safe. It's a secure transaction which is initiated by authorized personnel at a bank or a non-bank wire transfer service and once there initiated they can't be canceled so that would be both a quick, reliable, but also a safe way to move money so would you be able to just go with that option. I would not where the money at the bank in. I have reason to believe I don't I don't trust that on the stake will not be made. I see okay yeah the challenge is, you could guess the other option would be to send a certified check certified bank check in on the other transfer services like cell and then go there and have limits that would be lower I think than the amount you're looking to send with these $5000 increments. So if you're not can use a wire transfer.

I'd probably go with a certified check. If I were you. And what about pH transfer from bank to his credit, yeah, but you be talking about the same institution know that you didn't feel comfortable with doing the wire correct that true yeah me now uses the automated clearinghouse network which is interbank and all the banks. This is the network between banks.

But you know I like the wire better and if you're lying on the bank to issue the ACH using the automated clearinghouse to transfer between another bank versus the same bank initiating that wire and sending it out. I'd probably go with the wire transfer and it in the same way that the ACH would it would also rely on the bank to act on your wishes, but I think I would go. You could certainly use either of those.

I choose the wire first and then if you wanted to go with more of a paper approach you could go and get that certified check, you have it physically in your hand and then you'd be relying on the safety of the delivery service where you can insurance and track it but obviously it would not be going electronically.

You have to rely on you know whatever shipper you were using at that point. So I think Jon I would feel best about a wire but I wouldn't have a problem with an ACH in terms what about the US mail, as opposed to UPS.

Yeah it's me just given some of the challenges I know many of experience with the U.S. Postal Service as of late. I would trust the reliability of one of the other carriers that you referenced either FedEx or UPS and you can certainly put insurance on it but more importantly you can track it and I would do priority overnight with that but I think in either case you my preference. I think in order of importance might be wire and then ACH and then and then personal and a cashiers check.

All right, one of the what about cheers check versus a personal check. Well, I would use a bank check, you know initiated so that would be drawn on your account certified check from the bank and that would be the way that I would go that way. You've got to see the paper trail, and you would with your personal check as well, but I probably going to get that certified check. If I were you, so at least give this gives you some options. John trust to make the right decision.

I hope it all works out for you. We appreciate you checking with us or 800-525-7000 is another call we have some lines open today on the broadcast today I'll be tackling what is I think a tough issue for a lot of folks when it comes to money and that's the whole topic of envy you know we think of our finances and we realize that well. Envy is a common human emotion and its destructive well how do we overcome our tendency to envy what others have God's word has some thoughts into us some wisdom against envy and I think perhaps the cure that all share today. The comes right out of God's words will talk about that a little later in the broadcast of course your questions as well here on Friday with lines open 800-525-7000 we can tackle whatever financial topics you want that saving or giving it your spending plan on long-term investments. By the way, speaking of investments on the heels of German Powell's comments out in Jackson Hole.

The markets finished off at least the Dow Jones over a thousand points lower.

About 3% off S&P 500 down even more. 3.3%.

The NASDAQ nearly 4% in one days worth of trading is shaved off the market down 497 points so we sought acceleration into the final hours of training today on the chairman's warning of some pain ahead as the Fed fights to bring down inflation. Clearly signaling continued increases with interest rates as their taking inflation very seriously and they're being very real about how challenging it's going to be to get inflation down to an acceptable level you know for a long time. We just kind of accepted that near zero interest rates in 2% inflation are the order of the day and we have anything but that. Now, with rates continuing to rise. Inflation, at least at last check over 8%. Most of that concentrated up in the energy utilities and food, but clearly prices up across the board and impacting significantly. A whole host of areas that make up our economy and what spills down into the day-to-day expenses of average Americans. The Fed is very focused on getting that number down probably to a target by year-end or early next year 4% as opposed to the 2% number. We typically like to see.

So, still some work to go on keeping this economy running smoothly and getting prices back down where they need to be so I will continue to watch that pretty brutal day in the market. Good news is of your long-term investor ebbs and flows are terribly concerning because were looking at the long view.

The Shoreview that's the key when it comes to investing longer-term the perspective the better decision. We can make today and when it comes to investing.

Let's try to get emotions out of bed and keep our plan and our strategy in mind, not from the people I talked recently because of the market volatility. I went all the cash (all possible that your questions just around the 800-525-7000. This is money wise. Rob Weston with us today and moneywise live go wisdom for your financial decisions and Rob West. Those were tackling your financial questions today your mind here on a Friday. Would love to tackle it with talk about in help you move forward with confidence.

We got to looks like three lines open 800-525-7000.

Let's head to Nashville. Debbie, thank you for calling the red bull working okay very good so you got your Social Security. Have you done your budget. Debbie, do you have a good feeling for what it's can it take for you to live on a monthly basis.

Once you retire. If you revise that in and looked at that. Okay okay you estimate your monthly need is okay. So if you got 4800 a month coming in from Social Security but you really only need 2000 the lives of interesting yeah so you have quite a bit of surplus there even without working and that's without even touching any of the investment.

So I think from a financial standpoint. From what I'm seeing here you're in really good shape to retire because you have quite a bit of surplus every month from Social Security alone. The 250,000. The 401(k) can continue to grow you got 1/4 million dollars in the bank. I'd probably say years worth of expenses is probably enough. That's 25,000 so you could even put you know another 225,000 work if you wanted to. And if if you wanted that 250,000+ the 225,000 which is 475 you know to generate an income at some point we would typically look at withdrawal rate of 4%. That's another 19,000 a year, or about 15 $1600 a month, but you don't need that. So that means that full amount can just continue to grow on a conservative basis. So if you needed to tap into it for major medical expenses were assisted living or something down the road, you'd have that and obviously whatever you're adding to that account from surplus every month to the tune of perhaps $2800 a month so I think from a purely financial standpoint, W all are in great shape. The next question is just what is God have for you in this next season of life which is a really exciting question to be able to ask, but does that make sense to you yeah yeah yeah it should be and I think that's right. As believers we approach the season holy I think differently WHOLLY because we realize that God's calling our life doesn't ever expire and you have an incredible amount of wisdom and experience to bring to his service, even if that's not in the form of paperwork I think just being able to ask that question, knowing that you all have obviously ordered your finances in such a way to give live modestly if saved diligently, you're experiencing the benefit of that now with your expenses covered and so gives you ultimate flexibility as my mentor Ron blue says to live or die. Give her go and you know I think that's a great place to be. So the Holy Spirit can really just guide and direct here so listen all the best to you by the way a happy birthday a week early and I think you are a really great position. So thanks for checking in with us today.

I got bless you Debbie out to grand Island, Nebraska Rose, thank you for going ahead welcome. Thank you for a minute what I was calling fire, I had taken disability and 64 and then you know I think I should start taking myself. And he still working full time. So my question why is he limited as to how much he can earn and still taking purity. I know once he reaches some full retirement age, which at 6070 should be there, you can earn as much as you want and there is no impact on your Social Security benefits. If you took early Social Security prior to full retirement age, you'd give up it one dollar for every two dollars you earned over the limit, which is 19,560 but that's only if you take it early and so once you reach full retirement age you don't have any reduction. And even if that reduction were to occur.

You get that back over time. Once you reach full retirement age, it's fully restored to you over a number of months through higher check so he should be in good shape to earn as much as the Lord provides on one question.

Yes ma'am. Go ahead. After time and then they turn my disability payment over charity event. Different. I was limited to how much I can earn each month and I am working for the church so I wondered after age 65. In my limited to how much I can earn you specifically related to the disability while I can't take it at 6465 did not know over to Social Security.

It is yeah and so there is a limits while you're collecting Social Security disability question would be why does there. Is there a change. When you reach retirement age, that's a good question. I don't have an answer right off early on that we be happy to take a look at that and see if we can find something if we do here will let make sure to mention that Rose thank you for calling today.

Got bless you and folks, we got a couple lines open 800-525-7000 come back to Wellington, Florida Maria area Francis were coming your way. Perhaps you

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