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The Investor’s Parable and Faithful Returns

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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January 31, 2022 5:12 pm

The Investor’s Parable and Faithful Returns

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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January 31, 2022 5:12 pm

With more than 2300 verses about money and possessions, the Bible is a treasure trove of knowledge on various financial matters. On today's MoneyWise Live, Rob West will talk with investing professional Jason Myhre about what God’s Word says about our stewardship responsibilities related to investing. Then he’ll answer your calls and questions on various financial topics. 

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With more than 2300 verses about money and possessions. The Bible is a treasure trove of financial knowledge, Rob West, Scripture is a lot to say about spending generosity was often overlooked is how much God's word says about investing all talk about that with investing professional Jason Meyer today sought to your calls at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000.

This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decision been tied center for faith in investing in educational initiative of Eventide asset management and an underwriter of moneywise Jason spends his time helping Christians apply their faith to their investing in. Jason always a privilege to have you back with us on moneywise. Absolutely Jason, if we as Christians which passage speaks the most to investing.

They perhaps say the parable of the talents. So let's stop into this parable if you will, and unpack what guidance it offers us for our investing today for me parable talent is one of the parable Jesus told in Matthew 25 and the story go that there is a wealthy master who have three servants and master the way a long journey and he leaves behind his well managed by three servants in his absence while he's away were told that the servant engaged in business dealings and even five trading they can think of nothing here to generate a return on investment of money that were given one third got one challenge another got to talents and another guy five talent you might be curious.

One of the talents, he never looked up to see how much account is worth a very large sum of money so I talent was actually a measure of weight and it was equal to about 80 pounds when it was viewed as a measure of money it would worth 80 pounds more than silver 80 pound pork with silver was equivalent to 6000. The narrower I and one in area with the wage bill commonly given for a day labor so members can altogether one talent equal to about 16 years worth of labor so considerable sum of money here and the perpendicular example of the gift given five talent 84 years worth of earnings and seems very much like what many financial advisors do today which is the practice of wealth management on behalf of another supply procedure breaking that down because a lot of folks perhaps didn't realize how much was being entrusted to the servant so thanks for the background.

Okay, so to continue the story. Eventually the master returns. The master comes back and what happened what happened to Thurman Thurman brother were able to double the money that they were instructed West and they presented their profit to the master now if you and everything an illustration that handing over all bag of money from after but if you send them a lot of money like a pallet of money being presented were told the third servant however was wavy and wicked and he buried the money field and simply prevented it back to them after he was afraid of moving it master's money and this passage is where we get that famous phrase which court all that long to hear. At the end of our lives where Jesus says, well done good and faithful servant. Well, at least two of the three servants were that way. The third servant was partially excoriated and cast out into the outer darkness's analysis parable typically interpreted related to investing today.

So Christians have looked at really the plain element of this pathogen fed well. Nothing seems to be something that we think it's coming right through using investing here is an example and take either that's being perfectly described by the master in the story think the care a lot about getting a return. One notable commenter on the stoppage out from the world of Christian finance concluded simply quote Christian investing means getting a return a high return and what often applied on top of this parable to counter other biblical principle. Things like diversification, which we find Ecclesiastes or having a long time but I think the proper thinking like countable things like this basically walk away saying thanks and just needed hear me, then perhaps you have another interpretation since just after the break will continue to unpack the parable of the talents and apply to our investing Jason Myers, Executive Director of Eventide center for faith in investing much more to come on moneywise live to moneywise live joining me today.

My good friend Jason Myers Jason is Executive Director of the Eventide center for faith and investing in educational initiative Eventide asset management were talking today about the parable of the talents. What we can glean from this parable of Jesus related to investing in just before the break. Jason was sharing with us the typical interpretation for how we apply it to investing today that we should seek a return as we manage God's money and that we should apply biblical principles diversification like we find Ecclesiastes in a long time horizon which we find in Proverbs and we should see investing really being about profit and its biblically sanctioned, but Jason, you are Sherry just before the break, that perhaps you believe we've gotten the interpretation of the parable of the talents related to investing wrong so share with us your thoughts. Problem with the reading that you summarize if you think about it doing maximum returns through diversification and having a long time right in thinking like countable etc. the conventional wisdom of investing practiced by nearly all investors in the world today and anytime you see no distinction in living between those that are picking up leaves the Lord, and those that are living only for themselves, I think, is pod and called to reflect about. Secondly, and more importantly Jesus himself told parable are not playing you remember what he thought about it parable. She said that the parable contained in the knowledge of the secret about the kingdom of heaven. They're not about the plain element of the story compelling. But they explain the mystery about the kingdom of God. This is why Jesus would almost always accompany parables with the thing he said he who have ears should use them. Keep telling us repeatedly to thoughtfully consider the contemplated parables to ponder and think deeply about them to reflect. I love the way that the late great Pastor Eugene Peterson that he said that Jesus was often not the type to tell it straight was in a straight talker rather have the title of one of Peterson's box Marine Jesus like to quote Kelly Glantz Jesus spoke more like a poet than a scribe than a straightahead teacher.

I like that. Perhaps there is more to it that we should be looking deeper into how we are handling God's money and what investments were choosing Jason whether parables jump out at you as you think about investing through the lens of Scripture you know if we think about this interpretation of the parable of the talents, the why taking the plain element in the story would be a problem. For example, the parable about the pearl of great price for that one merchant of Earl who is seeking the rarest of all, pearl the pearl of great price and he finds it and having found that early goes and felt everything that he had the by one pearl now we don't take the plain element with parable and conclude that Christians today should be investing in rare pearl great shopping that would be a very strange practice. Now the pearl is about the preciousness and prideful Jesus and his kingdom and in the same way that the deeper meaning. Parable of the talents. Let's talk about that for a moment what you think.

That is, if we were to really dive into this parable and apply it to investing what you see.

Yeah. So there's a parallel parable in Luke's gospel call the parable of the amino switchgear. That's a bit more information we learn, for example, that the master's long journey. He's going away to be crowned king and when he comes back he will reign of King David who is coming again to reign over the whole creation well that the master instructed observance is the good news about the kingdom of heaven and we are to proclaim the good news in a world that is hostile to him something else we notice the parable to the community hate the master and so identify with him of the servant would have met opposition, they would've met risk when the servant is welcome, but it's work in the marketplace. This is about Jesus's followers publicly identifying with them, and witnessing about him to world that hates him.

Remember Jesus said if you contact me before men, I will confess he before the father but he denied him a poor man. I will deny you before the father. The kingdom message is to be proclaimed with the whole of our lives right publicly conspicuously were not be like that you take the message bearing that you feel the work to be like the two faithful servant to get out there in the marketplace of the world and proclaim the master with the whole of our lives speaking the words about the kingdom, and also displaying the kingdom with our radically different lives is powerful and if we come back to the parable of the talents for a moment, perhaps as steward of the master, King Jesus, we should think differently about how we manage his money right right even though the parable is not about the plain elements about simply about investing about the secret of the kingdom of God. That's not to say there's nothing we can glean from this passage for nothing today and I think if we live my opinion the key and fight for our investing would come from a deeper reflection on what it means to be a steward of the master. The steward of the master means and be faithful to the master character in an article that Dr. Amy Sherman wrote for us at the Eventide and nothing on the ferry parable encourage everyone to go read. She said that in Roman culture.

The quote the ideal servant is one who knew his master's mind so well that he couldn't take his master's wishes and take initiative good and faithful servant acted with the mind of the master understanding is priority compassion" word, good and faithful steward makes the kind of investments that the master would make if he were present on the scene. I love how friend of mine, a financial by their Harry. Then put it in a recent interview I did with confidence in her bed.

If we believe that God is the owner of all things that makes a steward. Thanks for the steward of his things shouldn't we consider aligning his assets with his principal and with companies that bless mankind instead of cause harm to make investments on God's behalf means, I think, to make investments that seek to maximize blessing for others, not merely seeking to maximize financial returns, and I believe it means accordingly. Also choosing to forgo investments that prey on the misery of others for profit off of the misery of others. Well, this is a great segue to conclude by talking about the value of faith-based investing for Christians today. So Jason tell itself faith-based investing can help us as we seek to be faithful to the master in our investing absolutely investing in a Christian nothing but generate an attractive rate of return by investing in companies whose products and practices we believe are well aligned the character of the master understanding that the master is interested in return that magnified blessing. Faith-based investing can help us to invest in companies whose products. For example our meeting important needs the world today as well whose practices really exhibit value creation, justice, and stewardship. I believe that these investments reflect the character of the master and show the world looking like well said Jason, thanks for stopping by my pleasure.

Check out Eventide center for Satan investing to help you apply your faith to your investing with articles and videos including an excellent article on the parable of the talents that we talked about today. You'll find your calls or next.

800-525-7000 800-525-7000.

This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial journey stay with us along with us today were taking your calls and questions here just a moment on anything financial. The number to call is 800-525-7000 800-525-7000 grateful to have Jason Meyer along with us in the first couple segments of the broadcast today talking about faith-based investing in exciting and growing segment of the investing universe and really great to see so many Christians being able to align their values with Donnelly there financial decisions on the planning side but also with their actual investment portfolios you'd like to learn more about how you can invest in a way that's aligned with your faith. You can certainly check out the Center for faith and in the center for faith and the investor skinny faith and or head over to our website and you can read about Eventide and so many of our great faith-based investing sponsors are, let's head to the phones again. 800-525-7000. Where in Gallup, New Mexico hi Marlene, thanks for your call.

How can I help I received money I pay from our fine property and I was when I think would be best to pay off our new or make improvements on our new home before we do that you and to invest that money is there to have that money hanging around until we decide what to do. Sure so you when you say a house pay off. Did you sell a property okay and was that like a rental property or what was that well and had turned into a rental property.

It was my rental property, plus my primary home and then I moved to fill everything turn into rental I see but did you live thereto out of the last five years.

No okay so did you have any gains on that that you need to account for from the proceeds we had at the numbering that we paid and we paid some taxes on it last year. I see okay and what you still have left. In terms of the net proceeds to around two 2077, 277,200 77,000 and you own your primary residence, now free and clear. No wheel 167 on it. Okay. Are you thinking about paying that off. Yes, I believe, would like to, but we also need to build the garage and make some home improvements and we don't want to end up taking out another loan to get the improvement yet though. I like that idea what you think it'll cost you for all of the improvements you're looking to do together well were not sure we have to probably do a new well and we want to build a garage. I'm really not sure okay very good so the primary goal.

With the proceeds of the sale would be to fund those projects and then with anything left over look to pay down the first mortgage is and what you're thinking.

Yes. Okay. All right, then you've got income sources covered that meets your monthly living expenses. Yes. Okay. Do you have an emergency fund, separate from the 277.

No, not really. Okay so I think that should be a priority as well. I think in my pecking order. I would say first of all, what do we need to set aside as an emergency fund that were going to leave intact, and I would say depending on your situation a good ballpark would be six months living expenses PLC you would take your monthly living expenses. Multiply that by six and that would be your emergency reserve. Now you can make a case or have a little less than that. If you're still working with a stable income are little more than that if you retired and you just want a little more cushion but somewhere around that number. I would try to leave in place and I put that in the high-yield savings account. FDIC insured so it's available as you need it, but not too readily accessible, not co-mingled with your your checking account that you pay your monthly bills out of things like that so I'd subtract that first and then I would try to hang on to the rest of it until you get a real good understanding of what that's gonna cost you with you to go out and find a general contractor or several of them to bid the project give you, you're guaranteed bid, not to exceed a certain amount. Once you decide who that is going to be, you'll know how much these projects are to the cost of the garage and the other renovations that you'd like to do and then think at that point you then be free to take the balance. Was there some other short-term goal.

I don't know about other than the emergency fund in these renovations in the garage take the balance and use that to pay down toward the mortgage to accelerate the payoff of that what you pay that off.

That's obviously to be here probably your largest expense coming out of your monthly budget would just creates more margin as well. So how does that sound to you that I would put the money and like capital one quite like or what yes I savings I registered normal bank savings are but I would use one of the online banks because you're not good paying fees in there to give you a little bit interest right now they're paying about half of 1% but that's better than .001% that you're getting from a lot of the brick-and-mortar banks. I'll give you three to look at one would be you mentioned it capital one 3/62 would be Marcus MARC US that's the retail operation of Goldman Sachs, and they have a great online bank and then the third would be Ally Bank a LL why any of those three will give you great customer service. No fees. FDIC insured savings accounts and they'll pay a little bit interests of that money sat there for a year you could get one half of 1% on the money while you're waiting to use it. You can also Marlene link it to your checking account electronically so that whenever you do need the money to pay bills on the renovations or whatever it might be just with the click of a button it without any cost will transfer over to that to save Jesse's B checking account that it's attached to and usually 1 to 2 at the most three business days. Okay okay you like capital one banking and trading I would be fine without you capital one 360.

This is what you want to look for and they have all the banking operations. A lot of folks want to use the brick-and-mortar bank for their checking just because they want to be able to have access to an office and you certainly don't have to as well as you can access an ATM network for you deposits and withdrawals. Certainly for the safe online. All the best you Marlene 800-525-7000 lines of love you for joining us today and moneywise live on West euros. This is biblical wisdom for your financial decisions.

What you think about today in your financial life and how can we apply God's timeless wisdom to those decisions will give us a call do that together. Here's a number 800-525-7000.

That's 800-525-7000.

Let's have right back to the phones, Lakeland, Florida hi Cindy, thank you for calling. How can I help you. I think it? 94-year-old stepfather and I are co-owners or joint checking account and my mother passed in September and wanted me. They were married only like 13 years and did a lot of running and blah blah you know he's got five children. My mother has for and since I have been like the main character. I guess if he will and doing email the running. He said I want you to have all that money and he it's only $20,000 in the bank. I was wanting. I was advised by my niece take that money out and move it so it's not so great at his death. Should I just leave it there. He doesn't need that much money to live on.

He's got ample monthly income. So it's just it just keeps growing larger, if not hurt anything. Of course staying there, but should I move some of it out and of course if he needs it. You know it's right there yeah you know I think Cindy a couple thoughts number one is. It sounds like the fact that you're on the account is a legal co-owner to this account is really more from an operational standpoint in terms of why that was done initially so that you would be able to kill have access to the account to pay his bills and do things on his behalf, as opposed to making you legal feel 50% owner of these assets was that the original intent. That's when you want and I keep at it happened just give your your kids, this money for me and all I want you to have the money. Well, you know, I would think the best thing to do would be to put this in writing through will you know that would be the most effective way to preserve the relationship down the road because I can pretty much assure you, there's gotta be some questions asked as to what was your dad's intent and did you coerce him into doing any of these kinds of things you just want to keep yourself separate from that and do everything aboveboard. So typically the way you would do this is the account. If these are his assets would stay in his name only, and then you would be given power of attorney to make decisions on his behalf and to conduct business again for his benefit, as needed, and then he would have a will that spells out clearly his intentions for how any of his assets, whether those are personal ill effects or his finances. How that would be passed at his death, and that would be a part of the public record and there would be a you know someone that would work with the probate court to the executor to facilitate that at his death, but it would all be again done aboveboard and based on the legal and binding. Will that would be put in place as opposed to you saying well me just tell you about some conversations I had with your dad prior to his death which you know that just seems like it opens you up to a lot of scrutiny that you probably would rather not deal with. So if it were me, I was certain would move anything out into your own name. I believe that all their I would in fact see about putting it if you get a power of attorney in place that I would. I would encourage you to put that back in his name only as long as you have the ability to ask for him. In that capacity, and then put a will in place that again can be a part of the public record be done in a way that reflects his wishes, but it's done through the legal process as opposed to just side conversations to settle make sense since I yes sir yes sir pretty pretty clear. Yeah so I think where I go from here is perhaps sit down with the state planning attorney.

This doesn't have to be very costly and we know the basic will in a power of attorney are pretty rudimentary legal documents that would be created and can be done again based on him being of sound mind and your wanting to do the things he needs to do, so that he is properly cared for in terms of financially and then at the same time a durable power of attorney and health care surrogate could be done in a living will to make sure that end-of-life and healthcare directives. I can be made on his behalf by the person he selects as well, which would be just as important, so I would take those steps. I think you'll be glad you did down the road and it will just keep the relational collateral damage hopefully to a minimum. We appreciate your call today. Thanks very much.

800-525-7000 grace. Thank you for calling from Wisconsin today. How can help you hello hello I got almost a dozen children and we have seven fairly close in each from two different children oldest and that is thanks Pete getting his right vehicle that we can get but then my concern is that our concern is that we people to get this same thing for the family and were not sure that we liked and were trying to not because difficulties between the two somewhat what you yeah yeah well is there a plan apart from you to for him to have transportation to talk to his mom and dad about what their plans yes, and I think they do you want to get a vehicle for him so that they are interested in having a peak vehicle sure well I think you're wise to to think this through grace because clearly you want to build a blessing to these grandchildren.

But you don't want to create a relational hearts in the process and that can easily happen, you know, that's most important at this point. So I think the key is how you move forward in a way that honors what you're trying to accomplish in your desire to provide for everyone.

I think one option would be you sell the vehicle if it's not needed any longer and you know you perhaps take it and begin to start an account for each of them determining how the best way is to say, for that will deter be determined by whether you want the money freely available for any purpose like a car or specifically for something like college if you wanted for college. You probably use a different account to save for that but I think you're right.

I mean, the key is, you're not going to be able to give every child a car, you just happen to have an extra vehicle that's not needed. He happens to be the first one, perhaps reaching age where he needs one.

And so it seems like an obvious opportunity and yet you need to think a bit longer term as to you. Are you prepared for the fall out of that and how you if you want to treat each of them the same then will you have the ability to do that and if not, maybe the opportunity is to say, okay were going to take this money and start a fund for each of them and then we will add to that, over time, tell me your thoughts on that sound okay yeah the nice thing is you could open if you wanted generally available. You can use open savings accounts at each of for each of them is like how I banker Marcus capital one 360 additional fees for those in that way.

As you contribute to them. You could automatically fund one the same and that money will be available when the time comes like they're ready for it and the need is identified as down the line we can hit a break and I want to make sure we finish up this moneywise. Not much more to come. Just like today is your financial decisions. Grace and I had a chance to talk off here and finished up where we landed. She's actually going to take that vehicle that she has and make it the grandparents loaner car and she's good does it do this first child not to give it to them but to let him use it until mom and dad have time to find other reliable transportation whether he invested in that or they provided themselves therein or make sure it's in writing and perhaps they'll be a period of time where she allows this particular grandchild to use it will be returned to her and she can pass it along to the next one. She's also can start some savings accounts earmarked for each grandchild. What a blessing she is grace.

We appreciate your call today very much. Before we go back to the phones Bob Dall is with this it's Monday, which means Bob joins us with his market commentary Bob is chief investment officer across Mark. Global investments and Bob yet again another wild ride on the markets today. This one ending green green reflex orality and my view, that is to say we have the big decline we got oversold and were bouncing here little bit maybe some more to go but not sure were out of the woods. I think it's to take some time to repair the damage done a lot of sidewise volatility tempts you said in this week's investment commentary Bob that the global economy has slowed temporarily due to this latest variant of the covert virus.

We're probably going to see a weaker first-quarter GDP here in the US maybe 2% rather than the meal three or four that we expect for the balance of the year. Is there anything to make of the significant weakness we saw in January mean is there anything to January being any kind of predictor of what to see over the balance of the year or not necessarily, not necessarily. There a lot of the wives tales and myths that go around the January doesn't live etc. etc. but there's not a lot of right reliability there Rob, we just came off for another amazing year and January hidden deficits in the year and would take some profits and you saw what happened. Are you seeing with these spikes and you obviously the investors coming back to the table today after January's losses.

Is it more broad-based.

Are we back to where a small group of stocks are driving these indexes more broad-based.

For example, the Russell 2000, which is small stocks was up 3% today Rob, so that means there is broader participation in that's normal on these reflex rallies and as I said there could be more to come, but it eventually will Peter out, we probably have to go back down and test below. Hopefully we have a successful test when we have a better balance of the year, but only time will tell those in retirement right now.

No fixed income is been challenging because rates have been so low they hear about multiple rate hikes coming this year. How quickly does that translate into something that would be positive in terms of income investors. Well, we will get higher rates.

We already have started as the bond market out curve is anticipated the Fed's move and will probably get more of that. The good news is down the line. Coupons will be higher so investors can get more income. But if there in those bonds already.

Prior to those higher income levels comes from capital depreciation. As rates go up in the bond prices go down, so be careful where you are on that income seeking pattern very good spot appreciate you stopping by, is always grateful for your insights and commentary folks can connect with you and to sign up for your weekly investment commentary had crossed more right. All the best. Think you are about appreciate you very much cross more is the place to go. Bob dollar Goodfriend chief investment officer across Mark. Global investments you can learn more about the funds he manage. When you visit the website again crossed more talk to Bob again next week, but said back to the phones, Margate, Florida Donovan, thank you for going out and helps her. Today I call your credit a day trader. I trade the currency in the index futures long been told that the believer and I shouldn't be gambling you get your take on yeah well couple thoughts and you won't find the Bible telling you not to invest in foreign currency exchanges anywhere. But we are told very clearly we should be good stewards of what God entrusted to us. So how do we how are we a good steward of it. I think for the average investor. That means we should take a long-term time horizon we should be properly diversified as King Solomon has instructed us we should be steady plotters which means were not trying to, you will get rich quicker seek incredibly yield generous returns in a very short period of time because of the risk associated with that and I think all that's just about being a prudent investor. I think there's no difference between the average investor seeking long-term returns and somebody who's a professional trader in somebody who has unique skills has been trained to be a traitor. Yeah I think that's a different category and I think you just need to be careful as to whether you know this is something you're doing is a professional on behalf of others or if it's something you're doing for yourself. And hey, are you getting emotionally involved in it, gave it your own money be do you have the skill set. You know to be able to do that and are you taking unnecessary risks, because when we recognize Donovan as we should, that God owns everything, and therefore were stewards or managers of God's money. We want to be prudent with that and I think there's a place for speculation.

Again, if it's backed up by real training. You know behind in terms of specifically for acts of foreign currency exchanges. You know these exchange rates are very volatile the currency markets are extremely difficult to predict others limited protection on the downsides, there's a good many scams and fraud involved in and for X. There could even be trading delays that affect the results.

So again I think it's not something you should go into without understanding fully what's involved the risk that you're potentially taking and making sure that you have the training, but if you checked all those boxes and you know you've got the time and attention to know how to do it. I think that's different than perhaps what I would advocate for the average investor to some extent over the last three or four years but I don't want to get your take on it and I to trade it effectively and manage risk.

Yeah. And I think that's the key is that you get if you feel like you put in the time and have the training and expertise to do it, then I think that's a different category than what we would be saying for somebody who's just seeking to be a wise steward of God's money with their passive investments as opposed to you doing this more full-time with the time and attention and expertise to do it. We appreciate your call today.

Thanks for checking in with us. Dave's in Huntley, Illinois day. Thanks for your closer. How can help you welcome.

I just received the check from America needed somewhere to get to it quickly and do some home renovations are to talk about the online discover a good one.

You know where I would go to determine that first of all, Dave. If you have the bank with FDIC insurance which discover certainly does discover bank that would be the first thing I'd be looking for but then beyond that I would be looking at how their rated nerd wallet funny name but a great website that rates and ranks among other things, the banks would be one place I would go. I happen to see they have a great rating right now and discover bank five stars, which is the highest you can get for for a bank in the pros.

There are no monthly fees, checking or savings accounts actually do cash back rewards on their checking accounts. They have a large ATM network. Only downside is they don't have a physical branch which probably is not a concern to you and that you can't make cash deposits but overall I think a very solid bank very highly rated and of course FDIC insured $200 bonus for signing up now. Well, that's even better I like it and I think this is a great plan to put it in a savings account day while you're waiting to pay this out on those renovations, so I would say I know red flag for me. We appreciate you checking with us to finish today in Venice Florida let me thank you for going. How can help you have a quick question really well on my many years just to savings account checking account where is there a safe place to invest when you have small amount of money but wanted to grow, what would you suggest yeah and when you say a safe place. Give me more on that. Are you okay investing it and realizing that with investments comes the potential to lose money even though you might be on the more conservative end of the investing spectrum.

I don't want to learn something.

Okay, yeah, and I think that's the challenge. Here Lenny is that you know right now. If you're investing even if you're on the more conservative and whether it's conservative stocks like dividend income producing stocks or even bonds, there is the potential to lose money.

So if you're saying listen I want to guarantee the floor on this, but I want to earn a little bit above that your only options at that point would be a savings account it would only earn about half a percent.

If you had money to invest in your willing to put some time into it. You could use I bonds the eyes standing for inflation bonds. You can put in up to 10,000 per year and if you add 5000 from a tax refund you could put in a total of 15,000 that right now.

I bonds are paying up little over 7%. Now you need to leave the money in for a year.

If you pull it out in less than five years, you give up about three months worth of interest, but that's backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. You can learn more about five bonds and treasury

Apart from that, you have to look at an annuity that would be guaranteed by an insurance company, so an annuity I bonds for savings account. I think place to go appreciate you call any question for us today moneywise. Life is a partnership between the radio and moneywise as well

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