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Stressing in the New Year

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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January 26, 2022 5:10 pm

Stressing in the New Year

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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January 26, 2022 5:10 pm

The latest COVID variant didn’t stop folks from busting their budget this past Christmas shopping season, and now the credit card bills are starting to roll in. On today's MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will talk about the stress many folks are experiencing because they overspent on their holiday purchases. Then he’ll answer your financial questions from a biblical perspective. 

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The latest variant didn't stop folks from overspending this past Christmas shopping season. Now it's time to pay the piper fibroblast credit card bills are starting to roll in making any wish they been more frugal with their holiday purchases give you the numbers talk about the stress their closet to your calls at 800-525-7000 24, seven, 800-525-7000. This is moneywise biblical wisdom for your financial decision.

Okay, so the folks at Lynn 2000 adults and found that 36% of them women during the Christmas shopping season. The average new debt taken on by those folks $1250. In addition, they found a record 40% of holiday shoppers used by now pay later financing on some of their purchases.

Many of them will pay off that debt before the interest free period expires, meaning they'll likely get hit with exorbitant interest charges the credit bureau Experian has found that more folks are taking out personal loans these days. And about 1/4 of them are doing it for debt consolidation. Now we talked about how dangerous that is because it often just leads to more debt another 10% said they took out personal loans to refinance an existing debt, probably to get a lower interest rate. Now all of this is an indication that folks are living beyond their means instead of paying down debt or saving for purchases there going deeper into debt and that will inevitably lead to more stress and since stress is a way of sneaking up on you.

Here are some debt related stressors to watch out for. First you have nothing or very little in your savings account. You can only afford minimum payments.

You pay your bills late toward you been denied credit, all of those things cause stress which can result in depression, anxiety, irritability, and even memory and concentration problems so stressing over debt can have serious consequences.

Now how do you know when the stress of carrying too much debt is beginning to have an impact what one of the signs, you may not think about his lost productivity either in your work or personal life. It doesn't matter if you're a doctor or a dietitian, a stay at home mom or a steelworker worrying about dad keeps you from getting things done. Are you having trouble concentrating are your thoughts always drifting back to money so your work suffers well, maybe you're not keeping up with household chores issues are piling up or the leaves are getting raked all of those are telltale signs of stress in your life and stressing over debt can cause some very specific behavioral changes. One is that you start avoiding people you screen calls because you're afraid of bill collectors.

You cringe a bit every time the phone rings.

Maybe you dread going to the mailbox because it will probably have late notices and it or if you haven't ruined your credit. Yet every day there is at least one offer in the mail from a lender offering to consolidate your debt. These are constant reminders that you have a problem. So the stress continues to build them. Like I said, it can be insidious sneaking up on you and changing your daily habits before you even realize it. No wonder Proverbs 22 seven says the borrower is a slave to the lender that really does put you in chains because dad takes away your freedom and options and that can manifest itself in any number of ways that you turn down a great job that may be paid a little less for fear you wouldn't be able to make your payments. Maybe you'd like to move to a different city, but can't because of debt. Finances have a huge impact on life's big decisions and debt limits your options.

Even though the Bible never calls data sin, it does warn us about it numerous times and today were really only talking about consumer debt that finances.

A lifestyle above your means. That's not a part of God's plan for you.

He wants you financially free. So you can serve him. We only want to borrow when there is the probability it will result in again such as borrowing to start a business or perhaps buying a home that in most cases will appreciate if you are experiencing debt related stress it's time to take action and you have two great options. First, you can contact one of our volunteer moneywise coaches for help setting up a budget and finding ways to trim spending. You can also contact our friends and Christian credit that's Christian credit they can get your interest rates lowered so you can pay off your debt up to 80% faster with a debt management plan. By the way, will put links to those that are show notes for today, let's make 2022. When you and the stress that are your calls next.

800-525-7000. This is moneywise live shows and moneywise live listeriosis is biblical wisdom for your financial decisions you find yourself with the significant amount of credit card debt really any debt that you are unable to pay off in full. We need to have a plan to get out from under that high interest is going to cripple your ability to have margin. Save for the future. Give generously and put money aside for retirement and short-term goals is really critical that you formulate a plan that's good to start with a spending plan. You've got to get to the place where you know what's coming in and going out and then once you have that spending plan established. You have a system to control that well. We love to help with the moneywise app you can connect your institutions download your transactions get them categorized by envelope in the palm of your hand. Know exactly where you stand it any point in the month and you and your spouse will both have access to that information, you can download the moneywise app wherever you download apps to search for moneywise biblical finance now again mentioned if you find yourself under the burden of credit card debt take advantage of the great resource. Our these are believers want to walk alongside you, help you get those interest rates down get that debt paid off 80% faster doesn't involve a new loan. It's going to work with your existing creditors and again with much less interest paid Christian credit is the place to go. Harley got some phone lines open, ready to take your calls and questions today. The numbers 800-525-7000 in just a moment will be talking to Ruth and Jim.

But first, Marie is in Margate, Florida not too far from where I grew up Maria, thank you for calling.

How can help you hire. I want to get it made me $20,000 that would be you know hundred thousand dollars that it is my you caught anthocyanin that's okay. No problem, thought about okay so for 3B is 40 and then you got 100 and another retirement account right yet. Also, I like the knowledge that my how my mortgage and I would like to pay about all 16,000 okay, go ahead. I felt like I would like someone that can guide what might very good but let's talk about briefly here than I'll give you a resource that you can take advantage of for some further planning.

Steve got hundred 40,000 then you've got 60,000 left on the mortgage. How long did you see Maria you plan to continue working all one moment, one more month okay were were right on the cusp of your retirement. How exciting and have you put together a budget so you know exactly what it's going to take when you retire to fund your monthly expenses. I felt something about it would be okay.

Will that come exclusively from Social Security okay and he is retired to were planning to the near future ability. Okay, very good. Alright. Sorry to hear that but I'm glad he you have that known income that you can count on. So I think the key is Maria you don't anticipate having to pull anything on a monthly basis from the hundred and 40,000. Is that right okay but you believe that you can live off of the 3000 a month you're getting from Social Security are least unless something unexpected comes okay and do you have any savings and liquid savings beyond the hundred and 40,000 retirement funds. The 10,000 okay. But here's the approach I would take. I love the fact that you got 10,000. That tells me you have three months living expenses. That's the minimum I would want you to have, especially in retirement and in fact love for you to get that up closer to six months expenses which reads I'd love for you have about 20,000 and liquid savings. The hundred and 40,000 is money that you're gonna want to keep invested and I would probably connect with the certified kingdom advisor there in Margate to roll this money to an IRA and to manage it for you. The good news is you shouldn't have to touch it if you did, it would be there to be able to help supplement your income from Social Security if you just took 4% a year that be about $5600 if you needed it for extra things you needed to do a repair on the house or if something came up that was unexpected that you were going to be able to cover from your 3000 a month and if it's managed with a small portion to stocks. Maybe a larger portion to fixed income type investments, bonds and other fixed income securities, you should be able to make up that 4% still on a very conservative investment strategy where you can pull that roughly $5600. You know, or there about a year for these unexpected expenses that might come up and that's going to give you a little cushion beyond the emergency fund that I talked about the key will be to really try to control your spending. Along the way to try to live within Social Security so that this hundred 40,000 can keep growing and I wanted to be there so that if you will needed for long-term care you need in home care needed assisted living something along the way you this would be the money you would probably want to look to in addition to the Social Security to be able to fund some of that so it sounds like you're in a pretty good spot. I think you know getting that counsel from a certified kingdom advisor and having somebody take over management of this money which it's a lot of money so you want to manage it well not to aggressive but you still wanted to have a return, because if you don't and it just sits in money market or something like that.

You're losing purchasing power, especially with inflation elevated like it is today is that all make sense. Maria okay so you don't have the mortgage payment built into the 3000 a month expenses. Oh no, that would be over and above that is a right yet from my account going so very good I like the only thing I would consider on that Maria is, you certainly could do that. One option would be to whether you want to spread it out over two tax years which should mean you pay half of it off this year.

Half of it off next year and you could even cover the payments out of the retirement account until you get to next year you have to pay off half this year. That's going to spread that 60,000 which will become taxable to you when you take it out of the retirement account is gonna spread that over two years. So I would just talk to your CPA or accountant about that to see if it's better to spread it out over two years as opposed to taking it all out in one year. They can help guide you on that if you just have a conviction, though Maria that Melissa and I just want to be debt free ASAP. Then you go for, but if you wanted your take a look at this to see if it might make sense for you to spread it over to tax years. It would at least be worth a look. Otherwise, I think you're right on track and we certainly appreciate your call. May the Lord bless you in this exciting new season hundred 525-7000. We got lines open back.

This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decisions. This is the programmer. Each day we mine. God's word and uncover principles we can apply to the financial decisions and choices were making each day. If you're part of the moneywise community. We'd love for you to be active on our website and participating in our community forum. In fact, there is literally more than a thousand questions that have been posted in a short period of time with folks interacting with one another asking question sharing ideas and not only is the money was community responding to those but are moneywise coaches are in there as well.

If you'd like to participate in the moneywise community just had your website create a free account and then you can post away. In fact, great question just came in from Joshua and he says what types of account should I use for saving specifically for a house or my next car. I'm only 22 but I want to start saving for these things you use an investment account high-yield savings or something else in Joshua. This is a great question. I love that you're thinking about systematically saving for those major purchases and it's really all about the time horizon. Given that, I suspect you want to buy these both the house and the car in the next couple of years certainly less than five.

I would say you really want to be thinking about just using a high-yield savings account. I get a little bit interest as interest rates move up and even today the Fed is saying that they are moving rates higher will see the first rate increase coming, probably in March.

As rates move up the interest rates on these high yield savings will move from the place where they are now in about half a percent up to something higher will probably pass one here percent before the end of the year. But here's the key it's FDIC insured so it's protected you're really not looking at the return of the on the money you're looking at the return of the money because you want to make sure that it's there, not at the risk of any investments when you need it. And so I would use a high-yield savings account. I like Marcus capital one 360 Ally Bank any of those will give you free accounts with a high-yield interest rate and they have great customer service.

I would link that savings account to your checking and then you can set up an automatic transfer every month when you needed will just transfer it back but I think that's the place for those short-term savings in the great thing about these free accounts with the online banks is that you can have multiple savings account. So if you want to have one for each savings goal you can certainly do that. It keeps it nice and need for you to keep track of Joshua we appreciate you posting and the money was community.

If you'd like to join Joshua to sever our website again create a free account and then will look for you in the community. Charlie got slides open today taking your calls and questions 800 525 is a number to call.

Let's head to Chicago, Illinois hi Ruth, can help you today call 18. The full amount within 60 days. I would hate to borrow the money at all.

I paid back everything but 13,000. Knowing that capital gains tax would be much, much smaller and that little amount why an email from Fidelity today saying that the full amount is now taxable. 260,000. The amount I paid back so I'm concerned that now all the sudden, because I bought in November and paid back in January that the full amount is taxable now in November for 2021.

Even though I paid back 95% of that. If your time with communicating with the IRS that in fact I will be people in the small amount that the full amount. So Ruth did you say that you paid it back you said was it within the 60 day window but it was just this month, so this was pretty recent bought in November and Qubec in January and kept up with in the last 10 days.

Yes, it was probably going on is that Fidelity generated the 1099. Based on that full withdrawal and it's not capital gains you pay on it.

It would be taxable as income to you and then when you paid it back. It just missed the window where that 1099 was generated prior to them either seeing or receiving those funds.

So even though you were within the 60 day window the document. The 1099 that was sent to you and a copy was also sent to the IRS was probably generated before they at least processed this amount that you put back in to the 401(k) because your advisors exactly right. You have 60 days to return that money in it not be taxable to you so other thing to do is just a contact Fidelity and ask for an amended 1099 showing that the 247,000 was paid back into the 401(k) inside the 60 day window when they send out amended 1099 you one will also be transmitted to the IRS and then when you file your tax return. You use that amended 1099 showing that much lower amount that will then justify why that's the portion you're paying taxes on so this should be fairly easy to resolve. But it really needs to be done with fidelity because they're the one that needs to issue that the amended 1099 if you normally do your taxes Ruth.

This might be the year that you go and get a pro CPA or accountant to do this for you just to make sure that you know if there are any questions from the IRS and they challenge this which they shouldn't because amended 1099s are issued all the time that they can help you navigate that. But the bottom line is, this should be fairly simple to resolve. I would just contact Fidelity if you haven't already. Okay make a difference.

It really doesn't know. It's just that you caught that window were there issuing the 1099s but the bottom line is you return that money in the window of time that was allotted so they're going to have to issue that amended return. It was done at a different point in the year and was also in the 60 day window.

By the time the 1099 is issued.

It's all reconciled in their accounting system and their computers. It just so happen.

You probably caught the midstream, you know, as we crossed over to the new year and then they were processing all these documents so shouldn't be any problem whatsoever, but I would jump on that quickly. Okay sorry Ruth Thanks for calling today 800 525 7000s a number to call. That's 800-525-7000.

We got several lines open. We'd love to hear from you with whatever's on your mind today you want to deal with savings are giving. Perhaps it's your lifestyle or maybe it's that credit score. Maybe it's your generosity know how you give is so often determined by how you order your finances. I'd love for you to be in a position where you're free to respond to the leading of the Lord. Let me go to get our financial house is in order. Well, we can help you do that here moneywise. Life goes 800-525-7000 were to pause for a brief break and come back much more just around the corner still with us. Think things are sitting in the moneywise live on the west coast so glad you're alone with us today as we take your calls and questions on anything financial knows we apply God's word to our financial life. It can be quite simple. If we live within our means and avoid the use of bed and have some margin sets long-term goals and give generously. We put ourselves in a position to experience God's best. It's not always easy to do that. Don't get me wrong, it can be very difficult. We can go through very challenging seasons and that's often why we need to be in that position because when we have more than we need, we can share with those in need. And that's just how the body of Christ works that's God's plan and design, but let's together try to apply these principles to our financial lives so we can experience what God intended for us and use his resources as a tool to accomplish his purposes. All the wonderful will have right back to the phone. Sarah's in Tennessee, Sarah, how can help you today that made the only thing that I can figure out is not a help make them but I'll give you some general highlights of what's going on okay start with something to start with and 72 and I've been retired for quite them down that the guy because I have a disabled bandit. I'm taking care of Cocom and that my husband died six years, seven years ago. If you think and right now I've gotten credit card debt that $35,000 to pay it all off in full, but also have an equity loan that I owe $75,000 on I have an annuity that hundred and 70,000 and it is been with this company long enough that I should not have much of a penalty if not surrendered it in the hundred and 70 that what I got admonished to plan out the credit card that keep in the equity loan and justify that payment and my utility. It getting real hard for me to try to take the payment on the credit card and the equity and I'm behind on my already about to come out and aliquoted. Not that 30 years to do that first, but somehow got off track.

I don't know if the helper may, but did well there absolutely is hope Sarah and I'm delighted you called today and I understand you want to the Lord with what he's entrusted to you, and you got more bills than you have money to cover everything and so let's get you on a track we can get this cleaned up and live within the provision that you have than to get you back where you're giving regularly and I think you'll feel a whole lot better when you do that. Talk to me for second just about this credit card did you know did it come over long period of time.

Was it one of events and have you been adding to it over. And yet the cart up until about a year ago okay and it may not want know to do that, not security is $1960 amount that you like, take the entrance out of it and to take care of my son, which is not a benefit to me, but he lived with me and you get a little bit more than that.

2000 and something not been used in both the payday credit card in my utility and I have taken that money out of the annuity. I seven years but I just don't know what to do. I have no idea what today whether to try to pay the debt off in full little notebook. Our weather to the Ashley play and thinking in my mind keep the equity that you may have something totally different to get to know.

I think that's right.

I mean, I think the key would be. I want to make sure that you really have demonstrated to yourself that you can live within that provision that's there.

I realize even the minimums on the 35,000 is lots of that comes off the table that gives you a lot of breathing room.

But I want to be sure that when that happens is that the that's the direction you go that you got a plan so that that credit card debt doesn't come back into the picture slowly over time you call me a year from 96 by wiped out the 35,000 now it's 10 notes back and it's it's climbing side. I think we just need to make sure that your discipline that you got a plan to live within that provision that keep that home equity loan paid and you really budget the rest of the resources that you have for you and your son. You are certainly wiping out that credit card debt is one approach I probably would not. You wipe out the home equity loan. I try to build that into your plan because you'd be no robbing your future earning potential by paying off the whole thing and I'd love for you to do that on the current cash flow and just let this this annuity product continue to work for you. So I would want to understand the tax implications of that zero want to check with a tax professional.

Just understand if you pull that 35,000 out what that means for you so you can plan for that and have that money set aside, but apart from that, if you have been for the last year living without adding to that credit card debt that tells me that you're ready for this we going wipe it out your certainly not making that much in the annuity deal with the high interest you're likely paying on the credit card so I probably go ahead and do the plan you described eliminate that credit card that and then you move forward from here living within the Social Security you have in the disability and you're just paying the other home equity loan as scheduled, or a little bit more than is scheduled each month at your current cash flow to some extent. I want to make sure that your great yellow flat.

I down and I think you'll feel a whole lot better.

Once you do it because you'll know that you know you freed up that money are no longer throw this money after this high interest credit card debt and hopefully that'll give you the incentive to move forward and pursue some of the things that are really important to you like you first you're giving and then even some your rebuilding your emergency fund after that.

So is there all the best to you the days ahead. Be encouraged to think you're on the right track and that we appreciate your call to Cindy's in Florida hi Cindy, how can help you have financial and basically manage it finances that we have account and carrying that document and financial pack to let you know what you recommend for Rick we thought you might recommend for now. Really need to educate myself more on the financial manager that I feel that I'm pretty much on other people for what and I like more knowledgeable it is the labor and can handle that doubt and meet other like you. Yes I love that question Cindy and I would agree with you as you manage God's money, along with your husband you will set joint goals based on your values and priorities. You need to be making decisions together. I think it does make sense for there to be one bookkeeper, the person who's more prone to the details maybe has more of the familiarity of a comfort level with financial matters, but you both need to be on the same page in terms of where the accounts are who these professionals are if something were to happen to him.

You need to be able to step in and take over and not be wondering, where things are from an investment standpoint I want to send you a book called though the sound mind investing handbook based on biblical principles written in plain English it will get you on the right track to understanding what investing is all about paying on the wind will get your information will get it right out to much more to come on moneywise so that along with us today moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decisions. Well was a wild day on the market in the market again today a lot of volatility. We got a 500 point game going at one point in the day, only to give it all back and close down primarily because of the Fed chairman's comments. We expected the hike in interest rates. But you know in those press conferences following the Fed meetings they hang on his every word. So when he said, quote there's quite a bit of room to raise interest rates without threatening the labor market that signals well, perhaps he's thinking several rate hikes and will probably see it sooner rather than later that sent the market giving back all of the gains we have in losing some ground today, but the bottom line is if were invested with the right strategy, meaning we have a long time horizon were in the right investments appropriate for age goals and objectives were not trying to pick the winners and losers were broadly diversified. Then we really don't care what happens day-to-day Reaven quarter to quarter because when we're looking long term, and really steady plotters as the Bible talks about what we put ourselves in a position to experience the growth that comes from being a prudent investor and there's really been no better place to build wealth, then a properly diversified stock and bond portfolio.

So don't get caught up in the headlines.

I just make sure that you have a good plan if you need somebody to help you with that. While perhaps a certified kingdom advisor is an order, you could find a CK in your area when you visit R let's head back to the foes today try to get through as many calls as we can between now and the end of the program lens in Auburndale, Florida Lynn how can help you get I get so I never get on that money that I repeat how I want it now on out in Florida that I'm in a contract amount occurring money. You can menu how are you going to crawl your story. I know you got it from a rental property on their arm like. I yes so this is a rental property and you're using the money for a similar property.

When you buy something in Florida that's not can become your primary residence is a right now Florida one my primary okay so then you're not going to be able to avoid the capital gains. Unfortunately, know the way you avoid capital gains on a rental property or an investment property that's not your home is through a 1031 exchange.

1031 exchange is simply where you use the proceeds from the sale to buy another like kind property. In this case it would be investment property to investment property so you would then have to identify that new investment property in 45 days and then you have to close within 180 days in that would essentially kick the can down the road on the capital gains because you wouldn't pay it. You just roll everything into the new investment property and then someday when you sell that investment property, you pay the capital gains at that point, but you're taking an investment property you're taking the proceeds near to buy a home for your own personal use, which is not a similar property so you're going to pay the capital gains on that the property sale probably at 15%, depending on your income and then when you report that into your new property. If you live thereto out of the next five years. Then if you were to sell that one you would be able to take up to 250,000 in gains as a single person that have no capital gains, but that only applies when it's your primary residence, which was not the case for this property or selling currently exempt make sense to you on that on how our family home when my parent yogurt. Arielle correct yes because if you didn't live in. So when you when it was left to you. There's a stepped-up basis, which means that the when you inherited the new cost basis for that home is not when your parents bought it. But when you inherited and then from that point, it continues to appreciate until the point in which you sell it and when you sell it, then you establish how much gain you have based on the selling price versus the cost basis of the date of death that gain is what's going to be paid what you will owe capital gains on and there some other things that factor into that.

So that will need to be paid, and I think this is a great time when if you are planning to already for you to employ a tax professional to handle your tax return to make sure that you calculate appropriately the capital gain that is due and not a dollar more than what's due but you want to certainly get that right and I think a professional can help you make sure you do that okay okay perfect thank you all right you as well and take care, Johnny is just south of Lennon, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Johnny, how can help you. Great. I like what my job doesn't offer a 401(k) where should I be investing yeah so if you don't have a retirement plan at work. There's a couple of options been the simplest is to open an IRA so I would probably say your Roth IRA would be my preferred approach, especially if you're younger you got time on your side, you would put in after-tax contributions. You let that money grow you'd want to do that systematically, as in every month and if you're under age 50. You could do 6000 a year or $500 a month.

I get that started. Now the challenge with that is a lot of times you kinda bump into a ceiling where you say listen Obama to put away 10 to 15% of my take-home pay. I want to be able to put away more than 6000 a year and that's where you'd say okay what other options do I have at that point you'd want to look at either an individual 401(k) or a simple IRA, or if you're self-employed, perhaps even a separate IRA. Are you a W-2 employee, Johnny okay and how much do you think you have the ability to put away each month and retirement about 500 okay so then I'd start there may not be great if you did nothing more than fully fund your Roth IRA dollar cost averaging in every month you'd be well on your way to having what you need down the road and I suspect at some point you will have access to a retirement plan work. If you don't and you find that you ready to put in more than that's where you can explore some of these other options, but I think the the raw for now will do the trick. Probably look at better mentor Schwab intelligent portfolios or the Vanguard advisor. Any of those Robo advisors would be a great solution very low cost, and help you get started with index fund you to capture the broad moves in the market not try to pick the winners and losers, and I think that would be a great track for you. We appreciate your call today. All the best user. Colleen is also in South Florida. Colleen how can help you might call her a quick question. I don't know if you can have an accountant.

We we filed our taxes late for 2020, which is normal and they received in September middle September can I get it certified mail and it's been four months and it's waiting on its refinement over $4000 and we get it. Just keep saying it's being processed in my account yet because nightmare had a money door you get it with interest might land. Yeah, it's not because they're out of money but they are incredibly behind in processing the 2020 tax returns and now they're having to start the process. 2021. You can blame it on the pandemic and the fact that so many tax filers didn't list stimulants payments correctly so these returns are getting kicked out for hands-on attention, not to mention that their way down just in the number of workers that they have processing these returns. You put all that together and you know, given what we've been over through the last couple years is just really put a strain on the IRS so they are just really behind. So unfortunately you just can have to wait this one out.

There is not a quick fix to it. You're probably aware, you go to but you probably have already been doing that and it's going to say the same thing you said to me, which was is just still being processed and that's not for any other reason other than that it's just really going slow. Given all the things I just mentioned, but you'll get it eventually. So you just hang on in and you'll see it before too long. We appreciate your call. Let's finish today in Cleveland.

Kathy has a tax question as well. Kathy just about a minute left up to help you work normal job to get a 1099 for about $2500 and I cast in my life insurance policy and I paid 10%, but I normally file online myself.

You think it's a good idea to do it. Just myself. You think I do a good enough job at the vector for or should I use a professional you know you can do it online and they can account these online solutions or you know the text, a web based tax software can account for the things you mentioned insurance policy withdrawal and a 10 $99-$2500 but given that it's not just a normal year for you. It's a little bit out of the ordinary and given that there might be some expenses you can put against the 1099 income that perhaps you didn't know about. I think this is probably a good year to get somebody to repair for you, doesn't have to be expensive but having a human being that you can sit across the table from the nose.

The tax law they can ask you some questions and make sure you doing this properly I think is going to be worth the cost of you hiring somebody to do that so I would say this year Kathy, if it were me, I'd probably get some professional help.

If you just really committed to doing it online and there's nothing you've described it could be handled by an online solution. So ultimately you need to make that call. We appreciate you tuning in today and thanks for weighing in on the program well ask you to do it for us moneywise.

Live is a partnership between you and moneywise media thank you to Hans Stephanie, Jim, thank you for being here as well. Hope you come back and join us tomorrow will see

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