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Misusing the Bible

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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January 24, 2022 5:14 pm

Misusing the Bible

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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January 24, 2022 5:14 pm

Is simply reading the Bible enough, or do we need to learn how to read and study it well? On today's MoneyWise Live, Rob West will talk about how we can avoid misusing scripture by learning a couple of common errors people make when reading the Bible. Then he’ll answer your calls and questions on various financial topics. 

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Second 316, reads all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for correction, and for training in righteousness, and I am Rob West that verse is comfort to all who want to live the Christian life. But it's also a reminder that we ought not misuse. Scripture will talk about that verse today that it's all your calls at 800-525-7000, number 24 seven.

800-525-7000. This is moneywise live financials are.

Let me start by giving Michael Blewett the Ron blue Institute for his series of articles on ways the Bible is misuse will put links to them in today's notes of the first error folks often make when interpreting the Bible is something called proof texting. Simply put, proof texting is using a verse or passage out of context. Unfortunately, this is often done in the area of personal finance proof texting makes the Bible appear as a collection of handy statements to justify whatever behavior is desired and it's often at odds with what the Bible actually teaches a case in point is Jesus statement in Luke 1428 for which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it.

Contrary to popular belief, this verse has nothing to do with saving or planning.

If you read the entire passage you see that Jesus is actually warning his followers to think carefully about the extraordinarily high cost of following him. We must be prepared to lose everything to be his disciples. Even our families. He says whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple, taken in context, it's clear that Jesus isn't talking about financial planning. He's warning that will face tribulation as his followers, and that we must be prepared to lose everything. Another example of this is his interaction with the rich young ruler in Mark 10 that man hadn't counted the cost before deciding to follow Christ and could not give up his wealth. Okay, let's turn to Proverbs, which you know is commonly cited for financial wisdom and we often use it ourselves here on the program. There's nothing wrong with that Proverbs is filled with wise advice about money and possessions, but to use them properly. We understand what the author King Solomon is actually saying to his original audience with due diligence, we can avoid misinterpreting what a verse is actually saying. Here's an example of how we can miss the deeper meaning of a particular verse. Let's look at Proverbs 1322 which reads a good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, but the sinners wealth is laid up for the righteous easy right we should acquire wealth to leave to our heirs or we should have life insurance to provide for our families. If something happens to us. Those are noble things and we should pursue them, but is there a deeper meaning to find out we should ask what exactly does inheritance mean what exactly is a good man does, leaving an inheritance make you good or do you leave an inheritance because you already are good and finally does not leaving an inheritance make you a bad person.

Here again we have to take the verse in context. What is Scripture saying immediately before and after well a deeper reading of Proverbs 13 shows that the author defines the good man as righteous. What kind of inheritance, then does the righteous man leave and who was Solomon writing to at the time.

Ancient Israel was an agrarian society with more than its share of poor farmers if they couldn't leave a financial inheritance to their children's children. Were they bad people, not at all if you understand that an inheritance can mean much more than money. It's something of value that we leave to our offspring and there's nothing more valuable than wisdom. That means that even the poorest farmer or lowliest servant could leave something of great value to his heirs he could teach his household how to worship him honor and obey God. Their true provider. And certainly, there can be a financial interpretation of this verse as well but it doesn't have to be limited to that of poor but righteous farmer could be diligent about the practice of farming, working hard and not falling into debt so that his heirs could hold on to the family land. But even there we see the real inheritance is wisdom. The righteous man set an example of diligence and hard work. And that's wisdom.

We should still pass on to our heirs.

3000 years later. Well I hope this helps you study the Bible, taking every verse in context and by the way these articles are in today's your calls or next. 800-525-7000.

Be right back to the moneywise live. This is so much along with us today were taking your goals and questions on anything financial 800 525 7000s an article 800-525-7000 would love to hear from you with with whatever is on your mind, financially speaking, as we said in the opener today will apply God's word to your financial situation will try to do that in context and not proof texting, but do it in a way were we can understand the heart of God through the collection of passages throughout Scripture old and new Testaments of the we can use money as a tool to accomplish his purposes and ultimately be able to give generously. Again, the number 800-525-7000. A little later in the broadcast will be hearing from her good friend Bob Dall whose chief investment officer of crossbar global investments. He joins us each Monday with his market commentary and today is a great day for Bob to join us if you didn't see what was going on in the stock market earlier today.

Well, it was a quite a ride there calling it the big reversal. Here's why. At one point the Dow Jones was down 1100 points.

The NASDAQ was off more than a well nearly 5%.

Guess what all of the major indexes ended up positive on the day. Hence the great reversal will talk about that and what led to that incredible selloff and the massive rise that came when buyers stepped in to say well enough is enough. So interesting down the markets to say the least will be able to talk about that a little later in the broadcast. Bartlett said to the phones today. Whatever your question is, we'd love to hear from you and I got a line for you at the moment. 800-525-7000 were to begin in Boynton Beach TJ thank you for calling. How can I help you regarding a capital gain and my house on the market and again about what I have to pay a again. Yes, couple questions so you said about 500 to 600,000. Is that what you're anticipating is the selling price, or you believe that's actually going to be the gain again okay and how long have you lived in this property we four years. Okay so you would qualify for the gain exclusion for a single person up to $250,000 so that first, 250 would be exempt when you're married, you get a full 500,000.

So if you gain the selling price minus your original purchase price minus any improvements that you put into the home that stayed with it to them and approve the increase the value minus any transaction cost to sell it. You know roughly is your true gain and if you live thereto out of the last five years you get that quarter million dollars worth of exemption. Now what about the rest over and above that, well, you're looking at usually 15% for assets held more than a year and that's going to have to do with your tax your taxable income and filing status so it typically would be 15 or 20% could even be zero. It just depends on how much income you have in those brackets last year were up to $80,000 skews me up to 40,000 as a single person in income, it would be at zero 42 roughly 440,000 which is where most people fall you'd be looking at 15%.

So that's why you know that applies to most folks.

Does that make sense TJ, you know really okay very good. We appreciate your call today, very, very much. 800 525 7000s a number to call you knows we think about real estate, especially in Florida. We know that will first of all, the housing market is red-hot all across the country, but certain pockets of the country are experiencing more of a rise than others. Florida would be in that category along with your certain other places like Nashville, Tennessee, Austin, Texas in a few places like that, you know, if you're in one of those spots you seen incredible rise. The question is always well what we do without you. A lot of folks are saying should we sell and take the money and you know, pull it out of this home. The question then, though, is if it's your primary residence where you get to go and you remember you're going to get top dollar coming out, but you're also going to pay top dollar going back again so I think the key would just be make sure you have a plan that says you know if perhaps you're going to take some money off the table or you get a downside so you get a bio fixer-upper you can move to another part of the country. But here's the key. I don't think even if you were to pull that money out and rent hoping that you're gonna buy a lot cheaper later. I will think were likely to see precipitous fall in the housing market. You know the rise that we've seen has been significant but it's not been because there's your bubble situation. It's real supply and demand issues where there are too few homes on the market given the demand that exist today, nationally, and while this is basic economics.

When you've got to more smart buyers and sellers that something is going to increase in price and that's what we've been experiencing as a result of the pandemic. A lot of people moving out of high density areas and apartments to the suburbs where they have a little more space working from home. The millennial's that are now having kids mean you even some of the supply constraints with regard to building that has resulted in some of the rises that we've seen, and as a result. Rental prices are actually very very high as well right now. So, given all of that, I think you just have to think wisely about this and if you're entering the housing market. For the first time you're a young family just getting started.

The tenancy in a market like this is to stretch your budget by too much house that you really can't afford. Don't get caught up in that trap. That's gonna put you in a real difficult spot when patient save you positively break to more of your calls 800-525-7000 is moneywise back to moneywise live wisdom for your foot. The cold let's head right there. St. Louis, Missouri Laura, thank you for going to be how can I help my call.

I was calling because I have been thinking my current mortgage rate is 4.37 and have been looking to refinance for like they are coming in like 2.75 for a 15 year to pay off my XP $2000 left to pay on my home. It's probably worth 350,000 and I was wondering is it prudent for me to refinance to lower my financial rate to be able to pay it off thicker or to just continue paying more towards the loan. We currently have right now.

More on principle you requested. What is your current interest rate at 4.37 okay and what were you quoted that 2.75 what is the term on that one would be 15 years.

We don't hate waiting at errantly let you know continue to pay more on it but you peers do you have left. Currently, hiking 18 or 19 on our loan. That was a 30 on a right-wing that okay so but you're down to 62, which means obviously you've been paying more along the way. Yet we have okay yet.

I think that's the key. Yeah, I like this plan. I think the most important thing is first of all, you plan to stay in the home. Based on everything you know today. Number two that you are going to continue to accelerated.

I like the fact that your reducing the existing remaining term the old from 18 or 19 down to 15, but obviously you've been accelerating it you plan to continue to do that and you're going to save in a well overall point that you know my rule of thumb is typically a love for you to save a point and 1/4. Your to do even better itself and if you can keep that down in two or 3% at the most know I would feel really good about that because essentially what that's going to do for you and with a $62,000 loan. You know that somewhere around two grand and then the question would, and you can have them run this amortization schedule is to say feel if you do nothing more than just to continue to send the same amount you're sending right now.

What are you gonna pay and total interest between now and the payoff and that's obvious.

Again be less than 15 years because your accelerating it and then compare that to an a fresh amortization schedule on your current loan showing the total amount of interest. You're going to pay if you continue on the same track at the 4.37 rate you'll see how much total interest you'll save in the question will just be how long will it take you with that monthly interest savings to offset that no roughly $2000 as the expenses and then from that point forward your gun in the money, so to speak. Does that make sense.quoted at about $3500 to close below that that account you much.

It's hi yeah because of your you're talking on 62,000 unity.

Talk about 5 1/2% and you know I like to keep it around two or three. Now it's normally to be on the higher rent just because you have a smaller loan balance but having to pay 5 1/2% in fees tells me either. Their expenses are high or they're getting you to buy down the rate you're essentially prepaying some of the interest upfront to get the rate that you are which really shouldn't have to do if you have a really good credit score and you got tons of equity in your looking for a 15 year mortgage which should still be very low so I would get at least three bids Laura I get to from online lenders using bank to find out who has the best rates and loan programs today and see if you can get the same rate with less closing costs.

Again, your target being around 3%.

You know, for at the most with the smaller loan, but certainly not up at five, 5 1/2 okay okay all right thank you very much okay.

We appreciate your call today to 800 525 7000s number to call but you know one quick thing as relates to mortgages that I was reading up on this weekend for my spare time I do read some financial articles are enough for for but here is the question. It was the wisdom of getting the 30 year mortgage versus the 15 even if you plan to pay it like a 15 and the argument for that is typically well if I get the 30 year mortgage. I have the melody even though I'm planning to send more every month.

If I lose my job or I have a euro reduction in income Raven unexpected expenses. I can always drop down to that lower monthly 30 year amortization amortize payment rather than the 15th so that gives me flexibility and that's true. The question is how much are you paying for that flexibility. Because remember, it's gonna be at a higher interest rate it with a $350,000 mortgage at 3 1/2%. You could probably get about 2.62.75 for 15 years. So the question is what is the cost of that cash flow flexibility and I think we often miss that in this example, I was looking at it costs about in about $150 a month in added cost for the flexibility of having the ability to drop down to that lower monthly payments, I think you just have to look at that and say should I just go with the 15 year mortgage or is it important enough for me to have the ability to pay that lower amount. If I needed to pay the added cost and the you know there's a way you can calculate what that is actually costing you so I would check that out if I lost you I apologize but it's at least something to look that I would got four lines open 800-525-7000 lawyers in St. Louis, Laura, how can I also give me. I think we just talk to Laura Seliger headed to Miami. Linda, thank you for your patience. How can help you logging shopping. Good way to know and you have wondering what would be a good look at the shop floor and out a questionnaire like the thing? Land O Lakes reindeer glow when Mike and Linda Hahn put like a little maddening if you had time it will in mortgage lending. Okay, very good. So essentially, with the rates right now mint with this credit score above 740 unit rates are still in the low threes so you should be able to find something around 3.25 or less your bank rates, even showing some lenders. It down around three or 3.01, so I'd be looking in the low threes with the with the excellent credit score that you have of 771 in terms of what is a second mortgage.

Essentially, it's a subordinate mortgage Bureau. So while you still have an original mortgage in place yet this one is essentially a second in line to be repaid. If something were to happen, you were to default on the loan and because of that the interest rate is typically higher so be. I think as you look at the possibility of a second mortgage. Just recognize, you know, it's obviously collateralized by your home and you know I would try not to take on an additional mortgage, you don't have to. Although for folks that have plenty of equity looking to do home improvements, not cash out but improve the value of their home. Things like that can be a real benefit to get a low interest rate and hopefully pay that off in a much shorter period of time than your full first mortgage. I would look though for most folks in a home equity loan, not a line of credit because you can get a fixed rate, especially in this environment, with rates having higher. I don't like that. We appreciate your call Linda, thanks very much to get supplies over would love to hear from you. Just on the other side of this break. Here's the number 800-525-7000.

This is moneywise like biblical wisdom, your financial decision just on the other side of thanks for joining us today moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decision from last few lines open. Would love to hear from you. 800-525-7000.

Let's head right back to the phones.

Catherine is in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, W NBI Catherine Goretti Queen.

I know and going and he prints one projection that I found it going at and I'm wondering if you agree with that. I will continue going at and see if I when I get to the point. I'm liking it may be current, the one anything you need now protect yeah okay it's a great question. And as we think about the precious metals as an investing category their store of value. So when things are really tumultuous and would got to economic uncertainty or falling dollar into a place of safe haven where a lot of folks will go during difficult periods. It's obviously tangible in the sense that you if you take physical possession versus you know there is a way to own the metal through what's called a tracking index which basically just follows the price of the underlying precious metal but you don't actually take possession. The challenge I have with it is that just historically it has not done over the long haul as well. From a performance standpoint and it's done well it's had more volatility than just a properly diversified stock and bond portfolios it's appropriate for your age and risk tolerance.

So I think from that standpoint, I don't like trying to time the market so to speak. In this case trying to jump in believing that were going to get a short-term rise in any investment, whether it's precious metals or oil and gas or stocks and bonds. I just don't think that's the most prudent way to approach it because for as many people as you'll find thinking silver is a great buy right now.

You'll find just as many saying it's not.

And so I think what's more effective. What has been proven to be of a more prudent approach of the long term is to say, to take a diversified approach. If you want have an allocation of precious metals, I'd say nope, for most folks, having an allocation to gold is a good idea, but I would say that more than 5%. So being highly concentrated in a precious metal hoping for short-term rise. I just don't think is the best investment strategy. I think longer term inaccuracy is good of the result from that, both in terms of volatility and ultimate performance in terms of the taxes and in the way the iris handles that is gold and other precious metals or collectibles which are taxed at a 28% long-term capital gains rate which is no little higher than what folks are typically paying with long-term capital gains of 15 or 20%. So you you will likely pay a bit more in taxes. If you have a profit but the other issue. Laura is just security got have the safe and you have a plan to store it securely and then there's the markups on both buying and selling. If you're taking physical possession with the dealer involved is actually facilitating the purchase on on either side buying and selling. It does not help you, though we were looking at investing anyway as a beginning were actually buying from my grandfather been collecting claims for a long time Kelly wouldn't have a dealer to worry about. Think about thinking yeah you're very welcome and I think I mean.

Again, there may be more intrinsic value here than just the underlying asset as you said, it's a smaller amounts.

It's not like you to be highly concentrated and when you get into coins.

You got a look at the other. This whole area of the numismatic value and ultimately if you want to just collect and hold onto it because it has sentimental value or whether it's something you're looking to see an appreciation on and then you want to sell it and that's ultimately going to come down to the underlying metal rising in value, and then you'll want to liquidate that at the appropriate time and you'll need to have somebody who can appropriately value that for you and facilitate that transaction down the road so it is a small amount.

It's a other some family history there.

I would say not a bad idea but for your serious money if you will.

Your longer-term investments.

I would not be looking at metals for that. We appreciate your call today 800 525 7000s another call. Let's head to Cleveland, Ohio, Grayson, thank you for your patience a lot about information from your regulation on a Lubbock program. Thank you. My question is I work for a private contractor like Florida and I got a think of the W9 form for talk and what happened there. They don't take the money out for federal or state and the amount that I made for the entire year was like $28. What I'm trying to start. Find out how much am I going to all, since they don't work hold of the federal and state yes well you're gonna want to make estimated payments. If you're an independent contractor, a 1099, which would mean you'd have the self-employment tax of 15.3% on top of get what you would be paying in your normal bracket and that's can have to do with whether or not you take the standard deduction or not.

So I think I given that it sounds like this is a newer situation. The truth you've got here Grayson I would do take advantage of having someone prepare your taxes for you and then help you determine how much you need to make in terms of an estimated payment to the IRS every quarter based on the amount you earn in that quarter, and they can help you determine what that amount is to cover both the self-employment tax as well as your normal income tax you don't want to wait until the end of the year. If nothing is being paid then because your after. Certainly after the first year. Your typically going to be you looking at having to pay some penalties or interest. If you don't pay them along the way I think might best estimate but again I would get professional counsel on this living in Ohio would be around 21% in taxes of 6% for federal zero for the state income.

But then the 15.3 for Social Security and Medicare just based on the amount that 28,000 that you said you made so I think that would probably be a good starting point that 21% on anything you made but again that's never a replacement for getting it from somebody who's the actual tax preparer can look at your situation and help you determine what exactly needs to be paid in, and you'll have that information going forward. You know knowing what you need to be setting aside so on your amount that be about $6000 total Grayson.

We appreciate your call today. All the best to use her well 800 525's number to call her to pause for a brief break here in just a moment.

But before we do grab a quick email. Here I would try to get as many emails as we can. Along the way and this one comes from Roxanne. She says I want to go on a budget that I think I need a push in some encouragement to have a smart phone of listen to long time. Where do I start in Roxanne. I love this question because we all need to be on the spending plan, the starting place is to figure out what are you spending right now and you need to capture everything.

The fixed expenses for discretionary expenses. As things get a bill for, and the things you don't, but also those things don't happen every month. Then your budget based on what your income is and see if it balances because you may find you need to make some changes and cut that you can do that through the physical envelope system, or you can use the moneywise app which is our digital envelope system will find app store to search for moneywise.

Roxanne you can do it. I believe in you right back to the moneywise live take your calls and questions 100 525-7000 four go back to the phone since Monday so glad it is because with what happened in the market today. I'm delighted that were to be talking now to Bob Dole her good friend. He joins us each week with his market commentary. He's chief investment officer at cross market. Global investments and Bob what a ride today to the screen again using the Dell up 99 point locate day, not bad at all but minimal on a roller coaster ride.

As you know, Robert was down more than a thousand points and then came roaring back there while the NASDAQ down nearly 5%.

At one point ending in positive territory as well. All the major indexes even though we had this huge selloff today so give us a sense from your perspective what led to the selloff and this incredible reversal. How did we get that. So we've talked about this in recent weeks. Talk it up. Now you know a few months ago. Everything was quiet and then all of a sudden all inflations not transitory. We've got a problem, and the drying up the fiscal stimulus the same time investors concerned about the inevitable slowdown in economic growth. Couple that with some concerns about Russia, Ukraine, and all that good stuff in the open market was down 10% like three weeks. Today's rally belief and I concur a bit oversold lots of ways to measure that the omicron case growth is rolled over. That's a got people feel a bit better. Even hospitals are saying. Worker shortage is easing up some good to be up to earnings which is what most oxen so far. Fourth quarter earnings reports told the mediocre.

They need to get better if were going to bounce houses yeah yeah fascinating to give us a window into somebody who sits in your seed managing hundreds of millions of dollars you see a day like today are you markets down a thousand points. Are you shopping looking for deals out there, shopping and weekly commentary that you know I wrote over the weekend to get your shopping list ready were going to get some sort of tactical balance and I think we seem a thousand points of it already.

Probably more to go. I will I don't want to sound too much like a traitor but in these sorts of activities we get that oversold.

You do a little buying and then you get the rally in the bouncing that starts getting tired to get let it go because you probably don't go back and Pestalozzi.

We've done some damage to the market. Robin is moved take some time to repair sliding one of the things it's been helpful is were reminded why biblical principles are true around diversification and being a steady plotter you know late last year. A lot of folks were caught up in the crypto craze and we've seen now bit coin down 45% from its high. Yeah, this is just a good reminder that we don't need to be highly concentrated chasing some of these high flyers go through on the New York Stock Exchange. 20% of the stocks are down from their highs more than 50%. So I elected to somebody like deductible earlier was shaking in their boots will base and remember God is the same yesterday today and forever.

Don't get caught off guard when you get this volatility happens. Yes, absolutely. It's bobbing your weekly commentary were talking about the need for bond market stabilization. In order for equities to regain their footing what's been going on in the bond market and what are you hoping to see so from mid-December to mid-January 10 year treasury yield went up about 50 basis point to have 1% that a lot in one month. Rob last few days we've had some stability we need some more of that. We cannot take interest rates climbing that fast and expect stocks not the correct all right. Very good.

Any final thoughts. Bob is you're just looking out from here thinking about where were headed here. I remind people try to have a long term for you and in your in your minds, what, what's the purpose of your investment.

Don't get too caught up in these crazy wild. The volatile days are probably more to come okay very good will probably appreciate you as always, thanks for stopping by on us while day and hope this week isn't quite as volatile. Moving forward, especially for somebody who sits in your seat were grateful for you my friend here all the rest by all right take care Bob Dole chief investment officer cross mark global investments. You can learn more at cross market. RA were going to head back to the phone said today and we had a phone trouble subordinate. See if we can, and let's take a Jamie on line 6 Jamie thank you for holding.

How can I help you might call you sir I want to say a prayer for you all the time for Rob thank you for your question. Thank you Gina that's awesome.

You are welcome.

I want to make this quick. This claim and that Charlotte had some major life changes. 55 years old.

I have no retirement it's gone.

I'm trying to decide what to do.

I don't understand all the stuff I do have a Schwab account a few stocks I need to talk about rock our checks have the time about what you think about all my type program putting $70. Thank I do not have my six months worth. Right now it would be about 18 Grammy got about 6500.

So I'm trying to decide what I do about A 70 bucks a week, or one yeah yeah I proceeded to question. Listen, you know, the key is you start from this point and you say I'm going to do what I can moving forward. You don't try to play catch-up, meaning you don't take a lot of risk trying to pick the winners and losers, and jump into things like her to start about with Bob Dolley crypto currencies or whatever the latest tech stock is week stay steady plotter's and we just on a discipline basis systematically try to put money away for the long term.

The good news is of the Lord Terry's you have good health and perhaps you can invest for the next you know 10 or 15 years consistently and have something to supplement your Social Security and if you're keeping your lifestyle, lean your pan off and ultimately debt-free.

You know you should be in a in a decent spot of the me ask you love the Roth IRA but first Jamie, do you have a 401(k) or 43 be at work.

I work for unit company and I'm not a union employee. Okay, I might help. I had open heart surgery in a mechanical valve for the year and 1/2 ago. Okay, very good.

Well I like then the Roth and for 2022. You can if you're over 50, you can put in $7000 a year so and did you say you are married and single swing years just below so I'm sorry to hear that you well you can open a Roth IRA.

No question about it that you could put it up to $583 a month to get you to your 7000 and that beam may be more than you have today. Which means you got plenty of room there in terms of where to open that Roth you could look at Trout.

Did you see you have a Charles Schwab account I do and I have no debt on my mortgage. Okay, that's great. Well, that's awesome. You are certainly doing some things right.

What I like Schwab. One of the discount brokers year means low fees high quality investments you access to anything you could buy the target date what's called a lifestyle fund pegged to your retirement date which are basically automatically get more conservative as you go. Or you could use what's called their Schwab intelligent portfolios and that's essentially a Robo advisor that's gonna build a low-cost index portfolio, which simply means you're going to capture the broad moves of the market with a properly diversified stock and bond portfolio that's tailored for you your age goals and objectives and risk tolerance.

I think that probably be the very best option, especially with you putting in consistently every month because it will automatically be rebalanced and invested every time you make a contribution of whatever you can put in up to that $580 and there will be any fees associated with that.

You'll just pay like .2% a year like 1/5 of 1%. So I think that could be a great way to go in the key would just be to be disciplined and that Jamie and put away as much as you can.

Staying out of debt. Continuing to build that emergency fund, but then being really diligent and dollar cost averaging into the market and I think the Schwab intelligent portfolios with the Roth IRA will be the way to go. All right, thank you so much I bless you my friend. Thank you for your prayers and for listening and for your kind remarks. I'm grateful to finish today with Kathy. We have just a minute or so left Kathy. How can I help you. Hi, thank you for taking my call.

Your bank open and I are I eat three and you can or continue working were both in great health and he did continue to like you get on Medicare when I'm 65 are how to pay for and we have already invested money plain back or whatever uniting you put that up. We read insurance policies like insurance policy. One of the mid-kids which cashed out.

I get it yet again. Right.

It is like 17,010 I have one that around 35.I think my total that you are my total out around and he will total out like it had been here 18,000. Should we continue paying the yearly premium for this or should we take that money out and maybe invested into our portfolios for retirement.

I like that option. I think where you're sitting right now the question is do you need the death benefit, or if something were to happen to either of you. If no hardships can be replaced placed on the other throughout loss of income or added expense then you really don't need it. Then the question is, is that money to grow the cash value grow better where it is somewhere else probably find somewhere else to do your homework know the tax implications in the cause, but if all that lineup. I probably repurpose that as we appreciate your call today. Thanks for your patience to do it for us today. Folks moneywise. I was a partnership between the radio moneywise media. Thank you, Eric Tidwell, Amy Rios and Dan Anderson.

Thank you for being here as well come back and join us tomorrow and

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