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January 7, 2022 5:23 pm


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January 7, 2022 5:23 pm


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16 tells us all the ways of the Manor. His own eyes. The Lord weighs the spirit to the Lord and your plans will be established. That passage describes God's view of success. That is quite different from the world will talk about that first Sunday are calls at 800-525-7000 number 2470 800-525-7000.

This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial journey. Well, the world view of success is pretty obvious it's having enough money to do or buy the things you want like a big house a fancy car. The latest clothing fashions. You have to wonder then why so many quote successful people are so miserable.

The answer is quite simple. They discovered that money and possessions can't buy happiness. It's often said we have a God shaped hole in our souls.

You can pour many things into that emptiness. Big screen TV, a new set of graphite golf clubs. Sometimes this is called retail therapy, but those are just temporary patches over the whole in a very short time you're looking for another patch until the day you realize that nothing on earth fits into that God shaped hole. That's when the misery begins at what's really sad is that many Christians also fall into this trap of success by the world standards.

They bought into the lies that money and material things bring happiness. Advertising tells us this every day.

Sometimes it can be a spiritual decision to just turn off the TV in Matthew six, Jesus warns us, do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, now that doesn't mean that Christians should stay poor and lowly to be successful in God's eyes here attitude counts far more than action. First Corinthians 13 says, and if I give all my possessions to feed the poor and if I deliver my body to be burned but do not have love, it profits me nothing see God often provides an extra measure of resources beyond our needs in the form of money or other assets so that we can be generous toward his kingdom, but he wants us to do that with the right attitude, out of love for him and others less fortunate. In Matthew 25 Jesus says that what you do for the least of these, he do for me. He goes on to say, come, you who are blessed by my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world, for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink. It's important understand that God often blesses us in ways that have nothing to do with material things, loving relationships with family and friends.

A strong nurturing church and most of all a deeper relationship with him.

That's the true blessing and true success. So how do we obtain the good things God promises will in Matthew six, Jesus says, but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you know, it's also important to note that we can never do things perfectly because no one's been perfect since the fall, but again attitude is more important than results. God simply wants us to diligently seek him and his righteousness, that means we fully trust in God and were willing to make things right. When we fail were quick to humble ourselves continually before the throne of God. Psalm 84 also says blessed is the man who trusts in you. God has special plans for each of us that we can't fulfill without fully trusting in him. He promises not to withhold any good thing from us when we trust him fully and seek his will for our lives and we must always acknowledge that any success we achieve comes from God to help us be a success in God's eyes we must remember three keywords surrender obedience and persistence surrender means accepting that God owns it all were only temporary. Managers are stewards of what he gives us obedience means being willing to use God's resources as he directs and persistence means sticking with the first two items, no matter what worldly stresses or pressure we encounter. Nehemiah 6 asks. Should someone in my position run from danger.

Finally annexed 21 we see Paul responding to disciples who wanted him to stay away from Jerusalem for safety.

He says why all this we I am ready to be jail even to die for the sake of the Lord Jesus surrender obedience and persistence put into action were successful in God's eyes will know true peace and contentment.

And that's something worth striving for. Every day your calls annexed 800-525-7000 on Rob Weston. This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your initial decision for joining us today moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decisions. We got supplies open today in just a moment will be headed to the phones to find out what's on your mind, financially speaking, we'd love to hear from you. Perhaps one of these lines is just for your question here is the number 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000 one we talk about money every afternoon on this program well can you think of an area of life. Money does not directly or indirectly, touch food, shelter, clothing, the chair you're sitting in, or the car you're driving the pillow you lay your head on the utilities while you sleep. No money is often an invisible force influencing our lives in our society, but it's more than that. Because here's the reality that I've experienced our financial journey is one of the ways one the keyways all say that God shapes our faith journey. You see, it's the clearest indicator into what we value. How we take and use God's money expresses what's most important to us and God's given us a treasure trove of wisdom in his word related to yeah this topic of money 2350 versus my friend Howard Deighton actually counted them in a small group study one time and does 16 of the 38 parables more verses on money and possessions than prayer and faith combined from Jesus. So it's a topic on God's heart because I think it really is so much more than the money it's about our hearts whomever Jesus said our hearts follow our money where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. So how do we manage God's money, in a way that allows us to provide for our families and enjoy what he's given us, but also be connected to his activity help those in need around us and be an accurate reflection of Christ.

Here in this world. Well, let's do that together today the number to call 800-525-7000. Let's head to the phones today will begin in Wellington Florida. Norma thank you for calling today.

How can I help my quiet arm. I will only sign for my job.

I now I'm kind of semiretired semi retired and I have a 401(k) and ancient. My question would be issued me at what they do most ancient into the 401(k) that company or should I keep it separate or rollover it into something more) that connects extenuating with another cause any sure, let's talk about that.

So you have a pension and 401(k) you've separated from the company you don't plan to work there again and you said you semiretired, which I assume means you're working part-time. Is that right I find something that capital markets I would say I'm kind of like a thinking, taking a vacation.

Yeah, I understand and are you able to take the pension in a lump sum if you wanted to roll it out to an IRA and what is the value of the pension. I don't 100 okay and how much in the 401(k). It's like 250 okay all right and when do you plan on taking Social Security 65 okay and what is your age now I'm turning 61 OKC still got about four years. So what will you be living on in this interim period before you consider going back to work on all so despite enough money to lease okay very good so the rental income after expenses and debt service and hopefully some money put away for maintenance and repairs.

Of course, taxes and insurance is throwing off some income and it's enough to meet your expenses. Currently, do you have an emergency savings account okay very good.

And how many months worth of expenses roughly what I don't have any dates so I would think maybe thing month-to-month 10 to 12 months. Great okay excellent. We are in a really good spot here you I think the opportunity for year Norma would be to roll both of these out to an individual retirement account and IRA both the pension which is a tax-deferred savings vehicle as well as the 401(k) could be combined into one new IRA or into two IRAs. I do it into one and given the amount of money you're talking about here 350,000 or so between the two. I think it's a great opportunity for you to connect with a financial professional to talk about your options. You mentioned a fixed annuity and that wouldn't be my first choice, but if you said listen, I don't want to take any risk I want to transfer that risk to an insurance company in exchange for a guaranteed return. Even if I was giving up a little bit and losing some flexibility because you gotta turn over the full amount of whatever you're putting into the annuity and there's going to be surrender penalties and charges in order to get it back. Another option that you could talk about with an advisor would be just to take that 350,000 or so and just haven't managed on an conservative basis. Recognizing that your income is pretty much covered.

If you were to sell these properties at some point down the road because there's too much work involved in maintaining them than that would be even more that you would have to add to it and all of this together needs to be able to provide the income stream that you need the rest of your life as well as continuing to grow it so that you have resources if you need long-term care or in-home assistance or a nursing home at some point, which can be very costly, or to have as an inheritance to give to your heirs or to support charity or ministry that's on your heart so it needs to be managed well with an eye toward preserving at first but then allowing it to grow so it outpaces inflation that doesn't lose purchasing power every month and the best way to do that in my view, and maintain access to the funds is through a conservative investment portfolio managed by a professional where the be a small portion allocated to stocks a larger portion allocated to fixed income and where the goal was maybe 45% a year in terms of return so that would be the way that I would go, but in either case I would visit with at least three, 2 to 3, L say certified Kingdom advisors there and in South Florida and talk through your options. Find the person that you feel is the best fit. And once you do that, then you would doubt roll those IRR those of pension and 401(k) into IRAs or into an annuity which ever you decide it does that make sense on your charge that financial advisors would be charging what Babich yeah and so it just depends on which direction you go off course view it with an annuity there'd be some charges no embedded in the product that would allow them to pay the commission to the agent and there's ongoing fees as well if you just hire an advisor to actually take and manage the money and have what's called discretion based on your goals and objectives but making the buy and sell decisions for you with about 350,000. I would expect to pay somewhere between one and 1 1/2% a year on that amount of money so if were talking in a 350,000 you know that be $3500 a year, perhaps as much as 5000 but the idea is your paying for that ongoing management and the returns you would be looking for would be the ideal would be that would be net of that fee. So the they know they have to make up the fee and any other expenses, and then you know show you a rate of return. That's consistent with your goals and objectives and the risk level that you're willing to assume any delightful children that would be notching annually case well any life insurance companies why I would talk to the professional as you make that decision between straight investment management were again the benefit staying outside of an insurance contract is that you keep access full access to the money. If you need it, but you are assuming the risk associated with whatever investments are selected versus the insurance company where you're transferring that risk, but you to give up a little bit in terms of what you might expect in terms of the return as to the companies I wouldn't want to name any specific ones but that's something that whoever you select as an advisor.

If that's the direction you decide to go. They could give you several options. Make sure you understand which is the best one based on what you're trying to accomplish other direction to head now is our website. If you want to connect with a certified Kingdom advisor just had the moneywise live.or anywise and click find a CK is have other questions along the way let us know. Appreciate the listening folks.

We got a few lines open to quickly come back and talk to Mark in Tennessee so this is the moneywise live phone lines open. Would love to hear from you today. 800-525-7000 800-525-7000 four go back to the phones it would take a quick email.

We do hear from so many of you sending your emails into and we like to take them periodically. Of this one comes from Larry.

He says my aunt has run up a ton of credit card that we want to consolidate it and get it paid off. How can I help her without just giving her money to pay her bills and I think Larry this is a great question into parts, one is what is the best approach to getting this debt paid off or your aunt in the number two. How can you help what's a wise way to do that and I'm glad that your thinking through that in terms of how to go about paying it off if there's a lot of credit card debt just snowballing it yourself is often challenging, and you end up paying a lot of interest in doing that so I would recommend you check into a debt management program. Our would be the source.

I would recommend that when you visit with them. They'll help your aunt get set up on a budget bill look at each of the credit cards and determine what the revised or lowered interest rates would be in debt management and then come up with a fixed monthly payment that she would pay that would pass through their nonprofit credit counseling agency to each creditor and with the reduced interest rates and the fixed monthly payment show on average pay these back 80% faster. So it's a very effective program.

Now when you couple that with your desire to help. I think this can be a blessing here.

Also, because I agree just giving her money to pay her bills, especially in light of the fact that credit card debt is symptomatic of poor financial decision-making, perhaps living beyond your means, that may not be as helpful as you want to be. Here's one idea. What if you were to say listen, if you get on a debt management program.

If you make that payment each month will yell match it, or will take half of it will take 25% of it. Whatever that amount is it gets paid to the debt management program.

Your assistance so you're making sure that it's getting to the right place and it's based on a program that's moving her toward being debt free soap that would be the direction I go Larry. We appreciate your email again. The website for Christian credit counselors is simply Christian credit counselors.RG I'd like to postdate 800 525 7000s another call hi Debbie, I know you're in Chicago today and you a question about high bonds is that right before the year ended okay you know I heard you talking on a midnight interest rate but when I looked, I am confident rate to part and so the first 6 to 0 right that's on the inflationary lesson seven. Yes, the semiannual inflation rate is sitting around just over 3 1/2 which annualized is 7.1% okay so then we find when it's time to take it out, making it different warrant or email. I know that you can make step of the downloader and then also whether it if there are a great gift for grandchildren are good way to save her grandchildren. Yes they can be admitted be the only bonds that I would look at in terms of what you might be wanting to buy just because the yield is so high village just again in April of this year. April 2022 and so you want to watch it. The bottom line is you will continue to earn interest for third the others. If you cash them in before five years you'll lose three months worth of interest and so you know there's an incentive to still hold on to these, but given the interest rate that's their you know there's a very good reason to do that because, given that it's backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government and that you're getting a very attractive interest rate of right now over 7%. The others like a great yield that you are receiving here that's guaranteed. So I would look at holding these, but you certainly will want to monitor that rate, and if it any point you decide you want to take it out before that five year. You'll just give up a little bit of interest when you do that a treasury is a great place to monitor that and I would just check again. Once that rate just to see what it's looking like but in the meantime, here you know accruing a very attractive interest rate with zero risk and you can't beat that one out every six months crack that's exactly right so you want to monitor that just to see when you know if the rate drops down to a point where you don't feel like you know it's attractive to you or you could replace it with something else than that would be the time to consider getting out but I don't see that happening anytime soon so I just plan to hang onto these and perhaps consider buying more as to it being a good gift.

Yeah, I think it very well could be the only other option would be if you want to give a gift to a child earmarked for college, I'd love for you to look at a 529 savings plan and my favorite website to evaluate which plan would be saving for they would thank him every quarter they can help you decide which is the most attractive thing you like. I bonds as a gift as well so you just keep monitoring that every time an adjustment. Meantime, 525-7000 live Western hose lines open today will head back to the phone here in just a moment. 800-525-7000 just before the break we were talking about high boffins.

These are from the treasury and other great deal right now over seven set given the take up inflation were experiencing a limit give a few more details on that because one of the things I didn't mention is you do have to keep high bonds for at least a year so they can be held for as little as one year. As long as 30 years. But if they're sold fewer than five years.

That's where you'll sacrifice the last three months worth of interest, but the minimum is a one year hold on them which given the interest rate they're paying right now it again. The yield being over 7%. It's a phenomenal return. And even if we were to see a cooling of the inflation rate later this year when they adjust. I don't think it's going down to a level where it would not be attractive, so it's a great opportunity right now you can put in 10,000 per Social Security number per year. So each individual can put in 10,000, you can ask to get an extra 5000.

And though if you do it through a tax refund to get a refund on taxes you've paid in that you could get it up to 15,000 but just wanted to make sure you have those details. If you'd like to read more about I bonds. I of course standing for inflation from the U.S. Treasury. You can do or friends of sound mind investing have written a lot on this topic as of late. Just search for.

I bonds and you'll see all of the details of you like to buy am you can do it directly from the treasury on the website. Treasury treasury direct.G Ogilvy said back to the funds today. Mark is in Tennessee. Mark I can help you. Thank you for taking my call about the personal checks I have received all three of them there were each and by the government, but all three were issued to me based on the 2019 income level because I have filed the 2020 return late May over 20, 21, so technically I made more money in 2020, then the limit for a single person would've been allowed to shoot at check and according to my tax return representative and also the IRS representative, which I called early today and spoke with them they told me legally. I am allowed to keep even the first one because of all of them were issued based on the 2019 return but I don't want to be like a leaf. Think I just wanted to know what right by God. So I was wondering before I destroy the check or actually use it. Would it be okay to give it to a family member that struggle economically in present day on the molar and I probably can use it.

Yes, well, it's pretty?

I appreciate your desire to be so faithful and whether or not you should receive this money and whether it gets returned or shared with somebody else that you're correct is so for a single person you would not receive the check if you made more than $80,000, but if your CPA and the IRS are telling you that it's based on 2019 and you did then comply in 2019. Even though you didn't in 2020, and therefore you're entitled to it.

Well that's what they're saying and that must be the case, then, and you could certainly take their advice on that if you had a conviction of return wanting to return it the way you would do that is you write void in the endorsement section you'd mail the voided check back to the IRS location that's appropriate for you and you could find that out it. and then just write a brief explanation, stating for the reason that you're returning it. If though.

In fact, you are entitled to it. And that's with the IRS is advising and that's what your professional CPA as per advising, then I think at that point it's really in less you have a conviction to send it back. It's your now the steward of this money because you are entitled to it based on the regulations that determine who receives it and who doesn't, then it would be up to you than to decide how you want to use it and if you decided to share that with somebody and mean. I think that's great.

So I'd say you know you go for that. Unless you have a conviction to do something differently. To some extent.

Thank you.

Life think that my lovely Mark I appreciate your desire to honor the Lord with that with your stewardship of your resources and that's a real encouragement to me. I'm sure to a lot of folks who are listening as well. Thank you for your call.

Chicago, Illinois hi Melissa, how can we help you in an executive whole life insurance policy with $100,000 and he had it for quite some time.

More than 30 years so I have a cash value of almost $38,000 and recently every year we wanted to cash it out and maybe put it somewhere else, but our accountant always warns us that it will create a tax liability to pay taxes and earn back my question I wanted to know what do I just take the tax liability and invest it into something else for it's a girl versus just hanging onto it. Yes, very good.

Well, I think the key here is to really just analyze it from a financial standpoint to determine basically know how long this policy will last. Based on the death benefit. The mortality expense being paid by the cash value that you've accrued and at one point, you know, if you depending on how long you live, you need to actually put more money in order.

It would be collapsed for or versus you taking it out paying the tax on the amount it's over and above your cost basis of what you put into it and then being able to reinvest that and have that money working for you and there's a math equation there that you can run the just basically says okay, the net amount we would receive his acts, and in a look at that over a period of time versus what the insurance companies telling you as to you know how long this death benefit would be good. And then what you would have to put into it to continue to maintain that death benefit is you've opposite put a lot into this over the years and you know, if you don't ultimately receive the death benefit, then you know all that's you, you would get whatever cash values left but I realize that money is good to be enough. Over time, and given the fact that you don't need the death benefit you've saved.

This is not a policy that you're counting on to provide for the needs for a family member, your husband or yourself for a dependent then you're looking at taking this money and redirecting it someplace that could get a better return on it makes a lot of sense to me but you do have to factor in the taxes that would need to be paid. So if you don't you don't have the ability or are don't understand how you might look at that I would perhaps connect with an advisor who can do an analysis for you to determine the two scenarios as to when it might make sense to go and leave it in the policy in with the expectation of receiving the death benefit versus taking it out paying whatever taxes due and then investing it accordingly does that make sense. I highly forgot that it not the full amount of pack contact that's exactly right over and above what I paid into very good Melissa Melissa. We appreciate your call today and all the best to you as you all make this decision hundred 525-7000 number to call. We have lines over bundle. If you haven't created a free moneywise account you can do that moneywise that'll make sure you receive our weekly. Moneywise, this email with some great articles and insights moneywise media will also be able to post responses from moneywise live.

Thanks for tuning in the moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decisions. Let it right back to the phone wave is in Fremont's and the way things are going to call the new home built recently because of the values going up. I got about property where I could sell this home and rebuild it more likely be debt free and I'm wondering what you thought about it in or am I just scared about the future and don't trust God, help my present market. Well, you know he wants us to be wise in how we manage his money inside.

I would put this in that column that you're just trying to be a good steward. You know if there is any fear there will obviously need to give that to the Lord, you know. So often, our financial decisions are symptomatic of deeper ultimately spiritual issues and so I think we always need to be evaluating why were making the decisions were making with our finances. What's behind it that's driving it in the theirs are beliefs that are so often shaped by our upbringing by how money was handled. Growing up by the of so many factors so the media culture real people around us and we need to take our cues from God's word. Ultimately, that would then allow us to be focused on God is our provider recognizing our proper role as steward and living with contentment and freedom because we followed biblical principles but at the end of the day. If we try to exercise too much control.

Well, it'll be a false sense of control because ultimately God is in charge and so we go trust him for the outcomes, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to make the very best decisions we can along the way with God's money and taking our cues from Scripture is a great way to do that. Let me make sure I understand though the question so you you got a piece of property you built a home living at it. It's increased in value, like all pretty much all homes have as of late last several years in a significant way and what is it you're looking to do. You could sell the property by a new piece of land and build a new home know I would later like I got enough property 40 acres like it. So are only 10 acres with the housing and then rebuild on that same piece of property. I see you well and do you do this yourself or do you hire contractors or combination of the two combination I can I can do some of the work I hire most of what I cannot do the demo contracting basically very good. Well, it says I God's given you a gift in this area and he's given you an asset. Namely, this 40 acres of land and if you demonstrated that you can do this once, then you can do it again them and you would have to factor in you know which you would probably be very well familiar with the increases in the raw materials and so forth. Although some of that has waned as of late, like lumber, but if you can take this asset and you have more land than you need, and you're willing to subdivide it and kinda duplicate what you've done before, and use that property to get out of debt, which is absolutely encouraged by Scripture doesn't mean borrowing is a sin, but it does mean that there are clear warnings about it. I think when were unencumbered. You certainly have more freedom to follow the Lord and wherever he leads and is a lot of peace of mind that comes from not being servant to the lender.

So if you can do that by leveraging this property and the gifting that God is giving you as a general contractor, I'd say go for it.

I don't see any reason why you would want to do that okay thank you very much way they all the best into some pictures when it's done.

I'd love to see you and I'm sure you're doing a great thing up there. Thanks for your call today.

I would head to Nevada next.

I guess it's when a mood, but I'm probably saying that wrong forest. Thank you for going. How do you say you're in your town Winnemucca Winnemucca house. I was close I came out of my mouth I thought that's probably not right. Hey, how can I help you today that I used for one market their ego so we have a couple of young men in our church that that feel that God called him to preach and and that they been in college for a couple of years studying for that. We would like to open it up there looking to open up some retirement accounts for them to get them started and so they could start putting money away for the future. We know that a lot to pastors end up in small churches and they don't get paid much, so I wonder what we could do to maybe get them started the retirement account you wanted to do this as the church or as individual skin. Individuals just my life. I see okay well you know you you really can't, in the sense that they would need to open those retirement accounts because it's not being opened by an employer so I think of the best way to go here would probably be to say to approach them and just say what you told me. Listen, I want to encourage you as you're starting out you feel called to preach that we want you to be able to set something aside specifically earmarked for the future. And so we'd like to ask you if you'd be willing to open a Roth IRA Roth IRA in your name. They can open that in any institution they want, whether that's at Charles Schwab or Vanguard TD Ameritrade betterment and then once they do, you're allowed to gifted them $15,000 a year up to without having to file a gift tax return or anything like that they would be able to put away $6000 this year and so you know any amount up to that as long as they have earned income of at least that much than they be able to take that gift that you give them and then turn around and make a contribution to the Roth IRA. I assume they have other jobs that is generating earned income is a right welder both full-time students. The older one actually has a bachelors and Masters. Now he has a counseling job there at the school so that would be the only issue there is that they would only be able to contribute up to the earned income that they had for the year with a maximum of $6000.

So if they don't have 6000 and earned income. They could do the portion that they have up to that, based on your gift. Otherwise, they probably have to take your gift and put it into some sort of savings account in the high-yield savings account at Ally Bank or Marcus capital one 360 and just allowed to accrue and at some point when they do have. Assuming there to be by either by vocational or when they get a full-time job at a church down the road than they could use that money to begin making contributions to a Roth IRA until it's you know putting it in each year until it's used up, meaning that it's been invested into that Roth IRA does all that make sense. It will be just exactly what I needed to know I appreciate that. Okay listen.

I really appreciate your desire to encourage these young men were fill in the call to full-time ministry into preaching and I couldn't agree more.

We need to make sure that their thinking long term.

They're probably not going to be earning big paychecks. If this is the way the Lord leads in there in small churches.

So the body of Christ coming around them to encourage them and even provide some financial assistance I think is a wonderful thing so forest, I thank you for your call and your encouragement today. God bless you, sir, Chicago, Illinois where Betty is W MBIA Betty, how can I help you learn.

We only have one, not two years ago to leave one where we can get online portable nondrinking car came and I know what lay I want to be sustained some money and have a comfortable future close down option: the victim, not how long they can go on sorry to hear that you know that for so many small businesses, Betty, that was the reality and that makes it tough. Are you going to have a retirement account that is coming to use some sort of pension or retirement from your government work right now little bit over $60,000 in my pension company for like four years, five years, needing sent down once only what to write and he won't abdicate that to anyone or anything else but we need to be diligent in doing our part in saving for the future and then we trust the Lord for the rest. Betty had you are you all able to put something away. Do you have some margin where you could begin funding.

Every month the retirement account.

In addition to what you're doing through your your employer's well first and only okay so grateful to the Lord. Give enough we were going now so I was saving $200 and a minute been going toward dental bill, so I'm guessing I can only use like $100 a minute and you will have an emergency savings account reviews that now we start they don't cover the company I see. Okay, let like for that to get up to three months expenses at a minimum, but then after that if you want to take out what you have, every month, and it may change. I realize that and fund a Roth IRA alongside the two retirement account you have at work.

I think that would be a great thing so visit with our and read about opening a Roth IRA and just systematically every month. Putting that into a high quality mutual fund so that over the next 10 years or so that I can grow to supplement what you've already saved and trust study think that's good to do it for us today folks. So moneywise God is a partnership between radio and moneywise today Carol is with us today. Dan Jim was so thankful to have you along with us as well. Look for you on Monday.

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