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A Stress-free Christmas

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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November 30, 2021 5:27 pm

A Stress-free Christmas

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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November 30, 2021 5:27 pm

Since Luke, chapter 2 depicts the joyous celebration of Christ’s birth, we know that we should feel joy during the Christmas season, but unfortunately, anxiety over money often gets in the way. On today's MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will talk with Chad Clark about a way to avoid financial stress this season. Then Rob will address some questions on various financial topics. 

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Angel said to the bring you good news will cause great joy for all the people Rob West passage in Luke two tells us how we should feel during the Christmas season and joyous celebration Christ's birth. Unfortunately, anxiety over money often gets in the way talk about how to avoid that which I parked today that it's on your calls at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live wisdom for your financial decisions against Chad Clark wise and he's one of those guys you just can't without always working behind the scenes to make everything digital work around here and so much more, but every now and then we get him out of his cyber cave to tell us what he's been working on today. He has some tabs to help you overcome holiday money stress. Chad welcome back.

Thank you. It's good to know that you think I live in a cybercafe. Oh, I'm glad you're out that cyber cave.

We want to talk about an important topic.

Let's start you what made you want to talk about taking the anxiety out of Christmas spending anyway.

I mean for me personally to the Christmas season can create a lot of stress and anxiety for my wife and I insisted it's a busy season and I think that a lot of people are dealing with the stress and anxiety. There is a study by one poll found that 88% of us feel stressed during the season.

About half of those respondents reported they are filled with dread when thinking about the amount of money they will spend around the holidays so over half of us are really dreading the financial impact of the Christmas season. Dread is certainly not the word we want to think about in terms of how were approaching the Christmas season. This should be a time of great celebration and joy as we see in the Scriptures and were celebrating the birth of our Savior, so I'm delighted that you're in a help us perhaps remove the dread and replace it with joy in this wonderful time of year and I know you came with seven tips to avoid Christmas money stress solitude diving the number one.

Absolutely this is an all-inclusive list, but hopefully as a starting point for some of us to get the right perspective and so to start the first thing we need to do is slow down. I don't know about you, but the end of the year.

Here is just a crazy season. Whether you're trying to accomplish them into your goals or deadlines at work. Maybe some personal goals are trying to finish up. Obviously the Christmas season.

All the festivities family friends planning gift buying a minute.

It's a crazy season and I think we need to learn to do is to just take a step back and slow down and when I mean slow down. I mean literally just carve out some space to just sit turn off the TV, put your phone away get in place we can just sit quietly close your eyes, take some deep breaths and just sit with the father.

I think that's important spiritual discipline that we all can benefit from, but especially when we start to feel stressed and anxious and we feel like things are just kinda coming out is it a million miles an hour slowing it down is a great way to refocus ourselves on the season and the reason that we are celebrating was no doubt about that. It sounds simple, but it's something that we have to put intentionality into if it's ever going to happen and so I couldn't agree more. Tip number one. Slow down before first break.

Let's hit the second tip for removing Christmas money stress at this time of year, while in order to slow it down. We gotta make sure that were not inadvertently speeding things up by procrastinating for me and my wife personally. Melodic Christmas season. We wait till the last minute to go and do our shopping and can get everything in place and especially in 2021.

This is not the here to procrastinate. There's a lot of supply chain shortage is a wad of a backlog in kind of the shipping and so this is not the year to procrastinate, so don't procrastinate.

Love John Mark Homer's book, the ruthless elimination of hurry and he talks about how her is the great enemy of our spiritual life and in again. If, therefore procrastinating it makes it really hard for us to slow it down. So be intentional about planning and in putting together, what you need to do and in making some steps to make those purchases ahead of time and not at the last minute boy that hits close to home. I think about myself when I'm hurried running out the door. Whether were going to church, or a basketball game. Not the best version of myself or my kids or my wife, that's for sure. And if I apply that to the Christmas season.

The same is true absolutely free. Think about the black Friday sales anything about hundreds or thousands of people trying to funnel through those tiny doors at sometimes with the season feels like, and I don't know when that when you have to tackle somebody to get a TV.

I don't think that's what Jesus meant by loving your neighbor so you donate, let's not try to shove a bunch of things through a tiny door policy really intentional about planning ahead of time.

Clark's here today was seven tips to avoid Christmas money stress this time of year stay with us much more to come back to moneywise live Rob Wester host joining me today. Chad Clark believes technology and innovation here at moneywise were talking about seven tips to avoid Christmas money stress. I know that something each of you would like to do and we began just before the break by saying we need to first slow down. We need to take some time to reflect on what were really celebrating this season.

The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Enjoy family enjoy time with your heavenly father and try to pull the stress and anxiety out by slowing it down and then second, don't procrastinate. Chad made a great point that hurry is the great enemy of the spiritual life and often when we procrastinate were rushed and we don't present the best version of ourselves. It's so important this year in particular to plan ahead because of the supply chain constraints in some of the issues will face if we wait till the last minute suggest those of the first to what is Tip number three to avoid Christmas money stress on Tip number three is one of my favorites is putting together a plan and I love the verse Proverbs 21 five.

It says the plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty and planning is such an important part of being a good steward, you hear us talk about it a lot here at moneywise.

We've obviously got the moneywise Which we designed to help you put together intentional plans to be a good steward for Christmas. Specifically, there's a lot of things that we need to plan for not just gifts for friends and family, but we have decorations there's food you may have some travel expenses.

There's a lot of events that you mean need to be planning for or any other type of giving that might be happening during the season so it's important for us to put together a plan to take some time to sit down to plan out all of the things that were going to be spending money on, and the moneywise out to be a really great tool for you to do that you can planet a really high level and just as some up all of the money that you plan to spend the season or you can actually plan out each and every item and be able to track it according to how your performing. So regardless of how you intend to plan. I think the moneywise out will be a great resource for you to put those plans in place. I love that because you can actually create a Christmas envelope. In fact it's already there. You just have to select it and perhaps everything gets dumped into that envelope and you track that high level category or you can create envelopes under a Christmas group for each person you're giving to perhaps 14 decorations, one for travel and the new contract that way as well. So there really is a lot of flexibility and you outline all of these options in a blog article that you wrote for this purpose right yeah if you go to you can find our post that says seven tips to avoid Christmas money stress will outline some tips to use the moneywise app specifically for your Christmas planning. Very good. Go to where you download apps and search for moneywise biblical finance. You can download the money was apt today, and perhaps you be well on your way to a stress free Christmas all right. What is the next tip to avoid Christmas money, stress, job the next step is really to to sit down and do your research.

So I think we've got an amazing opportunity to do research.

Just online to see what's in stock. Whether good prices and we need to be really intentional about that. Not just you know going in purchasing. The first thing that we see. So carve out some time to do your research to really understand you know what what opportunities you have to get a good deal. I remember a few years back going to the store and walking in and they were out of inventory and they said well you can go down the road you know 6 miles and by that help save yourself some time to do some of that research ahead of time and I think it'll pay off greatly that I know your kids are younger, why have high schoolers at home, so I were actually getting them involved in this is they think about what they would like to have for Christmas were asking them to not only find what they would like, but actually do the research and find it where we can buy the cheapest and they're just sending the links these days to the things that the blood which makes it really simple makes it really simple so you had to be sure to do your research and I think that leads nicely into step number five which is getting creative. So how can you pull your kids into the equation. How can we think outside of the box in terms of what were doing and so it's not just saying hey, I need to go by this for this person. I need this declaration I need these things, how can we be creative it in the way that we give gifts.

I think that I we've all been gifted with something unique. Maybe you're a good cook or a good bakery. Maybe you can make something for a friend or family. Maybe you've got been given the gift of writing and you can write people encouraging note rather than going in purchasing gifts for them and maybe what you need is just to give somebody your time. I think we we miss that one a lot, but just giving somebody some time giving them a phone call asking them to go to coffee you know that might be the gift that they need this season, so be creative. Think outside of the box.

We also love you know for my family to look at organizations that are supporting other families around the world. So we work with food for the hungry and we sit down with our kids to find a family that we can give the chicken to clean water kit to maybe you can you give that gift to somebody on somebody's behalf. That would be a great way to be creative in how you give the season is no doubt about that and I think as you look at one of these gift catalogs were you can give the gift as you said, the chicken or go to somebody in a part of the world that that would literally change their life. That would be incredible. I know others have given their kids in envelope with cash, but the instructions are, you have to give it away and then report back to what you have done with it.

I mean these are out-of-the-box opportunities to give in a way that teaches a valuable lesson around generosity and meeting the needs of others.

In fact, we put together resource this year with a number of opportunities to be generous to me absolutely put together a list of 25 acts of generosity and these are some ideas that help you be more creative. You don't necessarily have to do all 25 but hopefully it's a starting point to come to get the wheels turning, and get those creative juices flowing rights want to slow down. We want to make sure were not procrastinating. We want to create a plan and you can use the moneywise app that do your research and get creative for one of the last two of the next one is again one of our favorites which is actually tracking your performance. It's it's never enough to just put together the plan and then just set off to the side that you actually need to track your performance and again the moneywise app is to be a great resource for you if you use a moneywise Pro specifically. It connects to your bank accounts and will pull those transactions in automatically and all you need to do is just assign them to the appropriate categories. But this is a really important step in the process because a lot of times when we don't track our performance that can compound our stress and anxiety because we don't know where we stand, so tracking your performance is a critical step in the final one is just celebrating we we need to take a step back. Like Rob said previously, and we need to just celebrate the season on John 114 says the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only son, who came from the father full of grace and truth. So, let us celebrate this season. Let us not get wrapped up in the consumer a stick nature and let's take a step back. Let's slow it down. Let's follow some of these other steps to reduce some of the stress and anxiety that we typically have during this Christmas holiday.

Nevertheless, it we want to do chat is get to January and then that's the first time we look back to say how did we do only to find that we racked up a whole bunch of debt and by following these steps, especially the one creating a plan and tracking against in the moneywise app can really help to avoid that you absolutely those are going to be really critical things to set you up going into the new year and we got some awesome resources plan for the new year.

To help you get on track starting January 1 where they go to get this article. This blog about using the moneywise app yet, so that you can go to our website or download the moneywise app and I need to do is look for seven tips to avoid Christmas stress categorically technology and innovation here moneywise Chad thanks for stopping by. Q folks your questions just around the corner 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live.

Thanks for joining us today moneywise live on the phone lines open ended questions on anything but it appears that 800 525-525-7000 were talking about seven ways to avoid Christmas spending stress. You can find the article with the title on our website moneywise it's right there featured on the homepage and in it you can download the complementary 25 acts of generosity with some great practical simple ideas for you and your family to lean into the opportunity to be generous this Christmas season. What a great way to share in the true meaning of Christmas around the ultimate gift given that is Jesus Christ, God's son coming to pay the penalty for our sins that we might have life and we would love for you to download that resource. It's absolutely free and by the way, that article around setting up your Christmas spending plan in the moneywise app is there as well. It's a blog article that makes it very simple and easy. If you haven't downloaded the moneywise app would love for you to do that today you can do it in your app store. Just search for moneywise biblical finance are instead time to take your calls and questions today. Again, here's number 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000. We love when you send us emails as well and so perhaps today what I'll do is begin by taking some of those email questions.

We rarely get an opportunity to get too many of them on the air and know many of you have sent them recently, and we'd love to take as many as we can so we dive into a few of those again.

Lines are open today for your questions. 800-525-7000. All right first one says I'm working this is from Becky by the way, I have savings and enough emergency money. I need a car. Should I lease a new one or buy it. Looking for the best deal. Is it possible to lease a used car and a Becky I would just simply say I don't like the lease you can end up spending more that way because not only are you renting the car, so to speak. During the years where it's going to depreciate the quickest that when you add in the added fees. Not to mention if you drive more than the allotted miles in the cost to turn it back in. It's just can end up costing you more. Here's what I would rather you do, let's buy a late model used car in good working condition. Perhaps one that you have an independent mechanic look over what the abided dealer or private sale is not of primary concern to me. The key is that it's something that's reliable that you can count on and that fits your budget. What is that budget well I would say let's try to keep the transportation category no more than 10% of your take-home pay in as you make that payment.

Assuming you have to borrow for this first used late model car what you paid off. Let's keep making that payment to yourself.

The bank of you, so that the next time around. You can buy that car with cash. But here's the idea of the car you driving right now is typically the least expensive car for you to drive and so I would say drive it as long as you can and that way you'll maximize the value the last car we turned and had 250,000 miles on it. It was a Honda minivan that did very well for our family.

But tell you when you buy him and drive him for a long long time that ends up being the most cost-effective.

Becky, thank you for your email. One more quickly.

This one comes from Joseph and he says why does my credit score go up and down so much of Joseph. I appreciate that question. You know that credit score is based on an algorithm that determines how likely you are to repay as agreed.

If you do a Google search for FICA score break down you'll see that the percentages allocated to the various elements of your score have to do primarily with your payment history. Your credit utilization.

That is, the balance is your caring versus the limit of money that's been made available to you the credit mix. The history of those of the primary factors determining what your score is going to look like it does move around. But here's the thing. If you follow biblical principles manage debt wisely. That is pay off pay it off as quickly as you can be in on time payer and to keep those balances low or at zero that you will be rewarded over time, and that's the key.

It doesn't happen fast with a credit score. This can get you the very best rates and terms we don't use very much debt that's going to work counterproductive way against your future financial success.

However, I understand that it used for a lot of things these days and so having a good score make sense.

Don't be terribly concerned but check those credit bureau reports at least quarterly to make sure the information is accurate.

Joseph, thank you for your email. Sorry. Let's head to the phones today. We got some lines open 800-525-7000 will begin today with her. I think it's arena in Nashville Tennessee. Thank you for your call on your current answer my question all 20 Kayla I left my job, my faith in my mental health. And you know that even when I want to spend money.

I want to show people that mean I get back to people are giving me already, but the running the money right now like my dad and Bennett's excellent time and 99 different none of my loan.

I know my bachelor's degree program. When I any advice you could get for young adults trying to figure out your way in the world. Yes well. I appreciate that so much and I'm glad you are thinking about this because here's the thing you know, as you look out and you've got a lot of time ahead of you, Lord, Terry's sounds like you're young ill. We none of us know how many days or hours but we know that God has us here for a purpose and so you leaning into that growing in your walk with him growing in your faith, getting into a Bible believing church. Having people around you to encourage you, export you, I think is absolutely critical. Being in God's word regularly to renew your mind so you don't get caught up in the comparison trap is going in this time of year. Don't get swept up in the craziness of you've got to need a certain expectation with the gifts that you give and you gotta spend a certain amount of money you need to focus right now on creating a plan that works for you living within your means finding God's next step you in terms of your work and you can still be generous with your time and other things to show the people you love how much I would focus on that this Christmas season. This money was live on.

Rob was their hose just before the break we were talking to Paris and I'd look for you to call back. I want to give you. You said you were a young adult, you re-orienting, refocusing career on something that you feel like perhaps is going to be more in line with God's gifting, but you're still looking for that wondering how to navigate these times as a young adult and what I'd love to give you is something called career direct.

It's a comprehensive career assessment that's based on biblical principles but also with cutting-edge career guidance technology unit focuses on four facets that are essential to discover the career that's right for you.

Not only your personality but also your interests, your skills and your values yields one of the few that approaches career guidance from a biblical perspective and we'd like to give you an assessment and an evaluation with a trained facilitator is our gift as you explore perhaps what God has in your next season.

I'd love for you to incorporate his wiring of who you are into your search for that next job. And so I think this career direct assessment will be a blessing to you so if you just give us a call back. Our team is ready to receive you and we will get you connected with your assessment again.

800-525-7000 now.

If you have a question today, you'd love to join us on the broadcast. I'd love for you to do just that. Whether it's saving or giving. Perhaps it's paying down debt or setting long-term goals.

Maybe it's developing a spending plan or preparing for Christmas. Whatever it might be today. Give us a call. We got lines open 800-525-7000.

Let's head to Murfreesboro, Tennessee hi Jennifer, thank you for going. How can I help out trouble finding a planner. I like to write a real program all the time and I love it that the third biking Bible for our area by clicking it by one bag that Alvin before you willing back with you one of them family patent got up a long way to use that kind of figure out where I can now yes that's at the end of the day, Jennifer. Are you looking for help in developing a spending plan or what is it that your most pressing need right now financially well that might work. How looking at length by mortgage, you know Mike, you advised that epic month of fighting in out 401(k) market that so we know the future. This thing about going not doing yeah very good.

Well keep in mind your financial advisors work differently in the sense that they have unique areas that they work in and then they each that their own got a fee schedule in terms of how they are compensated. So these folks that are certified kingdom advisors don't work for money wisely between this designation, which has very high standards around competency and integrity in their training and biblically wise counsel in their experience.

But in terms of their area of discipline as well as their compensation models.

It will vary. So that's why you need to interview multiple advisors find the one that's the best fit for you. What you're describing is a fee-only financial planner and what that person would typically do is get paid by the hour to develop a comprehensive financial plan. Looking at all of the areas of your financial life, both risking your investments in your savings goals and looking at retirement and what you need to be setting aside now to achieve a certain goal down the road if there's any college planning that needs to be done. We just really looking at the your whole financial life. Even some of the tax side as well and then coming back with a plan to save here's, you know, based on everything you've said, where you believe God's taking you and this is so money can be used as a tool to accomplish that in all of the areas know that you know can typically run your thousand dollars or more. It wouldn't be an ongoing fee would be a one time the but it would be probably a couple of meetings. It was several hours invested. If that's more than you're looking for and you say listen, we try to keep things simple. Were out of debt. We got our emergency fund. We just kinda need to get pointed in the right direction I were not looking for a full-blown financial plan with you kind of projections on what we need for retirement. All the other things that I mentioned, then probably one of our money was coaches would be a great resource to you. There's no cost for that. Just go to our website moneywise Click on the community tab and then click connect with the coach and that person could look over your situation and point you in the right direction.

Perhaps help you get started in terms of what you might want to be thinking about in terms of your lifestyle as well as saving for the future and answering some basic questions you probably find yourself, right in the middle between needing to hire a financial professional who can manage assets and do ongoing planning and somebody is really just helping with basic budgeting and debt reduction in and that's a challenging space to be in because there's kind of a gap in between those two things in the financial services industry right now so I think you just need to kinda decide which sounds like most appropriate for you and then go in that direction either a certified kingdom.

Advisors of fee-only financial planner who would do a financial planning engagement for you on a hourly basis or a moneywise coach that could provide some guidance and principles that you could then take and run with and hopefully one of those two will be a great resource to you. Sounds like you guys are making some great decisions on the right track. I'm really proud of where you are headed and thanks for your call today 800 525 7000s another call would love to hear from you and got some lines open today, let's head to Boca Raton, Florida. Actually all four of my kids were born at Boca community Hospital here in Boca Raton. Jody is there and Jody understand you have a question I can help you with Karen.

It taking my call. I love your program thinking question about mortgage and I know that years ago now financial people would say that when you close on your mortgage and normally your payment isn't due until I can my doctor that after your clothing that they used to say that if you paid like a payment on the day that you close door like before the first payment is due. They would take like thousands of dollars off of your mortgage.

Please don't do that. How would you do well if it's not you know there's no science to it. Jody in the bottom line is this, every dollar you pay above your scheduled monthly payment.

Which of the way mortgage works is it's called an amortization schedule which determines over the life of the loan, typically 30 years. The interest is calculated on the outstanding balance of the beginning of each. Usually 30 days and then the based on the interest that's to that portion of the monthly payment is then allocated to interest in whatever is left over goes to principal and that's why the vast majority of your payment on the first payment goes to interest with very little going to principal in the opposite true is is true on your last payment. The vast majority's going to principal and very little to interest in it kind of moves down that scale throughout the life of the loan, but anytime you pay anything above and beyond that scheduled mortgage payment based on that amortization schedule that's good to go directly to principal and that's money that you no longer owe that your doctor to pay interest on for the rest of the term sought a 30 year mortgage. Every dollar you pay off the day of principle is the money that you're not paying interest on for 30 years. So that's why the sooner you pay that down the better doing that before the first mortgage payment or day for the day. That's not of any concern.

It's really just a matter of let's get that principal down as quickly as you can because then, for all the years that are left. No more interest will be paid on that so I hope that clears it up and takes perhaps some of the mystery question open 100 525-7000 picture to get a moneywise live Rob Webster hose delighted your long day taking your calls and questions on anything financial biblical encouragement manage God's money member. He's the owner where the manager money is a tool to accomplish his purposes. We want to be found faithful as we manage that each day we will help you do that here in moneywise live lines are open 800-525-7000. Let's head back to the phones Washington is Tony and Tony how can I help you today. Vermont your help, but I wanted to know how grateful I am. You have been working to this program very early Larry Burket and I have followed a lot of the principles throughout my life I've never had more than one that either house or car. Currently my only data house and I have little more than a week and half ago, I found myself needing emergency surgery. It takes time to get disability pay in order, but I am not worried because I have my money that I can landline until things start kicking there and I'm so grateful that that because I worry a lot about money a lot and thank you so much for your principles for your regiment to everybody encouragement through the years and because I am living I am living the dream, not worrying about money and spite of major surgery well well until you've used the gift of encouragement that the Lord is giving you to share that testimony today. I'm grateful for that. I know it's been encouragement to those listening as well because as you said you are living testimony not of anything I've said your living testimony of God's principles working in your life that you know the Scripture Larry Burket always started with God's word.

Howard Dayton always started with God's word. That's our hope and prayer is that we do that here in this program as well as I follow in the footsteps of those giants of the faith in your living proof that God's word is always right. It's always relevant.

It's never going to change. And as you've applied that to your life you're experiencing now the fruit peace of mind that comes from knowing.

Not that there's not difficulty ahead because we still live in a fallen world that you put yourself in a position to experience God's best. Whether that's a trial whether that's a season of plenty. Whatever it is you know that your trust is in the Lord and you're doing everything you can to be found faithful and when you do that you're able to share a testimony like you just shared how are you doing following your emergency surgery. Are you okay I her 11 that I am in the hospital after surgery so aunt it's gonna be a long call I had now dance of the doctor said a massive herniated disc.

So it's gonna be a while before my everything recovered and I'm back to normal. Unable to go back to work already very good luck. I'd like to send you a gift would like to send you the stewardship Bible. It's a beautiful Bible that the American Bible Society put together with her friends at compass and every passage of Scripture, there relates to money is highlighted in green and I think as you read through that Bible, you'll be encouraged by what God says and you'll see many of the principles that you've been applying over the years right there in the Bible will send that to you as our gifts are way of saying thank you for calling and sharing your story today Tony all the best to you in the days ahead. And may you have a quick recovery. God bless you and let's head next to Weston, Florida was not sweet. She's so delightful. Lucas there in West Toulouse.

How can I help you, like all. The question regarding my mortgage. I have a house. Unfortunately, my wife recently filed for divorce. I'm trying to see what do I mix like Google by selling the house all because you smoke you got on that but I just did your advice at all got what yes well, look, I'm sorry to hear about what's going on in your life you prayed that the Lord will work in the midst of that between you and your wife.

Lord willing to reconciliation and also in the lives of those little ones as well that I know this can be difficult for as you think financially about this. Have you Artie gone through the divorce proceedings. As the judge already rendered decisions on how the assets are going to be split yet, but I got living in this house living in the house that is not thing really right now, housewives and opening charts but nothing like that.

The only thing is the judge is okay but anything else just one horse is only assets are going to be split 50-50. Basically, according to the Georgia Chavez.

One could know what yes are typically what would happen. Luke is the home would be sold and the reason is because if she's entitled to half of the home, then you either have to innocence by her out if you're wanting to stay and she's not either by refinancing and cashing out which I don't recommend especially given the changes that are coming.

You know in your life you know if you can have added expense to child support and other things I want to make sure that this home that fits into your budget but you would typically sell the home and then both of you would move on from there. Taking your share of the proceeds and then either buying a new home or renting for a season.

As you can to develop your your new financial plan and spending plan moving forward. Do you have the ability to buy her out right now And so what is your thought about keeping it.

What would you be looking to do try to refinance the mortgage. Yes, you get a little oil mortgage extend the time the time, but didn't find it right. But if you're if she's wanting her half of the proceeds that's gonna require you to do yet another mortgage and cash out in an increase the mortgage. If you have enough equity such that you could get her share of the home out to pay her in cash now is I can be expensive, I would just ask the question, does that still fit in your budget. Your be taken on a whole Lotta dad in order to give her 50% of the value of the home which is going to mean a much higher mortgage payment and I guess I just wonder whether that fits in your plan. So I'd start there. Luke, first of all I wouldn't do anything and let all of this get settled. Figure out how much your child support is going to be and whatever else that's going to come as a result of this develop a new spending plan. Figure out how much house you can afford, which is a rule of thumb would be no more than 25% for principal, interest, taxes and insurance. No more than 25% of your take-home pay and I think you're gonna find that with these new cost you're going to have as a result of the divorce. Plus the fact that you don't have the money to buy route. Therefore you be taking on a much larger mortgage that may be cost prohibitive. What may make the most sense is for you just to sell and then you rent something or buy something smaller that fits in your budget but I think you gotta wait this out to see exactly how this is all going to shake out. Then you got to develop the plan and make sure that this home fits if it doesn't then prayerfully consider what your next move. This we appreciate your call today again, so sorry to hear about what you all are going through to Cleveland, Ohio W CRF hi Wendy, how can help you job that we rollover and actually let out and rollover. Everything else is left in there, sure how to go about it. Have her own IRA account or is we have to go to like a a Fidelity or that were not sure how to handle that part of it.

Go to anybody with them because they're probably investing in things that we don't agree with our how much do you have in this annuity which the value of right and the other day it was 49,000 and some hundred dollars you want to keep it in the tax-deferred environment and so typically the best way to approach that is to rule that out to an IRA. When you do that that's going to make it a nontaxable event and then it will need to be invested because it will come over in the form of cash, and so I think a great way to go from here. Juanita would be to connect with our sound mind and through the sound money investing newsletter will make all the recommendations you need. Once you roll this into an IRA with any of the major custodians TD Ameritrade Charles Schwab Vanguard will give you that the mutual funds to choose. Give through their service and you can develop a very high-quality portfolio that matches your age and risk tolerance and objectives and then you just get that money working for you so that you when you needed down the road in retirement. It's there for you to begin to convert that to an income stream alongside your other retirement assets. The challenges at that just under 50,000 is probably a little too small for an advisor to take on and manage themselves. So that's why think the approach of sound mind that would be a great resource to you and all the best to you all is your husband looks for his new job.

We appreciate your call. We got just a few seconds left. Deborah understand that you've got 100,000 in the bank and you're wondering how to invest. That is a right foot very little red I'm retired, it might have been and still working and Cali and so conservative, but now it just doesn't make sense. I think you just kind and it we've got close to hundred and 50 just sitting not making any money. Well, I think as we head into what most are describing is choppy markets and whether not to go straight up like to have for the last few years and even longer than that.

I think having an advisor to manage this in a portfolio that makes sense based on what you just described to me about your conservative nature you have in your life makes a lot of sense to have your website moneywise and click find a CK interview two or three. Find the one that you do it for us today. Folks moneywise live is between the wise do you think you can do this tomorrow

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