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COVID Debt Update

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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November 12, 2021 5:33 pm

COVID Debt Update

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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November 12, 2021 5:33 pm

It should come as no surprise that a new survey shows nearly half of Americans have seen their credit card balances go up since COVID came on the scene. And half of those folks cite the pandemic as the direct cause of their increased debt. On today's MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will talk with Neile Simon of Christian Credit Counselors about how to pay off that debt faster. Then, Rob will answer your calls and questions on various financial topics. 

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As no surprise that a new survey shows nearly enough of Americans observing their credit card bills go up since gold Rob West also not surprising. Half of those with more dad say that the pandemic was the direct cause really Simon of Christian credit counselors joins us today to talk about a way to pay off the debt faster than it's all your calls at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live wisdom for your financial journey really Simon counselors and if you been struggling with credit card or other debt you really want to hear what she has to say merely great to have you back on the program. Thank you very much for having me.

Really we have new listeners every day.

You may not be familiar with Christian credit counselor. So what we begin today with who is Christian credit counselors and what you do share so Christian credit counselors is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) credit counseling agency that was established in 1990. So we been helping people now for 31 years. We've also helped over 300,000 Americans with our debt management program that helps people get out of debt and really began to enjoy the benefits of financial freedom. The program can help you to get out of bed.

About 80% faster while honoring your debt in full.

So if you're experiencing the stress and strain that debt brings from either making payments with no progress falling behind or you want to avoid bankruptcy, debt settlement scans or quick fixes that ruin your credit we can certainly help you.

I think this is the preferred approach for getting out of debt management is the way to do it the quickest with the least amount of money going toward interest, but we certainly talk about the debt snowball.

You can do it on your own, but I think you can have for more success.

So you need to check out Christian credit Really we mentioned the bank survey at the top of the program and we know a lot of people are struggling with that as a result of cold water.

You sitting on the front lines, so we know that about 53% of American households have experience in income loss since March 2020. Due to being either laid off for having their wage or salary reduced working fewer hours or even having unpaid time off or quitting their job. So what we're finding is that there really struggling to pay down their credit card debt, and would maybe really benefit from looking and exploring other options. No doubt some Americans are going back to work, but many still are not able to deal with the they've incurred during this time so merely talk directly to those folks. What advice do you have for them today. Yes, I think it really depends on where you're at. Some people just need some temporary relief. And if that's the case you may want to call up the creditors directly and see if they can't work out some type of internal hardship program for you. The programs with the creditors are usually just a short period of time either 36 to 12 months, but it does provide temporary relief.

Some other people there are really looking at refinancing their homes.

If they're in a position where they do have good credit and they can lower their payment creating more disposable income to a lower interest rate that may be a good solution, but for those who who aren't in a situation where they can refinance their home, or have assets like that you really might want to consider a debt management program because debt management really provide you a long-term solution to getting out of debt and doing it the right way and having somebody walking alongside you in the process, which is invaluable merely talk about how a program like that management a Christian credit counselors can actually help people get out of debt much faster than doing it on their own. What are the key aspects of the shirt so we can lower your credit card interest rates anywhere from 2 to 12%.

They're going to vary per creditor. So these are pre-negotiated terms and conditions that we already have in place with the creditors. In addition, we also snowball the debt. So on the program. Your payment will run name the same. So once an account gets paid off. We apply that payment to another account within the program to really expedite the payoff very good. Well, we've already covered a lot of ground, but a lot more to come with misinformation in this area of debt repayment, and I was debt management different than debt consolidation that and much more with Neely Simon, Dir. of strategic partnerships of Christian credit counselors minutes onto your calls and questions of 800-525-7000.

This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decision. Stay with us right back will go back to moneywise live Rob West, your host. Joining me today.

Neely Simon of Christian credit counselors and underwriter of this program and our good friends. In fact, debt management from Christian credit counselors is our preferred way to get out of once and for all and merely let's talk about that for a moment, who actually is a good candidate for your program yet so far people out there who are listing that are struggling with credit card data and it's really creating some stress and strain. Whether you're making payments and no progress or you've had a loss of income or just a lifestyle change. Maybe you've had to retire early or have medical bills. It's really important that you seek out a company that you can trust and can give you some solid information.

Christian credit counselors can provide you a free consultation in terms of getting out at that about 80% faster and really help walk alongside you to provide solutions. I love the fact that you have a believer there. On the other end of the phone praying with you who's encouraging you who's helping you set up a spending plan.

In addition to getting you started on debt management. Perhaps it would be helpful for folks to hear an example of a client that you've worked with, let's say a client is a total of picking a number here $43,000. How much would they say in a typical example of Christian credit counselors share so by lowering the payments and interest rates and in snowballing the dad person that has about $43,000 with the credit card that we can get them out at that in about four years, six months, saving them $292 a month on the payment and then about $463 a month in interest charges.

That's incredible. So when you talk about a monthly savings on the payment.

Are you saying that the payment actually will decline from what they're currently paying. That's correct.

Yes. So were lowering the payments and the interest rates, which enables us to create more disposable income for people other option that they could have on the program to is that you can always make additional payments. The program does offer a lot of flexibility in terms of paying it off faster. If you are in that situation. There are no prepayment penalties and then once you pay off the debt. The program completes its incredible because you actually have this lower payment as you said creating more margin, but you're paying it off a lot faster with a lot less interest being paid over the wife of the repayment. Let's take this example and now talk about a story of a real person who's experienced your program. I know you have tons of them, but pick one and share that with us shares so recently I had couple called me they were in their mid-60s. Both of them were working. The husband was more of the provider though and making about double what his wife was making, and unfortunately he experienced some health issues where he had a couple surgeries and it made him unable to work. So what happened is he ended up having to retire early start drawing on Social Security so they had a dramatic reduction in income and the wife is the one who really manage the finances and when she called me up. You know she was very distraught and stressed and strained and and really unsure of how to get out from underneath that is so I was able to offer her the debt management program.

Creating more disposable income and really encouraging her through our conversation and that we could get her out of that in about 3 to 5 years and really create the opportunity for them to now have some light at the end of the tunnel and some breathing room in a very stressful situation. I love that you know a couple of things occur to me from that story merely number one is just a ministry that you're having as you're encountering people in a really difficult spot or season in their lives. But secondly, the fact that you know this is not a quick fix overnight but that's a good thing because it is they would do the hard work, even though they're going to have less money going out the door remote and they're going to save a ton.

I think that ultimately result in meaningful life change that will ensure that they don't ever repeat this in the future.

Talk about those pieces of this shares so will Sir people out there who are struggling and reach out to us. We recognize that that's not an easy conversation and some are some people this may be the first time that they've ever experienced this right so it's very humbling. So it's important when people are reaching out that you really you meet them where they're at and that you listen to them and you encourage them and provide solutions. Even if our program is in a good set. We can certainly we want to give people an action plan so that's are motivated to take the next step. So whether it's through our program or through our partners or through the resources we have. We want there to be value in every conversation that we have that's excellent. Really I want to talk about debt consolidation and debt settlement for a moment, because that's often what people reference when they call into this program and yet those are very different than debt management talk about the difference in why debt management is so much better. Yes, it's interesting. A lot of people who call us are really sure what we DO and there's a lot of confusion out there between debt management and debt settlement and it's almost by design I think are some ways you is to confuse the consumer move very quickly, you know, make it sound too good to be true and I'm referring to debt settlement and where people engage in that because they're in a vulnerable situation there seeking out solutions and it sounds so good, but not really understanding the consequences.

So what I want listers to know is that debt settlement really it destroys your credit, there's no guarantees could result on a lien in your home. There's tax consequences.

You get a 1090 9C at the end of the tax year.

Whatever is written off his taxable income and it's not typical you're not honoring your debt you stop paying your creditors and you fall so far behind so that they can start negotiating one creditor at a time for lesser balance, but the reality is is that creditors do seek legal action after about a year of nonpayment. So many people are not paying off their debt and then they end up in court and liens on their home and it just turns into an absolute nightmare and that process people were not really aware of what they were signing up for. And then there calling us when it's almost too late, so I just encourage you do your research. Do your homework. Recognize that debt settlement is not a good option. We believe debt management is a solid solution to helping people get out at that long term in doing it the right way and debt consolidation merely is not a good option either because you and I have both seen it, we come in with the new loan wipe out the credit card that we have a change at underlying factors and so the credit card debt is back six months or a year later, right right so a lot of times people do use getting a personal loan or consolidation loan as a solution to getting out of debt, because sometimes it's gonna lower their interest rates. But what we often see with clients that are calling us is that they also they have credit card debt and they also have a consolidation loan because what they did is they paid off their credit cards opened up those lines of credit and then started using them again so moving data around, not so much a good long-term solution that's exactly right. Really, how can folks get more information you can reach out to us at 800-557-1985 or inquire on our website at very good merely thanks for joining us today. Thank you so much. That was nearly silent with Christian credit is that web address again Christian Your goals are next. 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live political wisdom for your financial journey with us moneywise live for your financial decisions on Rob Webster hosted lines are filling up. I see a couple remaining two. In fact hundred 525-7000 will begin to take your goals here in just a moment, they more than 18,000 of you have downloaded the money was created an account you're using it to consume incredible content related to biblical finance your posting to the community of our coaches are responding but literally thousands and thousands are using it to manage their spending tracker spending on a monthly basis using one of three systems that fits your personality type.

So if you're married, you and your spouse can be on the same page. Stay right on top of God's money as a relates to how your allocating it each month of the very best way to use the up is by being a pro subscriber. Well, there's a great offer right now discounted for a limited time for you to become a pro subscriber of the money was up, which means you can connect all your bank accounts of investment accounts in your donor advised funds or your transactions get downloaded automatically and categorized custom envelopes whole host of features and now is the time to do it so to check out the special offer to become a pro subscriber for the money was up just go to and you can learn more about it or I were to dive into your questions and comments today were to be all over the country, including RC Wahoo on the board today were not going there quite yet though Post Falls, Idaho. I can help user great thank you" call where in retirement. Right now my wife and I we have a budget that's just a little bit under the water.

We have a house paid off about $1 million. We love Borat were on 5 acres in the country barred me, barred me of my boy start breaking what I use it though.

Our question is do we stay as long as possible because we love it here and hope for the best or do we sell now and invest and out by downsizing and the world would be equipped the money so that we could live off it and still have something for our trust. When were gone. Yes sir well. Great questions and now it sounds like a wonderful place that you live. I know Post Falls is a suburb of court Elaine is a right yet.

We like to look at it that way but it what it is.

Well it's all probably a whole different feel where you are out in the country and I know you have incredible increases in your property values out there. I know Idaho actually led the nation with over 14% statewide increases last year in your area. Home prices are up as much as 30% year-over-year so incredible arises which means from a financial standpoint you would do well to go ahead and sell now get top dollar going now the question is where are you going and are you going to pay top dollar just down the street for something a bit smaller, or are you going to move out of the area. What are you thinking what would like we were just playing with the idea downsizing and just as ballpark figures, but we had a million week would spend 400 to buy another house down hundred to pay off all the cost and invest 500 I see yes that makes a lot of sense. Our financial advisor credit, which is Pinkerton is kind of encouraged that her little you know.

But we just always question yeah well from a financial standpoint that makes some sense because again were were sitting at the arguably inflated housing prices. We had a great run in particular the part of the country and even the area that your room has it always is right at the top end of that growth curve, and you could keep going, sure, but this arguably is the a great time to sell the other benefit is you simplify a bit. You have less upkeep you have less expense you know property taxes and maintenance, and overhead. When you downsize so that makes some sense as well.

Plus, there's just the stress and strain of moving that when you been somewhere a long time. You know that gets harder and harder as we age just to think about the euro taking something long like that.

This could take quite a bit of energy now, the nonfinancial side is your enjoyment. So I hear in your voice. You and your wife love this property you really want to be there and so I think the question is kind of balancing those two to say is this the right time. From a financial standpoint, maybe.

Is this the right time for us in terms of when were ready to part with this property that we love is paid for, but perhaps a bit more than we need in terms of upkeep size and expense, and you know when is the right time to go ahead and make that decision to move on. I can tell you from a financial standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to me and to your question. If you put 400,000 into a new property at hundred thousand to fix it up and it'll do some other things to let you had about 1/2 a million to invest because you'd have up to 500,000 in games that you wouldn't pay any capital gains tax on you know I think if you turn that over to your investment advisor to manage that on a pretty conservative basis. You know you should be able to maintain that principle and pull out your 20,000 a year which I suspect after reducing your overhead would probably make up that shortfall and then some that you're experiencing and you guys could just enjoy below. This next season of life. Knowing that your budget balances you covering your expenses. You may even be able to reinvest a little bit each month. Unless you're traveling or doing something special and you'd have plenty to give away to ministry and pass on to your errors. You know it when the Lord calls you home so I think this all makes sense from a financial standpoint I think the question you and your wife after talk and pray about is what is the right timing related to us being willing to let go of this and got a move to this next chapter to so that makes him so very yes it does kinda confirming some of the stuff we've already done one little concern is if we if we stay. I know this or that a real problem.

But if that market tanks it goes sometimes so that we experience it in the last downturn. It goes sometimes very fast and then what you do if you're caught in that you know you well. The key with the youth.

You do not have any more than probably 20 or 30% of the rest of the market in stocks that if we saw that portion of it down 2030+ percent you wouldn't dare sell you let it go and that portion to touch, let it with covering it always does have to go into it with that mentality had a break here now you still know I will talk just to fit more off the air, but he was along with us on moneywise live. I love our listener is targeted now housewife got on. We had a chance just to chat off the air. This is so fun to be invited and stories here what God's doing in your life, and as you're trying to be found faithful and make decisions and allocate God's money. The very best way that you can. It's just fun to do that together so thanks for your calls. In fact, we got a couple lines open. Here's the number 800-525-7000.

Let's at the Topeka Kansas hi Linda, how can I help you know you probably have commanded it held already and down. I am wondering what I can say my side shot me down every time I have suggestions for what he can do he have been giving him $1000 a month to help Gail get his credit card bill down now.

I'm tired and exhausted and stressed and I love him to dance and I probably love him to imagine that I don't think that I am that bad day on on everything and it just goes crazy.

Yes yes Linda tell me about his situation what's going on in his life.

Well that he lost his job in that coveted epidemic, and now he is working part-time at church. They needed a security guard at church and that when it's his turn, have several people that do that and so that's what you doing this is an incredibly strong jog job market right now folks out there looking for work or having no trouble finding it. With very few exceptions. Why is it that he's not going back to work full-time at this point. Well you work place transport. The error on the ground and that job came to an end and had a covert epidemic. They sometimes able to close down the prison. The jail that limited has him carrying people and to get in and I get and I'll tell you that job anymore. Do you think that if you weren't supporting him of $1000 a month.

He would go out and find full-time work by am I doing here is that he will take his life.

Now I don't know if that's a threat that he tells me RAP really wouldn't do that hurt people feel like I have to help as he makes love to see said that to you, Linda yes and he said it is his wife and said love about.

Of course, and he will come back with this health I like it even be truthful and not get condemned for it.

I got well Shane I want you to tell me the ICL and I think I can listen ADM. She said that he's going to take his life. That's not your fault, Michael would be devastated. Well obviously there's quite a bit going on underneath all of that needs to be addressed and dressed with folks who can really help him. You know that he's probably using that in part to manipulate you to do exactly what you're doing. That is to continue to provide. But obviously when he begins to express a desire to harm himself or others.

That's when it gets pretty serious and that shouldn't be a reason that you will continue to be manipulated, but it does mean he needs to get some help and so I think it'll perhaps sharing that with somebody who can step in to make sure that his family is protected and he's protected if in fact you know there are issues going on here that need to be addressed and so I think you to prayerfully consider getting him some help disclosing what's been shared with you to somebody who can step in and make sure that he doesn't hurt himself in the his family. This is going be okay from a financial standpoint. Clearly you are enabling him to do what he's doing, which is to not step up and provide for his family to be lackadaisical about giving the additional work and taking advantage of a situation where I suspect you don't really even have the resources to do what you're doing. And even if you did, it's not helping him because you are as you said, enabling him to make poor choices and not be a good steward and not be a provider for his family in a way that he should so normally I would say you need exercise some tough love here and that still may be the answer. You can't live in fear or guilt but at the same time I believe you need to do what you need to do to let the proper folks know whether it's the authorities or somebody else in his life who he will listen to your pastor to start with at his church you could step in just to make sure that nobody gets harmed in this but at the end of the day. From a financial standpoint I think you know what I can hear in your voice that that this is not the best approach for you or him for you just to continue to write this check every month for him to pay for credit card that for money. He has spent that he didn't have especially well he's not willing to go get a job in an incredibly strong market so I would place a call to your church and asked for some guidance there deal based on what has been communicated with you in the past I would prayerfully consider alerting the authorities about what you've heard, so that they can guide you in the next steps here. I know you love him like crazy and that's a good thing, but at the same time. Part of the way we love the people in our lives sometimes is difficult because we have to make sure there protected those around them are protected and that there doing what they need to financially in their best interest. So Linda I would encourage you to take that next up, I would love for you to call and keep us posted along the way. I know this is difficult and I'm to be all asked the moneywise live community to be praying for you emphatically pray for you right now as we say goodbye father Linda is in a really difficult spot in her son. Lord needs his eyes opened to the reality of who he is, his identity in Christ.

His responsibility as a father and a husband to provide to work in the Lord with whatever's going on there.

Whether that's mental illness or any other spiritual issues right now that are afflicting him. We just pray that he did a breakthrough that you reveal yourself to him in a way that allows his eyes to be opened by the Holy Spirit and that he would respond to Linda needs to exercise some tough love and make some hard decisions by bringing others around him to help him and in others work through this. The so she would have the wisdom and endurance to do that and we just commit the situation to you and look forward to restoration from him unto you. First and foremost and reconciliation with any broken relationships so we just trust you with this Lord and I was leaving your hands in Jesus name, amen. God bless you Linda. Please keep us posted Charlotte, North Carolina hi Eric help to help user of a month ago. The company I will now allow contract back to my company.

They may have wanted to wait right now but the important network, network and it looks like we have some background noise. There was try to get that squared away.

I understand you work for a company that was breached from a six network security standpoint, they probably have access to some of your own personal sensitive information and will talk about how you responded that you protect yourself for this is moneywise live on Rob West. Stay with us much more to come. Just around the moneywise live on Rob West.

A few moments ago we were talking Linda's threatened to take his life more than once. Linda and anybody else dealing with this.

The national pension lifeline is available 24 hours a day, both for anyone in that situation was thinking about that or somebody in their life has expressed that you just want guidance, so check that out. It's the national suicide prevention lifeline and there ready and willing to assist you. Just before the break. Eric was sharing with us from Charlotte so that he worked for a company that had a data breach and Erica, it's your understanding that your information was compromised as a part of that is stronger. My first my elbow so security or from mouse combat compromise okay and today offer you free identity protection is a part of that. One of the credit bureaus.

Yes, offering 12 months for so whenever you're notified of that. It seems like it's happening more more often these days, I'd take full advantage of it unless your information must have actual knowledge or information has been compromised. I wouldn't pay for that service because you can, in effect, do what most of what they do yourself a free, but when it's being offered to you certainly take advantage of it. Beyond that, Eric. I'd encourage you to pull a copy of all three credit reports. If you haven't already experienced Trans Union and neck will fax you can do that for to see if there's any inaccurate information on that that is not yours, and that you know you might want to follow up on it for some reason so many got your information in their compromised when your accounts or open an account in your name fraudulently and to that point, I would probably given that you have actual knowledge that this is occurred I probably going to freeze your credit. This is a free service. You gotta do it at all three bureaus, but essentially you put a pin number in place so that your credit report could not be accessed by a lender without the pin number which means if somebody tries to impersonate you and open an account in your name. That would be able to do it because the lender wouldn't be able to access your credit file without the pin number that the fraudster does not have, so that would be a good thing for you to do as well so I would follow those steps. Eric did you have any other questions that are related to this. Okay, no covert credit and a free moment with them at Cisco vector right. Yeah, a couple of things who pulled pull a copy of your credit report just to review it and make sure everything on each of the three bureau reports is yours, and it's accurate that step one you'll do if everything checks out great. If you see something is not yours. There's a way to disputed the second step is to contact each of those three bureaus and say I want to freeze my credit was just simply means you will establish a four digit pin number that blocks your credit file unless you give them that number which will just prevent anybody from opening an account in your name fraudulently. So I think those steps will help you, Eric, and beyond that, just use good practices as you manage your finances especially when you're online. We appreciate your call today to Oahu, Hawaii hi Jay, how can help user. First of all Rob, I'd like to say thank you for your program. I love it and the wise counsel you give thousands of people have been able to pick good bits of it and use it my own life I really appreciate that you got us out of debt help us get out of debt and because of that. My question is the disposable income. We have after our budget. I'd like to know whether it be better to to make extra house payments or extra car payments. Those are the only two debts we have now yes first day. Thank you for your kind remarks. I appreciate that. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share God's wisdom every day and be invited into the stories of wonderful folks like you just try to be found faithful with the is a steward so thank you forever saying that I'm delighted to hear you've eliminated your consumer debt except for the house and the car you've got some margin which tells me you're living within your means, which is really key to every financial success.

It's not about our income. It's about taking what God has entrusted to us in living within that which means living below what God has provided so that we can give. Go beyond even just our systematic tithe and we can know save toward our goals or reduce debt and ultimately you being completely debt-free, will be a wonderful thing.

I like the idea of you tackling the car loan.

Now you may have a 0% offer something like that. It is that the case is the car loan is 0% okay and what is remaining on $40,000. Okay, how much do you have surplus every month. All right around 3000 3000 a month extra.

Yes okay.

Great. Coming from a financial standpoint and obviously if you you know continue to pay that monthly payments that 0% no, it's not costing anything so I'm hesitant to say that you should go after that and there's no real benefit to you attacking this mortgage.

Are you still working are you retired now I'm 16 years old and my plan is to retire at 65 so I wanted to get as much of the mortgage paid off by then as possible. Yeah okay I like that idea Jay. I dug right after that mortgage just start adding this to the principal every month just keep making your scheduled car payment.

Like you, have you got obviously plenty of margin there which is great if you ever wanted to pay the car off you could, but that 0% you got that built into your plan. I'd say just keep paying that schedule payment, and let's attack that mortgage so that by the time you retire. You've put a real significant dent in the remaining mortgage and get your on your way to being completely debt-free. So I think that's the direction I'd had, like you, I really appreciate that I was not aware I was looking good not appreciate you checking in hey when you when you become completely debt-free. When you make those final payments. Promise me you give us a call back okay all you know it will Jay God bless you buddy. You enjoy yourself out there in Hawaii some point I might need to come have a cup of coffee with you. And let's head to Chicago. Tammy how can I help you, love your program got I don't have a lot of consumer debt but my astronomical and having because the pandemic they'd really gotten out of control so I'm trying to figure out a way to get the payment down for the Manageable. These federal loans. Tammy yeah I got there at the college and often grabbed okay.

What will you will.

I'm sorry would totally chill across the loans out at one time but it is okay hundred thousand dollars and ask how many zeros but yeah, you just well you know here's the thing. And obviously this you want to continue to work hard to pay this down. I think the key is, you know, because this is going to take you know quite a bit of time you've got a make it manageable in terms of building in your plan. One of the benefits of the federal loan program is that you know there are not only loan forgiveness programs and will see what happened. This is a pretty big item politically right now in terms of legislation being considered in forgiveness options and all of that but separate and aside from that, we gotta build it into your spending plan so that you can really accomplish the things you want to accomplish and live within your means. The other federal loans offer income-based repayment options.

That should give you some flexibility.

Have you inquired about those to see how you might be able to get the payment aligned with your income in a way that makes it manageable and trying to scare requirement but I will definitely inquire about the end, what if our income is income-based repayment so I went to federal loans, you know, if you when you show them your documented income they will work with you to come up with a payment that fit your budget.

Now the downside is there anything that's less than what you're sending now just slow down the payoff process because the interest rates not changing but you want to keep these in good standing of course and I realize this is going to take quite a while and so we got have a plan that's manageable. Given the income that you have and that's why we don't want to refinance away from the federal loans because that flexible repayment option is as real benefit. So I would contact the Department of Education and ask about income-based repayment options and see if they can't work with you to make this more manageable and you just stick with it and at some point will hopefully hear from you saying I finally did it.

And the Lord provided in these things are gone, but in the meantime, let's just try to be a good steward of what God has entrusted to you and we appreciate you call a Boise, Idaho. I just got a minute left, Pauline. How can I help you, just recently lost my husband, and life insurance. I've got quite a bit of savings I have enough to pay my house and my car which would still leave me quite a bit. I'm wondering if it's wise to pay my house off.

Now I'm 61 and are you planning to stay in this home polling. Yes okay and what is the mortgage balance that you would be paying 120,000 okay and what would you have left. I would probably have a hafted the house and the card probably have 132,000 okay would you need to live on any portion of that or is your income covered. Apart from now my I'm still working and I would if I paid days off I would still have an assignment actually be thanking one of my paychecks okay and then what happens when you retire or you live on Social Security. I should be able to do, and I also have a 401(k) that I can rollover who have been talking to them they think I should roll that over into an Ira would not give you a lot of peace of mind to know that house is paid off, it would. I like that idea I'd check with your financial advisor, but I think directionally that makes sense. It would lower your lifestyle like to save more and I think that you will strong spot sample I will talk a bit more healthier. I'm so sorry moneywise I was a partnership radio and moneywise thinking along with us today talking on Monday

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