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The Bible on Retirement

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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November 5, 2021 5:32 pm

The Bible on Retirement

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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November 5, 2021 5:32 pm

Is retirement actually biblical? Well, the answer to that question really depends on what your definition of retirement is. On today's MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will talk about what the Bible has to say about retirement and how believers should have a different perspective than the world does on the concept of retirement. Then, he’ll answer your calls and questions on various financial topics. 

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Christian retirement you'll find plenty of options to choose from but it begs the question, is retirement actually biblical Chiron was when you come right down to it, it depends on what your definition of retirement is for believers that should be different from how the world thinks about retirement talk about that first today that it's all your calls at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial so the world has plenty of you retirement the golden years hanging up the cleats in getting the gold watch.

Also sitting back in your rocking chair, the world's concept of retirement is saving as much as you can so that someday you can stop working. The world sees work only as a negative thing toiling under a mean boss for years so that one day you have enough to kiss work by but that is absolutely not a biblical view of work or retirement. God is our true boss. Colossians 3 tells us whatever you do work heartily as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord, you will receive the inheritance as your reward you are serving the Lord Christ you see work predated the fall, the Lord put Adam to work in the garden of Eden, and nowhere does the Bible say we can quit our service to him when we have enough money saved up to live a life of leisure. God himself as a worker in John 517 Jesus says my father is always at his work to this very day and I too am working. However the Bible actually does address retirement one time and only in a narrow instant circumstance regarding the Levites numbers 824 and 25 reads from 25 years old and upward. They shall enter to perform service in the work of the tent of meeting, but at the age of 50 years, they shall retire and not work anymore God's word doesn't tell us why they were to stop their labors but one thing we can be pretty sure of that passage doesn't apply to us. So how should Christians today think about retirement. Well, it's helpful to realize that the world feel retirement that is ceasing all work is a modern concept before the 20th century, people generally worked as long as they could. Then along came Social Security and pensions and retiring at 65 came to be seen as an entitlement. But as Christians our service to the Lord never ends. The apostle John was still writing and preaching in his 90s second century pastor. Polycarp testified that he'd serve the Lord. 80 and six years as he was martyred. Those are two excellent role models for how we should view retirement by now you're probably thinking why are we saving all this money than if were not supposed to retire in the simple answer is because it's prudent and a wise use of God's resources.

You see, people are living longer now than in previous generations. Many of us will reach a point where we are physically unable to work or work as many hours as we can now we have to prepare for that. Proverbs 2120 reads precious treasure and oil are in a wise man's dwelling, but a foolish man devours it. Of course that's prudent for everyone. Believer and nonbeliever, but is Christians. Ideally we want to save for the day when we can increase our service to God.

Think of it as retiring to something and not just from something.

A good example might be a business person who retires and then goes into the mission field or finds another calling to serve the Lord. Or it could be that your lifelong investing gives you resources later in life to give more generously.

The more you save from the resources God's entrusted to you. The more time and treasure you can give back to further his kingdom. So here in moneywise when we use the word retirement were definitely not talking about ceasing all work. Our goal is to help people be faithful stewards of God's money, so that one day they can serve him more fully. The bottom line is it's prudent and entirely biblical to save for the day when you can no longer work as diligently as you do now but knowing that in some capacity. You want to serve the Lord as long as you can so start saving for quote unquote retirement as early as you can to achieve the benefit of compound earnings. We recommend putting away 10 to 15% of your income. Do this in a tax-advantaged retirement plan, like a 401(k).

If your employer provides one taking full advantage of the matching employer contributions if they're available if your employer doesn't offer a 401(k) open up a traditional or Roth IRA. That way will be prepare for whatever the future brings.

And by the way, as you're planning for retirement.

Glenn set a financial finish line both for your lifestyle, your income and your assets so you know how much is enough and you can give more generously beyond that your calls annexed 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial statement is much more to come. Just around the corner and thanks for joining us today.

I moneywise live around with roasted calls and questions today on agile, we'd love to hear from you.

Here's the number 800-525-7000 800-525-7000.

Let's go right to the phones were to begin today in Brandon, Florida hi Eva, okay hope the Bothell area I live in a small church in a congregation of the hundred people are led and a lot of pastors anything that they want to leave their secular job and going to ministry full-time which essentially means that you know they would I get want to collect the salary based on what comes in through a small congregation that based on description you just mentioned that the Levites said Pat. Leave a good secular job and be financed by small congregation. It's a great question Eva. And clearly we see the model in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Frankly, where those who were in full-time service now were all in full-time service to the Lord) Carlos, whether that's in a sacred context or a secular context. Really, it's all sacred. If we do it as unto the Lord. But if were going to leave and you know the Lord calls us into what we call full-time ministry is Noah pastor at a church know clearly, we should see the body supporting the needs of the congregation including the ability to pay the pastoral staff their salaries in a way that's appropriate for their responsibility and that of the. The income that's in that particular community based on of the cost of living, and so forth.

But it is very challenging because most churches certainly more than the majority are very small congregations which puts a financial hardship on you know the the congregation to cover the expenses of the church now typically very small church would have a lot smaller. Staff and overhead in a big building and so forth.

But many times we see pastors that are by vocational for that very reason. You know they are your will give as much time as they can to the congregation, while the congregation is growing and then you have another job as well because they realize just not practical for the body to meet the full needs including what the pastor in his family should be paid so they can not only cover their bills but have something to save for the future, and so forth. So I think that's a decision on the part of the pastor that has to be made prayerfully. You know when a pastor is leaving the workforce and going into your quote full-time ministry and really asking that question is the congregation large enough for their enough resources to fund the work of the pastor and in his needs with his family and it it's incumbent upon the congregation to do their part and to be generous givers and to be no tithers and feel taking care of of their part of the equation as well, but it is challenging, with very small churches which again are the majority though. Does that make sense yes well I have you raise a great point though, when I clearly we need.

To me this is critical work. The local church was God's plan and so to meet the needs of the body and to reach the community and even to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, and that's why it's really important that we as God's people take a portion of what God has entrusted to us and give and I would say starting with our local church. So those needs can be met and so thankful for so many pastors, many of whom are probably listening right now and last month in October we had a chance to appreciate our pastors investor appreciation month but so thankful for what so many of them do, and how hard they work with so little compensation and I think we need to be making sure that we are paying our pastors an appropriate amount so they can now cover the needs of their family and save for the future but it's it's a challenge and that's why God's people need to do their part and were so grateful for so many that to get by on so little. So thank you for your call today raise a great point. Let's head to a Fort Lauderdale Sasha, how can I help you. Okay, do you mind if I ask your age okay great yeah yeah so when time is on your side and clearly it will be for you Sasha because you know if we think in terms of traditional retirement and we talked in the opener today. Just about how we don't as believers automatically subscribe to the same thinking around retirement does the culture in the world does, that we should accumulate as much as possible and only to live a life of leisure that we should all be sabers, but there should be a financial finish line. And we should realize that our service to the Lord never ceases, but in terms of how we take what were going to put away and say that as wise stewards, we should be asking the question you are and I would say first you want to take advantage of any matching that you have. If you have a 401(k) available because that's free money so it's at least max that out.

But I do love the IRA and in particular for somebody like you, Sasha.

The Roth IRA Sen. Roth did a great thing for us when he put that into place because although you don't get the current tax deduction you get tax-free growth on that money from now until retirement. And when you pull it out, you pay zero tax on all of that gain which is just a really powerful force. So I would say if you at your age could get diligent about contributing the maximum amount which happens to be this year. $6000 to a Roth IRA if you're married your husband to do the same. You will be very thankful your future self will be that you did that because you accumulate quite a bit of money if it's invested properly and you will have to pay any tax on all that gain and then at some point, you can open a 401(k) or Yorty have one, and you contribute alongside that that that would be tax-deferred money and you would have these two buckets if you will of retirement savings growing that you could choose from in retirement. Depending upon what the tax code look like and how much income you have a variety of other scenarios that you won't know until you get to that point. Do you follow all that though yes. So if you're just getting started. Sasha, I would probably look at one of the Robo advisors. This is a great new development in the investing space essentially where you would have a portfolio that's built for you based on a pretty sophisticated algorithm that is derived from questions and answers so they would ask you a series of questions that you would answer about your age and your risk tolerance and your goals and objectives.

And you know what the purpose of this money is in the time horizon and then that algorithm would build a portfolio of what are called exchange traded funds is think of it like a basket of investments that mirrors the traditional stock indexes so large, Domestic and international, and small-cap meaning. The smaller companies and large companies and international plus a very small allocation to bonds. Given your age. The nice part is that it's very well diversified, and you're not going to try to pick the winners and losers. You just cannot capture the broad moves of the market, but it's very low cost and every time you make a contribution universes. If you were to put in 500 a month to get to that 6000 here. Every time you make a deposit it's automatically rebalanced and invested in there's no transaction costs and that and so that's really the power of the Robo advisor solution for somebody who's just getting started. All mention three that you could choose from.

One is called betterment. The second is Schwab intelligent portfolios, and the third is the Vanguard advisor so betterment Schwab intelligent portfolios in Vanguard advisor. If you want to compare and contrast them there some great but I think Sasha that would give you what you looking for its very low cost, very easy to set up great websites great smart phone apps to manage and monitor your accounts and I think you'll be headed in the right direction and we appreciate your call today. While folks that we've already covered a lot of ground here but do we have much more to cover every line is full so you sit back and enjoy as we unpack a lot of great questions, but in every case, bringing God's word to bear so we can look at his principles compare them to what's going on in your financial life, I appreciate you stopping by today. This is moneywise live biblical was financial decisions are blessed. Thanks for joining us today on moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decisions. Let's go right back to the phones will head next to Florida. Diana, thank you for calling today. How can help you. I'm calling on the unfortunate tragedy and wondering wanted to know how can I limit that money sure to let's talk about your financial situation. Diana are you saving them. Do you have current investments like a retirement account of some kind. Okay, do you have an emergency fund in place approximately what okay and would that be two months expenses more or less what you think about 33 months expenses. That's great. Okay. Beyond that, do you have any consumer debt credit card student loans, car loans have a crying out or not and I have about 2500 and okay very good and are you living on a budget and does your budget balance with a little margin each month, or 11, paycheck to paycheck.

Tell me a little bit about that budget. I tried to put away to me are a very good but you haven't ever started a retirement account, correct that correct okay and you have a retirement plan available at work. Actually, I no longer work concurrently on letting a security I seek and see.

Do you have the ability to go back to work or will your health not allow the my help. Okay. All right. Well, this obviously is a blessing and so you want to be a careful steward of this money. I'm glad to hear that you got a budget that balances you got a little margin you built up three months living for living expenses in your emergency fund.

That's great. I'd love for you to boost that perhaps do as much as six months and then beyond that, it sounds like you know your not living beyond your means running up a lot of credit card debt and so forth. So that's a good thing with this 225,000. This is obviously going to be key for the future so you can grow it and have something that you know over time can appreciate in value and then you know perhaps you could converted to an income stream down the road to supplement retirement. It's a significant sum of money Diana so I'm going to encourage you, rather than trying to handle this yourself to find an investment professional who could be a really take over the management of this based on your goals and objectives so that somebody you just gonna come to do their own thing just trying to beat the market. But somebody is really going to get to know you and your where is God taking you in your life. What are your needs now and in the future and what ultimately with this you need to grow to in you what's a commensurate amount of risk to take. With that, and then deploy that investment strategy and the benefit is not only the expertise but you're kind of at arms length. So your note. They're knocking to be as emotionally driven by the decisions that are mates of the market were down because we had a recession and also than one quarter the markets down 20%.

You know you're not gonna rush to sell it, move it to cash as long as you're in the right long-term strategy you know somebody that mean they'll do what you want, but they'll be encouraging you to say no. We need to stay the course. We have the right strategy, the market will recover you of those kinds of things are invaluable and that's what a professional investment advisor brings. Would you be open to that idea. Okay, what I would do, then that Diana sent to our website moneywise moneywise and just click find ACK. This is a stance for certified kingdom advisor. This is a somebody in the investment area who would be have significant experience they met character requirements and pastor referencing client references in a regulatory review but they've also been especially trained to bring a biblical worldview of money and I'd interview three probably and find the one that you feel is the best fit and then I would employ that person to take over management of these funds and this will be a real blessing to you. I'm sorry that you know the reason that you're getting them is because of a obviously something that was devastating and yet this is part of God's provision to you and I love the fact that you trying to be a careful steward of it so we appreciate you checking in with us today and again. Our website is moneywise I bless you before we take our next break and we have some great calls lined up the will get to just around the corner.

Let me take a quick question that came in by email. This came from James, he wrote in it. he said, is there a rule of thumb for when I should drop comprehensive coverage on the vehicle and go to liability coverage only, and I would say James the rule of thumb on that is, if your collision insurance premium plus the deductible cost more than 10% of the current car value then most experts are saying it's probably time to think about dropping it off the collision premium plus the deductible more than 10% of the car value. Another reason to do it was when it's over 10. I hope that helps you. This is moneywise live questions just around the corner and for you 800-525-7000 six returning.

It is my mom Rob Wester who was so glad to have you along with us. Just a few months will be talking about annuities and 401(k)s. A whole host of questions today. Got a few lines open, though perhaps for you. Here's the number 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000. Next up Seattle, Washington hi Mark, how can I assist you hi one were blessed to have an income in excess of Roth contributions to the IRA raw make too much income for that with the advantage of set fire rate or a simple IRA and what is the difference between a step in a simple IRA very good. Now the you're right there is the potential challenge for some folks on the Roth IRA because of the income limitation and so the setup IRA is going to allow you to put away a bit more than the simple is is really the main issue. Some of the setup here for employer they can make an contribution to employees simple IRA including themselves as the owner is a 25% of the employees compensation, or $58,000 and then on the simple IRA that is going to be limited to only 13,500. They're both very easy to set up.

You know there's not a lot of administration not anywhere close to what you have on a 401(k) because you don't have a wrists requirements for filing and so forth so very easy to open lot of folks just because of the simplicity of the simple IRA and because it allows you to do some matching you know that's their first choice with a small business is trying to make a retirement plan available to employees but if it's mainly just you and you're not looking to necessarily get money to employees and you want to be able to put more away than you can do in the simple that 13,500 limitation and that's where the setup is really going to shine because as I said, you can get in upwards of $58,000 going into that account and for your high income earner who has a small business in you wants to build a soccer lot away get a current year tax deduction that can be a real advantageous tools that make sense in the advantage of a tax deduction in that taxable year work is just deferring tax in the future. The other, both treated the same. So you do get the current year tax deduction and then future tax on the gains is in on the withdrawals is deferred so you take the deduction as it goes and it grows tax-deferred and then just like a 401(k) you're gonna pull it out and pay tax on it as income in retirement for both of them. Thank you very much I appreciate that. Okay Mark thank you for calling today. God bless you, sir, working ahead all the way across the country and south of Florida hi George, what can I do for user. Hi, are you going great okay well I have a couple questions.

I went back to Lincoln I owe. I Am went to Qubec. That however I I like coming about I am a bit skeptical because going to market crash, when the flunky went to now got affected. If you will. Also, rather what I've been going there and it is I will sign back and directly the money into properties of the great bank going into that way and I would see that they working pretty well, I guess I might have. I ask if I continued that I think I do property management also I would go to a company make out in a joint or their 401(k), but I thought that the best way that I can grow the money you know what I'm doing and more property in that way when I retired I could utilize that or you not going to incoming unit is and out for whatever your mission trip or whatever were doing at that point but without the click is moderately particular idea after 11 and I can know what I'm doing yeah well I like that and I think you're exactly right. And you have a unique insight into this particular market segment and asset class if you will, because that your business and you see it every day. Now I will say though that you know you can do very well in the market and had you not gotten out when the market in us all that sharp decline during the other first part of the pandemic. You would've seen of complete recovery and then a doubling of the market now so I think it's imprudent to have a long-term properly diversified strategy that you stick with you know through the ebbs and flows of the market and you'll be rewarded if you can have that long-term perspective, but I do like having these two asset classes represented. So I think you've done well in real estate.

You're up close and personal because it's your primary business. But having also the ability to contribute consistently to a 401(k) and building that portfolio as well.

I think is a good thing and I wouldn't know.

Be scared necessarily of the market because over the last hundred years it's been perhaps the best place to build wealth as long as you got a long-term strategy and you're willing to stick with it and not trying to jump in and out in time the market. The other benefit of being a consistent investor in a 401(k), even when the markets down is something called dollar cost averaging. So you know as you as the market declines. If you make the same contribution every month. Think about it like this, you're buying more shares with the same amount of money and so you're taking advantage of those dips so that as the market recovers.

Those larger number of shares that you bought when the market was down are now worth more and that's a good thing. So I guess bottom line is I'd say stick with your strategy. It's working but absolutely take advantage of a 401(k) as well as your able to and especially if there's matching because that's free money okay got that out there at match. So are about to jump into the railroad meant by fellow think about a couple I would absolutely do that in Outlook you know, perhaps even get some counseling.

Which of those mutual funds inside the 401(k) would be the best fit for you and George. We appreciate your call today.

Let's head to Sioux City, Iowa hi Diane, how can I help you. My question is that line in regards to light tax consequences. I know like in 2025 and I packed bracket would be changing again and on. Right now I'm in a lower income tax bracket that I was trying to figure out what would be an advantage of having more Roth conversions between age 65 or 72 when you have to do the required minimum distribution on any investments, well, you just have to be careful there and see if it makes sense because essentially when you do the Roth conversion. Yes, your bypassing the required minimum but you're also taken a pretty big tax hit in that year, as opposed to just letting it continue to grow tax-deferred. And there are ways to offset that your required minimum when you reach 72. Notably, what's called the qualified charitable distribution where you can do your giving that you perhaps are currently doing out of cash instead out of the IRA directly to a ministry or your church and you reduce your adjusted gross income by that amount and satisfy your required minimum at the same time that would be one way and then perhaps the cash you were going to give you hold back is done in another way. So I think there are ways to do it without taking that tax by on the front and so I connect with your CPA and just kind of talk through this based on the specifics of your situation and I think you may find that it makes sense to leave at least a portion think this is moneywise live got more questions just around the corner ledger along with a state thanks for joining us in moneywise live Rob West you know somebody along with us today.

Got a few lines open room for you.

Here's a number 800-525-7000 800-525-7000.

Did you receive our moneywise weekly wisdom email yesterday if not love for you to receive it. It went out with some comments for me are trending articles and podcasts and it's a great weekly dose of God's word as it relates to your financial journey. I know it will be an encouragement to you. The best way to receive it is just add to our website moneywise and just sign up for a free account that will ensure that you get the weekly wisdom email and you be able to post to our moneywise community where coaches will answer your questions. That's moneywise, let's head back to the phones today. Shelley is in Indiana hi Shelley, how can I help you how.

I just know know I will not route but I know where it your credit report and write what people are putting on your point.

RTP you know I'm very familiar with it, Shelley, and I'm not a big fan of this particular type of protection that's being offered. It will be referred to as title law clerk title theft insurance and the companies that are selling.

This is a monthly subscription claim that will protect you. Somebody signs a false transfer of deed at the county courthouse. The problem is that nobody can prevent that, and you simply can't lose your property. That way, because the transfers invalid its fraud.

So, if the identity thief takes out a loan on the property and the lender attempts to foreclose, which they probably wouldn't even try.

It wouldn't stand up in court because they took the property from you in a fraudulent manner would be unlawful foreclosure because you're the rightful owner and didn't sign anything so you know, the fact that the other saying they can protect you from this is really I think a half-truth what's better would be number one for you just to kind of monitor that yourself in many county records offices are offering a service where you can sign up for an alert if there's been any change to your deed, status, and you may want to check on that.

But even if it's not available again paying something to somebody's money each month to do this.

I just think is an unnecessary expense because bottom line is if somebody tried to do this in its remote although were hearing about it more these days. Again, nobody would be able to foreclose in your property because they're not the rightful owner. Does that make sense though hearing how well you sure know and for that reason they won't be able to foreclose because it's unlawful foreclosure because you're the rightful owner. So Weiss why pay somebody to protect you from that when you don't really need any protection. Now it would be a hassle, no doubt, but I don't think it's worth the expense of quote and quote the title, theft insurance, so I'd pass on that if it were me, but I appreciate your call today to Idaho hi Robert, how can help you.

Hi I am looking to my wife started a business in February right before color it.

We barely had any money to survive or anything like that and we we've overcome it. We've started a business, she was going through custody battle and we've pretty much overcome everything that Satan has no matter and let the Lord's help and we got a clientele base.

All that with our business and use the Lord in our business when we have clients we talk about God. Everything we are looking to invest our money in a better way to help our family okay are clients is what were basically doing all right so are you looking to take a portion of the proceeds and by the way, I'm delighted to hear your story and how the Lord is blessing your business is you talk about investing. Are you looking at starting a retirement plan that would benefit not only you but your employees are a did you have another investing question how can I help you. My investment is to help my knee.

My why my kids. I hope are willing to take over when were pretty much done with our time with it and we can move on hundred and you more ministry work with what we're doing stuff like I said, the Lord has blessed us in many ways because we use our our minds for him or told our work with him and all around here.

That sounds like he's certainly honoring that slot when I would look at Robert is what's called ASAP IRA, SEP, and basically it's can allow you to put away up to $58,000 or 25% of your income you want to open it. Perhaps it you know Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade or Vanguard and our friends of sound mind could be a great resource for you. They'll help you select some really high quality, mutual funds, and then you just want to be just diligent and systematic about the contributions you're putting into that. That's a take a portion of your approach your profit and allow you to get a current year tax deduction.

I'm assuming you're organized as an S Corp. and so that's can give you nice deduction and get a good bit of money put aside so that it can be invested and again sound mind could be a great resource to choose those investments. Once you get it set up. You can also talk to your tax preparer about setting that up in the benefits that you realize from a tax perspective. But thanks for sharing your testimony of how God's work in your life and your business and all the best to you, but said quickly to Chicago hi Jill, what can I do for you for taking my call to kids who are about $10,000 saved up wondering what would a good investment option be that I'm think they arty have college money that yeah so that was my first question is what is this money earmarked for. So if it's not for college. How do you envision this being passed to them. Is it something you just want them to be. Take control over when they reach the age of majority there in Illinois or do you want more control over it than that. In terms of how they receive it and when I looked for them to take control of the money when they reach majority okay so you could use a custodial account. You just need to think through that, because you, what are their ages right now. I'm okay so you know me when they get to 18.

For instance, you know, depending upon their their maturity, both spiritually and emotionally, but also, and more importantly, financially. You know they may or may not be making the best choices. Let's hope that they are in and pray that way but just keep in mind that if you open a custodial account and invested it does become their money so they want to take it in my sports car they can make an innocent poor lifestyle choices they could use this money and that way.

Or maybe they're doing great and you know this would be a real blessing to them but I just want you to think through the implications of that because it will become their asset as soon as they reach that point.

But you would open a custodial account. I do it.

Probably at this point with one of the Robo advisors better mentor Charles Schwab intelligent portfolios are the Vanguard advisor and would do as you systematically make contributions over and above the 10,000 you arty have saved that money would automatically be invested in a portfolio that's consistent with the time horizon on this through index funds, which are just broad market indexes that are going to capture the big moves the market but in a very low cost way so it's a custodial account and I would use a Robo advisor betterment Schwab intelligent portfolios or Vanguard advisor and I think that'll give you what you're looking for and we appreciate your call to stay in Illinois and finished today with Janet. How can I help you little bit of money and I want to think that the man himself so do a carnal outline of the other out there that we try not been named. He has to be 18 before he could sign up for it. I found out so sign up for him in my name, and if so, what are the correct implications for me and I also like that financial and confusion that I cannot take part in daytrading solely for daytrading. I can specify wanting to deleting its name yeah I see in a couple of things your number one is you know many of these syntax companies that like a core source would be another one, or betterment. They are most of them do not have custodial accounts and so you have to be 18 years old to open them so. Another option would be just what you said you open it in your name but it's earmarked for him and you certainly could pass along the credentials to login and view it, manage it, but I don't know that I would get him in the mode of daytrading and I realize there is one sense we want to teach investing in what we wanted to be exciting for him to be able to pick his companies, but we don't want to reinforce the wrong behaviors which is investing is jumping in and out of stocks trying to pick the bottom and pick the top and make a quick gain should be more long-term in nature and according to Ecclesiastes, it should be broadly diversified. So I look at a Robo advisor which I was just talking about this good systematically invested in index funds as opposed to try to pick the winners and losers. I just don't think that's good. Set him up well for the future and I mentioned betterment Schwab intelligent portfolios in Vanguard advisor Jenna thanks for your call to hey that's good to do it for us today.

Moneywise light is a partnership between Moody radio and moneywise media thanks to my team today engineering today Courtney Young producing Deb Solomon on phones Eric Tidwell amazing Jim Henry providing research to come back and join us on Monday William publish

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