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Redeeming Money

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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October 1, 2021 10:04 am

Redeeming Money

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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October 1, 2021 10:04 am

Our view of the world shapes many aspects of our lives, and it especially affects how we manage our money. On today's MoneyWise Live, Rob West will talk with pastor and author Paul David Tripp about the importance of having a gospel worldview to help us understand life and money the way God wants us to. Then Rob will answer your calls and questions on various financial topics. 

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This is Damon Baxter and I serve as business development director for MIDI radio. The only reason were able to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on the radio is because of financial support from listeners like you. We also have businesses support us to like United States mortgage faith and family is at their core, it's why they choose to be such a close partner with our station is why they specifically advertise on Christian radio stations across the country. It's wife, father and son, John and Ryan still lead the company to this day.

Check out United faith mortgage and their direct lender thanks to you and to United faith mortgage for supporting beauty radio United faith mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Belleville Park Rd., Melville, NY license mortgage banker for licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah Colossians to a foreign succeeded to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world and not according to Christ by Rob West. Our view of the world shapes our lives, especially how we manage money about that today, first with Paul David Tripp limits your calls at 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000.

This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decision but I guess today is Pastor Paul David Tripp, the author of more than 30 books and videos on Christian living and what is most recent is redeeming money how God reveals and re-orients our heart, all welcome to the program but I gotta tell you, I've been reading your books for a long time and then all of a sudden out of nowhere. I was so excited to see one on money and it's deeply impacted me. I would go as far as to say everyone listening to this program needs to read this book because Paul you've hit on something that I've talked about for a long long time and that is money issues are heart issues and if you don't understand that if you don't begin there. You've missed it, according to God's word is that really one of the key things that led you to write this money problems are not actually money problems there heart problems that revealed himself as money problems so yeah yeah's delay Larry Burket used to say money is the clearest indicator or the way we handle it into what's going on in someone's life spiritually, because how we handle our money reveals what we value, where we placed or trusted tells us what's important to us and so we have to begin there.

And I know you talk a lot about identity. What is it about identity and money that we need to understand the Bible assigned to what these four identities creature center suffer saying they have everything to do with money creature money really testifying how you think about who you are. Center where to where does your use of money expose your need for heart change suffer where's your evidence in your use of money that I mean you you got out of the goodness of God, give taken your money life into your own hands and saying how was your money life in shape by the blessing of knowing that you are one of God's ancient one of God's children shows some way you're always living in your money world out. Of those four identities whether you know it or not that's a really big idea which also says Paul, that's it. Else fixing our money problems before in a money mass. Yeah, we need a budget but it's so much bigger than that and it really has to begin with our heart because we can't solve these problems related to money with more money right mistake of a lot of the money even Christian money rules of a budget could solve your money problems. Jesus would have never had to come across teaches us to something deeper that's broken and unless I get it that I won't solve my money problems that's exactly right. So how would you then articulate as you read the Council of Scripture and meditated on these literally thousands of passages that deal with money and possessions. How would you articulate that a biblical worldview of money so you know that there are 44 things that I think are just so important to let shape the way you approach money one is in the center of the world is the start of calculable glory, the glory I was meant to live for is not the glory of physical things, not the glory of the amount of treasure in the bank but for the glory of God that batches changes everything. This the Bible tells us also that the world is terribly broken by sin that sin is deceitful and seductive and controlling and so one of the ways that that money gets us in trouble is, it becomes an idol for us that distorts the way we live. We also know that God offers us his his amazing life transforming grace.

So I hide my money problems I can come to him and confess those and then finally we are called to live for something bigger than our own pleasure were called to live for God's kingdom and that all those things change the way that you approach this thing called money. Paul David Tripp as our guest today is book is called redeeming money how God reveals and reorients our hearts. More to come. Just thanks for joining us today on moneywise live our guest today is Paul David Tripp, author of redeeming money how God reveals and reorients her heart. Suppose really offering some fresh insights about how we should handle God's money and and I'll tell you, this book is deeply impacted me. I would say everyone needs to read it and in fact we believe that so strongly were making it available as a gift from moneywise with every donation of at least $25 between now and December 31. Just go to moneywise and click the donate button and again will get a copy of this book right out to you about Paul just before the break we were talking about this idea of money being so connected to our hearts.

And really, if we understand a biblical worldview.

It changes how we view and handle God's money that you encountered a passage in Ephesians that you believe changed everything for you and I look for you to unpack that a bit forced.

Start with a helicopter view.

First of the Bible is the world best generosity story God. Generosity is on every page of Scripture. It could be summarized by nine words for God so loved the world that he gave you don't understand the biblical story that she understands the generosity story and that comes down to the way that we think about our work and our money. Ephesians 428 says this let me steal no longer, but rather let him labor are doing honest work with his own hands. Now, I would expect it would stay next so that he can provide for himself and his family. But that's not what it says, doing honest work with his own hands, check this out so that he may have something to share with anyone in need. Paul is saying. The purpose for your money is not the first to provide for you and your family. The purpose for your money.

First, the primary purpose is so that you can be part of God's grand generosity agenda that this changes everything. It really does and I think it's such a critical and foundational idea that you cannot hear Paul because we tend to start there with provision. The challenge is when we begin with provision, we can end up with an endless list of needs and wants that never allows us to move beyond that into generosity.

What you said is clearly at the heart of what God wants for us exactly why he what he said, flipping the game honest here Scott plan, God makes his invisible generosity visible by sending generous people to give generously to people who need generosity while they are and so immediately. Once I am his child.

I am an ambassador than of his generosity that the purpose of money that he puts in my hand primarily and he has promised, as I give myself let generosity mission team will provide for me. Matthew six. As we have a heavenly father knows what we need.

That's good for us because we let the minute we get needs and wants computers all the time.

Well, we sure do love what you talking about here related to God's generosity story you know we talk a lot about the fact that if something is going to compete with the Lord for first position in our lives. It's most often we see in Scripture going to be money. You cannot serve both God and money. When we look at the parable of the sower. The way I read it 2 1/2 maybe out of the three reasons Jesus gives for the word being choked out was the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches the desires for other things and what we also understand is that giving generosity is what calibrates our hearts to the ultimate giver and it literally breaks the grip of money over our lives. As you process the opportunity to participate in God's activity through giving Paul what you believe that act does to our hearts that really changes everything about how we view our money that we all struggle with.

Paul says, is that we live for ourselves.

Jesus came so that we would no longer live for ourselves is the selfishness of that of wants and needs and feeling and it's so hard for me to get beyond me. And so when God gives me a grander greater vision. He's not just taking money from me. This is so important and love. He's liberating me for my bondage to me. Yes, and that's the best way to live because I was I was created to live for something bigger than me and when I do that there's contentment and satisfaction and joy that you won't find any other way call to generosity is actually a welcome to the good life. It's serious appalling that you've written a lot on marriage and relationships. Let's apply this to the marriage relationship because you know when we hear from folks on this program and say we've got a breakdown in communication over money. It's not working and we then step back and say first and foremost this is a hard issue and you need to get a vision for where God is taking you as a couple and see money as a tool to accomplish that it changes everything that take everything you just described about money in our hearts and apply it into how we need to interact as a married couple will I think this is what we are talking about right now is the only solution. Often what you have in this debate between two different purposes for money like this is the way I think about her money cosmos is. This is where I think about money and they don't have a higher agenda to solve the debate and subject to endless and must battle and it begins to break break down their love and their intimacy with one another.

When I say that there's a bigger agenda deficient generosity agenda and there's something both of us can sign on to both of us can submit to greater, deeper level of unity that we can enjoy allows us to be on the same page in the way that we think about our use of money and budget our needs and the greater need for God is called us to be involved with. But that's exactly right because it does, in fact, then change everything.

It's no longer about I get to do this and you get to do that. It's about what is God doing in our lives and how can this tool of money be aligned with his purposes for us to be able to be connected to God's activity in the world. I love this visual Paul of not being a bucket were God's provision stops with us, but in fact being a pipeline where were connected into God's activity, which is where real joy is found right related to our Lord wants us to thrive. He loves us and thriving life as much as we think that keeping it all and spend the good life. It's not the good life and so I think one of them.

So I want to say is that you have to understand that the money in your pocket is a visual picture of a spiritual warfare that is taking place in your heart. Where is that were taking you what lives in control of your heart close to winning that battle of who will set the agenda for your life and who won't. And every time you look at a dollar you think God and am I surrendering not just this dollar, but everything in my life to the greater better agenda that you have for me. While that is powerful and for summer at a time. You have to have you back to talk more about this Paul, thank you for some refreshingly wonderful insights about how we should view and handle our money. God bless you sir, thank you so much fun to be with our guest's been Pastor Paul David Tripp, author of redeeming money how God reveals and reorients our hearts. You can get a copy with a minimum donation of $25 to moneywise from now until December 30.

Just click donate. When you visit moneywise your calls her neck stay with us will be right back joining us in moneywise live in an interview with Paul David Tripp today.

You know I did the interview and I've already listened to it now. Three times I would encourage you to do the same. It was so rich. There was so much there that I believe you need to hear more than once a great way to take advantage of that is that head over to our website moneywise moneywise and you'll see there featured on the homepage is this interview with Paul David Tripp so you can listen again whether it's on your smart phone or on your desktop perhaps over this this coming weekend. Whatever it might be. I love this picture he painted right there at the end there were so much right there at the end he said you know that dollar in your pocket is a picture of the war. That's raging between who is ultimately controlling your life is your flash, that's dictating where your money is going.

Or is it connecting to God's bigger agenda for your life. In celebrating his glory and his generosity story and perhaps money is the most tangible evidence of how that war is going and if we see money that way as a tool to accomplish God's purposes, then perhaps everything changes will that's one of the themes we want to explore here day in that day in and day out. On this program and I'm so grateful for Paul David Tripp to help us do that today. Also, as I mentioned, if you'd like to pick up a copy of the book redeeming money, which I would highly encourage a great way to do that is by making a gift to moneywise media we rely on your gifts for what we do in between now the end of the year were going to send you a copy of this book with a minimum donation of $25. So just head over to our website moneywise you can click donate button would be delighted to put it in the mail. I start to take some phone calls today would love to hear from you. Whatever's on your mind today. Whether it's one of the themes that Pastor Paul David Tripp explored or something else. Perhaps it's saving or giving you need to know how to get out of debt or look toward retirement whatever's on your mind today would love to hear from you. We got some lines open. Here's the number 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000 just a moment will be in Midway Florida with Alonzo. But first, Jane is in Chicago Illinois in June good afternoon hello how are you very well taking my car are my hello hi, go right ahead okay thank you for taking my call. My question is I am not eligible for full retirement until May, but I am 65. My hours got cut it work so I am going to take my Social Security that I wanted to know if I should take my husband's survivor benefits if I should take the benefits that I'm entitled to.

For myself, yes, it's a great question. As you probably know, you're entitled to the higher of either of them. However, I would say Jane if you can get by by taking your husband's survivor benefits I would do that if you start taking your own benefits. A year or two early.

It could lower your benefit by as much as 16% permanently. Probably more likely 8%. If it's a year early, since you're not yet at full retirement age. The survivor benefit will be reduced until you reach that age at which time you would get the full survivor benefit at that time, then you can compare the benefit to what you would receive from your own work record and again you'd be in tape that entitled to take the higher of the two, but by taking the survivor benefit if again it meets your need right now. Based on those cut in hours, then it could allow your own benefit to grow and the others. The likelihood possibility at least that that benefit will be higher when you evaluate the two and then of course you would either continue taking the survivor benefit if it's more or you can move over to your own, but I think that would be one approach. Does that make sense to you.

Someone told me I should take survivor and claim almost and then mine would probably be higher than I don't know what either one of these are yet.

I have an appointment with Social Security coming up very good and that's certainly another approach as well because that would allow yours to continue to grow and then you could have the option to switch over. I'm glad to hear you say you have an appointment because they're great to work with Bill actually pull your actual work record your high 35 so you can compare what your actual benefit is projected to be both now at full retirement age, and if you delay beyond full retirement age, and compare that to what you're entitled to for survivor's benefits early and at full retirement age, and it will become pretty clear which direction you need to go, but you do have this flexibility of allowing one to continue to grow.

Taking one now and then switching. I think the key is just making sure that that budget will balance in the short term so you can cover your obligations? I am going to keep working right, they like but I do that they were thinking about. I have to pay a dollar for every two dollars) and I was wondering like that work. I know there's a limit I can make. Until then, how do I get that money back like in the end, or defect go to the government or if it attacks the ball area now like what happens to that dolly that I'm going to end up giving them yeah that's a good question. So prior to full retirement age you are going to be limited to roughly $18,000 will be more than that in earnings at which point beyond that you would be reduced dollar for every two dollars you earn. At that point that is temporary so that reduction you actually get that money back after full retirement age still and added to your check over time until they've repaid you for everything that you lost so it's not a permanent reduction. It is temporary, but obviously it you note it will impact you and you need to factor that into your planning. So as long as you're aware one of what it is again.

It's something that you will eventually get back over time, and once you reach full retirement age. Jane, you won't have to worry about that anymore. You're free to earn as much as you like. So I'm confident you'll sort all of this out in your upcoming meeting, but hopefully this at least gives you some things to think about is your guy preparing for that meeting and the key. I think as you move forward is to just really have a clear understanding of what is your monthly both the fixed expenses of things you get a bill for, and the discretionary spending which is what is a tendency to get away and having a budget in place and then a plan to control the flow of money in and out really appreciate your call today. Thank you for listening best well a lot more to come on moneywise live, including perhaps your call number 800-525-7000 800-525-7000.

This is your financial Rob West read this today on moneywise live with your financial phones.

Carlos wants to know about long-term care insurance about taking a portion of the tithe and using it for her mission trip. Alonzo wants to pay off some that occurred before we get to Alonzo's question though.

We got a big update to the moneywise app coming next week and I'm really excited about it not only brand-new look and feel to the applets going to be really elegant and make it to a really easy for you to use.

But beyond that were introducing will be the first money management app that will allow you to choose between three styles of managing your spending and tracking your expenses. We got the tried-and-true digital envelope system. I'll say for the pro users.

Those people who want to be always in sync to their checking and savings accounts taking those balances and funding envelopes and then automatically applying transactions to reduce those balances to stay on top of exactly what's available. I think it's the best approach, but for some people, and we've heard from you. You said you know what, that's just a little bit more than I have time to do right now I want to get there but I'm not ready for it. So were introducing alongside the digital envelope system to other ways to track your money one is what we call plan and track where you create your budget in the app and then your transactions are downloaded from all of your institutions automatically and you just track against it so you can see how you're doing.

Month-to-month against your budget.

Are you over yonder and it can be a great source of information and then Canada. The easiest approach, which may be a starting place for some of you is track only when I ask you to create a budget were just can I download your transactions for you and categorize them so you can begin to see where your money is going and the great thing is you can switch between the three approaches at any time track only plan and track or the digital envelope system all that and much more. In our major update is coming next week to the moneywise after going download it now so you'll be ready when it launches head over to your app store search were moneywise biblical finance.

You can download it today and look for the update next week are, let's head back to the phones midway Florida hello Alonzo, how can I help user you will not thank you for taking my call and I thank God for you and your state what people like me all my course video I all got five years ago. Goblet them alive to Bilo bundle homeland and after the biggest home, all you know course we had to find furnish it so I end up giving myself and I'll get you nowhere but do not give it credit call Kenny Mayo advised that the get a 100 so I can get things into their home and do things will turn you know as well as loan. So now here it deals with credit card debts and loans and I don't have low savings account will when all of the had to take a part-time job and I'm seated like I'm not making no legal way of trying to pay off all these credit calls and these loans and I don't have been a way of saving the money and I'm getting ready to retire. Dirt. Three years at 6265 so I just need to know all work is it better for me to try to critically calls up myself will get credit counselor and also when uphill critical of all. Do I need to close it because I don't want to use these credit calls, no mama prayed about half down, I would still be exposed to them and use them. So all I can Alonzo and then I appreciate your transparency and can certainly understand the situation that you're in you and I think the first thing is really to make sure that you have proper biblical view of money and understand this is God's money and you're the steward of it just like I am of what God has entrusted to me and were all gonna make mistakes along the way and that's why Jesus came to redeem that and to your die on the cross to pay the penalty for sin.

We can lay all of those mistakes at the foot of the cross, but we do need a purpose ourselves to really move forward after we cannot allow that to be turned over to the Lord in making the decisions that align with his heart for the resources that have been entrusted to us, which means we've got to make sure that we've got a plan to to allocate our money that's in line with God's heart for where were headed as a couple and as a family that you are spending is reined in so we can live within our means and give generously and I realize that may seem far from where you are today, but I think having that vision of where you're going is really key once you do that and you have that budget in place and you you and your wife have committed to stick through to that, then clearly we want to get this debt paid off as quickly as you can. Let's talk about how to do that. Let me ask you first, though, if you just pay the minimum. So all these credit cards do you have anything at all left over at the end of the month. The thing that, Bob will see I am THE overture and I do pay my pie not do. No soul with debt.

Make sure they God do get make sure that take about wildly volatile when I don't have. I am Lord to the Lord in my time from our current ethical document which nothing to the people that I'm not doing shows how God do all these things. My wife is good, little help all but Almighty and I'm the one who got myself in this group and so so I'll probably after I finish paying all of my bills ties know they may have $78 left up opinion all of my minimum try to pay by five or $10 note in my minimum payment critical. I'm delighted to hear Alonzo do your conviction around getting certainly can understand as you teach that the flock you want to be aligned with your teaching and not have a misalignment there and I would affirm that absolutely even in the situation that you're in that you continue to give systematically to the Lord in terms of the best way to approach this dad I'm going to encourage you to look first to credit counseling, it will accomplish two things, both of which you mention one is your concern that if visa cards are still available, that they may get used for something that's kinda outside of the plan that you've established for your monthly spending credit counseling is going to require that all these accounts get closed on the front end so soon as they going to credit counseling. They can no longer be used. I think that's a good thing. The second thing is the interest rates will be reduced significantly for most if not all of them and you'll have one level monthly payment that you'll work through with your credit counselor and though make sure that that fits in your budget and because that payment is level it doesn't go down as the balances go down. That, combined with these lower interest rates for these accounts that are in credit counseling should allow you to pay this off on average 80% faster. So I think this is the right approach. It doesn't factor into the credit score. Although it will likely be noted on your credit report, but that's the least of my concerns right now. I want you and your bride to get out of debt once and for all and never find yourself in this position again. My Alonzo would be delighted to help you. These are wonderful believers.

This is their ministry. In addition to the fact that they've helped literally thousands and thousands of Christians just like you get out of debt. So let's start there. Visit them today Christian set up a free appointment just to walk through all of this.

Let's see if that isn't the very best way for you to get this 20,000 knocked off and then wanted six gone give me a call back and celebrate together logically appreciate folks much more to come on moneywise lives there with us if you haven't visited the new moneywise lives website and check it out moneywise lives Oregon particular to all the great content featured on our homepage today is three tips and biblical wisdom from navigating healthcare costs, replay of the interview. We started with today with Paul David Tripp a great article about couples and money and video from David Green of Hobby lobby CEO of Hobby lobby where he shares his approach to business and generosity. In light of eternity and David Green is just a giant of the faith, and I know you'll be encouraged by what he shares a video from our partners at gospel patrons. It's all there that moneywise and by the way, I jump into the community while you're there and perhaps you might want to post a question in our community forum are moneywise coaches were trained volunteers biblical financial counselors are ready to jump in and weigh in on your situation that may be just the place for you to ask the question that you have today. It's all in the moneywise community.

All of that is it. Moneywise, artwork and head back to the phones today, Vicki is in Youngstown, Ohio, WC, RFI, thinking how can help you call John and I wanted to start out right when it might burst. The Lord, and in turn, now it hurt hi Pitney right 5% of the local church and any other money I paid to go on porn missions trip that would located it without going to God or should I make sure to do that 10% of the local church and about that would be a permission yeah well it's a great question, Vicki, and I think at the end of the day it's really between you and the Lord your pastor JD Greer who you here on this radio station at Summit church in North Carolina calls giving to the local church, God's plan. A. That was the local church was God's design for carrying the gospel to the world and for believers coming together and then going out to share the love of Christ, and I think giving a tithe which by definition means 1/10 to the local church systematically based on our increase is a great beginning point for giving and clearly were to be about funding the work of the local church were God has planted us.

Now, whether you decide to get back that down and split that I mean I realize these are all good things we don't want to get legalistic about it. This is not the Old Testament law. Jesus came and we now have the law of Christ. And so we should give generously. We should give as a reflection of gratitude for what he's done for us on the cross.

I think it's an act of worship and it should be. I think systematic but then beyond that sacrificial and even spontaneous now how you ordered that in your own finances.

I think is something you just auto think and pray through about, but for me I would affirm the idea that you'd give systematically. The 10th to the local church as a beginning point and then you give sacrificially beyond that but again I think as you pray and think through that.

If you feel led to do something different than that the Lord knows your heart and ultimately it I think it's a matter of us giving cheerfully to him as opposed to trying to check a box and do something out of compulsion because certainly that the Lord doesn't want that this does that make sense to you yet know to go to the local church that but I only heard anything about that or whatever out you out. I think that's a great approach that certainly approach that we taken but again at the end of the day that's between you and the Lord, you know. So often when we get to the local church that should include missions because you're one of the functions of the churches to have the omissions activities both locally and even beyond that. But I realize there may be a specific trip or something that you're working toward for you or your family and another set competing priorities all over the place so I think just as a simple approach. I would say give 1/10 of the church and then give beyond that, for other things, including what the Lord may lay on your heart, even spontaneously, but at the end of the day.

I would just gonna pray through it decide that where the Lord is leading and then operate out of that conviction. Hope that's helpful to you, Vicki. We appreciate your call today. Let's head south to Miami, Florida, Ascutney, Miami Springs hi Carlos, how can I help I've been a listener since the night thanks to your program. I not in your firm is able to retire for long. Now my question to you is, does it behoove me to get long-term care or can I use my investment, especially on annuity that I have for that and the other question is should I wait till 72 took 70 to get my Social Security my regular retirement, Social Security age will be 66 and well delighted to hear that you've been the recipients of the wisdom it's been shared on this program well before me, because if you were listening in the 90s that was Larry briquettes and then Howard Dayton after that and I walk in the shoes of some giants of the faith with those two men is no question about it, but it's God's wisdom that you were able to apply not to any of ours and that's why you're receiving the other blessing that comes with that as to long-term care. What is your age Carlos.

And then what you have in liquid investable assets. I just turned 63 liquid. I have a lot on your hello regular Ira, I have an annuity and I have about 40 7B plan would ship and everything is high up the annuity okay and all in what would you say the total of those accounts is roughly a little over a million, and something okay and 1/2 1,000,000 1/2 and something sure. Well, you know, as you are well aware long-term care costs. You are continuing to rise and do something. This can erode your assets in this season of life.

It's most likely going to be the need that you have for long-term care you if you look at it or what the costs are depending on what type of care you need. You know you're talking about your couple thousand dollars a month to as much is it up seven or $8000 a month depending upon what type of care you in home care can run you 5000 a month than nursing home care can run you 9000 a month so you know that can add up.

Now, on average, most folks don't need that more than two or three years but it is meaningful.

So if you have the ability to get a long-term care insurance policy with an inflation rider that would give you your daily benefit that would help to offset some of those costs. I think that would be well worth the money that you spend just given the fact that 70% of 65-year-olds and older will need some form of long-term care if you can build and into the budget.

You know that could run yet 4000+ dollars a year for the premium.

But again, if you have a need for it.

You know, it could really help to offset eroding these assets so you have more to give way and ultimately perhaps even pass on to your heirs. Here it is your at a good age Carlos to look at this setting between 55 and 65 is the time to do it so I would check it out and clearly are, right there on the bubble where you could probably self-insure in this area, but you know with 1,000,000 1/2 dollars.

It's a lot of money there's no doubt about that but you could go through that in a hurry if you needed nursing home care for an extended period of time. So I think I could go either way with it but you. I think the data would be on the side of picking up a policy that would help to give you some peace of mind and offset this cost in that season of life as to whether you should wait to take Social Security until age 70. If there's a good case Carlos. If you're in good health that you should. And if you don't need the money. You can let that continue to grow by 8% a year, and as long as you live long enough, which you know is going to be probably into your 80s. You'll be able to recoup what you gave up between full retirement age and age 70 and then you'll enjoy that higher check for the rest of your life. So unless you need that money. I think there's a great case to be made for you waiting give me any questions you have on either of those. I want to chill as I don't have any errors on single eight About it. So anyways and I contribute to my church daughter. But the thing is if I choose to go with a long-term care.

I've heard it said that you should choose a high deductible because usually the state on our family back to three years and may in order to lower premium yeah will usually what you do what you do. That is what's called a waiting period before the policy kicks in. So you might have a 30, 60 or 90 day waiting period where you would find that out of pocket until it kicks in. And then there's a daily benefit that you would get so you can kinda use those elements to to get that premium down, especially since you have the ability to cover that out-of-pocket so I get a long-term care insurance agent. It's a real specialist in this area who can help you understand that of the pieces and parts of what makes up that premium and ultimately come up with the policy that's the right for you right thing for you so that we appreciate your call today Carlos, thank you for checking in with us. Jeff is in Indianapolis, Indiana, and that Jeff I'd don't have time to get you right now but if you hold the line will talk to you off the air. Want to make sure to give you all the time you need to get your question asked so if you hold the line there. Jeff get to you in just a moment.

Folks that's going to do it for us today and we covered a lot of ground. We started with the Paul David Tripp today and talking just about our money and our hearts. You know, as we say often on this program money or the way we handle it is the great revealer of the heart.

It tells where we've placed our trust what's important to us and what we value, ultimately, are we trusting in the Lord. And what about this war.

That's raging with our dollars as to whether were going to give into the desires of the flesh or we can use money as a tool to accomplish God's purpose is something we all need to think I am, meditate on. Just to be sure our hearts are aligned with his money is worth were so thankful for you being with us today am also thankful for my team that helps me do what we do. Dan Haney and Gabby Jim will look forward to having you back with us on Monday

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