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5 Steps to Weather a Financial Crisis

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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October 12, 2021 1:12 pm

5 Steps to Weather a Financial Crisis

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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October 12, 2021 1:12 pm

Since the COVID Delta variant has prolonged the pandemic, businesses are facing new mandates and struggling to stay open. And that’s leading to continued unemployment woes for retail and service industry employees. On today's MoneyWise Live, Rob West will share 5 steps you can use to weather a financial crisis brought on by unemployment or other factors. Then he’ll answer your calls and questions on a variety of financial topics.

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Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
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This is Tina Baxter and I serve as business development director for meeting radio. The only reason were able to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on the radio is because of financial support from listeners like you. We also have businesses support us to like United States mortgage faith and family is at their core, it's why they choose to be such a close partner with our station is why they specifically advertise on Christian radio stations across the country. Its white father and son, John and Ryan still lead the company to this day.

Check out United faith mortgage and their direct lender thanks to you and to United faith mortgage for supporting Rudy radio United faith mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Millville Park Rd., Melville, NY license mortgage banker for licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah is the Delta variance spread's businesses are facing new mandates and struggling to stay open. I am Rob West. Making matters difficult. Those extended unemployment benefits for millions of workers are in the fear among them.

I got five steps you can take to whether a financial crisis that will take your calls at 800-525-7000 you can call that 24, seven, 800-525-7000 is moneywise live retail and service industry affected by the Delta surge as businesses reduced to their hours of operation with restaurant workers taking the brunt of these closures.

But regardless of where you work a smaller paycheck, or maybe no paycheck at all means you have to take steps to protect your finances and stretch your dollars so let me give you some steps. First, establish a base point for your credit score and report. This will allow you to accurately judge the effect of any late payments are forced to make start by getting a free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus experience Trans Union and aqua facts that you can do help with those reports in hand you can show creditors that you've made timely payments on your various accounts in the past that may in fact help you negotiate better terms while you're getting those reports you can add a statement to each about the financial hardship you're now facing step to start using are made a budget. It only has four categories.

The first is food you have to eat but keep it simple and no weeding out the next made a budget category is housing make your mortgage or rent payment. Of course then come the utilities you have to keep the lights on and finally transportation because you'll need to get to work. If you're called back. That's the main a budget and with anything left over, you can pay your other bills. Step three for keeping your financial ship afloat is to look for other sources of help your unemployment benefits may have run out, but other resources are probably available at check out nonprofit organizations and local government agencies that may have assistance programs.

You can call 211 to learn about services in your area or go online to now. Step four is to contact your creditors and explain in detail what you're facing. Do this before you are making late payments to a credit card, car loan or mortgage. Many creditors still have programs in place to help you get through this book for a number to call on your account statement that do not respond to emails or give out information to anyone who calls you claiming to represent one of your creditors. Unfortunately, scam artists are using these tough times to victimize folks who are already in dire financial circumstances when you call and speak to a representative of your latest pay stubs handy so you can show how your income is been reduced. Tell that person how much you have available to pay on the debt for the time being, ask if you can temporarily stop payments or perhaps make partial ones. Let them know how long you expect to be in your current situation. I realize you may not know for sure, but try to give a reasonable estimate of how long it will take for you to begin making full payments on time. Again, make sure you get the person's name and keep a record of what you talked about and any agreements you may have reached also asked to have a copy of the agreement sent to you in writing that creditors will usually do this anyway, but asked for it, just to be sure and hang onto that email or letter when it arrives in step five. Get professional nonprofit help for managing your finances and I can recommend three excellent resources at the top of the list are our trained moneywise volunteer coaches Bill not only help you set up a budget there adept at identifying ways to cut spending and save money making your dollars go further. Just click connect with the coach at moneywise. then contact her friends at Christian credit counselors. If you're starting to fall behind on payments or expect your about to they have arrangements with many creditors to lower your interest rates will make one payment that cover several creditors making things much easier. It's not debt consolidation management and can help you pay off your creditors up to the faster you can make arrangements to speak with a and one more great resource for you, especially if you've lost healthcare benefits during the Delta shutdowns Christian healthcare ministries. They offer medical cost-sharing alternatives to health insurance almost always a much lower cost. You can find out five steps so you can whether a financial crisis in check out our short sales calls and asked 800-525-7000 West and this is moneywise live. Thanks for joining us today moneywise live with us today. This is biblical wisdom for your financial decision just a moment will begin taking your questions today tackling whatever is on your mind. Applying biblical wisdom to help you move forward with confidence you a question day today on saving or spending perhaps it's investing or giving. We'd love to hear from you. Here's the number with lines open 800-525-7000.

That's 800-525-7000. By the way, have you visited our website recently moneywise I'd love for you to do that while you're there, do a couple of things number one.

Make sure you create a free account you're free moneywise account is your gateway to posting in our moneywise communities so you can get answers from our moneywise coaches it's also how you can access our moneywise weekly wisdom email that goes out every Thursday with her trending podcasts are newest content that's been added to our library and a message for me and a whole host of other things. So when you visit our website great that free account. Also check out the community. We had over thousand posts in our moneywise community.

They've all been answered by a moneywise coach and that we'd love for you to get your question in the mix as well so you can call here today or post online again moneywise the never to be a part of the broadcast today 800-525-7000 in just a moment were to be talking with Stephanie in Florence, but first John is in Hartford, Connecticut, and John your first color today. How can I help you sir I enjoy your program on your knife. Thank you, thank you very much, though we have an opportunity to buy home where we already have a home but there's one available in the area of the country.

We are thinking of retiring and family were there and and not quite ready to do that yet. Not ready to retire but yet. By home that we would like to get now because it may not be available then the mall or crank praying about that, but the question is about refinancing my bank may inquire to my bank about doing that and they were more than happy to do it, but the long story short of the closing cost about $5000. So I started thinking of other ways to do that and there's number ads on the radio and things that offer financing and I don't know if I can trust that you think that's good dear money, do not sure your nicety be happy to land on that first let's talk about why you refinancing are you trying to cash out for this retirement home purchase or for some other reason.

Yeah well we are home is not paid off yet close, but the refi would be because were not rated. It felt homely and and move on. More down the road as it would be using the equity in this home to secure the next home and you would get this from your current property just because you get a more favorable interest rate and mortgage on that second home. Is that what you're looking to do well that what I thought would be the easiest.

I have inquired about second mortgage on the home and maybe not you think that maybe the better way to go. Well, you can certainly look at both options mean it would keep the mortgage tied to that second home and not encumber your primary residence, but bottom line is, wherever you can get the most favorable interest rate, which is always going to be your domicile, so I'm not opposed to that. Especially given it sounds like you got quite a bit equity but I just asked the what is your current home worth and what you owe on it today. Well I think I don't evaluation but I'm thinking it's probably in the $400,000 range and 80 only about 15,000 well so you want to look at that I would look at both options, though, because a lot of times with a cash out, especially when you're cashing out that much it may drive the rate up a bit whereas if you were to look at a new mortgage on this second home that you be buying new disc you need to compare and see which is the best way to go in terms of the closing because you can expect to pay somewhere between two and 5% of the mortgage. So how much would you be looking to borrow on this mortgage. Well we have in our three at least three months emergency fund, but we don't really have anything else saved up so potentially would be borrowing the full amount of this new home. And what do you expect this new 300,000 probably okay so you have a $315,000 mortgage plus if you rolled the closing because then let's go 320 maybe 325 seats still have about 75,000 in equity on your current residence so you you'd be under 20%.

So I'd I'd make sure you don't borrow any more than 320 all in because you want to make sure that you have at least 20% equity in part because that's gonna prevent you from paying private mortgage insurance which is an expense that does nothing for you. So I would go make sure that you keep it under that threshold number one number two as you think about, you know what this refinance is gonna cost you. Basically you'd be talking about a new $320,000 mortgage at 2%, which is on the low end, you know that $6400 and I would be looking to target that 2% three at the most.

I wouldn't pay four or 5%, you are gonna want to shop around number one euro other than having a good credit score. Comparing mortgage offers and rates is really key so I would be is one option I would look at lending tree in Quicken loans but bank in particular is getting give you the ability to compare all of the different loan programs out there and it's got a very a lot of times the online banks will offer the most favorable rates and depending on how much they have to lend at any given time will determine who has the most aggressive loan programs and expenses. Beyond that, you are gonna want to look for negotiating closing because that's very appropriate you want to ask for fee waivers like an application fee. Your credit check for EFE you want to look at you know whether you can negotiate the underwriting fee were things like that that would get the cost down but 5000 if in fact they were quoting that on a new $320,000 mortgage is not bad at all. In fact, that's a pretty good total expense based on the size of the mortgage, but I would go ahead and look at how that would compare in terms of the total costs that you will spend versus deal what you will be able to do with the new mortgage on that that new home and then obviously were talking about a fairly short period of time because if just a few years down the road you're going to sell your current property obviously would pay off that mortgage and note that point you're out a bit so the interest rate is not as important as the other. The upfront costs are just because you know, arguably, in less than five years. This mortgage is gonna be gone regardless of how you approach it on your current home or on the new home. Would you agree with that that's that's for thinking.

I didn't try to negotiate with the bank in my life. So you're crazy.

Thanks. Don't negotiate somehow neglected all absolutely they do and you know with the largest transaction you will ever have. And that's what a mortgage typically is.

There's no reason not to have at least three people competing for your business and I'd make sure at least two of those are online banks because often times the most favorable terms of all the best to you John. Sounds like a great to planned and I'm sure you guys will enjoy that new home down the road which are able to relocate Miller blushes are, you know what working to take a quick break but we come back we want to get to your calls Melinda's in the Chicago Illinois wants to know about rebuilding her credit after a bankruptcy. Stephanie, I will get to just around the corner she's wanting to know about. To be able to work while collecting Social Security benefits to your question. Would love to hear from you what's on your mind today 800-525-7000 is number he called this is moneywise live like a waste of your financial decisions moneywise live around Western hosting were delighted your long with us today. Got some phone lines open.

We love to hear from you.

800-525-7000 800-525-7000 that when you're at moneywise our website. If you are looking for a financial professional. That's either an investment professional financial planner, perhaps a tax specialist store estate planning attorney. Maybe you're looking for insurance. Whatever it might be any of those five you can find a certified kingdom advisor there.

When you click find ACK what is the CK well this is a professional who's met high standards in character and integrity pastor and client references statement of faith. Code of ethics they been especially trained to apply biblical wisdom to professional financial decisions and they met and extensive experience requirement as well. Not to mention a regulatory review. You put all of that together and if you can attain the certified kingdom advisor designation of Meijer, a specialist and biblically wise financial advice, and that's why we recommend CK if you're looking for a financial professional. I'd always interviewed two or three, and again you can find one in your area when you visit moneywise looks like we got one line open yet 800-525-7000. Next up is Stephanie in Florence, Oregon.

You've been incredibly patient Stephanie, thank you. How can I help lay earlier today about something charity. Okay, I wanted to know what I mean working with my father the cake when my husband passed away. They gave me. I think of, when all pink and I think yes yes well I yes so that the bottom line is, in terms of your Social Security benefits. If you're claiming Social Security benefits prior to full retirement age, you can earn up to $18,960 per year in 2021. Beyond that amount you would have one dollar withheld from every two dollars you earn above that limit so one dollar withheld from your Social Security benefit for every two dollars are now. That's not a permanent reduction. Stephanie that's temporary and what happens is once you reach full retirement age, that reduction will be paid back to you in the form of a higher benefit until you are made whole.

So that's just a temporary reduction so if you are collecting and you want to be able to continue to work and you want to earn above that limit. I would say go right ahead and know that even if you have a reduction that will eventually be made up to you down the road and I realize said you working on limited resources. So being able to work and bring in some additional income makes a lot of sense to me.

Also keep in mind you're always able to earn whatever is the highest payout that you are entitled to.

So you can take the survivor's benefit or you can take your own benefits based on your own work record and if you're taking the survivor's benefits. Now you can let your benefit continue to grow until full retirement age and beyond, and that at some point if that benefit is actually higher than what you're collecting is survivors benefits the IRS will let you switch over as he's been so security ministration will let you switch and take the higher of the two, so that makes that a pretty effective strategy to let that amount, continue to grow because remember, if you take it anytime before full retirement age, you can have a reduction of about 8% for every year you take it and if you can wait beyond full retirement age will actually see an increase of 8% a year. So if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to You can schedule a virtual visit election look at your record answer all of your questions and you find there very easy to work with and we appreciate your call today. Next up is Belinda in Chicago, Illinois hi Belinda, how can I help you and me guiding bankruptcy of a year now and I didn't want to meet My credit credit card in mind all the optimally like home next year.

I don't want my credit because I'm not sure way but I did it ideally do something, and I'm looking a lot like a line of credit rather than a credit card. I know when to be my best option, continue to be quite a little beat up my way for me to go purchase yes it's only a little bit more about that purchase. What what is that the purchaser trying to make all the guilt and you would get an auto loan for that or you looking to do that on the credit card okay okay good night He said something about a credit card. Was there a question though and will get to that about the auto loan book. Was there a question about you opening up new revolving credit card accounts as well. Why no credit credit card anybody and an acting that likewise went to Atlantic planet. You find out about that and thinking that line of credit against your home now get well-the kayaking paper and high light Motley boy okay well I wouldn't worry about that. You know, the key is you want to have a good payment history so you want to be on time and you want your credit utilization to be under 30% of any revolving balances with the car loan. I would just take a streetcar loan go to bank Find out who has the lowest rates you want to make sure that's collateralized only to the car as long as you pay everything on time principal will stay right where you wanted to be right back to moneywise live around the house for my team today proceed to answering phones for us today is producing a Dan Anderson engineering today. Mr. Robert Sutherland providing can do it without them were thankful for you as well. We got a couple of lines open.

Would love to hear from you. Whatever's on your mind, here's the number 800-525-7000. Next up is Catherine in Miramar, Florida hi Catherine, how can I help you retired about half my money in stocks and like the economy is not going well like my stocks are decreasing every day.

Should I take that out and put someplace out where and if not, should I hold on and hope that does backup looked away and let me ask you a couple questions though, so you said you're about 50, 50, 50% of your portfolios in stocks.

What is the other 50%, 75 okay and what's approximately the value of the stocks today about little less than 300,000 okay very good and are you pulling any income off of that or is that just growing. Now it's just bowing okay so what are your income sources.

At this point okay and that's enough to fund your expenses every month letting with my daughter.

I okay do you expect to change on that where you're going to have to start pulling from the 300,000 anytime soon. Prior to that annuity kicking in top okay how far off you think that is what you okay and that last question I have, what is your age you don't let me ask okay so typically what we would say is you know, for somebody who's 68 years old. You know where you don't you not relying on this money, although you said you may need to pull portion of it down the road. I would think is 6040 portfolio were perhaps 40% in stocks would be about right. Given what I'm hearing could be as low as 30%. You want a portion of the portfolio that has the ability to grow over time, recognizing the market doesn't always go straight up like it has the last 12 years since 2008 2009, and we been in the raging bull market. We had this temporary quickest decline into a recession brought on by the pandemic we've ever seen. We also had the quickest recovery we've ever seen in the market doubled shortly after that and so it's been incredible with lots of strength and economic power. On the upside doesn't always do that. And so we do see the market, the economy move in cycles, and it does rollover from time to time, the challenges you're not ever going to be able to pick the top or the bottom and you don't want to try. That's a losing game, and so the key there is to be properly invested with the right allocation the right mix of stocks and bonds with the right time horizon of at least 10 years you know and at 68 years old. Catherine, if the Lord Terry's and you're in good health. This money needs the last several decades, and so we want to be able to convert this to an income stream when you need it. So let's say grows to 350,000 you know, I could see you pulling the thousand dollars a month out of this portfolio are 12 to 14,000 a year and never seeing it decline over the long haul down any given quarter to see choppiness and I think that's what we see in the last couple weeks. I think working to see that in the next year or more, does that mean that markets good you know fall off a cliff note is that mean our economy is going to come crumbling down. Absolutely not. Were still the strongest in the world and you know that corporations are very strong yet. We've got some headwinds. We always do every decade has its its challenges were not in a systemic financial crisis or anything like that but we got some inflation.

We gotta get our debt under control and monetary policy and all of these things, but with inflation and the potential to lose purchasing power over time by being in cash.

I think that's a bigger risk than you, you having the prospect of the market following the key is that you're not overweighted in stocks giving your age, your risk tolerance and your goals and objectives, and I think potentially you are a little bit right now with 50% in stocks so I think the question is not, do I get out of the market or stay in the question is, what's the right mix of stocks and bonds or other types of fixed income assets for you at this time and I think that's probably 30 to 40% but you have to go into that knowing that you know the market could be down to me and we could get into recession in a year or two from now and those things can last meal one, two or more years, but the key would be that for that portion of the portfolio. Let's say it's 30% or 40, you don't touch it when it's down, you know, you continue to let you know if your pulling income you rely on the fixed income type assets and wait for those stocks to recover and as we emerge out of that and move to new highs, which, historically speaking, is the way it is happened then you're rewarded for that. So I think right now the question is, how should you be allocated and I think if you're have some concern. Perhaps it's that the 50% in stocks is a bit rich and we ought to back that down, but the last question then is, who's making that decision in terms of what you invested in and are you the right person to do that or should you hire a professional. Give me your thoughts on everything I've shared the I thought about going to professional.

I am not a pop money out medical okay. I did call already. Now on the stocks, not a bonds which are more secure. Yeah, I think you still need some allocation to stocks, but you are going to need a larger portion in fixed income type investments, but you have to choose the right ones in terms of the duration and so forth. Because as interest rates had up the bond prices are going to fall and so would you be deceptive.

You know, make sure we understand all that. I'd recommend me with 300,000 plus an annuity mean this is obviously money you saved over a long time you want to be careful as a steward of that I would get some professional help. You know, it could perhaps it wasn't as important as the market was heading straight up over the last 12 years, but I think you know now more than ever. It's really critical that you have somebody who's helping you navigate that perhaps even making the decisions on your behalf based on who you are what God's doing in your life and your goals and objectives only recommend that you connect with a certified kingdom advisor there in South Florida and go to our website. Click find a CK a I'd interviewed two or three and find one that's a good fit. I think that will give you a lot of peace of mind and know that somebody's waking up thinking about how you should be invested and where and that you have a plan that it's not just you know I get 50% of the market. No, it's well thought out.

There's a strategy behind it. You can have some confidence in that and that way you'll it'll allow you to whether the ups and downs in the days ahead. I hope that's helpful to you. We appreciate your call today to stay itself or to Pompano Beach hi Lorraine, how can I help so 20 years.

Yeah is great show. My question I need to hire. Please so I got a quick break Lorraine, but I'm asking you to hold just on the other side of this will help you find this is moneywise live on Rob West.

This is moneywise live. Thanks for tuning in today is listener supported because of your generous support.

Would you consider partnering with us would certainly be grateful it's quick and easy. Our website moneywise, click the donate button between now and December 31 is our gift to you with the gift of $25 or more will send you the great new book by Paul David Tripp called redeeming money. It's an impact on me. I would encourage you to read it and that we'd love to have you as a supporter again moneywise just click donate puts it back to the phone's and I just before the break we were talking to Lorraine and Lorraine. I understand that tell you are looking for a financial professional for you and your husband.

What specifically are you looking for. Did I hear you say planning or is it also investments or something mostly planning planning to retire but I don't want him to retire until I make sure we have enough money to retire that retiring anyways.

My question is where I thank. You are an investment company, Merrill Lynch am wondering if is that a good company and should I have all my eggs in one basket, because I also thank their yeah yeah yeah Maryland is owned by Bank of America and it's a it's a wonderful company been around for a long long time. Very good at what they do not concerned about you having all your eggs in one basket, in the sense that the most common approach to having an investment advisor professional is that your portfolios would be with that one institution and perhaps one advisor or a team of advisors overseeing the investment of those funds and that would be very common. In fact, there are some benefits to having everything in one place. Just because you can make sure you don't have unnecessary duplication of investments you can get the very best pricing gala just simplifies things for you not having to keep up with multiple accounts and you can focus all your energy on just having one person that you communicate with about how your funds are being handled. But you know, depending upon what you're looking for. I would recommend you connect with a certified financial professional. If you don't need investment advice. Right now, you could simply pay someone a CFP probably who's also a CK certified kingdom advisor just to do some retirement planning, and I would do absolutely affirm what you're saying you want somebody to look at what is your spending need right now. How much do you need to cover your lifestyle every month. What have you accumulated in retirement assets. What can you be expecting from Social Security and do you have enough such that you'd be able to pull an income stream that would cover your lifestyle without depleting your assets too quickly and you know what insurances do you need in this season of life in which, can you drop and are you covered from an estate planning standpoint is your will, up to date and do you have other documents in place like a durable power of attorney. Those types of things me this would be something that a comprehensive financial planner would look at would do it to him from an unbiased perspective because they're not trying to sell you anything. They simply get paid for their time and you could have somebody at Merrill Lynch do that for you or you could go somewhere else so I'd probably if I were you go to moneywise and click find a CK many of those are at the institution you mentioned. But there it in old firms all over the country as well. I'd interviewed two or three. Find the one that's the best fit in at some point if you need to add investment services to that your financial planner may be able to do that for you or you may need to go to an additional professional as well.

But the idea that you would do some planning. At this stage in your life as you prepare for retirement not retiring too soon makes a lot of sense to me. So I would absolutely affirm that we appreciate your call today.

Let's stay in Florida. Ocala is John and the John. We appreciate your call today. Understand you have a comment that goes back to an earlier call and tell us what's on your mind.

Yes sir, thank you for your ministry. I will listen your show every day.

It's excellent thing. The comment lives I heard a gentleman asking whether he should finance his primary residence to pay for the second house or whether that second house loan was the better thing.

I was in your answer, I made a mistake years ago and that I financed my primary residence for the cash to buy a different piece of real estate and what I didn't realize was that that took away a bunch of protections from me.

That would've happened had I tried to borrow against that real estate show where he might want to pass on a survey, you're a home inspection or something like that because she's available has that cash to bring in a cash offer a cash offers on real estate can be more dangerous than they appear. I just interested in your comments on that subject.

Yeah, you know, I think that's exactly right mean you did want to make sure that no matter what and regardless of how you're making a purchase. Whether it's cash because you've essentially pulled cash from another acid. In this case is current domicile or you had to cash in the bank or you are getting a new mortgage. You certainly want to make sure you have the right protections including you know the ability to make sure it appraises the ability to do the inspection, and that your due diligence. Depending on what's normal and customary in your state because you may not want to make sure you don't give up any of those rights that don't allow you to properly evaluate to what you're purchasing. So I think that's a very well sad, but at the end of the day. Given that he's just looking for a very short term use of these funds, meaning no less than five years and then this mortgages can be paid off.

I think the source of funds. Whether that's through a cash out of his current property that essentially he owns free and clear because he has such a small mortgage left or a new mortgage on that that second property. I think the key is just working to get the most favorable front pricing in terms of for this five year. So I'd appreciate those comments Johnny think you're right on.

All right, thank you very much and have a great idea and you as well. Thanks for your kind remarks onto Palm Harbor, Florida were talking to folks in Florida that love it. How can I help you Hannah, my calling and you alone you go you that you told me to find kingdom on my looking for me. This cleaning question yeah you know I think you what we reason, we recommend certified kingdom advisors and as I mentioned is I want somebody who's competent professional somebody who's met high standards and character and training in terms of the application of biblical worldview, but also that their experienced and you know for a certified kingdom advisor.

That means they have to be at least a CPA or 10 years of full-time experience. Beyond that, I think you know as you interview a CPA, you're gonna want to know how many clients do they have, who's gonna be handling the account is at the person you're talking to, or somebody else. But what is their compensation model for the type of return you have in the, the tax needs that you have so you can stay in compliance and you are you comfortable with the fee structure and what you're going to be paying you what services do they offer what type of planning would they expect that you would do with them throughout the year. Would you meet in adjusted tax time, or would you meet again, you know during other parts of the year so that you understand what's coming in here making plans for any changes you'd want to talk about exactly what you want them to do for you.

Make sure that that lines up with the services that they offer. And, how you fit in terms of your needs versus the rest of their client base. Are you, you know, kind of on the low end in terms of, you need a very simple, you know returned on their typically working with folks that are have businesses or have more complex situations.

Are you right, you know there in the sweet spot and then I also want to know how they like to communicate and are they okay with how you want to communicate both in terms of the method of communication and the frequency so I don't throw a lot at you there, but I think the first thing is they experienced. Do they share your worldview and then I think everything else is just are they ultimately a good fit for you in terms of the professional that you're interviewing is that helpful to you. Hannah what the comment of the things that you mentioned about.

He I didn't get it okay yeah I'm not sure I don't recall anything about Phoebe. Let me just run through them again so I would look for a CK certified kingdom advisor who's a CPA because it sounds like you need tax services and then beyond that would come down to how are they paid in is that you okay with that. How would they want to communicate with you how you fit in terms of their overall client base, right in the core of their client base or on the upper or lower end, who's good to be handling your account and what services do you will expect that there gonna do for you and does that match with what they offer and I think that would really get to the core of that you in terms of you finding the person that's the best fit.

We appreciate your call today. Hope that helps quickly to Brenda in Arkansas. You'll be her final call final caller today Brenda how can I help you all the time I get the leavening graded by my problem and I had about six years my husband was retired and was receiving Social Security. He recently passed away, and I've been trying to security and they received me every time and I'm not quite understanding why are not allowed to be held as his legal why to get his Social Security. Yes, you remarried Brenda oh. We've been married. Rita Lee passed away so I married at the time of his passing.

Now I've never okay and have you talk to the Social Security ministration to ask what it is that's preventing you from collecting survivors benefits. Well, they say, because I was the teacher. That okay all right and that that could be exactly as you hold the line. We'll talk a bit more off the air and fortunately we are out of time today.

I know that can be frustrating. We will help you get to stay right there is love is a partnership with you moneywise. My tomorrow

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