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Steve Moore Farewell Broadcast

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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April 1, 2021 8:03 am

Steve Moore Farewell Broadcast

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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April 1, 2021 8:03 am

It's a bittersweet milestone for MoneyWise Live as they mark the end of Steve Moore’s role as co-host of the program. Join host Rob West and the team on the next MoneyWise Live, as they honor Steve for his many years of faithful service and ministry. We’ll hear from several folks who’ve worked with Steve over the years and from you as well. It's a farewell to Steve Moore on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 

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This is Doug Hastings, VP of Moody radio and were thankful for support from our listeners, and businesses like United faith mortgage. If you go to our mortgage teams website you'll find hundreds of testimonials of real Christian radio listeners.

We've helped Laura here is a recent friend was kind enough to share a few words with our local station actually work.

Grandma and how to marry Kelly and we found out if they like making out with a sellers market Filing. But anytime we needed her stealing fair practice he got everything we needed anything that we asked for it and made it work. Steve made sure that if that was the house that our family wanted plea-bargaining at that house their wonderful company and were just really glad that we found them in a contest that they helped us get there and we are in now. My migraines been in our family is so happy we are united states mortgage mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Millville Park Rd., Millville, NY license mortgage backer for licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah. It was bittersweet as something wasn't so fitting that we say today is because the money was live is in the bittersweet West today is a program, but also enjoyable wish you much deserved. Chapter will hear from you worked alongside over the years and from well were excited about today's broadcast. As we more. This money was will be a part of the program. Some good news is you will be in from Daily Kos to your new role as frequent contributor. We got some exciting things up our sleeves with you and some new segments down the road but I'd love to begin today by giving you an opportunity just to share what the Lord has been up to in your life, and as he's led you and Marsha to make this decision that you're going to be stepping away as goes well appreciate the relevant first I need to jump and I don't mean to get us off track right away but you use two words 01 was legend that I'm a legend in my old in my own mind as they say, but then use the word painful.

So I'm a bit of a painful lead with the call me at my own house is an inherent on the radio and using the same words over and over again so the question was, I would love for you at six.

This statement I'd love for you to share with our listeners how the Lord is leading you, that ultimately culminated in your decision to step away as goes okay. Well that is a big question because it really goes back to when I started in radio full-time which was 1975. I'll do the math for you. That was 46 years ago and I've been in full-time radio all that time and have been have enjoyed it immensely but the entire time Marsha and I both were well aware that I was not in broadcasting because of my great education and talents. It was all a God thing.

I began working with Larry Burket in 1985 did that for 18 years until Larry's death in 2003, but first and foremost, I can say if I may speak for Marsha, who is no doubt listening that this has always been ministry to us is not that I wanted to be on the radio so that I can hear my own voice as I was driving down the highway, or that I wanted to make a lot of money there is and a lot of that in Christian radio. But we really wanted to follow Christ and really felt God pushing me in that direction.

Marsha all this time has been a great supporter and I can say that looking back, that any success that we've had together as a family and on radio is because of God using a very dumb and weak person in spite of myself and so it's a blessing to have been part of this.

We've been using the word retirement and going away but I really would rather see this not as retirement but more of a reassignment. You know Larry used to always remind us that you never retire from something you always want to try to retired to something else and I would just 50 feet to figure out what that true is, but I am hopeful it will be fulfilling and it will be ministry related and I'm sure that it will be if I just let God handle the reins instead of myself.

While I know part of your to something includes a couple of grandkids that you're pretty excited about happening some more time with. Not to mention lovely bride Marsha right well yeah I mean grandchildren will really throw a monkeywrench into your life and I have to a lovely granddaughters with a grandson on the way and they really have made me a better man a nicer person. I'm really not a nice person off the year, but these grand grand good children and day. I just made a marshmallow out of me to be on us with so I've enjoyed it and were going to spend more time with them and I guess we'll see what else God has planned to be a part of this program in small that's exactly right is contributor and we have smooth new things were working on. But let me just say related to what you said a moment ago you are in fact a nice guy off the air and I will say that's what I've so enjoyed about our friendship.

Steve is you the same person with your on the air or not your ministry.

Your impact has been immense to literally millions over the decades and I'll be the first to say I am going to miss you by my side each day so excited about what God has for you this next season.

They will have the chance to honor Steve really well in the coming moments.

A lot of folks can join us and celebrate him will have some laughs as well.

It's moneywise live stay with us back to moneywise live on Rob West alongside me Steve Moore today is special and bittersweet day is this thing works in Steve's role as cohost here on the program.

I put it off as long as he'd allow me to he approach me well over a year ago say Rob I think Marsha and I are ready to step away from a daily commitment to a live broadcast. And we said all right let's talk about it six months and then six months later we talked about how about six more my well, that day has finally come.

Which is hard to even say, and yet I'm so excited for what the Lord has in store for Steve. You know, one of the things I realized quickly is that Steve is well known throughout Christian broadcasting is one of the best.

I would say the best cohost in Christian radio and I became very aware of that.

My first visit to the National religious broadcasters conference with Steve by my side because as we would walk through the halls together. People would start to whisper and if they didn't know soon as he started talking, they would absolutely say Yep that that Steve Moore everybody knows Stephen this industry and in fact we approached a few of his friends there.

Maybe we could of approached and said you know what, on the last broadcast. We'd love for you to reflect on what Steve means to you. So sit back and enjoy some remarks from Steve's friend. Some industry veterans as we celebrate Steve Moore today. Steve Morris her sidekick Howard. Hard to believe that that we connected back in the year 2000 when we merged with Larry for Then it was something that where even before I went on radio. He could not of been more complementary your talent your heart for Christ and people the way that you serve the radio stations by helping them on their share of funds just in a multiplicity of ways and when Larry went home in 2003. That's when I began working directly with you and you know it's fair very rare for a radio program to change key hosts and survive. Larry Toby sometimes radio is intimate media and the listener In the heart level with the host and it would not of survived without and not only did happen one time that it happened two times when pass the baton under Rob Weston because you were cohost and foursome went all the way back to labor. That's why moneywise is so well since that time, just on a personal level, Steve deeply grateful for our friendship here. Genuineness your humor and just can't thank you enough for the impact that you have for Christ, serving in the capacity that you have cohost of moneywise. God bless you my friend.

I love and admire you. Hey Steve it's Bob peeing from family life to me and I'm glad I get a chance to say congratulations on your esteemed career. I I've told people for years.

When I went to college I thought I'm the go to law school and then I took a summer job at a radio station and halfway through the summer. They said wanted to postpone law school and will give you a raise and I thought well, I'd like a raise and I don't really want to go back and correct the book so maybe I'll do this for a while and just see how far it goes and if it doesn't work out I can go to law school and that's still my plan so there's a there's a future ahead for you Steve. That's my point here is that this this transition is a transition maybe law school is what's in the works for you. I'm just sitting here thinking it's probably not law school. I can see you as the drummer in a jazz fan somewhere in suburban Atlanta that plays every Tuesday night and every Saturday night and when people come up and make requests. You can surly with them is to go with me surly with me when I got my ukulele and and you take out Bob so listen in all seriousness, you have been such a respected and trusted voice someone we have all depended on for four good sound godly wisdom through the years, someone who has pointed so many people in the right direction when it comes not just to the money issues, but the life and I am I have such great admiration for you and respect for you and like a lot of listers I'm in a miss hearing you regularly on the radio but don't be surprised if I show up asking for for a little debris back, on a Saturday night somewhere that you're playing in appreciate you Steve and and God bless you. I am Chris Maybury and all radio pal Steve Moore's with a couple thoughts about the man the myth the legend Steve hello if you agree with me but I believe the best people on the radio are not necessarily the ones with the deepest voices of people who have a personality and vulnerability and Steve you want those people who have taken chances with your humor and wit and you've cared enough to ask questions and then do the hard thing which is to really listen you've been an encourager to a lot of people and I count myself in that number, and being an encourager is not a bad thing to be these days is a lot of discouragement going around. We had conversations through the years when he would say something.

Tell a story give a perspective on some topic that made me want to grab a microphone and capture that white-hot idea or thought, and you worked alongside one of my heroes Larry Burket for allotting years. He had a big heart, kind voice, and I think a little Larry might've leaked into your life.

You told me about his moonrise and that story rolled around my heart captured my imagination so much that I finally wrote a story about country music and radio and that rock from the Sea of tranquility and that's one of the things you're good at. You've always had a vision bigger than what you could see in the distance, and you gave that vision to others and I think we need more those kinds of people. Now more than ever. So when I heard you were retiring I thought well. Steve probably deserved it after all the ups and downs. You've been through and it struck me today that you can know someone on a professional level. You can work with somebody and get to know their likes and their dislikes and the rhythms of life. And then you get to the level of friendship where you aren't just working on a task together, but you're doing something where the heart is involved.

You see what's on the inside that motivates them to do what they do, but I don't think you can really know someone else on the deepest level until you experience loss and pain, struggle with when you find out who the person is not in the doing, but in the be so I call Steve Mora consummate professional. I call him a man with an attention for details and high standards somebody who strives for excellence and is generous to a fault, but the best thing you could call him is so thank you Steve Moore for the advice of the ideas and the laughter and the listening. Thank you for being while incredibly those guys a lot of money now not a bed and in fact that there are so many others that could have been on but I so appreciate what all three of those men had to say. It's all true.

You are a trusted voice.

You have taken chances with your humor you have incredible vision and you are a friend, what comes to your mind, Steve, as you listen to your friends talk about you. Well, I mean really it's very very humbling and that I could tell it was heartfelt and I and I I've known all three of those men for a very long time there all the giants in their field. Howard Deighton Bob Lapine Chris debris mean I look up to these guys.

What they do in broadcasting. They do fantastically well when I grow up I want to be just like them. And you know what what I say with it's very generous.

All the things they said and it's just an honor to work alongside them in ministry.

We don't always see one another all that much. Every year we go to the National religious broadcasters convention.

We have a cup coffee sit down and chat me sort of touch base throughout the year. Just a little bit but you know I tune in and there they are, whether it's Chris debris who judge Chris's ministry is just incredible.

Bob Lapine, who's been on family life to a with different hosts for half his life, at least at me, Howard Deighton, the founder of compass minutes that these men are wonderful man who been used by God greatly and I'm happy just ride in the sea same car with them from time to time. Well Steve you know this.

It's incredible that the broadcast world. Christian broadcasting is a bit of a family across all these ministries and you certainly have many, many friends across the industry and it was a delight to build a celebrate you with a few of them today. Well were honoring and celebrating Steve Moore his life, his legacy, the impact of these had literally millions for over 40 years in ministry in broadcasting in order to continue to do that right around the corner will actually hear from some of our team moneywise live were so glad you're along with us today as we celebrate laugh, perhaps even cry a little bit and we honor someone who ran so special to all of us moneywise live stay with us much more to come on Rob last back to moneywise live honoring more today is ending his running as cohost of moneywise live bittersweet day also a celebration in no we produce this program every day, not just Stephen eyes you might imagine, it takes an army of people, some amazingly talented and gifted folks that come alongside us every day to make this broadcast happened and there's a couple ladies in particular that really were instrumental in the launch of moneywise live on Moody radio and that is our producers Amy Rios and Judy grown Amy and I'm Ginny and we're just passing the control room and called us that men Steve Moore talking about today hi Steve hey Steve, there's some funny things that I can recall about you these last few years and working to working alongside you, it's been three years.

As of tomorrow. Wow. Hey Steve, can you ever forget when he almost missed your flight to Atlanta only eating lines and then all of a sudden somebody like your flight and I made it in the nick of time you got lost walking in downtown Chicago. Rob and I were sitting at the pizza place.

You never could figure out your voice versus mine, means unity and duty all the time. One thing I really appreciate about you is your kind hearts just honest and down to earth, dependable, most the time. Sometimes you leave that script sit on your printer at home were about to see. Where's your scripts printer in my house on your car sense I you know cars turn trail. It is truly a gift but most about your love for your family on my mind on Hassan latter part of 2019. You asked the way up leading to her passing, and so many months thereafter, how you doing shady now. Thank you for being there and that's a huge thing both of us have had trials with our moms caring for them in the last few years that Steve, you are always first one to ask you how can I pray for you and I knew that you were praying for me away from the studio set up. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for ministering to our listeners ministering to us as a team to.

We love you Steve being here every day. Thank you Steve, thank you for this job. Something really laughed and not every day and you can tell across the ministry and we just pray God's biggest lessons I had blessings to you and Marsha and your grandbabies that was special and Amy and Judy represent a whole team of people that come alongside us to produce moneywise live each day putting Jim Henry Dan Anderson and Deb Solomon are amazing because screeners Gabby and Courtney and Aaron and Clara and others, but there's also the Moody radio leadership team. It's a privilege to be joined by VP Moody radio dog is with us today Doug Hastings and Doug wanted to give you an opportunity just to say hello and reflect on Steve's ministry and legacy yeah absolutely thanks and honored to be here and Steve just a big congratulations we got a long history together. Always back to the Larry Burket days and as you Megan with the other gentleman who gave attributes walk the halls of the National religious broadcasters convention often together. I think that we have a few things in common open broadcast for a very long time. We both enjoy sitting behind a drum kit, making all kinds of noise and highways not music well that the psalmist is make a joyful noise.

I think that's what I mostly do, but I would say we both embrace fun and humor to keep life balanced and you know I think that that the keeps us a bit on even keel you serve faithfully. You know so many many years and and pointed so many thousands of people to Jesus. I believe both on the air and off the air and I think you encapsulate maybe what couple verses in first Peter chapter 4 says as each one has received a gift use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's very grace whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God. Whoever serves as one who serves by the strength of God supplies in order that in this important part in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ take him along glory and dominion forever and ever so steep. Let me just say my expression of gratitude and appreciation for your service to Christ through Christian radio for so many years. Faithfulness all along the way and I just say blessings to you, my friend from all of us that would document a great friend for a long long time.

I trust will know one another for 20 years.

Well thank you very much for your love folks will be right back. As we continued on her.

Steve back to moneywise live on Rob West alongside more today special edition moneywise live this week celebrate Steve Morrissey comes to the end of his time here as cohost of this program.

Good news is he'll still be around. Ill be a frequent contributor. We've even got some other humorous things were working on. Maybe some other segment you hear from him down the road, but not a daily commitment any longer and I Steve you have a bit of free time in the afternoon perhaps maybe to take a bike ride like one taking up skydiving and if I can just remember to pack the shoot. I think to be in good stead. Okay, hey, you know, one of the things we so appreciate is just how much fun you make everything we had so much fun off the air just being together. Moody in Chicago and NRB but also just during the breaks.

We would always have fun with the team and we had quite a bit of fun on the air and so we wanted to take a moment and celebrate that aspect of your ministry. Narrated by the producer of our syndicated program. Richard Rossell listeners. This is Rick trials, one of the moneywise live I spent a little bit of time digging through the archives to find if you Steve moments we thought you might enjoy hearing again. Steve, I have greatly enjoyed working alongside you all these years and one of the things it made me really want to work on money matters way back when moneywise today is a fact that while these are financial programs are about so much more than money there about life and you will demand of 4000 hobbies.

You do a very good job of bringing life to the program. Whether it's your life or the lives of our listeners. Luke is calling from tonk panic PAN Luke. I have to believe that is an Indian name which means what you know really good my dad. But that's what you know.

The meeting meeting of the streams I like is there is there any chance at all.

I'm just reaching for this one is really possibility that you're in your truck right now all Wanda. Wanda.

Wanda Friday and now this. Is there any possibility we could hear the horn, all that would be great well and I got you in trouble with the police now is there any possibility at all, just just as is a stretch, I know, but is there any chance that you have an air horn and if so, could we hear it small box. Would you have a little tooth to horn in the league or something to that will settle this sound like a 67 Corolla. Sometimes you get the big dogs and miniature poodle because you like to haggle Steve your good negotiator when it comes to vehicles, you probably avoid Carmax. They've got a great inventory in their vehicles come with warranties, but the prices are set. No negotiating allowed exactly and how do I know they won't negotiate under any circumstances. How do I know that you've tried it. I have said perhaps you don't recognize my voice more and they said please leave our car. I love it. Now this next clip is something that you don't normally get to hear. And that's what goes on behind the scenes. What you may not know is that there are parts of moneywise that we pre-record and during those recording sessions. Differences of opinion come up about all sorts of things, but for example whether we should change the wording of something so that it makes more sense now Steve and I don't always agree on whether we should change the wording or what that shame should be and that's when an argument can break out. But here's the deal. The arguments aren't real, we do discuss changes and then we decide what to do, but we never really argue, but that didn't stop this non-argument from breaking out in one of the first recording sessions with our brand-new host Rob West semi great moolah cited back. I'm time the executive producer somewhere. I us did necessarily tall to begin with so much mud. I think Steve one the rest of us put our shattered lives back together so we could finish the program and speaking of finishing this last clip is one of Steve trying to think the crew with the end of the program.

Unfortunately, remembering names is not one of Steve's strong points. Steve Moore thanks for being with us and our thanks to our production staff today can Covington rich arousal and some strangers 100 and off the street. Join us again that will so Steve, since you don't always know how to in the program and say goodbye.

I'm glad what that means is, as we said earlier in this program, you're not really leaving just retiring as cohost. That means that no goodbyes are necessary.

While we did have some fun. Did indeed we didn't. Thank you. Absolutely.

Well as I said there are many that make what we do possible. One of those gentlemen is our good friend Jack Hibbard the Hibbard group is the agency that represents moneywise media moneywise live to all of the radio stations around the country and Jack joins us today by telephone to say hello and Jack would love to give you an opportunity to celebrate Steve well hello guys it's it's an honor to be with you. I feel like I'm crashing a party a little bit here but thanks for inviting inviting me in for a few moments around, as you mentioned, I've had the opportunity of being on the agency side of radio almost 20 years now and I can tell you the opportunity that I've had to work with moneywise and Steve is right up there.

I mean this sincerely is one of the highlights of my career. Steve and I know Jennifer really long time and I'm never to forget the day that he came to me and he said hey do you remember a guy by the name of Howard date course I laughed a little bit and I said he doesn't know how recently must come back on the air. I think you're the got to an eye on. I think we can blame Steve for my involvement today because it was years later right that we had the joy of reuniting Stephen Howard on the air and bringing moneywise back in here we are and say Steve you miss my friends. No doubt about it, the dedication, the passion, you put into this ministry for so many years has had a lasting impact occurred. Rob say earlier millions. That's not an exaggeration. Millions of people have heard your voice through the years, but especially by those of us had the opportunity to know you and call you friend. One of the things we just heard it is a hallmark of you and your talent is your humor and some make a Steve Moore attempt here in just these last couple of comments Steve to me you are like a guy that wears too much aftershave. Now I know that sounds weird right and hang with me for second see this would Steve always to say weird things and try to teach us something right because when a guy wears too much aftershave. He comes into a room, but the smell just lingers in a room for a long time after he leaves well you are leaving the show but your smell fiddling smell on talking about is when the apostle Paul talks about in this book of second Corinthians races.

You're a pleasing aroma, price. Thank you my friend for being that all of us pleasing aroma of what it means to love life and love God I love you buddy bless you. Thank you Jack. Your great blessing. Please give my best to you) does most of the work in back to moneywise live on Rob lasting more here today in fact were celebrating Steve as his time as cohost of this program comes to an and transitions on his next assignment from the Lord. As I said, just a bit earlier in the program we've been putting this day offers long as we could, but Steve has decided that that he needs to move on to spend more time with grandkids. His lovely wife Marsha, and perhaps an additional ministry that the Lord has in store for him were so thankful for his wife and his ministry. We've heard from Bob Lapine and Chris Faber in Doug Hastings rich Rosalyn referred from Amy Rios and Judy Crone. What we haven't heard from you and Steve thought.

You are always so quick to say that this program and the program you did with Howard Burket before that was all about the listeners and the callers. The people that invite us into their stories each day in that was really a hallmark of your ministry in this program was, well, it certainly was. You know I am at to know from the very beginning that we were going to do a call-in program excited me because frankly you have to work a lot less when it's up to the college and we just sit here we say hi. We let the callers say some things we answer but you know it puts puts the onus on them. But all kidding aside, I love talking to people you hundreds, truck drivers or people to grow asparagus or whatever. I love talking to people and finding out what makes them tick and that ultimately we get around to financial questions and that's when you take over and do the hard work it's I know you do in fact love our listeners and always get so much fun interacting with them. In fact, we want to give you we probably have time for a couple we want to give you a chance to honor Steve, if you're listening today enjoying this celebration over the airwaves and you have something to say about the impact Steve Moore's had on your life. We'd love to hear from you right now, here's the number 800-525-7000 800-525-7000.

But let's kick off this segment with a few listener reflections for many Aaron Mankiw, humor, and that God has given you. Thank you for your call and your commitment to pray for them. I know that you do. Thank you for all.

I just want to say Steve, thank you for all the years of great service you and my wife is the one that is made to the radio program and try to get me to go down to talk about Kemal honey got it all boiled, they were not getting any younger. Okay congratulations so much your drive home, know you really think you have more from you have gained a lot of hard moan hard to hear. I provided you any way that gave convert Thailand. Many, many years ago when I explained my mind and I am all in my dad Get the Job Done and Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You for Everything. Steve Could Do That for Hours and Hours and Hours Because You've Impacted so Many and I Know One of the Things You Had Fun with This Ghost over the Years Is Because You Introduce Each Caller You've Got to Know All the Crazy City Names around the Country, All the Places Will Call from Many of Them Have Some Unusual Names That Let's Go to Schiphol over Lake Ohio and Welcome Charlie, Charlie, What You Have To Say to Steve Moore Today for I Do Sales and Contracting in It Every Day All Sorts of People to Listen. You Really Feel about You Got Charlie. It's Very, Very Kind of You to Say That Thank You Very Much and Hope You Keep Listening, You Will Be around the Fringes a Little Bit but I Hope You'll Keep Listening to Rob but I'm More Than That. I Keep Listening for God Strengthen God's Direction for Your Life Your Money or Finances. Thanks Again for Calling. Thank You Charlie Very Much That's Itself to Our Friends at WR MB in Florida and Welcome Frank to the Broadcast Frank Arendt Steve Freeman and I'm Not Sure Followed Everything but My Wife and I Are Debt-Free like a Log Lot of Thanks to You and Want to Tell You That Your Head and Shoulders above All the Retirement Thank You and Excited at 55 I'm Not Head and Shoulders above Many I Used To Teach Sunday School and Third Graders Came up and Said Why Are You so Short and I Pushed Him down on the Ground and over, but All Kidding Aside, Frank Very Generous and Kind of You to Say That Thank You Very Much and I Hope You Keep This Thank You Very Much Frank. I Let's Have Now to Wisconsin Michelle. What Words Would You like to Share with Steve so Much Enjoyed Your Important Banter between You Two. Humor and You Will Be Back in a Cameo Every Now and Then Surprised That Would Be. I'm Really Looking Forward to Doing That Because When You Do Show up Occasionally.

You Can Leave Quickly and Let Rob Come Clean up behind Me, so I'm Glad That You Called Today Is Very Sweet of You.

Thank You Very Much. Thank You Michelle Well Unfortunately Were Going to Have To Begin to Wrap up This Celebration Today Because the Clock Is Getting the Best of Us.

Steve That Many of Our Listeners over the Years and Even Some Today Have Reference Larry Burket You Had the Privilege of Sitting Alongside Larry Every Day in Money Matters Send Knew Him Well up Close and Personal Thing You Learned from Larry You'd like to Leave Us with All That's a Great Question, No, I Think, and I Know What I'm Saying Here. I Think I Learned More from Larry Burket Than Any Other Man on the Planet Because They Had Was Able to Work with Him for 18 Years I Traveled with Him A Lot and You Really Get to Know a Person When You Travel, and He Was Exactly the Person off the Year That He Was on the Year. He Was a Was a Faithful Man to God and His Family.

He Was Generous to a Fault and Just As Sweet As He Could Be to All of Our Listeners and It Didn't Make Any Difference What Was Whether Was the President of the United States or the Guy Who Swept up after the President He Was a Very Generous, Compassionate Man and He Wasn't Always That Way. He Would Often Tell You II Me A Lot Of Money and I Realize That Money Didn't Make Me Happy and Larry Made A Lot Of Money, Gave Most of It Away after He Came to Know Jesus Christ As Savior. So It Really Was Really Just a Wonderful Demonstration of God's Generosity and Faithful Faithfulness to Myself and the Rest of the Staff. The Last Thing Used To Say I Would People Asked Him about His Writing Because He Wrote so Many Books He He Would Say I Just Try to Plagiarize God As Much and As Often As Possible.

And That's What He Did. He Just Shared God's Principles. God's Love, Compassion and Generosity. The Rest of the World. So I Count That Is a Great Great Blessing.

Also We Working with Howard Dayton and with You, Rob Getting to Know You and to Work with You These Several Years As You've Worked into the Program. I'm Thrilled to Kinda Leave the Program behind Me in the Good Hands of You and the Rest of the Staff at Kingdom Advisors and I'll Be Praying for You and the Rest of Our Radio Staff.

A Rich Arousal. Jim Henry and All the Rest. They Know Who They Are Who They Are Who They Are and That Thank You Rob, It's Been a Great Blessing of the Privilege Is All Mine Steve so Thankful for You and Our Friendship That I Know Will Continue for the Rest of Our Lives. Steve Got Just a Couple of Minutes Left One to Give You an Opportunity to Say Share Whatever You Might Want to Share in Your Heart Is Perhaps a Challenge and Encouragement to Our Listeners. You Signoff Your Today. Well, Caught Me off Guard Here II Think I Might Just Want to Say That Even Though We Teach A Lot Of Practical Things Following Jesus Christ As Your Lord and Savior Has Nothing to Do with Balancing Your Checkbook or Your Budget When You Stand before God and We All Will Stand before God. He Won't Care A Lot about That You Want to Know What Did You Do with My Son Jesus Christ. So Again God's Principles Are for Us to Follow Here on Earth. While We Have Things to Manage That Are Material in Nature. But What Really Lasts Are Things That Are Spiritual in Nature and That Has To Do with Our Love for One Another in Our Love and Our Faithful Faithfulness to Jesus Christ As Lord and Savior. If You Don't Know Jesus As Lord, and yet You Found What We Talked about Daily Kind of Interesting and Maybe Even the Practical and Useful.

You Might Want to Give Serious Consideration to the Gospel of Jesus Christ Are Lots of People Here Who Can Help You with That. Remember, Were All Parts of One Body, and I'm Called a Radio, As Is Rob.

Some of You Are Called to Something Else, but Were All Parts of One Body.

Be Faithful to That Body into the Lord and Your Life Will Be a Fruitful One. Thank You.

Well Steve, I Know the Lord Is Saying. Well Done. Right Now, My Friend, I'm Saying It. Listeners Are Saying It and Were so Grateful for You. It's Been an Absolute Privilege to Share the Mic with You These Last Three Years. I Want You to Know There Will Always Be a Mic for You Here Steve Moore Were so Very Well. You Know Rabbi, I Hate to Do This, but No More Live after All. It's Nice to Know the Will Be a Mic That Will There Be a Parking Space. What Have To Get Back to You If That's Really a Big Thank You Jim Henry Rich Arousal for Putting This Together. Today Steve Laxity on Tomorrow and Next Week As We Celebrate Some Best before We Kick off a Brand-New Format for Moneywise Live on the 12 Is a Partnership between the Radio Moneywise Media Will See God Bless You

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