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Home Title Theft Insurance

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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March 2, 2021 7:03 am

Home Title Theft Insurance

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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March 2, 2021 7:03 am

It seems like identity thieves are no longer content with just taking out a credit card in your name or emptying your bank account. Now they want your steal your house through home title fraud. On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore tell you how to protect yourself from this growing form of identity theft. Then they’ll answer your calls and questions on various financial topics. Helping you determine if you need home title theft insurance on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.

Rob West and Steve Moore

This is Doug Hastings, VP of Moody radio and were thankful for support from our listeners, and businesses like United faith mortgage. My grandma loves Ice-T it surfing so I go to hang the grandma for a bit and I see she's holding her big plastic cup with her T the cup is literally sitting inside one of grandpa's sports socks. I'm not making this up. No one can make this up grandma you okay of course dear the socks soaks up the sweat and keeps the tea colder.

Hey, it's Ryan from United faith mortgage and as I thought about it later. I thought that's the kind of mortgage team. I want us to be the kind that's willing to take any step needed to get the job done on your new home purchase, refinance, or cash out refinance and can we help everyone know, obviously we can't know were willing to use grandpa sock to keep a drink called you know were willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you're taking care of. We are United faith mortgage not a faith mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Millville Park Rd., Melville, NY license mortgage banker for all licensing information, go to NML as consumer corporate MLS number 1330.

Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and it seems that identity thieves are no longer content with just taking out a credit card in your name or emptying your bank account now they want your homes to going form of identity theft title lender notifies you for closing your home today Pres. Rob West tells you how to protect yourself, your calls on agility 805 7805 7000 times more title insurance.

That's not what he was rubbing know most of us have seen or heard the ads for insurance against title theft, but now was starting to get questions about it. Here the program before we get into the insurance part tells how this type of fraud actually works. Yeah, it can take several forms, but all of them start with identity theft.

There's a very sophisticated version involving wire fraud that has the FBI's attention and that's something we can cover in another program today were talking about a much simpler and more common variety that will just call title fraud and it works like this other thief simply strolls in your County deeds office in thinking your signature files a false deed transferring your name to someone else.

Then the thief takes out a home equity loan or refinances with cash out and skips down after a few months of nonpayment. The lender then begins foreclosure proceedings against.

Of course you this is absolutely frightening and that sounds like an awful lot of work. As far as the fraudster is concerned. Maybe should just get a job instead.

Anyway, all of this is happening without the real homeowner knowing about it. I presume until it's too late. So many companies today.

There are advertising that they can protect you from this kind of fraud. So what exactly are you buying when you get title fraud insurance that usually as I understand it costs about $15 a month right in. First, we do need to clarify something. Steve, this isn't what is typically known as title insurance which you should always get when you purchase a property in fact title fraud insurance really is an insurance and it doesn't block your title is the name sometimes implies a real title insurance protects you against any claim involving the validity of your ownership of the property and it's a one time purchase usually a several hundred dollars title fraud insurance on the other hand is a completely different product it will protect you if a scammer forges your signature and the transfers are title, well then what does it well. These products were usually just monitor whether your deed has been transferred out of your name at the county records office that might be helpful if you're able to react in time and challenge the deed transfer at the records office before the scammer takes out a new loan but that's of course a big if. Also, there is no way to actually lock a title in any state. At least not yet. There's nothing to stop a scammer from forging your signature and transferring a deed out of your name by the way, you can monitor whether a fraudulent transfer has occurred, all by yourself. Most counties now allow you to view the status of your deed online in some counties even allow you to sign up for automated alerts involving any deed changes. What if you don't challenge a deed transfer in time. How do you protect yourself. At that point from fraud.

In theory, Steve, you don't really need protection against it because it's fraud so someone forges your signature transfers your deed and then takes out a loan against it. That's all still fraud of the con artist didn't legally own your property so the lender doesn't have a legal claim to it. If they tried to foreclose on you.

It would be wrongful foreclosure and it wouldn't hold up in court. A plus and this is kind of strange. The lender almost certainly required the scammer to buy lender's title insurance and closing for protecting them against loss of the lender would be covered and might not even taken to court.

This is kind of crazy that somewhat reassuring but can we do any better than that. Yes I take out your title insurance documents from when you purchase the property.

Look to see what it covers and doesn't it will always protect you from legal claims against your ownership, but not necessarily against fraud and if it doesn't, you can purchase a title insurance policy that protects against fraud. Even if you bought the property.

Years ago, and if you notice Steve I mentioned lender's title insurance. Earlier I usually have to pay for that.

Whenever you refinance the purchase of the property, but it also protects only the lender. So it's important that you also get owners title insurance when you buy a home that will not only protect you from a loss but also covered in legal fees involved defending your ownership. In most cases the title company will actually provide an attorney to represent okay. Bottom line, title insurance, always a good idea.

Title fraud insurance probably not listening to moneywise live your host's last times. Moreover, taking your calls today on anything financial so whatever you might be wondering about struggling with, let's chat about it. 800-525-7000 a chatting for just a couple of minutes about title fraud insurance. I was thinking during the break Rob which is always a profitable thing. What if the company had by the title fraud insurance from what if there fraudulent themselves what you have. Can I buy insurance against that and see where I'm going with this idea is right and I don't have the answer to that but maybe we can put our research team on that Steve and see what we come up with.

I sure hope so will today.

It's rich and I see he's already furled his brow and sharpened his pencil, so I'm sure he's right at work on it right now 855 7000 Somerville, South Carolina.

Welcome to the program.

John, what's on your mind yeah I have a question about I have a real property and I have a mortgage on it. I have a renter and that actually produces about $300 profit after I pay the mortgage payment insurance and not property taxes but I'm wondering if I should pay that off are try to pay it off. I personally have they minimal income.

I guess you'd say, but I have enough money to pay it often and but I just am. I don't know whether it to do that and and put the cash that I have out there. You know the cash in reserve shirts. Let's talk about this as an investment for you John, how is it done for you in terms of your ability to service any debt that you have. Keep it maintained and perhaps over and above that to generate some income for you.

Give me a sense of how that's going well. Just to let you know payment like $1300 and pay and the renter paid me 1700 I/O probably about $140,000 on it and not it's probably at a value of around 250 but I have a 404.25 interest rate and not I just can't make up my mind whether or not it should be something to pay off because the court I'm not earning 4.25 own any of my cash money yes okay right but obviously you are slowly paying this off through the mortgage payment with the renter and know it's generating some cash flow for you over and above that the right correct that is correct and not so and then accord between the insurance and taxes.

It cost about $400 Amat fixed gets crazy but I'm just wondering whether you know it be better to get rid of that interest that is paid because you know it takes forever to pay the interest down but also I think I get a tax benefit by having the mortgage yeah yeah you may. The other just depends upon your situation and I think the key in terms of whether or not to pay it off is your what ever what else you might have going on to me. Do you have a proper emergency fund book on your personal aside, do you have any mortgage debt on your personal residence to tell me about those two things to begin with. I don't have my house is paid for and I said I have a small are normal.

I guess you would say income from Social Security and some investment but but if I tried to pay that house. All it would pretty much eat up all my cash any any cash I had and I you and I really don't like you being in that position, especially given you've got this business will call it that. With this rental property you live on Social Security so I'd really love for you to have a minimum of six months in reserves. That's liquid in stable and accessible. If you need it. In addition to some reserves built on the rental property and if you don't have either of those. I'd rather you hang onto your cash and really sure those up. Even though you're paying this out 4 1/2% interest, especially given the properties is cash flow positive.

I just don't want you to get cash poor even though you're moving toward being completely debt-free, which I like but I don't want you to be left without any reserves, either personally or on the business side with the rental property and so if it came down to choosing between the two I'd probably hang on to your cash and then just let the mortgage be paid off by the rental income coming in each month. If you get to a place though where you've got your six months expenses on the personal side, you've got a couple of at least three months reserves on the rental side as well and you've got access over and above that, that I think that's the time to start accelerating the payoff. John, great question. Hope that works for your helps you, at least, thank you very much. Muncie, Indiana hello Mike, welcome to moneywise live your on the air with Rob West hello yeah I have some stock I found my grandfathers when I plan out my mom's house and they go back to 1951, 3475 shares and 400 are from red rock bottlers and it looks like they all come from: County, Georgia. Her Atlanta Israel value in an MRI entitled to were in the world would you go yeah yeah said this was passed to you as an inheritance. Is that right Mike. Well I found it clean out my mother's house and my parents are both dead and this was my dad's dad and he died in 1956. These have a 1951 date on I guess I'm just hold them and I don't know this well that God's last name. Sure so I think the first thing to do would be to find out what the value is of the certificates. Typically, I would say start with a Google search see if the company still exists. If it does, you beyond that, you're gonna want to contact the company and ask for the transfer agent.

This is the person that will help you get the get registered. Assuming you're entitled to this property as an error. Perhaps the sole error in. If not, you know you and the others that would be in a have claim to it getting registered as the owner of the certificate collect any uncollected dividends.

Then you identify the CUSIP number and you know that's the unique identifier for your certificate and then know you would contact the brokerage or stock search service to see if you can you get the shares deposited and then liquidated the transfer agent would help you do all of this.

So I think I would start by establishing the value. Mike just so you know what you're dealing with.

And then you have to work back through.

Perhaps if whoever handled your parents estate just to make sure you can justify the claim to it so that when you work through the transfer agent you can you document the fact that you are entitled to the shares as the air, but you can one understand what the value is first to see you know how to prioritize this against everything else. You probably have going on in your life for just based on you know it's it's value at this point, so I would start there after you get a little further down the road.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call back. Michael you and Rob have been talking. I've been fiddling around on the inter-web's and I found out that the company appears to have vanished. The company was disestablished at some point that the recipes to the product, which is ginger ale are still owned by someone in the Dominican Republic and it one time red rock cola was endorsed by Babe Ruth's, so that's kinda cool. So keep googling, and you might find out whether you're a trillion there were not.

It seems unlikely by a what I'm reading here, but I don't really interesting question. Some interesting a history there and we wish you well as you as you work through that and it's kind of fun to find something in the attic like that one hopes that Bill it'll turn out to be something really financially where the well that's right. And I suspect it was probably purchased before it was shut down so it's probably now in another name. No Mike got bless you. Thanks for your call will be right in Hebrews 11 six reminds us, and without faith it is impossible to please list that is that he is a rewarder of those who seek him if we can help you today as you see God's wisdom on your money or finances. That's kind of why were here and we love to chat 800-525-7000 Chicago, Illinois Sandra, thanks for holding what your question. Thank you Rob talk to you. Thank you. Now our yard and I taught about 8000 10 account now should I combine the one that was a higher yield on what would you said that yeah so there's two separate questions here and by the way, thank you for listening for calling Sandra in the first question is, should you combine them irrespective of the investments in them yet.

Do you work for either of the companies associated with those 401(k)s currently.

Now I knew about okay are you retired now working on. I'll be 65 but okay.

How long do you plan to continue to work at this pointů What wide path at the money outů I would ever have to take the mathematically going onů Yes, the question is what form so I would prefer you take these two 401(k)s and either move them into the 401(k) in your current employment if they allow it. You'd have to check with the plan administrator or roll them to an IRA. You often times leaving old 401(k) is where they are. They tend to raise the fees slightly when you leave your limited to the investments inside those 401(k)s and is just something you one more account to keep up with as opposed to combining them. Do you have a 401(k) with your current employer. Now how my life part okay. And how would you feel about moving the two out to an IRA and then having somebody manage that for you what it would be about the same as they are now not high at all okay yeah it's really just get to depend upon how you go about it. I mean, you could have almost no fees by using a service like sound mind, where you based on what type of investment strategy are looking for you out. You could choose from their recommended mutual funds and essentially do-it-yourself in another option would be using one of the Robo advisors where you'd answer a series of questions. They build a very low cost, but very well diversified portfolio using exchange traded funds. These are indexes of both bonds and stocks.

A well diversified, but if you'd feel more comfortable staying in the 401(k) there probably not going to let you combine the two.

Given that you don't work with either of those companies you'd have to check with them to see. But typically, once you separate they're not going allow you to roll new money in even if they allow you to keep an existing account where it is. So you know when you get to the IRA Sandra, you have complete control over how it's managed, including the fee structure is just a come down to. Do you want to do it yourself with some guidance from somebody like sound mind investing do you want use of the Robo advisor that's going to essentially use an algorithm to determine what the investment should be based on questions and answers you provide, or do you want to hire an investment professional. Although was 60,000.

You may be below the threshold of of what is possible in terms of hiring somebody to manage it on a discretionary basis.

So I think you're ultimately going to come down to. Do you want to just leave them where they are and then choose from the variables available options inside those plans.

And if you're not in the right investments inside the plans. You could you make some changes or roll them out to one new IRA and then choose from those investment options that I mentioned. Does that make sense yet account that I can roll that over. Okay sorry well you know again if if it's something that you it's been working for you. You're comfortable with that you'd rather not go out and going to change the investment strategy and have to work through those options that I just mentioned you could certainly do that and I like the idea that it would simplify going from two accounts to one and I would just maybe have somebody who has some knowledge and expertise in this area. Look over how it's currently invested in the 401(k) that would be the recipient of the second to make sure that everything is appropriate given your age risk tolerance goals and objectives, but at the end of the day. I don't have a problem with what you're describing. Sandra, thank you very much.

Great questions on your part, were happy to hear and hear that you're doing so well appreciate your phone call today. Thanks. See, I should probably tell you how to reach Rob if you'd like to send them a brief email because I have one ready to read hear from Teresa get to that after the break, but if you'd like to send Rob a brief email address is Keep it great brief and will be right back open line. No waiting today. Have a question or comment for unless you get in 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. Let's go to Chicago again and Anthony have a question about crypt, though what's on your mind so I'm kind of questioning where this what what what is the church. Think about crypt.

I know the concern about not cashless society and understand how that correlates with current yeah and so are you just talking Anthony about using these in general are you talking about investing in crypto currency as an investment will think the early stages in seems like it will grow.

Since I don't know if you heard but MasterCard kind of taking a step and do it in terms of allowing now them banking so yeah, I'm thinking more of investment you well first of all, what is it I mean basically, these are digital assets people use as investments and for purchases online.

You know you exchange real currency like dollars to purchase coins or tokens of a given crypto currency. There's many forms.

Probably bitcoin is the most well-known and you're right didn't in some respects, we are starting to see these going more mainstream. I know some major retailers like Whole Foods and Nordstrom and Nordstrom are experimenting with accepting bitcoin is a valid source of payment, but for the most part it's really still a fringe type of transaction means you. I think at the end of the day the your why they have become so popular is they are decentralized, which also adds to the risk of them because no government or bank controls how they're produced, what their value is how they're exchanged and they probably know this, the technology behind it is a probably here to stay. It operates on something called block chain which is really like a long receipt that keeps a record of all of your transactions and has a particular Kia side to every coin that's been issued and you know it's me.

I would imagine going to be a means of exchange that will grow in popularity over time, especially in our digital economy. I don't have any problem with the direction this is headed necessarily in terms of this being a means of exchange, apart from maybe a few concerns. One is it's ripe for fraudulent activity because you remain completely anonymous and you avoid regulation from banks or the government. When you use crypto currencies, which allows them to be really ripe for money laundering, as well as shady deals on the black market. I would absolutely though Anthony stay away from it as an investment.

They're very volatile. There's lots of unknowns you know nobody even knows who the founder of bitcoin is and you know, typical rule of thumb is if I can explain it to someone I don't invest in it. I think the others also in terms of a rate of return. It's very unproven, which would put it in more of a gambling type of category because there is no pattern for its rise and fall in value. You can't predict the changes just because it's not tied to any kind of regulatory standard. So bottom line should we be fearful of it as believers.

No, I don't believe so we place our trust in the Lord and yelled the fact that were moving into more of a digital economy I think is just natural. Given some of the things that are happening around us, but should I be as a manager of God's money putting my investment dollars to work there. No, I think it's far too valid. The volatile and speculative and unproven for me to consider that as an investment option. Anthony interesting question. Will I just have to sit back and watch and see what happens with this and lots of other related kinds of currencies are out there as well and where there where there heading. No one knows but good question thank you very much Fort Lauderdale Renard what you question for Rob West regarding their crime. Are you going great great thank you yeah I'm caught in cognitive put it on a lot of excellent glad you did. How can we help user. My question is operated on again at our house training to get it this year but I have $22,000 saved in my credit I Kevin I did not get a 9700 right now and I'm still waiting for Mike to you and in prime primary history but on conical identity. She said the marketing is set a market right now is not by I was wondering if I'm not to get a house or should I wait well appreciate the approach you're taking here. You are obviously saving diligently.

It saves 22,000 toward a down payment for this home, since I know you been working toward being able to show documented employment history of at least two years. That's really going to help you in terms of qualifying for a mortgage and it sounds like you're taking the right steps. Your friend is correct. Most markets and I would certainly put Fort Lauderdale in this category are in a sellers market position, meaning that housing prices have been moving up rapidly. There's not as much inventory out there because people are buying homes just as quick as they go on the market, which makes it very good if you're selling a home because you can get top dollar it makes it difficult if you're buying a home. Now keep in mind that this is going to be your residence.

Yes, you want to buy in a way that's appropriate for your your financial condition, but as long as you plan to live in this and you plan to stay there a while, I wouldn't be terribly concerned about the market necessarily again as long as you're not looking in to buy it and sell it. You know within the next five years. If you have the ability to wait especially if it's gonna put you in a stronger position in terms of a down payment. You certainly could do that to me.

Could the housing market cool off.

Could we be in a recession in the next couple years. Sure, that's very possible, especially given how far into this current bull market cycle, both in terms of the economy.

The stock market and the housing market yelled being cyclical, you would expect that sometime in the next three years we would have a a downturn or recession, I would suspect, though it would be short-lived. But it could create a buying opportunity.

But typically that's not the way we purchase our homes because yes, we would expect them to appreciate in value over time. It's not a true investment because that would mean that as soon as it accomplishes the investment purpose for which we bought it. We'd sell it and that's not what we do with our homes.

We live in them. And so again it should be an appreciating asset, but that's not the only consideration when it comes to a home and when and where as we think about it being an investment. So I think the main thing for you at this part at this point, Renard is just are you in a good financial position to make this purchase. How much do you plan to spend when you do buy the house.

I'm not sure yet. Probably carbon. Okay about what would be the selling price of the home you be looking at probably something your price range 300 and be convicted up.

I somewhere at 300,000 right.

I want you if you haven't already, I think your next bit of homework is to find out exactly how much mortgage you can afford because I don't want you to spend more than 25% of your take-home pay on the principal, interest, taxes and insurance so connect to the mortgage broker.

Get online and use a calculator and find out what that number is. That'll tell you your purchase price, and then how much you need to save to get 20% down payment.

We appreciate your call moneywise. I will be right back this moneywise live really glad and happy. Today let's continue on by going to the Lawrence Michigan and Alisha helped calm work out hundred and 30,000, and we have no right now I get it back now I don't market me tell her how pay off my loans in full and electric night and I didn't see and then ponder how we make a lateral and we get skull one 30,000 to 1 30,000 and get it wrong and continue to be homeowner.

I lack recession and I'm just a little nervous of letting anything back that what should I do, and how do you prevent losing her how to increase and back at yes. So tell me about your current home that you're in, you said it was appraised for hundred and 30,000 right five years ago at $14,000 and remodeled letting their and yet and Kelly know it's going to sell higher right now than he had been prior light for five years prior. Kelly don't know if he could take that kind of high appraisal try and hike outright while at that kind of fell.

It's incredible. And by yeah so you bought it for 14,000 and it's appraising for hundred and 30 correct. Yeah, you done a lot of obviously you put a lot of money into it correctly. I think only about 35 to 40,000. But still an incredible return right and so are other houses selling in the area. I mean, I would assume the appraisal is based on closed sales of comparable properties, but that doesn't seem out of line to you based on what you know about the area correctly.

Working very calm and yet you know I think I one 2130 or 140 right now.

Why are you moving are you looking for more space you want to rent those singular hand more space correct and we would like to create. And how we just had our third child, so we planned a little bit more space but right now being landed very expensive parent and child.

Woodland are expected and so while it's great to sell it. Not looking so hot, fast, and by kind of thinking you know, yeah, yeah, how much would you be looking to spend if you were to try to buy what it is you're actually looking for. Well, I get a mortgage assessment, Dave Ramsey rate and calculate how much you can afford. Children are where one income household and about 45,000 growth year and so I think it range depending on how much we feel are not part of contract around hundred thousand that we can't get a house anywhere Woodland for hundred thousand and so what kind of right now, but there's really not interested by rank or delete delete purchase a rental property that that like our equity in our home. Okay this is helpful.

Tell me about the rest of your budget so you own this home free and clear which is great you got the 70,000 in student loans. Do you have any other debt that we are and do you after you pay the minimum on the student loans every month you have anything left over at the end of the month. Yes, right now right right now are in forbearance from last year and I just recently, I got what we could afford. I believe that full payment and interest for mine on 48,926. It would be about $400 which would be affordable for much left over after that that we can afford. We can afford okay on both of the loans total or lump it would be locked up and are you putting anything away for retirement. Currently, before I got teacher I had 4300 hours in my retirement dating my hard putting away not really anything right now and it's really not growing court complement the current document that I'm not working marked out. I did not. Looking back at the morale that I totally intervened on the last questions do you have an emergency fund yet months worth of expenses to give. We probably had a full month one month. Okay. All right.

Well, a couple of thoughts here mean that the challenge was selling the houses yesterday to get top dollar on the sale, but you're also going to pay top dollar that the opposite is true. If we get into downturn on the housing market, you might get a better purchase price on this land in the home that you're looking for, but at that point, you're knocking to probably get as much on your house because your house will decline with it so I'm not as concerned about the timing of it being a high market versus a low market when you're going from one home to another home that you own in the same area.

Really it comes down to. What's the best scenario for you guys in terms of your financial position and my concern would be that if you try to rent right now. You rent prices are very high before you even consider selling this property and paying off the student loan debt, which I really would take a lot of pressure off it would feel really good but I want to make sure you guys do your homework as to where you're going to live how well that fits into the budget and clearly you have this extra money that wasn't going to the student loans.

Once those kick back in. But at the same time you know you could be paying more.

Arguably, for rent in a market like this then you would even for the purchase of a home.

The problem is says you said you can't find what you're looking for in the price range that you've got. So I think for me as long as you can make the numbers work. I'd probably just stay the course. You own this place, free and clear. The key is just going to be trying to live well within your means, so that you can put something away for the future.

Get that emergency fund up to three months expenses and be ready to kick in.

You know the payment to the student loans as soon as you're able, but if you just have a conviction you.

We want to be out of debt. We don't want to owe no anything to anyone that I would say certainly you could sell the home. You've obviously done very well on it pay off the, the student loans which would be no take the pressure off and you'd still have you to let's say 60,000 that you could put away and start continuing to add to so that you're ready to buy that next home when you feel like you can financially I could go either of those directions.

I just want to make sure you understand how that rent payment for a home that would be acceptable for your size family in an area that you feel safe and right schools in all of that fits well within the budget because rents are at a premium. Right now, so do that is a step one and then if you have other questions, give us a call back and I would you and your husband just cannot pray through this as you think about either option. I don't think you could go wrong either way.

Lisa God bless you, thank you very much witness try to squeeze in Joanna here Joanna you're thinking about getting married and what your question for Rob and Dale working on like I am. 340 S. I try.

I actually had a little bit more life on all night and not have my out of line and any right 40 and like wearing an ear on and I don't know start to expect and hope and respect for each other is out and have children that their teenagers I'll now launch a and is is your primary concern. Joanna did you feel like you don't have a full understanding of what's happening in his financial life. Currently liking now. I like it a lot. I really Dampen everything in a full year three writing that you'd like me and can fit it in like like how you navigate staff to pay off. Well it's it's a great question and you need to be asking this question now before you married so you all can take an honest look at your finances and it's really not about being respectful, as long as you do in the right way. Nobody's coming into this try to point fingers are point out mistakes of the been made on either side.

The ideas to say listen, if two are going to become one, and that's God's plan for marriage oneness under the Lord that includes our finances. We absolutely have to know what is the starting place and my dad is your dad your dad is my dad. My assets are your assets, your assets are my asset so we put it all together and say then, under the leadership of the Lord, what is our vision for the future. Where is God taking us what provision has he given us and how do we take that and put a plan together that allows us to move forward to accomplish God's purposes, which include making sure we have the right reserves, making sure were giving at a level that we both you know I have have been able to weigh into and keep in mind, you have different money backgrounds and different way monies was handled when you were kids and you've got to know some history behind you because you guys aren't mirroring you know as teenagers or twentysomethings, and so but open dialogue and transparency. Joanna is really really key, so let's do this was talk a bit more off the air and I want to send you Howard Dayton's book money and marriage God's way that I think will really help you frame this and maybe be the conversation starter. The gets all this on the table in the right way that's respectful Joanna you Stanley I will talk you bit off here moneywise live is a partnership between radio and moneywise media. Again, thanks so much for being there. Join us again tomorrow

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