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Planning for Financial Success

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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February 3, 2021 7:03 am

Planning for Financial Success

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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February 3, 2021 7:03 am

Do you have a plan for your finances?  Planning is really the only way to make the most of the resources God’s entrusted to you.  On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore are joined by financial expert, Ron Blue, to talk about what goes into a financial plan. Then they’ll take your calls from across the country and answer your financial questions. Planning to succeed financially on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 

Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
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Rob West and Steve Moore
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In 1901. A woman by the name of Annie Taylor climbed into a barrel that she could ride that barrel over Niagara Falls.

The first person to do so. The reason for her crazy endeavor. She was struggling to make ends meet and she was hoping for fame and financial security, it's Ryan from United faith mortgage of faith and family mortgage. Tina tries to improve your financial outlook without having to ship you over a 170 foot waterfall. Our mortgage team happens to be an arm of a bigger company, was a direct lender, which means our company gets to use its own money and make its own decisions within its own walls. There is no middleman. This advantage often allows us to get you a better rate, which can save you monthly and lifelong money through refinance or help with the cash out refinance cashing out some of your home's equity to use for life. We are United faith mortgage not in faith mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Belleville Park Rd., Melville, NY license mortgage backer for all licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and Proverbs 21. Five readings, the plans of the diligently surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty. Put another way, a bit nothing annual fitted every time you have a plan for your finances. That's the only way to make the most of the resources God's entrusted to you today financial expert Ron joins host Rob West talk about what goes into a financial manager calls on anything at 800-525-7000 800 525 $7000 planning to succeed. That's nice right here moneywise live in a treasure trove of books on biblical financial principles and today were looking into the financial planning chapter in master your money a step-by-step plan for experiencing financial contentment. It's one of our favorite Stephen Ron delighted to have you back on the program what our listeners may not know is for all intensive purposes. You really are the father of Christian financial planning taking biblical principles and applying it to financial planning that a professional level so this is something you really dedicate your life to his that's another story right when I did start and financial planning that arose. There was no such thing as financial planning that was in 1979 and so I have two learn a lot and create a lot, and God has really blessed and now we have thousands of Christian advisors that are integrating our faith into their advice. Millions of dollars maintenance release for the kingdom purposes because people plan when they plan to give, they give more so I've been blessed. Well, we want to say thank you for your leadership for your vision because what's happening today is a direct result of what you set out to do a long time ago. I want to get into this topic because this is really an important aspect of stewardship financial planning that is.

But it's one that often folks don't pay enough attention to.

Or maybe they just kick the can down the road and put it off as long as possible and that really leads to a missed opportunity.

Does it really does and I think to put it into perspective. All of us can look at our financial lives in. We tend to react to this.

The moment if you will the situation and we don't do a lot of planning, and it's even worth the increase in technology.

I think it's became become more unlikely to plan, but I know this and the practice that we developed when we help people plan they were able to do far, far more than what they thought they could do because I had a plan in my counsel was if you aim at nothing on him every time so it's exactly right. Will there was a story from the book that you told about your children that I think illustrates this idea financial planning, and you know I can still remember vividly that experience it was. I used to give to my kids at Christmas. A list each one of them individually designed and this is something that you can do with me over the next year and there were six or seven or eight things on that list and each of them were different than my third daughter. As I think nine at the time.

I want her last rose go to the mall and spent $25 and spent four hours with me and don't ever forget it.

We walked into the mall and immediately on our left was a shop that sold I would: knickknacks thinks that her head no long-term value, but they were fun to look at maybe play with and so we stopped right there. Karen went in, looked around, pick several things and she had spent her $25 in about 30 minutes and I said turn remember there's a still got them all.

We still got lunch, and she said daddy I love these for the rest of my life and the next day they were all gone, used, beaten, broken, whatever, and I shared with her the principle that the longer-term the perspective the better read the decision today and it was such a vivid illustration of the perspective that mall just walking through the mall, a longer-term perspective to see what was available to her. I know this, and decision making your decision can never be any better than your best known alternative and so if we get caught and not thinking long term and what other options there might be time were very apt to be sorry later on I love it Steve when your dad is the father of Christian financial planning is always a lesson to be learned whether you want to limit or not you had a Christmas planning for financial success with the Ron blue this is moneywise live will be right back.

Looking back to moneywise live, your host is Rob West, I'm Steve Moore and joining us today to talk about the important of planning, yes, even budgeting, financial planning, at a very early age and then progressing upward. Well, that guy is Ron blue was written lots of books on this very subject to managing your money well and managing it. According to biblical principles. Primarily, a couple of minutes into the broadcast. And you've already shared to Jim send those are that financial decision-making is only as good as the best known alternative and the longer-term the perspective the better the financial decision today and those are key ideas aren't yet entered their ideas. Rob in there there there not rules there principles relate and their wisdom minutes for God's wisdom. I mean think about God's long-term perspective. I mean it you think about managing your life and if I have an eternal perspective, everything falls into place along long-term perspective.

So yes, well, it puts everything in the proper perspective for sure. In the book Ron you talk about with financial planning. People fall into one of two traps there either planners or most often responders said draw the distinction between the two well financial planning. The way I would define it is the allocation of limited resources to unlimited alternatives and no matter how much you have, you have limited resources and reality is that the more you have, the more options that you have and the more confusing complex and hard life becomes more doesn't give freedom Moore gives her choices. Therefore, more complexity, and so those that are planners think through where I am where I want to go and how I'm going to get there. Those in a responders just react to the situation of the moment.

Maybe they react to advertising, they may react to somebodies I heard this in the locker room at the golf course or my friend that I was having lunch with said something to me and big and I react to it so that your reader planner or your responder.

I love to come back to the to thinking about God. God is a plan and he said I have plans for you that you don't even know and so did the challenge for us as believers is to discover the plans that God has for us. And if I don't stop and think about where I am and where I want to go based upon what I know about God. Then I can never be sure that I'm making the right financial decision and God's plans tend to be so much bigger than our plans. I read it this morning my quiet time. Ephesians 320, and I've quoted and headquartered many many times that in another book mounted on the things Jeremiah says that you'll hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walking on it though planners are trying to discover the way that God would have them to go and when they discover the way God would have them to go. The end result will always be far better than if I am after my own plans, whether so much of what you just shared the two things jumped out at me. Number one is I can't think of a time where we've had a chance to be on the radio. Together, we haven't referenced your quiet time with God's word every day and I love that. But secondly, you mentioned something that I believe you call the paradox of prosperity and that is the more you have, the more choices you have, the less real freedom you have and that runs contrary to what most people believe about prosperity, but it can be something that can cause some challenges. Well, it really does in the paradox of prosperity that you just described her as we tend to think of it as the American way that if I have more I will have more freedom, but the paradox is that the more that I have, the more choices I have and therefore the more complex.

My life becomes. I was very fortunate that I had to homes at one time and when I sold the second one. I all of a sudden have more freedom and I had more money also. So the paradox of prosperity is real and not close with this God says be content with what you have in Hebrews 13, five, Paul said, I've learned to be content through both prosperity and poverty. So when we think of planning how much is enough. But I have high definition. Well, let's pick up on that. You mentioned how much is enough and understanding why we want to accumulate wealth replanning is a part of that decision-making not only defining the amount but the purpose absolutely yeah I have absolutely yeah if you if you believe you got onto the and he does then every decision that I make financially is a spiritual decision and I can come back and I should be able to say when I look at my checkbook or my credit card statement or whatever. This is what God wanted done with his money. Now that doesn't mean I can't spend it. I think which I look at money as a tool.

It's a tool to accomplish God's purposes that $25 that I spent in the mall or that I gave to my daughter was a tool I use $25 and it taught her a life lesson of the money amply was spent on things that were not spiritual, but it was used to teach her a spiritual lesson by the grace of God, and that's what God uses money in our life and we need to ask the question, not why God but what got Riley get just a couple minutes left.

I know you take those unlimited options in terms of how we allocate God's resources and distill them down into some very simple short-term and long-term object, say this really court a biblical worldview approach to money money management has three characteristics. It's really simple. It's always relevant to wherever I am. Under whatever circumstance and it's highly repeatable so I can repeat it to my children, my grandchildren, my peers, whatever it may be, and we called it the 4-H financial wisdom. Every all behavior comes from the heart is only five things you can do with money is only five habit you need to master and the only way to get ahead is to spend less than you earn endure for a long time and you be just fine well that does that simple. It's amazing will put that for age tool in our show notes today so you can download that review it and run. You've taken all of this and turned it into curriculum that universities across the country are using well were in literally hundreds of high schools now with this curriculum were in universities. We got a lot of church curriculum that were developed, and what God did over my 50 years in this financial services world is give me the opportunity to now spread this message and I think Robert of moneywise moneywise didn't even exist a few years ago and now you're reaching millions of people with these principles and their the same principles they don't change over time and they don't change relative to circumstances either. And that's the message that you're bringing to a vast audience and if you can convince them that God's word speaks to their financial decisions always with relevance and is pretty simple. You have changed. Thousands and millions of lives and gone a long way to accomplishing God's kingdom purposes. Well, you've led the way Rana were incredibly grateful and folks go check out the for age tool you can download it with a link in our show notes today.

It will give you a conceptual model for how you apply God's word to financial decision-making and planning and by the way, if you want to learn more about the work of the line blue Institute for your high school and university run thanks thank you for having me real honor and a real pleasure to have Ron blue with us today.

You can read more about financial writing. In his book last year money your calls next at 800-525-7000 will be right back with us today reminds program to invest to help you find God's plan for your financial life.

So whatever it is you're wondering about struggling about that. I just want to chat about. I would love to hear from you at 800-525-7000 Rob West you're taking your calls.

I'm Steve Moore and let's dive in. Rob I we begin by going up to Cleveland Ohio and Ellen, thanks for your patience.

What's on your mind.

I like like 709 right now and what made it drop like that. I have a couple ideas that one thing they had no mortgage or car payment or anything they take out home equity line of credit like three years ago and then another 19 they cut $35,000.

I'm not like that water any water line in a septic system. And then last year in 2020. They paid back 30,000 at the $5000 on patient mining that could have affected her credit score or the opposite frequently got a 1099 that he had like $1440 on unemployment this year and she never was unemployed. She never applied for unemployment… Many safety didn't know it `be affecting her credit bar are what make it go down under. Yeah a lot of things going on here. Ellen couple things number one start with where you finished and that is related to the 1099 for unemployment. This is a pretty common scam right now with so many people unemployed due to the pandemic and thieves are applying for unemployment benefits in someone else's name. So if you have reason to believe in. This would certainly be an indication of this, that he or she has suspects that there was some fraud with regard to unemployment you want to contact your employer you want to contact the state unemployment benefits agency and the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission at this website. Identity and let them know that that's a good idea to keep a record of the good communication.

The second thing I want her to do is to go and pull a copy of all three credit reports show want to do that. I give you another website annual credit so first I give you was identity This one's annual credit she can pull one from each of the three bureaus experience echo facts Trans Union wanted to check that those reports and see if others any activity on there any accounts that she doesn't recognize that would indicate in this may not be the case, but it certainly given what you're describing here, something she needs to check out to see if somebody inadvertently or just based on fraudulent fraud has opened an account in her name that she's not aware of. If so, it will show up on the credit report and she'll want to go ahead and get that taken care of. So that's the second thing third thing I'd like for you to do. Given what you're describing about the unemployment 1099 it be good if she went ahead and put a fraud alert antifreeze on each of these three Bureau reports. Basically that could be a four digit pin number that will be assigned to each of the bureaus so that if anybody attempts to open a new account for any reason in her name. They won't be able to do so without providing that four digit pin number and that's gonna go a long way toward protecting her moving forward now with regard to the credit score.

I think there's a couple of things. If in fact there are no fraudulent accounts out there that are let's say past due and delinquent and thereby pulling her credit score down. If everything looks good on the credit report and the likely reason that she seen this kind of drop is number one. That probably a lack of credit so you mentioned she really doesn't have any open accounts in the one that she does.

The only has 5000 on it so the mix of credit in the ever evolving accounts installment accounts. You have a mortgage, she only has that that one installment account that home equity line of credit and that's going to work at her to her disadvantage. The second thing is just there's not any active negative history, but there's not any real active positive history other than this one HELOC meeting you when you don't have active accounts were you're demonstrating you can be an online payer or sees me on time pair that over time is going to work against you because you just don't have a lot of new positive information is being reported.

Does that mean she should run out and open some new Hill lines of credit or take out a credit card. Not necessarily. I certainly don't want her paying interest is just one of the byproducts of being out of debt. Frankly, which we advocate.

Moneywise live so yeah I think she's gotta take those steps to see if there's something going on there that she needs to take care of, but if not I would say just stay the course recognize you one thing she could do and then I'll finish here is open a credit card either secured or unsecured. Without her bank or somebody who's not in the church or any ongoing maintenance fees and just put an automatic charge for a budgeted item on there every month. He could be a small dollar item, but something she's Artie plan for and it hits the account she pays it off every month. And that's just can add some positive on time payment history related to a revolving account which is when a credit card is so giving a lot of information there.

Does that all makes sense. Credit card… Okay that's good so that's showing some active positive history, but I think it's him is certainly not as a result of paying down this HELOC if anything that helped her because again it's on time and it's bringing the credit utilization down meeting the amount she owes versus the limit is assuming that line is still open, so if anything, that what's hurting her is is a lack of credit but where you can have anything else while I don't think I don't need it at the lack of when and how how date how do you redesign your credit be there on the website, you just go to each of the three bureaus experience echo facts Trans Union you should be able to do it online and I just let them know you want to put a freeze on the account.

They'll have a process by which you do it. It's now freed by the law as of 2019. They can't charge you for that.

So it's a free service and should be pretty easy to do well and we appreciate your phone call today. Thanks very much that will chat with Dave his church just sold a parsonage that want to know what to do with the money 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live that's wonderful that you're out there today because it's a college program that went there the calls and then Robin, I would have to take the take the bus home today so again here's our phone number 800-525-7000. Let's go up to coastal Maine and say hi to Dave, Dave, are you really near the coast to me. Can you see the water or anything like that. Yeah yeah right on the coast really so the coast of Maine in February. Any what's it like you said either whales other icebergs that mean there people frozen who were trying to clean the parking lot what what's it like there to get us given our panoramic actually is a good not bad. We did up snow yesterday melting near 40 today.

Not a bad winter weather wise. Sounds like Atlanta. I will tell you, Dave, years ago we took the whole family went to Acadia National Park and that was spectacular. What try to go there at least once a year at Gordon. It is gorgeous and then let me just say the lobster rolls on yeah yeah you're right it. That's all I have to say that your cardiologist will be going intently today. What's going on.

How can we help so the church I blocked it. We recently sold a parsonage and we went to the money, but what kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place because we don't want to invest in Corporation may support groups that are following biblical principles. So what kind of trying to look around to see what we can find for the group to invest in an were wondering about a resource to do that. Yeah, yeah. Very good. Well Dave them in their some wonderful investment options that are in fact faith-based some phenomenal mutual funds and exchange traded funds that do both the screening out. We call that avoiding certain companies because they're able to screen them out based on the fact that either they use the corporate profits to support things that would be not in line with biblical values or their primary business activity is something that's not in line with biblical values or they embrace certain companies specifically because they make a social arena kingdom impact so that's a really exciting growing space and and so if that's what you were looking for. I could certainly point you in the right direction. But before you even think about the investment fund family or the investment options.

I would just question as a church, whether or not investing for return and taking risk with the money is appropriate given the first thing I would always want to do is look at whether the church has adequate emergency reserves and liquid savings.

I love to see you have at least six months you have a pandemic is shown as the churches as well as individuals need to have funds available in case giving is interrupted and does so having that kind of reserve account that's really thought through and prayed through both the pastor as well as the lay leadership, developing a plan having a rationale for the amount they settled on I think is really key and that would be over and above any mandatory reserves that the mortgage company would require assuming you have a note on the property. You may not in then beyond that, I would say the question would be deal is there a ministry activity. To the extent you have resources. Beyond that, that you should put that into into to further God's kingdom and activity right now could you increase giving to missionaries that the church supports. Could you add summer youth activities that might draw in the unchurched of any number of things come to mind. But I'm just wondering if we might not want you not to go ahead and get that into ministry activity now as opposed to putting church resources at risk because, you know, I know when I was the head of the finance committee at a number of churches that I've been in the past.

We just said absolutely never would we do that because either it was to fund the current activities of the church or to fund the sinking fund or to pay down debt or to get it into ministry now and we just didn't feel like that, based on the giving that was being done that the givers were intending for us to put that at risk and have the potential for a principal loss.

So give me your thoughts on that part of the denotative church. Fortunately, people in the past who are no longer with us gave their you know there dared not inheritance. Dare you know what date what they got on the church when they passed away when actually failing to build the last I think 15 years on and we are fortunate that we been smart with money and only project we need to do and when we are doing a lot in the community extent in the Covidien right Solon I think you're looking to try to invest the soul down the road if we needed to build another parsonage because the pastor we have now had all live in Austin so no down the road with you it when he leaves.

If we needed to another building for some to live in or under building allowance for living allowance for so that's, we just kinda look forward to the future to make sure the church still there in active yellow and I can certainly appreciate that the only thing I would say there. Dave is just make sure that the time horizon is right because you know obviously no one knows what the future holds in terms of no with now the Lord is going to call your current pastor Homer when he might move them onto another assignment or whatever that might be. But if you don't have a 10 year time horizon just prudent investments would say we probably shouldn't put it at the risk of the market because you may be forced to sell it when it's down so I would just really pray and think through that as to whether or not there's current ministry activities that should be funded or whether or not it's even appropriate to take risk with it. If you do in fact want to proceed.

Everybody's comfortable with that.

I would check out Eventide and look at inspire investing and I would also look at the praxis funds PRA XIS all three of those really focused on faith-based investment strategies exclusively house at Sunday Palenque stage LSU stay warm up there 40° in Maine today.

I'm little surprised you're probably reveling in it up there, don't you think that it it said that is gorgeous. I love to see if it's 40° in Chardon, Ohio hi Kathy how are you today thank you thank you for taking my call. Yes, may miss it 40th and 40° at least know no money and early 30s. No we believe you have a lot of snow, but very cold yet we listen to what you guys did today.

One of the bottom line is I just took out all blown over a month ago and end alone is my mortgage which is about 55,000 and also my home equity that down debt 30 6300 6000 and so anyhow I'm trying Get it down and I have an interest out 3.3%. So what I'm trying to do. I paid 500 1549 a month and what I'm trying to do with low word that I'm on a fixed income and dental. What I'm trying to do with my loan officer. She said that she could write a letter and get get it down find there.

I got the money from my sister over 7000 or so and I'm going to apply that and I would get plenty is that sufficient to just have her in L write this letter to the bank or will you know where I am. My loan and then go from there that they would take care of that. Then I mean you know with the money extra so the questions there you sit 55,000 on the first mortgage. Kathy is that right yeah and then how much do you owe on the home equity is just a 3000 know that. What is it why not let this we got a hit a break here so I'm asking to hold because I want to help you can think through.

This is where we go from here so you hold the line soon as we get on the other side of his frequent coming moneywise line chatting with Kathy in Ohio. She has a home in the loan mortgage paid down perhaps reducing her interest rates in some form or fashion. Kathy so first mortgage of 55. The home equity line of credit at 106 sounds like you put them together. Perhaps refinancing so you got one loan now. I guess it roughly 161,005 15 a month on it.

You believe your interest rate for all of it is at 3.3%. Do you know how many years are left on that mortgage. Kathy well I added 30 year loan okay and how long ago was that and that that was just a little over a month ago OIC okay very good.

Well II think the key here is that still a good rate even though rates have come down you the assuming you do in fact have one mortgage with both of these together now at 3.3%. You may want to call a mortgage broker in your area or in your church or check with your bank. Have them review the docs make sure that is in fact the case that there's not the portion that separate at a home equity line of credit with a variable rate, but if it is at 3.3 it's probably not get a make sense for you to refinance just because of the cost of it. So the question would be given this lump sum potentially you could put down.

They may be talking you anymore about a mortgage recast which basically just when you make a lump sum allows you to re-amortize the loan and therefore reduce the monthly payment that maybe one option, but typically that doesn't affect the term or the interest rate of the other option would be if, in fact, despite what you believe to be the case if they are still separate and you got a portion that is variable and you could get that rate down. It 2.52.6 percent you could look at potentially refinancing.

But you're right on the edge there where it's might be cost prohibitive, because you're not saving a full point on that interest rate so I try to get a bit more information.

If your current mortgage company is willing to work with you to bring that rate down. That's probably going to be the most cost-effective way, but let's just verify that in fact all of the money that your that you owe is in fact a 3.3% and if it is, I'd leave it alone or work with your current mortgage company to improve your situation. Thank you Kathy appreciate that this go to Indiana next and Cheryl.

You got a situation that's a little little crazy here. How can we help you hi Rodentia hello my name is Cheryl is meant the redheaded Christian identity in 2011 so I received a letter from a Department of treasury and with upgraded data and it had my name on it and expect something about route on the back of banana drag number column flight from one banner like to think it now looking for 400 up to 9 pounds and 99 now and I an impression that it cannot trying to get me to join or to get another critical goal.

I don't know if that was my imminent pain, but he did mention, however, when I got my check and I do not act upon issues with credit card or check the time. Last time I credit to check it with light) at and it worked just simply here is just imminent payment. We hope get you and Nick and Ornette. You peaked back that Netscape cannot anchor axle toilet I can hook up a date. You're not going to despaired up and go and I cut the cart. I was afraid it knocked is gonna be some fraud so Cheryl was there a debit card of some kind.

In the envelope with attached yeah but can get it. I didn't even look at it.

I did mean you know if I chance it said meta-bank MBTA line on even now there are eight sly here. Here's what I'd like you to do.

Could it be something you know that you should be suspicious about possibly, but about 8 million people are receiving the second round of stimulus payments from the Treasury Department as prepaid debit cards and many people reporting that the letters and cards look like a scam, and unfortunately throw them out the money on the debit cards issued by the treasury's financial agent called meta-bank, MBTA, and it can just be transferred to your bank account or you can get the cash out at the ATM but here's what you want to do.

The IRS has a stimulant stimulus payment hotline and I think I would give this a call. It's not good to be alive person but you get a recording that helps you figure out what steps you need to take if in fact the of this was the payment that you thrown away and they will tell you how you can go about getting that reissued.

Here's the number it's 800-919-9835.

This is the IRS stimulus payment hotline 800-919-9835 and they can tell you where you go from here, but I appreciate so much you calling today and I hope you can sort this out. If you have other questions, give us a call back. Cheryl, thank you very much you not the first person to call and ask about this. We hope it works out well for you. Pikesville, Tennessee hi Susan, what's on your mind? I won't worry whether they actually are. Work are not and what to look out for and find them out reputable company have to do with the budget right believe you guys have someone help me set up a budget. I tried to do that to every dollar counts. When I got it done it look like I was about $300 short paying my bills, but were pretty frugal week. We were forced into early retirement that we do have money. I will retirement and you have disability coming in for myself and Social Security for my husband so would not destitute or living on a fixed income and we just know we could do that or for the Lord yes very good well number one, you know, with regard to home warranties will be obvious to many in our listening audience that have them and love them. I'm not a big fan of them. I think you what they provide. Often times, the fine print either takes away your mix more difficult to access. In terms of the various contractors you need to use to make repairs as to whether or not they will actually replace something or try to repair it, depending on whether it's at the end of its useful life or not.

The cost of them. You know what many folks will say is that now there are a form of insurance that cover appliance repairs, but the you know at an average cost of around $500 a year. You're off better. You're better off insuring yourself with your your typical emergency fund. So if you have that 3 to 6 months expenses that we talk about and if you don't if you're on your way toward it and you take the same amount you would be putting toward the home warranty and put that in emergency savings. That's probably going to get really help you retain your funds and be ready to deal with things the way you want to deal with them if issues arrive, arise.

Consumer Reports is mixed on them that I've read reports were the just not big fans and I know Clark Howard, the consumer experts is is not that excited about them either so I would probably pass on it just based on everything I've read and take the same amount of money and socket away and just continue to build up that emergency fund so you're ready to cover repairs on on certain items like with a home warranty would typically cover as to where you should go for your your spending plan. We do have a phenomenal resource and were getting rave reviews about it. It's the money wise Alpine. One of the three core components of the money was ab is the digital envelope system that we've created. You know, at the big idea that we did with this is, we didn't want people to get tripped up on the technology we wanted them to. We wanted to make it easy to use so you can focus on what really matters. And that's making the right decisions for your family and by the way, every week we do a great workshop to help people get set up and use it well.

So here's where you go to download the money why scepters go to your app store.

Either Apple or Google play type and money wise biblical finance and by the way, if you stay on the line.

Susan will get your information and I'll make sure you get a six month Pro membership at no cost.

Susan glad you called today use you stand alone there we get right back to you. Chicago, Illinois. Kevin 2 1/2 minutes. Let us have the high points here okay hi Rob, thanks a lot for your guide you got make a great team. You are now filled with with them understanding and knowledge and I really appreciate it.

Thank you Kevin that's very kind and Steve more comic relief. How can you beat that, that's for sure. I got usually drive home chuckling myself I have to ask my brother to stop calling Kevin while most of the time.

Give us the high points much rent point were in the middle of refinancing mortgage Rob would be proud of me. I talked to three lenders to get the night exactly 3 different people loved their all brought probably pretty much the same and they all go to increments of five years. 1015 2025 30 right now our mortgages at about 14 1/2, so most of them we can afford a chair near the rate to the payments too much so. To go to 15, but that means we kinda lose out on six months, have to go backwards a little bit.

My question even though the rate is much better. Right now our rate for the current mortgage is 4.25. They're offering 2.5 with no points to meet at very attractive because of losing six months. I still think the wide-angle tells me I'm to be saving.

Yes, I would completely agree Kevin. I like this plan. Yes, your adding six months to the term, but you're almost getting a quiet you're almost saving two points from 4.2 down to 2 1/2 with no points. You shop the mortgage. If you're planning to stay in this home a while you will more than pay for those six months, so I am on board with this, I would say proceed carefully and prayerfully, but that this is a great decision and Kevin were glad that you got through today. Thank you very much for the kind remarks and the check is in the mail and were glad you called today. Thank you for what there are no checks. Well, maybe that was that we talked about earlier with the other color but that's yeah that that's a whole different thing right right stone more fan. He was yeah he is president of the Steve more fan very that I didn't know there was a president newly highlighted. Maybe I did neither money wisely. I visit partnership between Moody radio and money wise media. My thanks to our technical crew today. Amy did have Andy call screening a team of Gabby and Eric for last time Steve more. Thanks for listening Janice again tomorrow

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