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The Economics of Herod

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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December 23, 2020 7:03 am

The Economics of Herod

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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December 23, 2020 7:03 am

Herod the Great played the role of villain in the story of Jesus’ birth 2,000 years ago. But what do we really know about him and the economics that shaped his treacherous reign? On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore sit down with economist Jerry Bowyer for a fresh look at the Christmas Story. The economics of Herod the Great on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 

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The grade played the role of villain in the story of Jesus birth 2000 years ago. But what do we really know about him and the economics that shaped his reign of treachery. The gospel of Matthew holds many clues. If how to interpret them today host Rob West sits down with economist Jerry Bowyer for a fresh look at the Christmas story that will take your calls and questions from all across the country. However, today's edition of the program is not live. I'm Steve Moore Max of Herod the great snacks moneywise live from our friend Jerry economist advised financials so he's always up on the latest market news, but is also spent a great deal of time studying the economics of long ago, Israel, and he's the author of the maker versus the takers what Jesus really said about social justice and economics well so who better to talk about the financial makeup of Israel at the time of Christ's birth, and this should be a fascinating discussion.

Jerry welcome back. Always a pleasure to be with you gentlemen, well, it's our privilege as well to have you here today. Jerry especially on this topic, you know, this is one that is so fascinating to me and I appreciate the deep dive into Scripture that you've done that, perhaps sometimes we may skim over parts of the Christmas story in Matthew to get to the good part Jesus birth and a host of angels telling shepherds that their Savior is born, but every single word in the Bible is important and therefore a reason. So let's start with this detail that Herod was troubled by the birth of Jesus.

Yeah, this is one of those areas that's overlooked a lot. I overlooked it for decades hair. Herod is troubled by the birth of Jesus and says in Matthew two after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king will hold magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, saying, where is he who was who has been born king of the Jews sweetness and light super familiar for us right right so how many Christmas pageants. How many little kids you know with just up a sheet whatever boy saw his star in the East and have come to worship him. And when Herod heard it, he was troubled and all Jerusalem with him. I was probably a Christian for 20 years before I noticed that that odd little bit at the end yeah it is. But what can we glean from. Well, maybe.

First of all, you can kinda get at some level why Herod would be troubled because he's a king and Jesus is going. The Messiah is going to be a king so meek I just can't have two Kings so Herod you know he might be concerned about job security, but all Jerusalem with him and Herod was famously paranoid about other claimants to the throne and he was a false king. He didn't actually have a true claim to the throne. Herod was King cortical king of the Jews, but he actually wasn't Jewish he pretended to be but all Jerusalem was troubled with him. That's really kind of confusing especially to go back to the. The prophecy in the Old Testament that this conversation is based on Micah to is that the prophecy that tells us that Bethlehem the froth to little among the click of the clans of Judah from you. One will go forth for me to be a ruler in Israel, so that's a passage apparently there familiar with because they're talking about it, but what does that mean the Messiah will arise and shepherd his flock. That's Israel on the strength of the Lord in the majesty of the name of the Lord is God, and they will remain because at that time he will be great to the ends of the earth, and this one will be our peace. So this is half sounds like good news to me is going to shepherd Israel. Israel will remain not be destroyed because they had been destroyed a couple times will he'll be great to the ends of the earth, and not just great in the know in the known world like Solomon was put to the very ends of the earth, and will bring peace. What's not to like, well, what's not to like is that he will bring justice and Herod in Jerusalem was a city that ran on economic exploitation and injustice in this state and the power of the state was used to extract wealth from people to take from them. That's my book, is the maker versus the takers to take from them and if the Messiah is coming or if the Messiah has come, well that might be good news for all Israel, just about, and for the world but is bad news for the people who are parents economic exploitation involved here, so we get this news of the coming Messiah will continue to unpack that right around the corner. Fascinating will, indeed, Jerry Bowyer, our guest today as we get very very close to Christmas and will be back with much more after this. Buying a home is the largest most nerve-racking purchase. Most of us ever make. It doesn't help that you're entering a maze of unfamiliar words and confusing options that can lead you intimidated frustrated and afraid.

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Briefly podcast all theory.

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Jerry always helps us see the Christmas story in God's word from a slightly different perspective, but it's a well researched perspective.

Hence, Jerry's latest book so well what do you know about here at the great global finding out details today will Jerry just before the break, you read an excerpt of Matthew two verses one through three, which ends and when Herod the king heard it, he was troubled and this was key all Jerusalem with him. A fascinating a few words, and yet significant implications as you share just before the break, Jerry. This was good news. The coming Messiah at least good for the cause of Judaism for Israel and for the world, but perhaps for Jerusalem, the city sustained by economic exploitation.

This may not have been the best news take us back into that in and give it a little more explanation as to what what the implications are here.

While the implications are. And this becomes foundational for the rest of the gospel account in Matthew and did very foundational in Luke as well that Jesus is in a lot of conflict with the city of Jerusalem.

He is killed in Jerusalem. The decision to kill him is made in Jerusalem. It's made for the preservation of the Jerusalem ruling class and that you that's exactly the justification that the high priest Caiaphas gives you know you we don't want to lose our place.

We do it. This Jesus is stirring up trouble, he says, and then the Romans are to come in to put down the trouble and will lose our place will lose our position will lose our economic status and are our social and political status in our power base so Jesus is upending things just by being the Messiah and they sense that Herod senses that Herod was very good at spotting enemies or possible on other claimants to the throne.

I even had members of his own family murdered. He had his son murdered.

It's interesting Caesar had a joke you he knew that Herod wasn't really Jewish but was pretending to be Herod never ate any pork. Caesar also knew that Herod had his own son killed so Caesar said it's safer to be Herod's South and his son with a sardonic cost of living in the work in the works in in the Latin as well.

So the fact that Herod was hyper sensitized not so surprising. But of all Jerusalem is troubled with him at the birth of the Messiah than Jerusalem as a city is corrupt and apostate. But as you said it's built on economic exploitation and that usually accompanies a scarcity philosophy right it does, and you see that scarcity philosophy would Herod you know against slaying the children, which makes him were supposed to be reminded of farrow. At that point there so many parallels with Pharaoh and went back to Exodus is actually quoted little later in that passage well, that's the idea scarcity you have something it must be taken from me and that's the way Herod thought see when my sons and daughters achieve and rise. I feel really good about that. But if you feel like there's only so only a certain amount of money and food in status and wealth to go around. That's always driven ideologies in the 20th century which end up committing genocide.

If you believe in the zero-sum growth philosophy that God is stingy and not generous and that for you to have this is for me not to have, then you end up with murder you up frequently at a mass scale. Jerry, let's move along in Matthew to a few verses later. Specifically, 14 and 15. Why is it significant about the angel telling Joseph to take his family to Egypt to escape her draft yeah and this kind of pick up completes the thought that I just made which is this is Herod is like farrow.

Now remember, Israel was enslaved. They were economic slaves in Egypt and then you have the Exodus story and they go to Israel that's their sanctuary away from away from being slaves in Egypt but it's really fascinating again.

You want to read carefully and he arose and took the child that's Joseph and his mother by night and departed for Egypt and was there until the death of Herod that was spoken by the Lord through the prophet might be fulfilled saying out of Egypt that I call my son see this is this fascinating, the prophecy out of Egypt that I call my son is associated with Joseph and Jesus and Mary holy family. Some people say with the holy family leaving Israel and going to Egypt if you think about it, which you know what would make more sense is they go to Egypt. Then they come out and then Matthew says out of Egypt I called my son why are we quoting the Exodus passage when they're going into Egypt. There's a kind of again a twist here Israel was like Egypt.

The they were. This was an Exodus from Israel, Egypt was now the place of sanctuary from the murderous farrow Herod was acting like farrow, and it had become a slave state and they were enslaved there. So again sometimes when the when the New Testament quotes the Old Testament it's with a certain twist.

We say all seem right and then you look at it more carefully and using old I and now I see that's brilliant, and often, that involves a certain amount of winter satire, voice, or does it really really fascinating jury. We referenced your book and by the way folks, if you haven't picked up a copy of the maker versus the takers. I would encourage you to do that. It's a deep dive into the themes and the ideas the jury is exploring here, but in much greater detail in the book Jerry. You talk about Mary's sense of what was happening at this time could talk to us about that. Well, Mary, in her little song or poem, you know, it's often called the Magnificat because the first word is magnify my soul does not magnify the Lord or you magnify to make great.

In other words, in my soul.

God is great. I see God is great in my soul is a lot of economic Senate. It talks about how they had the rich will be sent away empty and the poor will be exalted, and those who are proud will be deposed, so Mary had a sense that something was going on here more than just you will have Jesus in our heart that this would also involve the rise and fall of nations.

So, what's interesting is in some ways Mary and Herod understood aspects of the Nativity story in a better way than a lot of we modern Christians do, in that we see it only as a personal salvation story, and thank God it is a personal salvation, salary. I don't want to go to hell. I and I'm glad that Jesus saves my soul and that I'll be with him forever and be saved from wrath, but it's also the story about the rise and fall of nations and Mary and Herod both Saul that the difference is that Herod saw it and hated it. Mary Saul, that the Messiah would bring disruption and justice and love that Herod saw it and hated it but they agreed the Messiah was not just going to change hearts he was going to change nations.

Jerry got just about 30 seconds remaining sum this up for us.

Why is it important understand the economics of the Christmas story. It's important to understand that because we already know that God saves us personally that will go to heaven to be with him. That will be resurrected in the end that our sins will be forgiven but we might not know that this God of our hearts and our souls is also the God of the rise and fall of nations. We as an Christians right now are fretting in our hearts about economics and about politics and understanding the Gospels. This way, including the economics helps us understand that God has that stuff covered 11 Jerry so thankful for you my friend. Thank you for stopping by and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Merry Christmas to you and yours and began the title of jury's book, the maker versus the takers with Jesus really said about social justice and economics and available were every guy, this is money wise and will be right back. You probably have a strategy for your finances, your career, even your strategy for your getting to know Christian foundation. Create your family maximize your resources to learn how to minimize network and do you know if you have enough money of house. Do you know how much is enough. If not, one blue can help with this book. Master your money a step-by-step plan for experiencing financial contentment.

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It's very intoxicating and we want it all and there's more of a case for him and I just speaking to anybody hedonism and you know I believe the analogy that says my greatest joy. My greatest happiness is found in the Lord Jesus Christ… And I know kind of theology, the greater yes the peace and joy in bearing the spirit of Christ continually intoxicating deletions more that were back with you on moneywise live calls. In any financial topic, anything that concerning financially well. It concerns us, and more than likely God's Word, the Bible has something to say about it.

Let's take a peek, shall we, Chicago, Illinois. Lucian, we appreciate you holding Sir how can we help hi Mike, so I started in the job market right now I've been at my school I went to school I got good grades. I got medical school, but I do it in the USA.

So now I have to wait three years to get my life so I just came in America started working have a $25 dollar job and I'm trying to get a car and rent, and nobody wants to offer me rent that no credit and when I try to buy a car but is getting an APR 30% II don't know money. I did everything correct Larry taking advantage well Lucian I'm the first of all, congratulations on your hard work and were delighted you're here in the USA. Unfortunately what you're experiencing is the way our credit system works. When we moved to a society where instead of a handshake and a personal relationship. We now rely on a scoring algorithm to determine how likely you are to repay as agreed, that we found ourselves in this situation.

It's all about a function of your repayment history and the time period over which you have been demonstrating that repayment history and whether that information is positive or negative. And so, time, or lack thereof can be a real challenge is your experiencing. I think the key for you is just to do what you can and really there's two things you can do number one is save as much as you can so that as you go when you have a strong position financially whenever you're trying to buy a car, a down payment of a larger down payment obviously speaks for itself. Number two.

Your history will build itself over time. So every month that goes by that you demonstrated employment every month that goes by that you show more credit history that's gonna be really positive.

I think you know, you probably want to look to a secured credit card which could be from your local bank. I think discover offers them and for folks that have poor credit, which would be under 600 credit score that usually the way they need to go you put a certain amount on deposit with your blood. So your bank two or $300 that give you a credit card attached to it, you wouldn't be able to charge beyond it. What you could do is put recurring budgeted expenses on that card. So if you have a certain amount you pay every month for a budgeted item goes on the card you pay it off in full. Then every month that you pay that off you are showing as an on-time payer and that is going to help your situation. So I think that is not to be a quick fix to this but if you open that secured credit card and you just continue to do what you're doing. Managing your money responsibly staying employed and letting that time build up you'll find it very soon. I suspect you'll be able to get into that apartment and you'll be able to make that a car purchase and just be careful not to let this credit as it builds allow you to get in debt but is that helpful to you know Marty are doing on my credit card okay why are you getting like 30% APR with no credit so I didn't get that good or bad, but they're giving me a person would like under 600 credit better APR rate which would make you think that that is happening because when I checked online on the calculator APR for bad credit score under 650 is around the between 10 and 18, and are getting 30% when I got dealers and trying to get card okay but keep in mind those are two different types of credit one is an installment loan and one is a revolving credit accounts number two what you're seeing online may not actually materialize for somebody that actually goes to the process of trying to qualify the rate that they come back with. Despite what you see on these websites may be considerably higher than what's quoted there and so I think that's what you're seeing. It's the difference between the different types of credit revolving versus installment and what's actually offered to someone. If you have under 600 credit score, you have a really difficult time getting a credit card of any kind, let alone one with a decent rate so I don't think perhaps you're seeing a situation where it's being that you know there's different weights and measures here. It's probably you're just getting a bad information, but I think the bottom line is you just need to keep doing what you're doing try to save up as much as you can and fairly soon you should be able to buy that car because you've got a healthy down payment and each month that goes by that you're going to build some credit, but I get that secured credit card. I think that'll really help Lucian. Don't get discouraged and will pray that God open some doors and windows for you buddy thank you very much for calling Linda is in Cleveland and Linda, we have just a short amount of time. What's what you situation here alone and what you already have money on your IRA likelihood negotiate different, along the closing. The notary title insurance typically you. You can't negotiate those you will find that those are said fees. Now you can get the interest rate down by doing something called buying it down and so there be a certain amount up front that you could pay to court" by down the rate if you have the ability to do that you have the cash to do it.

It can make sense for a lot of people because remember instead of just putting a little bit more down, assuming Yorty have a significant down payment. You're now paying a lower interest rate for the life of the loan, and that can add up to a significant amount of money but in terms of you going in and negotiating the stated fees for appraisals in closing cost of those times.

They typically you're not going to find people readily willing to negotiate those you may if you're going through a broker. But if you're going direct to the lender. Probably not a think what's your better option is shopping. Different lenders not going with the first one you. We did a show not too long ago. Linda talked about the fact that people often take the first loan they get without shopping because I think in most cases there just tired of shopping for the house and selling it. All the things that go with buying a home there.

Just like yeah I'll take it as soon as they're prequalified and I think spending some time going to bank looking at online lenders going to your local bank and really shopping not only the rate but also the closing costs and fees really serve Linda Rick and I have to run, I'm afraid, but thanks for your call and wish you the best. This is moneywise line or right after this. If you're investing for retirement or any other goal you may be wondering if it's possible to enjoy both profit and peace of mind, no matter what's happening in the market. Sound mind investing is a short video webinar on the topic of sound mind SMI has helped tens of thousands of Christians learn to be wise and faithful stewards in the area of investing profit and peace of mind matter what's happening in the market.

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Millions of Americans traveling ahead of Christmas and New Year's. Despite pleas from public health experts that they stay home to avoid feeling the raging pandemic that is killed more than 320,000 nationwide stocks punishing mix that outgained 114 points. The NASDAQ lost 36 and the S&P was up two points. This is SR news. Thanks very much for tuning in today.

You're listening to moneywise with Rob last time Steve Moore and our next caller is Mary Lou from Birmingham, Alabama, and thank you for your patience Mary Lou. What's question old and very well well more small and lately nothing and I wonder what might be a better Mary Lou, I appreciate the question very much between your pension in your Social Security are your monthly expenses covered okay so this is not money that you need to pull anything out of apart from the required minimum distribution. Not only can I have her pull money out is when I'm traveling and and how do you feel about taking risk with summative if you were to open your statement. One quarter and it was down 10% instead of 90,000.

It was 81,000 with that give you a lot of concern would cause you some sleepless nights you and that's understandable and I think that's really the starting point is to determine what is it's a term it's called risk tolerance and its units. What you have to think through because even if we were to say let's take in and put you know 70% of this money in fixed income investments that would be probably high grade corporate bonds and maybe some treasury bonds, bills and notes and then maybe take 10 or 20 or 30% put it in some stocks you could have a.

Where the portfolio declines in value, but the idea would be that over time, and remember the Lord Terry's and your health is good.

You, you could still be needing to potentially access this money for medical expenses are travel 20 years from now and so I think you know, the idea is if we have some risk element to it, although a very small, you have the potential to see a little bit more growth but with the potential for growth comes the risk of it losing principle as well and so I think that's the decision you've got to make first and foremost is do I want to be guaranteed that this is never going to lose value and if so, then you need to stay right where you are or if you're willing to add just a little bit more risk. I think I'd begin moving into some bonds and I use an investment professional to do it and then perhaps the third level would be bonds plus some percentage allocation to stocks. But the idea would be if those stocks were ever down. You'd never you'd never sell that mute you wouldn't pull anything out of them it be a paper loss you'd wait for them to rebound or recover which, historically speaking, they always do on a broad scale and move to higher ground and that at that point you might reposition the investments to sell out of stocks or you move into bonds perhaps just hold them and let them do what they do. So I think that's what you need to begin to think and pray through regardless of what you do, Mary Lou. I would connect with an investment professional who can help you process this decision and then ultimately be the one.

If you decide to move out of CDs ultimately be the one to make the decision on what types of investments go into the portfolio based on the agreements you in this professional income to dissent sound like that make sense so I got married and has everything now okay when I think that's the key is you need to really be honest with yourself about whether or not you're willing for this to lose any value because you know the last thing you want to do is go into the market so to speak, bonds or stocks and then something comes out of left field. You get nervous and then what happens is we act emotionally and we sell at the wrong time because usually you can be selling after the market is at a major decline, and then you're going to miss the recovery you think about the folks he got out of the stock market in March of this year and they missed all of the recovery. Ultimately, moving recently to all-time highs. And that's just the the reaction that happens so often and it's just not a prudent investment strategy. So if that was good to be the case and you felt like that's probably going to be me that I'd probably stay right where you are. Even though you're giving up some of the upside, where I go next. Mary Lou's connect with a certified kingdom advisor there in Birmingham. I know we have some wonderful CK's there probably in your neck of the woods.

You just want to go to our website moneywise. click find a CK and you can put in your ZIP Code Mary Lou God bless you, thank you very very much. Cleveland, Ohio Herman, what's on your mind today sir. Good evening.

Thank you for taking my call. Share I I nearly died 2013 in and my mind the appellee and the rock IRA, which is not in CD couple years are three years.

The first one that I have right now your yesterday it automatically supposed to be locked into disdain the month of year but I have another bank introduced into giving more interest in doing this current line right now and I will tonight take out deadlock IRA Jordan yesterday and then – funny thing though I'm not there bank institution that gives more CD and not in lot. IRA yes, you sure can. Herman absolutely so you can transfer a Roth at any point to another institution. Now if the investments or the securities inside the Roth can't be transferred, such as a CD from one bank to another, then you would have to wait until they mature, which is what's just happened in your case or you have to pull out of that CD prior to moving the Roth but at that point you could transfer the assets in this case cash from one Roth to another Roth at another institution and its you'd never take possession of the funds it would happen directly from your current custodian to your new custodian a new bank and then at that point you could then make the decision to buy a new CD at a higher rate so shouldn't be any penalties because this CD has already matured. The key will be that you make sure that you let them know that your intention.

So there's not any kind of automatic reinvestment or rollover into a new CD that would have you locked up for a new meal period of time, but if there's not, then you can absolutely move those funds over to another Roth IRA and there shouldn't be any cost other than probably a very nominal transfer fee because no one knows the future and things seem to be a little squarely these days for a lot of different reasons. How how far out would you would you put your money in a CD. Yeah, I'd stay on the short end of CD Steve, just because the interest rates are so low and so you know, I would say probably no more than two years, probably one year would be my preference at this point because again were at historically low interest rates is no reason for you to lock your money up at this low low interest rate when in fact we may see higher rates down the road and you'd be able to take advantage of those where is it your monies locked up, you would in a good Herman were glad that you called today. We wish you the best. Sounds like you're moving the right direction. I got bless you. You're listening to moneywise live with Rob last if you haven't visited our website in a while I'd urge you to consider doing that and there you will find links to lots of free resources.

Things like budget templates are radio archives are there how to find a certified kingdom advisor in your area is. There are also links to connecting with the budget coach that and more. When you visit moneywise. moneywise will pause for a brief break will be back. Don't know if that is writing you a Freedom and peace of mind.

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Every one of us through his death and resurrection. He came to give us the gift of eternal life, that none of us can be good enough to deserve or do not deserve. When we seek his forgiveness.

That's the joy of Christmas we celebrate regardless of our circumstances are what we've done, even when the warmth of Christmas leads far removed the warmth of God's love never leaves us. He's always there knocking on your door.

Your job is revival outside the walls moving everyone and everything will help doing that go tomorrow. retirement. What comes to mind. Yeah, that's right, but it may be that God has a greater purpose for your retirement and what you just imagine his book uncommon guide to retirement campaign and suggest that retirement needs to be both a Biblical and practical perspective redefine his next patient self surrender retirement away honoring restful and your copy of an uncommon guide to you reach people who call themselves Christian but don't know Jesus find out by reading the unsaved Christian Dean, and Sarah was a cultural Christian today. He pastors a thriving church that he wrote this book to offer starting points that lead to deeper conversations you'll be equipped to confront cultural Christianity and lovingly share the gospel to the cultural Christians in your life. Cultural Christianity is a huge mission field in desperate need of missionaries get your copy of the unsaved back for the final segment of today's program. Please remember that today's broadcast is recorded.

Don't try to call in, but we have some of folks all lined up in advance so let's get right to them. Allison in Strongsville Ohio what's in your mind. How can we help out here.

My well there you now here we okay I think the key here is personal. You said Allison, your small business owner so you a sole proprietor, you have employees okay alright so you probably wouldn't open a 401(k), then what you be wanting a look at his couple things. One would be in what's called an individual 401(k) which is for this purpose for a solo owner there. It's also called the soul okay in some cases, and that would allow you to put away money into 401(k) plan. But where you don't have to have employees. The other option is what's called a separate IRA, SEP, and that's going to give you other options as well you with a simple method to contribute toward your retirement and if you had some employees you could. You can add to theirs as well. Depending upon what type of plan you have and it gives you the ability to put more away than you would be able to unlike a traditional or Roth IRA silicates getting to be a little bit more upside which is important. Making sure that you have enough going in each month to get to where you need for your savings goals. You know that's what I would look at next, Allison, as you explore these options.

Do you have a financial advisor that you work with their and local well yeah, we recommend the certified kingdom advisor designation and there's probably some advisors that have earned CK in your area so I would go to our website moneywise click find a CK and you could do a ZIP Code search.

I'd interviewed two or three. Find the one that's a good fit for you. These are to be investing professionals who've also met strict character and integrity requirements plus have been trained to bring biblically wise financial advice and so they're going to be aligned with your values but I think the key is you want to look at what your profitability is the business. What are your personal financial needs. What is your ability to fund the eye the retirement account and what is your goal. What are you trying to put away between now and retirement so you know what your objective is in terms of being able to have that much available when you get to that point. These are all things that can be considered and then that account can be opened and even managed for you so that you have the right investment mix. Given your age and and risk tolerance, so I doubt I'd start there. If you have other questions along the way, don't hesitate to give us a call back. But again, go to moneywise and just click find a CK Allison God bless you, thank you so much school at the Washington state and Leo. How can we help user yeah hello thanks for taking my call.

Sure, I would like your eye on anything directly to receiving Social Security since my employer and I funded it. Should I be typing on half of what I'm getting. Yeah, you know, in terms of looking at Social Security I mean my view Leo is that you know we we give based on systematically in proportion to what we've received and so you will we apply the principle of the time 1/10 on our increase, then we have to say okay what is that increase and you know from my perspective anything that's coming in. That's for our provision, not an insurance payment that's used to replace something that was damaged or lost, but anything else that's really our provision and I would include Social Security in that even though you could say a portion of what receiving we paid into the system, but I'd still see that as part of God's provision for you. So I think the simple way to calculate your increase is just to say what has come in this week or this month. That is my increase and then you take 1/10 of that if you want to apply the principle of the time than you'd make a gift and so I think that's kind of the simple way to do it and if some may disagree with that approach specifically related to Social Security but I would just see it as part of God's overall provision to you to set make sense to you except my portion. I put in on my growth had been already and and so you know I've already paid on it colony you Glenn might my portion of Social Security that I'm getting back. I will repeat taxes on it on it because I typed on my gross picture sure and I think you know, keep in mind you're not what you receive in Social Security is not in direct proportion to what you paid in coming out in the your Social Security taxes. Obviously a factor there in terms of what the growth element is so it would be very difficult to determine what's actually return it what you paid in versus what hasn't been and I think the end of the day Leo this is between you and the Lord is not a matter of checking a box or being legalistic about it. It's a matter of saying God I want to be faithful and systematic in my giving I recognize your provision in my life I give is an expression of my gratitude for all you've given me beginning with salvation right and then on down from there and every dollar belongs to the Lord where his manager and so I think how you then respond in terms of your giving systematically to the local church and beyond that to the needs around you being a Condon conduit into God's activity I think is ultimately between you and the Lord. I don't think anyone can tell you here's exactly what you need to give her what you need to give on. I think that's completely up to you and if there's a portion that you say you know what good at cortical tithe on this amount because I believe I've already done that. But I'm going to give on whatever's left. I think that again that's your choice and the other thing I would say is the tithing.

I would really see as a beginning point, not an ending point and so I think we need to be looking for ways that we can do even more because you're giving I think clearly reflects the heart of God were most like him when were giving because he's the ultimate giver right but how that plays out for us in terms of what is her lifestyle and how much giving are we doing both now and in the future. Hill is really something we need to take to the Lord in prayer. Interesting question Leo were glad that you got through today.

Thank you very much for that. Columbus, Ohio, picking our final color for the day and what's going on in your life well? Have been and I have lived paycheck to paycheck. Basically, we own a home and we have some nice equity in our home and are 60 years old and where thinking about retirement age not being too far away or getting get an inheritance of about $100,000 shall we were thinking. Would it be wiser to sell her home take her inheritance and her equity and by another smaller home that we have no mortgage on or would it be wiser to advance the money that the inheritance that were getting and sell her home and bilateral home and have a mortgage yeah well so it sounds like Vicki if I understand correctly. In either case you're planning on selling this home and buying something smaller. Is that right well we would like to okay yeah so I think that's where you got us started saying no in prayer as husband and wife. Lord, what are you calling us to what lifestyle do you want us to live, where are we living what you want us to do in this next season of life. How do we serve you faithfully and in what is that look like and if it's a season where you say you know it there's no reason for us to have the home that we have perhaps too much or too much upkeep or we just don't need the space.

I think the idea of downsizing makes a lot of sense and then the question is do we want to be debt-free or are we okay. Having a mortgage because we have the income to cover it.

It's not excessive it's not creating a challenge in our monthly expenses, and therefore we have the opportunity to invest for me.

I like the idea of you living in this retirement season debt-free, so my preference to in this is just personal.

It's not that this is the right approach necessarily, my preference would be that when you downsize to pay it off and then you take what you would've been paying toward the mortgage and perhaps you invest that for the future but if you all don't have a conviction about being debt-free and you are comfortable carrying the mortgage and you have the income to do it and you'd rather put this money to work.

I don't think anybody can fault you for that. It's not that that's a bad decision. I just know that after doing this for a long time when people pay it off the peace of mind that comes we never get calls from people saying man I really regret paying off my house you we we just don't get those calls itself again. I think that something you and your husband need to pray through but my preference would be you entered this season completely debt-free with ultimate flexibility to be able to respond to wherever the Lord leads in this next season Vicki we wish you and your husband the very best as you pray about this. I'm sure God will reveal himself to you as you determine to follow his will in this matter. Thank you very very much. And with that, Rob, Lisa, there are excuse me out of time and I am out of breath. I get all emotional.

Sometimes your advice just moves me to the core and I know I noticed that tear right in the corner of your I was wondering what that was thought I was not following the thanks for listening to moneywise live where a partnership between Moody radio and moneywise media. God bless. Thanks for listening.

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